Nick Lachey in scene out of “40 Year Old Virgin”

Vanessa Minnillo made boyfriend Nick Lachey go get his hairy chest waxed at a Beverly Hills Spa. It hurt so bad that he screamed in pain and insisted that the esthetician stop right there. I wonder if he’s still got those landing strips on his chest:

In a scene that was sorta “40-Year-Old Virgin” meets “Fur,” NICK LACHEY’s sexy squeeze VANESSA MINNILLO – itching to control his chest hair, which sprouts like scratchy sawgrass, according to pals – dragged “Gorilla Guy” off to a BevHills spa to get his man-thatch wax-snatched! But after just two wax strips were ripped from his manly man-boobs, Nick emitted a nearly-girly shriek and yelled, “NO MORE!” With half his chest bare as a baby’s bottom – and the other half sorta bear-y – Nick hopped off the table and split for the changing room, ignoring Vanessa’s please to lie down and get waxed like a man!

That goes to show that men can’t hack what we women go through for the sake of beauty. I once took my husband to get a manicure with me and the ladies painted his nails with that clear nailtiques polish. I took it off for him when we got home, but he won’t get his nails done again. The nail technicians must have been laughing about it afterwards.

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  1. I thought many women find hairy chest attractive. I guess it is just another myth.

  2. ak says:

    Shoot. I was hoping it was the scene where his date threw up in the car.

  3. Keri says:

    What’s attractive is what you have naturally. Hair? No hair? Whatever. But waxing what chest hair you DO have is waaaay too vain, if you’re a guy, and so also kind of creepy. Yuck.

    In my opinion, the only time a guy should consider waxing is if he has a monster uni-brow or if he has so much hair on his BACK that his shirts rest on the hair without touching the skin. THAT’s disgusting.

  4. just me says:

    I think chest and leg hairs looks so hot but I can’t stand back hair.

  5. Poor Boopie says:

    Nick’s already sounding pussy-whipped again. Why would a man remove his chest hair for any woman? Pussy. Whipped.

  6. Kaonashi says:

    Oh come on now celebitchy. The size of a man’s chest is significantly greater than the size of a woman’s pubic area.

    Did you know that when they shot the waxing scene in 40-year-old Virgin, it was real? Steve Carell actually had his chest waxed during that scene, and if you recall from the movie, they had to pull about 6 or 7 times before he threw in the towel. Does it take 6-7 yanks to remove pubic hair?

    And what about the size of the cloth used to remove the hair? I’m pretty sure that they didn’t use itty bitty strips on Nick’s chest but rather huge swatches of cloth, like they did to Carrel. This “men vs. women” thing is silly. And for the record, I’m a woman.

  7. kailie2 says:

    Hmm.. pubic hair waxing hurts more than any other area, imo. I once read an account of male waxing by Liev Schreiber who is VERY hairy and had to be completely waxed to play a guy in drag (Mixed Nuts, as I recall).. He said it was excrutiating and, by the end of the whole process (chest, legs, etc), he was all red and had tears in his eyes. Personally, I think that chest waxing is kind of porn and vain and not very manly. I’d just get rid of back/ass hair on a man, keep the rest. I can’t imagine sleeping with a guy who’s smoother than me.. weird!