Marilyn Manson & Avril Lavigne have a “love connection”: cute or gross?

Avril Lavigne

Now here’s a rather unexpected coupling for you. The last we heard from Avril Lavigne, she had split from Brody Jenner in January after two years of blissful mutual douchiness. As for Marilyn Manson, he’s recently been sighted with douchebag Johnny Depp at his son’s $50,000 birthday party and being not-engaged to a random groupie after a 5 week non-courtship. In actuality, Marilyn has been (mostly) single since he and Evan Rachel Wood broke off their ill-fated engagement in late 2010. So now Avril and Marilyn are both single, and a story in this week’s Star is all about their newfound “Strange Love.” Kinda gross, right?

Marilyn Manson

Oh my Goth! Avril Lavigne, 27, and Marilyn Manson, 43, platonic friends for years, are suddenly romantic now that they’re both single. “Avril has been in Paris and Marilyn is on a European tour, so whenever he has a break, he files back to Paris to be with her,” says a source. “They’ve been hooking up and then Skyping when they aren’t together. It’s not really serious yet, but they’ve definitely got a little love connection going on.”

[From Star, print edition, July 9, 2012]

Let’s not even start in with the age difference here because it really doesn’t matter as far as these two wannabe freaks are concerned. Avril has always wanted to project a “hardcore” image, so maybe this will help her whenever her next record comes out. Probably not. I don’t even want to imagine what goes on during a Skype conversation with Marilyn Manson — does he perform puppet shows with his shrunken head collection? Anyway, happy coupling!

Here’s Marilyn with Eli Roth at last November’s premiere of The Thing. They would make a cuter couple than Marilyn and Avril do.

Eli Roth Marilyn Manson

Avril Lavigne

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet

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  1. brin says:

    Perfect! They can make obscene gestures at each other.

    • Maguita says:

      Still would like to understand… The attraction of Marilyn Manson.

      How does he keep getting these beautiful women (Rose McGowan, when she was un-botoxed and beautiful, Evan Rachel Wood, married Dita Von Teese…), just how???

      Watched him in interviews, read a bit about his thoughts and views on the world… He still gives me the feeling of that uncomfortable-in-his-skin guy, who is trying very hard to be… something, or someone.

      Like Tom Cruise and how someone had described his sociopath-like behavior: An empty envelope, processing coldly a situation, and delivering the emotional response that is expected of a normal human being. That is Exactly how I perceive Marilyn Manson!

      • Suzen says:

        OMG I was wondering the same thing! What is this power he seems to have over beautiful women? A huge Schlong?

      • shea says:

        its more like the attraction people get to vampires and other beings like that… theres always an underlying love and attraction thats never understood but its always there and is always strong, theyre so handsome and at the same time not, their souls are pure and innocent and at the same time cursed and scared. its just something that happens, plus like you mentioned about tom cruise. yes it’d be the same thing, the depth of his soul his feelings that makes people think of him the way they do expect people know what to make of Brian, he says and shows it out right, theres no hiding behind a fake skin, a pretty face , he shows his real self and people always fear the truth. and the only reason people hate or are discomforted towards him is because of this and because they dont know how to take him. an innocent man is always condemned in the harshest of ways …

  2. Tillie says:

    At least they get to share their extensive make up collection..

  3. merski says:


    I don’t know what self-respecting woman would even go near this gross douchebag…

  4. Kimlee says:

    Wasn’t she supposed to have a comeback or somthing?

    What happened with that?

  5. marie says:

    well, they can share their make-up, but I’m still gonna say gross.. MM was best with ERW..

  6. Jazz says:

    Still not as gross as a Marilyn Manson/Raccoon McPantless hookup!

  7. Mia says:

    How does she stay preserved in the early 2000′s? How her hair, makeup, clothes and behavior have all managed to withstand the passage of time is amazing to me…

  8. Sisi says:

    Since when does Marilyn Manson have a hollywood nose?

  9. Adrien says:

    Fake punk meets fake goth. Both emo celebs. They’re a poster couple for Hot Topic.

  10. D1 says:

    Thanks for this post. Two months from now, when I see pictures of Avril Lavigne, black-haired and made over to look like a low-rent Dita von Teese, I’ll understand why.

  11. Jellybean says:

    Her style has not evolved at all since her first song came out…12 years ago! She is pushing 30! Stop dressing like you are 15 years old!!

  12. Agnes says:

    beyond gross. i wouldn’t do MM with someone else’s vage.

  13. drunkenpixie says:

    I am not a fan of Marilyn Manson’s music, but if you knew anything about him at all, you would realize he would have to dumb himself down to be with her.

    • MJ says:

      Definitely. I can’t stand the guy’s music or image, but he’s often a talking head in documentaries and is usually the most articulate, rational commenter out of the bunch, no matter what the topic. I’ve been really surprised by how intelligent and level-headed he seems. That’s the reason he’s so attractive to some women.

      Avril, not so much.

    • Emma says:

      I agree with both of you – he’s a really smart guy but I can kind of see why he likes her. They complement each other but I doubt he could deal with her personality for more than a few months.

  14. Julie says:

    i wonder what the guy has that so many women throw themselves at them. i cant be only the money and fame because both dita and avril also have that.

  15. Aud says:

    At some point, i just think (about Avril, Marilyn..):

    That look was in, oh…a decade or so ago. Grow the hell up.

  16. ZigZagZoey says:

    She has always struck me as such a catty, nasty bitch. Nothing good about her whatsoever.

  17. ramona says:

    Makes perfect sense to me – a couple of try-hards who can give each other positive reinforcement.

    “You’re so anti-establishment!”
    “No, YOU’RE so anti-establishment!”
    “I love your eyeliner!”
    “I love YOUR eyeliner!”

    Match made in heaven. Ladies, it’s time to buy a hat.

  18. Random Devotchka says:

    Please, don’t let this be true. I spent middle school in Marilyn’s shirts not Avril’s for a reason!
    Also, I can’t help it, “I’m a Punk! Canada!”

  19. Smokey blues says:

    Ugh she is such a load. Just the way she frickin stands there is annoying.

  20. Toni says:

    More like a drug connection.

  21. alexis says:

    God he’ll fuck anything.

  22. kpist says:

    I have and will never get the Marilyn Manson thing.

  23. stop the madness says:

    the word cute doesn’t come to mind when thinking of these two. the words gross, disinfectant, freak, and nightmare are definitely present.

  24. Jennifer12 says:

    Actually, they’re the perfect couple and both their careers are stagnant, so maybe this helps. They’re both pretentious, entitled, untalented wannabes who are convinced that the world doesn’t get them because they are just that cool. Avril is close to 30, but convinced she’s some cool teen skater girl and Manson is pushing 40 or already there and more, and trying to clutch his fake goth-ness as hard as he can. The only way this would be funnier is if Johnny Depp joins them.

  25. ladybert62 says:

    That outfit makes her looke CHUNKY fat!

    Wonder if they have morning battles in the bathroom about who gets to use the mirror and makeup first!

    Dang, he is gross looking.

  26. Genevieve says:

    Looks like someone made a secret trip to the surgery. WTH happened to MM’s REAL nose?!

    MM and Lavigne are almost equally revolting. Although, at least Avril’s not a homewrecker like Evan Rachel Wood. I will LMAO if she starts wearing pompadours, red lipstick and vintage clothing like the Divine Dita.

  27. Heather says:

    I’m not attracted to MM and it’s not my style, but he’s not a “gross douchebag.” He is talented in his genre and actually intelligent. So why the hate and judgement? Because his style is different? Get over yourselves.

    • LeenB says:

      I agree. I’m a huge fan of his music, although I would never call it goth music ( to me goth music means Bauhaus, joy division, sisters of mercy,etc). He does a lot of stuff for controversy and has a certain image. But during his Interviews and documentaries, he comes off as a smart, rationale guy. He is big in his genre, and his music is very good, he’s definitely gotten better over the years after tainted love. Too bad people are very judgmental about him over his images and supposed rumours.
      Although I will say this, he treated dita von teese pretty badly at the end of their marriage especially when it came to Evan.

    • Dahlia1947 says:

      Yeah too much hate for the guy here. Somebody here said that he’s actually a pretty articulate and smart guy.

      I’ve heard him in interviews and it’s true. He sounds very present, easygoing, and articulate. People are just afraid of things that are different or that they don’t understand, so they react to it in all kinds of ways.

      • Angel says:

        No, he’s a gross douchebag. Go waaaaaay back, I remember an interview with him and his guitarist and they were eating each others boogers. Ugh, so wrong, so pretentious. The shock factor was always so try hard. Call him smart all day, he’s just another Hollywood addict playing the game.

        I’ll never get over him dumping DVT fo ERW. I mean, Dita was always too good for him anyway, good for her getting out when she did. BUT Evan?? WTF is that? Major eye roll when I hear how beautiful she is. Uh, no she’s not. She looks like a boy. Overrated actress, highly overrated looks. When she pulled the Dita doppelgänger, I literally LOL’d!

  28. U_manufactured says:

    Johnny Depp and Amber H. / Marilyn Manson and Avril Lavigne?
    Friends Depp and Manson are doing the same game fatigued in media.
    Just boring!

  29. bns says:

    I’ll never forgive that sk8r punk for pronouncing David Bowie’s name wrong.

  30. Aubra says:

    I NEED that bitche’s (Marylin) coat in my life…NOW!

  31. Well it’s as far from “cute” as a thing can get, IMO, but other than that it’s kind of a non-issue. Two people who both want to still be goth and edgy and constantly look like they think they’re still young and relevant. Meh.

    I have nothing against Avril, anyway.

  32. jesstar says:

    God she is such a loser and even at his druggiest, I can’t believe he’ d be interested in this chick. She’s a poser of a poser. Not an authentic bone in her body.

  33. GirlyGIrl says:

    Aer you sure they are dating? Maybe they’re sharing a 2 bedroom apartment to save money.

  34. Izzy says:

    ANY love connection between anyone and Marilyn Manson, is gross.

  35. Shannon says:

    I don’t get how Manson can continue to date such airheads. The guy is really intelligent and witty. I’m sure he’s being paid to do it these days. The Lana del Ray thing was especially ridiculous. She just needed a harder image. I imagine Avril is trying to get some punk cred or something.

  36. Jamie says:

    Honestly, I don’t give a crap how smart or articulate the guy is. I’ve heard him in interviews and I already know he’s intelligent, still doesn’t change my feelings towards him, his behavior or his music. Sorry.

  37. Johanna says:

    Oh, come an. Every true Manson fans knows that he’s still together with Lindsay Usich!

  38. lmd says:

    I’m not surprised to hear this. A friend of mine was backstage at the Toronto show of his 2004 tour and she met Avril hanging out there. Said it was totally weird, but still got her autograph for a kid she knew.

  39. carbon says:

    Didn’t MM once say Avril Lavigne’s name sounded like some kind of feminine hygiene product?