Englishman David Gandy is here to wish everyone a happy Fourth of July

I am a proud American. For real. I’m the daughter of an Indian immigrant who loved his adopted country, and who was particularly worshipful of the “origin story” of America. I live very close to some very historical, Founding-Fathers-type stuff, and I love it. I tear up when I hear “The Star-Spangled Banner”. When the Olympics come around, I will cry every time some American kid is standing on that top podium, a gold medal around his or her neck.

… That being said, I love Englishmen. On this Fourth of July, let us take a moment to acknowledge that for all of our greatness as Americans, we still haven’t produced someone who looks like English model David Gandy. There’s just something about the UK… sigh. They produce some incredibly beautiful men, right? These are photos of Gandy from a new photo shoot for “August Man: Malaysia’s Definitive Men’s Journal”. Would I give up America for David Gandy? Probably not. But I would totally become a dual citizen if it meant getting into his pants.

Dear Great Britain: I’m glad that I’m not one of the Queen’s loyal subjects and all, but I still think you guys are pretty awesome. Have a happy Fourth of July, y’all. And keep making men that look like this.

Photos courtesy of August Man.

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  1. kitty-bye says:

    I got chills hehe! WOO

  2. brin says:

    Happy Yankee Doodle Dandy, Gandy!
    Well said, K! Happy 4th everyone!

  3. Amelia says:

    Happy 4th of July from across the pond! ^^
    Love how this post doesn’t even go into what he said. That’s the way men that look like this should behave – look hot and keep your yap shut.
    Good to see someone’s excited about the Olympics, I’ve been feeling like I’m the only one lately!

    • brin says:

      Oh no, I can’t wait for the Olympics!

    • Maguita says:

      LOL, shut-up and look pretty?!

      Happy 4th ladies!

      He kind of reminds me of the beautiful Andy Whitfield (who unfortunately passed away from cancer on Sept.11, 2011). Especially the close-ups with his incredible eyes!

      And beautiful tribute K! Really touching.

      Although I must say, we are catching up to the UK really fast: We have been having more children of mixed ethnic backgrounds. The stronger and richer the blood, the more beautiful the result!

      Again, Happy 4th of July to all.

  4. the original bellaluna says:

    I was not aware that Malaysia HAD a premiere men’s magazine. Where can I obtain a copy of this issue? ;)

    Okay, anyway…Happy 4th of July, Fellow Celebitches! Remember a few simple rules:

    1) Do NOT drink and drive (DUH);
    3) Mix out your booze with water occasionally – stay hydrated;
    4) Do NOT, under ANY circumstances, mix beer with smores (it’s not pretty – a lesson I learnt as a teen, and this should really be #2);
    5) Wear earplugs, to avoid that hideous Katy Perry “Firework” song that some insipid, no-imagination-having techie/radio station/both will play (it will stick in your head for WEEKS)!

    OK, have fun everyone! :D

  5. Nanea says:

    Happy 4th @ CB, Kaiser, Bedhead and at everyone! *hands out cupcakes with blue/red/white swirls of frosting*

    *raises glass of Crackmopolitan* (too early for a Cracktini yet)

  6. samira677 says:

    I don’t know how but I forget how hot David is until one of these posts comes up. But I hate the “thinking man” pose he has in one of the photos.

  7. AllyUK says:

    Ooh yes purleeeese! He looks rather like Hugo Taylors hotter older brother, from Made in Chelsea (UK real life drama type thingy).

  8. Lucy2 says:

    Happy 4th! Stay safe and cool!

  9. Another Nina says:

    I mean – thank you, David, that’s very kind of you. Nevertheless, I still like Aubry more than you… And, nothing personal, but would you mind next time getting a pic together with Andy Carroll, pretty please? That seems like the only way to bring Kaiser’s attention to the prettiest Englishmen of the day… P.S. I’m filing similar request with The Fassy as well.

  10. Tillie says:

    that last photo is H O T

  11. lamamu says:

    Is this a calendar shoot? I would be okay with every month being August in this particular case.

  12. TG says:

    I am a proud American too and am Olympics obssessed. I completely shut down every 4 years and do nothing but watch the Olympics and am so happy that they are in London since I too am obssessed with England. I love my Brits! No one has better humor then them and that accent is the best in the world. There is just something so sexy about British men. British authors from the past are also pretty awesome.

  13. hillbilly in the corner says:

    Kaiser, dear……..
    Come to the country ….out were the men get their muscles from work not the gym….were they get their farmers tan from working in the fields no from a spray….where they are long and lean and are loving machines not puffed up like Pillsbury dough boys on steriods to have a 6 pack…..LOL
    Come to the south…..I got warned by my mommy about those southern charmers from over the mountains and when I got older I looked and looked till I found me one…….and she was RIGHT. I Married him 45 yrs ago….LOL

  14. Laura T says:

    Anyone wanting a daily dose of the gorgeous David Gandy should be following his official page: http://www.facebook.com/OfficialDavidGandy

  15. maemay says:

    I have a thing for the Brits also always have, always will, from Idris Elba to Fassy, to Cucumber I share a love of their wit, charm and difficult names.

  16. Alien says:

    Oh wow you’re Indian? So weird I’m listening to Chalak Chalak. All I have to say is you guys make great music I love Bollywood. Anyway, David Gandy is so fine plus he’s humble which makes him even more attractive/fine.

  17. Meanchick says:

    London calling! Yowsah!

  18. Ann says:

    I have a problem with this photo shoot: he’s wearing too many clothes!

  19. Chatcat says:

    Happy 4th to everyone at CB. Oh and Kaiser, yes Gandy is dandy but let me tell you, there are some serious American born and bred males that I have/had my eyes on this week that make me even more proud to be a Yank (via my greatgrandparents immigration through Ellis Island from Ireland in 1912). I am at my beach house in southern NJ and there are some serious lifeguard bodies and faces that surpass this Brit.

    Can’t wait for the 2012 Games and all those fine, hard working, dedicated athletes that have earned the honor to don the red, white & blue!

  20. Ginger says:

    Happy Fourth! Thanks for the post Kaiser :)

  21. Hanna says:

    Dat last pic, his shirt *.*

  22. Chris says:

    “We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.”

    William Faulkner

    Happy 4th of July!

  23. Dana says:

    I’ve been head over heels ever since Mr. Gandy said Gisele was a *itch.

  24. lvhm says:


  25. Stacie says:

    WOW !!! He’s beautiful . Just stand there pretty …no talking , just stand there . Yum ! : D

  26. Robert Burns says:

    I have to admit that he is a very handsome. But then again, he is an actor and a perhaps a model so he is required to be one. No wonder girls and grown women fall for them.