Demi Moore’s daughters have cut off all contact, won’t return her calls, she’s ‘devastated’

Last week, Radar ran a story about how Demi Moore’s three daughters, Rumer, 23, Scout, 20, and Tallaluh, 18, weren’t talking to her. This report came on the heels of months of stories about how Demi’s daughters were embarrassed by her and wanted her to get her act together. Apparently Tallulah’s high school graduation was the final straw for the girls, who were upset at their mom’s behavior. A source told Radar “None of the girls wanted Demi there but she turned up anyway and it was really strained. They had a huge fight afterwards and the girls decided it would be in their best interests to take a break from Demi for a while.” To complicate things, the girls are said to want to continue to see their ex step dad, Ashton Kutcher, while Demi is dead set against them having any sort of relationship with him.

The latest issue of US Weekly also carried this story, and they had some more details about how poorly the graduation went. This is kind of supported by photos taken at the time, which show Demi looking pissed off all by herself while the girls hang out with their dad, Bruce Willis. Here’s some of US’ story:

“There’s a wedge between Demi and her girls,” says a source. “Demi spends most of her time in Idaho, not L.A.” [The girls], says the source, are tired of “walking on eggshells” around Moore, 49, who went to rehab in February after her split with Ashton Kutcher, 34. At Tallulah’s high school graduation, says a witness, Moore sat away from her family, “didn’t speak to them” and left before her daughter got her diploma.”

[From US Weekly, print edition, July 23, 2012]

That’s good that Demi is in Idaho, it’s probably better for her there, but she’s away from her daughters too. Things are worse than that, if you go by Radar’s latest story. Demi is said to be desperately trying to contact her daughters, and they’ve shut her out entirely. Supposedly they were fighting a lot, Demi was being too needy, and now her daughters won’t talk to her at all. She’s said to be “devastated” and “beside herself.” Here’s more:

“Demi is beside herself over the situation,” a source close to the family tells “She hasn’t spoken to Scout, Rumer or Tallulah for weeks now, they won’t return any of her calls, emails or texts.

“The girls have cut off all contact with Demi, and she is absolutely devastated by it. She has returned to work and is trying to hold herself together, but this is a really tough time for Demi.”

As previously reported, Demi’s daughters severed ties with their troubled mother after months of drama with no end in sight.

“Rumer, Scout and Tallulah just don’t want to deal with the drama at the moment,” a source close to the family previously told “Since breaking up with Ashton, Demi has been a mess. The girls were there for her through it all — the split and the rehab but now they just feel like they need a little distance.

“Demi is just being very needy right now and the girls are tired of it, they want a mother not another little sister. They are all concerned that she is going to relapse and head back to rehab and they can’t deal with the stress and worry of it.”

[From Radar]

I would feel more for Demi if we knew she was sober and trying to get her act together, but recent reports suggest that’s not the case at all. Maybe her daughters are fed up with seeing their mom like that and have no idea what else to do except to avoid her.

Demi is back working again. She was seen on the NY City set of Very Good Girls, with Dakota Fanning, Elizabeth Olsen and Richard Dreyfus, earlier this week. All we have are these photos of her covering her face though. Would it kill her to let them get a few photos and to smile?

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  1. Dani says:

    Her daughters are probably finally starting to resent her for allowing them to be named Rumer, Tallulah and Scout. Or because she’s a mess.

  2. Jaime says:

    Remember when Demi was the model mom, giving up Hollywood and moving to Utah? to raise the girls away from the limelight? Yeah, that failed. They’re all a mess. Every single one of them.

    • Talie says:

      I actually think it was going fine until she moved back to LA for the Charlie’s Angels movie. That’s when it all went down hill and also, when Rumer and the others decided they wanted to be “stars.”

    • Mia 4S says:

      It’s a good point. We always hear about how terrible it is to live in Hollywood, have a normal life and raise kids, but Idaho didn’t work out much better. No surprise, it’s about the parents not the location.

    • Ann Emmess says:

      I remember when she presented herself as this model of fierce female confidence (around the GI Jane era.) It was overblown and ridiculous then, but it’s interesting to see that it was ALL for show, with this fragile, terrified creature frantically tap-dancing within.

      She’s always come across as image-obsessed, but I still assumed she had a little substance to rely on. Now I’m guessing Madonna and Nicole Kidman are exactly the same.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        I like the ‘tap dancing’ bit, good mental image. It seems on point, too.

      • Emily says:

        Madonna at least had substance. I think it’s still there, though it seems to be buried under trying to be 25. Really sad, because she’s friggin’ Madonna, she doesn’t need to prove anything.

  3. Dandilion says:

    After all that time and trauma she got help but is back to her unhealthy dangerous lifestyle and refuses to change., wants to party with the kids and do some illegal stuff;.. all just one happy girl gang out on the town, forget about work or education, help me forget my woes.. that is why the daughters are distancing themselves from her..

  4. vic says:

    Besides being embarrassed they probably want to just move on. Friends and family get sick and tired of nonstop divorce drama and this is probably the best for their Mom and themselves. And they probably want to leave the nest too. They’re her kids not her bffs. Maybe now she can grow up. Tough love baby.

  5. Aud says:

    Demi needs to grow the hell up and realise that she isn’t a 20 year old, and to stop competing with her daughters, because that is what she was essentially doing.

    • Patricia says:

      Exactly! She’s about my age and I am so embarrased for her. Can’t imagine if she was my mom. Sounds like her daughters are at least a little smarter than she is by trying to get away from her. I have to give them credit for that. Maybe this will be a wake up call to her. I hope so.

      • bobo says:

        I remember reading a story about Demi and her mom and basically Demis mom was or still is an achoholic and Demi cutting her out of her life for a while because the relationship was toxic. Seems like the cycle continues with her daughters. Sad.

      • Latoya says:

        @bobo agreed, sad cycle. Think the end of this article’s a bit mean. It might actually ‘hurt’ to smile and wave at the camera- because she’ probably not feeling so great right now and can’t fake it. Why should she anyway? She’s allowed to be sad. (I’m not saying she should continue with the drugs/alcohol) but she is allowed to be sad.

    • erika says:


      those were my thoughts exactly! been that for months.

      she’s emaciated, verge of anorexic…she just looks like Hell.

      So, you’re 49, you’ve got an amazing body, model looks, i thought you had great kids, money, career….GROW UP!

      49 is not death, jesus, i’ll be there in 9 yrs myself!

  6. Lucy2 says:

    Sounds like the girls have tried everything and run out of options. I hope she realizes how much more important they are than her failed marriage and gets her act together.

  7. Rhea says:

    Sometimes drastic times call for drastic measures…

  8. dorothy says:

    Drama, drama, drama. I would imagine they were tired of mothering their mother.

  9. DanaG says:

    Can’t blame the girls they seem to have tried everything. If Demi is back to drinking etc only she can help herself. It’s unfair to expect them to cut off contact with Ashton he has been in their lives for such a long time now and they all seem to be close to him. Even in Idaho you can get drunk it just means she is less likely to get caught. I do hate it when celebs have used the paps for their own end for years suddenly get camera shy. It is just wrong and makes them look even more stupid.

  10. ladybert62 says:

    Seems like Demi has some serious psychological issues she needs help with as the rehab didnt work very well.

    Also seems that Demi has turned into a ‘mother-stalker’ of her kids – leave them alone – they will return when they want to.

    Finally, Rumer, we have discussed this before – get your pixie haircut and black color back – that was when you looked good. Those silly waves and red color are not doing you any favors!

  11. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I cannot imagine ANYTHING in the world that would make me turn my back on my mom. Then again, I never had to “mother” my mom. My mom is not needy and doesn’t act like a teenager.

    I really really feel for these girls. Demi seems like a self-involved mess. I mean, she’s obviously going through a rough patch but she shouldn’t rely on her girls to be her therapist/caretaker. It’s just wrong and unfair.
    Anyway, I hope they eventually make amends-the mother/daughter relationship is so important. I try to enjoy every minute I spend with my momz (even when she drives me crazy) because I know she won’t be around forever.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I had to turn my back on my mother for 10 years. It was a dysfunctional relationship where I had been raised to give her WAY too much power over me. So I get why her daughters are staying away. I got tired of having my mother take me down off the shelf when SHE needed attention but not having any time for me when I had problems. It tiring to “parent” your parent.

      • bobo says:

        I have the same problem with my mother Elizabeth. We currently are not speaking. In my early 20’s She sent my sister and I a letter with the definition of betrayal because we spoke to our Nanny(her mother) and said we are dead to her. we didn’t speak till five years later. Continued to have a strained relationship and late 20’s got two more letters of the same B.S. for one reason or another. The last staw(letter) was the one that I got to tell me she would not attend my wedding stating,”I feel there is nothing to celebrate.” So the long and short of it is,every relationship with ones mother is individual.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        That’s rough. Bobo’s mother sounds EXACTLY like my father (maybe your mother and my father should get together and go bowling), so I feel the exasperation over the misappropriation of the sense of betrayal mentioned here. It’s actually a little freakish to see the identical natures and narratives outlined here, so if you want the coldest comfort from a person you’ve never met whoa almost certainly doesn’t even live in the same country as you, here you go: I get it, and I get what it does to you. Completely.

        It might sound like it doesn’t make sense, but I’ve learned not to put so much stake in universal milestones insofar as they relate to other people being forced to worship you at those moments because after a point, it just becomes flagellation and contempt towards all people (self included) who didn’t make the world spin off of its axis to cater to you at specific moments.

        My mother couldn’t go to my high school graduation. She asked for the night off from work almost seven months in advance of the event and then at the last moment (like, half a week before the ceremony), they took their permission back. My father didn’t go because that’s who he was by then. When my older sisters graduated, he was there, obviously I was there and my mother got to stand up on stage and hand out the diplomas to graduating students because my sisters both had A averages, so the school asked her to do it and when the teacher with whom she was giving out diplomas said who she was, she got a standing O.

        It still bothers her and this did not happen recently, but I always say: I hate ceremonies and I only show up to these things because you all want it. I’ve graduated from things since then, but since they don’t keep your degrees if you don’t show up, I don’t.

        Maybe it’s because my sisters are so, so much older than me, and as a matter of course, I’ll always feel left behind and in a bubble and a lot of things that seemed like the reason for the entirety of the universe just seem kind of inconsequential now.

        There’s no use in declaring war against a parent for living down to your expectations. She’ll never get past the fact that my ol’ papa didn’t attend my graduation, especially when he went to theirs and I say, ‘He can’t hear you, he’s not the one whose blood pressure will rise over it and if he could hear you we all know he wouldn’t care, so why boil the blood over it?’ And truth be told, if I had to make a Greatest Hurts Countdown about my mum, missing a graduation because her slimy bosses took away her off time wouldn’t make the top 500 000. Years later, she’s still angry about him missing weddings, not meeting grandchildren, missing other graduations and I just think that setting up expectations that you know will not be met just gives you an excuse to wear your ‘Wronged’ sash and gives real losers free reign over your happiness. Not safe.

        Don’t let crazy people run away with your happiness, they won’t treat it well.


        That said, present parents are owed a degree of compassion, which is hard to do sometimes, but is necessary for everyone. Maybe you can’t mend the relationship, but you can mend yourself. I don’t know of a single person who wants be or become the parental enemy.

      • bobo says:

        @ Jo Mama, Yes they should go bowling!!! Ha ha ha!!!! :-)But Somthing tells me they wouldn’t show up! LOL!

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Elizabeth & Bobo-I have a lump in my throat after reading your stories. So sorry for your pain. My mom is also estranged from HER mother for similar reasons as you two stated, which in turn has estranged me from my granny.
      As sad as it is (Bobo-“I have nothing to celebrate”? WOW) the silver lining is that I learned at a very young age to NEVER hold a grudge. I’ve seen grudges tear families apart-luckily, my mom is the same as me (she also learned from that situation) and even though we may get into arguments, we’re back to hugging 5 minutes later.
      Anyway, I hope that you two can or will find peace with your respective situation(s). My mother no longer cries over her mom, but I often cry for her.

      • bobo says:

        Thanks for the kind word@TheOriginalKitten.I haven’t held a grudge.I always try to keep the lines of communication going more so than my sister even though I still get burned every time. We don’t talk now because she has changed her phone number due to our last argument. It has happened before.I just have to be patient and wait for her to call. My phone number has been the same for years. Again, thanks for the kind words.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Dear OK and Bobo,
        Thanks for the support. I know its hard to be in the middle of it. I reached a point where it was just too exhausting to have a high emotional investment in the whole thing. I had to let it go. But it was still years before I could deal with her again. Now though, I get along fine with my mother (I’m 50). I had to learn for myself to draw healthier adult boundaries in our relationship – because she sure didn’t know how to do it. She seems to have accepted the boundaries too. Hopefully time will give you the same healthy result.

      • sunmoonstars says:

        OriginalKitten, you are very lucky to have a good mother. My mother has NEVER said a good word about me. Imagine being 6 and your mother telling you your ears stick out like Dumbo’s, or you’re ugly because you have brown hair. She told me non stop that I was garbage and told every one of my boyfriends that I was trash and they were too good for me. She also told my husband that I was a prostitute (not true). And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. NOTHING I ever did was good enough and nothing I ever do will be good enough. We don’t speak now because I dared to move away and take HER grandchild, and I can’t say I’m sad about it. Sometimes you have to cut toxic people out of your life and she refuses to get help or admit that she might have a problem. So please, realize how lucky you are to have a good mother because not all of us are so fortunate.

    • Lucinda says:

      @originalkitten–You are very lucky to have such a great relationship with your mom. My husband has the same with his mother. I can only dream of that kind of mother-child relationship. Sadly there are a lot of us who can relate to Demi’s daughters. It doesn’t take a celebrity for it to happen. I strongly suspect Demi has had issues for a very long time. Probably a big part of her divorce from Bruce. She is just no longer able to hide it. So sad for everyone involved.

  12. Toot says:

    I feel bad for Demi. I hope she just concentrates on getting better and forget about her daughters.

    • ann carter says:

      I will never, ever understand how all of these former sex symbols have these major mid life melt-downs and no mentions menopause??? Clearly, there are other chemical issues here, but come on? those issues are feeding off of each other and making everything worse for Demi and everyone close to her.

      • sasha says:

        Because that would mean Demi et al admitting that they’re not 22 anymore. Never.

  13. the original bellaluna says:

    And this will be what pushes her over the edge, mark my words. Ex-“husband” boffing anything with 2 legs and a hole? Check. Ex-husband happily married with a new baby? Check. Daughters who’ve cut off contact with her? Check. Recipe for DISASTER.

    I like her bag. Any info on that would be greatly appreciated.

    • bettyrose says:

      Wow, when you put it like that, my heart really breaks for her. I realize much of this is her own doing, but it must be really hard to feel like all the people you need most don’t need you at all. On the other hand, when money’s no object, one could choose to spend six months at a spa in Europe finding themselves or something and let all this blow over.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        bettyrose – I would (at this point in my life) totally choose a European spa version of Eat Pray Love over wallowing in self pity and despair.

        Her girls are grown; she’s spouse-free; and she has so much to live for. I know money’s not everything (BELIEVE me, I KNOW) but it sure can make for some pleasant distraction.

        And if you end up hooking up with a few (or several) hot European men while on said spa tour, ALL THE BETTER! 😀

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I feel sorry for her too (to an extent) but that’s the thing-she shouldn’t use her children as a coping mechanism.
        She really just needs to find another outlet for her grief.

        Hell, Bella has the right idea with the extended EU vaca. I would definitely take some sort of a sabbatical if I were her because I know that I always come back from vaca feeling refreshed and clear-headed.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      I’ve thought that, too. This is why it sort of bugs me when (I don’t know if they’re true) stories about Bruce Willis threatening to put the pain on Ashton Kutcher in this conjugal catfight. I imagine that he’s grown and changed a lot from where he was say, 20 years ago, but I think, ‘Dude, do you even remember what you were doing 20 years ago?’ At least in the second case it was (legally) grown and nearly-grown stepdaughters who received their share of the betrayal and are somewhat better-equipped to work through that pain. What can you say about the dude who lived like he never married or had small kids at home?

      If he did threaten, he has to know that he’s only somewhat credible. But the lady seems to have been crazy for the entirety of her life, who even knows with people?

  14. RHONYC says:

    are they literally trying to kill this woman?!

    for f*cks sake she needs help, not the cold shoulder.

    she gave those kids a decent, normal upbringing in Idaho away from Hollyweird, kept them close with their dad and ‘this’ is the thanks she gets!

    coming back to Hollywood for Charlie’s Angels proved to be the worst thing ever.

    not only did it expose those lil’ ingrates to ‘the life’ and now ‘they’ have to be in the limelight…but, also she was humiliated by Jackhole Kutcher.

    those lil’ wretches want to ‘further’ humiliate their mom by staying cool with the dude that put her down. i thought those brats would be more loyal to her than that. Rumer chiny-chin-chin wouldn’t have a bloody semblance of a career if it weren’t for her mother’s name! period.

    stay in Idaho Demi. stay in recovery and just keep busy producing & working behind the scenes. after all it was ‘you’ that brought us Austin Powers!

    you are still Demi Moore, girl. stay strong. i’m pullin’ for you. 😉

    • Toot says:


    • mary simon says:

      + 2 Those girls have probably put up with a lot with Demi. Sounds like Demi and her girls are all very self-involved and insensitive to each other. Wanting to continue to hang with Ashton is pretty damned insensitive. I doubt he gives a shit about the annoying teenaged daughters of his troubled ex-wife, anyway.

      He’s moved on. I always got the feeling Chinny chin chin (who will NEVER be a star) was kind of in to him and I always wondered about those photos of her sneaking around in a car with him. It would be damed shitty if anything happened there.

    • Lushus L. says:

      “lil’ingrates” LOL!

    • Emily says:

      Have you ever been close to an alcoholic or abuser of other drugs?

      Staying close to them causes substantial pain and heartbreak to you and it helps the alcoholic not one whit. They’ll try to guilt you into taking care of them and put all responsibility for their lives on you. You have to take care of yourself and let the adult rise or fall as an adult.

      The “wretch” in this situation is the person who puts alcohol and/or drugs over their own family. And the only way they’re going to stop is if they decide to stop completely on their own. No one can help a person who doesn’t want to be helped. It’s like running headlong into a brick wall repeatedly.

      • RHONYC says:

        i understand your point. it’s just looks sucky for Demi who has little or no family but those girls and they are shunning her. i just hope she doesn’t give up on herself in lonely dispair & go to the dark, dark 6 feet under place. that is all. 🙁

    • NYCGAL says:

      Agreed! I would NEVER EVER cut my mom off in her time of need. What if Demi gets so distraught that she kills herself? How will those girls live with themselves after that? I pray Demi would never do that, but she just went through a major life change with her divorce. Cutting off their mother is just plain cruel- drama or not.

      • MrsBPitt says:

        I agree…and they are not little girls…they are now adult women…I would never abandon someone I loved in their time of need…

    • ontheraw says:

      + 1000! Can’t believe that most of the commenters here prove to be so harsh. One cannot deny help to those in need and she’s going to be in need for a long time to get over this whole mess. Plus, in this case, disgust is how I feel, these girls are her children FFS!

      • Emily says:

        Addicts do not want help. They want the drugs and/or the alcohol. A child CANNOT help an addicted parent. It is literally impossible. You think the people here who’ve commented about being children of addicts haven’t tried? Even with all the pain the parents caused us?

        Can you please just try to imagine what it’s like to have your entire life dominated by a parent’s addiction? From the time you are born. The addiction is the only thing that’s important to the parent. Try imagining being the only responsible one in the house from the time you are five years old. Try seeing your parent falling-down drunk every single weekend. Shaping your life around hiding it from everyone else. Knowing that alcohol is more important to the parent than you are. Being made entirely responsible for your parent’s emotional well-being. Getting nothing in return but blame.

        I am aghast that anyone, in this day and age, when people can easily look up what addiction does to families on the internet, would blame anyone for cutting an addict out of their life.

        She’s their mother. She’s made her choice. She’d rather have drugs than them. And no matter what they do, they can’t change that. Begging, pleading, bribery, blackmail, bargaining, crying, ignoring, support — NOTHING WORKS.

        If Demi Moore cares about her kids, she’ll get help. Only she can. Nothing they can do can help; they will only harm themselves trying. You’re angry at them for not repeatedly hitting themselves on the head with a hammer.

    • sunmoonstars says:

      Some people cannot, or will not, be helped. There comes a point where you have to distance yourself from the toxic person to save your own sanity. Why martyr yourself for someone who doesn’t care about you? I don’t blame the Willis girls and I hope they can deal with their own issues without having to babysit their mother, who is an adult and should be seeking help on her own. It’s not easy but at least they have each other, which is more than some people have.

      I will also say, if you haven’t been there, YOU CANNOT UNDERSTAND. It’s all well and good to say those things but some people are just plain poison and evil.

  15. marybeth18 says:

    I have a mother with bipolar disorder, 6 ex husbands, and a lot of drama. At various times in my life I have had to cut her off for my own sanity and health. When you grow up with someone who has issues, whether they be diagnosed mental illness or just poor decision making and boundaries, you don’t have a normal parent/child relationship. It’s codependent, and the power balance is shifted. So when the child grows up, they aren’t able to go through the really normal process of disconnecting from their parent, because the parent is a mess. There’s a feeling of “I have to take care of Mom” mixed with the reality that “I can’t force Mom to make healthy decisions for herself” that can be really overwhelming and depressing.
    I look at this situation and it makes sense to me why these girls are disconnecting. They may be following through on an ultimatum- fix X-thing, or we won’t see you anymore.
    Been there, tried that.

  16. Electra says:

    It’s sad to see children not stay by their mother during such a volatile time in her life. During a divorce everyone suffers. They should have had enough respect for her to at least give some time of healing before hanging out with Ashton. They have no loyalty and they are selfish human beings. They do have a right to live their own life. But I think it shows a great lack in character by this behavior. I truly feel sad for Demi. I hope she recovers and I hope that her kids come around and realize that this behavior is only adding fuel to her crumbling self esteem and state of mind.

    • Elizabeth says:

      sometimes if you stay around to help them, you’re just helping them to stay sick. Children aren’t responsible for the adults in the family – that’s the adult’s job.

      • Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

        Sorry,but I respectfully disagree. It isn’t the kids that are selfish and lack character.

        Her daughters have been there for her, but there comes a point when you need to realize that if someone isn’t going to try to really change and get help, then you are just enabling them to wallow in in self pity and excuses. Demi isn’t a child. She has more resources at her fingertips than most people in the world do. Her children aren’t her therapists and it’s not their responsibility to fix her or get pulled down by her toxicity if she refuses to help herself get better. Maybe this is a desperate move to get her to see how serious her situation is and force her to understand that if she doesn’t get help she will lose the people in her life who are the most important to her.

        Being loyal and loving someone doesn’t always mean standing by and supporting them when they are ruining their health and endagering their life.

        Plus there comes a point when, if someone refuses to admit they have a problem or refuses to get help for their addiction or illness, it starts to drag down everyone around them. Sometimes you need to cut things off to stay healthy yourself. I’ve been in that situation and spent decades trying to help someone who was very toxic, narcisstic and manipulative in her illness. In the end I finally had to cut things off because it was affecting my own mental and physical health. You don’t have to stay loyal to someone at the cost of your own sanity especially when your fighting a losing battle. People have to want help and want to get better. Otherwise, they simply want an audience to complain to about how horribly they’ve been treated and never move past that into trying to repair their lives and move on to something better. Wome people actually enjoy playing the victim and wallowing in self pity.

        I’m not saying that is what Demi is doing, obviously I don’t know her, but I think she needs to take a step back and look at her life. She has a lot to be grateful for compared to most people, and yeah…her marriage didn’t work out and I’m sure that hurt but she has three daughters and a career she can choose to work on and she’s still young relatively speaking. Time to put on her big girl panties and grow the heck up and deal. Frankly, the huffing incident should’ve been her rock bottom. That was humilating enough, but she’s still acting like an idiot getting drunk and showing up to public events and embarassing her children. Demi, go to rehab…a real one this time, and get some counselling.

      • vic says:

        I agree Elizabeth. If they keep putting up with it they’re enabling. Even parents have to limit contact when kids won’t do what they need to do to stay healthy. No one needs a lifetime free pass for bad/unhealthy behavior.

      • Emily says:

        Agree with Suzy.

        I think a lot of people have no idea what they’re talking about here. 30+ years of my life were spent on parenting a parent. Try being the responsible one in the house when you’re 5 years old. I’m not going to be a garbage dump for parental Issues any longer. Anyone who thinks that is “selfish” or lacking in character needs to educate themselves about what addiction does to families, and what people who are close to addicts need to do to finally live their own lives and be free.

    • mel says:

      I 100% agree with you Electra. Their mother is going through a very tough time and they make it about THEM and how its affecting THEIR life. I would never turn my back on my mother or my kids or my friends if they were going through a very difficult time. I might not enable damaging behavior but I would remind that person that I love them and I am there for them. Really there is so much BS about avoiding the drama and so on and so forth..when really…most people just do not want to dedicate their selfish energy on other people. This is the time those kids need to be there for their mother and show her she is worth loving, is so much more to them than what she looks like or her status in Hollywood.

  17. CatfromFLA says:

    She can fool herself into thinking she’s young as much as she wants. But those knees don’t lie.

  18. Kevin says:

    I saw this drama coming years ago. This is what happens 99% of the time when the woman already has kids and the future husband doesn’t even have pubic hair yet. He was all glad when he was just a TV star and he landed Demi, movie icon, smokey voiced, no limits, freaky Moore. She got old and the thrill was gone. No amount of plastic surgery could restore the flame. She’s not Susan Sarandon and the magic snatch after all.

    • Veruca says:

      My guess would be that the insecurity was more the issue than her age. She still looks great — seems to be all she’s got going for her these days — but a clinging personality is one of the biggest turnoffs ever.

      And for those who don’t have toxic parents — consider yourselves blessed. Sometimes love and support just isn’t enough. 🙁

      My bro & I haven’t spoken to our dad in ages, so I can’t judge the girls too harshly.

  19. Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

    If she’s so devasted then maybe she should concentrate on being a better mother instead of how skinny/youthful/hot she still is. I have no sympathy for you at all.

  20. NYC_girl says:

    I like the black flats she’s wearing in that pap photo.

  21. Chicagogurl says:

    If memory serves me correctly, didn’t Demi have this same sort of relationship with her mom. She was expected to be the adult one in the relationship and her mom put the men in her life front and center before demi and ended up resenting demi’s fame, beauty, money.

    Sounds like the need to be the center of attention and the emotional abuse and is trickling downhill. sad.

    For so many yrs with her in Idaho and out of the spotlight, who would have thought Bruce was the stable one?

    • Dawned says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Demi did indeed cut her mother off for many years because her mother was an alcoholic. Demi did not have relationship with her mother until she was dying of cancer.

  22. G says:

    I can’t tell you how much better a woman’s life can get when she accepts her age and stage in life and moves forward instead of clutching back at the past.

  23. nancypants says:

    Agreeing with many of the comments and, yes, she’s a mess and her daughters are probably tired of it all but it is a traumatic time for her.

    Isn’t Demi about 50? I’m 50 and peri- menopause starts at around 45-46 and it does SUCK and it’s no surprise that due to the hormones dropping off women (and men) are most likely to develop clinical Depression around this time.

    I just hope she isn’t holed-up in Idaho to hide the drugs and the booze.

  24. Ed Zacharias says:

    What about her infamous “pledge” to be a devoted slave for Obama?

    Is that still operative?

  25. 76er says:

    am starting to become worried over a “demi moore found dead” headline-accidental overdose or something. she seems to be in serious trouble. get off a movie set and get back into some help. i don’t know why some of these hwood folks think three months in (often cushy celeb -coddling) rehab will fix years of psychological problems. demi, you in danger gurl.

  26. Nina says:

    It’s just sad. I always admired how Demi and Bruce really worked as a team to maintain a close family unit. Hopefully they’ll get through this and rebuild their relationships with each other, but it will probably be another decade or so until their daughters grow out of their self-centered phases and realize that parents are just people that need support too.

    • LeeLoo says:

      I’m just going to throw this out there. I don’t pretend to know if I am right or wrong. I have gotten the sincere feeling that Bruce was never all that friendly with Demi, that he was amiable as possible for the sake of the kids. Now that all the kids are legal adults and he has a new wife and baby, I seriously believe that he has stepped away from Demi and has distanced himself from her. I think that a lot of that may also have to do with her addiction but I never thought he was as close to her as everyone thought they were.

  27. Shelly says:

    I don’t blame her daughters for needing some distance from her, if reports of her bad behavior are true. However, I would think her daughters’ ostracizing her would not be good for her new sobriety. If she is in fact shaky with that, the family drama with her kids can’t be helping. Not to say the girls are at fault or anything, but Demi is already fragile, and I imagine it might not take much to put her back over the edge. Hopefully she has other solid support systems in place.

  28. Theuth says:

    To all the posters who say: It’s her daughters’ duty to stay with her and cure her…
    We aren’t in the old age when parents had children only for having someone who whould babysit them after retirement. You father a child because you love him unconditionally, not because you need help or an heir.
    People here who had experiences of toxic behaviour and estranged relationships with their parents (mothers especially) have explained why it’s not fair for them and their parent to be their therapists: I’ve also had my share of rotten relationship in the family and it’s gut-wreching, but you can’t be the parent of your parents AND they shouldn’t expecting it!
    We don’t know the full story – we never have, except flaming declarations from one side to another, so her daughters could be selfish people, or be really tired of a mother who bevahe like a teenager and want unconditional support even if she’s wrong. Demi seems to be not in a good place right now, and the best thing for her would be a recover and a real therapist who can help realizing all her problems; her daughter could help her for the side, and remember, she STILL has Bruce (allergely) as a friend.

  29. Cleveland Girl says:

    She is a pathetic anorexic mess and I do not feel the least bit sorry for her. She brought ALL of this on herself.

    • Kevin says:

      From a trailer park she came, to a trailer park she shall return.

      • Aotearovian says:

        These are the exact thoughts that go through her head, and she hasn’t been able to quiet them in half a century of life.

        Unlike most commenters here, I feel a great deal of sympathy for her. Given the hellishness of much of her early life and her potential biological predispositions to addiction and mental illness (based on her reported family history), she is an extreme exception to the rule of what she should have been able to accomplish in life.

        All of which is not to say that if her daughters have cut off contact, they were wrong to do so. Anyone in Demi’s vortex should do what they need to to protect themselves. I simply hope she finds contentment.

      • RHONYC says:

        @ kevin


        that ‘trailer park’ comment was harsh, but i agree with Aotearovian.

        as i’ve previously commented, Demi ‘needs’ her family right now, not their condemnation.

        p.s.- fun fact: there are just as many substance abusers born with silver spoons in their mouths & trust funds than poor people. jusssssayin’. 🙁

      • EscapedConvent says:

        Well that was un-called for. Nasty comment. If Demi was born into a trailer park, that was not her fault. Two ‘Hollywood kids’ just popped into my mind–Cameron Douglas & Redmond O’Neal. They were both born into extreme privilege— far, far away from the trailer parks. Neither one of them has been able to do anything with their lives. I think they’re both in prison as a result of drugs. My point—& there is one—beginning your life in a trailer park is no indication of where you can go from there, & being born into a Bel Air mansion doesn’t mean that’s where you’re gonna stay.

  30. serena says:

    I still feel that all of that is horrible. Above all..Rumer she was by Demi’s side when she was a drunk-drugged-party ‘girl’ and now she won’t see her anymore?

    • Emily says:

      I was by my father’s side when he was a drunk party boy. You think kids can control what their parents ingest? “Gee, maybe this time he’s telling the truth and he’ll only have one glass of wine.” Nope. It took me over thirty years to realize that he would never, ever choose me over alcohol.

  31. SalmaNella says:

    She kind of burned her bridges with her extreme behavior. Maybe this will wake her up a bit.

  32. Emily says:

    If Demi is the drug and alcohol abuser she seems to be, and if her daughters have distanced themselves from her, I am absolutely thrilled that her daughters have woken up a lot earlier than I did. They have their own lives they need to live, rather than wasting their energy and youth attempting (and inevitably failing) to parent their own mother. Addicts are emotional black holes — they suck out everything you have, leaving you nothing for yourself, and then they demand more.

  33. Onyx XV says:

    Sounds like the Willis girls might benefit from going to Al-Anon or Nar-Anon, something like that. Maybe they already have, and that’s why they’re disconnecting, but it sounds like they could use some tools to deal with their mother, rather than just cut her off. They used to be so close, it’s just kinda sad.

  34. Shannon says:

    Some of the comments on this site are ruthless.

    C’mon! Cut the woman and her family some slack. Families go through things like addiction, divorce, etc… These things happen to everyone, including stars. Plus, this isn’t an extreme case like Courtney Love and her daughter.

    The thing I find most interesting about all this is Demi Moore was a part of the 80s “Brat Pack” crew. A crew that were all heavily into drugs. Some were able to triumph over their addictions, while others did not. I had thought Demi beat her past addictions, but from the looks of things I don’t think she ever did.

    I’d like to see a retrospective of where some of these stars have turned up. We’ve seen Charlie’s drama, but what about others like Ally Sheedy, Judd Nelson, Rob Lowe, etc…

    • RHONYC says:


      Robert Downey Jr. was ‘THE’ worst offender from the Brat Pack, but got more do-overs & chances that GOD!

      Demi falls down, really for the 1st time, E-V-E-R publicly and she’s like her role as the woman with ‘The Scarlet Letter’.


      she’s made BILLIONS for Hollywood, but unless you are the flavor of the year they just chew you up & spit you out if you’re a chick!

      i call sexist bullsh*t on her treatment. that is all.

      • Shannon says:

        Good points!

        All those stars of that period have had some extraordinary f-ups over the years related to drugs.

        People need to cut the woman some slack and let her get through this instead of criticizing her with half baked ideas about what she should be doing.

  35. dh says:

    Im sure Demi loves her children unconditionally, why cant her daughters do the same for her. No one is perfect and its not always about You.

  36. Gigohead says:

    I think its a family circle that is vicious. Demi’s mom was also very needy and strange and even posed for Penthouse before dying of cancer. She gave Demi so much grief. Now it’s Demi who is embarrassing her daughters. I agree with the poster who said this family would really benefit from some counseling to to break some of the bad habits that has dogged the women in Demi’s life.

  37. Snowpea says:

    Why are people so unChristian, judgemental and harsh?

    I ‘m not even religious but even I can see that this woman deserves your compassion and empathy NOT your harsh insults and meanness.

    She’s having an identity crisis. She’s menopausal. She’s suffering from empty nest syndrome. Her ex has had a new baby. Her other ex is hooking up with a rising star. She has drug dependence. She’s struggling to feel worthwhile in an industry that favours youth, beauty and newness over everything else.

    Which part of all those statements makes you wanna spew forth vitriol rather than feeling a modicum of compassion for a woman that is very very lost and very very broken?

    Honestly. It really is a simple case of ‘There but for the grace of God go I’.

    • LeeLoo says:

      Sorry but I have to respectfully disagree with you, Snowpea. Even if we were to give her all the sympathy in the world, what difference would it make?

      Many women suffer from all of the things you have mentioned and more but they don’t rely on drugs and alcohol to get through it. They also don’t manipulate those they claim to love. I don’t pretend to known Demi or what her issues are but the only person who can help Demi get her act together is Demi. She needs to take responsibility for her own behavior.

      It’s a sad story and a sad state of affairs but these girls have every right to live their life and to not have to deal with the stress of their mother’s problems. They are doing what is healthy for them. They are not their mother’s keeper.

    • EscapedConvent says:

      Brava, Snowpea. You have an eloquent & compassionate voice.

  38. LeeLoo says:

    I think that Rumer, Scout and Tallullah all are doing the right thing. Demi needs to take responsibility for Demi. Addicts tend to have very manipulative personalities which is why Al-Anon and Ala-Teen and Nar-Anon tell loved ones to stay away. It sucks to have to do this, and it may be the last time they see Demi alive but there is literally NOTHING anyone can do. Demi has to want to save herself, if she can’t do that, no one else will be able to either. Why should anyone go through that stress?

    All of these girls deserve their own lives and I think the issues of Scout being caught drinking underage and Tallulah having photos taken topless and with marijuana are their ways of acting out. IMO, both incidents to me suggest that their issues are minor and they won’t stray too far into dark territory. IMO, they got caught being typical 18-20 year old kids. It doesn’t make it right, and I would caution them on addictive genes but I can’t fault them too hard for having “problems.” I just hope their dad has been supportive and understand. Bruce has always seemed like a good guy so if they have him in their corner I think they will turn out alright albeit with a few minor issues but that will just mean they are human. I can’t imagine growing up in the fishbowl of Hollywood. I am proud they have turned out as normal as they have.

    • RHONYC says:

      betcha it wasn’t a problem all those times Demi was tipsy/pain medicated up @ one of Rumer’s ‘premieres’ *ralph* and she needs her mom to stand next to her on the red carpet so people can even know who the f*ck she is!

      me thinks manipulation is a double headed sword. 🙁

      • Emily says:

        It took me over thirty years to be able to set proper boundaries with an alcoholic parent. You can bet that if I’d ever bought alcohol while living with him, he’d have stolen it. And I would have made excuses for him and covered up for him. Because that’s what you do when you’re a kid of an alcoholic or drug addict. You learn to shape your entire life around the parent’s addiction.

        Addicts already excuse and pity themselves and blame their kids constantly. They don’t need other people helping them with that.

  39. busy ramone says:

    That is cold. What a pack of evil, ungrateful little brats.

  40. Janie says:

    This can’t be entirely true. July 1stshe was on the set of a short film Rumer was working on. They had to dodge from the paps but I’m sure there are pictures somewhere. Conveniently no one felt like buying them since it doesn’t fit the gossip…

  41. Janie L says:

    This can’t be entirely true. July 1st she was on the set of a short film Rumer was working on. They had to dodge from the paps but I’m sure there are pictures somewhere. Conveniently no one felt like buying them since it doesn’t fit the gossip…

  42. Janie L says:

    This can’t be entirely true. July 1st she was on the set of a short film Rumer was working on. They had to dodge from the paps but I’m sure there are pictures somewhere. Conveniently no one felt like buying them since it doesn’t fit the gossip.

  43. Jaxx says:

    What I don’t understand is why someone with the resources she has just wallows. I would be traveling. I would be seeing the sights around the world until my pain got manageable. She has the money to do anything she wants except buy her youth back. And she even held that one off for a good decade. Now she just needs to get out of herself and get out there and embrace the next half of her life. There is more to life than looking good in a bikini. She needs to get out there and see that.

    • Dredz says:

      Many women suffer from similar situation she’s in. But Demi is RICH… If I were her, I would just move to Paris and live a grand lifestyle.

    • Shannon says:

      The old adage is true. Money doesn’t buy happiness.

      I love how some people are condeming Demi Moore for acting up when she just got divorced. Have any of you folks ever been through a divorce, or a painful break up? You can’t just move on like nothing happened. And guess what? You do stupid stuff that doesn’t make sense because you’re in pain and grieving.

      Again, cut this woman some slack. She’s trying to get clean and deal with losing someone she obviously cared for. Regardless he was a cheatin prick, Demi Moore wouldn’t be the first to have her heartbroken by a piece of swine.

    • EscapedConvent says:

      Because she is depressed & lost. Her self-esteem has been shattered. Someone with a broken heart & a broken spirit isn’t thinking about travelling the world or wandering the charming streets of Paris. That’s what you do when you’re *not* clinically depressed. Clearly, she is. I hope she realises that she needs long-term therapy, not just a few weeks in rehab, & can find a good, compassionate therapist who will stick with her.

  44. janet says:

    come on…do you believe everything you read and do you really know Demi Moore and her kids? No one really knows what goes on in a persons life but that person.

  45. Mpress Me says:

    Does anyone remember that Demi’s husband cheated on her publicly multiple times and that, perhaps, she is on the verge of – or in the midst of – a nervous breakdown b/c of it? Her daughters are right not to “party with her – but she is their mom. They’re associating with Ashton, who likely caused Demi to go off the deep end in the first place. Of course he’s “fine” and stable – he wasn’t the one who was humiliated with infidelity. You don’t abandon your MOTHER when she needs you the most! She doesn’t need party friends, she does need people around her who love her unconditionally and have her best interests at heart … ummm, it should be the daughters she took out of the Hollywood limelight so they would have a better life … It’s a shame they’ve turned out so selfishly.

    • Emily says:

      No one and nothing can “drive” someone to drugs and alcohol. She made that choice herself. Just like she chose to marry a man purely for his looks and youth.

  46. Danziger says:

    Just something I noted, in these graduation photographs there’s a picture of Rumer smiling at a possibly flattering angle. Wow. “But when she smiles..” trope at full display!
    I’ll try and conjure up a topic-related reply later. Getting hammered first.

  47. Linda says:

    They should have stopped talking to her once they realised they looked like constipated transvestites.

  48. StevenX says:

    Can’t vouch for two of the gals (I assume getting names like “Tallulah” and “Scout” probably ticked ’em off), but if I were Rumer and my mom gave me a shovel for a face, she’d be dead by now. They need to go easier on Semi, though – from the looks of it she’s obviously in research mode for “I’ll Dust That Myself: The Maria Shriver Story”.