Angelina reveals her fear of intimacy, kinship with Brad in candid interview

Just when I thought that two Brad and Angelina stories was enough for the day I hear about Angelina’s incredibly candid interview in the upcoming issue of Vogue. She reveals how she felt a strong kinship with Brad while they were filming “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” and how she looked forward to going to work just to see him every day.

She said she once shook hands with Jennifer Aniston but never really sat down with her. She claimed she would be willing to have a long talk with Aniston, but that’s it’s up to her. She said that she and Brad are “legally bound” to their children and have both been married before so they don’t see a need to do it again.

Angelina said that she hardly trusts anyone at all, except maybe her mother and Brad. She also revealed that she’s not comfortable hugging or kissing people casually, but that she feels differently with her children:

“I think we were the last two people who were looking for a relationship. I certainly wasn’t,” she said. “I was quite content to be a single mom.”

The “Tomb Raider” babe admitted she was thrilled working with Pitt every day while shooting “Smith” in 2003 and 2004.

“Because of the film, we ended up being brought together to do all these crazy things, and I think we found this strange friendship and partnership that kind of just suddenly happened. I think a few months in I realized, ‘God, I can’t wait to get to work,’ ” she said.

“Whether it was shooting a scene or arguing about a scene or gun practice or dance class or doing stunts – anything we had to do with each other, we just found a lot of joy in it together and a lot of real teamwork. We just became kind of a pair…”

“And it took until, really, the end of the shoot for us, I think, to realize that it might mean something more than we’d earlier allowed ourselves to believe,” Jolie said. “And both knowing that the reality of that was a big thing, something that was going to take a lot of serious consideration.”

Jolie said she and Pitt remained “very, very good friends” after shooting “Smith.” They were resigned to staying nothing more than pals, Jolie said, until Pitt and Aniston announced their breakup in early 2005.

Pitt and Aniston filed for divorce that spring, amid rampant reports that the Hollywood hunk had his eye on Jolie the whole time.

Vogue didn’t directly press Jolie on whether she and Pitt fooled around behind Aniston’s back. But Jolie said she realized, early on, that she shared a deep, emotional bond with Pitt before they formally hooked up post-Aniston.

“Not as exciting as what a lot of people would like to believe,” Jolie said. “We spent a lot of time contemplating and thinking and talking about what we both wanted in life and realized that we wanted very, very similar things.”

“And then we just continued to take time. We remained very, very good friends – with this realization – for a long time,” she added.

“And then life developed in a way where we could be together, where it felt like something we would do, we should do…”

Jolie said she hasn’t spoken to her dad, actor Jon Voight, for five years.

Although she keeps up with mom Marcheline Bertrand, Jolie said she doesn’t allow many people into her inner circle.

“I don’t trust anyone,” Jolie admitted.

“I don’t think it’s a good thing. This is going to make you think that maybe I should get some therapy, but trust is such a bizarre word. I’d like to say that I trust my mother, but I also don’t know if she might do something that she thinks is in my best interest.

Still, “I trust Brad will never do anything,” she said.

But after a few moments, Jolie then added, “I don’t know. I don’t trust anybody completely.”

Jolie said she won’t wear emotions on her sleeve – because it wouldn’t do her any good.

“It’s not going to accomplish anything to cry. It’s not going to help you to get a hug!” she said.

“I’m not a hugger. People make fun of me. It’s something that I have a hard time with. If someone hugs me, I hold my breath. Snuggling, cuddling, hugging, crying . . . all that stuff makes me very uncomfortable.”

Except when it comes to her kids, the star said.

“Oh, I love hugging my kids,” she quickly added. “It’s a different thing because you feel such a genuine grab from them.”

She’s very articulate and well spoken, but it’s hard to believe she was this candid in an interview. Why is she revealing so much? Maybe she thinks that if she gives people what they want, they’ll stop speculating so much about her. She’s trying to say that she hooked up with Brad only after he was separated from Aniston, and that he wasn’t really as well suited to Aniston as he was to her. People who think she broke up their marriage aren’t going to change their mind after hearing this. She may as well have kept quiet about it.

All this information about her intimacy issues might come back to bite her in the butt someday. If she doesn’t trust anyone, why does she trust us with so much information about her personal life?

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  1. Bex says:

    I LOVE that picture. They are beautiful. And I dunno.. it seemed to quell a little curiosity and we all knew the woman has/had issues, it’s nothing new, we all do!

  2. ariane says:

    bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbooooooooooooooyyyyyyyyyyy! i love that pic tooand i think that hooking up with brad was the best thing shes has ever done, Jen did not want to have his baby and thats where she messed up

  3. Domidroid says:

    However many babies they collect, he’ll always be a cheater and a flake, she’ll always be a home-wrecking tart. It’s so gonna suck for all those kids when they inevitably split up. A relationship founded on cheating (and f***ing other people over) won’t stand.

  4. Domidroid says:

    I’m no Jennifer Aniston fan, but she didn’t deserve to have her husband go to work, and never come home. It’s a good thing that what goes around, comes around. I’m waiting.

  5. KIM says:

    It has taken her a very long time to become palatable, and now she is gorgeous, she is intelligent, and she is doing a lot of great things, and I really want to like her but I just can’t do it. I want to be happy for them, and I know they lead a fabulously romantic life but I can’t say that I really like them. I never really was a Brad Pitt fan and never got why women went so ga ga over him. I agree with Domidroid. I hope they stay together for the sake of their children, but you know how Hollywood is. No one ever thought Brad and Jen would split either and then along came Angelina. Who will be their next co-stars because they both have the predictable habit of getting involved with their costars and then eventually moving on. I just don’t trust HER and that’s why I can’t like them.

  6. kailie2 says:

    I don’t know if I “like” them like I like Jennifer Garner or Naomi Watts, but I ADMIRE Angelina much more for the fact that she turned her life around, that she takes a lot of her time and energy to adopt and raise kids, to bring attention to many issues and, last but not least, that she never complains and never explains. I think she would have been better NOT explaining about Brad. Whatever happened between him, his ex and Angelina should have remained private. I for once believe that he was looking for a way out of his marriage and falling in love with her gave him the courage to end it. He’s not a petulant little boy-as far as we know, he never cheated on any of his ex girlfriends and all of them say great things about him. That’s why I believe he didn’t jump into a relationship with Angelina before ending things with his wife. “Cheater” is someone who maintains that everything is right in a marriage (often also sleeping with an unsuspecting wife) while maintaining a sexual relationship with another woman. I really don’t think that Brad would go for something like that. He wanted a new start and Angelina was a catalyst for it. Maddox helped in a way that he made Brad realize he can’t wait for kids any longer. I’m glad they got together, there is no need to explain to the world how it happened. Haters will always hide behind “whore” and “cheater”–whatever makes them feel better and simplifies the complicated world we live in.

  7. janice says:

    sorry but there is no excuse for breaking up a marriage no matter what. and now to say the child decided for them by calling a married man daddy sick she was looking for a father for her kids not a man and to crown it all she went and had a baby before the divorce was through. he was married to his best friend and loved and respected her so what i will still break-up this marriage how evil can you get, what u weave in like u wear in eternity.

  8. KIM says:

    Just one more thing to add to this…I know they are both actors (using that term losely) but if Angelina is so upset about not being able to do the mundane things like taking their kids to Disney World and the like, why don’t they both start trying to live a more stable and normal life…get out of the business, concentrate on humanitarian efforts. God knows that neither one of them really needs any money. I mean, under all of this the bottom line is they LOVE the publicity, and they make the choice to continue the circus and to drag their children into it. I guess I will never understand that and that’s why sometimes they both just seem so fake and very self absorbed. I’ll stop beating up on them though because I know a lot of people like them as a couple and they are doing humanitarian things. I guess it just seems that they really thrive on all of the attention and recognition- everything is a photo op I guess.

  9. Maritza says:

    Brad has a history of falling for actresses that work with him, so it’ll be just a matter of time before he falls for someone else.

  10. Domidroid says:

    Ummm, the thing about marriage, is there IS no “new start”. All these attempts to make what they did seem pretty, romantic, and decent are disgusting.
    Just because someone beautiful does something wrong, doesn’t excuse it. She stole someone’s husband, call it what it is. Marriage is a vow, A supposedly sacred bond. A man who can make that bond, then go “Oh, never mind” for a pretty face is, in my opinion, not trustworthy.

  11. Gigohead says:

    Angie always struck me as cold and to say that she’s not the warm type just cements it for me. What she did was vile. Listen, Jennifer Aniston doesn’t pay me to shrill for her, but I do agree with the poster who said she didn’t deserve this woman to prey on her husband.

    Angie is missing a sensitivity chip in her brain and the same bug as infected Brad as well.

  12. countrybabe says:

    I find it strange she’s not lovey dovey now and doesn’t trust anybody. She was lovey dovey with Billy Bob. If you’re cold -you’re cold. You don’t hang on somebody for the cameras. Doesn’t she trust her brother? And she did do some thing like the rest or you said, I forgot about getting pregnant before the divorce. And we know Brad is just a “the dad.” I don’t think she trusts him either. But she said that at the end of the interview too.

  13. Bitch Please says:

    I think someone can only be labeled as a homewrecker if they intentionally went after someone who was married. The chronology that was at least suggested was that Angelina and Brad fell in love–over the course of long days of shooting–and then Brad decided to break it off with Jennifer. It has already been suggested that the two had been having problems in their marriage–Brad wanted a family, while Jennifer was just kicking in her movie career.

    It’s unfortunate that people can fall in love with someone else while taking on marriage vows, but that isn’t as bad as cheating on someone. Besides, Brad and Jennifer had no children. Why should someone stay in a loveless marriage that isn’t working out?

  14. KIM says:

    Jennifer Aniston has made it very clear that she wanted to have children and was more than willing to do it for Brad. Their married life must’ve been difficult with each of them working on movies and trying to get together to have a relationship. I don’t think that was the reason he left Jennifer. It’s almost a midlife crisis- maybe he thought his life lacked meaning and he saw what Angelina was doing with her humanitarian efforts and her child and thought that he wanted more from life. I still cannot understand how anyone could want to be with her after watching her slobber on Billy Bob. Now HE is gross! But it’s Hollywood- marriages just don’t last. I think she has not said that they were together before he decided to end the marriage because she knows that it’s wrong to cheat and the public would crucify her even more than they do now. Frankly I think the pregnancy was downright mean- talk about kicking someone while they are down. Ouch! Besides you cannot tell me that she conveniently forgot to use birth control.

  15. tam says:

    Bitch Please, what they did was have an emotional affair. While they might not have been sleeping together all during the making of that movie, you can bet they were doing a lot of talking, flirting, confiding, etc. When you are doing all that with someone other than your spouse, that is called cheating.

  16. Domidroid says:

    How do you accidentally steal someone’s husband? it’s not like a pen, you don’t get home and find him in your purse.
    As for it being okay to dump your spouse because you’re having problems, well, that should speak for itself. Question, would it have been ok to leave Jen Aniston if she’d found out she were infertile? Because harping on the kid thing like that makes it alright, is horribly shallow. This “Me and my Mistress” world tour isn’t romantic, what’s romantic, is sticking by your wife no matter what, no matter who, no matter what, ’till death does you part.

  17. anon says:

    kailie2, you’ve no proof that Brad couldn’t get kids out of Jennifer. In fact, various reports have suggested she had a miscarriage & they were trying pretty much until the marriage came to a dead end.

    Angelina has proven herself to be a manstealer. Has she ever married a man who she didn’t meet on a movie set? No! Remember how Billy Bob was engaged to be married when she met him? Just like Brad was married, Billy Bob was engaged but he left his fiance while she was away on a film set and married another woman, Angelina happily participated in that with obviously no concern for Laura Dern because she was getting what she wanted. That is a bitch!

    Emotional cheating is just as bad as physical cheating. There’s no doubt that she is the reason Brad’s marriage ended and she’s the reason Billy Bob’s relationship with Laura Dern ended.

  18. Diva says:

    Wow, I wish I was as perfect and irreprehensible as you people. Must be nice to be able to judge people like this! Ya’ll and God have alot to talk about!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Yet you’re here and posting diva. Don’t contradict yourself.

  20. Domidroid says:

    Actually, Diva, I’m an Atheist. Relativism will never trump plain old “right and wrong” , and they do exist.

  21. Action says:

    Must say i love the picture too. Although I feel like Brad should be on a tricycle–he’s not manly enough to be on a motorcycle!

    And yes, emotional cheating is just as bad as physical cheating. I almost think it’s worse because that is what works its way into the heart and soul–not easy to forget or back down from. Physically cheating is horrible too, of couse, but if it didn’t ‘mean’ anything maybe it could be overcome with couple’s therapy. Of course both are a breach of trust, lack of commitment, insult to marriage..etc..

  22. lena says:

    I find it interesting how she pretty much dogged her father in public for cheating on her mom, but then she goes and has an emotional affair with a married man. Just because she did not get down physically with him while he was married does not make it any less wrong. On top of that, we’ve all been in situation where you may be attracted to someone who is taken, but if you care about the other person involved you keep your distance, you dont go and build an “emtional bond” with them… you lay low and keep distance and just work. If BP was opening up to her about his relationship, she should’ve told him to call his wife..not be his shoulder to cry on. I like AJ as an actress and all, but I do think what they did was wrong. I would never want my husband (when i get married) to go off to work and build an emotional relationship with another woman. Let alone, if we were to divorce, get another woman pregnant before the ink is dry for the whole world to see.

  23. Sorcha says:

    Here’s what I find interesting: BRAD is the one who (presumably) cheated on his wife, but ANGELINA is the “bad guy”. Now, let’s think about this for a minute: Jerry Springer bitchslap fights aside, we’re blaming the wrong party here. No, Angelina doesn’t exactly have the moral high ground, but let’s save the venom for the one who deserves it. Angelina didn’t cheat on her spouse; Brad cheated on his.

    I’ve been divorced for five years (not because of infidelity), and I’m pretty sure that if my ex had cheated on me, the blame would’ve been squarely on his shoulders.

    And no matter how freakishly gorgeous Angelina may be, you can’t steal a husband who’s determined to remain faithful to his wife. I think what’s going on here is we *want* to hate her because she is so inhumanly beautiful (and I feel you there, I really do; I want to hate her, too), so we’re latching onto this as an excuse.

    Just my $ .02, of course,.

  24. Action says:

    Oh, I firmly lay ground in Brad too. He’s a cheating jerk. But that’s a given. It takes two to tango and they are both at fault. But you are DEFINITELY right. If he wanted to be faithful he would have been. If she had any morals she would have given him the cold shoulder.

    I guess they deserve each other, don’t they? Jen got off lucky. Better to have it happen then before they had kids to drag into the mess.

  25. Lola says:

    Sorcha it is not about stealing a person, it is about preying on a marriage which has problems, Brad looks shallow by all accounts, and Angelina knew what she was doing, that rubbish about a special connection is hogwash she said that about BBT and where are they now?.

    These candid revelations by Angelina have pretty much confirmed my suspicions thst she broke that marriage and she is now unhappy with the left overs, she wanted Brad and like all stupid men he fell for her.

    She is a schemer and knew Brad wanted children, am sure she told maddox to call him daddy and it worked. I am glad their relationship is falling apart, I know there are kids, but it is Karma,they hurt an innocent woman and she got pregnant and humiliated her more. All marriages have their problems and you do not want a schemer to come at that point in time. May be Brad and Jen would have worked out their difference had she not been there flauting her dadless kids for him.

    We are not holier than thou, but this woman is the wickedest witch I know, she has no friends, that is right, name one… she has revealed these things now on purpose, to hurt Jen more and to get people talking about her, well we are talking about her but she is going to pay for her actions. KARMA. I hope the children are not caught up in it all, she is the kind to commit suicide and kill all of them!

  26. kailie2 says:

    I see that the Moral Brigade of “country babes” is out in full force,

    Bitch Please said: “It’s unfortunate that people can fall in love with someone else while taking on marriage vows, but that isn’t as bad as cheating on someone. Besides, Brad and Jennifer had no children. Why should someone stay in a loveless marriage that isn’t working out?”–don’t try to argue with people who don’t have an ounce of empathy for others and/or are dishonest with themselves. Bottom line, only the three people involved here know what happen but hell, SEVEN years is enough to figure out if you want kids with your HUSBAND who desperately wanted them — she was trying? Are you for real? Is that why she had 6 movies lined up? Never mind the facts, JenJen fans will argue until they blue in the face that they know better. And it’s not about morality–if it was, riddle me this: how come Julia Roberts who broke up a marriage and called her boyfriend’s wife “LOW VERA” or Kate Hudson who left her husband to have an affair (or so everyone assumes) were not called “whores” for all those self-righteous morality queens. The answer is simple–Angelina is threatening to them, too sexual, too cold, not trying to please them or beg for their pity. Women with low self-esteem are always threatened by someone like Angelina – Julia Roberts, the real whore, is America’s Sweetheart (gag) so she can do the same thing with your blessing. So if you answer this post, please talk about what makes Julia “stealing” a man something you don’t have a big moral problem with. I’m not interested in another “whorelina” post. Just address my question–if you can. 😉

  27. Anonymous says:

    I found this post on usmag’s thread about this topic.. it’s so PERFECT and it says everything I ever wanted to say about this issue, I’m reposting it here:

    “The fact that I gathered from this Vogue Interview was that JA and BP was living as friends, more like brothers and sisters. They went long periods without even seeing each other. This is what upsets the Jen hens the most. BP was at a point in his life when he wanted more than a superficial Hollywood lifestyle. He has found that with AJ. AJ is “middle American white women” (no racial pun intended) worst nightmare. She is an independent woman who can take care of her children without a man. She is adventurous, downright beautiful and yet still humble. She is not the meek, mild girl next door who has a catty, selfish other side. She is not a product of a PR spin guru but someone who speaks her mind and loves with all her heart. People can pretend to be bored, hate her and call her vile names, but they are totally fascinated with her. JA got lucky and married BP. She would be a footnote in the annals of sitcom history, if not for this fact. JA liked the Hollywood lifestyle she was living with BP but she did not care to be a wife fully with this man. This is evident from the articles and interviews that were written. She was willingly to use him to further her career but not to fulfill his desires for a family. I admire AJ. She put it all on the table. She is not one to hide from issues or to get her catty friends to fight for her. She is a hell of a woman and I am sure that BP is lucky to have her.

  28. anon says:

    No Kailie, just people who see how delusional you are. You’re obviously not adult enough to be living in the big wide world, are you going to sit at home & not work because you’re trying to get pregnant? How many woman quit their careers or stop lining work up in whatever profession they are in because they’re attempting to fall pregnant? Very few. Jennifer did two movies in 2004 not six, she hasn’t even filmed six movies in the last three years.

    FYI, the post has nothing to do with Julie Roberts or Kate Hudson. And Julia was trashed in the media for her low attempts at belittling Danny Moder’s estranged wife.

    You’re a classic the way you overlook Angelina’s past. The way she forms relationships with every man she works with, Billy, Brad, Johnny. There’s no justifying it, that is what she does. So it shouldnt have been that much of a surprise that she ended up fucking Brad after all, she did it with all the others. Talk about that kailie, talk about how Angelina has never married a man who wasn’t a costar first, talk about her affair with Billy Bob.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Since when actresses have to stop working and sit at home when they have kids? Now who’s delusional? Kate Hudson, Rachel Weisz, Uma Thurman–we’re not talking Ozzie and Harriet here, are you living in the 50s? All she had to sacrifice was maybe 3-5 months of her “career”. BTW, you didn’t address the issue of Julia or Kate. Never seen either one “trashed” by the media or Julia’s fans turning away from her. The backlash here is provoked by reaction to Angelina only–you proved it in the rest of your post. You bring in her entire sexual history to show she’s no good–no relevance whatsoever to Brad but that doesn’t matter. Haters will immediately jump into vials of blood, kissing brother and stealing Billy Bob (as if he was such a prize). The real roots are shown in my other post–read that and see yourself in it.

  30. Action says:

    Kailie, Have you ever tried to get pregnant but couldn’t? I have a wonderful friend who has tried for 5 years, had a few miscarriages and still has not carried a baby to term. It is HEARTBREAKING. I’m not saying that this has happened to Jen. But getting and staying pregnant aren’t as easy as you make it out to be.

    I think Kate Hudson is horrible for parading around her boyfriend in front of her little boy before the divorce is even final. It sends bad messages to him and says even worse about her (use the word Whore if you’d like). I didn’t follow the Julia Roberts thing enough to comment on it. But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about Brad and Angie.

    And as for being the Morale Brigade of Country babes–you still can’t figure out how to disagree and make a point without calling names and insulting people. Debate is not your forte.

  31. kailie2 says:

    P.S. As I recall, Julia Roberts and Penelope Cruz bedded every man they ever co-starred or worked with (that’s just two that come to mind). Pene even “stole” Cruz from Nicole. Was that ever an issue? No, Pene is foreign and non-threatening, Julia’s adorable smile will warm your heart, never mind what she sleeps with. I’m only showing the double standard here. BTW, what’s wrong with Johnny Lee Miller? Did she also “steal” him from someone? Let’s not forget Jennifer being set up with Brad by her agent and sleeping with him on the first date–how high brow and romantic. The girl surely has values. Didn’t she “steal” her previous boyfriend (Tate Donovan) from HIS girlfriend? What selective memory you all have…

  32. kailie2 says:

    Well, debate is not your forte since you haven’t addressed any of the issues I mentioned, which is what I expected. “Country babe” is one of the names I see here and Moral Brigade is, in my opinion, the internet equivalent of the Moral Majority (a term widely recognized in politics and the media)–what’s insulting about that? I thought you people were very proud of your roots. As to not being able to get pregnant.. of COURSE I’d never mention anything about Jen and Brad not having kids if there was even a HINT at her not being able to conceive or carry to term–you know it and it was a cheap shot on your part. We knew all about Courtney’s problems so don’t tell me that with the much higher profile of the Pitts and Jennifer penchant for self-pity we wouldn’t hear something during the 5 years they were married. Face it, she didn’t want to have his kids, period. As I said before, nothing wrong with that, just don’t deceive your spouse and everyone else about your goals. She’s taken everyone for a ride and now has to face consequences. Talk about KARMA.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Why do you keep changing the subject kailie? We’re talking about Angelina, not Julia Roberts or Penelope Cruz, no amount of name throwing will change that. It’s not relevant to Angelina’s actions neither is Jennifer being set up with Brad by an agent or apparently sleeping with him on their first date, I trust you had cameras in the house to confidently state that, Angelina is the only one who talks about her sexual activities. LOL @ your comment about Tate Donovan, where did ya pluck that from? We’re talking about Angelina constantly bedding men she’s worked with, you have nothing to say at the proof that your idol is a whore who married a man while his fiance was out of town. Thats fact from Laura Dern, if only Jennifer Aniston was as big mouthed as Laura Dern was because things could’ve been even more interesting.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Kailie, you need help so here is a suggestion. Realise the meaning of the words “assumption” and “fact”. There is a key word you are using when talking about Aniston’s fertility or desire to put that fertility to good use. What is being presented about Angelina above is fact not assumption. Also, talk to a doctor about the inability to conceive a child & ask them about how it affects woman & how many women they have treated have a desire to publicise their problems. Then research & count how many stories there are about Aniston having fertilty troubles & having a miscarriage twice during her 5 years of marriage.

  35. Action says:

    Kailie, it’s quite obvious now that you honestly have no idea about fertility in the least. Being unable to conceive or losing children HURTS and is normally NOT PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. I’m sure you are Jen’s best friend and she told you straight out that she never wanted children. Oh wait? You’re not? Then how can you be so sure? As I said before, I am NOT sure either that she was having fertility issues, but there is a possibility and I think that should be acknowledged.

    As for not addressing your issues. I did. I addressed Julia and also Kate. As for people being ‘threatened’ by Angie and all this talk about her is due to that–is far reaching and immature. Because, of course you are in our psyche and know all about us. *Rolls eyes* Grow up dear and learn a bit about the world. Real women hate sluts. That’s all there is to it. We hate cheating men too, but it’s easier to hate cheating women because they are our own gender. We can look at them with disgust because we can NEVER see ourselves cheating the same way they did if we were put in their situation. Any woman who sleeps, fools around with or entices a man who’s attached is scum. Any man who does the same to an attached woman is also scum.

    And BTW, I’m not country.

  36. Action says:

    Oh and… about all these other women you are spouting about. If what you say is true (the stealing/cheating) then that makes them scum too. They can join the Angelina crowd. But it doesn’t make Angelina any less of slut just because other people have done the same thing she did.

    Why don’t you go write up a blog post for Celebitchy about all these other women you have mentioned? Give it her and if she posts it we can all go comment on them there–where it would be on topic. Lsst I looked, this post was about Angelina.

  37. Solitaire says:

    That pic is amazing & they are gorgeous – I think they are great together.

  38. Lola says:

    I can hardly wait for the break down of their relationship, it is in the works. I will celebrate the day these people learn a lesson,I can read fronm the subtle undertones of the interview that all is not well in adulteryville, what goes around comes around!What goes up must come down.

  39. Whatever says:

    i disagree with the whole thing about “sleeping/dating/marrying co-stars”. We human social with other thru working, etc, and many of us meet our spouses in our working place. “Co-star” is the same, the difference is they are known to the public…

    There is a large group of people have already branded AJ as home wrecker, no matter what she says…

    when i read the comments, there are so many of you posting your own assumptions, guess, and opinions, and then you conclude the whole thing of AJ, BP & JA as if you lived with them and eye-witnessed everything…

    Now because of guess, assumptions, and beliefs, lots of people HATE AJ, BP, and pity on JA, how ridiculous!!!!

    There are so many possibilities of the divorce, and since AJ fakes to be the victims on Oprah (it takes two to tango, can’t be BP’s fault only) in the divorce, nobody will say JA being a bitch and led BP to leave her???

    I am not suggesting anything, just we web people are/should be educated, we shouldn’t judge anyone w/o knowing what had happened!!!

  40. KIM says:

    I saw a blurb from Larry King and his interview with her. The only time I have EVER seen this woman smile is when she was interviewing with Anderson Cooper right after Shiloh was born. She seems miserable and sullen. She says she doesn’t read tabloids and avoids the shows about her. Maybe if she got a personality people would be a little kinder to her. She does all this so called humanitarian work but she says she can’t stand to be hugged. I guess I don’t understand that.

  41. FF says:

    Can we deal with the fact that Brad’s had plenty of opportunities for an affair and that he’s worked with plenty of beautiful women. Yet, unless there’s a big image coverup in play, he’s stayed faithful to the women he’s been with – unlike say, someone like Michael Douglas who was notorious for cheating on his first wife.

    So the question should be why he broke ranks for Angelina? It’s obvious it was more than her physical beauty – or he would have done it with some other woman on more than one occasion.

    It’s not as simple as Angelina preyed on his marriage.

    I think his interests were shifting and when that happens in a marriage you hope your partner grows/changes with you or already shares your new interests. This kind of thing breaks up relationships all the time. It’s not new. Even if you want to label Angie a ho with a history of doing this – there are plenty of other actresses that Brad’s worked with that have the same MO. Clearly there was a difference in this case.

  42. Mr. T says:

    This relationship will not last. It is too hyped up, too publicized and they both are not what I would call good role models. AJ had that bizarre relationship will Billy Bob what’s his name. I’d avoid any woman who was whacked out as that. Also, she is estranged from her father, who by all accounts is a loving, rational father. That does not speak well of AJ. Mr. Pitt on the other hand, is probably the more stable of the 2 but he is a guy and I suspect either he will cheat on AJ or AJ will reject having a relationship and go back to being a crazy beotch and turn back to being a lezbot.

  43. FF says:

    I don’t know Mr T. Aniston didn’t have great relationships with her parents either.

    Didn’t she have a long-running feud with her mother?

    Not to mention at least we know about Angie’s wacked out stuff – there are a lot of actresses who are just as crazy if not more so, but just have maintained an image to the contrary.

    Any relationship can founder, it doesn’t matter what the original ingredients are or were.

    Not to mention that the wacked out stuff was on both sides of the Billy Bob/Angelina marriage and yet the suspicion around it seems to centre more on Jolie than on Thornton. I find that interesting. I hardly ever hear about people wishing his next relationship fails.

    Bottom line is that this arguement keeps recurring because of the imagery around the people involved. And that’s the only reason.

    People keep projecting their own issues onto it like it somehow gains some significance when they do so. No. It’s just another Hollywood relationship. Make of it what you will.

  44. countrybabe says:

    I don’t think people like them being together. I get sick of people calling Jennifer Anniston “America’s sweetheart.” She seems to tragic, maybe she shoud make a movie starring herself. If Jennifer tried to get pregnant and couldn’t I feel bad for her. She probably looked to Brad if she was more interested in money and could at least adopt. He saw this in Angelina. I think their marriage was in dnager efore, from spending time away from each other. Before Angie was cast, Jennifer was worried about Nicole Kidman in that role. It could have been anybody. I do find it sickening at the speed in which he moved on, I wouldn’t let my kid call some guy I was dating, daddy. But lots of people do these things, it’s just they are in the public. Celebrities think they can do whatever they want as long as their happy. But there’s no reason to try and clean up yourself after the fact with a few interviews.

  45. Iva says:

    I think Angelina is whacked..she talks about not wanting to be touched or whatever and through the years we see her making out with her brother and pratically having sex with Billy Bob in public. Please!! She’s trying to reinvent herself and failing miserably IMO. This woman is no role model, no matter how hard she tries to spin it.

  46. AC says:

    I remember doing the math when sheilo … shilo… whatever their baby’s name is… was born… and it added up to a before the divorce papers were final date. He probably separated and immidiatly shacked up with jolie… no waiting period or buffer zone. What happened to class? and respect for your still legal wife to wait till the papers are final?

  47. countrybabe says:

    Look Kallie, I don’t know why you are so upset. I use countrybabe as my handle cause I’m from the south. I don’t know if you are trying to turn this into a conservative Liberal thing. But I like Angelina, at the same time I hate to see people destroy themselves. I do believe in a good family for kids, “If that’s too moral for you, who cares” mainly because I’m a teacher. She believes in a mother and a father or she wouldn’t have hooked up with Brad for Maddox’s sake. She won’t get married, that tells me a lot about the union. Celebrities think cause they have money these kids will be better off. If they break up it’s hard on the kids. Brad will move on just like he did with Jennifer.
    I do think Jennifer was pre occupied with money, the amount of money she and Brad spent on each other was silly. And those of us in the real world, know you can’t be on top forever.
    I think I’ll buy Vogue, It’s hard to talk about like this.
    I love this site by the way. I just found it.

  48. Bitch Please says:

    I agree with FF’s comment… that projection and images are causing the most arguments here–and that goes for me, too. I would like to say that, including myself, a lot of us are stamping our opinions on this based on our own personal biases and on whatever little scraps and bits we get from interviews and photographs. It’s an irrational, knee-jerk reaction we’re having and we try to rationalize our reactions with “evidence” from People magazine or something. I’ll just say that at this point, it’s kind of useless to argue.

  49. janice says:

    according to the article she did not want to steal him but what the hell it happened because she flaunted her kid and portrade the picture of mother hood and then the best bit is that he was married to his bestfriend who he loved and respected let me have hate disrespect and enemies any day. and poor madox now takes the blame he sealed the relationship by calling the pittless daddy that made it alright with god. to all you ladies that want to put the blame on jen 1 she did not want kids you must be ready to be a mom not on demand from a insecure man. marraige is hard work and with help from god and family you can over come most problems. it is woman that are most of the time hurting other woman just like you that bad mouth jen i hope something like this does not happen to you. if one of my sons had to behave like pittless i would kick his backside you cannot fall in love and then out of love it is called lust. angeline must remember that what you weave in life you wear in internity. and why is she now dragging up this story are’nt they getting enough pr and need to boost their movies. so stop blaming the ex and look at the true culprits read the story it made me want to peuk. and no i have not been cheated on and i know what i am talking about as i had a male friend that had a wife that cheated on him and althought i liked him and was a single parent with two sons i sent him back to work on his marraige i cannot be happy because of some one else, unhappiness

  50. xiaoecho says:

    That picture is a masterpiece of photographic portraiture.

    Hey Domidriod..5:55pm; will you marry me?

  51. Tengski88 says:

    Why would people disagree with the Jolie-Pitt relationship? First, this is what they wanted to be and let’s all make them deserve the happiness they wanted. Let’s all grow up and accept the fact that we all do wish to have our own family and be happy as well. Second, this is what Jen missed half of her life. If only she gave Brad the chance to have a child/children probably at this point they’re still together. But what Jen’s thoughts are pure work and career led her relationship with Brad into a mess. Brad was nice and generous enough to cover & deny this issue. Pretty much obvious that Brad is looking forward of having his own family, getting old and would wanted to feel how to be a dad & a husband at the same time. Now that this had come to both Brad & Angie, why would you hold this against them? Aren’t they allowed to be bonded?

    For me, their’s is one good model whom you can say or consider as the Most Beautiful Family. Not just physically but yet even with the good deeds that they had been showing with the less fortunate ones. Not all couples or celebs do this.

  52. Anonymous says:

    I think what she means by trust is that she doesn’t trust enough to feel dependent upon them. That is very different from trusting one with “secrets.”