“Angelina Jolie gives some more interviews” Links

I got pretty sick today and wasn’t able to keep up with the gossip. I still think Angie’s interview with Vogue was too revealing and that she should have been more guarded, and now comes news that she’s giving even more interviews. She does have to promote her film I guess. Here’s what’s going on:

Angelina Jolie kept talking to the press. She talked to People [I’m Not Obsessed] and to Larry King [Faded Youth]
Nicole Richie claims she was on vicodin for period cramps and that she never told cops to write down that she was 85 pounds. A friend says she actually weighs 95. [US Weekly]
Peter Boyle, the dad on Everybody Loves Raymond, has died at the age of 71 [Haute Gossip]
Leonardo DiCaprio, Salma Hayek, and Orlando Bloom attend Global Green USA event [ecorazzi]
Jennifer Aniston bikini pictures [Bastardly]
Jennifer Aniston called Brad Pitt after her Vince Vaughn breakup [CelebWarship]
Britney Spears changed her hair color yet again, and showed off her boobs in a see-through top [ICYDK]
K-Fed reveals Britney’s dark secrets to Star [popbytes]
Matthew McConaughey is doing interviews in an ugly 70s suit to promote We are Marshall [Barbie Martini]
– And Matthew McConaughey needs a haircut badly [Socialite’s Life]
Christina Applegate’s ex is hooking up with Heather Locklear [Best Week Ever]
Ashlee Simpson wants a fat ass [
Agent Bedhead]
Tori Spelling picks out a Christmas tree [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Jim Carrey and J.Lo are about to hand over a large percentage of their earnings to an evil cult [DListed]
Scarlet Johansson as a Pussycat Doll [Pop on the Pop]
Courtney Love pops a valium with a stranger on a plane, talks to him for a while, then fails to recognize him later when they both get off the flight [Mollygood]

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  1. Ida says:

    You are right, am also wondering what Angelina will gain from all this, I don’t think it is symphathy because people now hate her more- if that is possible.I thinks she wants every one talking about her which will boost her movie!

    Atleat Jen can take solance in the fact that their child is not the beauty she was ‘supposed’ to have been and is very ordinary with a big head and strange lips. If she had had a gorgeous baby like Suri or Kingston, it would have been the last blow for her, people tend to soften for beautiful kids!Atleast now Jens whining has been vindicated.

  2. Domidroid says:

    Uh-Oh, round 2…
    By the way, for the record, I never referred to anyone as a “whore”, I don’t speak that way. I used “homewrecker”, and I stand by it. As for the charge of being “country”…born, bred, and raised in The City of Angels, darling. If having ethics makes me “country”, then Hee-Friggin’-Haw!!! BTW, I’ve noticed you seem to be indirectly referring to me in your posts, and I’m not sure why. I don’t have a problem with you, I don’t even know you. I’m trying to be gentle because you seem young, and reasonably bright, but from what I’ve read, you’re no match, so back off! I come here to have fun, and really don’t need trouble with someone who takes all this WAY too seriously. Read something other that Us Weekly.
    U know who U are…

  3. Lola says:

    Domidroid you are right, let no one patronise you, Angelina is a home wrecker period, that is on record, she admitted it in detail, again and again once more on Larry King. Karma is going to get her when the time comes and it will be soon! People had put aside her past sexual indisretions after she took in those homeless kids- who buy the way had a hand in the homewrecking especially Maddox- now her Karma is gon.

    I realised there are people who give more than her to charity but they don’t go on about it. She is just a classless …..

  4. chelsea says:

    she is not a homewrecker-she and brad got together after brad and jen split. plus brad and jen dont have any kids!!

  5. Gigohead says:

    chelsea..please take off your rose colored glasses.

    Angelina is long past a homewrecker, she preyed on him after her kid called him “dad”. She was on a mission and she got him at the end. Angie’s not all there folks, she’s like a quasi bipolar. Her bisexualty, her estrangement, her crazy adoption (she never consulted with Billy Bob) and this incessive need for attention seems to me like she’s looney.

    What I’d like Angolina to do is STOP rubbing the fact that she got him. It’s like picking on a scab. Hey Angie: JENNIFER AND THE REST OF US WHO HAVE BEEN CHEATED ON WOULD LIKE TO HEAL NOW!

  6. crazytalk says:

    Are you insane? That baby is beautiful! At least Angelina really tries to help people. All Jen does is put out crappy movies.

  7. crazytalk says:

    And PS – all of you who have been cheated on, I’m sorry – that is horrible. But unless you were married to Brad Pitt then why the hell are you mad at Angelina? She is not the poster-person for homewreakers. Tons of movie stars have been homewreakers – why aren’t you getting up in arms about that?!

  8. Domidroid says:

    Because we’re sticking to the subject.

  9. Maria says:

    Saint Angelina-of-the-mattress is nothing but an attention seeking wh**re (there, I said it). She got her emasculated man bag Brad Pitt and now she is like the cat that licked the last bit of the cream – satisfied but wanting more. All this adoption business is to get attention away from what she truly is – I despise her and I will not watch anything, anything that she (or her little puppy) are in.

  10. kailie2 says:

    LOL.. I must have touched a nerve since I haven’t even posted on this thread. That being said, if you guys must keep going with this nonsense, then by all means, go ahead and foam at the mouth. Nobody is paying any attention. Angelina and Brad are on the cover of Best of 2006 People magazine and their popularity will only grow. They come across as sincere, caring and loving people and great parents. Angelina never hides her views or doesn’t use a rep to tell her what to say. She made some mistakes in life but she didn’t blame anyone for them. I respect that. No matter how controversial she sounds, she comes across as sincere and interesting. In short, she has something relevant to say. I have yet to see a Jen interview that would show those qualities. Check out blogs such as celebrity babies were you don’t have a congregation of haters and you see if the majority sees what you see. BTW, “homewrecker” is a word that sounds close to “evildoer” to me.. both are surely used in similar circles ;). To each its own, I suppose.

  11. Lola says:

    Kailie2, that is crap and you know it, and what else would you expect from people magazine, she whored her children to it and I don’t care what she says the money was for, she is a saddist who gets a kick out of humiliating people, all her goodness is a mere show, people do more charity than her but don’t show off like her. of course what goes up must come down, I say 2007 is the year that is going to mark her down fall, It is already clear that her trailer poodle pitt is tired of the farce of a relationship, she all but admitted in vogue magazine that all is not rosy in adulteryville.

    She is a miserable person who trusts no one not even her mother, can’t hug people, has no friends,no real warmth and is obsessed with witchcraft. I can’t wait for her fall, and I don’t care if those children suffer, they aided and abetted the adultery.

    Am not an Aniston fan but to have your husbands hooker rub it in your face time after time is so cruel, to me all Angelina’s kindness flew out of the window after these revelations!

  12. crazytalk says:

    Lola you obviously need to see a therapist about your rage issues.

    “I don’t care if those children suffer – the aided and abetted????” That is VERY harsh.

    The children are not to blame at all. And Brad’s biological clock was ticking – he wanted a family and Jen wasn’t giving that to him. And I do not think they are parading their family around to rub it in Jen’s face – they are harassed by the paparazzi. The photo shoots are their attempt to ease off the paparazzi so they can have a more normal life.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Bottom line – it is the Hollywood culture. We see this over and over again.

    Did we really expect anything different?

  14. countrybabe says:

    Anybody who thinks, Suri Cruise is more beautiful than Shiloh needs their head examined. She and Kingston both don’t look like normal babies.
    There are people on this site who really love and hate Angelina and Brad it seems. It does semm like people are starting to dislike them more and more. I’d imagine the hate mail they get is incredible.
    The kids had nothing to do with this, I will feel sory for them when this thing falls apart.
    I can’t wait to see this interview with Larry King. She has probably picked this up and started to do press everywhere. I hear she’s next to Tom Cruise of the hater polls. I don’t usually watch her, but what she said about Madonna sounded as if Madonna didn’t do her homework, or just thought she could walk over the law.

  15. neelyo says:

    I think it’s ridiculous how all of you are getting your shorts in a knot over Angelina and Brad, like you know them.

    Did Angelina steal your husband too, Lola? Because if she didn’t, I really don’t know what all of the hate directed towards her and her children will achieve (‘aided and abetted the adultery’?!?). You need help.