Jessica Simpson is angry because “Ashlee doesn’t give a s–t about her niece”

I’ve always suspected there was a lot of behind-the-scenes sister-drama with the Simpson sisters, Jessica and Ashlee. My take: Papa Joe Simpson began playing favorites with his daughters when they were just kids, and that favoritism carried into adulthood, with Joe always being closer to and more focused on Jessica, and he never really cared about what Ashlee was doing. To her credit, I think Jessica – in her own way – has always felt that Ashlee gets excluded and Jessica reaches out to her and talks her up, which Ashlee might feel is patronizing. Basically, Ashlee has a grudge, some of it old family history and some of which are slights that still occur. Ashlee is tagged as “the difficult little sister” and “the screw-up” to Jessica’s “perfection” and the storyline just keeps on going and going. I actually feel bad for Ashlee – I think she’s got some issues, and I think she’s got some legitimate complaints for how she’s treated within her own family. Unfortunately, when Jessica gave birth to Maxwell, the sister-drama went nuclear. According to Star, Jessica is so “over” her sister’s BS that Jessica chose CaCee Cobb to be Maxwell’s godmother instead of Ashlee.

When Ashlee Simpson gave birth to her son, Bronx, three and a half years ago, her sister, Jessica, was a doting aunt.

“Jessica also sent gifts,” a family friend says. But when Jessica became a mom on May 1, Ashlee didn’t return the affection.

“Ashlee is jealous of the attention and the money Jessica is getting for losing her baby weight,” the friend reports. The source says Ashlee, 27, has always had a chip on her shoulder about growing up in Jessica’s shadow. When Bronx was born, Ashlee felt like she had a leg up, because all eyes were on her – but now, thanks to Maxi, Jessica has stolen the spotlight again. Ashlee’s responded by checking out of her sister’s life.

“She doesn’t call, and she certainly doesn’t help Jessica,” the friend says. Jessica was so hurt that she chose her pal CaCee Cobb to be her daughter’s godmother, instead of her sister. “She misses Ashlee,’ says the friend. “But she’s really angry that she doesn’t give a sh-t about her niece.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

While I think it’s awful that Ashlee doesn’t seem to “give a sh-t about her niece,” I also think it’s interesting how these old, childhood storylines get carried into adulthood. Jessica is always the good sister, Ashlee is always the disappointing sister. It’s got to be rough on Ashlee.

By the way, Jessica’s weight is still being discussed and dissected in the tabloids. For her part, Jessica tweeted yesterday, “Just bought all the girls in my @weightwatchers group pedometers to track their steps. 10,000 steps a day = 5 miles! Let’s step it up!” I know I’m an idiot about these things (go ahead and yell), but is the goal to do 5 miles overall, like throughout the day when you’re just walking around your house and running errands? Or is the “five miles” supposed to be for what you do in the gym? Because if you’re walking (not running) five miles at the gym, that will take forever.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Jessica’s Twitter.

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  1. TheOriginalTiffany says:

    It counts it all day, not just at the gym. It would only take an hour and 15 minutes to walk it though, going at a mild four mph pace.

    Side note, we get gym membership here at the sports club la/ Boston and it is the most gorgeous gym in the world. I want to live in it. More yoga today.


    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      Geesh, my pad freaked. Asslee does not even seem to care about her own kid much. I guess the BI was tru, huh?

      • dagsohyoumeandogs says:

        No, Jacq, they are saying they walk faster than YOU run. 4mph is a normal to brisk walking speed for a lot of people and any slower is just a mosey for them. Calm down.

        Aw geez, meant for this to go beneath JACQ’s comment below.

    • Jacq says:

      Please check your math. I am a runner, I run about 60 miles a month. My PR is a 6:30 mile & that is running my ass off, hanging in at a 9:30/mile on a normal day. I run at an average of 6mph. Most people average a 20-minute mile while walking. I don’t know why, but its really irritating that you call walking 4mph “mild” – go try to do it.

      • Gabby says:

        I don’t think 4mph is too difficult if you work your way up to it. I’m usually power walking at around 4.5 – 4.8 on the treadmill.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        @JACQ, I do it all over the world every day. I run at about a 6 mph pace.
        4mph is a nice walk. I even did a slow five K that way after my girl injured herself. We finished in 40 minutes, walked every step. That was injured.
        I have to walk in every city I live in. In Boston, I’m averaging 4-5 miles per day, plus the gym. Living in the city you walk fast everywhere. I probably average 5 mph. 4mph is not fast. Myself and both my kids are tall and years of city walking (and running) have done wonders. I average a fast walk on the treadmill at 5 mph. My mom can easily keep a 4mph pace.
        I suggest you do your math again, mine seems to be correct.

        Sorry if you have issues with that. FOUR miles per hour=15 minutes per mile. Easy peasy. 5 miles 1 hour 15 minutes.
        Is my math wrong? Don’t think so… I find your ignorance and assumptions that all people walk at the same speed irritating.

      • Jacq says:

        So, you guys walk faster than you run? Silly me, that makes perfect sense!

  2. phaksi says:

    That picture of her cleavage looks awful!

  3. Cleveland Girl says:

    Oh whatever….This story is as old as Cain and Abel.

    • thyphoid mary says:

      Couldn’t describe it better than you. Unfortunately rivalry among siblings is an very day happening. From misunderstandings, jealousy, envy and literal Facebook blocking.It ‘s one thing when you’re kids or teens an fight about the sib taking your fave toy or your younger sis wearing your clothes without asking or telling your overly protective dad about a secret boyfriend. In my case i hoped all that crap ended when we became adults, BUT it actually got worse. It’s so sad to see other people having a great time with their sibs, while one can’t even get the bro or the sis to answer the dang phone. Thank goodness for good friends, sometimes they are a real family.

      • Jazz says:

        I’m in the same situation myself, so I feel your pain. Sisters are complicated! Those who have a solid relationship with their siblings are extremely blessed.

      • Nancito says:

        I’m another one with sister problems – but my sister was always the favourite but is still a jealous, malicious beeyatch. My point – the fact that Jessica is probably the father’s favourite could have nothing to do with why Ashlee is the way she is.

      • Shannon says:

        This kind of thing makes me so glad I have a brother. We fought all the time as kids and through high school, but as soon as I left for college we started getting along really well. I’m sure it’s harder for sisters in a lot of cases.

      • Soso says:

        Same here. My sister won’t answer her phone and I have to schedule months in advance for a visit so she can “clean the house.” Unfortunately for me I have no one so it makes it harder.

  4. cmc says:

    Wow, if she’s doing that daily plus working out a few times a week, that’s a pretty solid calorie burn. I really want her to succeed with her weight loss.

    On the Jess/Ashlee sister issues, for the last few years I’ve thought that the weight is a division too. Ashlee’s “look how thin I am!” vs. Jess’s public statements of “I’m a curvy woman that actually eats food! Skinny girls aren’t real!” seems to be a huge divider too.

    • MerryHappy says:

      10,000 steps is just how much the average person is supposed to walk in a day. We’re just really sedentary now, though, and rarely do. It sounds harder than it is. and unfortunately, exercise doesn’t burn as much as everyone thinks. My sister is in incredible shape. She’s 5’7 and 130lbs, very slim and toned. Exercising for an hour at an intense hiit training level, she only averages 340 calories burned. Starting out, you burn more, but as you lose weight and your body gets more efficient, you burn way less.

      I bet Jess’s ‘We don’t have eating disorders in Texas’ thing when Ashlee admitted she had had anorexia didn’t help their sisterly relationship much either.

      • cmc says:

        Well, personally I run 55-70 miles per week, so it’s hard for me to gauge what is acceptable exercise for others 🙂

        But a 5-mile walk (all at once, decent pace) should burn what, 300-400 calories, no? And if she’s eating healthy (LOL), and adding 3-4 exercise days burning 300ish more per session, she could feasibly lose weight steadily.

      • MerryHappy says:

        About 300-400 depending on weight, speed etc. but not enough to consider it part of your daily exercise, just part of how you’re supposed to move daily and remind us human bodies originally moved a lot. That’s awesome that you run so much! My sister is also a runner. I can’t, bad knees, so i do hiit and circuits. But i think she could easily start of burning like 500-600 working out because the larger you are (not calling her fat, no one knife me) the more calories you can burn starting off. Eventually it’ll plateau too like 300-400 a workout.
        I’d say for her its almost all going to be all diet. I really hope she can do it.Mexican for and Margaritas are a b!tch to give up lol.

  5. fancyamazon says:

    I don’t believe that Jessica thinks Ashlee doesn’t care about her niece, although I will buy that there are old family grudges/grievances via Daddy.

    I don’t know if they are supposed to wear the pedometer all day or what, but 5 miles a day is definitely only an hour and a bit of walking. I don’t know why, but this story brought back Stephen King’s story “The Long Walk” (Might have been under Bachman, can’t remember) Where they had to walk at 4 miles per hour or get killed. I may have to re-read that now!

    • Gabby says:

      I love that book! I was a bit confused by the ending the first time I read it though.

  6. RHONYC says:

    her baby is soooo cute! between her & lil’ Blue Ivy, it’s a super pout-fest. 🙂

  7. Lucy2 says:

    It’s 10,000 steps throughout the day.
    That would be sad if all the childhood stuff carried over into adulthood and their own kids, but it happens.

  8. Dee Cee says:

    The same goes for interest in her son..? She seems just letting it happen kind of person and moving on if it becomes difficult, or she see’s something she likes better.. it’s a shame.. Ashlee’s always come across as a shallow airhead, determined to make her appearance the most important thing you notice about her.. well both of them are actually shallow airheads.. it just that the older sis is the most astute on staying solvent and successful..

  9. anon. says:

    She’d be able to lose a significant amount of weight fairly effortlessly by just doing more walking in her day to day routine — v.s. being driven everywhere in her SUV.

  10. Ruby Red Lips says:

    I don’t believe that Ashlee has checked out of Jess’s life because she’s jealous – yes sibling rivalry and parental favouritism can carry through into adulthood, but siblings are generally mature and respectful enough to not let it dominate so I call BS on this story

  11. NerdMomma says:

    I actually don’t buy any of this mag’s story. Maybe Jessica is irritated that Ashlee isn’t spending time with her new baby, but making a person outside of the family the godparent is common practice, is it not? Isn’t that the point of a godparent?

    Also, I don’t see Ashlee as being jealous of the attention Jessica is receiving over her weight right now! It’s not exactly good attention, and I bet Ashlee is prancing around in her size 2 jeans feeling pretty superior.

    Just speculating.

  12. Riana says:

    Forget the sisters, I’m gonna die at the image of the little baby propped up on the garden swing.

    So cute!

  13. mln89 says:

    the chubby cheeks on that baby!

  14. ramona says:

    One of the great perks of city living – you walk everywhere, thus eliminating the need to go schedule in time to exercise! Yahoo!!

  15. stinky says:

    headline for story made me laugh!!!
    actual story? i dont give a sh-t either 🙂

  16. t says:

    My take on this is the “doting aunt” Jessica leaked this unflattering story about her sister to Star because she is vindictive.

    The family dynamic growing up in that family may have produced a narcissistic black hole of need for attention in Jessica and no matter how much attention the sister pays Jessica, it can never be enough. Especially, if that attention is coming from the sister with the svelte figure and working actor boyfriend.

    Maybe the real reason Jessica picked Cacee Cobb as godmother was to “punish” Ashlee for being the thin sister with a working boyfriend more famous than kept man, Eric Johnson. (Ashlee is dating some actor, right? I don’t feel like looking it up)

    • mayamae says:

      From watching the MTV show, I certainly got the impression that the world revolved around Jessica and her amazing DD breasts. Both the mom and Jessica were very unaccepting of Ashlee’s personal style and constantly bitched at her that she needed to be more feminine.

      It would be difficult to be the one left out. I always wonder how the siblings of top olympic athletes feel. The athlete gets all the attention and often all the family money is spent on their training.

      This family has in my mind a disturbing dynamic. I remember Jessica laying on the coach with her huge boobs stuffed in the tiniest bikini top. She was up in her dad’s face and laughing and shaking them around. My dad would have been mortified to be so up close and personal with my boobs. Of course he never talked about my breasts and he certainly didn’t know my bra size!

      I don’t blame Ashlee if she distances herself a bit with her family. She probably grew used to depending on others outside her family while growing up. They usually show a united front when one of them is criticized and I think that’s what’s important.

  17. Jennifer12 says:

    Ashlee barely seems interested in her own son. The only one you ever see the child with is his dad. Ashlee frequently is photographed with her latest boyfriend- kind of a budget Xtina. Though Xtina is seriously budget lately, so what does that make Ashlee?

  18. mayamae says:

    I don’t know why Jessica would be considered the “good” sister – I feel they’re pretty even. Babies before marriage and one divorce each so far. Not judging, just pointing out that the sweet virginal Jessica was many men ago.

  19. Tansey says:

    A lot of people who know my family history are shocked when I answer their question of “do you resent your siblings?” with a big fat confident “No”. My parents had me young and ended up having second families after they split. I have 5 siblings between the two of them and to an outsider, my siblings are favored over me. However, it’s not favoritism. It’s my parents realizing the mistakes they made with me and doing their best not to repeat those mistakes with my siblings, and for that I’m so grateful. My childhood was very hard emotionally, and I thank God every day that my parents have matured and aren’t putting my siblings through that. So many people can’t believe it when I tell them I’m not jealous or resentful, but very happy. I love my siblings and we all have a great relationship, I’d do anything for them and I’m very proud of my parents for realizing they made mistakes with me and aren’t repeating them with my siblings.

    I really hope Jessica and Ashlee and work through this. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have my sisters.

    • Gabby says:

      That’s really sweet. I have a great relationship with my 3 brothers, especially the one closest in age to me – he’s my best friend.

  20. KellyinSeattle says:

    I don’t much give a s-t about her niece, either.

  21. SolitaryAngel says:

    I don’t know why Jess is so surprised–Asslee doesn’t give a shit about her sister either, so why would she care about her sister’s baby?

    I can see why you might feel sorry for Ashlee, but the woman IS grown now, with a child of her own. If she wanted to, she could make an honest effort to put the past where it belongs–in the past–and start fresh so that these sisters’ children don’t end up carrying on whatever ‘grudge’ (for lack of a better word) into their lives.

    The cycle has to end some time; and it CAN be broken–I am living proof.

  22. Holden says:

    Ashlee seems like a self absorbed shithead anyway. How can Jessica take any fame away from someone that’s famous for being her little sister?

  23. Nikki Girl says:

    Ashlee jealous of Jessica? More like Jessica is probably jealous of Ashlee considering she’s in way better shape physically and actually has a boyfriend with a JOB.

  24. mt says:

    What on earth is ashlees job? And Why do all of my comments get deleted here? all I said was am I the only one who thinks ashlee is prettier? Am I not allowed to think that or something?

    • Dee says:

      U took the words right out of my mouth! She is prettier and what does she do for a living?

  25. kimberly says:

    I think that Jessica is just really self centered and it always gotta be about her. She has tons of self inflicted drama and just because Ash doesn’t like to be around her family 24/7(some people just don’t ya know) doesn’t mean she doesn’t give a shit. . .she just doesn’t go ape shit about stupid stuff like Jessica does.

  26. patricia says:

    Not finding that baby to be all that cute…

    • Zooyork says:

      Thank you, I’m not the only one to admit that!
      (A few minutes ago I replied to one of the posts above, that I don’t think this is a cute baby at ALL.)
      Not cute in the least.

    • erika says:

      me three!

      She’s got nice skin, blonde hair,
      ‘booby-liscious’ enough….you’d think that babe would look like the gerber baby…

    • dagsohyoumeandogs says:

      Agreed. I just polled a few unbiased guests in the room “what do you think of this baby, cute or no?” and blocked jessica’s face and name with my hands so as not to influence their decision (and they didn’t know if it was my personal friend’s baby photos or what)…. the group’s verdict:

      “That baby looks derp-y”.

  27. Cinderella says:

    Wasn’t there a blind recently about celebrity sisters in a feud because Sister A bought sister B a baby gift and sister B secretly called it tacky. It got back to Sister A and now she’s pissed. And I thought it was the Duffs.

  28. erika says:

    my oldest sister by 8 yrs, we had that going on…i was the youngest, the ‘baby’ and she was always getting in trouble (guys, bars, money…). she really pissed on me for getting special treatment.

    but something happened….we grew up! and now, me at 40 and she 48, we’ve put that long past us.

    hopefully these two can as well.