Rachel Bilson in a dippy sleeveless blouse with a bow: cute and quirky or fug?

We have some photos from the summer press tour for CBS, Showtime and The CW. Here’s a smattering of stars from those networks, in no particular order. Kaiser will be covering more of the fashion in a bit. First off is Rachel Bilson, and I’m headlining with her as I just watched the whole first season of Hart of Dixie and kind of loved it. It’s cheesy and it’s predictable, but the characters and the setting are so much fun. Rachel is actually great in it, and I’m looking forward to seeing how her character Zoe Hart solves her man dilemma come next season. I’ll have to wait a while, though, it doesn’t premiere until October, damnit!

As for Rachel’s outfit, I think she was going for quirky, but the tucked-up asymmetric hair and the dippy bow on that blouse just ruin it for me. Zoe Hart would never wear this outfit or those dumb pants with the flared pockets. Zoe would wear some dressy short shorts paired with a sexy t-shirt and some hot wedges.

Jaime King’s character on Hart of Dixie is usually styled straight out of the 50s. Jaime King the actress typically dresses much worse than this, so this navy brocade button down blouse and short skirt are surely fug, but not as bad as they could be. This outfit is Stella McCartney, of course. Her styling leaves a lot to be desired. King has one monotone shade of brown eyeshadow that she’s paired with bright red lips. I also dislike her shoes.

Speaking of bad styling, here we have AnnaLynne McCord looking like a corpse. She seems to have forgotten to wear mascara and she’s got way too much blush on. Look at that tin foil dress paired with black cage booties. This girl could do so much better.

I’m throwing in David Duchovny at the end here because he could still get it. I’ve never really watched Californication, though. I just got Showtime so I might watch some back episodes on demand. The sixth season premieres in 2013.

Photo credit: FameFlynet and WENN.com

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  1. Irin says:

    AnnaLynne McCord looks amazing. I love her dress and the hair.

  2. really says:

    Hmmm, I think ALM looks beautiful. Much more natural than the other women. Bilson is a bit older and has obviously started messing with her face. Shame, she’d look much better with the tiny wrinkles and less wax.

  3. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Annalynn McCord has one of the sickest bodies I’ve ever seen but her styling is always pure sh*t. Such a waste…
    Rachel and Jaime look awful.

  4. Blue says:

    Unimpressed with everyone. I used to like ALM but she has awful styling. Her hair, the dress, the shoes and makeup. Smh

  5. kibbles says:

    Hart of Dixie is my guilty pleasure. It is the only show on the CW that I currently watch. Wade makes this show. I’m sure half of the female audience tunes in just to see his chemistry with Rachel Bilson. These two are great together. I can’t wait for next season!

    Rachel and Jamie look awful here. They should have gotten some advice on what to wear from their stylist on the show!

  6. Aiobhan says:

    Everyone looks either meh or terrible. Rachel’s outfit from the waist up is cute; from the waist down it is MC Hammer’s wet dream and my worst nightmare. Jamie King(When did she stop calling herself James? I liked that she made an obviously masculine name with such a feminine face)

  7. T.C. says:

    Rachel’s outfit is fugly, love Jaime Kings, Anna Lynn needs to start eating, David D. needs to stop at my apartment for some lovin’

  8. I.want.shoes says:

    Oh, Mulder. I still love you.

  9. serena says:

    I generally like Rachel Bilson as an actress and person -although some of her choice aren’t that great- anyway I think the dress is cute, but god that haircut is so fug!! First, she looks great with dark hair, the darker the better, do not highlight them! And the cut… good grief!

    • Dany says:

      Rachel didn’t get her hair cut, that’s an updo to make it look like a short asymmetrical cut. Her hair is still as long as always and quite dark. I actually like it, she’s my hairspiration and sort of started the whole ombre hair thing in HW. V. pretty girl, I even love her quirky styling.

  10. SolitaryAngel says:

    Mulder still makes my panties explode…

  11. Dahlia1947 says:

    The blouse is cute! I watch the show sometimes too! she’s a cutie no matter what! Likedsince oc

  12. Happy21 says:

    Honestly, they all look like CRAP except David D. who is still hot, hot, hot!

    I haven’t watched Calfornication either and almost bought the first season yesterday to give it a go because of him but put it back. Maybe another time.

  13. Nessa says:

    Love Hart of Dixie! It’s just the right amount of “hart” and brain-rot TV.

  14. anonymoose says:


  15. ToastedSkin says:

    i totally agree on Hart of Dixie, it’s really predictable but I still enjoy watching it for the characters. Plus the cast is really good, I love her chemistry with wade. Not so much with Scott Porter though, his upper lip bothers me, lol.

  16. cole says:

    Bilson and King are both pretty, but, they ALWAYS look a hot mess.