Miley Cyrus wants to study photography, not giving up singing yet

Our favorite amateur photographer, Miley Cyrus, has decided to go pro, considering studying the art at a London college. Presumably because it’s more highbrow than an American college.

“I do want to come to London to study photography. I hear there are some really great art schools, so I would love to do that. I got to work with an amazing photographer. Leibovitz was amazing and so talented,” the 16-year-old says. “And that’s what I want to do with my life. I would love to be a photographer. I would love to work with her again.”


I guess we can only assume that Miley is gearing us up so that she can claim that her leacked racy photos are actually practive for her art. Miley, in the same week she said she was hoping to study photography, declared that she wants Hannah Montana to continue forever. (Hannah Middle-Aged, inspiring middle aged women to lead a double life of housewife by day cabaret star by night?) She was also gifted a recording studio for her 16th birthday. I guess we can presume that with these other projects going on her desire to study photography is not too serious.

Miley was presented with a musical gift as her present – no not a keyboard or drum kit but a full-on music studio courtesy of her dad, Bill Ray Cyrus.

‘She didn’t want a Mercedes, she wanted a recording studio,’ her dad Billy Ray told Access Hollywood.

‘She just wanted a place to record there at the house. She’s been writing a lot of songs, a lot of really great material.

‘It’s a great place for us to get up there and work out some tunes and sing.’


Is getting your kid a recording studio kind of like when you get those practical, but unwanted gifts?

Miley, like the snotty little brat she is, had only one comment about the person who paid for the studio getting a turn. “No one’s touching it but me. They’ll ruin it.” Charming.

Miley Cyrus is shown performing in the Thanksgiving Day Parade in NY on the Bolt float on 11/27/08. Credit: Bauergriffin.

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19 Responses to “Miley Cyrus wants to study photography, not giving up singing yet”

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  1. SeVen says:

    Its a good idea, that way when she goes down the train wreck road she can be prepared to shoot her own sex tape! Planning ahead! Good job miley! And we can be sure a 16 year old knows how to properly operate and upkeep a recording studio – no worries

    🙄 🙄

  2. Lauri says:

    I feel bad for the poor kid, constantly piled upon by the media. So she got a recording studio for her b-day…well, considering how much $$$ she makes, that’s actually not terribly unreasonable, is it?

    As for her interest in photography–she is 16! She SHOULD be showing interest in a variety of different things. Who says she will have a showbiz career as an adult? Who’s to say she’ll even WANT a showbiz career as an adult? Nothing wrong with exploring her interests.

    When I was 16, at various times I wanted to be a pilot, truck driver, psychologist and nurse. And probably a few other things I’ve forgotten. That’s what the teen years are for.

    I just think when we are talking about child celebs, we need to back off on the criticism a little. They are children, after all.

  3. vdantev says:

    I’ll admit it, she actually looks cute in these pix.

    (Hope everyone had a good Turkey Day or equivalent holiday)

  4. Syko says:

    I think she would need to begin singing before she can think about giving it up.

    T-day was okay, Vdantev, thanks for asking. All day to cook it, 10 minutes to eat it, two hours to clean the kitchen. Bleh.

  5. devilgirl says:

    One can see her interest in photography from her MySpace photos she has often posted. What next? Fashion design, directing, or maybe UN Ambassador.

  6. Lurker says:

    “…I got to work with an amazing photographer. Leibovitz was amazing and so talented,” the 16-year-old says.”

    I thought the Cyrus family didn’t like Leibovitz after she ‘exploited’ Miley with those pics. Hmm, kinda makes you wonder doesn’t it?

  7. Because I say So says:

    This twat will say anything. “Child” or not, when someone desperately courts and wants fame as bad as she does, criticism is to be expected

  8. She’ll certainly have access to a network when she graduates for getting gigs. Whether or not she’s any good is yet to be seen.

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