Jenna Fischer lost the baby weight over 10 months without a chef or a nanny

Jenna Fischer

Jenna Fischer is saying great things again about how women shouldn’t have to confirm to ridiculous body ideals immediately after giving birth. Last year, she spoke of standing in solidarity with those who don’t leave the hospital wearing size 2 jeans, and a few months ago, she admitted to being angered by the trend of posing in a bikini at six weeks postpartum. Her reasoning is that bringing another life into this world is something that women shouldn’t necessarily rush to hide, but of course there’s always going to be that awful pressure for celebrities and non-famous people alike.

Well now Jenna has lost her baby weight, and she asserts that it took ten full months for her to lose the extra pounds. She insists that it just wasn’t a priority to her because she’s busy raising her son and working too. So she basically spends all of her off-set time with her baby, and she doesn’t rely on a nanny or a chef to give her more opportunities to get back in shape really fast. It’s basically impossible not to like this woman, right?

Jenna Fischer rose to fame thanks to her role as Pam Beesly Halpert on NBC’s hit show “The Office,” but she doesn’t view herself as a celebrity.

“It’s so funny because I think there’s the perception that every [famous] woman has a driver and a chef and a personal trainer and a nanny,” the actress, who’s mom to 10-month-old son Weston Lee, tells PEOPLE.

“I don’t have any of those things. Like other working moms, I’m trying to figure out how to balance it all.”

Adds Fischer, “When I say I’m going jogging with my son or eating certain things or whatever, there’s a tendency to be cynical and say, ‘Of course, because someone cooked it for her’ — or ‘Of course she’s on a date, because she had her nanny watch the baby.’ No, absolutely not. I want people to know that.”

The actress, who acknowledges that she’s “fortunate to have steady work, health insurance and a paycheck,” says that even so, “I’m just trying to figure out how to do [everything] myself.”

Because of her lack of outside help, Fischer, 38, has to sacrifice things like working out in order to devote time to her son. Instead, she focuses on eating healthy. “I didn’t start exercising until Weston was six months old and was taking regular naps,” she says. “When I go back to work on the show, I’m probably just going to have to take a break from any of that extra working out. I think just getting through the day will be enough.”

Fischer, who is now back to her pre-baby weight, says the process did not come easy but that slow and steady did, in fact, win the race. “It’s taken me every day of 10 months to lose the weight,” she explains. “I did it slowly and I did it moderately. It was important for me to lose it. I was a fit and active person before I had my son, but if there’s one thing I could do for a new mom, it’d be to alleviate her of any guilt or any stress over the idea of having her body look a certain way.”

Fischer says having a blissful family life leaves her more fulfilled than having a smaller pant size. “Making me a happier mama is just being with my baby,” she says. “It’s such a weird thing that after having a baby, you’re supposed to look like you’ve never had a baby. Well, I’m proud that I had a baby! I don’t see any harm in celebrating that.”

With her husband Lee Kirk and their new addition, life for Fischer is pretty much perfect. “It looks like I need to get some new goals because I’m kind of living my dream right now,” she admits. “[My husband] is amazing. He’s such a good father. I’m very lucky. I came to Los Angeles and wanted more than anything to be on a comedy TV show like Cheers. My other goal was to marry a great man and have a family.”

[From People]

I do recall that after having my daughter, all I wanted to do was be with her while I wasn’t working, and the idea of heading out to a gym at that point was a fully impossible one. Sure, my mother-in-law would have gladly taken care of her for a few hours, but I couldn’t bear to leave my girl’s side. Things are different now, and I go to the gym while my daughter’s at school, or I take her with me, which is an adventure in itself. So I’m glad that there’s at least one celebrity out there who will admit that it’s not the most important thing in the world to have a fantastic set of abs right after popping out a kid. Jenna also words things so well in terms of “celebrating” her son’s birth and not seeing the point in hiding her maternal pride.

Jenna Fischer

Jenna Fischer

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  1. Little Darling says:

    Right…that’s how I did it with both children, and I do believe that the majority of women do it this way too. It’s relatively normal, and awesome that Jenna is talking about it.

    That said, I do kind of understand the need to get thinner because of their career. All in moderation I say!

  2. DeltaJuliet says:

    I am the same way, even now. I’m at work away from my babies all day. When I get home, I have supper to cook, lunches to pack, cleaning etc. I don’t want to spend the little precious time I have at the gym etc. I work out after the kids go to bed if I have time and energy (HA!). If I don’t, well, I know they won’t be little forever.
    It doesn’t make me feel better when I can’t button my jeans but we all make our choices.

    • Meg says:

      Oh Momma, I am in the same boat! After working all day, all I want is to see my little man for the few hours I get a day.

  3. Carol says:

    How refreshing! And even more adorable that she is wearing a Target blazer at a red-carpet event.

  4. Melanie says:

    I think Jenna Fischer is really likable. I remember when myspace was big she used to blog behind the scenes stuff about the show a lot. I don’t know if she does that now with facebook or twitter because I don’t follow that kind of stuff as much but I always thought she seemed so down to earth and nice.

  5. RHONYC says:

    i love that taupe/grey blouse she’s rockin’. one of my fave neutrals. 😉

  6. NerdMomma says:

    I wonder if the models who pose 6 weeks postpartum with perfect abs know how freakin unlikable that makes them. I think they’re so narcissistic that they think they’re inspiring the rest of us.

    • monetter says:

      I think they are just scarred to lose their jobs especially since their bodies are their trait and they can’t rely on personality or acting ability. When there are so many younger models just waiting to take their spot, they are scarred nobody will find them attractive and believe they can sell with a post-partum body.

  7. irishserra says:

    I’m a fan.

    Besides, when people label actresses “fat” post partum, I feel as though I’m living on a different planet, because I just can’t see the “fat” that they’re talking about. I didn’t look half as good as they do immediately after giving birth. I was “fat.”

    • jen d. says:

      Like how nasty some paps were to Bryce Dallas Howard after she gave birth? It was pretty gross.

      • AnnieN says:

        That’s exactly what I was thinking, I gain weight when my liver is “off”. We don’t know what type of health issues these people have, they are not super heroes who bounce back a la elastic man. What people did to Bryce and Aishwarya Rai was just despicable!

      • jen d. says:

        It was such a cheap shot! I felt for Howard, because she had spoken about suffering from depression after the birth of her first child and having a really hard time with her weight gain.

  8. Tillie says:

    I love her! Such a great role model and she seems so genuine. Go Jenna, you look fab!

  9. The Original Denise says:

    How cute! Her husband is adorable!

  10. lisa2 says:

    I think good for her. But why is it that women in Hollywood that do have a nanny are put down. Like it is a crime to have help. I have friends that are not actresses that have nannies. Does that make them some how less of a mother because they do. There are millions of millions of women in this world that work inside and outside the home. Some women use family members, older siblings, daycar nannies to help. Why is that all of a sudden a crime. And why is it that actresses have to make some point that OH I don’t have this or that. Like if they did they should be ashamed. I don’t get that. If I wanted to work and could afford someone to help me hell yeah I would do it, and not be trying to hide it or be ashamed.

    this is a new trend and I dont’ like. Just like when women that work at home are looked at as not doing anything. Well good for her that her kids can take care of themselves when she is on a set. But I’m sure there is someone there to help. I just feel like all these women are feeling the need to wave a flag saying.. SEE I’M A GOOD MOMMY, I DID IT ALL BY MYSELF. not like the ones that left their babies home to go an work out or whatever.

    I maybe reading too much into this. I know she is talking about working out and leaving the kids but it just seems we see Hollywood women making this declarations all the time and it just hit me how it bothers me.

    • HappyMom says:

      I totally agree. I remember when one of my friends was giving me crap about having a regular sitter (and I’m a sahm) saying its our “job” so we shouldn’t have help. My husband has an assistant in his work-if we can afford it-why shouldn’t I??

  11. Kimlee says:

    I call BS on her I have no nanny thing all celebs do dosen’t make them less hand on.

    I do believe what she about how she lost the wait good for her.

  12. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Now THAT is confidence! People posing in bikinis 6 weeks postpartum lack self confidence. They’re looking for validation from others (to tell them they’re thin and/or beautiful). Jenna doesn’t need that because she already feels beautiful. I’m more jealous of that than I could ever be of Giselle or Miranda.

  13. Courtney says:

    Well considering she’s not a huge star and not all stars have/had chefs when they hav kids some actually like to cook. nor did she have a complicated pregnancy that made her ain more weight than she wanted to or have a large baby so it taking 10 months t lose the baby weight is pretty normal and she’s not nursing her son in some cases t’s takes longer when your nursing

  14. Cait says:

    It took me five months to lose my baby weight, and I only gained 25 lbs. during my pregnancy (my daughter was 8 lbs. at birth).

    Rock on, Jenna Fischer. Has anyone else read the article in Time on “The Tyranny of the Sexy Mom”?

  15. maggiegrace says:

    Love this lovely lady.

  16. Lucinda says:

    I really admire what she has to say and how she says it. However, unlike many stars, she wasn’t known for her spectacular figure before giving birth. She was thin of course, but she is known for her talent more than her beauty so I don’t think people were necessarily watching to see how fast she would lose the weight, unlike Jessica Alba or Victoria Beckham.

    As for the nanny/chef comment..I don’t think she was putting others down as much as pointing out how easily it is to be discounted as a celebrity for what you do with your kids because the assumption is that you have help so you should be able to do x, y, and z. She doesn’t have help and she wants to make it clear that without help it is harder. Which is true of course.

    • lucy2 says:

      Agree, I don’t think it was about putting anyone else down, she just doesn’t want anyone to dismiss what she’s saying because of their ideas of celebrity.

  17. Cel says:

    My partner is a doctor and has seen a trend in new mothers themselves expecting to lose the baby weight quickly.

    He tells them it took 9 1/2 months to go on and it should take a minimum of that to come off again.

    There is way too much pressure on mothers to do and be it all. Nice to see someone taking a sensible approach, although I see nothing wrong with hiring help – I’m sure plenty of mums would if they could afford it!

  18. Dhavy says:

    Maybe these diet programs should stop paying celebrities to promote their products because most of the time its not real. We all know is almost impossible for the average person to all of a sudden doing these program will bring you to a size 2 six weeks after giving birth and yet people take the bait and waste their money.
    Love Jenna for being honest

  19. Dhavy says:

    Maybe these diet programs should stop paying celebrities to promote their products because most of the time its not real. We all know is almost impossible for the average person to all of a sudden “doing these program will bring you to a size 2 six weeks after giving birth and yet people take the bait and waste their money
    Love Jenna for being honest

  20. Dhavy says:

    Maybe these diet programs should stop paying celebrities to promote their products because most of the time its not real. We all know is almost impossible for the average person to all of a sudden “doing these program will bring you to a size 2 six weeks after giving birth and yet people take the bait. Love Jenna for being honest

  21. Dhavy says:

    Maybe these diet programs should stop paying celebrities to promote their products because most of the time its not real. We all know is almost impossible for the average person to all of a sudden doing these program will bring you to a size 2 six weeks after giving birth and yet people take the bait. Love Jenna for being honest

  22. lucy2 says:

    I like Jenna so much, I’ve been a fan of her since the Office started. She really is down to earth, as well as intelligent and well spoken. Hollywood needs more women like her!

    She was fortunate in that the show did write her pregnancy into her character’s storyline, so I wouldn’t think she faced quite the same pressures that some actresses might, but I think she would have still stuck to her guns regardless. She’s got her priorities right and lives by it, and that’s admirable.

  23. Deanna says:

    Um take THAT Alba…..she’s the one who P’s me off the most w/ her body. Like really?? You’re natural and curvy??? come on…you’re a toothpick and your body is SICKLY perfect 3 mo’s after you give birth. UGH. i need to be famous and have a nanny/chef/personal trainer.

  24. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I’m not a mom so I can only speak from an outside perspective but it is nice to see someone celebrating motherhood. I never understand the celebrities that seem more intent on getting back to size 2 then being with their kids during these precious months. It’s not time you are ever gonna get back and it is important for the baby. If the gym seems more important than maybe you shouldn’t have a baby? I don’t know. Just my opinion but every person makes their choices.

  25. erika says:

    finally! baby weight is just another way hollywood batters women, seriously, ABUSIVE!

    “you’re too fat”
    “you’re too skinny”
    “you’re just a wee but….chubby
    ‘she’s too Old”
    “she’s too wrinkled”
    “too much plastic surgery”
    “should look into plastic surgery”
    “she’s too young for …”
    “she’s too…”

    hollywood is one of the last remaining abusive ‘men’– there’s no woman in hollywood that is perfect nor will ever bel

    Name one!

    • NerdMomma says:

      Oh I agree- there are women who are “perfect” but for a short time only, then it’s all “she’s lost her looks” and “what happened to her face” and sorry to refer to such an offensive statement but there is one male celeb blogger who says upon seeing aging starlets that he regrets formerly masturbating to them.

  26. Madison says:

    She’s one of kind in hollywood, losing baby weight slowly with no help from a nanny and a chef.

  27. kibbles says:

    The sad thing is that many of these skinny obsessed, pro-anorexia women out there will still call her fat now. I fell off the wagon for a few years and gained about 50 pounds. I have lost nearly all of it just by hitting the gym again. I eat regularly even though I do eat healthier than before and have been trying to cut down on carbs and fried foods. However, the biggest change was getting my ass to the gym on a daily basis (or at least 3 times each week) to work on cardio and weights. I also use my lunch breaks to go for walks rather than sit on my ass for the entire hour. I didn’t have to starve, hire a personal chef, or get lipo. However, it does take time and in our culture where everyone is looking for instant results, many people aren’t willing to wait. I agree it takes 6-12 months depending on your routine and how much you want to lose to see a big difference. When I first started, I was looking for results in my first 2 weeks. It doesn’t happen that way. Six months later, I see a huge difference. Women need to be given time, especially after pregnancy, to lose weight and get back into shape. The criticism of pregnant women in the media (Jessica Simpson and Aishwarya Rai just to name a few) is appalling.

  28. Jilly Bean says:

    Love this story.

    To all the people who call BS – then why is this type of story SO RARE??

  29. tmnt says:

    team jenna fischer

  30. Faye says:

    Love Jenna. Pretty, funny and sensible. We need more like her in the industry.