Is Nick Cannon angry with Mariah Carey for taking the ‘Idol’ gig?

There are several stories in this week’s tabloids about Mariah Carey’s new American Idol stint, although I don’t think we’ll be getting the real dirt until Idol begins officially and disgruntled workers start leaking like crazy to the tabloids. Thus far, the “scandals” are pre-emptive – Star Magazine reports that Mariah is hellbent on out-shining, out-diva-ing, out-Mariah-ing Jennifer Lopez’s tenure on Idol. Mariah was “adamant” about getting a bigger contract, and she wants to make sure that everyone is talking about her outfits, just like they talked about Jennifer’s. And Mariah is already making big demands for her dressing room, which must include “organic baby beds” for Moroccan and Monroe and a “playspace” for Nick Cannon. But! The Enquirer claims that Nick isn’t happy AT ALL about Mariah’s new Idol contract. Their sources claim that Nick was doing everything he could to keep Mariah off the show. Something about Nick wanting Mariah to stay home and take care of the babies?

BECOMING an “American Idol” judge may be a boon for MARAH CAREY’’s career, but it’s a bust for her marriage!

Her hubby, Nick Cannon, who hosts “Idol” rival “America’s Got Talent,” is furious that the 43-year-old Grammy winner ignored his wishes and decided to star on a direct competitor of his show, say sources.

And while he’s publicly said “she’s gonna be amazing on ‘Idol,’” an insider said that “privately, Nick’s gritting his teeth and dead-set against her taking the job.”

When Mariah was deep in delicate negotiations with “Idol” brass, the insider says Nick tried to “throw water on the negotiations” by telling a reporter: “I don’t know if they can afford Mariah Carey…If they gave J.Lo $20 million, they might have to double that!”

Explained the insider: “Nick was tossing around outrageous salary figures in hopes of pricing Mariah out of the market. Right until the eleventh hour, he was begging her to pass on the offer.

“He was dangling incentives – diamond jewelry, a luxurious spa vacation, even promising to pay her a one-time ‘gift’ of $15 million for saying no. Nick wants her to be a stay-at-home mom to their twins, at least until they turn 5. He was even hoping to have another baby, but Mariah has effectively scorched that dream.”

Nick felt that when Mariah went back into the recording studio earlier this year, it would give her the showbiz shot in the arm she needed, according to the insider. “The truth is that Mariah just misses the limelight too much, and Nick feels betrayed by her choice… the two are hardly talking.”

Meanwhile, Nick loves being the host of his popular show – “He feels he needs to prove to the world that he’s more than Mr. Mariah Carey. For Mariah, it’s a huge letdown that she and Nick are at each other’s throats during one of the high points of her career.”

[From The National Enquirer, print and online editions]

Eh. I think part of this may be true – like, I could see Nick being disappointed that his diva wife is going to be on TV all the time now, and that their family could be negatively affected. But I also think Nick really knows and understands his wife. Nick has turned out to be a good guy, you know – he seems to really love Mariah, and he seems to be happy enough to let her have the spotlight. I think they’ve made it five years already because Nick is cool with “Operation: Let The Butterfly Soar”.

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  1. void says:

    I have to admit, Nick seems like a wonderful husband to Mariah. I don’t know how he does it, I don’t know how he can stomach it, but he appears to be such a lovely guy.

    • Shannon1972 says:

      He is as nice as he seems on tv. Just a total sweetheart. Guess you would have to have the patience of a saint to put up with the world’s most high maintenance diva. 🙂
      He is one of my favorite celebrities.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        He just seems like a total doll, doesn’t he?
        I never cared much for Mariah until she got with Nick. I just really really like them as a couple.

    • skuddles says:

      I agree Nick is a sweetheart, and how he puts up with Diva Mariah is beyond me. And when does it happen that a famous female takes up with a much younger and less successful guy – and he ends up making her look good and elevating her credibility?? But Nick has managed to do that by hanging in there, being a good husband and father and working hard at his career. No cheating or drug scandals. And he’s struggling with health issues to boot. I have a lot of respect for the guy.

    • deehunny says:

      I also think this story is B.S. He knows his wife is a diva. He may be angry about her stepping on his toes since it is “his show,” but housewife til the kids are 5 is not realistic for diva Mariah.

      Plus, remember how difficult her pregnancy was, both health and weight-wise? I don’t think she’s in a rush to have another child anytime soon.

  2. Cherry says:

    What’s that about ‘Nick was tossing around outrageous salary figures in hopes of pricing Mariah out of the market’? Why would Nick even be involved in Mariah’s salary negotiations? He has nothing to do with it, it’s HER career. She already was a huge diva when they met, so I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have a problem with that. Plus, that money pays for his fancy cars and expensive clothes, do why would he complain about anything?

    • Bella Nova says:

      Uhm, Nick pays for his own expensive cars and clothes. It’s a chronically overlooked fact that he’s one of the most hardworking guys… and yes, he makes good money.

      On another note, I love Mariah but she needs to stop with the photoshop jobs – she manages to morph herself into her own caricature … I actually can’t. No one is proportioned that way!

      • Cherry says:

        All right, fine, I wasn’t implying that Nick doesn’t make any money of his own. I’m just saying, his wife bringing in a big fat paycheck can’t be a bad thing.

  3. Cherry says:

    BTW, that bottom pic… is hilarious. Does she really believe we can’t tell that they photoshopped half her waist off? Oh well, this is the same woman that had the photoshop guys add about 7 inches of length to her legs on one of her album covers.

  4. Kasey says:

    What about the fact that they’re on competing shows? That’s gotta be an interesting dynamic. I wonder if that’ll drive up ratings for both of them. I kinda hope this isn’t true because finances (her job and wanting to work) and child-rearing (not staying home while the twins are young) are 2 common reasons for marital tension ESPECIALLY if she renigged on a previous agreement. I get that Nick knows who he married but at some point in a relationship the giver gets tired, no? Nick seems to be the giver and Mimi all take. I just don’t know if I see Mariah as wise or selfless enough to do what ameliorating this takes.

    While I acknowledge that it’s her choice and life, I don’t understand how she could want and hope for so long and go through so much to have dem babies and not want to give a few years to just staying at home to nurture and enjoy them with as little distraction or outside obligation as possible since she has the means and IF that’s an understanding she and Nick previously had (this is why I think Pre-marital counseling is SO important!). There are so many women who for financial reasons HAVE to return to work while they’re kids are young and would love to be in her financial position so that they could have the option to do what she may be so easily casting aside.

    I have always inexplicably pardoned Mariah for all-things crazy and Matiah-ish. It’ll be disappointing both if this is true and if it leads to the demise of their marriage. I guess that’s what I get for holding another human being in too high esteem. Hopefully time will bring reason for this rumor to be shot down.

    • east coast/west coast says:

      Kasey- I don’t understand the part about the babies either, but, for some, the “idea” of kids is amazing & then when they have kids, they can’t deal too well the day-to-day reality. I think that Idol is based on the West Coast and Nick’s show is based on the East Coast- they moved it last year for Howard Stern. I’ve heard Howard on his radio show saying he MIGHT not come back for next year, but that doesn’t mean that they will move AGT back to the west coast. Maybe Nick could quit AGT, but that would be kind of sad- I think he does a very good job!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ KAsey-REALLY interesting point about the kids-you would think huh?

        I kind of believe that people like Mariah are just addicted to the spotlight (or course she’s also amazingly talented-not like a Kim K or anything) and I think they just have trouble staying low-key. Their identities and their self-esteem are SO tied into the attention they get from fans and the media.

        So a gig like this is probably not a lot of work/hours for her, but gives her just the amount of media-exposure/attention that she needs in order to feel good about herself and to stay “relevant”.
        I don’t know for sure-just my theory.

  5. Rhea says:

    For me, he’s the type of man who always say yes for whatever Mimi wants. Isn’t that why their marriage last this long?? I think this story is just another lie.

  6. really says:

    He makes good money, but not 18 million dollars for a few months of basically doing nothing. I’m sure he’d rather have her do this and put it in their bank account, then go on tour for the same time.

  7. Kim K. is my God says:

    The Re-Emancipation of Rainbow Butterfly.

  8. Kimlee says:

    I don’t get the Nick love he a douchebag he treated his Ex modal fiance and ex singer girlfriend like shite and talk bad about them both on tv,

    Let’s be real he dosen’t let her have the spotlight, he might be hard working but he aint shit compared to Mariah. He a walking door mat and dose what ever Mimi says that how they stay married.

  9. valleymiss says:

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Mariah. Perhaps because ol’ Butterfly Dogwhistle can actually sing, and she writes or co-writes all of her songs. She seems to have a love and knowledge of music that other divas like Madonna and Whitney don’t/didn’t have (does Madonna really strike you as a music lover, when it comes down to it? And while Whitney could sing like an angel, she always sang other people’s songs. She never wrote any of her own.)

    Anyway, I think she made a good choice with Nick Cannon and I hope they aren’t fighting over all this. I gotta say, right after the kids were born, he said in an interview that he’d like them to get their PhD’s, that he thinks entertainers are overrated and that getting a higher education is really important. My heart grew 3 sizes when he said that!

    • The Truth says:

      Without Whitney there isnt a damn Mariah

      Take a seat

    • Diana says:

      What does Nippy have anything to do with this??? LOL

      • The Truth says:

        She seems to have a love and knowledge of music that other divas like Madonna and Whitney don’t/didn’t have (does Madonna really strike you as a music lover,

        Are you blind

  10. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    Good comment valleymiss and if nick actually said that props to him; to expand on your comment, and it’s been said many times, that’s one reason why so much of today’s music (certainly a lot of the pop music) is plain bad, it’s just famewhoring and going for the bling, there is no real interest in music qua music; say what you want about the dissolute lives of some of the original blues guitarists or the hippie bands from the 60s, but they genuinely enjoyed playing music for it’s own sake, unlike today and that’s why their music is still played. 40 yrs from now whose going to bother covering madonna or beyonce’s crappy silly dance pop drivel.

  11. apsutter says:

    This story sounds like total BS. Nick knows who he married and Mimi is not a woman to just sit at home with the babies. She has always been a go-getter and an extremely hard worker. I think thats part of the reason they get along so well because they both enjoy their work and work very hard.

  12. Hautie says:

    “she (Mariah) wants to make sure that everyone is talking about her outfits, just like they talked about Jennifer’s.”

    I am always amazed at the incredible level of “tacky hooker” that Mariah pulls off with her clothes.

    And I have no doubt she will have a even new level of tacky hooker with her outfits on Idol.

    Tits out… ass hanging out… with big ridiculous hooker platforms. Having to use 3 grown men to hold her up and walk her to her seat. Since she can’t walk on those platform hooker heels on her own.

    Oh yea… people are going to talk about Mariah’s outfits. But not for the right reasons.