Jon Gosselin cries poor, Kate sneers that she dropped child support requirements in April

This week’s Star Magazine had some quotes from Jon Gosselin bitching about his financial situation due to his hefty child support payments, which were $22,000 a month the last I heard. Jon had a job working construction last year, but I doubt he’s worked steadily and he’s obviously hurting. He told Star that he was afraid he might get sent to jail for failing to pay child support:

“I can’t afford to pay my rent, and the domestic-relations staff tell me they will put me in jail unless I pay child support. I am a single father who’s trying to make ends meet during a recession. What do I do – pay child support or rent? I need to support my kids, but I could lose my house, and I need my home to continue to have custody.

“I’m doing the best I can. But life is so expensive with eight kids!”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, August 13, 2012]

Jon also had a few choice words about Kate’s ambitions to star in a reality dating show. “I think this is completely ridiculous! We have eight children, and they need us. She is putting reality TV and dating in front of the kids. I know I have a lot to be thankful for, but Kate’s need to be famous is not one of them.”

Poor Jon, he’s just such a victim. Meanwhile Kate is making it clear that Jon doesn’t even have to pay child support any longer. Her lawyer issued a statement that Kate dropped the requirements for support in April:

“I read Jon’s statement on and was quite surprised to read that he claims to be struggling to keep his child support payments current. As of April 27, 2012, Kate voluntarily relieved Jon of all current and future child support obligations for their eight children,” she said.

“Kate and Jon talked and worked through all of these issues and she withdrew the child support.

“Currently, he is only paying a small amount on arrears for support that was not paid prior to the April date when she dropped support. Those payments will soon end meaning that Kate is the sole supporter of the parties’ children.

“The last thing Kate ever wanted was for the children to see their father in dire financial straits.”

[From Showbizspy]

So Jon is broke from paying past child support, and even after Kate had it waived he went crying to Star about it. I’m not on Kate’s side at all, I just think it’s about time both of them realized that they’re no longer famous, and they’re no longer pulling in the big bucks. It’s time to downsize instead of trying to squeeze another fifteen minutes out of the fame that’s long since passed.

Jon is shown on 4-5-12. Kate is shown on 1-19-12. Credit: FameFlynet

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  1. Dawn says:

    So this woman shows her ugly side once again. Good god Kate do you always have to come out swinging at Jon? Apparently you still want to punish him because he would not continue with the ruse that was Kate & Jon. You left him Kate because you thought you were better than you are. Of course you dropped child support payments after you bled him dry. This woman is a hellhound and just needs to lose it all.

    • Naye in VA says:

      I’m pretty sure he left her. He’s had a string of girlfriends since then, and pish posh about bleeding him dry, she didnt make those kids by herself. I let my daughters father off the hook for two years because he didnt have a job, and it’s me and my daughter that suffered, not him. Unless she was doing it to be vindictive, she was well within her right to ask for child support.

      and THEN she dropped it so her kids wouldn’t have to see their dad struggle. I think you can cut her some slack.

      • Canda says:

        I don’t know your situation, but unless your ex was pleased to be on welfare, I’m pretty sure people who can’t find employment suffer too.

        I, for one, will never cut Kate any slack… all her moves are calculated, controlling, and vindictive. She verbally and emotionally abused her husband for years, and the man finally lost his sh*t and went off the deep end. I’m not excusing his behaviour, but when a woman goes nuts and acts out against her abusive husband, there’s always a bit of sympathy thrown her way.

        She let her kids see their dad “suffer” for years, and worse, she let them watch as she treated him like crap in the family home for many years before that. She NEVER treated him as a partner, and equal, or a beloved spouse, and that’s what kids need to see the most, not that Mom is an all-powerful dictator who punishes Dad just like the two-year-olds. She’s a horrible wife and a neglectful mother and a sorry excuse for a woman and human being. I can’t wait until all HER money is gone and SHE’S crying poor (which I’m sure will be played off as totally justified and all Jon’s fault, just wait for it).

      • JudyK says:

        NO, WRONG. Kate filed for divorce because she was already doing the bodyguard.

      • Naye in VA says:

        Lol he’s not even on welfare. He’s just a lazy user so he gets by. i spent like 4 yrs feeling sorry for his situation until i realized he gave less of a crap than i did.

    • Canda says:

      My intense dislike (bordering on hatred) for Kate makes me like Jon just a little bit better by default (damn her).

      What I don’t get is that Kate got to keep the million-dollar house, vehicles, and all the furnishings, while Jon got what… nothing? Not much? And he STILL had to pay child support for several years? Doesn’t make sense to me at all.

      If anyone was actually doing what’s best for the CHILDREN, they would sell the ridiculously huge house and buy a modest house for each parent (so the kids didn’t have to go from luxury to poverty between visits). I can’t figure out how Jon could owe 22 grand a month since child support is based on a percentage of the parent’s earnings, so he either blew all his money and Kate is just being her usual a**hole self by emasculating and insulting him (again).

      I almost don’t blame Jon for flipping out and going on a two year moron bender, I might do it too if I had lived with that vile, vicious, control freak of a snake for that long. He looks like he’s come to his senses and smartened up, but that b*tch will NEVER let him forget it and somehow thinks she’s the star parent in this situation.

      God I hate her so much. Why anyone would apply to her dating show to put up with her crap for five seconds, I have no idea.

      • JudyK says:

        Everything Canda said.

      • Cowgirl27 says:

        Not only did he blow all of his money, but he also tried to steal the money in the joint account that was set aside to pay for the house and child care. Hate on Kate all you want, but if it hadn’t been for her steady hand and planning Jon would have spent every penny and everyone would be homeless and living on some kind of state or Federal aid right now. He is a selfish ass who could care less about those kids.

        And how about the timing of this complaint of his??? He has been off the hook for child support for months (only in the hole to pay back arrears which means he is in the hole to pay back what he should have been able to afford) and now he wants to go crying to the press about not affording child support??? Please. This man is just jealous that Kate got another reality show. That man (no little boy) needs to shut up and go back to his ‘quiet place’ in the woods he was so much bragging about on the red carpet in March in LA. If he is so broke how can he keep attending these red carpet events? How about payin some child support?

  2. autumndaze says:

    She is such an ugly person.

    (And speaking of…….. how can a family with 8 children and an uncertain financial future afford all of Kate’s plastic surgery? She has had a ton of work done…and still can’t mask the evil)

    • Canda says:

      If anything, all the surgeries has intensified the evil. And don’t you know, I’m sure that’s HER money, not her kids’ or her husband’s, SHE has to look after KATE of course, because she deserves SOME nice things after her useless husband treated her so poorly and abandoned his entire family… *eyeroll*

  3. marie says:

    they’re both a-holes.. they have 8 kids, of course it’s not going to be cheap, morons..

    • Aussie girl says:

      Agreed. They had eight kids, deal with it. Kate wants her 15 mins to last forever & so did John, out clubbing in those god awful ed hardy t’s. John just sad that he can’t afford hair plugs anymore.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        LOL! Thank god the Ed Hardy craze is over. I mean, except for in Jersey where it is still alove and well. Still, baby steps….

        As Marie said-these people shouldn’t have had 8 kids if they weren’t prepared to pay for it.

      • Cowgirl27 says:

        While Jon was out buying his souped up black and red BMW and his motorcycle – neither of which are kid-friendly might I point out – Kate was out buying her 12 passenger van.

        Hate on her all you want – but outside of making the plastic surgery purchase – which was for her job, given at a discount for TV promotion, and most reality stars partake of it – Kate really did not go make those selfish purchases that Jon did.

        She didn’t go move to a bachelorette apartment in NYC or start dating like a cougar. She actually is the one and only to provide any stability for those children.

        She had to be a drill sargent because Jon was the 9th child.

        Personally I think she is a saint because I would have killed him from is humiliation of dating the plastic surgeon’s daughter alone. He is a creep.

  4. lucy2 says:

    They’re both horrible and have probably messed those kids up. She was crying on TV not too long ago that he wasn’t paying her, and then she drops the requirement? And why is he whining then? They both chose to have all those kids, they should be working to support them and making a nice, NORMAL, life for them.

    • Anastasia says:

      She didn’t drop the child support payments, they have 50/50 custody, so no one pays it.

      • lucy2 says:

        It said in the article: “Kate voluntarily relieved Jon of all current and future child support obligations for their eight children”
        Sounds to me like she has physical custody even though it’s shared, and he was paying, and now doesn’t have to because she withdrew the request.

  5. Little Darling says:

    Ugh nothing worse than a cry baby daddy. He blew all of his money immediately following the separation living large and traveling with that piece of work I forget her name. He lived lavishly and now is paying for it. And then to complain to Star…Oh BOO effin HOO!!!

    As for Kate, I’ll actually give her a +1 here because she doesn’t have to relieve him of anything!! Not legally. It’s actually kind of her to say she can support them herself, not nearly as catty as I thought she was.

    That said…Douche and Douchier. They ought to get back together, the world has no interest.

    • DoMaJoReMc says:

      My guess is that she will never let him live it down, and she will throw it in his face until the day he dies. Oh, and let’s not forget how she’ll explain it to the kids….their father will be emasculated, AGAIN by KHate.

  6. samanthalous says:

    Those poor kids are going to have serious issues.

  7. Jano1981 says:

    My opinion is that triplets are the most parents should ever have at one time. We aren’t dogs and shouldn’t have a litter of children.

  8. francesca1 says:

    $22,000 a month? How is it even possible that that is what it costs to provide for 8 kids. That is just insane and confirms how whacked the child support system is.

    • Mourning the Death of Music says:

      They take into account the finances of the adults and what it would cost to maintain the style of living the children were accustomed to before the split.

      That’s $2,750 per child, per month.

      I understand that for the average citizen, this amount would be more than enough to live a stable life, but we’re talking about “the rich” (or want to pretend to be above our means since we cashed in on a reality show).

      • francesca1 says:

        I get how they calculate it. But it seems to me that there should be a sensible, basic amount of money it costs to care for a child and that should be the child support requirement. My parents, no matter how much money they made, would never spend $2,000 a month on me and each of my siblings growing up. But yet, had they divorced, my dad would have had to shell out 8 grand a month for the four of us. It’s just not sensible to me!

    • Melissa says:

      In many states, child support is determined as a percentage of the non-custodial parent’s earnings. For instance: 1st child – 17%, 2nd child – 14%, so if you had 2 kids, 31% of your income would go to child support.

  9. Murphy says:

    I think the fact that Kate didn’t make a huge deal about this all over the gossip websites means that she was fine with him selling a few lines to Radar for rent money.

    Orrrrr she wanted to make a big deal about it but no one cared to run it

  10. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    I’m not speaking in Jon’s defense nor am I speaking against Kate, but even though she relieved him of payment in April, the article states that Jon is still making back-payments. So, he’s currently still struggling to pay his bills plus back-child support.
    He does have some merit to what he’s saying then.

    Instead of Kate trying to say she doesn’t understand why Jon’s complaining because she relieved him of child support in April, Kate could have stated that once his back-child support is done, he’ll have it financially easier since she stopped child support in April.

    But then again, that would have made her sound a wee bit supportive instead of a vicious cow.

  11. the original bellaluna says:

    Yes, Dumb and Dumber, raising 8 kids IS expensive.

    That’s why normal, SANE people don’t have 8 kids if they can’t support them.


  12. lassie says:

    God, if any two people deserve each other, it is these two. He handed her his balls years ago, and she took them willingly and joyfully. I can’t decide if I loathe his sniveling passive-aggressiveness more than her emasculating famewhoringness. I weep for how Lohan the kids’ futures will be.

    • blondie10101 says:

      Sadly, the Gosselins could be worse parents than Michael and Dina Lohan…

    • Lizzie K says:

      @Lassie, could not agree more! They are both thoroughly repellent people, and their children have my sympathy. It’s sad to watch kids grow up in a bad situation and not be able to do anything about it.

  13. blondie10101 says:

    The Second Emasculation of Jon Gosselin

  14. Clair says:

    Kate is more successful than Jon since someone keep giving Kate jobs to funnel money to her. What I don’t understand is…why is it Ok for Gabriel Aubry not to work and recieve support money from Halle Berry.
    Since Halle has to pay Gabriel why shouldn’t Kate have to support Jon. Sad thing is Gabriel Aubry can easily get a modeling job to earn big money. Seems no one will hire Jon and pay him enough money to support himself or any of his kids.

  15. Molly says:

    Nothing grosser than dads who whine about child support.

    • DreamyK says:

      Right? They had IVF and refused to do selective reduction because of their religious beliefs. Shut up and pay for your kids dumbasses.

  16. Ellie66 says:

    They just need to go away…..quietly and quickly!!!

  17. RHONYC says:

    Kate in the 1st pic:

    “i need NOTHING from you Jon, nothiiiiiing”


    “get your tiny, lil PEEENIS out of my face, Jon”


  18. Bailey says:

    These two just need to slink quietly into complete obscurity.

  19. misssmh says:

    Is it just me or is Kate’s face morphing into Kathy Lee Gifford’s face?

  20. RHONYC says:

    Kate in the 1st pic:

    “he has a teeny, tiny needle d*ck” 😆

  21. neelyo says:

    She’s had a taste of fame and she’s never going to forget it. She will do whatever it takes to keep in the spotlight. And as that light fades her attempts will become more desperate and embarrassing. Soon, she’ll be lucky to score a job promoting coupon websites. And I can’t wait!

    • Jan says:

      Wow, impressive but dumb haters, you girls are helping Kate support her kids by posting your nasty jealous spite here. She’s managing fine, thanks to you helping keep her in the news.

      Thanks to you girls, Kate does not need to make salacious skinflicks like Octomom to support her kids.

      Thanks to you, Kate is managing fine despite the fact that Jon blew all his share on crap and can’t support even himself, let alone help support anyone else.

      You haters are filling in for the cash Jon should have been supplying.

      Guess who’s laughing all the way to the bank ever time you spew anti Kate vitriol on these websites.

  22. pau says:

    She is awful. A self-absorbed, controlling and shrewed lady. Poor kids

  23. JudyK says:

    I find it very peculiar that Kate’s attorney would post publicly about a private matter.

    Everything…and I mean everything…out of Kate’s mouth is a LIE. The child support issue may have recently been changed for legal purposes and if it was, you can bet it’s to benefit Kate in some way.

    I really get tired of the Jon bashing…he’s doing the best he can.

  24. Anastasia says:

    Jon got 50% custody in April, she did not waive ANY child custody. When child custody is 50/50, no one pays child support.

    Her attorney’s statement is very misleading and gross.

    And the quotes from Jon? Totally untrue. But ROL and Star have reported all kinds of inaccuracies in the past. Let’s see, that he’s unemployed (nope), that his mom lives with him (nope, never has), that his car got repossessed (he had sold it months before).

    Kate is trying to get out in front of a really damaging book coming out this month about her, that’s all. They have 50/50 custody, no one pays child support.

    • Sonia says:

      Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! What’s the book that is coming out?

    • bubbles says:

      what a bunch of crock. i hope you are not an attorney. I have a 50/50 custody agreement and my ex has to pay child support simple because I pay for the clothes, health insurance, afterschool ect. educate yourself please before you make such profound statements.

    • Sassy says:

      Anastasia, it depends on what state you live in and what the law of that state is. So, yes, one person could be paying child support to the other parent, even though they have 50/50 custody arrangements.

  25. goinrogue says:

    Maybe they should not have had scientists engineer 8 kids in a lab?

  26. Lisa says:

    Kate is That Friend who always says she’s sick of drama, but stirs the pot every chance she gets. Even her expressions are dramatic.

  27. Violet says:

    Both Kate and Jon are complete douches, but at least Kate is taking her responsibilities as a parent seriously. Jon blew through all his money and is now whining to the tabloids in hopes of a handout. Pretty pathetic.

  28. bubbles says:

    the public has created both of these monsters. people looove to watch trainwrecks. how much did IV cost them? + plastic surgery and “ahem.. cough cough” security? what was their plan B? because clearly plan A is headed to shitsville and unfortunately there are eight little passengers on that train.

    • BeccaZ says:

      Between these two and Octomom…

      I’m all for helping people who genuinely fall on hard times, but I hated the Litter of Kids Reality TV trend. Pop some Clomid, hand the public your list of demands, and then believe that the public should support your choices for the rest of your life. If you can’t afford a litter of babies, don’t have them. I’m no longer interested in these people’s tales of woe. If you didn’t save your money during your 15 minutes, that’s your problem.

  29. Jaded says:

    Man, she is a total 10-30-40 – she only looks like a 10 if you’re driving 30 miles an hour and 40 yards away.

  30. Thirty says:

    Unfortunately father’s rights are still overlooked and the mother will almost always win in the end, especially when the children are young. Men usually get the sh*t end of the stick no matter how ruthless the mother is. There are so many great fathers out there, it’s a shame. FYI, I am in no way a fan of the Gosselins’. Just stating my opinions on divorce/custody situations.

  31. nancy xl says:

    oh, poor Canda..the fact that you show such hatred for this woman is ignorant. jon got nothing???? the split this residence..whoever had custody that week, lived in the house that week. where was kate to put 8 kids while jon was boinking 20 year olds. he even admited he treated her badly and apologized. the fact that he is getting off the hook for child support is astounding and you still trash kate. jon was a stupid wimpy husband and she held her patience with him for as long as she could. too bad the cameras were there. love kate and jon should man the f–k up.!

    • Jaded says:

      @NancyXL – While Jon was chasing twenty-somethings, Kate was swanning around getting expensive plastic surgery, taking endless vacations, having an affair with her paid “bodyguard” and pretending like she’s an A-list celebrity.

      Who are the losers in this sad fame-whoring? The kids. Both parents are culpable for pimping them out for fame and fortune.

  32. GirlyGirl says:

    Those kids are gonna have some serious gender issues as they age

    The mom looks like a post-op tranny

    and the dad Like post-op Chaz Bono

  33. TaylorB says:

    Each state has different rules, but in my state the parent who doesn’t have physical custody pays child support (Jon in this case)even in a 50/50 split one is considered the physical custody parent, and child support is mandated by law a certain % of your income. The amt he was initially ordered to pay was based on his salary the year the divorce went through. He had every right to go back to court the next year and have the amt readjusted to fit his income. And he should have, not doing so was just stupid on his part. No court in the land would expect someone to pay more than they make in a month, you pay a % of your gross income period. So this story he is putting out there is BS.

  34. Tansey says:

    I am by no means defending Kate with what I’m about to say (I can’t stand her or Jon) but for Jon to go bitching to the tabloids about his finances (or anything really) is just so pathetic. Be a man and support your kids you dirt bag. Kate seems like a very vindictive and conniving woman and the fact she dropped the support at all is shocking to me.

  35. DSMR says:

    “Kate dropped the requirements….” Yeah to 21999.90 per month. I’am still trying to understand how anyone with two working hemisperes of brain matter cannot see the pure evil emanating from this vile woman. She was damaged goods from the jump….a train wreck in motion she will always be, as she plays the victim in everything she sees….

    • Tansey says:

      I agree, she is a vile woman. I remember reading years back (when they were super famous) that Kate purposely got pregnant with multiples for the sole reason of having a reality show. She was pitching to networks before she was even halfway through her pregnancy. They’re both demented.

      • jwoolman says:

        Jon probably did try to get the amount reduced through the court because his income went down so much, but Kate was successfully blocking him on visitation and show-related issues so she could also have blocked him on that. She was even taking them out of state (even out of country) during his scheduled times. I doubt she “dropped the requirement” without being forced. She lies repeatedly about Jon. That money really should have been used to get a nice house in a normal kid-friendly neighborhood for Jon with enough space for all the kids when they were with him. They obviously weren’t sharing the mansion because the kids were being shuttled back and forth.

        Jon may not be a moneymaker but he’s been a good dad. That has been obvious on the show and in videos and pictures we’ve seen since – the kids are tense with mom but relaxed with dad, who was the one to physically take care of them when they were little. Kate let him do the work and later relied on staff. So all her blathering about being a busy “single mom” is ridiculous. Jon is also the one who shows them normal affection. Mom is a flaming narcissist of the pathological sort, dad is normal. Though I do think he was tricked into six more. He was quite happy to stop after the twin daughters, Kate was the one who pushed for fertility treatments. The doctors told her not to try that month because there were too many eggs released. I always wonder if she shared that little tidbit with Jon.

        The guy was living over the garage while she stayed in the mansion apparently since they moved in – I believe the story that they had an agreement that he could see whomever he wanted (he was the social one) as long as he was discrete. They were pretending for the cameras. She was just ticked when the paps found out and she had to then file for divorce. She admitted in the filing that they had been separated at least six months but it was more like years. When Jon was directly asked in an interview if he cheated on Kate, he immediately, with none of the usual “tells” for deceit, insisted that he had not. This means to me that he did everything with her knowledge and consent and so it wasn’t cheating.

  36. yikes says:

    Jon looks remarkably like the “pregnant man!” Kate looks like month old road kill.