LeAnn Rimes relieves her dental drama by tweeting bikini photos: crazy?

LeAnn Rimes has been going through some dental drama. It feels like this drama has been going on forever – hasn’t she been canceling “concerts” all over the place because of her teeth issues? But last week the dental drama took on a new sense of urgency as LeAnn basically live-tweeted her procedures and her recoveries. You can read about last week’s drama here. Apparently, LeAnn is still in the midst of even more dental drama this week too. But that didn’t stop her from putting on a bikini and tweeting the header photo from the beach with the note, “Nothing like the beach! It cleanses the soul. Sun and sand heals all”. This is in between tweets about how much pain she’s in and how she’s on the beach playing volleyball. Because why not? Some selected tweets:

If you’ve made it your life’s mission to judge another’s you seriously need to find a new mission and get your own life.

On the beach trying to recuperate. Chronic pain is horrible but the beach makes it better somehow.

Surgery tmrw and back on the beach….wasn’t the original plan but it worked out like it should. I am grateful for a peaceful place to heal. Maybe one day soon I can fully explain. Much love to you all.

Surgery successful! About to finally be able to relax. I feel a lot better today after this surgery. Thank you GOD! Thx for all your kindness & prayers!

[Via LeAnn’s Twitter]

You know what strikes me most about her bolt-on & bikini photo? Her mouth looks the same. No puffiness, no bruising, nothing to indicate this major oral surgery that has been going down. I do like that her mustache is glistening in the beachy sunlight, though. I always love that.

Oh, and LeAnn has changed her avatar since the last time I looked at her Twitter feed. This is her new photo:

I know it’s for the “NO H8” campaign and everything, but LeAnn makes everything about LEANN, right? She’s so shallow and narcissistic, she honestly believes that she is the ultimate victim in every situation, so I’m assuming that “NO H8” is basically about “Don’t bully LeAnn by pointing out how delusional and crazy she is.” Also – I’m sorry, but NO ONE should push out their bolt-ons and angle their ribcage like that for a promotional photo for a bullying campaign. It seems less like “stop bullying” and more like “We turned this photo shoot into some kinky sex game involving duct tape and bolt-on cleavage.”

Photos courtesy of LeAnn’s Twitter.

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  1. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Ugh, is she ever out of a bikini?

  2. Cathy says:

    I like the dog. The dogs cute.

  3. marie says:

    that is such a cute dog.. that is all

  4. Jezi says:

    Yep no symbolism in that NOH8 pic whatsoever! She also tweeted and compared her dental (plastic) surgery to a woman whose husband has Stage 4 cancer. She deleted that tweet though after the backlash. She’s crazy!

    • brin says:

      Hey Jezi…just when you think she can’t get any worse!

    • SmokeyBlues says:

      I just made s comment down thread about how insulting her wining is, and now i see your comment where she is comparing this to cancer! She’s unbelievable!

    • lucy2 says:

      Seriously!? That is just so low.

    • claire says:

      That was outrageous. She got so much backlash for that, and sooo doesn’t get it. In fact, she doesn’t get it so much, that she later said her pain was worse than giving labor! She’s majorly screwed in the head, that one.

    • prinny says:

      I’ve lost three g-parents to cancer. Has she ever seen one of her loved ones suffer and die from cancer? No…cause if she had, she would never stoop so low. Honestly, the lowest thing she could ever say. She doesn’t know what suffering is. She makes me sick!!

      • Eileen says:

        But that’s the thing with Leann-IF she had lost grandparents that tragically from cancer we would always hear about it. Regardless of what others go through-she will always make everything about her suffering and “pain.”
        When Whitney Houston died-we had to hear about how SHE was affected.
        She was going ON AND ON about how much pain she was in and this lady tweets her “Hey, you know what pain is? Watching your husband fight stage 4 cancer…” So she writes this long tweet about how she understands because the boys are so worried about her and her pain.
        I can’t even wrap my brain around how someone can even try to associate the two!
        People live life with all kinds of pains that no one ever hears about!

      • claire says:

        Eileen, she’s such a textbook narcissist. She has to always one-up, her thing is always the best, the worst, whatever, always an extreme. She has no ability to empathize. If she did, at all, she would have been a normal person and said, “gosh. so sorry to hear that! i know i’m in pain, but it’s nothing like what you must be going through. that kind of suffering really puts in perspective. etc., etc.” That’s what a normal person would do. But she can’t, she’s just awful. And it reallllly makes you wonder, then, how she handles being a stepmom, and talks to those kids, when she’s lacking such a basic emotion and perception. How can she pull off being comforting to children? It just doesn’t seem possible.

      • brin says:

        @Eileen…you made my day with the BI info….hope the tabs start coming out with info soon!

      • Eileen says:

        His hooking up with Divini ended months ago-but he still has many other side peices. Divini won’t admit it right now because she is going through a divorce and it could cost her millions and properties. But her marriage was never one from love so she has no ties there.
        There are some MAJOR stories coming out on twitter if you are ever on there. Take a look at @blockedbyleann page and read what she is posting. Someone very close to Leann suposively has comtacted this girl and is spilling BIGTIME. From what this person says (and she seems to legitamitly know a LOT that has been verified by what we knew and have never said) is that Eddie went in to this marraige not giving a sh!t about Leann and could care less what she thinks-he is spenidn her money ON other girls. Some GOOD stories coming out!

      • brin says:

        Eileen…I’ve been reading BBL (it’s required reading!)and all BBs on twitter, you all are the best! Can’t wait for info to come out!

    • frajalistic says:

      She apparently said this…in response to the womans whose husband has cancer…

      @jovigirl1532 I’m so sure it’s emotionally and physically draining. It has been for me too on a different level, but having the boys constantly ask me if I’m ok w/ worry on their face isn’t easy. I’m sorry life has dealt you this pain. I do somewhat understand

  5. brin says:

    She’s such a liar. Hope Eddie is AWOL.

  6. kesha says:

    Boring…why havent you reported on Brandi’s Brand B clothing Line that she launched a few days ago?
    And then Leann’s passive aggressive “I love you means more than money“ etc tweets.

  7. Lol says:

    There’s a whole lot of squinting going on in the no h8 pics :D

  8. Rhea says:

    I could only say that I love the dog and the coconut water. NO other nice thing I could say about the rest of the pictures.

  9. hateonit. says:

    ii honestly hate her body. it’s just soooo manly. like her shoulders and the whole upper area are so broad and then she has no hips on top of that. ii wonder what her new smile is like….she must not like looking like a horse…she still will of course…but still. that’ dog looks like a stuffed animal lmfao

  10. Brown says:

    Everything this woman does is fake and for show. Even that picture of her dog…. I’m sure her Naked coconut water was strategically placed in the pic to make it seem like “oh man, she’s so healthy, coconut water on the floor, must be for real”

  11. Skaffie says:

    Hahah, do I see A SHADOW of a mustache?I DO, I DO!ohohoh, very soon we’ll be looking at tweets of HAIR LASER REMOVING, recovery.
    Life’s is so hard..haahahahhaha

  12. SmokeyBlues says:

    She should shut up about chronic pain unless she has truly lived years of her life waking up to face pain each and every day with no hope of relief, facing down depression and even suicidal thoughts because of the relentless pain. THAT is chronic pain. Whatever she is going through is temporary, and she’s insulting true chronic pain sufferers with her wining and her drama. Jeez Leanne shut uuuup you aren’t doing yourself any favors or Winning any fans with your overwrought drama.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Does anyone believe anything she says??!! She’s a proven liar so she is not trustworthy at all.

    • Vesper says:

      She is a “proven liar”? Proven by who?

      • Yiya says:

        How sad to be as delusional and in denial as LeAnn is. Not a good thing.

      • Dawn says:

        She is a liar proven all by her self. A cheater is a liar. They took a vow to be faithful, she did not. This is what makes a person a liar and that makes it hard for anyone to trust a thing a cheater does or says. Pretty simple don’t you think!

      • Sal says:

        She has been exposed by numerous people in the newsmedia and on twitter, in fact there is documentation out there. Where have you been?

      • why? says:

        Leann has been proven a liar by Leann Rimes herself-via her staged photo-ops, twitpics, interviews, and tweets. Leann says one thing, and then turns around and does something completely different.

        In response to the backlash she received for the cake topping, Leann tweeted that she thought that her mother was a prude. The same mother who allowed Leann to shack up with a 20 yo man at the age of 16?

        In her Sault Star interview Leann said that people use twitter to combat the things that are said about them, implying that she isn’t one of those people who does this. Yet last week in response to those posters who were talking about Eddie meeting up with Divini, Leann told them to “shut it” because Eddie was at home taking care of her.

        In her Sault Star interview, Leann says that she only uses social media to talk about her music and that music was most important. So why then was she on twitter talking about how she and Eddie were going to “struggle”(ie-have sex)? What does posting photos of Brandi’s kids have to do with her music? How is posting that Brandi’s kids like the songs about her affair with their father focusing on her music?

        She said that she has little control, yet she is once again on twitter whining about her “pain” after being slammed for being self-centered and posting another bikini photo after all the backlash she faced when she did this several times before.

        She doesn’t like the limelight, yet she invites GSI, Fame/Flynet, Joe, and Pacific Coast to document every detail of her life. Or runs to x17 when the media just won’t pay attention to her.

  14. HappyMom says:

    Another boob job? These look smaller-or maybe it’s just how she’s so naturally posing?

  15. Genevieve says:

    OK, let me get this straight…

    Is all this high drama over an ELECTIVE dental procedure to fix the aesthetic of the horse teeth she’s ALREADY tried to fix twice?

    *smacks self in head*

    Oh LeAnn….sweetheart…elective oral surgery should not be treated as if you were having a limb amputated, ROFL! If I am being a really horrible, nasty twit and this is over something actually medically necessary? Then please let me know. Your dog is cute, but everything ELSE is…


  16. Jayna says:

    “Nothing like the beach. It cleanses the soul.” She’s so right. But if that was the point of her post, why wouldn’t she post a beautiful shot of the beach and ocean with the sun setting? Instead it’s just an excuse to post such a posed photo of herself in a bikini yet again and again and again. I can’t even hate on her. It’s officially very sad that she needs that kind of validation and attention, shots of herself ad nauseum in bikinis, when she used to be such a great singer. Now she posts photos of herself like a Kim Kardashian fameho. It is sad because she doesn’t see it.

    It’s too bad. I saw her on the Talk last week, and she looked very cute.

  17. lucy2 says:

    I edited her first statement a bit: “If you’ve made it your life’s mission to COPY and STEAL another’s you seriously need to find a new mission and get your own life.”

    That NoH8 photo is so telling. No one in their right mind would do that for that campaign.

    I know the first thing I do when I have dental pain is run to the beach and play volleyball. Don’t you?

  18. Dorothy says:

    I’m headed to obgyn for my yearly pap smear. I’ll be posting pics and details later, I’ll be recovering from the procedure at pool and will post those pics as well.

  19. Aussie girl says:

    While does this girl use any flippin excuse to tweet pics of her in a bikini ?? Oh & when I first looked @ their H8 pics I thought it was some kind of kinky photo shoot. if only we could stick tape all over her fingers to stop the silly bitch from tweeting.

  20. Jano1981 says:

    So she’s trying to say this was a root canal? I think that’s BS. She was talking about tmj and I know part of the fix is breaking and resetting the jaw. But I think she’s just doing it for the cosmetic benefi
    t to her face. Why do I think this?? Her bikini photo is of her perhaps new side profile and her story makes no sense. Everyone I know has had a root canal and barely mentioned let alone cried this hard!

    • Annie says:

      That type of jaw surgery takes ages to heal though, I don’t think Leann would want to be deprived of attention for that long!

    • Sugar says:

      No to the TMJ theory. I dealt with TMJ in my 20′s. Had to have 2 jaw surgeries to remove the tiny little disc that sit between your jaw and skull. I had my mouth wired shut for 2 weeks could open it enough to eat thru a straw. I shoulda been a bookable ventriloquist by the time I got the wires clipped. I still wear a bite splint and have to avoid all the fun food that requires major chewing to break it down. My dentist told me that today they have gotten away from the surgical procedures and it is really dificult to get preapproval if you do need it. BUT celebrities have it different then say you and me so who knows. If she truly does suffer from TMJ she should just say it! For one thing it is a “real” dx and people who have the pain and issues that go with it would relate to her pain on that level & it ain’t no big thing to admit to-its not like having an STD for crums sake.

  21. ramona says:

    Leanne’s face is crazy. You look at it, and you know EXACTLY what her skull looks like underneath. I know that sounds creepy, but seriously. Look at that top photo. Can’t you just SEE it? Eeeew. Scary.

  22. Zorbitor says:

    Didn’t she sing an awesome version of “Blue” when she was a girl?

  23. Mela says:

    Whats the latest on the eddie cheating with divini rae rumor?? I saw that blind on cdan!! Dying to get the scoop on him cheating on leann!

  24. beclove says:

    She needs a therapist – not a (plastic) surgeon. This mess isn’t going to end well.

    • anonymous says:

      You’re right, it doesn’t end well, sadly enough. If only you knew.

      • beclove says:

        I will never understand why someone doesn’t get her help. I get that Rimes is a meal ticket to many people and alienating her would cause an issue there but good lord. What about her family? What good will she be to any of them if she totally loses it (or worse)? It’s sad.

      • Eileen says:

        Do you know what happens in Leann Camp if someone approaches her on her bad behavior? HA! You are immediately labeled “Unloyal” and thrown out. She doesn’t want friends or family; she wants pets who do her every bidding, say everything she does is perfect and she is a gift from heaven. Her dad learned the hard way and her mom learned by watching her sue her dad. Her husband, well…he just stays drunk and heads out for some strange when he can. Her friends come and go about as frequently as we would change our underwear.
        She reminds me of that kid from The Twilight Zone: The Movie who everyone had to be perfect or he would wish them away. Pathetic.

      • Linda says:

        Eileen, this is the reason she has no ‘real’ friends. Life is hard and real friends soften the harsh realities of life. How does one go through life without real friends–the ones that go through thick and thin with you.

      • thetruthhurts says:

        That Darryl Brown claims to be her best friend and like a father to her. Does anyone know if he has tried to help her or is he just another fake friend on the payroll? If he was what he says he is, you would think he would kick Eddie’s ass over the rumors of him cheating on LeAnn and encourage her to leave him. If he was a real friend, he would do that and not be such a YES man.

    • beclove says:

      Eileen, can’t reply to you for some reason ) :. But I see what you are saying completely. On a slightly diff. note- a friend of mine who follows the Rimes disaster (formerly a HUGE fan) sent me a couple You Tube links of an interview she did that was on a CMT knockoff channel (Great American Country- just checked). Her mom spoke and -not trying to be a bitch here-
      she appeared to be a very simple person. I doubt she is able to grasp what’s going on with her kid. And I guess Dad is happy she isn’t his problem anymore. What a f*ucked up bunch of people. Eddie Cibrian too.

      • Prinny says:

        Yup! Friends are supposed to be your reality check. Call you on your bullshit. It’s called tough-love. That’s the kind of friendships I have anyway. She doesn’t allow anyone in her life to do that.

      • beclove says:

        Replying to Truth- Good point about that Brown guy. On that same Great American Country interview he described Rimes as his ‘soulmate’ and got teary eyed over Leanne and Eddie’s happiness. Where is he when she is losing her shit on Twitter? Why isn’t he kicking Eddie’s ass up and down the PCH right now? Remember how Brown went after that blogger who called Rimes out in the Jewish Journal? And he will stand aside and watch her break the hell down? Amazing. Oh and the cancer tweet Rimes posted reminded me of when Brown compared that unflattering blog to the Holocaust. In the Jewish Journal. Nuts too I guess, running out of options here…. Lizzy?

  25. anonimouse8319 says:

    I think she looks cute…

  26. ladybert62 says:

    She looks much better with her mouth closed and sunglasses hiding her eyes.

  27. Sal says:

    Most people when someone tries to put their pain into perspective, will come back with, “you’re right, I know, I shouldn’t complain” or something like that, instead she continued to argue about pain. And how can she say her tooth pain is worse than childbirth, when she has never given birth to be able to COMPARE it? She is such an ignorant and vindictive cow. She certainly is PAIN-FREE in that photo, despite the heavy moustache she is cultivating there. I’ve had a painful tooth abscess that radiated from my left wisdom tooth to my whole jaw, cheek and below the eye, to the chin. I was in so much pain I was writhing pain. I was in NO state to even get out of bed to the toilet, let alone to tweet, let alone walk outside and down to the beach. She is a liar. Plain and simple. I thought she might have dry-socket which can cause the pain she details, but her being able to walk around, dress up nicely, even in a bikini and leave the house, proves that she is in NO pain whatsoever, so there goes that theory about the dry-socket. She is a lying sack of shit. Plain and simple. She wouldn’t know pain if a truckload of shotputs were dropped on her feet.

    PS. does anyone think that scarf on the head is an attempt to mock cancer sufferers and/or to look sick and gain sympathy? She’s never worn a scarf on her head before now, after that cancer tweet discussion.

    PPS. What is wrong with her dog? It looks like it has a fur allery or the mange or something as it barely has any fur left on its right side. Have a close look at it. Looks like its been skinned or something, its lost most of its fur on the right side.

  28. Rita says:

    LeAnn is NOT cancelling performances because of any dental or medical procedures. She cancels performances when Eddie’s cheating is about to be made public.

    It’s her M.O. (Modus Operovaries). When Eddie was caught cheating on LeAnn with one of his previous mistresses and it was made public, she cancelled a Vegas performance and flew home.

    LeAnn is well aware of Eddie’s cheating but when its made public the sewage backs-up in her snow-globe and she can’t deal.

    If you want to know how much “random” Eddie is getting, count the number of performances LeAnn cancels. Eddie’s cheating gives a whole new meaning to the term “root canal”.

    • Vesper says:

      The negative comments on here are beyond pathetic. Every possible aspect about LeAnn is criticized. Her root canals are done so she can get drugs, her dog has mange, she cancels concerts because Eddie cheats. Whatever! It’s been four years ppl. – move on to ur next victim. This has gotten so old.

      Too bad Brandi doesn’t undergo the same scrutiny.

      • Eileen says:

        Honey: No one would give two craps about what she does if she would STOP talking about her every move on Twitter. I broke my tailbone in February doing a charity obstacle race called Tough Mudder and said nothing to NO ONE. Another friend had arm surgery because she works with special education children and one injured her-we are ALL on twitter and all tweet every day to our friends, but guess what? None of us say an F’ING word because its just a part of life! We don’t need constant babying and attention called to our every move. THAT’S why we give her so much crap. Tell your friend to STOP with the MEMEMEME -everything is about ME! “Sorry your husband has stage 4 cancer-I UNDERSTAND because I had a root canal!” Puleeeeeeze!

      • mela says:

        but it’s fun to make fun of a mean girl skank like leann!!! i give brandi a pass on a lot on her antics because I feel like she hasn’t quite got her groove back since leann and eddie destroyed her old life (almost there tho’!) and I feel her on having to start your life over and trying to figure out WTF you are doing. honestly, brandi is a girl’s girl. leann is def not a sisterhood chick

        leann is a bad person, and i think it’s satisfying watching karma take over. it’s about time.

      • Juliette says:

        Brandi doesn’t undergo the same scrutiny because she doesn’t behave like a narcissistic asshat. She promotes herself for her endeavors. Clothing line, RHOBH etc.

        Brandi has tried to maintain her dignity and class despite the harassment from LR and Eddie. Leann is the one that can’t leave it alone.

        Leann doesn’t need to pose in endless bikinis and take subtle jabs at people but she does. She should concentrate on her talent, the girl can really sing but the way she behaves no on remembers that.

        Comparing her tooth pain to stage 4 cancer, pimping out her “bonus boys” for press. The list goes on. If she doesn’t want to be criticized then maybe don’t ask for it by being such an insufferable b**ch.

      • claire says:

        She’s oversaturated the public with her ‘personality.’ Much like Kim K., Lindsay Lohan, Courtney Stodden. They get criticized, scrutinized by the public. She ranks in their leagues, so I don’t find it that unusual. Leann’s a bit more transparent with some of her not-so-nice ways, so, putting that out there so much: people are bound to talk about it.

      • Dawn says:

        Do you ever stop and think why no matter what or where these celebrity stories of Leann is posted that there is so much negativity from so many people. They all cannot be wrong. Obviously she attracts this negativity for some reason!

      • Macey says:

        Its not just on here. In fact if you look at the AOL article/link they posted with this article, you’ll see that out of the 968 comments on her “dental drama”, only 2 or 3 of them were positive and more than likely posted by you or her other paid mouth pieces, the other 965 cant stand her any more than the posters here can.

        Dear lord she’s so pathetic in her attention getting stunts, I just cant come up with anything to say at this point.

      • Samigirl says:

        @Eileen…this is mostly ot, but I’m doing tough mudder in October. Is it that bad?! Now, I’m terrified!!!

      • why? says:

        Leann is about to release a single and album which details her affair with Eddie and trashes Brandi. So if anyone should be moving on it’s Leann. It’s been 4 years, what exactly was Leann trying to accomplish by having Brandi and Dean relive the humiliation of her and Eddie’s affair? Not only does Leann brag about the album in her interviews and on twitter, she also gets on twitter and brags about how she has allowed Brandi’s sons to listen to her album. Clearly it’s Leann who needs to move on. Why would she allow those two little boys to listen to songs about how she was having sex with their father, who then would go home and have sex with their mother?

        Brandi doesn’t face the same scrutiny? Last week(the same week that Leann was cohosting on The Talk for a 2nd time), ROL/DM/PH were cranking out negative stories about Brandi like crazy. Even after posing for NoH8, Leann encourages her fans to patrol sites where they write the most disgusting and vile things about Brandi.

        If Leann’s marriage to Eddie is solid, then why does Leann need to go out wearing Femme Fatale shirts because Scheana was on a show called Femme Fatales in May; put on a cowboy hat for Got Milk because Brandi wore a cowboy hat in the photoshoots she did for Celebuzz, take up an interest in horses because Josie advocated for horses, gain weight only because she noticed how much of an interest Eddie took in her new BFF Kim?

        Leann needs to be happy with herself. She gets negative feedback because the unhappiness in her life with Eddie is causing her to do the most insensitive things.

    • Dana M says:

      Tell me more about Eddie’s cheating? I haven’t read about that yet!! I knew it was only a matter of time.

  29. valleymiss says:

    I wonder what Leann would do if the word “judge” was removed from the English language. She is obsessed with that word, with the judgment everyone is passing on her and how they shouldn’t judge. Every time I hear anything about Leann, it’s about her being in a bikini, and some lame quote about how people shouldn’t judge other people. Get over yourself, Leann. LEARN SOME NEW WORDS.

    • claire says:

      She’s not well-liked. That People article on her dental pain got about 1000 anti-LR comments. A recent DM article had a couple hundred. It’s as clear as day that she’s lost a lot of fans, and the general public doesn’t think that highly of her. The world is judging her, and saying “you act like a jerk.” And she just refuses to see it. She won’t look at what people are telling her. It’s all “you shouldn’t judge others. you’re mean. you’re jealous haters” I don’t understand how she can be in that big of a denial! But she hides behind those words for sure.

      • Over It says:

        Her and her little twitter friends also like to say it’s 20 people who write all these negative comments. No, normal people can not even imagine acting like her! I actually do still bad for her, but only because she is mentally ill. It’s sad she would subject herself to Ed just to “hold onto her prize”. He deserves every minute he spends with her clingy stalking a**!

    • Theskinny says:

      Here’s a clue Leann. If your constantly doing things that you have to add the sentence “Don’t judge” too…it’s probably because you know it’s not right…you just want to do it ANYWAY. For instance, you never hear anyone say “I donated blood today…don’t judge.” “I saved a baby from a manhole…don’t judge”

  30. only1shmoo says:

    At the risk of sounding like a royal bitch, if I had a face like hers, I’d be camera shy, so I don’t know where her need to pose hard comes from.

    I agree many of you about the NOH8 ad. This is supposed to be a campaign to put an end to discrimination, and this twit is using it as a narcissistic attempt at more publicity. How Miley of her!

    • Vesper says:

      One pic to support the campaign and she is a narcisstic twit?

      • claire says:

        Leann puts A LOT of effort into cultivating a ‘sexy’ image, these days. The criticism comes from not being able to drop that agenda for this cause. The pic stands out, because it’s atypical of how many other celebs and non-celebs are handling the message of this campaign in their photos, i.e., not like this – at all.

      • nomorerimes says:

        No–it is not JUST the one pic! Her whole life is all about her. She has lied her way through life and wouldn’t know the truth if it hit her in the face! If you have been following the fluffpieces and remarks from posters–and I know you have because I have seen your name here before on other threads–then you know all about her “character”. Yet you make remarks being nice to her. Why don’t LR followers TRY to defend her immoral activities the past few years? Because they CAN NOT DO IT! She has rightfully earned her criticism from the posters here!

      • Dawn says:

        Sorry but she is being called narcissistic
        based on more than this one picture. It is based on all her actions and some of her pictures.

      • Theskinny says:

        And that comment is how I know it’s Leann. Honey…really. I’m glad you tell yourself that you “Made” Brandi by taking her husband. She made herself when you thrust her into the spotlight with your psycho behavior. She is just awesome enough that people want more of her. They want LESS of you. Every move you have made lately has garnered you bad publicity. Now people who do not even know who you are or the whole Cibrian story know that you are 1. Inappropriate around small children(by taking photos with while your wearing shorts with your butt hanging out, Making out with women while they are on vacation with you, have the paps take pics of them, have them listen to songs about you cheating with their dad while he was married to their mother) 2. Made a cake of you both f** with his kids at the foot of the bed and 3. That you’ve allegedly canceled something like THIRTY shows FOR illnesses that appear to (some people) clear right up within 48 hours of the concert date passing. Really?? Your problem is you seem to assume that the whole world is as dumb as the people closest to you.

      • why? says:

        This wasn’t one picture to support the campaign, it was one picture to support her marriage and convince people that they have an “amazing, hot, incredible” sex life and therefore Eddie isn’t cheating on her; hence why she is arching her back while Eddie crawls over her like a sex fein to imply that he can’t get enough of Leann. Their NoH8 photo served the same function as the cake topping of her and Eddie in bed together. Except this time instead of involving kids, she involved NoH8. It’s sad that nothing is sacred to Leann, she will use anything and anyone to validate her marriage.

        We know that the intent was to make it about her and her marriage to Eddie because she paid x17 to write an article about how she and Eddie were “SEXING IT UP” for NoH8 when the media wouldn’t pay attention because they were too busy writing articles about Kristen’s affair; a week later when the media still didn’t jump on the photo, she had Chicago Pride and On Top write about it; she is copying the same pose and hairstyle that Brandi did for a photoshoot for Celebuzz; every time she gets involved with charity or organizations it turns into the Eddie and Leann pdafest show; and the NoH8 photo replaced the photo of her laying topless on Eddie(notice the theme).

      • Ming Lee says:

        @theskinny- i’m with you.the comments from vesper scream leann. yes, i know this is the running joke, but come on, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck..its a duck.

  31. Sal says:

    Oh, and the definition of ‘chronic’ is something that lasts longer than 6 months and/or is LIFE-LONG. For example, my mother is a chronic asthmatic. Has been since she was in her 20s. ChronicRelating to an illness or Medical condition that is characterized by long duration or frequent recurrence. Diabetes and hypertension are chronic diseases.

    The term LeAnn is after is “ACUTE”.
    Acute(of disease) brief and severe ( opposed to chronic). sharp or severe; intense: acute pain. Relating to an illness that has a rapid onset and follows a short but severe course. Compare chronic.

    Chronic is basically like terminal cancer, diabetes, asthma. Acute is like the flu, a serious infection like blood poisoning, abscess etc. Something of SHORT duration. Chronic is long-term to permanent. Maybe she needs a refresher course in English?

  32. SusiQ says:

    Um…if this moron really said her mouth hurt worse than labor than she is more of a loser than I originally thought. I have had a root canal and I have been in labor and there is no F—ing comparison. This airhead has never given birth to anything (thank the Lord) and I hope it stays that way!

  33. SleepyJane says:

    So what if her body is kind of boyish? She is working with what she’s got, and that’s more than I can say for most of us.

    But seriously….why the stache? Her make-up artist needs to be fired for not tending to that.

  34. Rita says:

    One more thing.

    I read that LeAnn said on The Talk that she and Eddie have to schedule time for sex. Think about that for a moment.

    Here are two people who do absolutely nothing for weeks and months on end except vacation and booze it up….and Eddie needs to schedule sex?

    It tells us bunches about their sex life. The sex for Eddie has been obligatory for years now so he schedules sex with LeAnn et al much like one makes an appointment for a “root canal”.

    Much like LeAnn’s record deal, Eddie’s contract is almost up….take the money and run Eddie.

    • Jayna says:

      I saw the show. Not true from what I remember. The topic of the day was scheduling time for sex. I never saw LeAnn say she and Eddie did that.

    • Linda says:

      Ah Rita, but Eddie will take the money and run. He leaves her. I hope he takes her for every penny she’s got, for Mason’s and Jake’s sakes.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      I agree with everything except telling Eddie to take the money and run. He already went after the money, for HIMSELF, and with no regard for his wife (BRANDI) and sons. He still has none. He and Leann deserve each other and I’m glad karma is delivering to them. Let’s see how much they can get away with now that the boys are older and more cognizant.

    • Annie B says:

      Actually I saw the show too and I have seen this mentioned a few times (scheduling sex). It was a Hot Topic, or whatever they call it on this dreadful show. Some women, like Aisha Tyler, who have been married for years, and are confident with their spouses, said, yeah, sometimes you gotta plan for it. Leann was more like, horse mouth agape, “people PLAN it? Eddie is ALL over MEEEEEEEE at all TIMES! Look at MEEEEEE!!! I am SEXYYYYYY!!”

      Meanwhile, these other women have 2-3 jobs and SCHEDULES, while Leann literally f*s the dog all day, every day, while relentlessly stalking her beyond UNINTERESTED, rent to own *fingers CROSSED* husband.

  35. Jaded says:

    She’d create alot more credibility for herself if she dumped that man-whore she’s married to and stop sticking her head in the sand about his philandering. Then just go quietly away to concentrate on her music because she does have a good voice. She’s ruining her career by staying with that dirtbag.

  36. Baylor says:

    Kinda off the dental topic:
    However, I have been reading on twitter that some people are reporting that Leann is activley telling poeple that Dean IS gay and was verbally abusive/contolling and “messed her up.” Is this true? If so, what is she saying and to who? Why would she now go around saying something like that?

    • Eileen says:

      Yup that is correct. In the aftermath of her cheating scandal, she told her friends that Dean(E) was verbally abusive towards her and he was gay. She said he used to call her names in her earpiece while she was singing at shows and was demeaning to her. And that he liked men. Yes I can see how much he does based on the fact he just got married to a woman!
      Its just more justification of her behavior-she didn’t have the “tools” to not cheat, she was verbally abused by her husband, etc…the list goes on.Its all crap-and I don’t believe any of it. Dean is a super nice guy and he is happy and married a very sweet stand up girl. She, on the ohter hand, is getting exactly what she deserves.

  37. Natalina says:

    Ew, dont wanna see her arm pit..im sure shes had plastic surgery on that thing too

  38. Lisa says:

    I’d hate to look sideways at her, lest she think it’s a judgment she needs to publicly defend. It’s really alarming the way she talks about herself.

  39. Gesenia says:

    Take a look again at the NOH8 pic of Eddie and Leann. Eddie’s eyes look absolutely evil. OMG!

  40. Julbug says:

    I normally would not comment on anything about her, BUT the cancer thing is more than I can bear. After losing several loved ones ad being a survivor myself, I just threw the only CD of hers I had in the garbage.

  41. Jacq says:

    She’s facing sideways, but her boob is aimed straight at me. That’s the stuff nightmares are made of!

  42. Stacia says:

    This chic has no life other than in the cyberworld and through the papparazzi.

  43. Mrs. Ari Gold says:

    Man she is so crazy I actually find it sad today instead of annoying.

    The only kind of healing she needs is with a shrink.

  44. Nancy says:

    It is known that Eddie has and is cheating on LeAnn very much like he did on Brandi (for years) with many different women. Now, the more I think about it, I really believe that Eddie is a sex addict. What else can you call it besides manwhore? The constant cheating–no one and nothing satisfies him. I am in no way justifying his behavior (he’s a PIG and so is LeAnn), but clearly, there is something wrong with him.

    What do you guys think about this?

  45. Eileen says:

    I just have these days where I am so sick of her sh!t it makes me stabby. How can you go through life like she does? Career tanking, husband cheating, everyone hates you and you just keep getting worse and worse. She’s done it all to herself.
    It seriously makes me proud to be me-to go through pain and happiness and not have to stick in everyone’s face. Everything she does is a jab. The joke is on her-because NO ONE is jealous of who she is. None of her money or talent and certainly not her Prized Huband Sweets-is worth having a soul that can’t see past herself and feel empathy or caring for others ….unless it benefits her of course.

  46. thetruthhurts says:

    You would think the duct tape from the NoH8 shoot would have waxed off that mustache.

  47. Jayna says:

    I don’t follow LeAnn or Brandi and catch interesting things when posted on here and will make the occasional comment. Many are more invested. That’s fine. LeAnn brings it on to make more comments.

    BUT the BlockedbyLeAnn link that was recommened on here I went on. People need to get a life. I don’t care how crazy or bizarre LeAnn is, after reading pages and pages on there I needed to go take a bath. The vile ugliness by grown women on there, I hate her, I want to slap her, cunt, cunt, bitch, on and on, I got blocked, woo-hoo, on and on, obssessed with tweeting LeAnn and getting blocked and to spend time obssessing is even weirder to me than LeAnn. Because what’s their excuse for such ongoing ugly behavior? LeAnn is nuts and shady. But, wow, what I read was just ugliness on and on. My 17 year old niece looked at and wouldn’t even finish and said, how old are these women? Don’t they have a life? Do they go to church? It’s one thing to make fun of LeAnn when the newest article is posted on here. But that takes the cake. The grown women on that thread are like a bunch of low-class mean girls who are old enough to maybe want to have some class in their own life but I guess it’s all right to act a certain way if it’s directed at a nut. It was just too much ugliness on there by the women writing it, outright stalking.. I was embarrassed for them. Now, I know why I like Brandi. She handles it with class and lives her life, reacting only sporadically, not living on the internet stalking LeAnn’s twitter and starting an ugly site like that and high-fiving each other. She doesn’t bring herself down to LeAnn’s level, because then she is no better than LeAnn. Others might need to learn a lesson from the one that was really wronged.

    • thetruthhurts says:

      Hi Jayna: Even though I just made a mean comment above about LeAnn’s mustache, everything you said in your post is right. Us women are bothered by LeAnn because she represents everything we do not like about women who go after taken men and gloat about it and is also extremely narcissistic. The people on the twitter BBL do get carried away and caught up in the drama of it all and I am guilty of that too. I like BBL, but I do think that everyone involved forgets that we are talking about another human being at times, which I am also guilty of. I still do not like LeAnn, but as I try to be supportive of most women, I appreciate the reality check. :)

    • Becky says:

      Jayna, only someone who has been following this horrid drama play out for 3.5 years would understand. So when someone like me reads their tweets, I understand where they are coming from.

      And had you been following this from day one (3.5 years ago), you would know that LeAnn and her camp are ten times worse than they are. #truth

    • Eileen says:

      I could see why you think that. But to understand why women want to bring her down, you would need to know or care what she does to others on a daily basis.
      The husband with cancer comparison to her pain is just the new thing in what happens weekly.
      And how do you think a lot of these post on here get HERE? From those girls. So if you dont’ like what they stand for, then don’t read and comment on this post because they are responsible for websites getting all the crazy stories of Leann’s behavior. She spends all her life on twitter, encouraging an army of people to harass and stalk the mother of her stepsons and yes, Brandi moved on. But some aren’t ok with what she does to people. I’m not-and I’m GLAD they are on top of her behavior. No one should have to suffer quietly like Brandi did for so long. Look what happens when she says one small thing about what she deals with? People yell at her to move on.

    • Rita says:

      I unapologetically approve and encourage every negative comment and observation made about LeAnn and Eddie. They publically raped an innocent mother’s life, enjoyed doing it, and use her children to continue taunting a woman who did not the least bit of harm to them.

      LeAnn and Eddie are vile to the core and deserve nothing but venality in return.

      • Theskinny says:

        Exactly Rita, and Jayna your not getting the point of those posts. They post them because Leann is reading them. Leann toned down her behavior toward Brandi 1000% BECAUSE she is being watched and commented on. They (the BB’s) are all very smart, successful women. Those tweets take seconds to post but the greater message is “We see your evil, and we will be watching and bringing it to the attention of EVERYONE” She didn’t just “have an affair” She (allegedly) ran Brandi off the road, showed up at the kids school when Brandi and Ed were still married (allegedly), Moved down the street from them to further stalk him while he was still married and tried to keep her kids from her on their birthdays, wouldn’t give an address or phone number for Brandi to call when the kids were in her care, tries to THIS DAY (through custody issues) with her husband to stop Brandi from making a living for herself. Yeah…Evil exists when good men do nothing.
        These good women are doing something.And it’s worked.

      • Ming Lee says:

        @theskinny – you summed it up rather nicely, “we see your evil, and we will be watching and bringing it to the attention of EVERYONE.”

    • Macey says:

      I can understand what Jayna is saying but I also understand the ones that have seen both sides of this from the beginning. you also have to research LR’s fake accounts and her minions and the stuff they have posted about Brandi. The sickest part is LR meets up with these twitter ppl that post real nasty shit about Brandi. They aslo set up fake accts just to harass Brandi and then LR has the nerve to meet these people in person while she has Brandi’s kids to give them gifts and such. Can you imagine the whispering btwn them about the kids mom while the kids are present?

      • Holl says:

        Thats creepy to me. You wouldnt see Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus meeting up with obsessed twitter fans (especially ones who make you look bad like that amejean guy who was absolutely terrible in the past but seems to have moved past the daily brandi bashing/cartoons). It shows me Leann has no friends in her real life because if she did she wouldn’t resort to meeting up with random worshipers off of twitter. Real friends would tell her those people could be crazy and you shouldnt let them around your step children no matter how public the place you meet up.

        I am a lurker on twitter because sometimes its amusing (cant wait to hear more of the divini rae story as it unfolds!) but I agree with Jayna on some points because some of the BBs can take it to an obsessive level and be outright nasty. If your timeline is 90& Leann, take a breather.

        even if she is a soulless homewrecking hooker with a face made for Halloween and a body like an emaciated line backer.

    • claire says:

      She makes people pissed, yes. We all comment about all her crap on gossip sites, etc. Whatever. I won’t repeat what people wrote above about that. And, I get that she has had fake accounts. But, and I’ve posted a comment about this on another CB article about LR….it is seriously out of hand to tweet her all day everyday and say you hope she dies, call her a c*unt, say you hope Eddie hits her or kills her, tweet stalk her random/innocent fans that make totally benign comments to her, and respond back telling them, don’t like her, she’s a B, she’s a whore, etc. And yes, there are a few twitter accounts that do that, all day everyday and quite frankly, it’s a bit psycho. At that rate, it’s really no better than the twitter harassment LR did. It also ends up getting attached to Brandi, who, unlike LR, isn’t encouraging it, and I don’t think pays it any attention, but nonetheless, she gets blamed for it.

      • Juliette says:

        I can’t stand her either but I agree that wishing someone death or injury from their spouse is wrong. Leann is kind of a c*** sometimes but I would never wish anyone death.

        I only hope that all bad the karma she has put out there comes back to bite her. She deserves it and more.

      • claire says:

        It’s not the ladies who are familiar here (BBs) that I’m talking about, just to be clear, but, yeah, there’s some craziness that goes that far. I’m surprised LR hasn’t busted out her old cease-and-desist letters lately.

    • Blocked says:

      Ok just read the CB comments. 1st off thank you for the mention ! 2nd I don’t care how big a Christian u claim 2 b we all get pissed off at times by someone’s obsessive stupidity especially when they r adults & r hellbent on destroying an innocent woman & have already torn a family apart & blatantly flaunted an affair! Just to mention a few of the reasons I tend to overreact & say I wanna slap LR! The person Who wrote that comment comes across to me as a holier than thou type, so it doesn’t really bother me but I felt the need to clarify cause I have that right! just a question for those condemning us but let’s say oh u oppose abortion, well don’t u get all bent out of shape over any prochoice article, interview, tweet or whatever? I bet u dooo! Well, LR Blasts her hate on twitter daily & I have nothing to loose by calling her out on every passive aggressive comment, lie &/or staged photo opp so I do it with pride!  my momma raised me to have morals & values! As an American i have the right to freedom of speech so if u r gonna publicly taunt, bully & stalk well b prepared to catch heLL over it! This acct is a one stop shop for all things anti LR. Some r more passionate then others but out of the 200 odd followers we “get it” ! It’s venting to other people who have a mutual understanding of right & wrong! 1 last thing Jayna for someone who called us all childish I think was 1 of the nicer names u used, well girlfriend why the hell r u reading & commenting on Celebitchy?!?! Go to Good housekeeping or readers digest and comment!

    • Blocked By leann says:

      1st off thank you for the mention ! 2nd I don’t care how big a Christian u claim 2 b we all get pissed off at times by someone’s obsessive stupidity especially when they r adults & r hellbent on destroying an innocent woman & have already torn a family apart & blatantly flaunted an affair! Just to mention a few of the reasons I tend to overreact & say I wanna slap LR! The person Who wrote that comment comes across to me as a holier than thou type, so it doesn’t really bother me but I felt the need to clarify cause I have that right! just a question for those condemning us but let’s say oh u oppose abortion, well don’t u get all bent out of shape over any prochoice article, interview, tweet or whatever? I bet u dooo! Well, LR Blasts her hate on twitter daily & I have nothing to loose by calling her out on every passive aggressive comment, lie &/or staged photo opp so I do it with pride!  my momma raised me to have morals & values! As an American i have the right to freedom of speech so if u r gonna publicly taunt, bully & stalk well b prepared to catch heLL over it! This acct is a one stop shop for all things anti LR. Some r more passionate then others but out of the 200 odd followers we “get it” ! It’s venting to other people who have a mutual understanding of right & wrong! 1 last thing Jayna for someone who called us all childish I think was 1 of the nicer names u used, well girlfriend why the hell r u reading & commenting on Celebitchy?!?! Go to Good housekeeping or readers digest and comment!

    • Annie B says:

      If ONLY I had a good hand jerking off animated gif (no penis, just the hand motion) I would SO post it. Along with a Charlie Brown teacher “mwah mwah mwah” audio bite. Let me go hunt Google!! ;)

  48. skuddles says:

    LeeAnn’s really pushing the “I’m in SO much pain!” angle isn’t she? Makes me wonder if there is more to this than just her pathetic need to make people feel sorry for her. As in maybe she’s got herself a little painkiller dependency?

  49. I agree that you would never see a class act like Carrie Underwood hanging out with freaky Twitter fans like Leann’s Dobbie 1221 or Amejean. Carrie Underwood has 650,000 Twitter followers since joining in February and Leann only has 305,000 in the last 3 years. Carrie tweets here and there every few days and Leann tweets 20-30 times daily. I agree everyone needs to get a life who is on Twitter(including me) but it is just so hard to not watch Leann and her trainwreck tweets, and photos. I am shocked on a daily basis at what she thinks is ok to post and tweet. She just tweeted her ex’s wife Sara Silverman that she has a “beautiful soul.” She is CRAY CRAY. Once again there is no release date for her album and no single which she should be focusing on.

  50. JudyK says:

    Put some effing clothes on already.

  51. Tanya says:

    not to sound like an ‘old lady’…’cause I’m a cool 46 year old…BUT, I notice with people under 30, probably due to them just being raised and weaned on a diet of narcissism…technology …etc..they actualy do think they’re important and that everyone must care..also a self inflated view of how they look. Here is a PRIME example…she is not attractive, not even a little..yes, a lean body, but that doesn’t always necessarily mean attractive. SHE must think SHE looks greats..it’s almost like a reverse dysmorphia…and yes, she is famous, so the narcissism would be worse, but I notice this ridiculous, self obsessed behaviour in so many people under a certain age. kind of sad….

  52. Rizzo says:

    OMG people don’t you know cancer is NOT that bad!!! Toothaches are MUCH worse!!! And this morning I stubbed my toe and that hurt like a mofo! I immediately limped to my kids’ sandbox and poured a bottle of water over my head and it worked wonders.

    Poor Le, where can I send her some flowers? awwwwwwww

  53. frajalistic says:

    all this supposed surgery shes gettings, its just lip injections….look at the latest pic of her and her hairdresser on her twitter…seriously am I the only one noticing the inflation?

  54. Baylor says:

    Eileen, Rita, Jezi, etc:
    How do we KNOW Leann was telling her friends that stuff about Dean. Were these “ex-friends”?

    Here’s what I find to be the funniest thing about all that: People were saying Dean was gay/acted gay ever since they got together. Of course, back then LeAnn and her minions and fans were very adament that he wasn’t and would be highly offended if anyone said anything. I always got the feeling that it wasn’t out of love of Dean, and more out of concern that people would think that all Leann could get was a gay man (i.e, her image). Especially since Andrew was also said to be bisexual.

    LeAnn always went on and on about what a fairy tale and great marriage they had. I knew that wasn’t realistic and she was probably bullshitting a bit, but again her fans/minions insisted it was 100% that way. LeAnn was just that special you see….

    Now, according to LeAnn not only was that marriage not “fullfilling” and “in trouble” for while, but also abusive and he WAS gay all along? Being that she had all the money/career/fame ,how did that work?

    Now her and Eddie and the kids are being gushed about and it’s all a fairytale. So, when that too falls apart she will go on about the secret horror that was too? Basicly confirm what anyone with a brain can put together already and can tell. She just can’t stand the idea of people thinking her and her life are less than perfect. So, she denies the obvious over and over again no matter what situation she is in.

    • 8smileys says:

      Hi Baylor, I’m new to posting on CB (I’m a BB & on Twitter though), but I wanted to answer your question, as I was one of the people who was personally told about what LR says to her fans about Dean.

      Apparently, LR claims that Dean would call her fat, say she sucks at singing, control her song set, & everything else in her life. She claims that it has taken her years to “recover” from the verbal abuse she suffered from Dean! She claims that “he really f**ked her up”! One of Leann’s super fans has also claimed that he heard Dean degrading her while she was on stage. I find this totally unbelievable & a huge slap in Dean’s face.

      She also tells all of her fans that he was openly gay. As someone pointed out tonight on Twitter (Hey Surly ;) ) way to be a LGBT Rights activist Leann.

      The gay thing had been rumored for years, so I wasn’t as shocked by her using that as an excuse for her being unhappy in her marriage…I mean it couldn’t be a problem with LR, right!? ;)

      The fact that she’s telling her fanatics that Dean was abusive is such a disgusting thing for her to say. This is such an insult to the people who are actually being abused in their relationships! She’s so mentally disturbed!

      In my opinion, when she talks about him being controlling & abusive she’s really saying that he made her keep her commitments, supported her career, & helped her get positive press (the only time since she was 14 that she had positive press)! He rescued her from spiraling out of control & spending all of her money. She would’ve been broke years ago if Dean hadn’t have grounded/centered her. When she was with Dean she was on several magazine covers etc.! If you watch any interviews with Dean & her or their 2 MTV Cribs episodes, you can clearly see he followed her, not the other way around! He totally loved & worshipped her.

      As most know, LR hates anyone telling her no, or even suggesting that what she’s doing could be wrong. This, of course, is nothing new to all of you, but trashing Dean is something that hasn’t been reported on. I, myself, was shocked by the lies she has been telling to excuse her affair & true LovE with Ed & I’ve seen & heard a lot! ;)

      • brin says:

        Welcome 8smileys…it’s great to see you on celebitchy!

      • Ming Lee says:

        i’m sure dean was the only one to try and give her reality checks or to get her to tone her horrible attitude down. he saw everything behind the scenes and what kind of person she truely is at the core of it all(i would do bad things to get a peek into his brain) and obviously he was the only one that tried to tell her no–and thats her dealbreaker. he must have the best dirt on her.
        it is so sad and pathetic that she has to falsely trash him to ‘prove’ her new LovE.
        good karma came to dean in the form of sara. leann’s karma is eddie.
        *he’s not a playa, he just crushes a lot. lizzy, divini, scheana… ;)

      • sapphire says:

        Nice to hear from a direct source. And nice to see 8Smileys visit in the Celebitchy playpen

  55. why? says:

    Of course Leann has been battling the same “dental problems”(ie-plastic surgery to change whatever Eddie doesn’t like about her at the moment) for years, Eddie is a cheater.

    When Leann started her second round of “Woe is me” posts I thought that the media was once again going to fall for it and write gushing articles about how brave she was. While x17, DM, and Extra did their usual fluffpieces, Eonline wrote a semi-negative article about Leann but you can tell they tried to soften the semi-negative article by calling her bikini photo sexy and putting it in their title. Gather on the other hand, straight up slammed Leann. They didn’t hold back. You know that Leann went overboard with her “Woe is me” pain when GATHER called her out on it. I was even surprised that Gather even acknowledged the rumors of Eddie having an affair in their write up.

    Leann is on her third round of “Woe is me” campaign. I am SO proud of the media. Not one of them wrote a fluffpiece about it yet!

    Leann’s album must really be in trouble because now they think that they can save it by having Leann publicly get along with Dean and Sarah. What did Leann have to offer Dean to get him to play nice? A tv show? Guest appearance on The Talk? Or a guest appearance in a sitcom?

    Your assessment of Leann and Eddie’s NoH8 photo representing bondage is correct. Eddie’s eyes do look evil in these photos, which makes one wonder why x17 would even think this was sexy. Leann recently tweeted that she and Eddie were “struggling”, she told her BFF that “struggling” is code for SEX! What is most disgusting is that NoH8 allowed them to put the “SEXING IT UP” spin(The title that x17 used to describe their NoH8 photo) on their campaign. If Leann’s pose and hair style look familiar, then it’s because she straight up single white femaled the pose and hairstyle from Brandi’s blue monokini photoshoot with Celebuzz. BTW, I love how Brandi used Celebuzz to her advantage. They went from writing negative articles about her to writing fluffpieces.

  56. DB says:

    Bolt-ons and near anorexia just don’t look good together, girl. You are really starting to look a lot like Eddie’s first wife. Maybe that’s just the type of woman he wants, and they both had to conform in order to keep him interested.

    Regardless, it’s kinda sad. Doesn’t seem to look very healthy to me.

  57. Rita says:

    I also want to say that I’m in significant pain because @brin has not bothered to say hello for sometime. Please don’t tell her. I don’t want her “hello” to be gratuitous or as they say in Cali, LeAnndish.

  58. Floridaseaturtle says:

    I couldn’t read much more after the first..”don’t judge” crap. She postures and pontificates as if she is living in a lifetime movie, narrated by the voice in her head. Who holds the camera for all of this? People that don’t want to be judged do not put themselves out there 24/7, begging to be looked at. This girl is headed for a breakdown that she begged for.

    • why? says:

      Since Eddie doesn’t go anywhere without Lizzy, and Lizzy and Eddie were off “playing” volleyball, it’s probably Dave who is the one snapping these shots of Leann. Or my second guess would be the Joe B guy who was in Cabo with them for their 2nd honeymoon and who did the photos for their wedding album.

      I wondered why Leann and Eddie did’t set up any photo-ops at LAX before they went off to Cabo or after they returned, it’s because Joe was on vacation with them! She couldn’t afford to pay for Joe to take a seperate flight! She must have gotten a group discount.

  59. Memphis says:

    She looks like Buffalo Bill doing that pose. She has her p3nis tucked and is repeating ( in her best Buffalo Bill voice) ‘I’m just as pretty as Brandi ..Eddie loves mmmeee!!’ LOL .. I’m sure that’s a nightly ritual.

    I can’t wait till the story breaks that Eddie was caught cheating! The epic meltdown to follow will make her past twitter rantings look tame!

    Making my popcorn and waiting :)

  60. DANDILION says:

    Rumor is they couple share.. she has to be pretty kinky to keep him interested.

  61. buckley says:

    I just wanna kiss the puppy belly!
    That’s all.

  62. ingttyt says:

    To be fair, I had all four wisdom teeth out at once, two of which were impacted, and I didn’t swell or puff at all (some people get one or 2 out and look like chipmunks.)

    I still have no idea why there’s magical secret dental surgery she can’t talk about.

  63. why? says:

    It’s disgusting how Leann continues to associate with people who so openly and publicly bashed Brandi. She tweeted a photo of herself posing with the birthday boy, Mateo. And this time she and Mateo are not sucking on popscicles. So since she took the time to post a “I am HERE” twitpic of her and Mateo does that mean we are going to be bombarded with photos of her and Eddie and the boys out celebrating Mateo’s birthday just like she did last week in celebration of Roger’s birthday(other guy who also bashed Brandi a lot on twitter)?

    Leann has had something done to her face. Notice how she is trying to hide it with her hair?

  64. why? says:

    This is what Leann tweeted: “Feeling better today! Sooooo happy to be saying that! Never thought I’d see the day. YAY ”

    Either this is a “LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME” tweet to get the media to write fluffpieces about her “dental tribulations” being “cured” or she is bragging about how she has squashed the Divini/Eddie is cheating talk by paying off the involved parties.

    Leann is trying so hard to convince herself that she is happy with her situation with Eddie. She can’t live her life because she spends 98% of it covering up for Eddie’s indiscretions or Eddie’s inability to love her.

    Interesting how Star magazine is always releasing some story about how some HW couple is breaking up, splitting, fighting, or having major problems in their relatonship. Notice how they never ever write these types of stories about Leann and Eddie even though they have enough evidence to do so? It’s like they have been on a gag order not to write anything negative about Leann and Eddie’s marriage having problems. Star even writes these articles about AJ and BP and Tori and Dean, so how come Leann and Eddie are so immune to Star’s exclusives on “HW relationships that are having problems”?

  65. Jennifer12 says:

    I knew it was too good to be true that Leann was gone for a while. That craving for attention never dies. Never saw someone go through so much “dental surgery” and end up posing on the beach. In other words, she wants attention, wants to flaunt herself, and *had* to pose no matter what. As for the No H8 photos, they are not focused on anything other than trying to flaunt themselves. Hug, flash a peace sign, something other than “they made me wear clothes, but I’m still going to pose sexy and show off my trophy husband”. People dislike Leann because of her behavior and vapid famewhoring and blatant lies and bullying. Since she doesn’t have many people in her life, I bet she’d shove over in her snowglobe for the 1 or 2 people here who post in her favor. Though one of Leann’s other personalities posting still counts as Leann.

  66. Lindy says:

    I never really followed LeAnn or her career, and it’s pretty much only via Celebitchy that I know anything about her or her charming personality.

    So for those who are more in the know… Has she always been this nuts? This delusional, and full of herself while simultaneously insecure?

    Did she just flip her sh!t one day and turn into this freak she now is? Or do you think she has always had this personality? I’m just curious. Did something trigger this 3+ year walk on the insane psychotic side for her?

    • Rita says:

      In a word, yes. LeAnn has always been a spoiled bad-seed but her handlers kept it well out of the “country music eye” because country people would never tolerate this sort of personality.

      She sued her record company and her own father when he left her mother, just for spite. Her father asked the court to appoint a guardian and have her drug tested once a month. Then there were her many men on tour.

      A few years before this mess started, LeAnn relealized that the bloom had come off her musical rose and it was then she threw all decency to the wind. Now, she thrives on being a skank. She loves the attention even though it’s completely killed any chance of a musical comeback.

      Ironically, it was her musical star that made Eddie think it would take him places but he didn’t count on his star burning out with hers.

  67. Me says:

    The most disgusting part of all are the desperate followers who think they are her “friends” who do her dirty work. Like Erika (dobbie1221) who also runs a love my quotes twitter account that she uses to follow/spy on Brandi, Divini…this Erika chick is also notorious for following Jenna Jameson and starting twitter trouble for her-she’s some piece of work this Erika and very much used by the very “celebs” she believes are her “friends”…tsk tsk…sad…fool!! ;)

  68. Superfly says:

    The most disgusting part of all are the desperate followers who think they are her “friends” who do her dirty work. Like Erika (dobbie1221) who also runs a love my quotes twitter account that she uses to follow/spy on Brandi, Divini…this Erika chick is also notorious for following Jenna Jameson and starting twitter trouble for her-she’s some piece of work this Erika and very much used by the very “celebs” she believes are her “friends”…tsk tsk…sad…fool!! ;)

  69. Jenna says:

    The most disgusting part of all are the desperate followers who think they are her “friends” who do her dirty work. Like Erika dobbie1221 who also runs a love my quotes twitter account that she uses to follow/spy on Brandi, Divini…this Erika chick is also notorious for following Jenna Jameson and starting twitter trouble for her-she’s some piece of work this Erika and very much used by the very “celebs” she believes are her “friends”…tsk tsk…sad…fool!! ;)

  70. why? says:

    I find it so hypocritical that Leann’s fans are so ready to call Brandi words like “ho” and “slut” knowing full well that Leann publicly associates with two women(Kim K and Jenna J) who made careers out of their sex lives.

    Didn’t Jenna tweet that she disliked homewreckers?
    And yet Leann is still tweeting and following her and retweeting quotes from her page.

  71. sup says:

    she does look better. and the final photo is cute

  72. apsutter says:

    I knew Leann reminded me of someone and I finally figured it out. She’s just like Tyra Banks! They are both complete and total narcissists and make everything about them. I was so glad when Tyra’s show was cancelled because I couldnt take anymore of the whole world feeding into her narcissism.

  73. Sonia says:

    Wouldn’t you be embarrassed as grown women, getting all dolled up and then handing a friend your phone and say “oh! Take a picture of me! Let me stand like this! Wait! Let me stand like this!” You know, like I see middle school kids doing all the time…
    Seriously, if she became famous at 13 for “blue” that could explain her lack of emotional and maturity levels. It doesn’t explain why any of her friends or family don’t smack her on the head with a reality check, but it may explain her odd, sad behavior.
    Oh, and if I were Brandi, I’d never stop taking her to court to keep my kids safe and away from her. Ever.

    • nomorerimes says:

      Her friends/family won’t “smack her on the head with a reality check” because she gives them a check to just say “Yes Leann–whatever you say and whatever you think and whatever you DO is fine and TOTALLY normal!” LR is delusional and ready for the people with a bikini straight-jacket to come for her. Or maybe instead we will see her with a pink wig after her imploding like Britt!
      Are we ready?

    • Jezi says:

      You know what’s so funny is that my husband and I were talking about this. I laugh because I see grown ass women who have this sexy profile pic of themselves on FB. Posing and trying to be hot and I think, omg someone is actually taking these. Some are self portraits using a cell phone but some aren’t. For the ones that aren’t, how embarrassing are you to ask someone to take a pic like that. I totally get it if you are in your 20′s but after that, its weird.

    • Theskinny says:

      Someone on twitter pointed out that she is getting paid or at least getting free bikini’s if she posts pics of herself in them. True to that she retweeted something from the designer of this suit, advertising her wearing it.

  74. 8smileys says:

    Hey @Vesper, I have two positive things to say. 1. That dog is so cute. 2. Her bikini top does a fabulous job keeping her, whacked out, boobs out of her armpits! That is all! Smooches! ;)

    • Rita says:

      I hate, hate I tell you, the fact that your twitter page is always locked. I mean you can lock it when you’re sharing all the great details about your fabulous sex life but for God’s sake let us in on the trivia…..that is all.

      • Juliette says:

        I agree. I’m a blocked by leann follower & think that what she’s doinig is important. The BB’s are an awesome bunch of funny girls, love their posts.

        Sometimes I see the hilarious replies to 8smileys & would love to know what she has to say. She seems very astutue and funny.

        Although, Rita I have also been reading your posts on CB for a while. You are equally as funny and poignant in your posts.

        Leann & Eddie are idiots and have brought all this backlash on themselces by being such complete assh*les. How any many could allow the mother of his kids be treated so badly speaks volumes about what type of person he is.

      • Ming Lee says:

        i lurk on twitter to keep up to date with the newest truth tidbits and yes, i too hate that your profile is locked 8smileys..but i totally get why. i bet it drives leann mad. muahahahaa. happy you’re on CB and can now share all the greatness :)

    • 8smileys says:

      Rita, You aren’t the only one who hates it….wewe herself has gone to great lengths to get screenshots of my tweets! I love that I get to her, so it’s going to stay locked, but you can follow! I’d be so honored to have THE Rita from CB follow me! :)

    • brin says:

      @8smileys…Hey girl…have to agree with Rita, it’s maddening that you are locked, but I’m glad you’re here on CB.
      Looks like Leann’s homewrecker album is being delayed…wonder if all of Eddie’s mistresses are the reason. lol

      • 8smileys says:

        Hi Brin,
        It’s so funny, just a few weeks ago Curb was thrilled with album & they thought they had 9 singles (Praise the Lord & all that jazz), now they’re pushing it to 2013!? Hmmm! I’m sure they just want to make sure it’s perfect; afterall she’s been bragging openly about this album since 2009! Four years to release an album? I’d say there’s something up. It’s of course all wewe’s decision, not the record labels. She’s in control y’all….always in control! ;)

      • brin says:

        Mornin girl! That’s true, she’s in control of her Titanic life (iceberg ahead)!

      • Ming Lee says:

        i’ve never followed her music, but 4 years talking about about releasing the same album sounds way off. i can’t imagine her label being too excited to release a song like borrowed. maybe they’ve finally had enough and told her to change her tune.
        but then again, she did capitalize ‘me’ –i forget that means extra super duper true. ;)

  75. Memphis says:

    Ok question for the BB’s or anyone who knows…I’m behind on my Leann drama ( darn work ) So did Eddie’s mistress confirm this or is this still a BI type of rumor?

    Even if he was caught Leann wont leave ( has to save ugly face ya know) but for the world to know that he was getting a side piece because Leann’s LovE wasn’t enough for him (as her followers always imply was the case with Brandi) OMG that would be EPIC!!

    • Eileen says:

      Hi Memphis! I can answer that as best I can without divuldging things people want kept personal right now.
      Ed did hook up with Divini. First time was right before he married Leann. Then he kept in contact with her all the way until the first of this year. I have first hand knowledge of that, actually. Divini is going through a divorce from an extremely wealthy guy and she isn’t going to own up to anything right now. Millions are at stake for her and her baby.
      The word is from many reliable sources is Ed has moved on and found another peice (MANY Side Pieces) -Divini got bored with im and quit talking to him.
      Out of respet to Divini, we aren’t pushing too much about what we know. Its not worth messing with her and her child while they go through this. Whether this comes out, or another of his girls come out first-its just a matter of time. Plus we also have to consider two other very important people in all this-Ed’s boys. Just have to tread carefully. :(

      When she asked Eddie about Leann in the beginning of their hookup he said “Don’t take my relationship with Leann seriously.” Ouch.
      Stay tuned! ;)

      • Jennifer12 says:

        It’s depressing that the person/people considering Eddie’s sons are neither their father nor their temporary stepmother. Does this “man” think of anyone but himself? Thank heaven for BBs because it’s scary to consider what the evil duo of Leann and Eddie would try if they weren’t being watched and scared of being publicly outed as bullies. Now that the boys aren’t babies, I think Leann’s interest will wane (not a bad thing) but they’re also cognizant of behavior and I wonder how that will affect what their dad and his piece will do.

      • brin says:

        Mornin, Eileen…I’m so glad this will eventually come out, just amazed how it hasn’t already. Ediot sounds like a poor man’s Tiger Woods!
        Hope you are doing well, gf.

      • Memphis says:

        Thank you Eileen :)

        I just wanted to know how long I would have to wait for the apocalyptic fallout that will rock Leann to her blackened soul.. but I’m patient. I can wait :)

        I do feel for Eddie’s boys in all this, but they are much better off away from Leann in the long run. And they have their mom for support.

  76. Ming Lee says:

    of course leann is pushing her album release back. wonder if it has to do with all the lastest goss to come to the surface about eddie’s sidepieces? or just the usual, waiting to see when brandi’s gonna do her thing and release her book.

  77. why? says:

    Interesting. I asked how come Leann and Eddie are immune to Star magazine exclusives on “HW relationships that are having problems”? and what do you know? Radaronline, which is the online version of Star, releases two negative articles about Brandi. This should be a major indication to Brandi that the person feeding these stories to ROL is LEANN RIMES. Look at the timing. The ROL articles come on the same day that Leann Rimes annouces that her album will be released in 2013 instead of later this year(because her record label hates the album). And as usual she is feeding her fans a bunch of lies. Why won’t she just tell them that Curb doesn’t want to release her album? She tried covering it up by paying or forcing Curb to publicly say nice things about the album, but where did it get her?

    And it these articles come when Leann is being slammed heavily on twitter for what she did to the woman whose husband has cancer. So Leann’s bright idea to take the heat off of herself is to throw Brandi under the bus?

    • Juliette says:

      What I find the funniest is how pathetic the stories about Brandi are. They twist her words to make her look bad. She had a facial procedure which can make your skin look burned for a day or so after.

      Leann should know about looking like a burn victim. Someone with severe psoriasis has experience with bad breakouts (myself included) and that looks like a burn sometimes too.

      Leann and her camp are going to have to try way harder than this to combat all the bad press she’s earned herself.

      • why? says:

        What I find the most interesting is that it’s obvious that ROL didn’t just pick this up by reading Brandi’s tweets, someone from Camp Leann is taking the information to them and requesting them to write the story. Just like someone from Camp Leann went to Star and fed them information about Brandi disapproving of Leann and Eddie taking the boys to Aspen since Eddie tried to dictate to her how much time she can and can not spend with her kids for the holiday. ROL didn’t even write an article about what Leann said to the woman whose husband has cancer, in fact ROL didn’t even pick up Leann’s twitter argument with those posters who were talking about Eddie’s affair with Divini. So for them to out of the blue pick up Brandi’s comments just makes it obvious what is going on. You can always tell who was behind the ROL stories because Leann’s fans will then go to a particular site and brag about how ROL/DM/PH “exposed” Brandi.

        If Leann had been put in her place a long time ago, ROL/DM/PH wouldn’t be constantly trying to redeem LR by throwing Brandi under the bus.

        It’s nice to see that Gather has stopped buying into Leann’s nonsense. It will be interesting to see how long they will continue this trend.

      • Ming Lee says:

        radar online is full of complete bullsh*it. always. i don’t read it anymore cause its so obvious the stories are feed to ROL by the opposite camp. for the false sex in the bathroom story about brandi they used amejean as their source, a known twitter bully in the leann camp.
        and as for the burn victim comment..seriously? that gets picked up and not leann comparing her toothpain to a lady’s husband with cancer for an entire twitlonger, and then proceedes to block this woman? that alone is proof enough that ROL and other online sites are fed stories by camp leann, if not leann herself.

  78. why? says:

    This is what Leann tweeted in regards to her album being delayed: “lol no I want it to be right. It’s ME who’s slowing it down ”

    Why does she keep lying to her “fans”? Isn’t this the very same thing she said each and every time the release date for Ladies and Gentlemen was moved, that she was holding up the process because she wanted it to be right?

    Most importantly, why do her “fans” fall for her lies every time? She has been promoting this album like crazy, even doing exclusive interviews in preparation for it. Artists don’t do interviews like that if they feel like their work isn’t ready. Since she gave an exclusive interview with GR, the BFF that God sent to her, she felt that the album was right then. And now she is saying that it’s her who is holding up the process because she is too proud to admit that her label hates her album. Even after associating NoH8, Got Milk, Rob Thomas, Eriq LaSalle, GR, and Sharon to her name, Curb isn’t happy with the outcome. Maybe Leann should lay low and shut down the twitter account!

  79. Baylor says:

    I’m sorry, but I don’t get why some BB’s or anti-Leann fans, would support/like/have respect for Scheana and Divini and the like. They too were perfectly willing to sleep with a married man with kids. Divini herself, was married and now has a child too.

    So, Divini doesn’t want to talk right now because she is going through a divorce right now and tons of money is at stake?! Well, then she shouldn’t have A) Married for money B) Cheated on said rich husband.C) Told about /admitted the affair to ANYONE. So, if there is proof then it should come out. If she loses out on money, too bad. Besides, mentioning her name around the internet doesn’t help the “keeping it a secret from her husband and his lawyers” part.
    As for the boys, it is better that they are removed from LeAnn’s influence now, then later when she ups the crazy even more or after they have become even more attached/accustomed to her.

    If all this is true and there is proof, then it makes no sense to keep it a “secret.” Isn’t this what everyone has been waiting for/hoping for? Isn’t this all that is needed to bring LeAnn down a notch or two?

    Not bashing or attacking anyone, just fustrated and not seeing the reason for the wait.

    • Rita says:

      Hi Baylor,

      I agree with your observations. All this sleeping with someone’s spouse is disgusting and here’s Eddie AGAIN sleeping with someone else’s wife as if California is void of sexy women.

      I think this is a perfect example of why people find LeAnn so disgusting. She flaunted and taunted this whole affair for years to hurt Brandi. Scheanna and Divini kept things quiet so they don’t get the heat but they still suck as women.

      • Baylor says:

        Well, Scheana didn’t really keep quiet. She talked about the affair to a tabloid. She still mentions/talks about it from time to time now. She WAS smug in front of Brandi too.

        Divini sounds like the type who WOULD have sold her story to the tabloids too if she was single and/or child free or if it wasn’t for the fact that she has even more money at stake right now.

    • Theskinny says:

      I agree, and it sounds like Divini is getting HER karma by having this come out when she least needed it to. How old is her kid? ?

  80. Baylor says:

    On more question to the people who know:

    Welcome 8Smiley BTW!

    I now read that she is saying Deane is unhappy in his new marriage as well?WTF? How would she know? She doesn’t talk to Dean or his family. Unless Darrell is feeding her stories.

    Really though, his refollowing of LeAnn and saying the occasional nice thing about and to her makes me question him.

    Like I have said before, him and his family saw/ have known all about her and her evil for years. However, they “loved” her and never complained or said a neg. word. They had no problem benefiting from her contant need to vacation, her money, and her fame.Now all of his sudden his family thinks she is evil and the worst and can’t wait to tell all about it?
    Dean gets his jabs in from time to time and did so in the past. However, he is still friends with Darrell, now says nice things about/to LeAnn, isn’t always honest, and fails to support Brandi more.

    • why? says:

      Dean is now playing nice with Leann because it was a last minute attempt to save her album from being delayed. In other words she probably thought that she could get Curb to like her album by showing them that she and Dean are on good terms, so much so that Leann and Dean’s new wife are BFFs. Just like with Eddie, Leann had to offer Dean something in exchange for his public support of Leann. So Dean is either going to make an appearance on some sitcom or The Talk or Leann invested more money into Dean’s career.

      I also agree that DB is taking information about Dean back to Leann and vice versa. Maybe that’s when Dean takes those jabs against Leann because DB told him something that Leann said about him or Sarah.

    • 8smileys says:

      @Baylor Hi, thanks for the welcome!

      Dean has followed LR on twitter for awhile now, but LR recently followed him back…after his grandma died, I believe. I think it was at that point that Dean “allegedly” reached out to LR & made these claims. She, of course, told her fanatics & that’s how I found out. ;)

      I find these claims to be as baseless as I find her abuse allegations, but she’s always finding excuses to toot her own horn. I’m assuming, this was, “see Dean still loves me” (just a guess). Who knows what her reasoning is, but I’m sure it, in someway, benefits her.

  81. why? says:

    Now Leann has created a new ailment. She has a BRUISE…Desperate times call for desperate measures. The media stopped paying attention to her “dental pain” after her third round of “Woe is me” tweets, so now she has to create something new to get attention.

    Why is Leann playing volleyball anyway?
    Because everyone pointed out that her hubby was using volleyball to patrol for women and as an excuse not to “struggle” with her (ie-he is probably telling Leann that he can’t have sex with her because he is too tired or in so much pain). Leann isn’t worried or concerned about her hubby cheating on her, yet at the mention that Eddie is using volleyball to patrol for women, Leann is suddenly playing volleyball. And she even posted a twitpic of her leg on Eddie’s leg(knowing Leann it was probably Mateo or Dave’s leg) because that will once and for all convince people that Eddie isn’t cheating. She just needs to admit that her husband is cheating on her instead of manipulating everyone.

    How is it that everytime Leann does any activity/sport with Eddie she gets “hurt”? It’s like she purposely hurts herself to get Eddie’s sympathy or attention.

    So are we going to see photos of Leann playing volleyball? If she would just close the twitter account and stop the staged photo-ops, she won’t have to keep lying to her fans about how the release date for her album and single has been pushed back because she wants the album and single to be right, despite the fact that had given about 3 interviews celebrating the completion of the album.

  82. why? says:

    Oops, it was actually Leann’s arm and not her leg that she bruised. When you first look at the picture, it looks like her leg!

    So what backlash is going to come from Leann’s “LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME” “I got a bruise” stunt? We all know that Leann is going to pay x17, DM, GG, JJ, and Eonline to write a fluffpiece about her “bruise”. So which media outlet will call Leann out on her “Woe is me” campaign?

  83. why? says:

    Leann Rimes is still on her “LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME” campaign. She is on Round 4 of her “woe is me I’m CURED from the tribulation of my dental “pain”. Even after being slammed, she continues to tweet, but then again DM and x17 enabled this bad behavior by refusing to call Leann out on her lies. Since the media hasn’t jumped on her 100 tweets and interviews about how she will be celebrating her birthday all month long, she is now riding the coattails of her father. So Leann thinks that she can get people to notice her birthday by putting a “daddy’s little girl” spin on it complete with a staged photo-op of her out celebrating with her dad and “bonus mom”?

    Leann is still being dishonest with her fans concerning her album and single. She is tweeting up a storm about the artwork for the album/single as if this change the fact that Curb hates her album since they postponed it’s release until 2013 and changed the single release date to Sept for the single just like they postponed the release date for Ladies and Gentlemen from 2009 to 2010 to 2011.

    Leann is still trying to convince us that Eddie isn’t cheating on her. Her method this time is to use the Joe B person, the person who exploited Brandi’s kids on his website just so that he can promote his carrier and the same person who was with Eddie and Leann in Cabo for their 2nd honeymoon. Who takes a photographer on their honeymoon with them? The same people who take Lizzy everywhere they go. If her marriage to Eddie was solid and Eddie isn’t cheating, then Leann wouldn’t be using Joe B to manipulate photos to make it look like her wedding and thus her marriage was a fairytale. Leann looked horrible in her wedding photos. Who would take credit for making a bride look horrible on her wedding day? This is just another case of how people tell Leann what she wants to hear no matter how ridiculous it sounds. After seeing how badly he made Leann look in the photos and how he couldn’t even make Eddie look sober on his wedding day, why would anyone want to hire Joe B to do any photos for them or their wedding?

  84. Theskinny says:

    Just go to Netflix and watch Stalked:Someone is watching (episode 2) and tell me that doesn’t seem like LR to you. To a tee. Crazy.

  85. brin says:

    How about those family pics…they all look miserable except for her.

  86. why? says:

    Leann is really milking this “reunion” with her father. I can’t tell if it’s just another means to hype up her album(ie-if she and her mother can forgive her father for cheating, then the public will forgive her affair with Eddie and buy her album) or as usual she is using her father to get the media’s attention because her other “LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME” attempts have failed. Leann looks really sick in the photos she posted. As in she is REALLY DRUNK! So will this result in a “A family united” fluffpiece from DM, x17, GG, People mag or a staged photo-op? And Leann just had to gloat about how Brandi’s kids were there to witness her “reunion” with her father and bonus mom. So once again Brandi has to be greeted with her kid’s faces and names being plastered all over the internet and blogs for two days in a row even though Eddie clearly stated that he didn’t want his kids to experience any type of public exposure.

    The photos that Leann posted are quite telling. Leann is definately reading what people are posting and she thinks that photos are bandaids that have the power to fix her failed marriage to Eddie.

    In the photo of her and Lizzy, Leann wrote that Lizzy was her homegirl and that she loves Lizzy. This is just another attempt at damage control because someone posted photos of Lizzy and Eddie flirting at his son’s soccer game in October 2011 and pointed out how upset Leann looked because Eddie was doing some major flirting with Lizzy right in her face. Based on the photos of Lizzy and Eddie on the dock and the fact that Eddie won’t go anywhere with Leann without Lizzy(including his own honeymoon), we know that Lizzy isn’t Leann’s homegirl. Lizzy is Eddie’s mistress. Well now we know why Leann wore the scarf on her head last week. I figured it had something to do with Lizzy. You can always tell who Eddie is sleeping with or lusting over by who Leann is single white femaling at the moment.

    Leann tagged another photo “my sweet baby” pic. So you would expect a picture of Leann as a baby right? Nope. It was a photo of Eddie and Leann. Seriously? Once again, another attempt at damage control because someone stated that Leann and Eddie must be having problems in their marriage since Leann hasn’t posted a “lovey dovey” photo in a long time. The photo itself is hilarious. Eddie looks drunk. And Lizzy must have taken the photo because Eddie is doing some major flirting with whoever is holding the camera.

  87. why? says:

    Oh no. Leann is tweeting like crazy about how they are going to be “celebrating” on the beach later tonight and how she had so much funny “celebrating” last night. You know what that means. Somehow(aka Leann Rimes calls them) GSI, Fame/Flynet/Pacific coast will get “candid” photos of this “celebration” and then x17, DM, GG, JJ, People mag, ROL, Eonline, and CBS will write a fluffpiece about it.

    Instead of writing a fluffpiece, the media needs to address why a 30 yo woman is acting like a 6 yo child in regards to her birthday. Why is she using her birthday as means to validate how much her family and Brandi’s kids care about her?

    You can tell that Eddie and Leann were fighting yesterday(so once again Leann lied) because today Leann is tweeting about how she had to be a referee for the boys. It’s a shame that she and Eddie fight in front of his kids.

    Nothing is sacred to Leann, not even her own family “reuniting”.

  88. why? says:

    This is too funny. So Leann set up a staged photo-op of her shopping with Lizzy! Be prepared for “Is Leann pregnant” stories. Leann is definately trying to fuel pregnancy rumors in this staged photo-op by her choice of clothing.

    Get this, Lizzy is wearing the same dress that Leann wore in another staged photo-op. Seriously?

    Leann makes it so obvious that she has deals with certain media outlets, she posted the link to the article to her twitter page and sent JJ a direct message. And this is precisely why Curb doesn’t want to release her album.

  89. why? says:

    Do celebs usually post the link to articles that appear about them on Just Jared to their twitter pages? I don’t ever recall ANY celeb doing this. I know that when celebs do exclusive interviews that they will post those links to their twitter or facebook page.

    What is so funny is the fact that Leann complains about how the paps “found” her and Eddie’s mistress, but then she totally outs herself as the one who set this up by doing the dumbest thing of all. She posts the link to show her “fans” how “cute” she looks.

    And this is precisely why her album and single have been delayed. She continues to satuarate the internet with back to back staged photo-ops, knowing full well that she is going to get slammed for it. But what matters most to Leann is convincing people that Eddie isn’t sleeping with Lizzy because Leann and Lizzy shop and have a spa day! If she has to do that much to convince people that all is well in her marriage, then she needs to just divorce Eddie already. And I love how Eddie and Lizzy use any opportunity to humilate Leann. Lizzy was going to play along with Leann’s stunt but not before putting on the same dress that Leann wore to show that Eddie is picking out her clothes too!

  90. why? says:

    Leann is on a mega, mega, mega media blitz, she released yet another staged photo-op. She is really pushing the “Eddie isn’t cheating” angle hard. Leann must have really been upset over those photos of Eddie flirting with Lizzy at his son’s soccer game. So now she thinks that she can erase those photos by bombarding the internet with photos of her and a druken Eddie making out while holding a volleyball?

    And as usual, Lizzy is at the beach with Leann and Eddie. So once again we have Eddie not wanting to go any where with Leann unless Lizzy can go with them.

    It’s funny that Leann goes out of her way to prove to us that her hubby isn’t cheating!

  91. lori says:

    Love this comment!: (and yes, she looks 40)
    SusieQ ‏@Soothesayer916
    Happy 40th birthday @leannrimes. Does the cake have mommy and Daddy having sex on it with you at the foot of the bed watching?

    • brin says:

      I know…hilarious. Just saw Leann tweeting about how all her family want to know when she’s going to have a baby (how about never). One of her twitter pals tweeted that by 30 it’s very unlikely…bwahahahah!

      • why? says:

        She is just trying to fuel pregnancy rumors because her staged photo-op in the shirt showing off her belly backfired. She was hoping that it would generate “Is Leann pregnant” stories, but instead it didn’t go anywhere. By the way Leann was prancing around and showing off her “baby bump”, I thought for sure that the media would fall for it. So now Leann is on plan B, generate baby talk by tweeting about it. Why is she even talking about babies when she threw that tantrum about how she wants people to stop talking about her ovaries. She is trying so hard to cover up the fact that her husband is cheating and he wants out of her marriage. She thinks a baby will stop Eddie from cheating, Eddie doesn’t even care about two boys he already has seeing as once again he allowed Leann to plaster the face of his son all over the internet and blogs. You would think that after threatening to sue Brandi that Eddie would tell Leann to stop inviting the paps to the beach with them. The photos were taken by GSI, that’s the same agency that just so happened to get access to the PRIVATE beaches of Cabo. Eddie is a jerk, how can anyone take him serioulsy considering how he treats his kids like they are props?

      • brin says:

        Yep…she’s trying everything for pr for her crappy album: fake happy family reunion, fake baby rumors, staged beach photo ops. Won’t work.

  92. janet says:

    How much dental surgery is she having? It seems like she is always tweeting about her teeth.

  93. why? says:

    Where is ROL when you need them? Leann is going nuts and flipping out on people on twitter and yet ROL hasn’t noticed it and written an article about it? But they seem to notice everything that Brandi writes. So how come ROL isn’t writing a article about how Leann is arguing with people on twitter instead of celebrating with her family?

    Why is Leann even arguing with people when she is supposed to be partying with her dad and celebrating their birthday party? So she just takes photos and pays her mouthpiecs to get candids of them “partying”? Leann only made nice with her father so that he would give her the money to pay JJ and DM to post her back to back staged photo-ops.

    I just realized why Leann makes a big deal about August. It’s not because of her birthday. When did Eddie file for a divorce from Brandi? Wasn’t it August? So Leann is really celebrating when Eddie filed his divorce from Brandi. I was wondering why she makes such a big deal about August and her birthday EVERY year. It’s because once again she is trying to validate her relationship with Eddie. She just needs to admit that Eddie is cheating and has been cheating since he hooked up with her and move on.

  94. why? says:

    This is what Leann tweeted: “my mom a Chanel bag and wallet cause she’s been talking about it for 2 years….she screamed like a little girl! Soooooo happy. My mom and dad I bought new nanos and put my whole catalogue of music on them including my new album and all my videos. My dad’s so hard to buy for. He opened it, put his earphones on and would not speak to us cause he was jamming to the new album. My mom was THRILLED to have my new album. I do know this….they are proud of their daughter. My mom said that had to be kept in a very secret place, so she could protect it….too cute ”

    Based on this tweet, I get the impression that Curb is pushing very hard not to release her album or single. Her tweet sounds like a desperate plea to Curb to give her album and single a chance. So she is using her dad to influence Curb to release her album and single. If she would have closed the twitter account and stopped the staged photo-ops, she wouldn’t have riled up Curb with the ridiculous “Eddie isn’t cheating and Lizzy is my friend” staged photo-ops.

    Why does she make everything about her? She made Brandi’s kid’s birthdays about her. Father’s Day turned into “MEMEME” day. And now her own parents can’t even celebrate a day that is special to them because she is making it all about her. Eddie is making Leann’s life miserable as evidenced by the fact that Leann will use any and everything to validate herself.

    Once again Leann gets caught in a lie. Based on this tweet, the album is DONE so why did she tell her fans that she was delaying the process because SHE wants it to be perfect? So like we all speculated, it’s Curb who is holding up the process.

    Didn’t she also say that she thought her mother was a prude, despite the fact that her mother allowed her to shack up with a grown man at the age of 16 yo? So she is lying. Her mother isn’t THRILLED with the album. She wants Curb to think that she is.

    Seriously? Her mother has been talking about the Chanel bag for 2 years and she is just now buying it for her? Why didn’t she buy it last year or the year before that? So once again Leann is trying to clean up her image. And she is using her own mother to do it. Instead of manipulating people why doesn’t she just do the right thing?

  95. why? says:

    Radaronline and DM wrote an article about Leann arguing with a “fan” on twitter. The article could have been better had ROL acknowledged the fact that Leann has been on twitter arguing with EVERYONE all week long. Even people whom she blocked. Couldn’t they have called Leann out on her hypocrisy? Leann is upset that people are still talking about her affair with Eddie, yet she sits on twitter everday gloating about her album which details her affair with Eddie and trashes Brandi. She can’t expect people to forget about her affair when she herself isn’t willing to do the same.

    What Leann’s “fan” said hit close to home for Leann because it’s probably what Curb told her when they decided to postpone the release of her album and single.

    And Leann is gearing up to release yet another “Eddie isnt’ cheating” photo-op because like she told her “fan”, she has nothing to prove and she is happy. So if she does’t have anything to prove and is happy, then why did she set up another staged bikini/beach/boat/pda photo-op?

    And after whining about privacy and people talking about others, she gets on twitter and makes more posts about Brandi’s kids.

  96. why? says:

    Do you know why Leann has been so agitated on twitter and arguing with people all week long? Because today is Lizzy’s birthday. In case you missed it, Lizzy is Eddie’s mistress, I mean Leann’s “friend” who goes everywhere with Leann and Eddie, including their honeymoon. Leann also had to make out with Lizzy just to get Eddie to walk teh red carpet with her for the ACMs. And when they were on their lake vacation because Eddie doesn’t go anywhere with Leann unless Lizzy is present, Lizzy was putting on a show for Eddie.

    Eddie must have spent lastnight with Lizzy. So what did Eddie buy Lizzy for her birthday? No wonder Leann has to buy her own gifts, Eddie has been using her money to buy gifts for Lizzy. Poor Leann.

    This also explains why Leann has been acting like a 6 yo concerning her birthday. She is competing with Lizzy for Eddie’s affection and attention. How dare Lizzy’s birthday fall before hers! No problem: Leann will fix it by celebrating her birthday everyday of August, so you take that Lizzy!

  97. why? says:

    This is what Leann tweeted: “well, nothing but since this record has been finished. You’ll read the bio….pretty damn candid”

    So the album is DONE, yet it’s not being released until 2013? Does that make sense to anyone? When an artist’s album is DONE, then they release it. She is feeding her fans a bunch a nonsense and they fall for it.

    Note to Leann: Do you honestly think that the candid bio you did for your “I slept with a married man who called me a speedbump and was repulsed by the fact that people thought that he would sleep with me” album is a good idea considering that you just told a fan to move on and stop talking about your affair? How do you expect anyone to stop talking about your affair or calling you a homewrecker, when YOU won’t shut up about it? You take pride in an album about how you deliberately set out to ruin another woman’s marriage and family and then you can’t understand why people judge you. Curb hates your album, so stop misleading your fans by saying that they postponed your album because you want it to be perfect or they have big plans to market this album. If that was the case, you would be marketing the album NOW instead of parading Brandi’s kids in front of GSI to prove to everyone that your hubby isn’t sleeping with the woman you keep trying to pass off as your friend.

    The best thing you can do for yourself is close the twitter account, don’t release the album(after the stunt you pulled on twitter, you are going to get slammed really bad), stop the staged photo-ops, and by all means get away from Eddie. If you were happy, then you wouldn’t be throwing a tantrum on your “friend’s” birthday who just so happens to be sleeping with your husband. You can tell that Eddie is sleeping with Lizzy because now he is making Lizzy dress like Leann, just like he made Leann dress like Brandi!