Leo DiCaprio is a control freak, doesn’t want Erin Heatherton to talk about him

I enjoy how the tabloids are always trying to make Leonardo DiCaprio “happen” as a scandalous celebrity. I have no problem believing that Leo does some (many?) scandalous, gross things, but I just think the tabs pick the wrong stories to push. A few weeks ago, The Enquirer ran a story straight of Bar Raefeli’s Dream Journal, all about how Leo was super-bored with Erin Heatherton and how he longed to be back with Bar. Note to tabloid editors: Leo does not date 23-year-old Victoria’s Secret models because he wants witty conversations and a partnership of equals. He really is looking for the youngest, most easy-going blonde model he can find. And according to Star Mag, he’s found that girl in Erin. Star claims that Leo grows more and more “quirky” (my word) with age, and Erin puts up with it. Probably because she’s an easy-going 23-year-old model whose life-aspiration is to be Mrs. DiCaprio?

The first rule of dating Leonardo DiCaprio is this: You do not talk about Leo DiCaprio! Leo fanatically prohibits his girlfriends – including current squeeze Erin Heatherton – from discussing him or their life together with anybody and everybody.

“Leo is a control freak,” an insider reports. “He doesn’t want people to know anything about his life – not what work projects he’s considering or who his friends are or even what he eats.”

Just like Howard Hughes, Leo is becoming strangely secretive with age, friends say. He reportedly dumped Blake Lively because she told relatives too much about their life together.

“When he met the Livelys at a family get-together, one of Blake’s sisters knew ahead of time that he didn’t like ketchup – and it freaked him out,” a friend explains.

Erin, 23, is apparently so accepting of his bizarre demands that she even avoids being phtoographed with other guys because it upsets her leading man, says another source.

“She’s the first girl who seems to fully accept his eccentricities.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Yeah, I’m not sure if I believe Leo dumped Blake. Blake’s big mouth might have freaked him out – I’ll buy that – but I think Blake did the dumping, and I think it was the first time in a long time that Leo got dumped. As for Leo’s control-freak nature… it wouldn’t surprise me. Leo is somehow able to fly further under the radar (when he wants) than Tom Cruise. How does that happen? Because Leo is a control freak who values his privacy to a really hardcore degree. And I could totally see him telling Erin to STFU about any and all details of his life.

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  1. Doesn’t want her to talk about him? Probably more like doesn’t want her to tal TO him. Does he even know her name?

  2. Eve says:

    I have no problem believing that Leo does some (many?) scandalous, gross things, but I just think the tabs pick the wrong stories to push.

    Whenever I look at his face I think “Dude is totally into ATM”.

  3. Chicagogurl17 says:

    Am not surprised in the least and I don’t blame him. Giselle may have been big, but she did famewhore their relationship a bit too. Why does he keep going for Suzy homemaker/model types…usually 2 things that don’t mesh.

    • lisa says:

      Of all the girls he’s dated,Gisele seems to be the one he was the most normal with..they were actually close in age,and they seemed happy.I always figure that ended because she’s all about kids& fam. She never talked about their relationship!

      • yeah says:

        +1. The article says she is the first one who accepts his eccentricities. That indicates that Leo`s exes didn`t and they talked about him. Also she doesn`t want to upset him so she is not photographed with other guys? The girl makes her living selling underwear, she has nude photos out there, she was inappropriately grabbed by a designer at a movie premier and after all that being photographed with another guy would upset Leo?

  4. Meg says:

    I do think it’s cool that when he interviewed hes not asked about his personal life, or maybe that’s a rule before interviewing him at all. i remember it was a huge deal when he brought gisele to the oscars, he hid her from the press so bad, didnt’ want to be shown up at the oscars. she was in a really flowy, not form fitting dress. he wanted to be the center of attention. I understand-he was nominated, she wasn’t. i remember chad lowe on the red carpet when his then wife hilary swank was nominated for million dollar baby, he was on his cell phone the entire time she walked the red carpet. get over yourself. you’re there to support your wife. jeez

  5. celine says:

    he’s a smelly douchebag and needs to go away.

  6. jess says:

    I came across some videos on youtube of him and Kate Winslet and I have to say she is the only female I’ve seen him look happy with. I know they are only friends but I think they should give it a shot.

  7. Mia 4S says:

    I have no problem believing he has issues with a capital “I”. However considering the girls are all consenting adults and he has no children, I can’t bring myself to care much. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it came out one day that he preferred the company of men in more ways than one, but again following what I just said, that’s his business.

    I have a real disconnect from him off screen. In Inception and the Great Gatsby previews I thought he looked really handsome! Off screen? Yuck.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I loved him so much in “Romeo and Juliet” (yeah I know-snicker away) and thought he was so hot.
      In pap shots, it’s a different story. I’ve seen homeless that more put-together than this dude.
      Pet peeve of mine when dudes wear white socks stretched half-way up their calves. Gross and dad-esque (no offense to hot, stylish dads out there).

    • Irishae says:

      Leo is on my Hit It and Quit It List of Shame, despite gay rumors and a mutual lack of shock if it is ever confirmed true.

      Completely agree about the disconnect. The Departed: Hot, The Beach: Hot, R&J: Hot (snicker).

      • drawbackwards says:

        I concur. (Yes, lame Catch Me If You Can reference.) Very hot on The Departed. Reminds me of Ben A. whom I find attractive only in The Town. Fast Forward to the pull-ups/exercise scene. Dear lawd.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        It’s as if the addition of a VS model and the bad outfits cancels out any attractiveness. Substitute a dog/kitten for that VS model and put him in some non-old man clothes and I might be able to get a lady bone for him again.

        RE: Ben Affleck. ITA-The Town is the only movie I’ve ever found him hot in. Although have you seen the salt-n-pepper hair and the general hotness he’s sporting these days? These men are strange with their flip-flop sexiness. We need some consistency, ladies!

  8. puffy shmuffy says:

    Is the Enquirer on some mission to write ever more outlandish stories on Leo’s love life every week?
    Its getting as weird and contradictory as Justin/Jessica stories!

  9. Julie says:

    if you are an a list celeb that doesnt want his private life all over the news i can understand him and wouldnt see this as a control freak move. its controlling but for good reason.

    on the other hand, he gets to bang young models. leo, do the clooney dance. give them some publicity in exchange for your fun. win:win situation.

  10. polk8dot says:

    I could never ever understand his appeal, as either a man or an actor.
    Actually, I can’t stand his acting! I admit to having watched pretty much every movie of his in the last 15 years, but only because the movies themselves were great, or his castmates made it worth it to put up with his antics. But every time, I just sat with gripped teeth, waiting for him to get off the screen. That’s how bad a visceral reaction he causes in me. For the longest time I had no idea why it was, just that he eeked me out. Then I started noticing stories about his ‘romantic exploits’ and it all fell into place.
    He is sooooo effing GROSS! All pudgy, and dough-y, and slimey, and most likely smelly. Ughhhh. This penchant for young girls, bordering on a fetish, is seriously creepy. I agree that he has no intentions of settling down, probably ever (works so great for looney Clooney, after all); all he wants is a piece on his arm and in his bed, looking pretty and hot, making googley eyes at him in public, walking a few steps behind him, and trying to blend with the surroundings to not take ANY spotlight off of his ‘royal ass-ness’.
    There is something so basically WRONG with a guy who needs constant reassurance about his fame, his hotness, his talent, his ‘acting genius’ that he can only be with a girl who is more in love with his image than him, most likely, and who will not question ANYTHING he says or does. How can he be so insecure, so self-righteous, so ‘image above everything’?
    Oh, I know. He IS just like Clooney, doing everything he can to cultivate his ‘reclusive artistic genius’ image, trying to convince us all he is smart, intelligent, interesting; while in reality being a total lukewarm porridge, boring, dumb, self involved, yet in his own mind doubtless a legend.

  11. Hanna says:

    I think he has some deep “woman” issues. The guy seems miserable.

  12. Sara says:

    I have always really liked him, but when someone goes to such great lengths to hide everything about their personal life, there must be something to hide.

    • Turtle Dove says:

      Maybe, but I know in my case, I just don’t like being the topic of gossip (odd considering that I LOVE to read other peoples!).

      At work I don’t let anyone in on my personal life at. all. I had some mean gossip go around about me before and after that I shut down. I don’t do any of the socials, etc. but the hens still try to pump me for information.

      I dislike sharing at work to the extent that when my mom died last year on Thanksgiving, I didn’t tell any work people.

      My work situation was extreme and I have recently been transferred because of harassment. I couldn’t imagine Leo’s situation where he gets what I got in relation to his work/personal life but on a
      ‘global’ scale. That’s gotta suck.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ Turtle Dove-same here. I never tell my co-workers anything about my personal life and I’ve worked here for 6 years! They know now to not ask.
        Some people are just private. *shrugs*

      • Turtle Dove says:

        Do they hate on you for that. You know… the looks, whispers, and all that catty girl stuff?

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ Turtle Dove-No, thank god (I’ve had that happen to me before though-it’s a nightmare). I work at a small firm with mainly older people so they just want to know who I’m dating etc. The problem with that is once I tell them who I’m dating then it’s “When are you gonna get married?” and then when/if I’m married “when are you going to have kids?”
        It’s just annoying. It’s like you give them a bite and suddenly they want the whole effin’ sandwich.

        PS-I hope you don’t/didn’t have to deal with catty girls. I know how bad that can get.

      • Turtle Dove says:

        Ugh… basically you work with your Grandmother x (insert #). That ‘seems’ harmless enough, but you do know that they Grandma whisper behind your back. lol

        Unfortunately, I did deal with cattiness and it some of it came from two of my supervisors, so I complained to HR and was given a transfer. What these two women did to me was illegal. Head Office knew it, I knew it, and the best part is the women got in hell for it and both were transferred also. They did me a favor really. I wanted a new location for a long time. :)

    • LMAO says:

      JMO but you guys are not celebrities. They are in the public eye so their private life is going to be exposed to a certain level. Don`t get me wrong. Being famous doesn`t mean you have to live your life Kardashian style but someone with Leo`s fame is always going to attract gossip. Especially when it comes to a nearly 40 years old bachelor who loves to party and chase young girls. I don`t see Matt Damon or Mark Wahlberg being chased like him. On one hand he wants his privacy protected but on the other hand his lifestyle attracts attention.

  13. hahaha says:

    `accepts his eccentricities` Like she has a choice. She agreed to it for the title of `Leo`s current toy` so she doesn`t have a choice. Otherwise she can pack her stuff. I wonder what`s in it for her because she is as boring as she can be and her career doesn`t seem to profit from this relationship. If she is up for the Mrs Dicaprio role she will get a rude awakening.
    BUT the story is from Star magazine so probably BS just like everything else they publish…

  14. Nessa says:

    I love Leo’s movies… But off-screen he seems like a total creep on so many levels. He seems as shady as they come, even by Hollywood standards.

  15. Bobby the K says:

    The second last image on the bikes is really nice.

  16. jamie says:

    When I saw the pic on the main page my first thought was, “Oh cool! A Ricky Gervais post!”

  17. ???? says:

    Trying hard to hide his private life means there is something to hide. Erin is a typical Leo girlfriend. Just the fact that she started dating this weird aging modelizer says a lot about her and not in a good way. He sure likes them blonde, young and dumb.

    • Trek Girl says:

      Trying hard to hide his private life doesn’t automatically mean that there’s something to hide.

      It could very well mean that he likes keeping his career and professional life seperate from his private life so that they do not negatively affect each other, or because he just doesn’t like everyone knowing every thing. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  18. Turtle Dove says:

    Erin, like all the others, is probably contracted to not talk about him. Of course, he’s a control freak about his life. He once said that if people know too much about his life then they would not see him as believable in the characters he plays. Makes sense. I mean, can you watch a JLo movie (if anyone has done that lately) and not thought about her Jenny from the blockness?

    • LMAO says:

      I mean even though he is trying to hide I think his private life is pretty much an open book by now. Hollywood lifestyle, famous friends, parties, always the exact same type of model as the official girlfriend? What else is there to hide? And it does affect his professional life because he really wants to be taken seriously as an actor but his private life screams immature, shallow and man-child.

      • Turtle Dove says:

        I guess, but we don’t ‘really’ know what goes down. At this point we’re running on rumor and speculation based on his friends and companions.

        The earlier bad-boy actors had it so much easier. No paps and they could be as drunk and drug fueled as they wanted. Leo works pretty hard at not being seen as that “bad-boy”, but I think it’s there; it just hasn’t all been revealed.

        I’m holding out for a salacious tell-all. Imagine the dish. ;)

  19. Helvetica says:

    This is not news.

    Leo has always fiercely guarded his personal life. It’s been this way since the beginning, with every girl he’s ever dated and his friends.

    Personally, I love him for it. The less you know about an actor, the more their characters are believable when you see one of their movies.

    The less people know, the better.

    Plus, privacy is a turn on, IMO.

    • Stormy says:

      I agree.i’m a private person,so I understand.Also I love Leo,always have,always will…

    • butch says:

      I also love Leo. The more private, the more normal inside the fame game. I’ve cultivated a few eccentricities myself and I’m glad it’s only the person I love who see and understands. Imagine what its like for an well known actor who hasn’t found a person they can trust. I think one day he’ll have to accept his life as it is and always will be – not normal.

    • Relli says:

      Agreed. I also think that when you are a public figure there are some things you just want to keep to yourself, that’s perfectly acceptable. Let’s not forget he is a Scorpio (as am I) and we are by nature intensly private people, as a friend once told me it’s something you have to just accept in order to be my friend. And in this day in age I have to respect someone who isn’t willing to sellout their personal lives just to drum up interest and fame, I think we all know who I am talking about!?!?

      I also hate ketchup, so nasty

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      Good point, hadn’t thought about it from that perspective – he is a very good actor, in that movie with Jack Nicholson and Mark Wahlberg he was amazing.

  20. Milla says:

    I don’t blame him. Why would someone get extra attention or fame just for dating a movie star?
    I cannot say that I am his fan, but on the other hand, I think he is v. talented and keeping his private life private is probably the only way to stay sane in Hollywood.

  21. carrie says:

    he was always very private of his personal life :Gisèle had been the one to be really official

  22. lily says:

    He doesn’t age well. His face is so bloated !

  23. dorothy says:

    He strikes me as a very odd person. Very shallow. I don’t really get his appeal.

  24. carlino altoviti says:

    He really is becoming Howard Hughes, or John Edgar Hoover.

  25. ice cream says:

    Is this really a bad thing though? I mean why do we need to know anything about his private life? Why is it considered “weird” that he doesn’t want everyone knowing what he does when he’s not working?

    If only all the other celebs didn’t inundate us with every little detail of their lives!

    • BB says:

      I don’t find weird that he refuses to talk about his private life but his girlfriends have the right to talk about because it’s also theirs private life… you can’t ask someone to shut up because it’s what you want.

      • A Girl Named Mikki says:

        But what you can do BB is discuss what you PREFER (or the terms) in your relationship beforehand which should be done anyway whether it’s with a celeb or not.

        With any relationship there are deal-breakers and as for celebrities, I think they have every right to make “respecting their privacy” a condition.

      • BB says:

        you’re a celebrity because it’s something you want, if you dislike, which I understand because I hate talking about me, find an other job or stop acting and live your life out of the spotlight and don’t date women or men who love the fame and use your celbrity for your carrer

      • A Girl Named Mikki says:

        First BB let’s be clear about something. There are talented actors/entertainers, with big names, who don’t live their personal lives in the spotlight.

        I have had experiences with a few celebrities I knew personally (and have heard about others) who have led personal lives without the public microscope.

        They only appeared in front of cameras for events or when their projects called for it, then they went home to their partners, families, etc. in peace.

        What you’re expressing is merely a “belief”; some actors buy into that perspective, some don’t.

        The truth is many entertainers/artists prove that it’s possible to express God-given talent or do what inspires you without the media circus or public scrutiny other celebrities bring on themselves.

      • BB says:

        you’re right but I talk about him and he is paps friendly whan he wants and changes a fews days after that ‘s his problem.

  26. ice cream says:

    Not saying he’s some bastion of wonderfulness, he seems kinda skeezy & a blatant modeliser but really who cares?! Why is it considered weird for him to attempt to keep this stuff private?

  27. MustardMan says:

    ALL celebrities control what is said about them, and who can blame them??? No one wants private information to be splashed all over a tabloid. You think Leo’s obsessive about his privacy; he’s nothing compared to Joaquin Phoenix.

  28. Trek Girl says:

    You guys are hilarious.

    Many of you are constantly saying that you wish more celebrities would stay out of the public eye, and keep their private lives private.

    Here’s a star who values his privacy and goes out of his way to stay away from the paparazzi and keep his business out of the tabloids, and now several of you are actually saying that he must have something to hide and that there’s something wrong with him keeping the details of his life to himself. A few of you are actually saying that he might be gay.

    You guys are ridiculous sometimes. Not all of you, but many of you.

    • A Girl Named Mikki says:

      ^^^THIS!! x 1,000!

      Which is why I admire celebs like Leo who do what’s right for them and say the hell with it.

      They just can’t win with the public! It’s too many people wanting different things from them so it’s best for them to be who and what they are…

    • yeah says:

      He goes out of his way to stay away from paparazzi except when he couldn`t care less about them. There were numerous occasions when they were right in his face but he didn`t care. He is private when it suits him. Not talking is one requirement to date him besides being under the age of 25, being a model …etc. I do believe he is a control freak and his girlfriends are simply not allowed to talk otherwise they can pack.

      • Trek Girl says:

        I’m not sure what you mean. Are you saying that because DiCaprio ignores the paprazzi when they’re right in his face, he’s not being private or he’s seeking attention?
        If DiCaprio were to react whenever the paparazzi were around he would only garner more attention and much more interaction. Ignoring them and going on about his business even if the paparazzi are in plain sight or right in front of him is the best thing he can do.

        If he is controlling regarding what the women who date him say to the media or people connected to the media, well, that makes sense. Having a significant other who leaks details that give away where you are, where you’re going, and what you do is not a good idea when one wants to keep one’s life private. He’s not the only star to do that either.

  29. normades says:

    Hmmm…now this is interesting. First time I’ve heard that Leo dumped Blake in Bleo. But that whole relationship was so weird how he was hamming it up for the paps. Now he’s back to the super model dl.


  30. mimi says:

    I think he is an odd guy, but I totally understand and would probably feel the same about protecting his privacy.

    He happened to be a great actor, but as opposed to a great scientist/ lawyer/ electrician, he has to suffer constant digging into his private life.

    He doesn’t want that and he was exploited in the past by “girlfriends” who used his fame and their private life together to become more famous and more successful as models, so it is completely reasonable he wouldn’t want that to happen again.

    I do feel zero sexual tension between them or any of his past women of the hour, and he gives an a-sexual vibe in paparazi photos.

    I wouldn’t like him any less as an actor, if he would come out of the closet, or maybe he is not gay, but just indifferent to the other women he hangs with from sexist reasons or inability to see a woman as more than just a sex partner/ companion.

  31. AnnieGrey says:

    I wonder if Leo’s OCD plays a part in the need for privacy. I understand, if that’s it, because it’s difficult for me to not want to keep an inner circle of people around that understand, and block out everyone else. It’s an isolating thing.

  32. M.Gay says:

    he always looks so gross. no mather how much MULA he has, i would NEVA hit that..looking like a 18 year old..Not everyone is from the fairyland where you never grow up.

  33. Mary says:

    haha very funny, considering Lively is the one that dumped Leo…

  34. Lady_Luck says:

    Oh gawd, as much as he annoys me, this simpering, pathetic, zero personality doormat Erin annoys me all the more for putting up with that.

  35. KellyinSeattle says:

    He’s so unattractive; like a 13 year old boy