“Miss USA is going to rehab” Links

Tara Conner, Miss USA, is not going to be stripped of her crown since it’s not that controversial to do cocaine and sleep with girls considering Britney and Paris [Agent Bedhead]
Paris Hilton is taking acting classes [CelebWarship]
Larry King is Scrooge [CityRag]
Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy go ice skating [I’m Not Obsessed]
– The Bastardly lady of the day is Canadian and arguably hot [Bastardly]
Lauren Bacall is still a force to be reckoned with [Socialite’s Life]
The Good German with George Clooney and Kate Blanchett is too arty for most people [Pajiba]
– Four Christmas presents of the apocalypse [Celebritology]
Victoria Beckham as an alien bride [popbytes]
Sienna Miller’s vodka diet [Egotastic]
– Who has a better fat ass: Coco or Vida Guerra? [Derek Hail]
Ivanka Trump looks faker than ever [Celebslam]
Uma Thurman and Colin Firth on the set of The Accidental Husband [Gabsmash]
Josh Hartnett needs an eyebrow wax [Mollygood]
– Christmas with Colonel Sanders [Haute Gossip]
Britney Spears tries to upstage some strippers, gets thrown off the stage twice [The Blemish]
Sharon Stone and Christian Slater? [Glitterati]
Scary Spice is a demon in bed according to some personal trainer she slept with [Rhymes with Snitch]
– Twins expound on celebrity gossip [Evil Beet]
Aaron Carter is taken [yeeeah]
Nicole Richie won’t host a New Year’s Eve party she was scheduled to do [Hollyscoop]
– How is Julia Stiles so pretty yet so fug at the same time? [ICYDK]
Santa has to lose weight [Celeb-Diet]
Vincent Gallo still thinks he can get paid for sex [Spank Cheeks]

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  1. jess says:

    she has the worst fake boobs i’ve ever seen. is this miss porn star? cuz i thought she was supposed to be miss usa….lmao

  2. frewtloop says:

    WTF! Thats the first time I’ve seen this chick. Surely it should be a requirement of a beauty queen that you have natural looking assets. Those fake tits are dreadful.

  3. kailie2 says:

    Jess… you’re too funny, I was about to say the same thing! Since when it is acceptable for Miss USA to have PS, look and act like a porn star? I wonder what she had to do to beg Trump’s forgiveness? I can think of few things…

  4. ertarox says:

    I cna’t help but think porn star when I see her, always. Then again, it’s about time that Miss USA was a porn star and we just merged our morally bankrupt society into one screwed up belief system instead of 2 so similar.

    Yeah, she fucked him. Gross. Who’s hair is stringier? Ew.

  5. kailie2 says:

    “Then again, it’s about time that Miss USA was a porn star and we just merged our morally bankrupt society into one screwed up belief system instead of 2 so similar.” I’m afraid you have a point here. I wonder how much longer before porn becomes mainstream–in regular movies, ads etc.

  6. FF says:

    Maybe Miss America is meant to look like a porn star and it’s a meta comment about the nation in question – especially as she’s now going into rehab but not going to have her title/crown rescinded?

    Should we observe this as a statement on the nation being represented? Or a commentary on the state of celebrity in said nation being represented?

    With very few actions having damaging consequences for celebrity, or actual negative repercussions for the individuals in question, what will be defined as the new limits of taste –
    particularly to the next generation of female ‘celebrities’ to whom absentee panties and hard ‘partying’ will be the norm?

    I could spin this out all day.

  7. Gigohead says:

    I heard on the today show that she sort of is in denial that she has a drinking problem and said she’ll do rehab because it’s free Doesn’t sound like she’s sorry at all. She should have gotten fired. That’s what a real boss would have done.

  8. KIM says:

    I agree FF- what does it say about this country when Miss USA is in rehab? PATHETIC!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Gosh…what happened to the days of one piece mom-type swimsuits with big hair and the girl next door look?

    Definitely looks like a porn star. Without knowing who she is I would have made that connection.

    She needs to stick her boobs back in her swimsuit. It looks gross.

  10. ThisGirl says:

    Ertarox & Kailie2, I agree completely.

    Are there rules about plastic surgery in the Miss USA pagent? Or can they cut and slice their way to a crown based on aritifical parts and pieces? Her breasts are so knobby and fake looking, and I think that’s a stretch to even call that a swimsuit. The word “stripper” comes to mind.

  11. KIM says:

    Remember Vanessa Williams- she was De-Crowned when her nude photos came out? I think that a drug and alocohol problem is a little more serious and damaging than showing your boobies once when you were young and broke.

  12. kailie2 says:

    KIM, I totally agree about Vanessa Williams but I’d add that she was in the Miss America contest–they have actual rules, talent competition etc. Still, Trump should have SOME standards — many people confuse Miss USA with Miss America and, after all, this girl will go on to the Miss Universe competition. Will she being doing coke off some stipper’s ass then?

  13. me says:

    Here we go again US. First you reelected Bush, now this girl should be a role model???!!!!! Ouch! What is going on with this nation that used to be admired from the rest of the world? I came from Europe and I know that well. Now – you don’t even want to know. I am raising my kids here, and I am trying so hard to protect them from today’s role modes?! Something is terribly wrong. I blame mostly media, they are focusing on wrong people. There are so many good and decent celebrities, but they are hardy mentioned in the media. All we can see and read are those fake, anorexic, drug addict, 3/4 naked girls, with so many artificial parts on their bodies that they look like aliens not humans.
    Honestly I don’t even read about them anymore, it’s boring and annoying to read over and over again about partying, who slept with who, who’s wearing what,… There are so many other things beside shopping, partying, shopping, partying,…

  14. KIM says:

    I know Vanessa Williams was Miss America- my point being that you are supposed to be a role model. There can’t be that much difference in the rules. This girl’s one step away from being the centerfold in the next Hustler.

  15. beanie says:

    She’s a skank. The Donald’s wife better watch her back. She may be the next Mrs. Trump!

  16. kailie2 says:

    Kim, the difference in rules is that Miss USA has none and The Donald is all about ratings–it’s essentially a swimsuit competition. Miss Nevada was supposedly doing the same thing. It IS a preliminary step to a Hustler centerfold.

  17. lyric says:

    Dear Lord..,she certainly looks like something Donald Trump would like.

  18. Action says:

    Lauren Bacall really bugs me. In her book By Myself and Then Some she openly admits having affairs with about 3-4 married costars. That the ‘passion was just there and couldn’t be helped’.

    She’s certainly doing great and looks fab for he age and she went through a lot with Humphrey Bogart and his health. I heard she’s fabulous on broadway too.

  19. kailie2 says:

    Is it true about Lauren Bacall? So weird she’d admit to have casual affairs with married costars. The passion excuse is a twinkie defense.

  20. Action says:

    Well, it’s what she wrote in her autobiography. Her relationship with Bogart started out as an affair and the other relationships she had after that (flings or more serious) almost all started out with someone who was married at the time. I know that one stayed married to his wife and she was just ‘the other woman’ on the set while they were away performing. He went back to his wife when all was said and done without the wife having knowledge of it (at least that she let on).

    She’s a strong woman and was through a lot losing Bogart to throat cancer (I cried during that part of the book–it was very well written). The addition part “and then some” wasn’t very well written or emotional. It was basically a timeline of what she’s been up to since it was first written in 1978. I liked the book, it was very honest and not asking for pity or understanding. But it bugged me that she had so many relationships with married men.

  21. NYSailorScout says:

    Donald Trump, you racist fuck. I don’t know what’s worse. The fact that you only kept her as Miss USA because a black woman was the runner-up or the fact that you probably fucked this young “lady”.

  22. just me says:

    These girls on the pagents are all fake. If it’s not the 20lb of make-up to alter their looks, it’s the fake nose, boobs, butt, lipo, hair extensions, teeth, lips, brow lift and I could go on. It’s sad that this is what young people see as beauty. They are damaging so many people. They should have a rule where you could only come in to the competition with no plastic surgery. Natural the way you were born. I feel I’m being lied to every time I see these before and after pics. They are lying to everyone and Liers and not a good role models.

  23. Cynthia says:

    Vanessa Williams crown was taken from her because she and another woman took graphic nude pics that surfaced in Penthouse magazine. My brother has that issue since he is a fan of the fallen Ms.America and Ugly Betty actress. What Tara did is not as extreme, she only got drunk with a bunch of guys and that Ms.Pig knuckles Katie Blair, and according to chaperones whom also lived with the beauty queens, there was no hanky panky between the two beauty queens. Tara said herself on Etonline and The Insider she had lots of guys coming in and out of that house coming to see her. I remember Pat O’Brien asking her what was going on with all her male company and she said my private life is just that with my male friends private.