Vanessa Paradis: “Why would I fix my teeth? I can spit water through them”

It really does seem like Vanessa Paradis sat down for no fewer than three major magazine interviews around the time she and Johnny Depp were officially separating. Of course, Vanessa is promoting a film, and she was just being a pro, right? I previewed some of Vanessa’s mag pieces yesterday – Marie Claire France, French Elle and Harper’s Bazaar US. Bazaar released their full Paradis story yesterday, and while this isn’t some huge confessional, Vanessa definitely IS talking about her split with Johnny. This is the interview where Vanessa says, “Love is the strongest and most fragile thing we have in life. Nothing is ever for sure, but when something in love doesn’t work from the beginning, it’s never going to work. Don’t push it.” You can read the full piece here, and here are some highlights:

Meeting your soulmate: “When you meet the love of your life, it’s just obvious and natural and easier,” she says. But, she adds, “you keep learning all the time. Sometimes you could be in an unhappy relationship; you are very much in love with someone, but it’s making you unhappy and you think things can change and you can work it out.”

Intimacy: They made French their own private language, speaking it when they “needed to have intimacy, when you want to have secrets in the middle of a crowd,” Paradis says. Two children quickly followed, Lily-Rose, now 13, and John, nicknamed Jack, 10.

Becoming “the ultimate chic vagabonds”: “It takes a lot of thinking and organization,” Paradis says of the nomadic existence. Even now, their primary concern is to maintain a sense of balance and protect their children from the tabloid glare. “We have a very privileged life. But even when we are in L.A., where it’s focused on the film industry, it’s also very family-oriented. I’m in love with the schools. We try to keep it normal.”

On fame: “I was for sure not prepared for fame when it happened,” Paradis recalls of her precipitous rise. “But nobody pushed me to do it. I wanted to sing, to dance, to work.” Now that Lily-Rose is one year shy of “Joe le Taxi” age, writes her own songs, and loves to sing (and in her cutoff jeans and tousled hair is the spitting image of her maman), Paradis sees a different path for her daughter. “Right now I hope she can wait, live her life, and be prepared. She sings a lot, which is great to build up her voice. But it’s a very strange situation,” she says. Paradis is referring to childhood stardom, though with all the extra attention paid to her private life, what was once strange has gotten stranger still.

On aging, plastic surgery and fixing her teeth: As for Paradis’s own beauty, it has simply morphed over the years: She has aged without a lot of fuss. Deep laugh lines frame her teal-smudged eyes, and her face reveals considerable animation. She says she doesn’t plan on plastic surgery. (“I don’t work in America, so I don’t feel the pressure.”) And forget about altering what the French call les dents du bonheur, or lucky teeth. “Why would I fix them? I was born with them. I can spit water through them. They’re useful!”

Moving on to the next man: The day that Paradis moves on, in France at least, the press will run wild again. There are already rumors linking her with singer-songwriter Benjamin Biolay and Lenny Kravitz, which one should take with an enormous grain of fleur de sel. That said, Paradis does have an eye for a specific kind of man. “Well, my type is obviously creative,” she says, with a quick smile. “Creative, with burning eyes and a pretty mouth.”

[From Harper’s Bazaar]

Burning eyes, creative and a pretty mouth? Bitch wants a piece of Tom Hardy!!!!! Oh, you in danger, girl. Tom Hardy’s burning eyes and pretty mouth are mine. MINE. I do like what she says about aging, plastic surgery and her teeth. Seriously, this woman is 39 years old – she’s beautiful in the particular kind of French way (or what this gauche American thinks of as “the French way”). She doesn’t need to fix her teeth or get Botoxed or any of that. Although I do think she’ll probably feel a moment of “Seriously, I need to get my eyes done” when Johnny really starts getting hot and heavy with a 23-year-old. I hope she manages to avoid it, though.

Photos courtesy of Bazaar, WENN.

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  1. bowers says:

    Depp’s a fool.

    • bns says:

      Isn’t he?! She’s so beautiful and seems really lovely.

      I understand that sometimes relationships just don’t work, but I think Johnny screwed it up.

    • Rin says:

      You know, I agree. I really like this chic. She seems smart and interesting.

    • Anna says:

      100% agree… Maybe I known for being one of the vocal KStew detractors, but you know, I admire Vanessa Paradis and now, is bigger my admiration for her.

      Johnny Depp is the perfect example of a d-bag and a white trash in terms of a middle -age crisis. The only difference is Depp’s money, but again he’s very immature and ridiculous at this stage of his life.

      Vanessa Paradis is a mature, talented and confident woman who deserves a real man and I hope she finds him. Also, she’s beautiful even with her “physical imperfections” -Actually, that makes her more interesting.

    • MW says:

      You nailed it, bowers.

  2. CN says:

    I love that she pokes fun at something people constantly tease her for – she likes her teeth as they are and that’s all that matters.

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      That is awesome – and shows she is a strong woman who is a leader rather than a follower..cough cough Demi Moore cough.

      • Divorcee says:

        What do u really know about Vanessa except for what she says during interviews? Famous people all the time tell interviewers etc. beforehand what they are allowed to ask, a no comment would of been better.This is what I read from someone’s post that Vanessa turns her nose up at fans seeking autographs. Her so-called singing career began at 8 thanks to famous relative, she had a European pop hit at 14, then at 15 starred nude in a movie as a Lolita sleeping with her married 47 yo teacher, while in real life she was sleeping with a 27 yo French singer. That’s why the French spat at her in the street and wrote “whore” on her apt bdg. She’s used one man after another to scratch her way as far as she could go, including now trying to extort as much $$$ as possible from the man who provided her 14 years of intl fame & luxury after she trapped him through pregnancy during a 12 week affair.

      • Thays says:


        The same question for you… LOL

        ” What do u really know about Vanessa except for what she says during interviews?” NOTHING

        You are just being bitter and silly.

      • Divorcee says:

        Thays, I could careless about her. I only read bits and pieces of what Kaiser wrote. I just find it really pathetic that you ladies have to bash Johnnny Depp and American celebrities for ex. Demi Moore just to praise Vanessa. Oh yeah, that’s classy. Demi and Vanessa had totally different life experiences. It’s like comparing apples and oranges.

        To me it sound like you ladies are the bitter ones trashing Johnny Depp just because he and Vanessa are no longer together. Calling Johnny Depp a cheater, an alcoholic, a man experiencing a midlife crisis etc., it’s sad really. There is no proof whatsoever that he cheated, there is only one time he was spotted drunk and that was in New York City. It’s silly how so many people believe everything they hear or read. Seems to me that Johnny’s having to much fun to regret anything.

        I know enough about Vanessa to not want to know about her. She needs to put some damn clothes on her child. Lily dresses the same way Vanessa did back than. There is nothing classy about the French allowing their kids to dress that way.

      • Thays says:

        Well, this here is a gossip site where people give their opinion, they will say whatever he wants. Do not take it too seriously.
        Lily dresses like most girls in LA “miley cyrus shorts” style. That’s what the girls are using here.

      • stop the madness says:

        at 15 starred nude in a movie as a Lolita sleeping with her married 47 yo teacher,
        According to imdb she was 17 yo not 15 yo. No matter what, people bullying her, and vandalizing her property was not ok.

        Johnny Depp said: “I’m glad I didn’t have children until Vanessa and I got together.” If she’s was good enough for him to have children with deal with it.

        Stop reading about her if you don’t want to know about her. Just don’t click the link.

        She’s going to be ok, he’s going to be ok, will you?!

      • Divorcee says:

        I know this is a gossip site and that I can say whatever I want, Thays.

        I live in Los Angeles and I haven’t seen any 13 or 14 year olds dressing provocatively.

        stop the madness, if you would of read my comment it said I read this from someone elses’s post. IMDB is like Wiki not totally accurate. And Vanessa putting a paperbag over her face helps alot and shows how strong she is.

        And thanks for the laugh about the Vanessa comment. Johnny dated up and coming actresses who was competing with eachother. He broke up with one since he wasn’t financially stable, the child star he dated the parents didn’t approve of, and the list goes on.

        I like to read nonsense from time to time.

        I’m going good thanks for your concern, stop the madness.

  3. bea says:

    Best answer to that question ever!

  4. nina says:

    bwahaha, I loved her answer about her teeth. What a hot bitch she is.

  5. Amelia says:

    What a pro 🙂 aren’t gapped teeth coming back in fashion though, what with Lara Stone and Jagger’s kid? Or is that particular to the UK?

  6. LucyOriginal says:

    If any of us wondered why Johnny fell in love with her, now we know why. She seems an amazing person. What a fool he is! (Did I sound like yoda?). As I said before, when his midlife crisis passe, he will regret the end of their relationship.

  7. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    Now that’s one fantastic woman!

  8. Eleonor says:

    Even the great Barbra Streisand never had a nose job. Self confidence is a great thing. I like strong women.

    • Egla says:

      look at her forehead please. i’m 32 and mine is not as smooth as hers. it’s not supose to look like that. anyway she looks pretty natural in other parts of her face. just saying. aaaaaaaaaand i like her…she looks a genuine person in general.

  9. Mrs. Darcy says:

    I like her more and more and really do think it’s Johnny’s loss. I actually believe her about not succumbing to plastic surgery but it is every woman’s choice in the end, she really seems pretty grounded and secure in herself though. I highly recommend the movie Heartbreaker w/her and Romain Duris, even for people who don’t usually like French films it is just so adorable. Johnny has fallen in my estimation a lot, he needs a cool chick like Vanessa, not some Hollywod starlet. The fact that the girl he may or may not have left her for is so completely talentless does make me think he is more shallow and foolish than I ever would have thought.

  10. Maritza says:

    Well at least she is happy with herself, who are we to judge? Good! for her

  11. Little Darling says:

    She’s pretty amazing isn’t she? I like hearing her interviews and yes, it makes me look at her more than either Johnny’s partner or just a big water gap toofy grin.

    She’s good!

  12. shannon says:

    Good for her, she’s gorgeous, funny and intelligent. She could be my new girl-crush. I have funky teeth, no gap but serious fangs. Every single time I go to the dentist, I get, “Have you thought about braces?” And I say, “Yup, I’ve thought I don’t want them.” Perfectly straight teeth are boring to me. Just keep ’em clean and rock what God gave ya IMO

    • K says:

      I have a fang too! Whole family has it would never ‘fix’ the family trait! I love slightly non perfect teeth!

  13. SnarkySnarkers says:

    What a fun answer to that question about her teeth. That shows lots of self confidence and thats sexier than perfect teeth anyway IMO. She reminds me of Alicia Silverstone a bit. Mabey shes more at ease with aging and Johnny is struggling with getting older, hence dating much younger woman. Bless her.

    • Rumorhasit says:

      I liked her answer too, and that top pic of her is amazing, she’s smoldering in it. The unexpected, sense of humor, down to earth attitude, and real world intelligence, Vanessa displays, can’t be undervalued.
      Hopefully, he will stop bashing her in the media. I never believed one word about her, that came from his camp, now I’m convinced; he and they are idiots.

    • slh says:

      What ‘much younger women’ has Johnny been dating? He isn’t with anyone.

      • SnarkySnarkers says:

        Sorry slh, “Rumored” to be dating. How old is Amber Heard? 26 and 49 seem a little mismatched age wise.

  14. v says:

    She’s awesome.

  15. lizzi says:

    I never knew anything about her, and now I really like her. She’s awesome! She makes me want to be more confident. Confidence is SEXY!

  16. Rux says:

    WOW! I really liked her comment about “not working in America and feeling the pressure for plastic surgery” that really says a lot about our American culture.

    • GHJackie says:

      It does. The French haven’t yet succumbed to the cult of Youth. I hope they stay that way too.

      • lafairy says:

        yes… but we do have others powerful cults: being really really thin for example! Just go to any random shop in Paris and look at the stares and pitiful looks around if you dare to ask a size up to 26/27 in jeans or 8 for a dress.

        And high end shops have only 5 sizes :0,2,4,6 and 8 (8 being a “big” girl) most women in Paris fit the 2/4 sizes not matter age!!

        and if you dare to gain 2/3 pounds you are being constantlty lectured about it: your mom,your grand-ma who find you less pretty “like this”, your friends who openly tell you that you have to start “watching after yourself”, yes even your male friends!!

        And men just stop looking at you or chatting you up for these 3 extra pounds to your size 2!!

        and don’t let me get started on how much effort it takes to look “natural”… and it is a bit mandatory since other looks than “natural” are being ditched “vulgar” or “tacky”, which are the most mortifying words ever.

        So yeah we do not have the cult of youth but we do have some air-sucking and choking other ones too!:/

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Every time I’m in Paris I’m shocked by how thin everyone there is. I think walking is a big part of it but I also think smoking is a BIG factor. It seems like EVERYONE smokes out there yet somehow everyone has awesome skin. I don’t get it.

        Anyway, after last time, I officially decided I wouldn’t be able to live in Paris-it would be too hard on my self-esteem!

      • GHJackie says:

        @lafairy: Paris has the cult of “really slim” although the girls don’t seem to be getting pushed into anorexia territory, unlike elsewhere. There is still a sense of individual beauty, rather than “you have to look like this model or that model otherwise you’re not attractive”. Said models being highly photoshopped of course, even they don’t look like themselves. Once you get away from Paris, it’s a lot less draconian. And the food is better 😉
        Even then, most French women are small 5’6″ and under and fine boned. They walk a lot, they’ve retained food traditions and probably most importantly, they drink water rather than soft drinks. But it’s true that the French view excess weight as a sign of weakness or lack of self control. I’d also suggest that if your boyfriend or husband is giving you grief over 2 or 3 pounds, you might gently remind him that his hairline is receding slightly, yet you love him just the same (le con) 😉

        As for “natural”. 95% of the women I’ve seen in France wear no or almost no makeup. They do however, look after their skin, their hair, their nails etc. the big difference, in my opinion, is that the French are not (yet) brainwashed from birth by the media into believing they will never be good enough, but if only they buy this (mascara, pair of pants, dress, purse, pair of shoes… Whatever is being sold as the solution), then maybe they’ll feel whole. And if it doesn’t work, buy, buy, buy some more!

      • lafairy says:

        Hey How are you?

        for the girls of my generation (I am 25) there are more non-smokers tha smokers, while at my mom and aunties’time (my aunts are just 12 et 14 years older than me) smoking was huge at being used to maintain weight then.

        Yes walking is big… but it doesn’t work just alone, controlling what you eat is the core of it!!and it is permanent!

        Me and most of my girlfriends are between size 0 and 4 none of us smoke and even if none of us will ever admit it, even under torture, we are always in ‘control’, salads, green veg and lean protein, small portions… and when you had brunch or a chocolate splurge at angelina’s that means a really really light diner (just a soup and low fat yogurt).
        I gained 2 pounds recently, I am a size 2, and everyone is reminding me that I should “watch it!”, everywhere, even my dad at the restaurant when I was looking at the menu and opting for salted caramel crêpe as a dessert told me: aren’t you ‘watching” out what you eat now? My grand-ma told me I more pretty when I am “thinner”.

        So basically we are thin because otherwise the social pressure is unbearable.


        Yes we do eat pain au chocolat, croissant and macarons… but ocasionally (on sundays!) the rest of the time think lean… And my misfortune is that I have sweet tooth and an immoderate love for patistry that make me pick up a “gôuter” every day at my pâtisseie of choice! ;)!

      • Eleonor says:

        @ lafairy: thank you for saying this. Since I’ve moved to France I’ve started feeling like a whale!I’m a size 6 (I hope I got this right) and I’m afraid here, one day or another, they’ll send me in the big sizes departement!

      • GHJackie says:

        @lafairy: Even the smell of the hot chocolate at Angelina’s will make you put on 2 or 3 pounds. You may as well just slather it directly on your thighs. But Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

      • lafairy says:


        Yes we do watch after our skin, hair, take supplements for avoiding dark circles, to enhance complexion… etc.

        But regarding:
        “95% of the women I’ve seen in France wear no or almost no makeup.”

        I am sorry but I beg to differ STRONGLY from you, I am French, and MOST women do wear makeup…that is what the “natural” look is about: wearing unoticeale makeup, we do not ‘paint’ ourselves with color we ‘enhance’ and that is the most difficult thing to do.
        I wear daily: a teinted cream, foundation, flesh coloured eyeshadow and a natural color blush, if I don’t say it no one will notice! That’s the french look.

        Actually 95% of French women wear makeup and we ar huge cosmetic worshiper (we buy creams fror everything!lol!)

        and yes if the extra pounds come directly from angelina to your hips, they are totally worth it! and don’t even get me started on Jacques Génin, Patrick Roger, Jean-Paul hévin et la pâtisserie de rêve…^^LOL!! I can totally live on petits choux à la crème and religieuse au caramel ;)!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Lafairy-Salted caramel crepe….oh my good god that is the most amazing sh*t on the planet!

        I grew up eating crepe and my mom is Breton so she makes a mean galette too! 😀

        It’s amazing that the French stay so skinny with all the incredible pastries and food options there are out there. I guess it must be a lot of pressure! Also, so many of the Parisian men are SO tiny compared to American men so I bet that only compounds the problem. Who wants to be bigger than their boyfriend?

      • lafairy says:


        miam!! galettes bretonnes! you are super lucky!

        yeaah men are smaller too, they do control themselves too ;).. but I prefer the more athletic and big ones 😉
        Well my boyfriend is from Croatian descent so I have that secured!LOL!

      • GHJackie says:


        Yes, exactly that and that is the perfect word.

        Grow up in North America or the UK and you wear makeup to disguise, not enhance. The girls grow up being subjected to unattainable images of what they should look like and try by any means to make themselves into something they’re not, as opposed to working with what they have, making it their own and owning who they are.

        French women have a much easier time doing that. Even French cinema reflects acceptance for the less-than-perfect physically but has-character-or-talent.

        Another thing, and it’s good AND very bad… the utter lack of sports in French schools. On one hand, it’s a huge lacune in the French educational system. On the other hand, and this from a personal level, growing up being on all the teams and constantly being involved in competitive sports as a teen teaches you to that you can eat whatever you like in any quanities because you burn it off. Beware the day you graduate and stop the constant everyday exercise, because your eating habits of the past 10 + years didn’t prepare you for needing self-restraint which you’ve never learned because you never needed it. I’m sure this plays a role.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @LaFairy, i feel your pain, that sounds a lot like my house! I’m now a size 26 jean (which is a size 4 US) and my dad is constantly lecturing me about how I need to lose 10 lbs. It’s a huge blow to ones self esteem and has the ability to make you totally neurotic. I have a metabolic disorder as a result of PCOS and can lose weight more successfully when I take meds for my insulin resistance. However, I can’t take them until I’m finished nursing. My dad tells me these are all excuses (even though he takes diabetes meds and can’t lose weight without them). People need to pay attention to THEIR plates and THEIR waist lines (not yours). Furthermore, people fluctuate 2 or more pounds daily. For example, If you ate a lot of salt that day, you may have retained more fluid (which would make you weigh slightly more). Do your best to tune your family out, and enjoy those sweets if you feel like it.

        @kitten, you’re beautiful and I bet you’d put most of those Parisian girls to shame! Also, maybe they have great skin because the formaldehyde in the cigarettes is preserving their skin 😉 or they just have really great makeup.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ Mort-I get so sad hearing this. As we’ve discussed I SO understand what it’s like growing up with your most important male role model (father) criticizing your weight.
        It is something that will plague us for the rest of our lives 🙁
        I’m sorry but the fact that he said that to you is just insane-you are TINY (and gorgeous!!). You do not have one pound to lose!
        Besides this fact, your body carried and gave birth to little humans-does he not understand what a sensitive time this is for you as far as caring for your body and nurturing your children?

        *sigh* “Talking” with you and Lafairy just reminds me how f*cked we are as women. I know men face pressure too but the standards and expectations for women just seem so incredibly unattainable 🙁

      • lucy2 says:

        I’m sorry, I zoned out after someone mentioned the hot chocolate at Angelina’s…

        I think the walking everywhere helps a LOT, but also the quality of the food too. So much here in the US is made with chemicals and fake stuff and preservatives, and everything is fried and huge servings when you go out. I noticed it in Italy too, I spent a few months there a while back and ate more pasta and bread than ever, and ended up losing weight.

      • brincalhona says:

        Perhaps they’re scared after seeing what it did to Emmanuelle Béart.

      • Annie says:

        @lafairy – Sounds cool, I think I’m moving my ass to Paris!!! Everywhere I’ve lived (Britain, Australia) people have lectured me about being “too skinny” even though my bmi is actually in the ‘healthy’ range, just at the lower end, Australia being the worst for the too skinny stuff. I’m thinking I might even be considered voluptous in Paris which would make a nice change.

      • BubbaAng says:

        My size 14 Canadian ass should fit somewhere *bump, bump* around here. Non? Lol.

        Umm… I thought this post was about Vanessa’s teeth…

      • melior says:

        Lafairy I’m not sure what you are talking about. But maybe that’s because we move in different cercles. I’ve been living in Paris for the last 10 years and just walking in the street you’ll come across different types and morphologies. You have a lot of north african and arabic women and they tend to have pretty heavy boned morphologies. As to the young native French yes they tend to be skinny but I always thought that was their morphology. I didn’t think they belonged to any secret size 0 clubs or they might be judgemental of others. If that’s the case I must say I find it pretty funny cause they really don’t strike me as attractive. They just look like boys. And yes, men around here tend to be skinny and boyish too. The other day a friend and I noticed that there seems to be an androgynic tendency in Paris. Genders just morph into each other. Also, I get the feeling that people around here don’t exactly give a crap about beauty routines or dress codes, especially at the university. That’s what I enjoy about Paris.

      • lafairy says:


        Maye indeed we do not run in the same circles…or universities, since don’t giving crap about beauty routines or outfits is to me everything… but parisian! and I am a born and bred parisian (so is my mom and my grand-ma)!! so I am living here for 25 years (except 3/4 years of studies abroad!) so what you are saying is total news to me!!Like you are describing a total other planet!

        In Paris Fashion is huge, everybody can tell just by passing by you the exact composition of your outfit (designers, accessories, etc..)! we DO seem like we don’t care… it’s actually the exact parisian attitude: being nonchalant.
        No matter if you are native of from different descent, parisians worship style and attitude (outside Paris even a little bit outside it is totally different, and not Paris!)

      • melior says:

        Ok I hear you loud and clear. I guess we’ll just have to wrap this up as two very different perspectives on the same city, yours being a lot more mondain and Parisian than mine obviously. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

      • lafairy says:

        @melior: while I totally agree that of course as different folks we have different takes, I laughed at loud at the “mondain” reference, sure I am Parisian, but I am more a regular middle-class girl , far far away from being anywhere ‘mondain’!LOL

  17. Jovia says:

    Still liking what Vanessa says and how she says it.

  18. Guesto says:

    Inately cool and confident and beautiful. Poor old Johnny messed up big time here.

  19. GoodCapon says:

    I don’t know… I think she is beautiful (perhaps it’s just the French thing, or maybe it’s a bit of both) but a gap that size turns me off a bit…

  20. Jenna says:

    Back off the Hardy girl! That’s mine! I’ve finally found a keeper!

    But she forever reminds me of Depp’s Mad Hatter from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ though.

  21. TheOriginalKitten says:

    The opposite of try-hard. So refreshing. Love this lady.

  22. Isabella Notarfrancesco says:

    Plus she reminds people of the dude from The Hangover. So there.

  23. dorothy says:

    We know who the mature one was in the relationship. She seems down to earth and grounded.

  24. Puffy Scmuffy says:

    Do not understand the love for this woman
    Maybe cos I’m a Brit and am team Kate Moss in all that s*it that went down with the 3 of them.
    If she got up to half the stuff she does with an American instead of French accent I wonder if everyone would still be so slavish.
    Release yourself Johnny no more entrapment for you!

  25. Nibbi says:

    that’s a totally awesome defense of her teeth… i dig the self-acceptance…

    ‘cept, i’m sorry, surgery or no surgery i really think she looks at least a little botoxed. but hey, ya do what ya gotta do..

    • lol says:

      normally I wouldn’t put my hands on the fire for anybody when it comes to plastic surgery talk but she looks %100 natural for me you can see she has wrinkless face move and all a botoxed person doesn’t have any of that, maybe you say it for the first pic but that pic is highly photoshopped

  26. AprilLadyBird83 says:

    I can too sister and I wouldn’t change a thing!

  27. irishserra says:

    This thread is funny. Oh what heartbreak can do for a person, no? Not long ago, the threads regarding her were about how clingy and dirty she was. The turnabout is amazing. I do think Johnny will eventually come to regret his current actions.

    • Lol says:

      Thank you. I like to call it the full of crap factor. People are so full of caca. I have not been to this place in awhile but I’m glad I dropped by it’s nice to laugh.

      • meh says:

        I don’t think it’s all like that, I think people on this site always had a wrong impression of her adding the dumb rumors about her etc, now she is off Johnny they realise she has a voice and a personality and I guess they like her(?) now
        I always liked her and I love her more now she is amazing

  28. Jennifer12 says:

    I think Vanessa is actually cooler than Johnny. But he thinks Marilyn Manson is cool, so what does he know? I can’t believe I ever thought he seemed unaffected.

  29. koi..koi says:

    lol..she’s so cute

  30. Marta says:

    i have same teeth as Vanessa and it is really true.You can “spit water through them” and people just scream:)))

  31. Lila says:

    Hahaha Funny!!!
    Love it.


  32. Memphis says:

    I like her more and more with each interview 🙂

  33. Brittany says:

    She is such a badass. I want to hang out with her!!

  34. Amy says:

    I actually like reading the comments in Vanessa Paradis threads now! It wasn’t too terribly long ago that most of the comments here were pretty negative — about her teeth, how ugly she is, how he could want to be with her.

    I know I defended her more than a couple of times myself. See The Girl on the Bridge and try not to fall in love with her just a little.

    • lilo lil says:

      The Girl on the Bridge <3
      Also I love,
      she's amazing in this movie.
      Vanessa is a great actress.

  35. lucy2 says:

    “Right now I hope she can wait, live her life, and be prepared.” Oh Vanessa, I love you for that. Now please give Jada Pinkett Smith a call.

    I haven’t seen much of her work, but I’ve always kind of liked her, and even more so now. She’s confident in herself, who cares what anyone else thinks? If only more people were that way.

  36. Emile says:

    “Why would I fix them?I was born with them. I can spit water through them . They’re useful!” * lots of laughter *
    The perfect answer!

    The opposite of try-hard.So refreshing.She’s awesome.

  37. Jany says:

    Her answer was hilarious…

    Well, unlike that all the cynics writing here about how much they love her now (before she was ugly, she needs to fix her teeth, etc, and also in this site always looking for the worst picture of her for the articles) I’ve always like her!…she’s a classy lady and I respect so much how private they handled their relationship (with Johnny)…

    Even if it’s pretty clear that she loves Johnny (that description about the kind of man, lacked only to mention the “cheekbones” LOL!!) I think if they were “unhappy” the best decision was to split…they deserve to be happy, and sometimes “love” isn’t enough to maintain two people together!

    So, the media, fans and the hatters, need to let go this “topic”…let them “rebuild” their lives at peace

    • Lila says:

      I think all your ex boyfriends fit this description!

      I’m also a fan of Vanessa for a long time…

      • love her says:

        same I loved her since ages and I have been a fan of her seen quite long time, and that could be the description of Lenny Kravitz as well all her ex’s look like that she really has a type for the mouth and eyes thingy but Vanessa back off Tom Hardy is mine (just in case) lol

  38. Lisa says:

    I think she still loves him.

    • not tom hardy! says:

      I don’t think so, she sounds like she went throught a lot of pain but now she is done with him it was ovbious she loved him a lot but it was making her sad (just like she says). When she said creative, burning smile, and then PRETTY MOUTH I was like TOM HARDY! after she got Depp (on his good days in my eyes when he was the hottest guy on earth, I don’t find him attractive today he is a mess and not really a hot mess he is starting to look ugly :/ ) and Kravitz (he is still hot like the sun) I’d keep an eye open with Tom Hardy I want TH for me lol

      • Meh says:

        And how do you know if Vanessa knows even who “Tom Hardy” is? pleeease!

        I’m also believe she’s almost describing Johnny. Because I remember an old interview of her when she says how much she love “those eyes” and all of that!

        And I think when she says: “you are very much in love with someone, but it’s making you unhappy” the same Vanessa is talking “to you” about her OWN sentiments towards Johnny, so no need to speculate…

        The love, specially when she talks about the “love of her life” will not end soon and just because they’re separated or because the people here hate JD!…don’t be stupid, they were together for more than 14 years, he is the father of her children and until september or october of the last year, she was screaming for the entire world how much she loved him!

  39. Loulou says:

    All her eyes need are La Mer, and to stay away from cigarettes a bit.

  40. Terry says:

    I remember not too long where people on this site attack her for being ugly and having nasty teeth. But people here are the worst hypocrites. I respect them for keeping it private.

  41. Issa says:

    She looks very much like one of my best friends, almost a doppelgänger. I think my friend is gorgeous as well as Paradise.

  42. mooshi says:

    Before I had my front teeth filled in I used to love spitting through them (outside when noone was looking). If my mouth was filled with water I could get a shot in a solid 3 feet.

    I miss that.

  43. noooooooo says:

    Is she describing TOM HARDY when she says what she likes?! No Vanessa, away from my man, lol I love her she is so beautiful and honest, refreshing to see a woman with physical imperfections and that is aging naturally without a surgeon
    she should date Pete Yorn don’t you think? to me they would make a lovely couple

  44. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    I thinks she looks lovely.

  45. telesma says:

    That comment alone makes her about 16 shades of awesome.

  46. Emm says:

    I love her gap. Perfect teeth are way overrated.

  47. blasted1 says:

    Good Lord! Does a relationship break-up automatically make the man a “douche” and the woman a saint? Everyone is piling on Johnny. It takes 2 to make a go of a relationship and both are at fault when it’s over. As an added shot, I hope Miss Paradis puts Photoshop in her will, because she owes those guys A LOT!!! By the way, the little girl has Johnny’s facial features…in other words, she’s very, very pretty.

    • not really says:

      Johnny has become into a douche since the last years it has nothing to do with ‘Miss Paradis’ or the split drama etc, his douchery comes from.. midlife crisis maybe? or he just lost the direction, he went from HERO to ZERO he still has his fanbase but he has bored the rest of people I was the biggest fan of him for many years and he totally BORED ME and I don’t really care about VP, I mean have you seen his interviews like the rape one or the ellen one? or have you seen for example Dark Shadows The Tourist what a joke!, or his newest pics at the Aeroesmith concert what a mess! so what he has now is a sucessful career (thanks to his giant fanbase otherwise hwood would kick him out) with films that are too hard to watch and he also lost his good looks It’s sad to see the joke he has become, I always thought he’d be hot and the coolest guy until his 60’s but finally time has catched him

    • Terry says:

      As a child of divorced parents I will never understand the need to attack the man in the relationship. My father was in his 50s when they split and no it was no mid life crisis. Just two people who were better off living separate lives.

  48. LaurainAZ says:

    I’ve never really thought that much about her. I’m not one of those Americans who falls at the feet of French people just because they’re so French.
    However, that comment about her teeth is really funny. Knowing that she has a sense of humor about her looks and persona makes me like her a lot. And, you know what? I think she should get together with Tom Hardy. Is he single? If he’s single then, yeah, they should get together. They’re both kind of weird and arty, but still crazy attractive and popular. I bet she’d be into the beard, too.

  49. lulu says:

    is this your type Vanessa?
    Kaiser you read my mind ! reading her words I was like ‘bitch wants Tom Hardy’ I love you Van but you are not getting Tom-sexy-beast-Hardy ok? lol

  50. Martian says:

    First: I’m not sure if Vanessa knows who Tom Hardy is XD

    Second: if the “burning eyes”, the “pretty mouth” and “creativeness” of her former partner, was all what she sees for about 14 years, then this could be the right moment to look for “a change”! she could try with a less creative and less “pretty” but more stable and predictable?

    Third: Her comments about love make me sad…it has to be really difficult to let go someone who you have loved so much but I’m not talking only about her. Maybe for him it was the same experience, and that’s why they delayed so many time the decision even when it’s said that their serious issues began a couple of years ago

    Fourth: What a bunch of hypocrites write here!!
    This woman, until a couple of weeks ago, was “bullied” here!

    • lulu says:

      lol we are just kidding, because Tom Hardy seems to be just her type (In fact He is engaged to charlotte.. I can’t remember her surname, well, he is engaged to her)
      He is Bane under the mask in Dark Knight Rises great acting althought we can’t see his face, he has been in Inception now he is in lawless etc.
      And she is just saying what she likes nor that the man she will snag will look like that she is just telling her type remember Kravitz, Johnny, Pagny (when he was young).. and some other dudes she dated they all have/had burning eyes pretty mouth creative skills etc

  51. Katherine says:

    Why do people keep saying “Johnny is a fool” or “He’ll regret his actions”?

    I’m pretty sure Vanessa left Johnny. And not because he was cheating or going through some mid life crisis. There has been talk of her with someone else for a long time now. Knowing what I do about her it makes sense that she grew tired of the relationship and moved on. And she certainly doesn’t talk like someone who was cheated on.

    Too many sexist assumptions here.

  52. erin says:

    Seems like a lot of French Vanessa fans have filled the comment section. It’s fine to like someone, and it’s even possible to do it without tearing someone else down. Johnny a mess? I don’t think so. He looked fantastic at the Aerosmith show. He looks very happy, too. It’s clear he was unhappy with Vanessa. It was time for both of them to go their seperate ways…no regrets for either of them.

    • not so says:

      Johnny is a complete mess today, he looked ugly and rough at the aerosmith concert, he lost his good looks, Just my opinion

  53. mel says:

    I fully agree with what a lot of people are saying about Johnny. He has become boring and egotistical. While he was interesting because was different from other actors he has become so Hollywood its and predictable. He was at his best with Vanessa. I hate the way he kept on about his own father in his life and crappy childhood and then acts like an idiot with drinking being away from his kids and Vanessa a lot of the time. She is not boring. I bet she asked for what all women want from their men. Time together. Amber is a typical blonde just like all the others in Hollywood who frankly I feel has no interesting bits at all, she is so alike all the others. The age gap will be an issue later and they are in the honeymoon period. Johnny is a bloomin idiot to not try and make Vanessa work she is a beautiful woman. Lily and Amber are closer in age than Johnny and Amber. Sick.

  54. Helvetica says:

    She is a class act.

    Love the first pic. It has a very Brigitte Bardot-quality to it.

  55. Asha says:

    She can do whatever she likes, so congratulations for feeling pretty in her own skin. Her teeth are disgusting, though. There’s not a different way of putting it. They’re horrible.

  56. marie says:

    No Kaiser, Gerard Butler!! Not Tom Hardy Gerry is older and he is her type and he looks kinda greasy/dirty that’s what she likes isn’t it? all her ex look like that lol

  57. erin says:

    Sorry, I was at the Aerosmith concert and he looked fantastic. Go read your fan fiction. Vanessa’s fans have always disliked Johnny…but if she followed the internet (she doesn’t) she would be very disappointed at people who apparently worship her, talking about Johnny, just to try to justify why anyone would dare leave their precious Van. And it seems to me that the older she gets, the further apart her teeth gap. They are so far apart, now. Strange that you gossip about Johnny supposedly cheating, but she is the only one photographed all over Paris with other men. And why did she dress like a truck driver, while in L.A. with a grungy hat pulled over her head, and while in Paris, she has her hair fixed, tons of make-up and nice clothes. The way she looked in L.A. was a mess.By the way, the first pic posted here is about 20 years old.

    • lafairy says:

      “the first pic posted here is about 20 years old”-bad lie, this pic is from 2010, French Magazine.

      by the way your delusional rant was funny as hell!!LOL!

      Johnny is 50, old, washed up and on the erge of being a ‘has been’, the way he dresses is laughable, and makeup at 50?
      But still he acts like HE IS hot shit and that is laughable and sad at the same time.

  58. ElizabethL says:

    I saw the pictures of the concert and yes he is trying to hold on to youth. He does look bad and so fake now. He will never change. He gave up his life to live like a teenager since he is so scared of aging. Too bad it happened and now he looks like a old fool . Wearing beads and cowboy hats makes him look like a clown. All that makeup makes him look like he needs a good man to make him happy.