Kristen Stewart’s breakup diet includes sugarless Red Bull, cigarettes & chips

This week’s tabloids are full of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson drama, of course, but I’ve noticed a new trend this week: the separation of Sparkles and K-Stew stories. In previous weeks, the tabloids joined stories about Rob and Kristen together, even though they were physically (and emotionally) apart. Now the tabloids are going full-steam-ahead with “How Kristen is Doing” stories and then, on a separate page, “How Rob is Doing.” Fascinating, I know. So, here are some of the stories about how Kristen is doing. The consensus: not all that great. The Enquirer has a decent story on Kristen’s new Shame-Spiral Diet. It’s sort of like The Zone, only replace meat with cigarettes and replace bacon with Red Bull.

Heartbroken and ashamed over her scandalous affair, Kristen Stewart has virtually stopped eating and is basically “living on” a dangerous diet of Red Bull and cigarettes, say sources. Friends are horrified at Kristen’s gaunt appearance and fear for her health as she apparently punishes herself for betraying Robert Pattinson.

“Kristen is a nervous wreck and existing on a diet of cigarettes, sugar-free Red Bull and the occasional bag of potato chips,” revealed an insider. “She’s been hiding out at the LA home of a producer friend and is looking pale and worn-out. Whenever anyone tries to push her to eat even a small bowl of soup, she either claims that she’s just had something, which isn’t true, or that she’s nauseous and there’s no chance of keeping anything down.”

“Kristen is grief-stricken and has hit rock-bottom. In many ways, Kristen living off cigs and Red Bull is a way of punishing herself.” Kristen has also refused friends’ pleas to see a therapist, said the source, adding: “Part of her just doesn’t want to feel better.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

Honestly, when you’re that age, you can get away with that kind of “diet” with little to no consequences. When I was in college, I lived on Diet Pepsi, cigs and chips as well. I still have a potato chip problem to this day. SWEET CARBS. Gah! What was I saying? Ah, yes. Here’s the thing: I always hate when a tabloid gets all hand-wringy about a young actress’s “radical” diet because in another week, they’ll be praising Kristen for her amazing “Breakup Diet” and claiming she never looked better. My point? Mixed messages don’t help any woman’s body image issues. And if Kristen wants to live on cigs and Red Bull for a month, just let her. It’s a phase. Let her smoke some weed and she’ll want something more substantial – like a Slushie and a hawt derg. Dude!

In Touch Weekly also has a story about all of the lies Kristen has told Robert about the length and extent of her affair with Rupert Sanders. Initially, she told Rob is was a one-time thing, then she told him the affair began in May, as she promoted SWATH. Now she’s admitting that it “was a torrid affair that went on for months, but Kristen’s been telling Rob it was only physical. But he knows she’s lying. He wants her to admit it was more than sex – that she developed feelings for Rupert.” Here’s something new we haven’t heard before: Rupert and Kristen text messaged each other all the time, and Rob asked Kristen if he could see the texts, and she claimed she’d deleted all of them. I have this image of Robert Pattinson investigating all of Kristen’s lies with the help of Miss Marple. For real. *raises monocle* It was Col. Mustard in the Mini Cooper! His weapon? The dong!

Last story – Kristen is now confirmed for the Toronto Film Festival. She’ll be there to promote On the Road. That should be happening in… three weeks or so. Will she stay in hiding until then? Will have to wait until Toronto to see her Amazing Red Bull Diet Body? You know some tabloid is going to frame it that way.

Photos courtesy of Fame, Flaunt Mag, WENN.

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  1. judyjudy says:

    BTDT with the break-up diet…

  2. Kittykat says:

    She’ll get hungry.. she’ll eat. Give me a break.

    • call_in says:

      Yeah, I had a nasty break up not long ago. Ate virtually nothing for a month or two before I did just that–got hungry for real food. Just takes some time.

      But damn my break up body was smokin.

    • CTgirl says:

      Exactly. All 22 year olds embrace this diet after a breakup. Not news.

      • IzzyB says:

        My friends did this sort of diet but my love for cake is endless and unbroken 🙂

      • another nina says:

        Having a job helps – you can’t diet and work on 52 spreadsheets…at least I could not. But I did not eat anything Friday – Monday for about two years. Yup, loved that dude too much.

  3. mandygirl says:

    She’s gross. I don’t get it at all.

    • Iggles says:

      I know! I don’t get her appeal either! There are far more prettier starlets with more talent and nicer demeanors out there!

      • Lovely says:

        actually it’s her appeal that has you here posting on a story about her… you don’t know it but you love her lol

  4. Helvetica says:

    I totally buy that she is traumatized from the fall out of her own making which is why she is still in hiding.

    Hopefully she learns from this.

    I bet Rob broke up with her.

    • geekychick says:

      Agree on all three, and I feel sorry for her. Self-punishment is a hell to go through, emotionally. even more so when whole world is watching and cheering against you.

    • Ann Emmess says:

      I’m starting to think her career’s in trouble, and not really from the affair. The more I read, I’m not sure she can learn from this. She hasn’t done or said anything that suggests capacity for growth or reflection. In fact, I get the impression she’s uncommonly far behind the curve.

      And the problem for her career, if that’s the case, is that this won’t be the only scandal. It’s only the first.

  5. steeze says:

    That girl must be so unhealthy. probably can’t run for more than a few seconds let alone a minute…

    • geekychick says:

      Eh, I don’t know: she DID pick up her “other man” on the way from the gym, so she’s obviously (or was?) doing something healthy.

    • Nina W says:

      She will ruin her looks by smoking like a chimney.

  6. Amelia says:

    If she is surviving on that diet at the moment, then her skin will not thank her for it.

    • OhMyMy says:

      IKR…Gick. That sounds so nasty. I’m getting the shakes just thinking about it. Girl, you need some protein…some vitamin c…calcium.

  7. TXCinderella says:

    She’s going through what every person goes through that is devastated by a breakup. She’ll eventually get past this. I think Rob broke up with her too. He had every right to, he was publicly humiliated by her actions.

    • Janet says:

      I can think of several reasons why she’s going through purgatory now:

      1) She thinks her friends (if she has any left) will tell Pattinson she’s in a serious decline, and he, like the nice guy he is, will rush to her side and she’ll win him back.

      2) She realizes she got laid and played by Rupert Sanders, who dropped her like spoiled garbage the minute US Weekly spilled the beans.

      3) She’s going to pay everybody back for being so mean to her. “Look what you did to me! Are you satisfied now?”

      It’s all about her, first, last, and always. She’s incapable of self-reflection or self-knowledge. I doubt very much she’ll learn anything from this except next time she’ll make the guy rent a room.

      • geekychick says:

        Eh, I don’t think she so foxy to have a deeper meaning than self-punishment. the ” you see what you did to me/how awful I am” is a standard line of thought in depression, so I don’t think it’s all about her.
        Honestly, I think that all those after-stories about her are BS. if any of this tabloids had real source, they’d know where she is. And they obviously don’t (no pictures)
        and hepburn, yes, I agree, I think he broke up with her too. The pictures. How can you move past those pictures?

    • hepburn says:

      Yeah, I definitely think he broke up with her. There’s no way Rob or his team would have allowed Jon Stewart to refer to their situation as a break up several times in that interview if that wasn’t the case.

      I can imagine to that ‘love’ can soon turn into disgust if you disrespected or humiliated in the way that Rob was by her. He comes across as a very proud person to so I can’t imagine that that apology went anywhere to repairing their relationship

  8. daisydoodle says:

    why do all actors smoke? I guess that don’t care about the repercussions of smoking….with all the workouts and personal trainers, you would think they would be health conscious.

    • Amelia says:

      Guaranteed to suppress appetite. That’s why one of my friends smokes, (according to her). She’s not keen on admitting she’s addicted.

      • bns says:

        To stay thin. Why else would Kate Moss smoke 4 packs of Marlboro’s a day.

      • NYC_girl says:

        Tell her the story of my mother’s best friend who died when she was 50 from smoking. She didn’t have lung cancer. Her teeth started falling out and then a tumor was discovered in her jaw and I think part of her nasal passage. The surgery completely disfigured her because of the bone removal and the doctors said it was smoking-related carcinoma. Whenever I think about trying smoking, or see pictures of these stupid people smoking, I think of her in bed, dying, with part of her face missing.

      • Janet says:

        It works, all right. I quit smoking when I was 30 (went cold turkey off 2 packs a day) and gained 15 lbs. I needed those 15 lbs, though. I’m 5’6″ and when I quit I weighed 105.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        NYCgirl, yep. Lung cancer is a bitch and a killer, but head and neck cancer from smoking is horrendous. It’s disfiguring, horribly so, painful and the radiation treatment and surgery is brutal.

        Some of the scariest looking patients I have ever worked on. They all wind up “going to Texas”, as we used to refer to our deceased patients. You never want to talk about patients being dead when someone could hear you.

      • Pirouette says:

        Eeek! I’ve never heard of “head cancer.”

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Like Amelia said, it’s a guaranteed appetite suppressant. They work out, and I guess they figure if they get lung cancer, they have the money to pay for their treatment.

      It also gives them something to do with their hands other than twirl their hair, stick their fingers in their mouths, or pick their noses. 😉

    • Flea says:

      I have also noticed a resurgence of smoking on television again. Not just passively either. They work it into scenes and point it out in a positive way. This week I saw that happen on The Newsroom & Episodes for example. These aren’t shows aimed at people young enough to be influenced to smoke so if anything it might get quitters fantasizing about picking smoking up again I guess. Don’t know what the purpose of all the smoking on camera is really. Just noticeable is all.

      • Lamb says:

        I find smoking on television to be so distracting. The smoke fills the room and covers their faces, I just don’t see the point of it. To me, smoking is one of the most disgusting things people do (beyond rape and murder, ect). I know it’s a wee bit harsh, but I automatically dislike someone if I find out their a smoker.

      • DebbieGibson says:

        I automatically don’t like people who do not know the difference between there, their, and they’re.

        A bit harsh ma petite, non?

  9. Sloane Wyatt says:

    It we would be nice to see the dates on these old Kristen photos. They seem to be taken around the time of her Joan Jett role in ‘The Runaways’ and quite purposeful in depicting her as darkly as possible.

    This narrative of her as some kind of Black Widow Slut Extraordinaire is getting old fast.

    • Al says:

      I think Kaiser chose those pics because they show her smoking. That’s all….

    • Al says:

      Double post – sorry.

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      IDK that anyone is constructing this “narrative” (more like an image) as much as she herself has. People express amazement when a pic of her smiling appears, and that isn’t due to preferential editing – it’s because she projects it, her ownself.

  10. Phil says:

    I can’t believe how lightly you take this, I mean the world is against her and crashing on her, and I personally think someone needs to intervene. YES, she cheated with a married director blah blah blah, but that’s already happened and goodness knows you and every other damn tabloid has reported enough on it. Nothing is going to change the actual act if the affair, so why can’t we give ALL of the parties involved privacy and encouragement? Even if they did wrong?

    • ORLY says:

      She’ll get privacy and encouragement when her friends and former coworkers learn to shut up.
      Even D.B. Sweeney (?!?!?!) has chimed in.

      This is the sort of thing that encourages backlash. Not that people need much encouragement.

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        Oh my God. I just read the tweet, then Googled to see if he actually knew her. If that is the real actor (not a Twitter impersonator), does he hate her or something?! What an unbelievably crass, unhelpful remark. And since according to IMDB they made a movie when she was only 13 or 14, and he played her father, it’s a somewhat disturbing one, too.

        Hallee Hirsch’s comments were rather sweet, those I saw reported, anyway. Tactful and loyal and supportive. This guy’s are just awful.

      • Anname says:

        I loved this guy in Cutting Edge, now I see what a TOTAL JERK this guy is in real life. What an unnecessary and crude thing to say.

    • seer says:

      I totally agree. And let’s look at this IN TOUCH WEEKLY report, shall we? Rob has loyal friends. Kris has loyal friends. Yet we are to believe one of them, who knows intimate details such as the time frame of the affair,her deepest feelings about Rupert and the tell-all texts, contacts a rag like In Touch and spills? Yeah right! You must know that Rag Mags and TMZ are making this s**t up.If anyone really buys this cr@p, then there’s really no hope for ya!

      • ORLY says:

        I wasn’t referring to “sources” talking to mags about Kristen. I’m talking about RL people; Jodie Foster, Giovanni Agnelli, Scout Taylor vague tweeting about wanting to take away her friend’s pain, another friend posting pics of Bear the dog and supposedly Kristen, and now, D.B. Sweeney chiming in.
        It goes on and on.

        They’re not being good friends, they’re making it worse. IMO.

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        I know someone who knows some very, very famous people. And she is entrenched in the habit of just not talking about them, so I don’t know a thing about their personal lives that isn’t in the public domain. I couldn’t tell anyone here a thing about them (not that I would, but the point remains the same). And I really respect her for it.

        I can’t help thinking all really A list people are probably the same, and (since the phone-hacking was shut down, anyway) most stories on them are therefore either invented, or have to be intentionally leaked.

        (ORLY, I agree on your point too. Frankly though I am pretty sure she or her team okayed the friends doing that. It seems improbable that they’d do it otherwise. Maybe it makes her feel better to feel someone has her back in all this?)

    • MarenGermany says:

      on your side, phil

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      Married WITH KIDS – and whose wife and kids she KNEW and worked with. By dismissing that as “blah blah blah” you sound like a Twientologist.

      Your attempt to whitewash what she did does more harm than good. She is going to get some well-deserved fallout. She wouldn’t be hiding if she didn’t know it was wrong.

      Stop making excuses for her and let nature take its course. The excuses only prolong the storm of criticism. If you really care for her, you should all sit down and shut up, because you are digging her deeper with every rationalization.

    • Jan says:

      D.B. Sweeney’s little rant pissed me off more than anything else about this drama. But of course, he is coming from Kristen’s mom’s camp since he just appeared in her movie K-11..since he has not had a movie in the last 20 years, I am sure he was so grateful to find work, he had to choose sides regarding the scandal. What a jerk.

  11. marie says:

    meh, I think this was how she ate before the break-up? read a story somewhere maybe? some people are emotional eaters, some aren’t-she’ll be alright. She’s always been emo, this is about what I expected..

    If I were her, I would be seen before a week before TIFF so it wouldn’t seem like such a shock, story..

    now, take note cause I will say something nice (don’t know that it will happen again) I envy her butt in leather, mine looks like a walrus trying to be set free..

    • Crystal says:

      ‘If I were her, I would be seen before a week before TIFF so it wouldn’t seem like such a shock, story..’

      Well yeah, that makes sense but Kristen is dumb enough to cheat in public even though she’s one of the biggest stars in the world so I don’t exect her to make any wise decisions regarding her first appearance.

      ‘take note cause I will say something nice’

      You’re a bigger person than me, that’s for sure 😉

      ‘I envy her butt in leather, mine looks like a walrus trying to be set free…’

      LOL. Her ass is pretty great, my ass is too big to pull off leather like that. *sigh*

      Enough K-Bitch hate…how are you darling ???

      • marie says:

        I’m doing good, lovin life this fabulous Friday (that’s why I could afford KS some good will) How are you doing?

      • Crystal says:


        Yeah Friday’s put me in a good mood too.

        I’m good honey. The weather’s quite nice here. My little sister got into Cambridge University (UK) yesterday and I’m throwing her a party tonight so I’ll have a bunch of nasty teenagers messing up my beautiful house. *sigh* I’m so damn proud of her though so I can’t be to bothered.

        Any cool plans for the weekend bb ???

      • marie says:

        @ Crystal

        That’s awesome news, congrats to her. And no worries, there’s always a few party stragglers left to help clean up.

        No cool plans really, just family gatherings & birthdays. Little ankle biters screaming for attention. It’s fun but tiring..

  12. Crystal says:

    (Another K-stew post?? Can’t wait for all the fauxmenists/Kristen fans to find a way to defend her again)

    Nice picture at the top. Can’t stand Lip Biter McGee but she is so damn beautiful.

    Sugarless Red Bull, cigarettes and chips???

    That’s her break-up diet??

    Lord, her diet is as basic as her.

    This broad will have to be in a Pope mobile when she goes to TIFF ’cause those twihards will skin her aive and the five fans she has left won’t be able to do sh*t about it.

    I wonder if it’ll be awkward to promote a movie with her (ex)boyfriend’s best friend. I hope TomStu throws in some Mariah Carey style shade.

    Did OTR get good reviews?? Has anyone here seen it?? The book is an overrated piece of white-male wank but it’d be interesting to see the film. Sam Riley slays in every film he’s in. He’s awesome. Garrett Hedlund is beige as f*ck but I can tolerate him. K-Stew’s best role was the plank of wood n Ed Edd n Eddy. I just can’t see the film being any good tbh.

    • marie says:

      ha ha ha, you never fail me, entertaining as always.

    • aquarius64 says:

      Pre-scandal the stories were rampant about Stewart’s on-screen threesome with Hendlund and Riley…IN A CAR. That was the marketing tool. Note they’ve gotten off that narrative now. Her PR team pumping out the victim stories was bad enough, now the downward spiral tales of her in a fetal position surrounded by empty Red Bull cans and cigarette cartons? How does this help her? What studio is going to hire her thinking she’s such an emotional mess she can’t do the job? Or if a studio takes a chance on her, it has to shell out a ton of money for the insurance? Of if a personal crisis comes up she can’t get it together, thus halting production and running up the tab? If Stewart wants to save her career, she needs to pull herself together. She’s not at the point where she can do this and Hollywood will still roll the dice with her. Take a page out of Pattinson’s book and see how he dealt with the public with a scandal. Sure he’s not the perp, but he was virtually treated like one, and he had 3 weeks to suck it up. She needs to go out, take her lumps like a woman, and soldier on. A sit down with Barbara or Oprah wouldn’t hurt either for her image rehab.

      • hepburn says:

        This is from The Enquirer so I doubt its her PR saying this, doesn’t really help her image in any way, even though they’ve messed up so many times already… I really think the last thing her PR said to the media was regarding the whole SW sequel drama. If its not from People or Gossip Cop, I doubt its from her team.

    • helen says:

      I’ve seen the movie and it’s damn good. Sorry to say it but you’re completely wrong about your shallow predictions. Garrett Hedlund is said to be outstanding, a scene stealer and Sam Riley just mediocre. And considering Keroyuac just a misogynous author is, well, plain dumb to me.

    • Janet says:

      She’s not beautiful at all, are you kidding me? She makes up well, I’ll give her that much. Dramatic eye makeup is definitely her friend. But when I saw her in “Twilight” I was like holy shit, was she the best they could do?

      • geekychick says:

        Beauty is in the eye of beholder. I find her beautiful, probably because you always want what you don’t have (those legs, that eyes, that lean body opposed to my curves, brown eyes and short stature). On the other side, I can’ see anything special in Blake Lively or Jen Law. Eh, every person has it’s own beauty standards.

    • Lovely says:

      wow crystal and marie two old rich botox hags hating on a 22 year old beautiful baby so typical lol

      • Crystal says:

        Me and Marie are not hags, you wish you were as fly as us. And I don’t need Botox sweetie. Black don’t crack.

        Kristen, a baby ??? LOL. Typical delusional stan. She wasn’t a baby when Ruprick was hitting from behind every night whilst her boyfriend had nothing but his stubble to keep him company. Have several seats.

        Go sell crazy somewhere else, we’re all stocked up here.

  13. Dani says:

    She/her camp/her sources seriously just need to STFU already. I’m actually starting to pity her for her stupidity. Either man up and face the consequences of your actions like every other person would or just seriously live under a rock for a little while. She needs to be in seclusion to get her life together. I always rag on her because there’s not much to like about her, but it’s at the point that she could actually do something very self destructive. Where are her parents????

  14. Annie says:

    Anyone who believes this was a one time thing or just kissing needs to re-examine themselves. This was an affair and there feelings involved, and I really hope Rob analyzes this before even considering taking her back. You can see it in the way they locked fingers, the way she looked at their locked fingers, the passionate way they were making out in the car and her gigantic smile when he nuzzled her neck (a huge smile we rarely saw in candids). Their embrace, her hand holding the back of his neck. That’s intimacy, that’s closeness. Her fans need to cut it out with the excuses and denial. You know it’s bad, that’s why you refused to believe it in the first place.

    And I’m sure Rob is finally catching up with the early signs he dismissed or missed completely. I’m hoping he really doesn’t buy her bullshit. I go back to watch the Comic Con videos and notice she’s annoyed by him, and tense. Even her body language screams. Compare with the body language between her and Rupert…

    • Adeli says:

      ITA. All these stories about what a mess she is over the break up is just pure manipulation, fueled by her skeevy friends, acting as sources to the tabloids. To make her fans and Rob feel sorry for her and take her skanky ass back. If Rob doesn’t see through this, then he’s not the person I thought he was. Ugh, everytime I start to feel even a smidgen of sympathy for her, these stories come out and I despise her even more. Rob needs to stick to the counsel of his Brit friends who are way more classy than Kristen’s LA hipster-douche famewhoring set. He’s been immersed in that circle for too long.

    • Jan says:

      I agree with Annie. Kristen’s demure with Rupert was much more affectionate than in recent pictures with Rob. She was distant with Rob at this year’s Comic-Con, telling him to shut the f..k up on national television which I think actually embarrassed him. It makes me shutter to think while Rob was out of town, Rupert was coming over to Rob’s house to be with Kristen. Rob will probably never learn the exact truth of their affair. Yeah, it would be hard to get past the pictures.

  15. Annie says:

    Anyone who believes this was a one time thing or just kissing needs to re-examine themselves. This was an affair and there feelings involved, and I really hope Rob analyzes this before even considering taking her back. You can see it in the way they locked fingers, the way she looked at their locked fingers, the passionate way they were making out in the car and her gigantic smile when he nuzzled her neck (a huge smile we rarely saw in candids). Their embrace, her hand holding the back of his neck. That’s intimacy, that’s closeness. Her fans need to cut it out with the excuses and denial. You know it’s bad, that’s why you refused to believe it in the first place.

    And I’m sure Rob is finally catching up with the early signs he dismissed or missed completely. I’m hoping he really doesn’t buy her bulls.. I go back to watch the Comic Con videos and notice she’s annoyed by him, and tense. Even her body language screams annoyance and distance. Compare with the body language between her and Rupert and you tell me…

  16. Janet says:

    She should be eating big helpings of humble pie and crow.

  17. ramona says:

    My break-up diet was always croissants and white wine. Like, one croissant per bottle and a half of wine. You could smell me coming from a block away, but damn I looked good! I think I don’t remember two months of 2004…

    • zeldafitzgerald says:

      Vodka and Corn Thins with Vegemite. I was slinky. I think.

    • Crystal says:

      When my ex cheated it was a month of Marvin Gaye, Chardonnay and rice crispy treats for me. Not a good look.

    • Danziger says:

      Haha. It was catnip extract+water and violent video games and nothing else for me. I didn’t even dare to touch alcohol, because I’m a melancholic drunk even when happy. As for eating, the little I tried to eat for the first three weeks, it all came out the way it got in.

      Anybody else wanna share a bizarre break-up diet?

      • MerryHappy says:

        Diet dr pepper and Nile soup. I didn’t drink, because of the breakup, i was briefly nihilist. Alcohol didn’t matter, it wouldn’t make me feel better, nothing mattered! Haha

    • Bobo says:

      White wine and listening to Garbage 2.0 ALOT!!!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Should I be worried that most of you just described my normal, non-breakup diet?

        But hey, who needs an excuse to drink lots of wine right?

      • Bobo says:

        Yeah I don’t really need an excuse to drink my wine! 🙂

    • Beatriz says:

      Lol, cuba libres and a lot of gangster rap for me xD

    • Nina W says:

      Beer and bong hits….

  18. Alexis says:

    That actually sound pretty yummy…you know, in a nutritionally vacant sorta way.

  19. ataylor says:

    Ugh. Demi is that you? Y’all just let me know when she starts up on Whip-its…

    And let me know when old pictures of RPatz cheating end up in the tabloids. I can’t wait for THAT sh*tstorm to start amongst the Twi-Hards.

    • geekychick says:

      hahahahaahahaha….if those rumors have photos attached to them….twihards will explode! the universe will explode! and what fun it would be to read those excuses! :)))

      • ataylor says:


      • Adeli says:

        Well, the universe will remain intact since those photos don’t exist. Rob’s alleged infidelities only exist in the minds of delusional KStew fans.

      • ataylor says:

        Well, I’m neither delusional or a KStew fan and I can’t wait till they come out. Remember: Where there is smoke, there’s fire.

  20. Dibba says:

    Why is this chick even a “star”? That’s a rhetorical question. Don’t get it. Oh well.

  21. amy says:

    man people sure like to see others in misery, give it up already, she made a dumb decision, she is sorry for it, she is devasted, now let her deal with her issues.

    Kristen, get up, shower and eat, no man is worth giving up your live for, if Rob doesn’t want her back, just accept it and move one, she’ll find another hottie to be with, but she needs to get her sh*& together, I hope her parents and her friends are there for her.

    I cant wait to see her at TIFF, hopefully she will look good, and prove to everyone that she is still alive and well, and that this is not the end of her, if Rob looks good, she can look better.

    • Phil says:

      Agreed. Everything’s already happened, so why can’t we hope the best for ALL the people involved?

    • v says:


      • Sally says:

        Everyone makes stupid, stupid mistakes. Hopefully, she has learned how important being faithful is.

        I hope she makes it up to rob somehow and they can be friends.

        Now, let us hope she comes back looking good and ready to work. As much as I have never been her fan because of her bad attitude, I don’t want her to lose her career, and I hope she comes back humbled and has a great life.

    • Janet says:

      If she’s smart, she’ll lay low until TIFF, show up in Toronto in a knockout designer dress looking gorgeous, smile as if she doesn’t have a care in the world, act courteous and charming to everyone, and never mention Pattinson’s name again.

      • Emma says:

        Really, Janet? That’s how the wronged party should act, not the person that effed up. The person that effed up should show some sign of remorse in order to gain public sympathy or else they’re going to see her as the brat she is that learned nothing.

      • Janet says:

        @Emma: The problem is they already see her like that. The great majority of people think her apology was a sham; she wasn’t sorry for cheating, she was sorry she got caught. She can express remorse till the cows come home but nobody will believe it. So she might as well shut up about it altogether, and try to change the impression people have of her as a sullen, nasty, condescending, ungrateful bitch. If I were in her shoes I would wear something gorgeous but understated to TIFF (maybe an LBD), be charming and gracious but low key, and deflect or ignore any questions related to Robert Pattinson or the scandal, just talk about the film.

    • Emma says:

      She is faking the grief. By the time everyone sees her in public they will feel sorry for her and then she can blithely go about her business.

  22. carly says:

    I want to see her look amazing just to give the haters more reason to hate her lol

    She’ll be fine at TIFF, on the carpet for Cosmopolis the fans were apparently okay and not trashing her, say whatever you want about the situation, but fans need a reality check and stop with their bs, this doesn’t concern them, there shouldn’t be any death threats, that’s way overboard.

    Yesterday one of her friends posted a picture of BEAR sitting in a girls lap, pretty sure it was Kristen, so she still has the dog, that means they’re at least talking to each other, I think he’ll take her back at some point, but she needs to better herself and then try something with him again

    • Anna says:

      Message to a Kristen stan:
      she and her friends are famewhores who want the public to believe that she and Sparkles are still together and that poor dog has always been used by her to make the Twitards believe they are together when it always was a showmance.
      God knows if that really is his dog and when that photo was taken.

      She always looked like a 10 dollar junkie whore no matter what clothes she had ne and she’ll look this time too.

    • ORLY says:

      Except, no one actually knows:

      1- When the pic was taken.
      2 – Whose lap the dog was sitting on.
      3- If the dog is really Bear, since KS apparently has similar looking dogs. Is a blue collar proof? IDEK,
      4- What possible reason can Kristen Stewart friend have for posting a pic of a dog on someone’s lap, if not to stir up drama?

      Are/aren’t they 2.0 is getting tired.

  23. carrie says:

    my niece has the same diet but she’s not in break-up

  24. mel says:

    I loved Rob and Kristen together…they really did seem to be tight. I’m confused!!! Part of me wants them to get back together and part of me is like…Rob! – you are tooooooooo good for her. Ugh

    • Anna says:

      You confused them for Edward and Bella and projected them on R/K. Everything about them was off and scripted, especially Kristen’s little gems in interviews.

  25. amy says:

    I don’t think he is too good for her, they seemed like the perfect couple, they complement each other well, we don’t know how he is in real life, or how he is in a relationship, if he was so perfect then why did she go out an cheat on her perfcet guy??

    • Janet says:

      Because they were never the perfect couple to begin with. Duh.

      Their fans went wacko over a silly book touting eternal love and couldn’t let go of the fantasy. In their minds, Stewart and Pattinson had to be Bella and Edward. And the craziness took off from there.

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        Someone once said you would never go bankrupt underestimating the taste of the great British public, and I think the success of Twilight proves that’s a cultural constant.

      • Sally says:

        In the real world there is no such thing as a “perfect couple”. Everyone has problems, but that doesn’t give you the right to cheat!

    • Anna says:

      So now, if your boyfriend isn’t perfect, is this the perfect excuse for cheating? Wow, good to know – LOL.

    • Emma says:

      No, he was always clearly too good for her but then she was finally catching up and was almost equal until this incident. If she hadn’t proven to be so cheap and easy, in a year or two, if her career remained on the same trajectory and her public image continued to improve then people might have finally begun to see it the other way around and think she was too good for him.
      She seems to care a great deal about public opinion. I often wonder if the pressure of trying to be something she’s not is what finally led to this. She’s a trashy person trying to seem vogue and hot and it got too much for her. Sometimes people like being trashy and the clean up effort by her publicist was stifling.

    • Nina W says:

      Are you blaming him for her cheating? I think she gets to carry the bag in this story, she had a nice guy and she started up with a married man. Break it off with the partner you’re involved with before you start up with someone else. It’s not that difficult to understand. Nor is keep your hands off other people’s spouses. She screwed up her life, Rob’s life and what about the poor family of that idiot Rupert? I have zero sympathy for her.

  26. kpist says:

    Of course she’s a nervous wreck, no food and red bull and nicotine. Crikey, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

  27. jojo says:

    what is the allure with this girl anyway? She’s really only an average actress. Looks-wise, i would put her in the same category as kristin dunst and katy perry: she’s pretty in a wierd way and average way, but nothing spectacluar and nothing you do not see every day in your home town.

  28. anne says:

    I always imagined she smelled like an ashtray – disgusting.

  29. the original bellaluna says:

    She’s always been pale and a smoker, so?… As for the “diet,” I’m sure she’ll be okay. Some people eat their feelings, others do the opposite. Let her lick her (largely self-inflicted) wounds.

  30. SleepyJane says:

    It’s a lot like my depression diet, minus the red bull and cigarettes. Oh, and add some chocolate cake.

    She’ll move on, he’ll move on….and the world will too (it’ll be okay twihards, promise).

  31. Liv says:

    Oh, I love Miss Marple! 😉

  32. Carly says:

    sad part is that she was quiting smoking, I hope is not true that she is smoking again, her skin is too perfect for that crap, Kristen get it together!!

  33. The Original Mia says:

    Isn’t this the emo, pot-smoking diet?

  34. gg says:

    Shoot – when I was her age, I lived on coffee, cigs and cheetos.

  35. jeena says:

    Twihards! Dumb as ever lol She cheated on him because he’s like a gay puyppy dog ready to be kicked off.

  36. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    exactly dibba further I’d like to know with all the money she has, why hasn’t she been able to buy herself a personality, something just about every poster comments on. Way too much money and fame has stunted her – that’s one reason why she’ll never become a great actress.

  37. LC25 says:

    I was just on the break-up diet. Lost 15 lbs. Now I’m climbing back up the scale again. Put back on 5 of the 15.

  38. AcesHigh says:

    Just broke up with my boyfriend… totally see myself in her except I’m living off of coffee and pbj. Definitely a phase.

  39. cris says:

    I feel on the skin every attack Kristen, please let’s stop this exploitation of this fact, was long gone. She is an amazing girl, amazing actress ……… have humanity, dignity!

  40. Gingersnaps says:

    Eh…everyone handles stress differently. I know I quit eating during times of great stress but my sister claimed we would find her “buried under a pile of chicken wings and empty Haagan-Daz containers.” Neither approach is healthy but we both recovered…

  41. Lola says:

    He should hook up with Pippa.

  42. Kosmos says:

    Oh, boo…I’m sure she gave little thought to how Rob would feel about her little accidental affair. Since she’s always played the rebel who doesn’t seem to care about much (her fake image to the world), then she definitely will be able to get past this breakup stage pretty soon. I’m worried that she’s waiting for Rob to swoosh in and rescue her from her misery, but then, if she cared for him so very much, then why cheat? In some dysfunctional way, I wonder if she is just enjoying the public attention and agony of suffering.

  43. cynicalsmirk says:

    Horrors! A 22 year old starlet slept with her director!! How could that possibly have happened in Hollywood??!

    Yikes. A daily occurrance. Maybe more high profile, but nothing new. He’ll get over it, and right now is smelling like a rose. She’ll get over it and in 2 years no one that matters will remember. Her career won’t suffer, despite general moral outrage right now. Truth be told, it’s likely no one involved cares that much. They’ll all rise above public wrath, and go on to make their millions.

    • Nina W says:

      You underestimate Twilight fans ferocity, they will NEVER forget this.

      • cynicalsmirk says:

        They don’t count. They don’t sign her contracts. By next February, these rabid fans will have moved on to their new obsession, and laugh about these days when they were so invested in this. And then they will invest themselves in something else.

    • Sachi says:

      Nah. Kristen’s persona in public is not that good to begin with. Many people don’t like her acting, her personality, or both. People who think themselves as “serious” critics of movies loathe her and her acting. Just see the many websites of people lambasting her dead-eyes expression and her alleged bad acting.

      Except for Twilight fans and a few others, who exactly are paying to see her movies?

      Many of her movies outside of Twilight didn’t do well. SWATH did well enough, not because of Kristen, but it’s more so because of Hemsworth, Theron, and the overall story of Snow White.

      She has no solid fanbase beyond Twihards that would actually let her keep her job and enable her to carry blockbuster movies all by herself. She’s not that big of a movie star yet to sail through a scandal like this. Her friends in Hollywood don’t belong in the all-powerful list. She’s not like RDJ whose connections enabled him to stay hired in Hollywood, and even then RDJ had to work his way up for many years to stage a successful comeback.

      Add this scandal to her overall image of a condescending, sneering, ungrateful, spoiled brat who wishes something to “f*ck her over” so she’d get to experience something exciting in her life, and her career is in question.

      She can get over this and I don’t think she’ll fade away. But I also don’t think that her star is going to shine even brighter after this.

      • cynicalsmirk says:

        RDJ was overcoming a serious cocaine addiction and multiple arrests. He’s a fabulous actor, his depiction of Chaplin remains one of my favourite films, but his issues were far and away more serious than a extra-marital fling, and they occured when he was an established professional in his mid thirties. Kristen Stewart is 22. She has something going her way, or she would never have been cast in a film at all, never mind a huge franchise. This will be a blip on her radar.

      • Nina W says:

        Right now her career is completely due to Twilight, no one knew or cared about her before she was cast as Bella. Now she’s alienated half that fan base (presumably). Pretty actresses are a dime a dozen in Hollywood and she offers nothing special or memorable. I agree that affairs like this are common but that doesn’t alter the fact that she now has legions of fans against her and that won’t help her career at all. I don’t believe it will blow over for her. This is something she is going to have to deal with for an uncomfortably long time. I’m not saying it’s fair but she is forever tied to Twilight and the fantasy that she shattered.

  44. Bobby the K says:

    Never found her attractive, actually kind of unappealing. Yet in that first image, she is dressed and posed in such a way as to appear ‘sexy’.

    So now they are wrecking the beloved ‘On The Road’. 40% at RT.

    Hollywood and it’s target audiences, cannot possibly grasp the non-commercial spellbinding ideas of the beats.
    But at least they could give it a shot, take a chance in the realm of independent cinema and hire actors who admire the beats and even live like them.

    But instead, we get a ‘starlet’.

    • TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

      Agree bobby k today’s hollywood of multi-national corporate entertainment is so far removed from the beat generation it’s both funny and sad;this is one thing hollywood should leave alone; and you know everyone that appears in the movie will suddenly take on airs like they are back to nature hippies when in fact they are all overpaid millionaire one percenters playing at parts they would never want to live; the pretense will be suffocating.

    • Tia says:

      She was cast in On the Road way before Twilight but remained committed even though it took several years to be made. She is getting decent reviews.

  45. ToastedSkin says:

    I hope she shows up to TIFF looking amazing just to spite everyone.

  46. oivey says:

    Her PR team has to be taking notes from the rubbish her fans write on tumblr. I swear some of the things that have come out recently I read on tumblr at least a week before. I don’t know WHY I keep reading about it, but I do. The reactions to it are positively frightening. At first they were funny, but now its just freaky.

  47. ORLY says:

    This has to be the most ridiculous take on this whole fiasco I’ve ever read:

    • pafakell says:

      In what way is it ridiculous? Did it instill some guilt where it’s not wanted?

      • ORLY says:

        Don’t be daft. Why would I feel guilt? Do I work for a tab? The article is about the tabloids being to blame for Kristen’s mess, really.

        It’s ridiculous to me because the article wants us to believe that Kristen is being treated unfairly and is being reported on, because of misogyny, rather than the fact that she is more famous than Rupert and no one cares to read about him.

        Also, it doesn’t address the fact that part of the reason Kristen is getting so much hate is because of her behaviour prior to this fiasco. She honed a very unpleasant public image.

        I’m not defending tabs or paps, but that article is bollocks.
        Does that answer your question?

      • pafakell says:

        The article said that all of this negative press is most likely having a very negative effect on the people involved in that they are not able to pick up the pieces and move on, whether moving on be the sinners trying for forgiveness with their former partners or the wronged partners feeling as if they can forgive without looking like fools to the public. It did address the fact that middle-aged married women are the ones who prefer the “other woman” get the blame if that is the misogyny you are talking about. Personally, I think the true misogyny comes from the people who didn’t like her before this fiasco and are now reveling in her downfall. I mean, if you didn’t like her why are you even interested in any of this? She’s not Chris Brown. In fact, I’ll bet she can be quite a nice person to people who aren’t paps, who aren’t those ‘fans’ that are crazy in jealous hate with her, and who aren’t the type of people who incessantly judged her public demeanor on talk shows and so forth BEFORE she got her scowl.

        Anyway, the article wasn’t ridiculous to me except for the part where they echoed the gossip that KS is questioning why she is the one getting the brunt of the blame instead of RS. I’ve read this exact same tidbit right here on CB and I certainly don’t take it as gospel. Even if she is starting to come to that way of thinking it is only after she’s the one being put through the wringer for something that is no one else’s business. Oh, and the article also mentioned how she took responsibility by issuing an apology, which is something not everyone does let alone celebrities. She got sh*tcanned for that, too, lol.

    • another nina says:

      Hey Orly, I can’t believe they printed this pathetic shit. I see stew as a victim on just one count – she bought into her own hype. HW put on a pedestal a VERY average gal – no particular talent, appearance, brains or character. Now, they are trying to portray an EPIC fall – but there is not anything grandiose about stew, aside from her salary, of course…And her fall is very banal as well – an affair with a married director, ahahhah. Big f-n deal in hw, yeah, right.
      P.S. To be fair, I do believe she’d grow into something interesting behind the camera…she is just not an actor, she is not RDJ or even Jodie Foster. It was a rude awakening but it might work for her benefit eventually…
      P.P.S. Another article like that, and I’ll start sending stew application packages for college admissions myself. Jeez.

  48. shannon says:

    Having just played Clue last night, this post made me LOL in a real way. Kristen, EAT, when you feel like it. But feel like it, soon. (I know I’m old when my maternal instinct comes out over a 22-year-old girl I do not know from Adam)

  49. Ravensdaughter says:

    The first pic reminds me of Juliette Lewis. Wonder if the similarities end there.

  50. DEB says:

    Frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn.

  51. p says:

    oh wow ! so people believe these bs stories because ..?? I still don’t get the fascination about what’s going on with these two . Crap like this happens every stinking day !

  52. Alice says:

    The whole thing with Rob and KStew is OLD. Just imagine if these mother******s had been MARRIED.

  53. jwoolman says:

    Temporary anorexia after a major loss is a common reaction – we aren’t all stress eaters. And it can be a quite healthy and reasonable response to help the body and mind deal with the situation. But instead of pushing her to eat, I would suggest treating it as a modified fast and pushing her to drink a lot more fluids, since we get a lot of fluid in our foods. A protein/vitamin supplement that can be mixed with juice can be easy on the system. Smoking and loading up on caffeine isn’t helping, so steering her toward other fluids might be a friendly thing to do… Assuming she has real friends at this point. She would need less caffeine for energy if she drank protein shakes for the duration. Heck, even if she mixed the protein supplement with that godawful Red Bull she would be ahead of the game. Hey, I’ve done it with root beer, flabbergasting friends.

    If she’s mourning the loss of her relationship with Rob, she had better figure out why she deceived him for months and why she risked it all like this. If she’s mourning the loss of married-with-children what’s-his-name, she had better ask herself what she really was expecting. Her feelings are probably rather complicated at the moment, despite her carefully cultivated too-cool-for-school public persona.

  54. geocyn48c says:

    I wish that Robert would give her another chance and lets hope that she don’t do anything to herself ,she is so young.

  55. babeth says:

    Look now, she finally emerged and this break-up diet according to this know it all “sources” was just so laughable. I’d kill for those abs though.