Angelina Jolie says “not yet” when asked if she’s ready to be married

Just like two weekends ago, I kept checking in this past weekend to see if Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had finally gotten hitched. The Mail ran an extensive story about what the wedding would look like at their French chateau, and I kept seeing reports about all of the photo agencies sending photographers to the South of France in the hopes of getting some good wedding photos. Alas, it seems like Brad and Angelina weren’t even IN France last week or this past weekend. They weren’t in England either. According to Page Six, Brangelina were vacationing in Greece, and according to a “source,” Angelina “laughed off” rumors that their wedding is coming up soon:

While rumors continue to swirl about Brad Pitt’s wedding to Angelina Jolie at their French chateau, the A-list couple were recently spotted in Greece.

We’re told they were seen a week ago at a restaurant in Halkidiki, northern Greece.

A source tells us, “Angelina was in white, but she laughed and said ‘not yet’ when the restaurant owner asked if she was getting ready to be married. She also said, ‘We love Greece too much to leave . . . we have other islands to go to before heading back to France.”

The source added that Angelina, Brad and their kids were traveling on a super-yacht and had visited islands including Mykonos and hoped to visit Santorini. Guests in the local restaurant were stunned to see them, but were banned from taking photos.

Other stars vacationing in Greece include Robert De Niro and John Travolta, who were seen admiring the Acropolis museum in Athens in early August and relaxing on a yacht. And Tom Hanks was seen taking a swim off the island of Antiparos.

[From Page Six]

Er… so is Angelina done filming Maleficent? Is Brad Pitt done with his (smaller) role in The Counselor? Is Brad done with the reshoots for World War Z? WHY ARE THEY ON VACATION?! And why Greece? It’s funny, you know – a few months ago, the tabloids were reporting that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were planning on a secret elopement – in Greece! And Jennifer is famously part Greek, and she’s vacationed there before. So… was this some Uncool Triangle BS? Or did Brad and Angelina just decide to go on vacation, with no thought to Brad’s ex-wife? Or are they even really in Greece? I have no idea.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Miss Piggy says:

    Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they are happy.

  2. Eve says:

    Angelina Jolie says “not yet” when asked if she’s ready to be married


    Love her.

  3. First Timer says:

    There were tweets during that supposed vacation time from actors and crews from Maleficent saying that Angie was on set filming. Who knows.

  4. atlantapug says:

    God that black gauzy dress is fug!

    Anyway. I have a feeling that their wedding is going to be very non-traditioal if and when it eventually happens. Like, judge at thehouse with only the kids there or on a boat or something. Definitely not a big planned party that would be obvious enough to lure the paparazzi.

  5. Sel says:

    I’m going with the theory that they didn’t give Jen any thought. They had some time to take a vacation (if they really were there) and hit Greece. Just because Jen vacationed there and is Greek doesn’t mean she has a lock on the country.

    I would like to think Brad, Angie and Jen are all mature and have moved on with their lives.

  6. Khara says:

    For someone with that amount of money, fame and connections, she really has the most messy way of dressing….those wedges with the 70′s looking long dress, and the leather YSL bag with the straw hat, sorry but that is bad….each thing is fine on its own, but put together = mess!

    • Liza Jane says:

      Why do we care! She can dress for comfort,or choice, she doesn’t owe it to anyone on her downtime,or on holiday..she has to dress up for premiers ,events, appearances etc…let her wear what she wants any other time.she’s not a ‘sweatpants’ person,she happens to like floaty dresses,preferably each their own..imagine having everyone nitpick every time you went out! So the outfit is haphazard,so what!!!I also think she and Brad could care
      less about what others think, they are happy with their lives and kids and status.

  7. Toot says:

    I love how people call Angelina and Brad famewhores, but we’ve barely seen either of them recently unless it was on set. No one knows whats going on with them, but these are famewhores.

    Anyway, if this story is true it must have been a nice break. Angelina and Brad have went to Greece before so I doubt Jennifer ever crossed their minds when choosing their trip location.

  8. Aiobhan says:

    I don’t think that they are ever having a huge ceremony. Or get married at all. They already live like a married couple and more than likely have legal papers drawn up for if anything happens to them and their kids.

  9. tracking says:

    People tend to make too much of a celebrity’s casual comment. What else is she supposed to say to a stranger who asks her about her wedding date?

  10. Monie says:

    Umm the last place Travolta needs to be is Greece! He needs to stay away from anything Greek-style for a while.

  11. Krissy says:

    This article stinks of Greece tourism PR. I bet its just nonsense.

  12. olivia says:

    what a load of crap, but the “they fell in love with Greece” thing is amusing. A bankrupt system, perfect for a bankrupt reality star team…

  13. Kim says:

    I read about this dinner last week Travolta and Deniro were also there.This is old news the dinner was the 11 th them owner spoke to a newspaper. He said Travolta was the life of the dinner party.WWZ reshoots start in late Sept.Brad is finished with the Counselor he said he would only work a few days.Malficient is still filming Angie did interview a few days ago the host posted pic on instagram.They are living their lives ignoring tabloid BS.The Greek trip if it occurred was week before last ,not last week.There were no pics of them in Greece

  14. zoya says:

    Not true. She is filming Maleficent and there is a pic of her doing some press for the movie (those “on set” segments)from New Zealand reporter:

  15. Ravensdaughter says:

    You take all the time you need, Angelina. I am divorced now and if I ever get close to the aisle again, I will have my qualms, even if the guy is a prince (as Brad Pitt appears to be to Angelina).
    In Scandinavia, couples-with children-are just as likely not to get married as to get married, so this isn’t some radical Angelina agenda…
    I was just thinking about Just/Jen and comparing them to Brad and Angie. How impossible it would be for Brad and Angie to have a pre-nup? Their lives are too entangled already.
    I know that’s not her issue, though. She is likely hyper-sensitive about screwing up what they already have together. “If it ain’t broke, don’ t fix it.”
    Jane Pitt must be flipping out now-Angie is definitely headed for the hellfire!

  16. WTF says:

    This story is BS. Angelina and Brad were NEVER in Greece last week. Angelina is STILL filming. Page 6 made this crap up. But hey….don’t let that stop the haters from foaming at the mouth. Carry on Olivia,lol.

  17. Dusty says:

    The joke is on Jen. She put the pressure on Justin to propose to her before the rumored wedding of Angelina and Brad – two weekends in a row were said to be “the weekend.” Funny…I wouldn’t put it past Angelina to have her people start gossip so then Aniston is trapped in an engagement fueled by her panic. You can’t make this stuff up!

  18. Ravensdaughter says:

    You take all the time you need, Angelina. I am divorced now and if I ever get close to the aisle again, I will have my qualms, even if the guy is a prince (as Brad Pitt appears to be to Angelina).
    In Scandinavia, couples-with children-are just as likely not to get married as to get married, so this isn’t some radical Angelina agenda…
    I was just thinking about Just/Jen and comparing them to Brad and Angie. How impossible it would be for Brad and Angie to have a pre-nup now-their lives are too entangled already.
    Ridiculous aside form CB-why would either of them give a crap about Jennifer Aniston? Brad is so done with her. Obviously, Brad and Jen were NOT soulmates!
    Let’s all move on, please. Promises to do so at least when Jen ties the knot?

  19. ana says:

    That’s BS. Every year there is a report that they are in Greece. They make that up, not just about them, but about other celebs (Aniston past spring, Cruise several years ago, I bet De Niro is not there either). I guess they think that will create some buzz for their tourism, or something. They never have a picture of them in Greece, not even a cell phone pic. And Angelina said they were going to France, right. Just another fabricated story, lol.

  20. WTF says:

    John Travolta and Robert Deniro were together in Greece in July…and Angelina and Brad WERE NOT with them. This story is most likely made up by someone in Greece tourism. Here is photo evidence. This story is a lie.

  21. mln76 says:

    I have no idea whether or not this is a real story…but you have to give the Brange credit for being extra low key for the last several months. This makes me think they could give a flying f–k about engaged ex-wives or fake wedding rumors.
    It tales two in order to have a Bride War.

  22. Imelda says:

    This is way more interesting than justjen or the brandge the fact that DeNiro and Travolta are on hols together! what an odd pairing…
    oh well back to work..

  23. tomb raider says:

    Angle filmed the Tomb. Raider where she was on the jet ski & punched a shark partly in Greece. A couple years back, Brad, Angle and the kids went to Greece- there were blurry pics. Since then, there have rumors at least once a year that they are.back and have bought a house there. They may have been back to Greece, but I don’t think this trip happened. Brad was asked one time (at Cannes??) a reporter asked Brad if he & Angie had a house in Greece and Brad said no, but they would love to.

  24. Turtle Dove says:

    With most of AJ’s ensembles, I feel she just needs one or two more pieces to have a costume.

    Gorgeous face, horrible taste (most of the time).

  25. Liberty says:

    JA: Huvie, buy yourself an ab necklace, that story plant was f—-n’ brilliant! Yeah, it’s going okay but it’s destroying my hair so something about how I don’t mind the costumes or my lower-type cast mates—? Ok, good, I have to check on Juicy. Hey –

    JT: I bought the French words book. Did you read the news that–

    JA: Ha isn’t it awesome! Huvie set up the whole “Banjo is on vacation in Greece” thing to make them look even more stupid for still not getting married while we’re already like totally engaged for almost a month!

    JT: Nine days. What’s stupid about going to Greece? I thought –

    JA: Now that you’re actually French, we need to give them ideas of something else to do to stay the f— off my French wedding plans!

    JT: But you’re Greek? They have a giant-size French house and their own church anyway so – ?

    JA: — if they marry in France they are totally just trying to throw money around to mock me and my real French fiancé, and if they go to Greece, it’s obviously because he still needs me in spirit to get him through it, see? He thought he could run but look! He’s just going to get his karma sutra now! Let’s see how he likes that!

    JT: it’s– never mind — Why would they get married in Greece? They didn’t even go there now?

    JA: Huvie says they wouldn’t, but, it could happen, so it still proves that he can’t stop trying to follow me! That’s why we went all over Europe as fast as we could, remember? There’s NOWHERE they can go now, without trying to hurt me! France, Rome, ha! It’s like, they can’t stop thinking about me – first France and now, pretend Greece! Will they go to Italy? Why won’t they stop? Why? Why? No one knows!

    JT: —–uh…

    JA: Be supportive! My on-set yoga instructor says you are giving me a stiff neck.

    JT: — em, okay, sorry, yeah, I get it, sure. You’re right. So….

    JA: Go eat a gyro tonight, but angrily! We need to get my message out that we won’t stand for them attacking me all the time with their poisonous obsessive love-killing arrows, and you have to do it, because I work. Tomorrow go start writing a big serious-type French film. Do it at Starbucks, near a window. And, ooh, don’t shave!

    JT: ok ––

    JA: You’re my rock-assed Toulouse-Lautrec man plow! Bye! I mean, um, le bye byette!

  26. Anon says:

    Liberty is a hoot, keep it up please. Thank you.

  27. G says:

    Of course….Angelina is communicating her authoritative statement on the state of her relationship with Brad through the owner of a Greek taverna.

  28. KellyinSeattle says:

    All is I can say is wow; she’s a natural beauty, effortlessly, it seems, and she looks great and has even had kids. Wow.

  29. mel says:

    Of course Angelina is not ready…how boring for her to marry someone she has been with for a while versus not first going in and stealing the husband then getting married right away **cough** Billy Bob Thornton. Can’t stand her….ugh….

    • manly says:

      choke urself……..dern got pregnant while harpers wife is also pregnant!!!

    • Rena says:

      Mel at least when you are trying to burp a complete lie make it somewhat plausible. Lol.

      Laura Dern broke up BBT’s 4th marriage, his then wife Petra is on record with those facts. BBT was never engaged to LDern, as a matter of fact she always called him her boyfriend. BBT left her before she went on location and she later admitted this when she went after married Ben Harper who had a pregnant wife.

      And I agree the question was allegedly are you getting ready for your wedding in this nonexistent Greek trip. Angelina is at work in the UK, has been since May.

      Some people wll fall for any lie gossip conjures up. A Sad situation. Some try so hard to rewrite history. Always.

    • WTF says:

      The same Laura Dern who was banging a MARRIED with CHILDREN Ben Harper? Who’s wife was pregnant with their 2rd child at the time. Laura Dern’s was pregnant at the SAME time as her married lovers (Ben Harper) wife. That is FACT. So what was your complaint about Angelina Jolie again?

    • JulieM says:

      mel- You don’t want to make sense around here. Notice how they are all trying to distract you with Laura Dern. What you said about Angie may be true, but, but, but Laura Dern did it too!!!

    • Sal_ says:

      You need to check your facts instead of relying on tabloids. BBT was not MARRIED to Dern, so she didn’t steal a ’husband’.
      Number two, Dern and BBT were over long before BBT and Jolie got together. Dern’s own publicist even said so.
      Number three, Dern is a serial homewrecker and husband stealer. She had an affair with a married Ben Harper whose wife was pregnant. Dern got pregnant, at the same time his wife was pregnant. You think a woman like that is trustworthy?
      Number four, even if Angelina had an affair with a NON-MARRIED BBT (which Dern’s own publicist proved she did not), haven’t the Jenloons been saying that cheating ’doesn’t count’ ’if they’re not married’? Therefore, BBT doesn’t count, because being Boyfriend/Girlfriend with Dern is not a marriage therefore the entire relationship ’doesn’t count’ (Jenloon rationale).
      So, your point is…..?

      JulieM, She said BBT and Dern were married. They neve were. So not only did Mel make NO sense, they made a fool of themselves, and so have you by agreeing with their factually incorrect nonsense.

  30. G says:

    BTW, these are old photos from last year and the fellow’s hat is in Spansh not Greek.

  31. serena says:

    I find it idiotic that they can’t go in Greece because Jennifer is part greek. If they want to have a vacation despite their busy schedules, bless them.

  32. didoodah_(france) says:

    BP may not think about Jen any more, but Angie still does…
    She likes to humiliate other women very much. Aniston, Paradis etc.
    Apart from this: their hairs & clothes are beyond comprehension. And they don’t look this happy (they never do).

    • WTF says:

      Angelina likes to humiliate other women and thinks of Jen? You know this how? Oh, I guess read it in a tabloid right? LOL. Also did the tabloid also tell you Angelina and Brad never look happy? LOL. Just love how you haters try to rewrite history and twist actual FACTS.

    • UNF Joan Jett! says:

      Wait. What? When did Jolie do anything to Vanessa? Don´t tell me that she is the one responsible for the Depp/Paradis break-up? That woman seems to have all kinds of magical powers so she can cause all the evil in the world.

    • Rhea says:

      Paradis??? LMAO!!! Seriously???!!

    • manly says:

      need to read playboy mag.oh lookey….jenjen friend mc cartney on the

    • Sal_ says:

      You really need help. Surely a person cannot be as delusional as you are. Angelina has never humiliated any woman. She has maintained a dignified silence during Aniston’s attempts to humiliate Angelina via any methods possible. While its obvious that like her nasty fans Aniston is obsessed with Angelina, its more than clear that Angelina doesn’t give her a second thought. Angelina has acted over the last 8 years with admirable restraint, dignity and grace. Its a pity Aniston herself and her toxic fans can’t do the same. Oh, and Angelina has never even met Paradis, so how can she humiliate a woman who doesn’t even know her?

    • jk says:

      Hmmm I read that Jen sent Angie flowers when he movie came out and Brad sent Jen congrats for her up coming wedding. I think all that crap is done and over with and the only ones keepingit going are the jenaloonies. They need to be happy now because she can stop sleeping with every guy in hollywood and marry the gnome and her womb may or may not be used for childbirth but I doubt it lol SHe never really wanted kids and infact made fun of Brads kids with Angie
      which was really showing what she is truly made of. She no more wanted kids then I do and that is a fact. She put Brad off forever and finally he bailed and found someone who wanted to have his kids.Angie has given him the life he wanted with Jen but she wanted to be an A movie star, and it never happened.
      Now she has the gnome to love and cherrish and pre nup for ever after until; she gets tired of supporting him and bails LOL I wish all of them well and hope that Jens womb that she soooo wanted to use but Brad left her lol gets used and has her own little gnome which is not going to happen and neither is adoption Jen has not got one bone in her body that wants to be tied down with a kid or stretch her perfect body out of shape lol. So sad tht people still think you can STEAL people, own people , and Break up marriages that don’t exist. These peopole live in never never land lol

  33. didoodah_(france) says:

    One VERY good point for her though: she has stopped to be awfully skinny. She frightened everybody at 1st sight.

  34. Ginger says:

    The are already secretly married and on their honeymoon! J/K :)

  35. Valentina says:

    They are in Greece. True story. (There has been eye confirmation- I live in Greece).The thing is they also visited Costa Navarino in Messini, late July. It seems that they are on an on and off vacation around Europe.

    • Rena says:

      Are there clear pics to support this eye confirmation because there are multiple people saying they worked with Angelina and Sharlto Copley on the set of Maleficent @ Pinewood Studio in the UK today and other people who said last night they had dinner in a resturant in the London area and Brad and Angelina were there also having dinner at the same time.

      Just sayin LOL.

  36. zoya says:

    I guess Angelina has an ability, beside being the reason for every brake up in the world, to also be in two places at the same time – she can vacation all over Europe (especially Greece) and film a movie where she has title role, pretty amazing. LOL.

  37. Meee says:

    Apart from the numerous twitter mentions, a friend of mine in Piraeus also said they were seen in Greece earlier this month (apparently it was mentioned on their news during the celebrity segment lol).

  38. b anonymous says:

    I wish Angie and Brad Pitt would get married just to stop the comments from Jen Anistons crazy fans.What can they say then.There is no deodorant like a marriage ceremony.They make a very good pair,compassionate to the poor,caring,and sincere.Please get married Angie and Brad.You make a wonderful couple.