Ryan Lochte sells out Prince Harry over Royal Jewel-gate: “I don’t need that”

OK, there are several reasons to watch these Today show interviews which aired yesterday. For one, it’s always hilarious to watch Ryan Lochte being interviewed because, you know, he’s incredibly dumb. And he’s pretty to look at, so you in between laughing, you can just stare at his beautiful, dumb face. There’s also another reason to watch the first video – Olympian Brendan Hansen! He’s very pretty too, and he’s smarter than Ryan, and he’s married. I would have loved to see Kathie Lee and Hoda spend more time talking to Brendan, but whatevs, man. Oh, but the biggest reason to watch this: because Ryan Lochte will sell a brother out!

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First off, I love Ryan’s total confusion over why exactly he’s there. Like, it just occurred to him as he was sitting there that they wanted to talk about Prince Harry and the Royal Jewels. “Are you talking about……… the Prince Harry thing?” So much effort!

As for what Ryan says about Harry and how they met, Ryan says: “His people came over to my table and said, ‘Prince Harry wants to meet you,’ I was like, ‘By all means. Let’s meet him!’ I went over there. I was still in my clothes, and he said, ‘You wanna race me in the pool?’ I was like, ‘This is once in a lifetime.’ I took off my shirt, jumped in and we started racing.”

Before the above interview, Ryan was interviewed by Matt Lauer on an earlier segment, and this is where he really sells out Prince Harry:

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Lochte was asked about the Royal-Jewel-Gate and at first he says, “I was kind of shocked that someone would take those kinds of photos.” And then Lochte sells out his dude, saying that “I’m kind of happy” that Harry didn’t invite him back to his hotel suite to play strip billiards, “I don’t need that.” DUDE. YOU WISH. This comes from the dude who spent his last week in London partying his ass off with randoms at all of the clubs. It’s not that Ryan Lochte is better than Prince Harry – it’s that they are THE SAME.

Oh, and Lochte is going to Rio?!?

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  1. KellyinSeattle says:

    They need all the chlorine in the pool for the syphillis.

  2. Meg says:

    Did anyone else catch Ryan saying Prince Henry instead of Harry when talking to Kathie and Hoda!? His interviews are so hilarious!

  3. kdlaf says:

    I think he may of been referring to the fact that he doesnt need the bad publicity. He hasnt been so secretive about his clubbing, wanting to be in the spotlight, etc. Its not like he’s trying to fool anyone with some sort of squeaky clean image or something. Anyway, I’m curious to see how long he can extend his 15 minutes.

    • lunabell says:


      I don’t think he’s selling him out per se. It’s not like he owes him anything and Lochte strikes me as too dumb to strategically state a comment as to out-goody goody Prince Harry.

      That said, I do think this comment will come back to bite him in the butt. He seems like a hard partier too so it’s only a matter of time before a one night stand turns in some grainy photos too…

    • Jordan says:

      Yeah, I took it to mean that he didn’t need that b/c it would probably lose all his endorsements if he got caught in a nudey pic scandal. Not that he isn’t a douche, just didn’t that comment as selling anyone out. I found his “By all means, let’s meet him” to be far more douchey.

    • Cha-Cha says:

      Let’s hear what he has to say about the disgusting video of his racist sister insulting China, the Chinese, and all Asians.

      Daily Mail

      Sorry, but the whole family sounds douchey, from the mama on down.

  4. brin says:

    Gold medal asshat.

  5. DavidBowie says:

    He is the Dumbass Douche gift that keeps on giving. I heart him!

  6. Janet says:

    This guy is the arch-doofus of the decade,

  7. evyn says:

    He’s right. The press would have totally put the blame on him. The party boy American exposes the young prince to mischief. The “royal” family would have thrown him under the bus in a minute.

  8. ZigZagZoey says:

    Well, it might have screwed up his Playgirl deal….DUH
    And he wants to do all that stuff on the Bachelor and have the entire spotlight. Even a gold medalist loses a bit of shine standing next to Harry…

    Oh, and Matt Lauer makes me SICK.

  9. Riana says:

    I just don’t have that much pity for Harry.

    Even the average person who does what he did knows in today’s world he could end up on Facebook, YouTube or a million other sites.

    The fact a 28 yr old prince is oblivious to that and then has his family strong-arm the media to respect his privacy leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Ryan clearly doesn’t have a ton of expectations on him but even he is smart enough (someone hand him a doggy treat) to know the blame would have been shifted on him just like it was on Harry’s handlers.

    • LAK says:

      Jokes aside, You really think this is the first instance of censorship in a supposedly democratic western country? or that Harry is the first ‘VIP’ who has strong armed the ‘free’ media into NOT publishing images/stories???

      I’d love to live in your world!!!

      And on a more serious note, suppose instead of camera phones, those girls had weapons. That is the point of having security team in the room. If Harry is stupid to invite randoms to his hotel room, it is the security’s job to ensure that he is safe, whatever form that might take. That is why they are paid. Not to partake in bar games and be drunk whilst they are supposed to be protecting him.

      • Riana says:


        I don’t believe I suggested anywhere that this was the first instance of such behavior. None the less this example, like every other, is pretty pathetic.

        Unless someone steps forward with details its impossible to say what the guards did or didn’t do and how this situation effected their ability to do their job. Perhaps Harry was screwing up the process so he could get right down to the naked billiards.

        The role they play seems to be a tricky one. In a normal instance they’re bodyguards, not there to make moral decisions for the prince. In this instance however it appears they’re supposed to coddle him and treat him like a child. Which brings the tricky question of when to powder the prince’s ass and when to spank it.

    • lunabell says:

      Agree with everything you said, Riana.

      And yes, his security is supposed to protect him, even from things like cell phones. But it is still going to leave a bad taste in (arguably most) people’s mouths that the lowly handlers are going to get most of the blame for not adequately protecting Princey-Pooh against, gulp, inviting the wrong stranger groupies to come play strip poker in his suite while he was on his rich boy Vegas bender.

      On a side note, I would like to know how the pictures were taken and what with. Whoever took the pictures got the device through security and got away with taking the pictures in a room full of his people and left with them in tact? If this was all as complicated as I just imagined, this person should consider a career as a spy. It’d be a step up from being a groupie who sells pictures of their debauchery to TMZ.

  10. Lindsey says:

    That was really painful to watch. Nothing kills my lady-boner like pure, unadulterated stupidity.

  11. Celt Lady says:

    Ummm……yeah….ummmmmm…..who am I again? Why am I here?

    Rocket scientist…..not!

  12. dooliloo says:

    Harry stole Ryan’s thunder in Vegas… Jeah!!!!

  13. iseepinkelefants says:

    I didn’t get him selling him out. I mean it’s true he doesn’t need the bad press (although Harry’s not really getting morethan a “let him have fun” meh from the public so whatev).

    That said, when did the hideous Caesar cut of George Clooney circa 1998 come back into style? Blugh. Or did he just roll out of bed and forget product?

  14. kibbles says:

    Ryan’s sister is an idiot and a racist too. Google her up and the interview she did several years ago using the term chinks multiple times.