Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban spend Christmas in Australia (update: pics)

Newlyweds Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were reunited after a two month separation and spent Christmas in their native Australia. Keith flew into Sydney after having completed treatment for an alcohol addiction in an inpatient rehabilitation program.

The country music star flew Down Under on Tuesday to be reunited with his wife of six months. It is the first time the couple have been back in Sydney together since their romantic June wedding and will no doubt bring back happy memories for them both. The pair, who are based in Nashville, were spotted holding hands as they left a film studio in the city before being driven away in a blacked-out car.

It is believed Keith, 39, has now completed addiction treatment in the US after a drinking relapse prompted him to seek help. Nicole has been in Sydney spending time with her family and enjoying outings to the theatre in the run-up to Christmas as well as working on her new film Australia with co-star Hugh Jackman and renowned director Baz Luhrman.

Keith and Nicole’s reunion was undoubtedly marred by the news that a woman claiming to be Keith’s longterm lover recently spoke to a British newspaper. A 23 year-old “model” says that she had a relationship with Keith from 2002 until May, 2004 – just a month before Keith and Nicole were married. She claims that Keith was constantly drunk or on drugs during their time together.

Commentors here note that it doesn’t seem right that this woman is speaking out at this point, and that she must be doing it for the money. Commentor Patty says it has come out that she was paid for the story, has an agent, and didn’t actually give all the quotes that were attributed to her. I think that the story was told to the Daily Mail for a fee, and that they made up the quotes. (If Patty could comment with a link to where she read that news I would appreciate it.)

It does seem kind of cruel for this woman to be speaking out now. As I mentioned yesterday, I think she’s trying to get revenge for the fact that Keith ditched her again after their brief makeup session in October, and is trying to cash in while she can.

This doesn’t bode well for Nicole and Keith’s relationship if it’s true, of course, but given Nicole’s history and determination, it seems like she’ll try to make it work for as long as she can.

Update: Thanks to SkyShowbiz for these pics of their reunion.

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  1. ThisGirl says:

    I like Nicole, but WOW, that’s a shiny face.

  2. funflower says:

    I hope they can work it out, but I can’t see her giving him a zillion chances to get his self together and grow up.

    Anyway, the mumsy clothes, hair, and lack of Chanel oil-free powder application says one thing to me: She’s testing him. “I’m not fixin up and I’m cutting you off, buster, unless you cut it with the teenager $hit, and soon.”
    She means business with them hair bows.

  3. Diva says:

    She looks freakishly like Mary Kay LeTourneau in the fifth picture.

  4. kailie2 says:

    Diva.. you nailed it with that Mary Kay comment. She’s trying so hard to look young, it’s almost sad. A soft ponytail and less botox would have been so much better. I wonder how long they last.

  5. Mr. T says:

    Wow, I used to think Nicole was one of the hottest women around but she is looking freakishly ugly. No wonder KU is hitting the joy juice. Man the way that woman freaks me out I’d be drinking on the way to and on the way back from rehab.

  6. discobitch says:

    Nicole is a great actress. she has let herself down by hanging with this fug ugly x this x that nobody.

    there are so many normal ‘job’ guys who would be better suited to her sensitive nature.

  7. Anastasia says:


  8. rosie says:

    they look happy. i’m not sure what is up with those pig tails. did keith’s party girl wear pig tails? lol

    i hope the rumors are not true about his party girl, but i don’t have too much faith in celebrity marriages. jmo

  9. luigi says:

    I really wish she stop trying to look like a little girl. It’s a look that REALLY doesn’t suit her.

  10. Shannon says:

    I always thought of Nicole as a cold hearted bi***,but I have to give credit where credit is due.She has stood by Keith the last couple of months and I think thats very admirable of her.I hope they can make it work.

  11. Hell in a Handbag says:

    It looks like Nicole spends as much time shining and waxing her face as shaved bald men do shining and waxing their cueballs.
    She looks freakishly like Bette Davis
    in Whatever happened to Baby Jane or whatever its called.
    Nic appears to be following Michael Jackson down the freaky celeb road.
    I predict her next movie will be a remake of My Mommy is an Alien.

  12. betsy says:

    Doesn’t she have children somewhere?

  13. kailie2 says:

    all of her movies since 2003 (Dogville) are rated “rotten” on rottentomatoes… I hear that “Invasion” is going through reshoots to make it bearable.

  14. mizzie says:

    so shiny!

  15. lyric says:

    What a rough start to a marriage. Good luck to both of them cause it ain’t going to be easy. I’m unsure what look Nicole is going for here but whatever, it ain’t working, she looks silly.

  16. Sally says:

    That’s the goofiest outfit, I have seen on that woman. She does indeed, not fit the Chanel look. As for him, I hope he gets back to doing what he does the best. Music. She can stay in London, or Sydney or wherever.