Kim Kardashian bought a fluffy Teacup Persian, named the kitten “Mercy”

Ugh. Kim Kardashian is now a cat-mother. Kim didn’t go to a shelter to adopt a kitten in need, either. She bought a purebred Teacup Persian, and she named the kitten Mercy, after Kanye West’s song (which I can’t get out of my head some days). These are photos of Kim showing off Mercy in Miami – Kim and Khloe basically walked around Miami for a while with this poor terrified kitten, letting the paparazzi get tons of photos of Kim being a cat-mother. And I swear, you really shouldn’t hold a kitten like Kim is in some of these photos – like, the kitten is draped across her arm like the strap of a purse. When you adopt a kitten, my mom (The Cat-Mother Superior) always taught me to hold the kitten to your chest, supporting the kitten with both hands. The kitten needs to feel the warmth, needs to feel your heart beat, and they need to connect with you as their cat-parent.

As for what this cat adoption “means” to Kim and perhaps to Kanye… I don’t know. Kanye might be a cat person? It wouldn’t surprise me at all to hear that Kanye was like, “Girl, Imma let you know – I LOVE cats.” And getting a fluffy white Persian might appeal to Kanye’s vibe too – like, he’s Dr. Evil or something. I’m sure poor Mercy will be billed as a “starter child” for Kim and Kanye, but it’s more likely that Mercy is just another “status” object, which will be quickly forgotten next season when teacup Rottweilers become fashionable (God knows). If and when that happens, I volunteer to take Mercy. That poor kitty.

PS… You know Mercy is going to shed white fur on ALL of Kim’s clothes. And that will be when Kim “gifts” Mercy to Kourtney and Mason, probably.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Ellie66 says:

    That poor kitty!

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      This bitch. Ugh.
      First of all, you don’t walk around outside carrying a kitten-she could wriggle out of your arms (especially when you’re holding her like that!) and run away or into traffic.

      Secondly, who the hell holds a cat like that? You are supposed to hold the cat over your shoulder/chest, with one hand supporting her feet and the other hand supporting her back. Since she’s still a kitten she should be in an effin’ cat carrier to be safe.

      God I HATE this woman. Poor kitten indeed :(

      • marie says:

        completely agree with you Kitten, she’s ridiculous..

      • Bacharia says:


      • someone says:


      • OriginalTiffany says:

        OKitt-ITA. She ought to be ashamed for holding that poor kitten that way.

        I am not surprised, she seems too dumb to even realize how to hold a kitty.

        Let’s all say a prayer for Mercy. Of all the dumb luck in the world, to get picked out by kat face.

        Today is poor kitteh day. I hope it shits in her bed.

      • Turd Fergussen says:

        Exactly the first words out of my mouth: THIS BITCH.

        I work with cat rescues, and have two rescues of my own. Both are pure-bred Himalayans. If she wanted a Persian, fine — they’re so easy to find on Petfinder! In this economy, so many people are getting rid of their pets, which is shameful, and longer haired cats seem especially easy to come by since a lot of people give them away because they require so much care. I should know: my house is covered in cat fur.

        Shame on this bitch. (And while I’m thinking about it, shame on that overrated bitch Gaga for wearing copious amounts of fur.)

      • TJ says:

        I couldn’t agree more, TheOriginalKitten. I don’t even like cats, but wouldn’t dream of holding one like that. I was also raised to hold it to your chest. It’s a defenseless freaking cat, dumbass (Kim K, that is)! It isn’t a scarf or sweater that you drape casually over your arm! Ugh. Why won’t she go away?

      • mc says:

        I completely agree! Cats don’t like their legs to be dangling . It makes them feel unprotected. Also this tw-t apparently didn’t do her homework there are many rescue shelters that specialize in species breeds. We have them here in Chattanooga so surely LA or Miami would.

      • littlestar says:

        That’s the first thing I thought too when I saw those pictures! NEVER take a curious little kitten somewhere outside that it doesn’t know – it could easily escape and be gone forever. And the stupid cow is holding the poor thing like a bag of the moment or something. SUPPORT the poor kittens legs and body girl!

        I have two cats, one is long haired. I hope Kim realizes it needs to be brushed often.

        P.S. If anyone is looking for an AMAZING pet brush, the Furminator is awesome!!!

      • Izzy says:

        Ugh. Now she has an actual cat to match her cat-face? The actual cat is cuter.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        @Turd Ferg-love that name. Anyway, yes, people are abandoning their animals like crazy right now. It’s very sad. In Cali right now if you trailer out and go riding when you come back more than likely there will be a horse tied to your trailer.

        It is amazingly sad, people just turn them loose as well. I worked with an Arabian rescue for years. I loved it so much, people throw away beautiful papered animals for the stupidest reasons. When I got my first rescue I literally paid the meat guy for her in her weight. So sad.

      • MW says:

        I wish I hadn’t seen this. Now I am seriously going to be worried about what’s happening with the cat. If it did get away from her and run into traffic, she sure as Hell wouldn’t go save it at all costs! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

      • Leen says:

        Completely agree with you kitten. When I first saw these pictures all I could think that poor poor kitten. I’ve had cats for over 10 years, and I don’t understand why she holds the kitten like that. I would be absolutely terrified that poor little kittie would wiggle out, or fall or something and something bad will happen.

        I totally volunteer to take care of that adorable kitty though.

    • beyonce's bump says:

      Ya, and I feel bad for the cat as well. :(

    • someone says:

      you know what?! she’s always been a bleeping attention whore, narcissistic vapid airhead, and i was like that’s fine, the only people who really suffer at her expense are occasionally us who have to see her stupid plastic face all over magazines. but all in all, she seemed harmless. but damnit, this is just frustrating. that poor kitty! it looks so upset, WHO HOLDS A CAT LIKE THAT?! that cat is just another tool for fame and it’s so frustrating. it’s one thing if its another one of her stupid birkin bags, but it’s a living being that deserves a family that will actually love it, not just use and abuse it for paparazzi photos. god damn i hate these stupid kardashians. ok i’m done this rant, and i’m going to be a crazy cat lady and hug my own cat :( ((

    • operagirl says:

      I’m actually waiting for the moment a sudden traffic noise freaks poor little kitten out and it turns into a thrashing, lashing, slashing mass of kitty claws.

      Also, it has to be said. Weight gain, waaaaay too much filler, and her styling is even worse than usual. Not. A. Good. Look.

      Khloe looks cute here. And trim!

    • Kim says:

      As a cat lover I feel sick to my stomach seeing her carry a kitten around like that.Cat should be in a carrier.I guess she will get another one if this one gets loose and gets hit by a car.Idiot

    • hmm says:

      I know! I’m not even a cat owner, but I know that you need to know HOW TO TREAT a cat before getting one! Cats are much different than dogs, and they have different needs.

      • hmm says:

        Also, kinda funny, whenever I go over to a cat owner’s house and they say it’s ok to pet the cat, I ALWAYS ASK: “HOW DOES A CAT LIKE TO BE PET?” Because I know you can’t pet it like a dog. lol

    • L says:

      I’ve got nothing to add. It’s all been said.

      But someone needs to free that kitten. Nevermind who holds a kitten that way-who holds ANY ANIMAL that way? Dog? Puppy? Cat? Lizard? Ferret? Hamster?

      The only one that could maybe make sense is a snake and even then.

      People like this should not be allowed to have pets.

      • Bernice says:

        L you are absolutely right!! The only animal AT ALL that could justifiably held like that is a snake. That poor kitty.

    • JudyK says:

      Poor kitten (it is beautiful)…it’s just a “live” accessory. She’s showing it no warmth or affection whatsoever…just lugging it around to show to the cameras.

      No bra…you are such a slut and a pig, Kim. Oh, and I listened to your interview comparing yourself to the 18-year-old girl who has cancer. You are FLAT OUT stupid, in addition to being shallow.

      If your two teenage half sisters share your IQ genes, they NEED school and college desperately.

      • sam says:

        Kim never compared her marriage to cancer, that’s something the media ran with.

        Anyways Mercy is a cute kitten, i hope she is getting lots of love.

      • JudyK says:

        Uh, NO Sam…I heard the entire interview…it happened…the media did NOT run with it. Every other word she used was “like” and the interview was totally disjointed and nonsensical.

        She is an IDIOT.

      • Sienna says:

        That stupid bitch. Doesn’t even know how to show love to a pretty, little kitten. She comes across as brainless and cold.

    • LalaV says:

      Gosh. She does not have maternal instincts. Blessed she hires an excellent staff To take care of the kitten and future children

    • LalaV says:

      Gosh. She does not have maternal instincts. Blessed she hires an excellent staff To take care of the kitten and future children.

    • LalaV says:

      Gosh. She does not appear to have maternal instincts. Blessed she hires an excellent staff To take care of the kitten and future children.

  2. andy says:

    That poor cat. Animals are not accessories .

    • Itsa says:

      This was my thought too. She’s wearing the cat like it’s an accessory. What’s wrong with her??? Leave the poor thing at home where it’s safe!

    • Sandy Pandy says:

      I know – she’s “wearing” the kitten. the breeder should be shot for selling it to her and god, someone take the kitten and give it a proper home. She is a sorry excuse for a human. Really.

  3. Rose says:

    Free Mercy!

  4. cr says:

    Run, kitty, run!

    And her lips are looking weirder than ever.

  5. Carobell says:

    What kind of weirdo walks around with cat in public?

    • Katyusha says:

      That’s what I was thinking, too. People don’t carry their cats around like their toy dogs.

      On a side note, it looks like the kitty is photo bombing in the last picture!

  6. Koko says:

    I feel sorry for that cat.

    • lower-case deb says:

      you know how people usually name pets after how their pets sound (Lil Squeak for pet mice, Mao for that Siamese Cat, Woof for that cute mutt in your life)…

      i think this cat just keeps shouting “Mercy! Mercy! Mercy!” and KK, tonedeaf as she is, thought it’s cute.

      I think the cat’s full name is Mercy O’Lawdavemercy

  7. Macey says:

    Poor kitty, this makes me sad.
    and yes, you should always support the kitty’s bottom so they feel secure.
    I think this poor kitty will end up going to someone as a gift as well, if hes lucky.
    Kim’s ass look HUMUNGO in that last pic..LOL my word that thing is growing bigger every day. It really is taking on a life of its own.

    • KellyinSeattle says:

      ditto – is Kayne going to clean the litter box? some people walk around with their little dogs (Paris Hilton, for example), which is annoying, but cats are not an animal to walk around with the way she is holding her.

      • lauren says:

        Kim is so fuggy-fat and phoney. How can KW love her? Mercy deserves a better mother than this brainless whore.

    • yahnijo79 says:

      I was thinking the same thing! Damn, girl, she needs to start hitting the gym and put down the starbucks!! Seriously, it does look bigger in every picture and she wears the most unflattering clothes!!Ugh. She just disgusts me.

  8. fabgrrl says:

    So cute! I want to have a “job” where I can walk around with a fluffy kitty all day! But yeah, this ‘kat’ is headed for a new home ASAP when she starts clawing KK’s designer clothes and shedding white fur all over the place.

  9. ramie says:

    That poor kitten is adorable.

  10. superjoy says:

    If there’s one thing cats love, it’s going out with their owners for a frappucino.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:


    • NYC_girl says:

      So funny. However, that woman is an a**hole and I feel sorry for that poor animal, being taken outside, draped over her arm like a purse. AND she’s an even bigger a**hole for not getting a shelter cat. She’s too pathetic and stupid to care.

  11. yellowshaba says:

    dumbo that is not the way to hold a baby kitten, nor is a pet another reason for a photo op. pets require responsibility and love and we all know kim only loves herself, so this kitten will be neglected. She will probably use its fur for eyelashes…she’s a disgusting human being. Good morning everyone!

  12. marie says:

    that poor kitten is now a fashion accessory, the woman is all kinds of pathetic..

  13. Snowangel says:

    Ugh, just ugh. Hope that kitten pisses all over her, her car and her house.

  14. SmokeyBlues says:

    I can’t even read about her, but I think that name is funny. It was a very popular name among colonial Puritans in New England. Can you imagine what they would think of KK?! Lol

  15. ahoyhoy says:

    The ONLY positive here is this may be a sign she’s not breeding anytime soon.

  16. emmieapricot says:

    I don’t know how long she had the cat out and about but… You can put a puppy in the grass if it has to relieve itself – what does this poor kitty do?

  17. cookie says:

    God, she’s an asshole.

  18. lower-case deb says:

    i think, Choupette’ll take one look at this poor cat’s tortured face and will start plotting to Free Mercy.

    White Fluffy Cats, Unite!

    • jwoolman says:

      Good Lord, you solved the mystery. She saw articles about that other white cat and figured she just had to have one.

    • Ennie says:

      Besides, a famous designer has a kitty, of course Kanye would love to have one, you know?
      Poor thing is going to get abandoned very soon. Meanwhile, I expect twitpics of Mercy, much better than Kk in a bikini!

  19. Lilo says:

    God, what is she doing to that cat?! You can`t hold an animal like a purse…that’s just wrong. Where’s the animal protection people?

  20. Hope says:

    Not the KITTEH! That poor thing! Kim should be ashamed, walking around with her kitty all terrified. The least she could do is put it in a nice tote with some catnip! SHAME Kimmy! Shame.

  21. serena says:

    Awwwwww so cutee!!
    As a fellow cat-mother I agree with you, she holds him terribly. Poor kitten..

  22. chloe says:

    Her rear is just so unattractive and weird looking…..why r people obsessed with it

    look at that last pic and tell me that’s attractive

  23. menlisa says:

    Disgusting how she’s blatantly using this cat for PR.
    I hate when celebs do that.
    I consider my dog my family, they need love not to be used as accessories.

  24. Jayna says:

    Of course, she did. No lowly, mere mixed breed or animal shelter cat for her. I do love the name of the kitty, though.

    I saw the show last night. She tried crying one time and she looked bizarre. That too many fillers and/or botox cry, where the face can’t give because of so many fillers or it’s frozen, so the face contorts funny and the blownup lips curl weirdly. LOL

  25. Bacharia says:

    why is she holding da kitteh like that???? Free Mercy indeed…

  26. PAgirl says:

    You know that saying that pet owners often end up looking like their pets? … KK is way ahead of that game.

  27. Shitler says:

    She probably adopted the cat so she can finally have someone in the family who looks like her.
    P.s. This bitch is really pushing for Kanye to marry her. Between those fug white shoes she has on & the cat’s name..she’s not giving the dude a choice. The stench of Eau de Desperate almost drowns out the smell of piss around this ho

  28. jamminatorr says:

    WHO TAKES A CAT OUT FOR A WALK AND CARRIES IT LIKE THAT. God. SO stupid. I hope it pees on those terrible chap-boot thingys she loves so much.

  29. Lulu says:

    There are no such things as ‘Teacup Persians’ or Teacup anythings. Irresponsible breeders breed runts of litters to runts of litters to obtain the smallest possible animals they can without regard to the health consequences to the animal, and sell them for thousands of dollars. It’s a gimmick.

    ” Teacup” is not an official term in any legitimate cat association: there is no recognized breed called ‘Teacup Persian” and no “Teacup” division within the Persian breed.

    But it IS a marketing gimmick term used by kitten mills and irresponsible BYBs who are breeding runts to runts, or they have found some Persians with a mutation causing them to be undersized and then inbreed the heck out of them and call them “Teacup Persians” and sell them for thousands of dollars.

    There are a LOT of health risks with these tiny little creatures. After paying a huge amount for the kitten, it sounds like people often end up paying even more for vet bills. The owner of one of them has posted on here before when someone asked. She has a Teacup Himalayan Persian. (A Himalayan is a colourpoint Persian) that has heart problems, seizures, blind in one eye, bones are abnormally soft, bowed legs, malformed jaw, he never grew adult teeth or testicles, gets exhausted easily, etc. He is a very cute little guy but it is sad he has so many problems and it has cost them a fortune.
    She tells about it here
    She warns that anybody thinking of buying a “teacup” cat should immediately take the kitten to the vet and have it thoroughly checked out – not just the usual kitten exam but x-rays, neurological tests etc. etc.

    Same thing with teacup dogs,.

    • RN says:

      Thank you. I have a pot bellied pig from a rescue because people think, “oh, those little piggies are so CUTE!”. The breeders lie to them and tell them they won’t grow. Of course they do – they’re pigs! Then the jackass of an owner treats the animal horribly when it reaches 150+ pounds.

    • ladybert62 says:

      thanks for all that info Lulu – it is heartbreaking! Makes me want to cry – I cant stand animal abuse and this is truly animal abuse.

    • apsutter says:

      YES!!! The only cat breed that is much smaller (that I know of) are munchkins. When anyone uses the term “teacup” as in, they want a teacup anything, I immediately know that they are raging narcissists and are not animal lovers. Hence, I can spot the douchebags to avoid.

      • Djinn says:

        Not necessarily. I would love to have a tea cup menagerie. I live in a tiny apartment and can’t see the day coming where I could ever afford a place big enough to live with an animal bigger than a goldfish. Having tiny versions of animals would be great, BUT I am aware that there is no such thing as a tea cup animal, just animals that have been badly bred with o regards for their health. So *wanting* a tea cup animal isn’t a problem, anymore than wanting a flying carpet or magic lamp is. Thinking you CAN have one is the problem.

  30. francesca1 says:

    WTF is with her feet? What are those bulges??

  31. Khalesi says:

    ugh, poor little kitty…and of course, when it’s not a kitten anymore, it will be relegated to a back room somewhere…

    I have 2 more years in vet school and I dread dealing with idiot clients like her

    • Hakura says:

      That’s something I never thought about, how vets may have to deal directly with obviously irresponsible owners…But you’d have to treat them anyway.

      I do know some vets don’t do ‘cosmetic’ procedures on animals, like not ‘cropping’ ears & tails just for a certain ‘look’.

      • Khalesi says:

        Sadly, vets have to deal with irresponsible owners all the time. Fortunately, they make up only a small percentage of our clients (most clients are great to work with). There is such a difference between clients who just don’t know enough (yet) and clients who just don’t care. This is the reason that people who go into vet med need to have good people skills :)

        As for selective cosmetic procedures such as tail docking and ear cropping – it’s really gone out of vogue with most vets. Some cities have banned the practice outright (ie: West Hollywood) and most vets that I know choose not to do these procedures unless they are medically necessary (ie: broken tail that refuses to heal etc).

      • Hakura says:

        @Khalesi – I give you credit for that skill. I think I would have trouble keeping my reaction to myself. But at least most pet owners willing to bring their pet in are probably the more responsible/caring crowd.

  32. jwoolman says:

    Only a foolish Kardashian would think you can buy an accessory cat. Hope the ASPCA intervenes. Cats are not dogs, Kim. You’re going to be trying to match the color of blood for your outfits very soon. I see many band aids in your future.

  33. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Ugh this girl is so obsessed with herself. She does not need another life depending on her for anything. What a photo op!! Give it to Kourt!

  34. Carrie says:

    Of course she bought a cat! Don’t even think to save a cats life from the shelter!
    But from looking at how she’s carrying it, she must think its an accessory not a living breathing item.
    What a selfish bitch.

  35. Green is Good says:

    NOW I hope Kunt Lardassian gets mowed down by a limo. Even better, a El dorado with a Dominos Pizza delivery sign driven by a kid with a learners permit who’s busy texting his girlfriend.

    Straight up animal abuse. What a rotten human being. Treating an animal like it’s a f$cking new purse!!! GAH!

  36. Kimlee says:

    Not only is she using the kitty for a photo op but a Fashion accessories too.

    That poor adorable kitty being used like a stuffed toy, not a living breathing animal.

  37. Jmabbers says:

    She’s absurd.

    • Coby says:

      I agree. Who the F*ck walks around with a kitty like that? The fake fake fake Kardashians need to just go away!

  38. Heebeegeebee says:

    What a complete idiot

  39. Tillie says:

    Poor Mercy. Why walk around with her? I don’t see the point.

  40. Michelle says:

    As a cat lover, I’m disgusted by the way she is using this poor animal as a ploy to get attention. Draping the cat over her arm? It isn’t a dog you stroll around with outside you jackass!
    Also, for someone who has so much money, WHY does she wear such hideous clothes?

  41. Eleonor says:

    Where’s PETA when you need it??

  42. Nanz says:

    I clicked for the cat, not the Kat Face, I swear! But after seeing the poor thing (again, the cat, not the Kat) and reading the comments, I’m just so sad.

  43. DanaG says:

    So she couldn’t save some poor kitten who really needs home no she has to buy a really expensive kitten then walk around carrying it like it was one of her handbags. Someone needs to save that kitten. I feel so sorry for it we all know as soon as she has finished shooting her show the cat will disappear much like her last husband. Kim needs to learn to at least hold the poor thing right not just hold it to make her outfit look good which it doesn’t anyway. I just want the kitten to pee on her now that would be funny!

  44. original almond says:

    FFS, this is the worst sh-t she’s done so far. That poor animal has no way of defending itself from her. The kitty is stuck with an owner who doesn’t have two braincells to rub together and who thinks getting attention makes anything justifiable. Case in point: carrying a cat around like a purse.

    I feel so sorry for that poor cat. You know she discards it as soon as the cameras are not around anymore. Who will actually take care of it? Ugh, this f-cking bitch is making me sick to my stomach.

  45. Sarah says:

    Anyone else getting Donatella Versace vibes from Kim’s face (at certain angles)?… *shudders*

  46. MizzVJJ says:

    Stupid. Ass. B****.

  47. bored_01 says:

    That’s cruel.

  48. Hakura says:

    Unfortunately, I doubt that the Humane Society would get involved for ‘just’ holding the cat wrong. They’d probably have to have more evidence of other manners of abuse. Horrible.

    I always cringe in pet stores when children get to hold a rabbit or guinea pig. (I have 4 guinea piggies of my own) All animals being carried for any reason needs to be supported against one’s chest & underneath.

    & like ‘Petsmart’, seeing how some people carry their pets… & you’re just dying to say something.

  49. RayneBeau says:

    I hope this kitten scratches the hell out of her face for scaring it like that!

  50. yolo says:

    I hope that cat scratches the shit out of her.

  51. ladybert62 says:

    That poor little kitty – I doubt Kat-Face bought it out of love – she bought a purebred persian which is going to shed all of its beautiful white fur all over everything!!! Go Kitty!!

    If she cant even show a loving face when she first gets the kitty, she is not going to show a loving face to that kitty later on – hope the kitty gets a playmate so she doesnt go crazy living with coldhearted katface.

  52. tru tru says:

    I have never had so many laffs!!

    this thread is hilarious!! but true.

    They must be filming and her attention whore butt is using it as a prop.

    she knows NO lows!!!

    she’ll get rid of it, she is flighty like that. dumbass

    Free Mercy!! LOL

  53. apsutter says:

    That poor kitty. Cats arent like dogs…you can’t just drag them around to any place you feel like. My cat gets severely stressed out when we are driving somewhere for a long period of time. She starts shedding like crazy and gets all nervous. I can only imagine what would happen in a freakin jet. BTW, WTF is happening to her face!?!?! She’s starting to look like that Jocelyn cat lady. I hate when people get to much plastic surgery and it makes it absolutely impossible to determine their age.

    • Brown says:

      Even most dogs shouldn’t be dragged around all over the place like that. My dog is a rescue and has some serious anxiety/confidence issues, even though he’s a big 70lb Lab.

      Best just to leave your pets at home unless you are taking them somewhere specifically for their pleasure or to perform a function (dog park, vet, etc.) I don’t understand why you would take a cat for coffee.

      • Djinn says:

        While that might be true for certain individual dogs, in general that’s terrible advice. Dogs are pack animals and shouldn’t be left alone (most people don’t have multiple dogs if you do it’s a different story) for longer than absolutely necessary. If you have a job/lifestyle that allows you to take your dog most places you go, your dog will LOVE it.

  54. PortlandJan says:

    I hope that Mercy shits all over her bed AND chews up all of her favorite shoes. Kim K. shouldn’t be entrusted with any organism more complicated than, say, an earthworm. And I would still owe condolences to the earthworm.

  55. Jackie says:

    The kitten looks perfectly comfortable to me. It’s not some young kitten. If it’s a miniature persian, whatever that is, it’s probably 5-6 months old and would be letting her know if it was uncomfortable or frightened and it looks perfectly happy. It looks like it has a very nice temperament. It looks to me that she got the right cat for her lifestyle. She has every right to have the type of cat she wants. Just because irresponsible people let cats breed at will, it doesn’t mean the rest of us are responsible to take care of them. It’s a nice thing to do, but it’s not right to criicize someone who doesn’t. There are lots of kids in the world who need to be adopted, but I sure see a lot of people having their own without being criticized for it. They are certainly more needy than animals – I am an animal lover and have rescued many animals in my life, but that was my choice. I do wonder how she is going to deal with white fur and the litter box. I am not a fan nor do I dislike her. I just think she is unfairly criticized. Let her enjoy her cute little cat.

    • NYC_girl says:

      The issue I have is not with her “purchasing” that cat, it is taking the cat out in public and parading it around. It is not a dog. If the cat gets scared, it will claw and hiss and possibly get away from her, then go running off into traffic and get hurt or killed. She probably wouldn’t be able to catch it. They’re not like dogs, which can come when called. THAT is the problem. All because she is a stupid famewhore attempting a photo opp.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Exactly, NYC Girl. There is no reason except pure selfishness and the possibility of a photo op to bring a kitten outside like that. The cat looks terrified.

        My cat is the most sedate, chill cat on the planet and she loves to be held, so much so that she often tries to “jump into” my arms. I hold her very close to me and she kind of *hangs on* with her paws and just chills out. But my non-panicky cat wouldn’t get brought outdoors, even if I was holding her tightly and properly. Cats are just WAY too unpredictable and easily spooked. What if a dog came around and scared Mercy into the street? People that take chances with their pet’s safety don’t deserve to own a pet, period.

        As others have said, this cat will probably end up becoming her personal assistant’s cat when she gets tired of her or when she’s an adult cat and not a cute little *novelty breed* kitten anymore.

      • NYC_girl says:

        My cat is almost 17 pounds – he’s a big, strong tabby that was rescued off the streets. He’s a love muffin but he gets very easily spooked, esp when he runs out into my (indoor) hallway and he hears someone coming. I sometimes hear of people taking their cat outside on a leash and would never attempt that with Luca; he’s too skittish.

      • jwoolman says:

        She didn’t even take the precaution of putting a cat harness on the kitten. I wonder if she drugged it.

  56. Gal says:

    The good news is, this won’t last long. She’ll get tired of the white hair all over her black clothes,Kayne will be even more tired of the white hair and if she continues to hold it like that, the kitty will be clawing the crap out of her arms which is painful and ugly. Nope this will not last long. I think all the photogs must have been yelling at her telling her that’s not how you hold a cat. The last picture looks like the other Kartrashian was trying to show her how to do it properly.

  57. Jaded says:

    Oh great, another pet owner who has graduated from the ‘Paris Hilton School of Safe Animal Care’ – remember when she kept losing all her little dogs? They were basically let to run amok on her estate without any kind of proper care. KK will hand off care of the cat to her fart-catchers and the poor thing will undoubtedly be let to roam outside, get run over by a car or mauled by a dog or taken by a coyote.

    Watch for a tearful TV episode in 3…2…1…

    Way to go you stupid c*nt, I hope Mercy craps in your Louboutins.

  58. mercy says:

    Sh*t. I have something in common with a Kardashian. :( Mercy’s beauty only makes Kim look more disgusting. Free Mercy!

  59. Happy21 says:

    Just when I thought I couldn’t loathe her anymore, she gets an adorable kitten as nothing more than an accessory. I feel so sad for that kitty I can’t even look at more than the header photo.

  60. muppet_barbershop says:

    At least she’s not pretending she DID adopt it, like the Facebook guy did with the puli. …Breeding brachycephalic animals is a certain kind of cruelty, and buying them furthers that. I happen to personally adore every single kind of cat and dog with a smooshed face, but that doesn’t change their guaranteed breathing problems and infections.

  61. lizzi says:

    as a cat lover, this pisses me off to no end. i hated that b*tch before, and now THIS? Cats are not meant to be carried around outside like that. its not a damn chihuahua. i want to punch her and then save that beautiful kitten.

    • buckley says:

      May I join?
      That’s it….I’m ready to throw down for this kitten.

      • floridaseaturtle says:

        I agree so entirely much, with the both of you, and just about everyone else’s comments. She has zero maternal instincts, and it is so incredibly obvious in every way. I have an indescribable disgust and disdain for this woman, including her mother. There seems to be nothing genuine about her at all, zero. Nice lips, btw. First thing I noticed really. Tripe. That’s all.

  62. TG says:

    I agree with most on here. Kimmy dear has stooped to a new low. That cat is super cute though. She and her mom have to be the most vapid women on the planet. And Kayne fits right in with them, he is a little queen too. I wish Khloe would ditch this family for good. Kim had the nerve to rub it in about preserving her eggs right in front of her poor sister Khloe who hasn’t been ovulating and has been trying to have a child for awhile now. So sad and so mean but exactly what you would expect from someone like Kim. As usual mommy dearest was only concerned about Kimmy dear’s uturus, not thoughts for Khloe. Also, why in the heck is it her mom’s business if she freezes her eggs? Every time I watch that show I get more and more disgusted with mommy dearest and kimmy darling. Ugh.

  63. abbizmal says:

    Good God, where to start? Didn’t she say on that show once that she’s not an animal person? And those shoes…it looks like her feet are too fat for them. Some other site said Kanye designed them. Figures.

  64. Dawn says:

    Well it looks like Mercy has served her master well. More attention for Kardashians and that is all this is about and nothing more than a prop just like Kris Humphries. Only she won’t have to drag out the cat drama nor will she have to publicly divorce it, she will just dump it. She is such a sad excuse of a human being and oh so tiresome. Besides that, she stole the white cat idea from Celo who did it first and oh so much better.

  65. sitting quietly says:

    adorable kitty. but i agree she should have went to a shelter. with all the girls that look up to her it would have been a nice lesson to teach vs using your cat as an accessory.

  66. Scaredforkittie says:

    I have 4 cats because the humane society has called me because they consider me a good home for animals-I’ll just say to qualify this next set of opinions…
    Kim is holding that Kitten like a rag doll and it must be scared to death! I would say its gonna claw the $&*% outta her but we know she is going to prolly remove All thè claws, front and back for Her convience. Omg, which is also why I wondering where the carrier is in the first place? Walking around in Miami so that Paps can snap pics of u being a good pet owner? Really? Without a crate of any kind and holding it with one hand like that? Surely PETA WILL be impressed Not! She’s batting 1000 this week with the cancer pt statement and manhandling this poor baby kitten who needs a real home a Not a Photo Op from someone like her…
    Maybe she could learn to be a good cat mom though, if she wanted to be but she seems really distracted by fame.

    • jwoolman says:

      If that cat has been or will be declawed – I hope they publicize the vet’s name and drag him or her through the dirt. It’s a gruesome thing to do to a cat, during and after. Many (maybe all) reputable vets refuse to do it. Just clip kittie’s claws regularly with a toenail clipper, takes less than a minute. There are also caps that can be glued onto kitty claws if absolutely needed, anything but ripping out their claws forever. Even without claws, though, I have trouble imagining Kim or any Kardashian adapting to a cat. Maybe tossing a cat into a room by itself for an occasional photo op, but not actually living with the K Klan and all their beloved stuff.

  67. bagladey says:

    I realise that KK’s intention is to be unique and a trendsetter (a la Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell) but did she ever bother to wonder why no-one else walks around with their cat? I hope she tires of the poor kitty soon so it can be retired to a peaceful, happy home and life.

  68. SleepyJane says:

    This kitten is a sacrificial lamb in the name of narcissism awareness.

    I admire Kim in one regard; she is the only woman in history to purposely dress in a way that makes her appear 30 pounds heavier.

  69. Lola says:

    The kitty is cute and shouldn’t be used as an accessory, but seriously, I can’t get beyond those black pants and those fug shoes she is wearing. It’s completely distracting!

  70. hmm says:

    For chr!stsake, kittens are accessories now?! Put the animal down, it’s not a toy. Do these accessory-pets ever get to pee/defecate or even walk? It’s so sad.

  71. hmm says:

    Oh and BY THE WAY……

    NO, you CANNOT bring your pet into an establishment which serves food (she obviously brought the kitten into a Starbucks, and thought it was adorable to do so–UGH). There are health codes, people.

  72. samantha says:

    maybe she’ll find some mercy for other animals — after owning an animal herself.

    typically she kills them for their skins.

    she is really detestable because she has so many eyes on her, yet she never sees how she could be an influence for good, kindness, mercy.

    only hope that the bad karma she sows comes right back at her. she deserves it.

  73. natalina says:

    So sad, its just for show, she should have rescued an animal…

  74. Nicolatta says:

    Barf. So yesterday she is. This behavior from celebrities sickens me. Using a poor little innocent kitty to gain attention? Typical behavoir from her. And holding any type of animal like this makes me sick. Scary thought her becoming a mother…
    Lol so sad this fake creature is. I love it when celebrities say they have never done anything to their face lol ..

    Yawn** she is so boringgggggg already

  75. Jess says:

    This pisses me off. I don’t think she’s capable of taking care of this kitty. She doesn’t even know how to hold it! Ugh. She’s just doing this for attention. Poor kitty cat…

  76. Cathy says:

    What a sad excuse for a human being. I feel bad for the kitty, having been adopted by her. She’ll tire of it soon and then poor Mercy will be gone.

  77. Michelle says:

    OMG… Her face. The second to last picture is just horrible. She looks 50.

  78. DT says:

    She’s getting really chunky.

  79. Grace says:

    What is happening to her face?

  80. e.non says:

    ugh… gawd, what a pig

  81. Andrea says:

    Didn’t she get a dog and then get rid of it? UGH!!!

  82. gemmaa says:

    Ok, I have always tolerated this woman but these photos have made my blood boil.
    Kaiser, you have it ON POINT. She is carrying this cat so incorrectly.
    She WILL dump the poor animal once she realises how much the molted hairs will affect her clothing…and probably get stuck in her rank eyelashes.
    And maybe worse of all, she will inspire so so many wannabes to purchase animals when there are SOOO many languishing in pet shelters.
    Boo Kim. Clueless and careless.

  83. Nikzilla37 says:

    I can’t believe the way she’s holding that kitten!! Atrocious! Someone from PETA needs to steal that poor thing from her.

  84. rumbleseat says:

    “Cat-mother” ha hahahahah.

    And how come the Cat Mother isn’t wearing a bra? I thought I was imagining seeing her left nipple in that second shot, but I looked at the rest, and it’s really there.

  85. lauren says:

    Kim is beautiful and i think the kitty is adorable. You can’t judge her as a cat owner from these few pics.

    • tru tru says:


      We are judging from her vapid ATTENTION whoring behavior! thsnk you very much.

    • buckley says:

      As a long time cat and dog owner, I most certainly can!

    • skuddles says:

      Based on the improper way she’s holding the cat and the fact she’s dragging it around in public like it were an accessory – yes we most certainly can judge her for that!

  86. Amy says:

    What a POS. She looks completely disinterested in in the kitten. I kind of hope PETA calls her out for holding it improperly and unsecurely (because I’m sure they look for any reason to criticize her). And in that last photo in particular, it’s like its sweet little eyes are begging “HELP ME!” I wouldn’t be surprised if your theory was correct (re: Kanye is a cat person, and she’s trying to impress him).

    Plus…those cream-colored heels are the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen, and her a$$ looks like a bus driver’s in that last photo.

  87. bELLA says:


  88. Be heard says:

    It’s really pathetic that even the network news’ are reporting on Kim’s tweets, or what she wore that day and the fact she got a kitten. Let’s make a statement on Friday 9/21 that we’ve had enough of this madness. If you follow any of the Kardashian’s, Kris Jenner or the Jenner girls on twitter or Facebook just to see what foolish thing they did or said or what kind of lies they are trying to make the public believe you need to unfollow them to show just how many people were following them only for that reason. Do not buy any products or services they are involved with. Do not watch any programming that promotes them. Do not click on any internet link that has a story about them. Please let’s make a statement that can be heard loud and clear. We are the ones keeping them in the public eye and we are the only ones that can put a stop to it.

  89. yas says:

    Oh good LORD that is the saddest kitten I have ever seen. Sarah McLachlin should make a commercial about this, too.

    • Hakura says:

      LOL, now there’s a thought… Speaking softly about how animals are abused every day (while a video of Kim carrying the kitten like a handbag plays in slow motion in the background) xD

  90. Jennika says:

    Her ass is so disgusting, it probably smells really bad. eww

    That poor kitty. Once it makes a mess, claws something, or break something, she’ll have a temper tantrum

  91. LadyBird83 says:

    Speaking of fluffy, Kimmy’s face is looking VERY fluffy.

    • Annie says:

      LOL. Kim, for the love of god, whatever you’re doing to your face STOP. For some reason, whenever a woman is genuinely pretty to begin with it seems all these injections only ruin it – Rose Mcgowern, Megan Fox, Kimmycakes – all SO much better looking before they started up with that crapola.

  92. LucyOriginal says:

    Mercy looks like the kitten I had. I miss him! :(

    “As you say a prayer for this poor kitten, I’ll say a prayer that when Mercy realizes that God gave her claws to scratch at her torturer’s face, the cameras are there.” Oh, Michael K, hahahaha…

  93. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    I feel so sorry for that poor little kitten. It makes me want to cry looking at these photos, with the terrible way that she is handling that poor animal.

    I didn’t think I could despise this person more. Apparently I was wrong.

  94. MsMileHigh says:

    That white shirt is soooooooo tight! Wrong size, Kimmy. You’d think with all her money she could at least grab the correct size off of of the rack.

    I cannot believe she had the gall to try to work as a stylist at one point. She has no idea how to dress her figure. Nothing she wears is ever flattering. She has no taste at all. “Tacky & ill fitting” is the only look she can do.

    And that cat is going bye-bye the first time she finds white cat hair on her clothes… or mistakes it for one of her furry booties and crushes it to death under her stinky foot.

  95. erika says:

    cats LOOOOOOVE;

    being toted around the city, pollution, car horns, people,litter, rain/sun, especially kitties…

    cats DO NOT SHED, tear up the curtains, claw underneath your mattress frame, scratch the couch…not at all

    they NEVER shed, shit outside the box, urinate on clothes…

    puke their hair up.

    send her to Goodwill when it’s time to ‘cycle’ over your wardrobe. Selfish-b*tch.

  96. Celt Lady says:

    Oh, hell….where do I start. My twin 6 mos. old kittens are horrified to be outside of the house, even when in their very secure carriers. I would never even think of carrying them around outside without a carrier. EVER. They are so easily frightened at this age because most things are new to them, since they are babies. Old Kimbo is an idiot, and I hope she tires of this poor baby soon and gives it away to an animal lover who has at least SOME common sense. Kittens are a lot of work, so if the poor thing is lucky KK will tire of it quickly and stop parading the poor thing around.

  97. Anna says:

    That cat looks depressed. Even poor Mercy can’t believe she had the bad luck to get adopted by this bitch.

    Free Mercy! (But into a loving, caring family, please!)

  98. Sarah says:

    They probably sedated the poor thing for filming. So sad. I’m sure it will be quietly given away after they finish filming this season. There is no way it will end up going home with her. I hope it survives until then.

  99. Michele says:

    This may be one of the worst things I have seen – when will she go away – I am so glad that this family is on the down and being taken over by Honey Boo and her family – I could not think of a better way for this family to be pushed out

  100. Jill says:

    Ugh those shoes are ugly.

    I think she needs more plastic surgery. Her face isn’t pulled back enough. She doesn’t have that true wind blew my face back look yet. She’s close though.

  101. Sara Belum says:

    Teacup, meet CumBucket.

  102. Mandy says:

    Just wait until she actually has a BABY. She’ll probably carry it the same way.

  103. LondonLou81 says:

    She isn’t even *pretending* to give a s*** about it!!!!! She’s literally holding it like a fur accessory! Just when I think I can’t dislike her anymore, it suddenly becomes possible and a whole new dimension of revulsion is revealed. Frankly, this makes me glad Kanye West (and there is special shelf in hell marked ‘UTTER DOUCHES’ especially for him) tweeted what he did to her and how hard. Because that’s the level she’s at.

  104. RLee says:

    Where the hell is PETA?!!! Someone please rescue this poor kitten!!!

  105. Shannon says:

    Poor thing! I hope she reads, I had a kitten named jinksy, and I was holding my cat while taking my son to the bus stop, you can guess what happen next! We cried for a week!

  106. Amelija Dibanina says:

    Na ja! She needs else would she get all the attention away from her big butt….atleast something cute to look at….:)

  107. Amelija Dibanina says:

    Na ja! She needs else would she get all the attention away from her big big A*S …atleast something cute to look at….:)