Taylor Swift “is obsessed” with Conor Kennedy, “she writes him love notes”

Part of this story is old information which I covered earlier this week. Taylor Swift spent last weekend in Massachusetts, visiting her young lover at his prep school (where he’s a junior). Conor Kennedy was allowed to leave his prep school on Saturday, and return the next day after he and Swift spent a lovely weekend antiquing and eating super-cute sundaes. For real! As one of my Twitter followers noted, “antiquing” is the new “cuddlefesting”. And as many of you pointed out, what 18-year-old boy doesn’t like to go antiquing with his girlfriend? Haha. Well, this is story just has a few more salient details that will make you flat-out nauseous.

They couldn’t even wait for fall break! Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, Conor Kennedy, 18, had only been back at his boarding school for a week when he got a visit from the singer. Why so soon? Swift, fresh off promoting her album in Canada and Brazil, “is obsessed with Conor,” a source tells Hot Stuff of the star, 22. “She writes him love notes!”

The pair skipped the dining hall on Sept. 14th for Taylor’s Tavern & Restaurant, a favorite student date spot in the adjacent Greenfield. The following day, they went antiquing, hit the Lady Killigrew café and then capped off their G-rated weekend with an 11:30 PM stop at Friendly’s.

“It was so late that they were the only costumers,” says a source at the eatery, where each ordered a sundae (a Happy Ending for her, the Forbidden Fudge Brownie for him). “They sat on the same side of the booth!”

[From Us Weekly, print edition]

I think part of the problem is that I cannot relate to Swifty’s incessant girlishness in any way. I often talk about how she infantilizes herself, like she’s a 13-year-old girl stuck in the body of a 22-year-old (with bolt-ons). But really, I wasn’t like this when I was 13. Or when I was 16, or when I was 19, etc. When I was 13, I was already dealing with complicated relationships with older boys and such, and it never involved sundaes and antiquing. Did I miss out? Am I the odd one? Or is it Swifty?

And I’m not sure how “G-rated” this relationship is when the subtext of all of these stories is that Swifty went to Conor’s prep school, signed him out as his guardian, then had sex with him in a quaint New England bed and breakfast. That’s PG-13, at least. “Happy Ending” indeed. “Forbidden Fudge Brownie” indeed (gross).

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  1. Eleonor says:

    She is not obsessed with Conor, she is obsessed by becoming a Kennedy: she tried to get together with Arnold Schwarzeneger’s son, she failed, and then she went for the other young Kennedy on the market.

    • grace says:

      Except there was never anything between Taylor and Patrick Schwarzeneger! They’ve been friends for a few years, follow each other on twitter and Patrick was at her concert at the Staples Center in LA last summer.

      The media falsely reported that they were dating this summer *only* because they were photographed hugging. Taylor laughed off romance rumors in a red carpet interview, saying he was just a friend. It later transpired that Taylor was dating Conor, who was standing right next to her in the hugging photo.

    • Happymom says:

      I still don’t understand why she couldn’t get her claws into one of the many 20 something Kennedys that are around. But no-she picks the high school kid whose mother just committed suicide and who’s father is pretty much checked out. Seriously sketchy.

  2. dorothy says:

    She sounds like a stalker. Creepy.

    • V4Real says:

      I agree, something is really off with this young lady. When she first came out as a singer I thought she put the innocence back in music but then every guy she dated she had to write a break-up song about them. She’s coo coo for real.

    • erika says:

      she has a ‘Mary Kay Louterneau’ ambiance about her…

      ‘infantilizing’ is spot on! she’s psychotically ‘girlish’ the Aline, 50′s like dresses, the ‘kennedy’ infactuation…what the Hell is so ‘on’ about a Kennedy? I get it, Camelot Royalty but that concept is such an old and dated one, girl, you shoulda been born in the 30′s, then your schtick would work…

      and come on! Connor is getting laid, in a really wierd creepy way, because no 18 yr old dude would be putting up with this crap if he weren’t…FACT.

      I imagine she showers, makeup, does her hair, puts on a flimsy, chiffon but still conservative nighty, then, coyishly peeks out the bathroom door and scurries (!!!) to one of the twin beds, gets under the covers and whispers

      “Connor…I’m ready for you to take me!”

    • gigi says:

      I know, right? Is that even really allowed? To have a 22-year-old non-relative sign him out as his guardian so she can have sex with him overnight? Whoa. Then again, he’s just above the age of consent. Still, creepy. Also, I can’t help but wonder why he’s still a junior at 18.

  3. yellowshaba says:

    Of course she does, on pink perfume scented paper with all the I`s dotted with hearts…and when they break up she will write yet another dear john I hate your stinking guts song..predictably taylor, that’s your strong suit

    • flourpot says:

      Absolutely, as do I. That boy is getting played. I’m sure he’s loving it tho, getting some hot action & attention from a gorgeous, popular singer. Mark my words, they’ll be married within a year. I’m betting they’ll elope because the family will be against it. Which means, no prenup. And from Kennedy standards, all the boys come into their first inheritance at 18. Poor little guy, he doesn’t stand a chance.

      • anmelt@gmail.com says:

        Actually I think Swifty has much more money than him. Could be wrong though. But I read somewhere that inherited one or two million from his mom. His father is still alive and well and I doubt the marriage would last long if Conor is a true Kennedy man, i.e. womanising!!

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        Highly doubt they will elope. She is Fairytale Taylor. You can bet she is gonna get that big wedding she’s been strategizing so many years. The girl designs all her own stage sets, music videos and looks for her albums, etc. You know she has the whole thing already planned.

      • Beck says:

        I would bet that his father hopes there is no prenup. I see his father really encouraging this relationship. His father and mother (before her death) were having money problems according to the rumors. I would bet Taylor is worth much more than most of the Kennedy family.

        This kid is 18 and just started his junior year? Geez. I turned 18 a couple of months after my high school graduation. This kid is going to be 20 or going on 20 when he graduates.

        I don’t understand how Taylor can go from 30 year old guys to a high school kid. Too strange.

      • Roxy says:

        actually, Robert kennedy Sr spent much of his own inhertance on his presiedetial run, that ended with his murder. His kids are not that rich, not like their cousins. They didn’t have a bread winner for most of their lives, and left little to share amongst such a large family and mom is still living off it, so its pretty slim. They are wealthy, but they aren’t rich like Caroline or Teddys kids or Maria Shriver. They are rich compared to most normal people, just not within their clan.

    • jess says:

      Is he the one who just lost his mother? Maybe she is mothering him and he likes it?

  4. Alexandra Bananarama says:

    Why aren’t her parents monitoring this a little better if not for her emotional health then for the sake of her image? She’s an adult, but clearly a stunted one.
    She might be mature in the ways of touring and money management, but not emotionally. Like her parents babied and indulged her too much.

  5. some bitch says:

    Those eyes… Taylor Swift really creeps me out now that she’s in her 20s. Time to grow up.

  6. Vicki says:

    Kind of sounds like she’s taking dating tips from Marcia Brady.

  7. marie says:

    lover, really?!? gross, it doesn’t seem right to use that word with her. That is not an image I want in my head..I think I just threw up a lil’bit..

    As someone else said, I think she’s obsessed with becoming a Kennedy-it’s her fairytale.

  8. carrie says:

    she’s in love like a very young teen:it’s weird for a 20 and something woman

  9. Jayna says:

    How can he be a junior at 18? I at least thought he was a senior.

  10. DailyNightly says:

    Restraining order, anyone?

  11. Kimbob says:

    No Kaiser, you’re not the only one that can’t relate to Swifty’s fairy-tale dreams.

    This girl, I just CANNOT! It seems she’s quite the dreamer, & her career, fame & money have allowed her unfettered access to people she would only normally be able to just dream about in her sleep.

    Only problem is that she’s already dated, slept with, & written nasty songs of a long list of ex-boyfriends that are notches on her bedpost because they were all “high profile” celebs in some capacity.

    But, of course, it’s back to old-fashioned dates, ice-cream sundaes, & fairy-tale dreams of love. As with the long list of boyfriends before this Kennedy dude, he’ll be but just a bitter memory in yet another hit single for ol’ Swifty.

    This one has disaster written all over it.

  12. ramona says:

    Maybe I’m a bit of a jerk, but he’s 18 and he’s only starting his junior year? I graduated when I was 17… Isn’t he a bit old to be in 11th grade?

    And it’s creepy for a 23-year-old to date a high schooler, even if he’s American royalty.

    • Gossip PHD says:

      American Royalty? Sheesh. Imagine recommending Conor to your best friends daughter – It would go something like this:
      “I have a great guy – he is left back a few grades so he is still in high school – he should graduate at 19 or so. His mother killed herself because his dad cheated on her, divorced her and left her penniless. Then he reburied her body in a worse section of the cemetery”. American Royalty indeed.

      • Chordy says:

        Right, because real royalty usually involves a stable family history? You clearly did not get your PhD in Royal Gossip.

      • Roxy says:

        Real royals would have just had the wife killed themselves! Suicide? Thats for amatuers! & that side of the family really doesn’t have that much money. Conors dad didn’t have a father for much of his own life, so not much money flowing in for their huge family. Robt Jr’s wife was about to be kicked out of her home, wasn’t she, he refused to keep her that home? Its all just too much for me. & that granny of theirs Ethel? Declasse’. She ain’t never been a Jackie, she wishes!

    • Kaiser says:

      antiquing = “to shop for antiques”. Like, people make a day out of visiting antique stores and looking for good deals. My aunt is a crazy antiquer.

      • Roxy says:

        Well, that kinda says it all eh? “your aunt” loves to go antiquing! LOL, so she’s like his aunty? I know my kids always took their dates to antique shops, all the time. Like NEVER! he seems like a pretty dumb guy to me. & her slitty eyes are eff’d up. Yuck! She is in no way, beautiful. I would tell my son to run! Run fast!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Antiquing is a special kind of hell.

        My ex-bf’s dad LOVED antiquing, I went along a couple times and had to fight the urge to hurl myself from his moving vehicle, which was a Molester Van-perfect for collecting old junk and transferring it to a scary old house full of old sh*t…*ahem*… antiques.

        It’s not that I can’t appreciate a beautiful old piece but so much of this stuff seemed like trash to me. Meh. Maybe i’m just an asshole but I prefer more modern things.

  13. Talie says:

    There is no implication that this girl is still a virgin, is there? I can’t figure her out…but she dated John Mayer, so I feel like that means she knows what’s up.

  14. Green_Eyes says:

    Wow, she really is trying to live a fairy tale like trying to get to Camelot and detoured thru Pleasantville.

    Sorry, all I kept thinking of when reading this was that Reese Witherspoon movie Pleasantville. Lol maybe like Reese’s character when she lives in that delusional world all the guys before don’t count. she will forever be that young virginal teeny bopper.

    Sorry Swifty Pleasantville isn’t real & Camelot, well that was Jackie’s story…

  15. mimi says:

    How is he 18 years old if he is a junior?

    Shouldn’t he actually supposed to be between 16-17 years old?

    and why is writing love notes is wrong or “obsessive”?

  16. Vee says:

    Taylor is acting more than creepy. My son is 16, and has had friends older sisters, who are 19 approach him and while he is flattered, he thinks they are weird.

    This “relationship” is gross!

    • Tammy says:

      Oh please! How many 19 year-old boys date younger girls? Is that considered weird, too?Anyway, I doubt your son is being honest with you about how he feels about older girls coming on to him – kids don’t exactly share these things with their parents!

      • demented says:

        Usually it’s because boys mature later than girls, meaning that an older boy dating a younger girl will probably be about on the same level. An older girl dating a younger boy is… weird, because she shouldn’t be attracted to someone so much less mature than herself.

        And you sound suspiciously defensive about this topic. Unsuccessfully gone after many younger boys?

      • Tammy says:

        Girls do not mature emotionally or intellectually faster than boys – that’s a lot of sexist bunk used to justify men going after younger girls. It always depends on the individual. I’m not defensive about this topic, I’m just tired of always seeing sexual double standards.

  17. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    Hehe! That’s quite romantic of her. Umm ok. A bit childish, of course. I don’t write love notes to my boyfriend. It’s like she is trying to prove him that she loves him. Ah…too cheesy.

  18. Scarlett says:

    She probably calls him several times a day. Sorry she is just too creepy in terms of looks(looks like a mannequin that has come to life) and behavior. I wonder is she’ll attend dances/formals as his date. Of course she will…this is Taylor Swift we are talking about.

  19. Lila says:

    I can relate to writing love notes on Lisa Frank paper. Of course I was in elementary school at the time!

  20. First I wanted to think she is creepy like all the other posters here, but then I thought of what my dating life is like and I realized I’m a bit like her. Granted I’m younger than her (just turned 20) and the guy I’m dating is older than Connor (19) but we could totally go on that date! I think it sounds fun.

    And I’d always rather be percieved as childish than slutty…

  21. ladybert62 says:

    If Conor were female and Swifty were male, there would be a lot more complaints about this affair.

    She is disgusting.

    • Tammy says:

      I doubt it seeing as many, many male stars date girls younger than them without raising an eyebrow. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are recent examples with the same age difference. Mark Wahlberg dated Jordana Brewster when she was 18 and he was 27. Johnny Depp also dated Winona Ryder when she was 18 and he was 27. Leo DiCapro started dating Bar Refaeli when she was 19 and he was 30! If people were creeped out by this, they did a good job of hiding it.

    • GreenTurtle says:

      I think if the girl in the relationship was under 18, people would complain, a la Stodden. If it was a 22-yr old guy and an 18-yr old girl, as most posters have said, it would be a non-issue. I really think the high school thing is the skeevy part that’s bothering people, and I have to agree. What exactly is the frame of reference? Hey sweetie, I did Jay Leno last night. How was Calculus class? The f*?

      • Tammy says:

        But the conversation would be the same if Conor were her age and in college (and he’s old enough to be). He’d be in class, she’d be on Jay Leno. And she’s been famous since she was 16/17, so if she was dating non-famous boys, she’d have had those conversations many times. I think people are forgetting how young she is with this ridiculous cougar stuff (we can be cougars at 22 now?!); her life is way different from all non-famous people her age. Conor being a Kennedy at least means he has some understanding of life in the spotlight.

    • GreenTurtle says:

      Yeah, my comment on the odd convos they must have was not related to their respective sexes. It’s hard to imagine regardless. I just can’t imagine anyone who has been out there functioning independently as an adult (for several years) dating a high-schooler. I know 18 and 22 is not a big disparity, but life experience-wise, it seems like a difficult bridge to gap.

  22. Belle Epoch says:

    She is way slutty! She hides it behind those 1950s dresses and pearls but this girl has a lot of mileage on her already. She is a sexual predator and the kid is in the worst situation I can imagine – his father is running around with a celebrity and too busy to deal with him, and his mother is dead. Perfect opportunity for Shifty Swifty to get her little painted cat claws into him.

    • grace says:

      What makes you think she’s a sexual predator? I’m genuinely curious.

      • Violet says:

        1. He’s a teenager, and the age difference is a big deal at that point because he’s not even old enough to go to a bar, FFS.
        2. He still has TWO years of high school left.
        3. She bought the house next door.
        4. She dated John Mayer so she must have the herp as well as a crazy kinky side. Actually, she’s been a round the block quite a few times despite her virginal act. I’m not slut-shaming, just stating the facts.
        5. The kid lost his mother to suicide earlier this year, so he’s emotionally vulnerable.

        So, yeah. I happen to agree with Belle Epoch.

      • grace says:

        @violet None of those points to me suggest she is a sexual predator. She didn’t buy a house by the way; it was just rumor.

      • Violet says:

        @grace, we’ll have to agree to disagree :-)

      • Lauren says:

        Taylor disses John Mayer, yet-she is acting no better than him! Conor is a teenager–why is flying in to boink a high school student? She is bound and determined to be a Kennedy. Taylor has been goal oriented since she was a child..very calculating. This is 51 shades of Taylor weirdness.

      • grace says:

        @Lauren This isn’t comparable to the John Mayer situation. He was much, much older and treated her badly, according to tabloids – played mind games, bragged about sleeping with her to his record studio cronies etc. Dating someone younger in and of itself isn’t questionable.

    • Tammy says:

      1. It’s a big deal to you, that doesn’t mean it’s a big deal for everyone. Do you also have a problem with Liam and Miley? Miley’s not old enough to drink, either.

      2. So if he was an 18 year-old drop out, it would be OK? She shouldn’t date him because he’s sticking to his education?

      3. She didn’t buy the house next door; that story was false.

      4. What virginal act? Taylor has never claimed to be a virgin. What, because she has a clean-cut image, she also has to be virginal? Do only bad girls have sex or something? Because she’s not posting topless pics of herself on Twitter and singing about S&M, she must be pretending to be a virgin? Please.

      5. Conor losing his mother doesn’t mean he can’t have a girlfriend. His romance with Taylor is probably helping him take his mind off things. They’re just dating; he’s not doing anything with her that he wouldn’t do with someone 18.

  23. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    This girl needs to watch ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ and then read ‘The Rules.’ She would learn so so much if she could live even 10% of what those messages are saying.

  24. moptop says:

    I really do think she’s stunted emotionally. These performers seem to get stuck at whatever age they were when they got famous. Once you’re famous, you don’t have to deal with any real life issues, and you don’t grow emotionally. It really is sad.

  25. RobN says:

    While I think it’s a little odd, let’s stop acting like she’s dating a 14 year old. He’s an adult, he’s the executor of his mother’s estate, he can vote, he can join the army and go off to war, but apparently he’s not old enough to date somebody 4 years older than he is?

    If the ages were reversed nobody would even mention it.

  26. Junegorilla says:

    If she was a man “visiting” some upper classman at Prep school and signing her out to have sex…. I think that people would be in an uproar. The Kennedy clan is f–ked up. But she’s worse. She probably hoping to “accidentally” get pregnant.

  27. KelBear says:

    When she first came out with her “Tim Mcgraw” song way back whenever it was, I thought she was one of the prettiest girls ever. Her curly hair was amazing! She just seemed fun. Now…..eh not so much, she seems wierd now.

  28. jplotinus says:

    At 18, Conor is fair game. But, his apparent slow progress through high school is a confounding variable, i.e., itsles him seem younger than 18. I suspect he’s taking the slow road so as to qualify for Harvard.

    As for Swifty, no problem at all. It’s just that the prospect of fairy tale wedding is remote. Conor won’t be ready for that for at least 8 years.

  29. yahnijo79 says:

    I’m surprised nobody pointed out that in the last picture it looks like she’s wearing a friggin’ high school letterman’s jacket!!! You do NOT wear those after highschool. This girl needs to seriously GO AWAY.

  30. grace says:

    What’s cutesy about eating icecream?!

    I wish them all the best. He could do with a good friend after all he’s been through lately, and his family seem really behind it.

  31. Steph says:

    Why is an 18 yr old only a junior in HS? Shouldn’t he be in first semester of college?

    • NovemberBaby says:

      I don’t see why everyone is so confounded by this. It could be a multitude of reasons.

      Research came out like 20 years ago saying that four years old was too early to start going to school. Some parents, especially those with means to keep their children at home, followed this advice. Some people felt really strongly about this.

      I started school at four, but an acquaintance of mine (who’s mom explained to me why he had started school late) was seven when he began.

      It’s not that big of a deal, people.

  32. Stephanie says:

    I would like to weigh in here. My beautiful 16-year-old son was latched on to by a 33-year-old cougar from Azerbaijan who’d grown weary of her mail-order husband. This in the wake of a very contentious divorce from his father, during which my son, nicknamed “Elvis” during high school for his looks, sided with said Dad. Said Dad wink-winked this relationship, even when mail-order husband tried to run him off the road. Everyone stood by and wink-winked this relationship — after all this healthy young man must be a stud to attract this lovely cougar. Flash forward, she married him and had a baby. He’s 22 now, acting like a 40-year-old. Taylor is the same kind of predator. My son was extremely immature and in dire emotional straits…easy target. End of rant. I hope she gives poor Conor a few more years to enjoy his youth. I have no problems with cougars, just Coogs who prey on stupid youth.

    • Tammy says:

      Oh, come off it, the 2 situations are hardly comparable. Conor is 18 – an adult – not 16 and Taylor is only 22, not 33. Do you honestly think a 4 year age difference is the same as a 17 year one? Geez, I know people write off women as ‘old’ a lot quicker than they do men, but a 22 year-old being seen as taking someone’s youth is ridiculous. Taylor’s still enjoying her youth, for crying out loud, not just Conor.

      • Iggles says:

        Actually Tammy, Stephanie has a point!

        Taylor is doing the same thing — an older woman latching onto a vulnerable young man, leading him to live a life that is much more mature than he’s ready for!

        18 year old boys do NOT go “antiquing”. That’s something they would do to appease the woman they are dating.

        While I doubt Taylor would trap Conor with a baby, I could see her pushing to elope and/or engaged within months! I hope by then his parents will intervene. He’s too young for the type of plans Taylor has in mind!

        Stephanie, that sounds awful! I agree that your son was targeted by a predator (ii.e., she had ulterior motives for chasing him!)

      • Tammy says:

        Oh dear, save the boy from antiquing – antiquing is clearly going to ruin his life. I’m sorry, how is antiquing a mature life he is not ready for? Ans if an 18 year-old girlfriend wouldn’t want to do activities a boy might just have to along with to be nice. Besides, for all we know Conor might be really into antiques – he’s not some prototype 18 year-old boy, he’s an individual and not every individual fits into a neat little box of what we assume everyone their age must be like. I wouldn’t have picked antiquing as a hobby for a 22 year-old girl either, but obviously Taylor is into it.

        You have no idea what kind of plans Taylor has in mind – she’s 22, much too young for marriage and kids herself. All we know so far is that they’re dating and there’s nothing wrong with 2 adults dating. And enough with the sexist ‘trapping a man with a baby’ talk. If a guy doesn’t want a baby, it’s pretty simple what he has to do.

  33. Whatever says:

    So is there something in the water in hollywood. My goodness. I never thought she was that talented. If you see her live, much like Katy Perry there is nothing great. But now this. Sick.

  34. EscapedConvent says:

    Well, I for one find the sundae names—Happy Ending & Forbidden Fudge Brownie—hilarious & quite telling in this context.

  35. Jaxx says:

    I don’t see the big deal. She is four years older, so not a big deal. He’s in high school? So what? I can’t believe the furor over this non story.

    No one knows this kid. He may be very mature for his age. She may be immature for hers. Whatever. The fact that they like each other is not the end of the world. Nor is it anyone’s business but theirs.

    Really, really much ado about nothing.

  36. Annie says:

    She strikes me as the typical girl who goes after younger guys because older guys outsmart her. She’s been played so many times that she wants to take control.

  37. meh says:

    I think she and Tom Cruise should get together. Epic.

  38. Lee says:

    Maybe she just wants a real relationship but her fame and fortune makes it impossible unless she is “seen” to be with “old money” and that accusation(just for the money) gets taken off the table? She is nobody’s fool, you don’t have her success today by accident…….

  39. shannon says:

    I can’t get over how much this kid looks like my oldest son in that picture with his hair and profile. I also can’t get over the fact that he’s 18 and a junior! This would be a lot less creepy if he was an 18-year-old who’d already graduated college.

    That being said, he lost his mom, his dad is evidently a self-involved douchelord. I reckon he’s earned some happiness as long as they’re treating each other with kindness and respect.

  40. shannon says:

    ***meant to say already graduated HIGH SCHOOL*** LOL an 18-year-old who’d already graduated college, that’d be pretty impressive :D

  41. Sara says:

    Hummm… Kaiser, did you delete the comentts tha defend Taylor? why do you delete my commett ??? so imature to you don’t you think ???
    Taylor and Conor make a beautiful couple, seem so in love…Taylor isn’t doing nothing wrong…She likes him, he likes her and point!!! and the doference isn’t big at all, age just a number… Live the life people…Ahhh…And Taylor is more millionaire than all Kennedys together hahahaha…Go Taylor !!!!

  42. IslandLove says:

    It’s pretty common in the prep school world to be on the “five year plan” – meaning that if you don’t do well in one school (or get kicked out, or not invited back) to transfer to another prep school, and repeat a grade.

  43. Jenn Bee says:

    I just want them to breakup because I’m sick of all the talk about Greenfield/Deerfield. I grew up there, drank/worked at Taylor’s Tavern and I left. Greenfield is a crappy little town with nothing to do but drink and fuck, most people can’t wait to get out of there. Deerfield Academy wasn’t co-ed when I was in high school or I probably would have been forced to go there. My Grandfather was class of 1923, I believe.

  44. Snappyfish says:

    He is an 18 year old junior? One usually turns 18 the second half of senior year! What’s wrong with him? Besides the obvious & she is clearly creepy, just look at the string of exes

  45. the onewhoknocks says:

    He’s an adult legally,,she’s an adult..
    Who cares?
    What a bunch of snarky people.

  46. the onewhoknocks says:

    I must also thank my brother for showing me this article …but really showing me how tiresomely, tediously, shallow people can be on their celebrity quest.

  47. Amy says:

    I don’t care that Taylor is dating a high schooler. The kid is 18 and despite being a junior, that’s the age of a college freshman. So I could care less. I think someone pointed out that’s how old Kristen Stewart was when she and Pattinson started dating so I don’t see the big deal.

    However I am sick of the infantilizing little girl act. Not too long ago, I watched a few of Taylor’s music videos on Youtube. In nearly all the ones I watched, she was wandering around all melancholy looking wearing a white dress. Always with the white bridal/virginal dress! It drove me nuts.

  48. Kim says:

    Not that I think this is in any way a cool situation, but why does no one complain about the Selena Gomez/Bieber relationship, where she’s also a few years older? He’s a bigger douche than all these other fools put together.

  49. juju says:

    she creeps me out !! maybe thats why she cant keep a boyfriend !! she sounds like a total stalker !!

  50. kirbycat says:

    Am I the only one completely ok with the way she dresses? Perhaps because I’m 23 and I and all my friends dress exactly the same way. Girlie dresses and bright red lipstick. If you don’t like it, don’t look!