Did Courtney Stodden get a nose job, or did she just tone down the drag makeup?

We got a request to cover this story, so I figured why not? Otherwise I was just going to ignore it, as we’ve done with most Courtney Stodden stories lately. How many times can you say the same thing about this predictable sexed-up child and her lecherous aging husband? Plus, is it even her fault? I know technically she’s an adult now, but it’s like her mom just passed her off on someone else to care for except Courtney has to have sex with him. I don’t like thinking about it.

Anyway Courtney is on the new season of Couples Therapy with her creepy husband-dad, Doug Hutchison. That trainwreck premieres on October 3. As part of the lead-up, VH1 has released a preview (below) in which Courtney is sporting her 1.0 face. (Even if she had something already done at that point it wasn’t as noticeable as it is now.) She looks like a different model, like the “sister” version of her former fembot self.

I think she had a nosejob and/or fillers, although people are saying she just looks different due to makeup alone. I know some of you will agree. Courtney’s mom calls the rumors “ridiculous” and said “she’s doing her makeup differently—that’s all it is! Courtney decided she wanted to change her makeup. She went for a lighter, more natural look, old Hollywood kind of look.” This chick is as old Hollywood as Lohan is, but I have to say she looks way prettier and younger without the spackle and with lighter hair. Now there’s something even creepier about that relationship. Courtney’s mom went on to add “All she did was lighten her hair, used a lighter shade of makeup and tanner, and not use as much eyeliner. She told me, ‘I want to do it differently’ and all of a sudden they say she’s had plastic surgery!” Yes it’s so ridiculous to assume that a girl who got a boob job at 16 did something to her face a couple of years later.

Getting back to the video preview of Couple’s Therapy, it’s SO creepy when Doug snarls that he didn’t wait until Courtney was 21 to marry her because he “didn’t want to.” Then he puts his hand on her knee and it’s gross. This is why I haven’t covered these people, I just don’t like thinking about them.

At least Courtney switched out her stripper heels for another pair. Those old ones must have been getting rank. Also, I like her face now, but I wouldn’t recognize her at all if you didn’t tell me who she was and she wasn’t wearing her signature hooker look.

Photo credit: WENN.com and PCNPhotos

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  1. F5 says:

    wtf? She’s gorgeous now..lol

    • Memory30 says:

      +1 she looks like another person in the good way now the only thing she needs is stop dressing like a stripper and she will be ok

    • NadineK says:

      I know! she looks amazing… and to be fair i don’t think she had any work done…she just changed her makeup( i think she got a professional makeup artist), went for a lighter hair color and she looks less tan. good for her..if only she could ditch the creepy husband and the stripper platforms

      • Jill says:

        Even her “husband” (I sincerely don’t think they’re in a sexual relationship) looks better! He’s dressing like a regular guy and not a creepy Ed Hardy stalker type.

        And she’s not making weird faces constantly either.

      • curegirl0421 says:

        I have to agree. I think someone finally found her a good makeup artist to give her a few lessons on how not to look like a half-assed drag queen. No offense to the drag queens, I know you bitches can do better than that.

      • Just me says:

        I think she’s had lip injections. That upper ip is definitely fuller. Someone taught her how to apply makeup, colored her hair & shaped her brows. Brows change everything.

        I disagree with the sentiment that’s she’s gorgeous now. She still looks very packaged and cheap with that hair. She does, however, look a million times better than previously.

        I just wish she’d start dressing a little less trollop-y. Someone needs to teach this little girl that you don’t have to dress like a streetwalker to be sexy. Sexy is in how you carry yourself and your attitude. You don’t have to reveal an inch of skin to ooze sex appeal.

        This girl just makes me so, so sad. 🙁

      • gg says:

        Half of it is when these trashy chicks like CS and Snooki FINALLY stop wearing the hideous frosted white lipstick, it improves their looks a hundred-fold. Add in uniformly colored and properly styled hair, no orange tan, and voila’, way, way better.

        I really wish she’d ditch the horrific excuses for street shoes though. She is still very sexually damaged though, it’s plain to see.

      • Nadinek says:

        @RocketMerry and all of you guys should check this link and you can clearly see that her features are still pretty much the same…http://worldfamousstars.com/index.php/2012/09/20/courtney-stodden-debuts-dramatic-new-look-mom-slams-plastic-surgery-rumors/ so i rest my case…she didn’t have plastic surgery( atleast this time)

      • Cam S says:

        I can’t believe anyone would even QUESTION the obvious nose job. I work for a Medical Spa and our surgeon brought these pics in today and told us EXACTLY what he thinks she had done.
        Makeup can change your look only SO MUCH, but when you can no longer RECOGNIZE the person anymore- that is PLASTIC SURGERY my friends.

        Small eye lift using botox, Radiesse filler on chin to round it, and on the cheekbone to add contour, straightened the nose and the tip to add a more youthful look. She wouldn’t need a lot of recovery time especially beacause the rhinoplasty was minor.

        EVERYONE in Hollywood had had a nose job. Tom Cruise, Halle Berry, Blake Lively etc

      • Vesper says:

        @ Cam S:

        Agreed. I can totally see the subtle difference in her cheeks, chin and nose. Changing one’s makeup can’t make someone look like a totally different person.

      • Celine says:

        I think so too – she probably just had a professional makeup artist do her makeup for the first time in her life.

        If she’d had a nose job recently, it would be still much more swollen I think. Trust me, I got mine done 10 days ago and even though other people don’t really even notice, it’s still swollen and slightly bigger than my old nose, definitely not smaller yet./

      • dagsohyoumeandogs says:

        @nadinekK- those pics make it even more obvious that she had cheek enhancements (probably fillers). she used to have very flat cheekbones and changing that one thing will alter someone’s general appearance a ton.

      • RocketMerry says:

        Those pics actually convince me even more that she had all the procedures I mentioned (lip fillers, cheek implants, a good ol’ shave-down of the jaws, a very slight touch up on the tip of the nose and a subtle mini lower-face lifting). I’m willing to admit that those procedures were well-done and that some of them were probably done in a non-invasive way (on the cheeks, they probably did use fillers, not implants, as CamS said).

        She looks better, I’ll grant that.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Rocket – Looks to me like she had her chin shaved down, too.

        And those shoes should be killed with fire. If fire can even kill them.

    • Bella says:

      She really wants that spread in Palyboy.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        No way playboy will take her even if she does look better. Nude tones do so well for her.

      • me says:

        For sure! Didnt they say she wasn’t natural loking enough? therefore less makeup, no tanning …blah blah blah

      • Ennie says:

        Yes! Not one criticism and joke could have made her change her awful look before… But a criticism fro Playboy? Voilá, makeover done. Now, if they could have also said something about her attire…

    • Kasia says:

      gorgeous?!? and that’s why she’s doing it to herself – because that is your – I mean American – beauty standard. Let’s think of someone truly gorgeous. Like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Laetitia Casta or Keira Knightley.
      She’s not gorgeous.

      • Hakura says:

        @Kasia – Ugh. I found your comment a little offensive & judgmental.

        Please don’t describe that as an ‘American‘ beauty standard. As with any other country, We Americans all have individual opinions when it comes to beauty. So it’s not fair to generalize then pass judgment.

        It’d be like saying: “gorgeous?!? and that’s why she’s doing it to herself – because that is your – I mean English – beauty standard. Let’s think of someone truly gorgeous. Like Halle Berry, Mila Kunis, or Charlize Theron. She’s not gorgeous.

      • hibitta says:

        Keira Knightley is truly gorgeous? Meh. I think she’s about average. Please don’t be so judgemental about us Americans. Beauty is, afterall, in the eye of the beholder.

  2. Riana says:


    Someone requested this?

    Anyway her nose looks the same. I think she’s cut off the tanning, the fake tanning, the bad makeup, the too heavy eyeliner, the really yucky extensions.

    There was a lot of things making that girl look so much worse than she should. Now she looks young and hot…still super creepy about that older dude though. Blech.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      The yucky extensions are still alive and kicking, or should I say, dying.

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        They are horrible, very Daryll Hannah in Splash.

        I think she at least got her lips plumped, she doesn’t look as lizardy. Please stop wearing your toes over the edges of your shoes!

        Looking at the pics and video again, looks like she had her chin softened? She looks really different and it isn’t just makeup!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Her surgeon is a genius for changing her face in a way that nobody can exactly pinpoint.

        Def. got lips plumped and I think a nose job. The chin DOES look different.

        I think her toes hang over because of how ridiculous those stripper heels are-they force her feet to slide forward.

        I just feel sad for any girl that aspires to look like a prostitute. She’s pretty-she should chill with the hooker steeze.

      • Photo Jojo says:

        +a billion. That hair has got to go!!

    • Natasha says:

      I think she also got veneers or something done to her teeth?

    • polk8dot says:

      I think her nose looks completely different. It is shorter, the tip has more up-tilt to it, and it is narrower in relation to the lips.
      Also, she definitely had cheek implants – the face at a shallow angle used to be completely flat, now there is an artificial roundness to this area. Also undoubtedly a chin implant. Her old chin was very pointy, and made her face look harsh. Now there is much more ‘area’ to it, and it is very nicely contoured to widen the face at the bottom giving it more proportion.
      Make up change is dramatic, no question about it, but there is no way that make up switch alone would have resulted in such a dramatic effect.
      She is not gorgeous, not by a long shot, but at least now she is a typical SoCal valley girl with pretty face and a body enhanced ehough to get her noticed and allow her to escape her mama’s trailer park future.
      She is still very budget, looking like a cheap whore on the corner by the convenience store. But I doubt there is any amount of makeover, plastic surgery and ‘Pygmalion-like polishing’ that would ever make this tramp look classy, sexy or beautiful.

  3. KellyinSeattle says:

    Yeah, like it would make her look so much better anyway. Even without so much makeup; for the love of God! And in other news, her new look/image is Holly Hobby 🙂 Those shoes; I think we all agree – “Look at me”, “LOOK AT ME!’

  4. hayley says:

    probably because playboy told her she looked too “enhanced”. she looks a lot better in these pictures, more natural.

    • StephanieMarie2685 says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking!
      It’s a bid to get Playboys attention so she can do that spread she craves (No pun intended, haha)

    • ladybert62 says:

      Hi Hayley – that was my thought also.

      • hayley says:

        hi 🙂 that was absolutely the first thing I thought…..and really, it could work in her favor, because she does look really good here. and about 10 years younger.

    • Memphis says:


      Agreed. The first thing I thought is she must reallly want playboy.. She does look much better in a more natural hooker look. 😉

      He still skeevs me out.

  5. someone says:

    how the eff does she walk in those shoes?!!?

  6. Ari says:

    Sad to say but she looks way better.

    • Mimi says:

      Yeah, I agree. I’m calling new nose, new teeth and new lips. Now she just needs new hair, a new wardrobe & a new life sans the pedodouche hubby.

  7. Eleonor says:

    Cindy Crawford was right, make up can make you look older.
    She looks more her (supposed) real age. It’s painful.

  8. Maritza says:

    She looks younger now, less is best. Now she looks like Julianne Hough.

    • StephanieMarie2685 says:

      She reminded me of someone but I couldn’t put my finger on it!

    • Anname says:

      I see shades of Heidi Montag, that generic after surgery Barbie thing. All individuality gone.
      She looks better than before, but isn’t that a low bar? This whole story makes me sad.

      Edit – oops, Montag mention further down.

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      I did a double take thinking it was a younger photo of xtina. After she lost the baby face and got too thin.

      Plastic surgeon couldn’t fix that dead look in her eyes though. Poor girl.

  9. Evelyn says:

    I saw the pictures yesterday at the daily mail, and I didn’t even think it was her. Then I saw a picture of her talking and her upper lip was doing that weird thing it does when she opens her mouth, and I knew it was her

  10. HotPockets says:

    I can believe that it is just makeup. She wore so much before and so much fake tanner that anyone would look like a completely different person if you stripped it all off.

    The eyebrows make a HUGE difference, they were so harsh before, same with the eyeliner.

  11. Jay Elle says:

    She actually looks really pretty now. It looks like she had a nose job and something done with her chin.

    She kind of looks like Christina Aguilera back in the day.

    • Hope says:

      I thought the exact same thing! She looks like Christina right after genie in a bottle! I definitely think she had a nose job, but her nose actually looks better, bigger, and fuller than it did before, which almost never happens with nose jobs. It almost seems like she might have had a bad one a few years back and just used her couple’s therapy money to get it fixed. Same goes for the chin, it’s certainly more rounded. I’m thinking there’s an implant (oops, sorry, I mean bone! LOL!) there.

      She definitely looks a lot better now, sad to say, because I despise plastic surgery, especially on young people.

      • Vesper says:

        A nose job is not the only way to improve a nose. People can also get filler injected to make subtle changes and to fix a drooping tip.

      • Jay Elle says:

        Her nose looks less round, I doubt it was injections… but on that note, her face does look way more frozen than usual. I woudln’t be surprised if some sort of fillers/botox was being used as well. I think she looks great to be honest with you!!

  12. abby says:

    I’d say it’s a lot more than a nose job. looks like fillers in her cheeks and some kind of eye lift as well. plus about 10 lbs. of hair extensions. nothing natural about this new more “natural” look.

    by the way CELEBITCHY–it’s kind of difficult to type in this box when you want to go back in a sentence and change/correct something. just thought you should know. I am a fan of this site and check it every day 🙂

  13. Bad Irene says:

    With a husband and mother like hers, this poor child has no chance of a normal life. I just feel sorry for her, it looks like she is playing a dress up version of what she thinks a “sexy” woman should look like. She needs to kick off those heels and run like hell.

    • NeNe says:

      Don’t feel too sorry for her. No doubt she is enjoying every second of all the attention she is getting. There is no way, at all, that she is the victim here.

      • Just me says:

        I feel sorry for her. Obviously she’s enjoying it – but at what cost? And does she even know better? She’ll never know what it’s like to have a normal childhood. My daughter is 11 and I tell her every day to enjoy being young while she can – that she only has 18 years to be a kid, but 50+ to be an adult. You never get those years back, or that innocence. Ever.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        What I want to know is: Does she really think she’s happy?

        Does she even know what “happy” feels like?

    • bluhare says:

      She might be a lot of things, but a child is not one of them.

  14. I.want.shoes says:

    She actually looks closer to her age, as opposed to the rode hard and put away wet dollar hooker look.

  15. Blue says:

    This poor girl. I mean she does look prettier, her actual age and less skanky. I hate snarking about someone who just turned 18 and has probably had this sex kitten act drilled into her since she was barely in a traing bra. Her mom is gross and her husband (barf) is gross as well.

    That clip with them made me feel really sick. I really want to vomit, it’s so gross and sad.

  16. yolo says:

    It looks like she got the Montag 1-2 punch job! There’s A LOT different about her face. I think her chin looks less pointy and something about eyes looks a little different buuuuut that could be because she’s not wearing straight hooker eye make up now and looking more ‘old Hollywood’ …psstph!! Just wow though… how can people actually WALK in those nasty ass shoes!? I could never strut down the street wearing that crap…not even if I dressed up like a hooker for Halloween.

    • Erinn says:

      I noticed the chin too… it looks way less pointy. Her cheeks are a lot rounder too, but I think it’s the makeup. Same with her eyes and lips- they look so different with the makeup change. She probably got a little work done, but I don’t think anything drastic.

      • yolo says:

        I think make up can be your bff or your worst enemy but there was def more done than a lighter look… She does look better but as someone said, the bar was set pretty low for this one. She needs a stylist, stat! Being a non-discriminatory lover all shoes, I think my mindset has been changed – I cannot get over those things!

      • Andrea says:

        It’s definitely the chin.

  17. Happymom says:

    My contempt for her mother knows no bounds. She is truly disgusting for doing this to her child.

  18. Betty says:

    Christina Aguilera, is that you?!

    • jules says:

      Right? Although to me, she looks like a Momsen-Aguilera love-child (were that possible). That said, I think she looks much better.

  19. Happy21 says:

    She still looks like trash to me. Something is different and it really could just be her make up and the fact that she doesn’t look orange.

  20. Talie says:

    Whatever she did, it’s one of those rare cases where the person looks better.

  21. Jackson says:

    I’m going to say fillers for sure. At the very least. And I think the hair color change is what’s making her look less old. Not going to say “younger” because she still doesn’t look young.

  22. RobN says:

    Where are we as a society when this passes for “more natural”?

  23. janie says:

    it would be funny if she stepped on his barefoot/ sandals with those shoes.

  24. NeNe says:

    She had more than her nose done. It looks like a completely new face, all together. Next line of work…..Porn…. Mark my words.

  25. ladybert62 says:

    She looks younger and less trashy – she still needs a decent haircut.

    Those shoes are hideous.

  26. sarah says:

    She looks gorgeous now. I think it’s makeup, new hair, and she doesn’t looked all doped up anymore. I really don’t see it as plastic surgery. But she really is a pretty girl.

  27. rumbleseat says:

    But it is ridiculous to assume she got a nosejob because the boobs are ril, don’t you remember? Anyway she looks prettier here, I’ll give her some credit for progressing.

  28. Dani says:

    Whatever she did, that is one HELL of a good nose job. Damn girl get rid of this grandpa and date Ed Westwick or someone hot (and young, please).

  29. dorothy says:

    She looks better, but she’s still trash.

  30. rightgrrl says:

    Mk ultra-ed? Sex kitten programming, and that creep Doug is her handler? Seems like it to me (just started reading about mind control, so that’s where that line of thought comes from)

  31. DreamyK says:

    These two have had all this planned out from the get go. There was no reason for her to look like a drag queen before, and yet she did. Now, suddenly (!) she has a new look.

    Recall if you will how Madonna likes to reinvent her look? Yes. Courtney and Doug were paying attention.

    I dislike these two immensely. It reminds me of Joaquin Phoenix doing his weird fake breakdown shtick so Casey Affleck could make a movie about it.

  32. yael says:

    she looks like she lost twenty years off her face.

  33. judyjudy says:

    She definitely looks better. Still trashy, but better. Maybe the paycheck from the couples show gave her the chance to buy something nicer than Wet n Wild.

  34. AJ says:

    She’s definitely had her teeth capped (more obviously in other photos I saw on another site) and a nose job. However, I also think she’s had a boob job. I never though she had fake breasts before,I think she had naturally large-ish breasts that she had pushed up to her neck with the help of HEAVY padding and push up. That’s why she you could always see her bra straps because she couldn’t wear a strapless. But if you look at the new photo, her breasts are sitting lower and her cleavage isn’t nearly as high – because she doesn’t have to wear 3 push up bras = boob job.

  35. Shelly says:

    I think it’s the makeup, no self-tanner, and a better shade of blonde. Her nose looks the same size to me. She looks way better now that she’s not orange. Now if only she could stop dressing like a baby prostitute.

    • Isa says:

      I think she at the very least had a nose job. It’s pointy at the end now!
      The side by side pictures above are hard to tell though. Since the light is across her face.

  36. Cleveland Girl says:

    Bigger lips, bigger boobs, smaller nose = ONE HOT BABE. she looks a little like Heidi Montag now.

  37. KelBear says:

    From the side it is way obvious that she had her nose done. It’s not as round as it was and you can definitely see she had work done when you watch the video then look at the recent pics.

  38. KC says:

    Co-sign work being done. I do like her make up much more now, though, as well.

  39. V says:

    Looks like she cut back on the pills too.

    Improvement, just wish she’d stop dressing like a whore.

  40. heatheradair says:

    It’s just what happens when the armband bracelet comes off. we don’t recognize her.


  41. Ginger says:

    I saw these photos yesterday and yes, I agree she looks so different and better. I love the new hair color/makeup and lighter tan. But the ridiculous extensions/stripper heels/too tight dresses need to go. She should change up her whole look by adding different clothes and shoes. I’m wondering what the reason was for her change?

    • Isa says:

      I wonder too. At first I thought she read comments about herself online then I remembered her crap about everyone being jealous of her. So it couldn’t haven been that.

  42. Snowpea says:

    Um, that old geezer is just too too gross. Why cant he dress himself properly? He’s always wearing old ugly sandal things or ugly ass boots with bad shirts and even badder trousers.

    But HER? Holy fuck, there arent even any words for this hot mess. Yes, she looks BETTER but she still looks like a ten dollar hooker.

    Those nylon hair extensions are making me wheeze.

    Imagine if this young girl got a cute bob, put on a cute floral dress like all the young things are wearing, a nice tan pair of ballet flats, a cool Miu Miu bag and a pair of Wayfarers…LIKE ALL THE OTHER 18 YEAR OLD ARE WEARING?!

    She would be super cute and adorable.

    As it is she looks old, ugly and completely ridiculous. And they both always look so smelly : (

    • Esmom says:

      This makes me wonder if she’s in school?

      I take my tween son to music lessons at our high school and I love observing all the high school kids while I wait.

      I cannot imagine her in the midst of the typical high school scene. Would the boys be attracted to her? Or afraid of her?

  43. Gabby says:

    I don’t think she had a nose job, but definitely lip fillers and her hair is much lighter. There is so much wrong here, there’s not enough room to type it all.

  44. Miss says:

    She definitely looks better than she did. Not sure about the plastic surgery but I think there is some veneer action happening there….

  45. snappyfish says:

    the skank is strong with this one.

  46. fabgrrl says:

    She does look better. And that makes me even sadder. Dress this pretty girl in jeans, a tank top, cute shoes and plunk her down on any college campus, and she would be having the time of her life! But no, she is “married” to gross, old Dough, uneducated, and rejected by Playboy.

    • Esmom says:

      Yep, her youth has been stolen. Just as some say about Aaron Johnson and Sam Taylor Wood. However they are not quite the spectacle as these two freak shows are…

    • Snowpea says:

      Gross old DOUGH! Please tell me that was intentional!

  47. kh says:

    she looks effing great now! i don’t think it’s surgery, she just finally gave up that awful, mid-90s pamela anderson styling. a great improvement, now just ditch the stripper heels.

  48. Alexis says:

    The rejection from Playboy made her rethink a few things…still has unfortunate fashion taste though.

  49. bettyrose says:

    I’ve been watching old Party of Give episodes and Doug Hutchinson has a recurring role. He wasn’t bad looking then but he doesn’t really scream hetero either

  50. DEB says:

    Total nose job, and eye work too.

  51. Samigirl says:

    Regardless of fillers/surgery/makeup, she looks better. If she’d stop wearing long tank tops as dresses and ridiculous stripper heels, she would look 100% better.

  52. Rachface says:

    This is what she used to look like pre-noteriety if you look up old photos. I think it’s makeup and she’s not on whatever old Quaaludes Doug still had stored from the 70s. Her eyes aren’t rolled back or half shut, her mouth isn’t in that permenant snarl

  53. Isa says:

    Wow. Different person. She does look 110% better. Her face changed completely so I do believe she had work done.

  54. themummy says:

    I’m actually shocked at how many people think that’s just makeup. She’s not even recognizable! I don’t think a single person here would have been able to guess who that was if not for the other photos and text. She had the Heidi Montag.

    • Annie says:

      I was gonna say it looks like she got the Ali Lohan special!

    • Isabel says:

      Have you ever seen Zoey Deschanel without makeup? She is also unrecognizable…
      Make up can do a lot!

      However, I am still not sure about this one… Plastic surgery or not.. I don’t know. Leaning more towards makeup, if you see her old pics without makeup and add the makeup she wears now it could be matching.

      Before she airbrushed abs and cleavage to make it look more pointy and perky. I believe she did that with her face too, made her look very harsh and old. Too dark tan, too much dark eye makeup made her eyes look small, frosty lipstick, wrong haircut and boobs pushed up to her ears with heavy padding..

      Right now she looks lightskinned, wears lipstick that accentuates fullness of her lips, makeup that makes her eyes look normal shaped etc.. Makes a big difference..

      I believe taking that away changes a lot.

  55. Annie says:

    Yep, she got a nose job for sure and I think lip and cheek fillers too. It’s a good nose job because her old one was kind of bulbous and masculine. It does make her look softer and prettier, but she should stop while she’s ahead and leave her face alone now. I also don’t like that too blonde hair.

  56. Bobby the K says:

    Yes, she ‘looks’ good, which is what she aspires to and spends money on manufacturing. But she looks way older than 18, will always look way older than her age.

    • snappyfish says:

      i’ve never seen an 18 year old who exhibits the dreaded “vagina-pits.” maybe she’s just really dehydrated?

  57. Fashion Spy says:

    She totes had a nose job and it looks like she had her implants “shaped”.
    Yes, she has also adjusted her make up (for the better – i hate to say it) …
    She has been completely – and suspiciously – off the radar for quite a few weeks … Time to heal those bruises and debut her ” new look”

  58. J says:

    I wish these two would stop coming to The Grove. I take my kids there! Stop please!

  59. Tanya says:

    it is NOT just makeup…the makeup is better, however. she truly looks like a different person. If I didn’t know it was her, I wouldn’t have known…and no makeup can totally change a look that much. She is actually really pretty now…. what did she do to her eyes?.. it has to be something there to alter that much…..she looks beautiful. before, she looked harder…..what a HUGE HUGE difference……!! I would NEVER have known…seriously…!

  60. Jaxx says:

    The new makeup looks better. But even makeup can’t make your nose tilt up.

    Nose job.

  61. justbreezy says:

    is it just me or does she look kind of like lindsay lohan in the first picture? maybe it’s just the shade of lipstick and the lighter hair. or maybe it’s because i’ve only had one cup of coffee so far!

  62. bea says:

    It looks like she got lips, which were sorely lacking before (upper).

    Creepy rubber sex doll look.

  63. Stubbylove says:

    The only difference I see here is she went from a skank completely f’ed up on drugs/meds/alcohol to looking like a zombie clone. Plus I have no clue how the F she walks in those stripper heals. Her psycho mom and horrifying husband really want that Playboy spread. She’s only 18 – though legal – she’s being severely exploited. Sick and disturbing.

  64. Therese says:

    When celebrities get plastic surgery, they also change something else about their appearance so they can attribute the changed appearance on a hair cut or makeup. This girl had plastic surgery. She also changed her hair and makeup, but she had work done. I immediately noticed that her chin is shorter, and rounder, not so pointed. She looks completely different, except that quirky mouth. I have to admit it, she looks much better.

  65. Bread and Circuses says:

    She really does look lovely now, and personally, I think it is all makeup and a different hair colour.

    I hope, with a few years more maturity, she’ll sort her head out too.

  66. WINTERWILDE says:

    I DO NOT BLAME COURTNEY AT ALL. This madness began years ago whe she was a LITTLE GIRL who instead of being protected from lecherous men by her “CHRISTIAN” parents was basically trained to look, act and dress “sexy” to appeal to OLDER MEN. This poor girl’s MOTHER AKA DINA LOHAN 2.0 sold her child’s innocence in exchange for what???? THIS? where basically her daughter gains attention from being pimped out to a slightly known character actor and the fame that follows for just being a walking trainwreck. Courtney’s mom and dad are DISGUSTING as well as her pedo hubby.

    • TracyK says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Every time I see this child, it makes me want to cry. And the super harsh criticism is hard to grasp. I remember being this age and younger (because she didn’t jump out of the womb dressed as a hooker). It just makes me so sad and I wish people would stop hating on her and put the hate where it belongs, with her “Mother” and “Husband”. WTF, they should both be arrested and she needs intensive therapy.

    • Isabel says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I feel bad for her, only person I want to yell at are her parents. I don’t think she realizes to a full extent what is going on with her life. She went from one toxic environment (parents who made it look ok to act and look like a pornstar blowup doll, sold her to a creepy actor etc etc) to the next (poppa pimpdaddy greenmile actor dude).

      Don’t think she is aware (or taught) that she can do other things besides acting like a skanky kid with no real future besides porn/dirty websites (which will probably be run by one of her handlers, so she doesn’t get any money and still can’t break free when she opens her eyes).

      First I thought it was just her mom, but I recently found out her dad is also still in the picture. Why doesn’t he do anything? Only person you see all the time is mom and she says it’s all ok. Wh y don’t we hear from the dad? Is he a weakass like Britney Spears’ dad, showing up when the trainwreck party is in full mode and then claiming he couldn’t do anything all those years? (aka momma spears, just like momma stodden is a controlling bitch who doesn’t take no for an answer?- I say, divorce, get childprotective services on her ass, everything to protect your little girl) But no, just don’t do anything. Seriously, don’t come crying when this girl ends up in a ditch somewhere.

      I remember pictures of her cooking with her mom, she in full slut attire, making the usual pornfaces, while mom stands proudly next to her. WTF. Makes me so so sad.

  67. Isa says:

    She totally had work done. The way it should be done. Subtle tweaks here and there that aren’t drastic and obvious. I think a lot of people go in with unrealistic expectations of what surgery will do for them.
    She looks 10x younger. And pretty like a cross between Julianne hough and raccoon mcpantless.

  68. Stacia says:

    She actually looks good now. She reminds me of Christina Aguillera a bit. NOW…ditch the old man and the hooker clothes(WTF with those 7 inch heels).

  69. Relli says:

    Husband-Dad…..LOL thats right up there with Motherboy and also makes it so much more creepy!

    Looks like someone is trying pretty hard to emulate the signature look of the Playboy girls. She isn’t taking that no for an answer.

  70. Genevieve says:

    I really honestly don’t think she’s had any work done. I think it’s the hair & makeup (& eye brow plucking). And she definetly got her teeth whitened & caps or straigtned. I don’t even think she has fake boobs, I think it’s a push up bra. Still gross, but not really fake…..yet

  71. Heather H says:

    These people are publicity hounds and real plastic surgery requires a downtime period to heal. So the sleuths need to go back to her last photos with her “old” face and see if there is a gap in time between those photos and now where she isn’t out being photographed for long enough to recover from surgery.

    Personally I totally think she’s had work done along the lines of Holly Madison, maybe to get that Playboy spread she wanted??

  72. Ellie66 says:

    Her shoes are just ridiculous! She does look better but I’m not sure why, her nose looks the same but her lips aren’t so ducky looking hmmm alas she still dresses like a hooker….

  73. Stacey says:

    You can’t tell me she didn’t have something done with her chin. Look how pointy it was and now it’s soft.

  74. jessica says:

    just take off the shoes. for the love of god.

  75. kpist says:

    So, this was her in the blind item.

  76. Quinn says:

    Ummm…yeah, unless this is her sister posing as Courtney, she had some serious work done. The new hair color and makeup is often a red herring in these cases.

  77. LouLou says:

    The extensions are too long, and the shoes are too much, but wow, she looks so much better. Maybe her meds got adjusted to stop that lizard face she used to make all the time. She and that pedo husband will probably break up soon. Then she can date Charlie Sheen for a while.

  78. Sarah says:

    Nose job and new makeup. Dang she looks STUNNING.

  79. cbreader says:

    wow…she’s actually gorgeous!

  80. GirlyGIrl says:

    Looks like she went for the “High-priced Call-girl” upgrade.

  81. jaymie says:

    she looks great now!! but the shoes are still awful!

  82. nica.lake says:

    A nose job and her chin is square where it use to be pointed. ugh plastic surgery at her age.

  83. Madison says:

    I hate to admit that I’ve spent way too long staring at her pictures. I’ve gone back and forth, thinking she had a browlift or something. But on eonline, they posted a side-by-side pic of her before and after, and her face is basically the same! No nosejob, no chin job, no brow lift. I do think she had her teeth fixed though. I hope it’s okay to post a link, but here it is:

  84. JB says:

    Please- nose job, cheek implants, collagen…there is nothing natural about that new face.

  85. mj says:

    Lip filler, brow shape, new make up and Im thinking her chin is less pointy.

  86. eric says:

    she had her nose done, eye lift, a chin implant and fuller lips, looks like a different person. The eyes nose, and lips look completely different than before, the nose is slightly upturned now.

  87. bagladey says:

    She looks better but still cheap.

  88. Random Devotchka says:

    She looks like a young Christina Aguilera!!!!

  89. pinchofsalt says:

    Same shoes. Different girl. Can’t believe it’s her! She actually looks good, although it’s a mystery how she manages to walk in those shoes. But all in all, what an improvement.

  90. Blondie says:

    She had a LOT of work done. Make up can change your look, not your face.

  91. skuddles says:

    She looks WAY different now, has to be more than just a nose job and the tacky extensions.

  92. Nicolette says:

    Doesn’t look like the same person at all. She had work done. Makeup alone didn’t do that. I guess she’s been reading all the comments online that said she looked way older than her supposed age of 18. This is how plastic surgery should look though, no drawn back cat eyes. Must’ve cost a nice bundle. But that dress and those shoes gotta go already.

  93. dcypher1 says:

    Their full of b.s. thats sum rhinoplasty there for sure.i think that pb rejection got to her. she dosent look like her old self at all except the clothes.

  94. Julianthe says:

    She looks so much better; and younger. Her expression is less snarky as well. Now just tone down the hooker clothes and you’ll be ready to make it as a star.

  95. Lisa says:

    She looks like what would happen if the best parts of Lindsay Lohan and Christina Aguilera ran into each other at top speed. Upgrade!

  96. Pollo says:

    God, you people are so gullible. She still looks like a hooker. Cheap trash. You’re just comparing her to what she looked like last time. I guess now she’s going to get what she wants publicity and a show because of all you people. sheez.

  97. carol says:

    whatever it is – she looks better!

  98. Starsky says:

    she looks so young now. it grosses me out even more that he “didn’t want to wait” for her to be 21. I see her doing interviews in 5-10 years after their divorce calling him a pedophile and saying she was taken advantage of.

  99. Vesper says:

    U can see it most in the second pic. Her face is softer and almost round. Before, with her pointed chin her face was heart shaped. Her features are also more symmetrical. Fillers were added to achieve the look. That’s not to say she hasn’t had surgery on her nose and eyes.

  100. Vesper says:

    U can see the difference more in these pics. She has definitely had a brow lift – her brows are more arched, u can see the filler in her cheeks when she smiles, and the subtle difference in her nose. Not to mention, new veneers, and blue contact lenses.


  101. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Courtneyn now looks like Elizabeth Olsen.

  102. Carolyn says:

    Yes she looks better. Needs to dump the creepy husband and find someone normal her age. And wear clothes that don’t make her look cheap.

    Playboy still won’t take her.

  103. hmm says:

    Wow! Tough call!

    I wanna say that she’s just laid off the spray tan/ugly makeup and her hair is lighter, but……..who the F knows with this b!tch?! LOL

  104. eric says:

    You can clearly see her bulbous nose has been finely resculpted and her eyes look more open, definitely some king of eye lid or brow lift surgery, and they implanted those horrible things into her lips.

  105. Jess says:

    She kinda looks like Blake Lively.

  106. Marianne says:

    Why is she smirking all the time? Someone calls her trash, and their is a smirk plastered on her face….

  107. midnightmoon says:

    MK Ultra sex kitten. Clearly. Sad.

  108. mln89 says:

    it just looks like she went from small- town, pageant trashy to platinum blond, playboy trashy. any way you slice it, she’s still wearing a t-shirt as a dress with conspicious basketball boobs and stripper shoes during the daytime. her mother and perverted husband-daddy should be ashamed of raising this girl to believe that she needs to look like she’s on the ho-stroll 24 hours a day. i will conceed that i like this makeup a lot better then her previous makeup. facially, at least, she looks like a well made up version of christina aguilera.

  109. Lizi says:

    this girl is 16!?!?! I’m 25 and I look younger than her even after 2 weeks with an average of 3 hours sleep per night (stupid dissertation). and i smoke! and i just wear black eyeliner,which always looks kinda bad because I dont know a thing about makeup. =(

  110. Zizi says:

    I think she had a nose job definitely. BUT she ALSO looks like she got her jaw softened. She looked more hard and angular before. Definitely jaw chiseling going on.

  111. AcesHigh says:

    She kinda looks like Taylor Momsen before she went all ‘hardcore.’

  112. Morganism says:

    I can’t tell what all she’s done but her teeth look new too. I can’t believe I’m saying this but she looks great. 1000 times better than what she did look like. She’s obviously had ALOT done though. Can’t believe her mom is blaming it on makeup.

  113. Ella says:

    As others have said, she’s definitely had lip fillers.

    She’s also paler, which is a good thing – someone told her to ditch the fake tan.

  114. Bobby the K says:

    This is still an 18 year old getting completely unnecessary plastic surgery. She will look like an over-done freak in a matter of years.

  115. Jessica says:

    Oh IMO she has definitely had work done. This is not just the result of a better make up job. I think its a big improvement. If she would tone down the bleach and the slutty clothing it would help even more. The extensions are AWFUL. She is a pretty girl who is trying WAY too hard.

  116. megs says:

    Other than the amazing makeup improvement, the only thing it looks like she could have had done is her chin. Look at her chin and jaw line. It may just be the angle and contouring makeup, but it looks different.

  117. bored_01 says:

    I’d say it was totally a business decision to cart her somewhere for a makeup, hair and ETC makeover to try to make her to look younger and more appealing. In a skinnier Christina Aguilara sorta way.
    and UGH the shoes.
    Is it working, men-folk?

    • Brittney says:

      Oh man, I was thinking the same thing, but my body-snark-detector zapped the thought away. (My thought was a bit more cruel than yours… along the lines of “well now we see where the old Christina Aguilera went”…)

  118. bored_01 says:

    Also someone instructed her to keep her mouth closed in pics, LOL

  119. Brittney says:

    I cannot believe that SHE is the one girl in Hollywood who finally gets plastic surgery that is both obvious and actually serves its purpose by IMPROVING her face. She looks so much better… now, if she’d just kick off those shoes (and kick Grandpa/her mom to the curb)…

  120. Hakura says:

    Looking at a comparison pic someone aboved provded, I don’t think she actually had anything done to her face other than lip-injections (especially to the upper iip).

    She just completely changed the make-up & hair (both part, style & color).

    I think now she comes off better, but still like a cross between Christina Aguilera & ‘Pole-dancing Skipper’ (Skipper being Barbie’s younger sister, if I’m not mistaken).

  121. Jag says:

    It looks like she got a nose job and her chin shaved. May or may not have gotten her breasts redone, too, imo.

  122. JessSaysNo says:

    She got LA blonde hair and not 80’s porno hair that her weirdo mom made her get. And less 80’s make up too!

  123. Kloops says:

    Veneers for sure. Also lip and chin fillers. The rest is makeup, in my opinion.

  124. HillbillyintheCorner says:

    What you see ladies and gentleman is another genric Hollywood Barbie Doll…
    Same Hair
    Same nose
    Same cheeks
    Same mouth
    same chin
    and let not for get New teeth must be blinding white and straight straight strraight !!! and the
    we have to have the D cup size boobie juting out and the look at me I’m sexy cloths….
    Now she can join the Hollywood Barbire sisterhood……Ha Ray !!!!!
    clones al clones and she just joined the ranks…

  125. Lurkeelee says:

    It does look like she has had some work done, nose job and fillers, subtle and she looks better. I admit I would watch their reality show and I hope Courtney and Doug get their own show. I don’t see her as a victim like others do. She knows exactly what she wants and she wants fame really bad and is going for it. I think Courtney will drop Doug in a few years anyway especially if she becomes famous and is marketable on her own. She reminds me of Holly Madison, but more outrageous or maybe a little like Anna Nicole Smith. I would rather watch Courtney and Doug’s crazy reality than boring Kardashians any day.

  126. Pamela says:

    I think it is really sad how many people here feel that it is ok to call her names. I dont think it could be any more obvious that she is a victim. Clearly her mother pimped her out as a teen, god knows what else happen beforevshe was married off to a delist celeb and we all heard about her. The earlier footage of her moving her mouth and licking her lips so much seemed very likely to be a sign that she is also on drugs. This plucked up life is all she has known. It doesnt seem like she has anyone looking out for her. Also she does look gorgeous….. And everyone is so spiteful that they can’t even give her that. It is not like everyone can be as beautiful as ms Theron for goodness sake. Cs looks gorgeous compared to most of the women I see at target.

    • Missykitten says:


      Thank-you… somebody who thinks the same way I do.
      She is going to look back on this in a few years and feel so humiliated. I know when I was her age (or a tad bit older actually) I went through this stage where I felt like I had to look “sexy” – a man’s idea of sexy. Then I grew out of it & realised how silly I was being. Unfortunately for her, the whole world has witnessed this. I definitely think she was sexually abused, if not in a physical way, then emotionally, it’s obvious something isn’t right.

      Her mother should be put in jail and just because Courtney is 18 doesn’t mean the abuse has stopped… Child abusers rarely stop. I really hope she will wake up & see this for what it is before it’s too late. She CAN recover from this, but first she has to realize what’s happening. I doubt she knows that she is being abused, she prob thinks it’s normal or that other girls her age are just not as “sexually advanced” as she is. She probably thinks she is lucky because she is close to fame and stardom, or closer than she was. She’s hypnotised by it. And I bet it wasn’t even her dream in the first place, it was mom’s.

      And doug screams of somebody who is not accepting the reality of being a homosexual, he is over-compensating with a “young hot thing” except he went too far with the young thing. Stupid, transparent little boy thinks being a pedo is better than being gay.

  127. Jaded says:

    Child welfare services should have taken her away from her mother a long time ago. This is just pathetic. Both she and Doug Hutchison should be ‘shot and pissed on’ (old wartime expression I just love that my dad used to use, he was a WWII vet) for creating this monster. Courtney’s going to be a very unhappy, screwed up person someday when she finally grows up and sees how she’s been manipulated.

  128. Jayna says:

    She looks so pretty. She will be dumping his old ass within the year.

  129. eric says:

    The space between the tip of her nose and her upper lip is wider now, obvious nose
    Before the surgery her nose was hanging right over her mouth.

  130. Belle Epoch says:

    Her TEEFS! In the “before” pictures she has stubby orange fangs. Now she has flawless, blinding Chicklet (sp?) teeth. She should go ahead and smile – but being around Creepazoid doesn’t seem to be working for her any more.

    All these improvements would have cost a LOT. Is somebody paying?

    Poor thing dropped out of school on 6th grade (that is, the mother said she would home school her, which I highly doubt she did the usual
    way). That’s age 12! She hasn’t been around kids her age since then. Does anybody know if she has academic/psychological issues that require her to be on medication?

  131. Cowgirl27 says:

    She had a nose job, cheek implants, and her chin shaved down. Totally unrecognizable! She looks much better and how often do you say that about someone? Now if she wound get a nice tone of natural blonde hair, lose the stripper clothes and make up – she might be taken serious and not frowned on like a joke. Oh, and divorce your husband and MOTHER and get a real handler.

  132. juju says:

    God, why would anybody where those stripper shoes out in public !!

  133. Ennie says:

    Looks a bit better, and her posing is a bit better too, but she still doesn’t look 18 in any way.
    She doesn’t look even like an 18 year old h**ker. Fugly outfit… Er t-shirt dress and horrible shoes.

  134. katoato says:

    Plastic surgery. Sorry for all you gullible folks. The bulb of her nose is much more refined. She may have had subtle lip fillers. Ask a plastic surgeon and they’ll tell you what’s up.

  135. Veronica says:

    Alright, this was the fastest I’ve ever read a story in fear of people thinking I was looking at porn at work…

  136. CT says:

    wow, she actually looks her age now.

  137. Natalina says:

    total nose job

  138. lola lola says:

    Totaly nosejob. She looks less like a $2 whore and more like a $25 whore. Doesn’t matter though. I’m sure she will say its all natural!

  139. Vanessa says:

    And she’s now wearing( iris enlarging) blue contact lens.