Bradley Cooper & Zoe Saldana are back together: surprising or meh?

Over the weekend, I noticed a photo set of Zoe Saldana looking like she just rolled out of bed, standing outside of her house, waving at someone not pictured. The caption read, “Zoe Saldana seen eating some cereal and waving good-bye to Bradley Cooper after he stayed the night at her house in Los Angeles.” Very, very interesting, right? Then came these photos – “Superstar couple Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana were seen enjoying a night out at the Archlight Dome Theater where they watched ‘The Master’ on September 22, 2012 in West Hollywood, California.” Even more interesting.

First of all, Bradley Cooper does NOT like to be photographed with his girlfriends. I think it’s one of the reasons why those “gay rumors” persist – because he is rarely, if ever, photographed with women, and on the rare occasion that he is photographed with a girlfriend-type, they rarely look hot for each other. Second of all, these photos are interesting because A) the paparazzi knew that Bradley spent the night at Zoe’s house, and then they magically knew that Bradley and Zoe would be leaving a movie… arm-in-arm? And the third thing: most people really thought that Bradley and Zoe had broken up months ago. They “got together” when they filmed their movie, The Words, last year and then Zoe just spent months hanging out with Bradley’s mom, then no one ever saw them together, and then everyone was like, “Eh, I guess they broke up?”

Did someone say The Words? Did you know that film is still in theaters right now? It’s in a theater near you. I don’t know why the photo agency didn’t just caption these photos like that. “Bradley Cooper was seen leaving Zoe Saldana’s house after spending the night and The Words is still in theaters right now.”

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Char says:

    Does she have six toes on her left foot? WITCH!

  2. marie says:

    meh, she’s far too good to settle for being someone’s beard.. Cooper looks gross, but I’ve never gotten his appeal anyway.

  3. Rux says:

    My mom dragged me to see this movie, I mean kicking and screaming. The story was good but the acting and “feeling” left a lot to be desired. Jeremy Irons saved this movie; his performance was awesome. As for Zoe and Brad….zzzzzzzzzzz…what?who? I fell asleep for a second.

    There was nothing between these two. It felt like they were strangers on the screen and I feel the same about them as a real life couple.

  4. Amelia says:

    I think it pretty much goes without saying this is staged for promotional purposes.
    Or maybe I’ve been wearing my tin foil hat for too long…

    • NerdMomma says:

      If it was staged, I’d think they would have tried just a little bit harder…. If a man ever put his arm around me with a darn container of popcorn in his hand like that, I’d swat it away. Rude!

    • Passingby says:

      They both really look like s–t here. If it were staged, they would have tried to look better before calling the paparazzi, especially Zoe. Being seen looking like that is not good for her career!

    • Ranunculus says:

      With these celebrity couples you never now, it might be all PR. But at least these two look really cute together.

    • Juicy Lucy says:

      Someone posted on another site that 99% of all paparrazzi photos are staged by the celebrities themselves, often tipping off the paps as to their whereabouts or being “seen” in areas where the paparrazzi’s are in full force.

      Brad and Zoe have probably been in a FWB relationship for months and all of a sudden-Brad just “happens” to get caught coming out of Zoe’s house. Then later, they just “happen” to be spotted coming out of a theater for what appears to be a date night. Please, don’t insult my intelligence. Either Brad or Zoe tipped off the paps to bring attention to The Words or take some heat of of the controvery surrounding Zoe’s casting as Nina Simone.

      One other thought surrounding their sudden oning of their relationiship-Brad is trying to avoid answering questions about whether he and Jennifer Lawerence got to close during their dance rehearsals for The Silver Linings Playbook. Either way, they do not look like a couple madly in love.

      • Aubra says:

        Yup! this adds to the fact that I am sure Zoe is hopeful her status gets upgraded from jumpoff to the real deal…aint happening! And how embarrassing to have the whole world know you’re just there for “maintenance”…meh!

  5. Sassy says:

    CDAN had a strange post from ENTY with the local HIMMMM posting (aka RDJ lol) that was basically calling for her not to go back with him because of his issues…….

    • carrie says:

      stop to believe EntyLawyer :he’s a mythomaniac.He wrote his BI in seeing some paps’ pics
      He wrote Russell Crowe almost raped Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany beat him for example.So if Crowe really did it,why is Connelly working with Crowe on NOAH movie? He wrote a BI about Rose McGowan fucked with a paps for having paps pics then another BI about her paying a paps

      • Aubra says:

        There was a DAMMNING post put out by “Enty” yesterday in the form of an open letter, don’t know how true the speculation was, but supposedly, that was the second time he addressed her/her situation on CDAN

  6. samira25 says:

    I don’t see how this is surprising considering there have been stories of them being seen together the past few months. I don’t recall if there were photos.

  7. KellyinSeattle says:

    The body language is obvious. Not only does she not want to get her photo taken, but she seems as if she thinks he has cooties.

    • carrie says:

      their body language says more(for me) “don’t follow us!” or ” the movie was awful” to the paps

      they broke before OUT OF FURNACE filming and they again start to date together in june

  8. moptop says:

    Oh wow. Seriously, Zoe looks like he is holding her hostage!

  9. mln76 says:

    Zoe looks awful I mean if she knew she was going to get photoged she’d probably comb her hair and brush her teeth right? For that reason alone I don’t think these are staged. When he was with Renee Z they would have similar scowls on their faces whenever they were in the same shot. And I’m pretty sure the gay rumors come from his quickie divorce…of course there are other rumours about that which make me want to think he’s gay and not a complete A-hole.

  10. MissLed says:

    If they are promoting the movie, then why didn’t they get back together BEFORE the premiere? Remember the awkwardness?

    Anyhoo, she can do a lot better. There’s just something ‘off’ about him….

  11. Evie says:

    she’s the girlfriend for Oscar season.

  12. Honey Poo Poo formally known as beyonce's bump says:


  13. stellalovejoydiver says:

    I know BCoop doesn´t have that many fans around here, but I think there´s something endearing about him. Yeah he may not be the best actor, but neither is Nat Portman, I think he´s gonna get at least a Golden Globe nomination for Silver Lining Playbook.
    I´m not sold on his/their heterosexuality (Victor Garber’s Bottom Bitch), I think they might be bearding for each other.

  14. T.C. says:

    Pics don’t look staged. I still Zoe would have done something better with her hair. If they are back together then good for them.

  15. Melissa says:

    Wow – his jacket is ill-fitting and horrible styling to boot. He’s going for retro, but he just wore something old and skanky, rather than old and cool.

  16. Madhubala says:

    They both look terrible and for some reason that makes me think they are the real deal. They’ve probably been together all along and just kept it low key. What’s the point of promoting the movie anyway, it’s already out and it tanked. A few pics of them coupling up won’t do a thing for the movie.

  17. moptop says:

    Oh my god – Zoe seriously looks like he’s holding her hostage! Lol.

  18. Kim says:

    They never broke up

  19. bns says:

    Meh to both of them. I don’t see their careers getting any bigger than they are right now, so the showmance is unnecessary.

  20. Aubra says:

    I don’t think they got together for PR, but their people certainly encouraged it for PR. like someone said, they have been reported having been seen together and no pics. I saw some people on twitter mention having seen/met them when he was doing “Elephant Man” a couple of months ago. Also, I agree with whover said he seems endearing, which is why Zoe is all wrong for him. She’s too self serving and tries way too hard in her interviews talking like her cooch is eternally on fire for some d*ck. Lol

    Plus I totally believe this is a longterm FWB situation where she’s gonna be ass out when he meets someone worth not strategically not being seen with. This whole thing is messy and she totally “overlapped” between him and her ex…

  21. Lola says:

    After her co-signing “reverse racism” I really don’t know about Zoe, she’s comes across so ignorant and cocky.

    • Aubra says:

      Lola, some have said that she seems to use it to her advantage…

      • Aubra says:

        Also, her co-signing somehing so ignorant, may come to the forefront now that she is more likely to be talked about more than she used to be now that the two of them are “out” as a couple. I am sure she and her people never took that into consideration.

  22. Amy says:

    I saw The Words. The premise was good but some of it fell flat. The story was rather ambiguous and it was hard to tell “fact” from “fiction” in the movie which I guess was the point. The acting was good but some plot points were unnecessary such as Olivia Wilde’s character. I didn’t really get that.

  23. I Choose Me says:

    “Bradley Cooper was seen leaving Zoe Saldana’s house after spending the night and The Words is still in theaters right now.”

    Bwahahahahahahaha. That’s the first thing I thought too. I bet their movie’s been released.

    Normally I don’t pay attention to gay rumours but when the show-mancing is this blatant it does make you wonder.

  24. Tara says:

    Profoundly unnattractive pics. Dont get his appeal AT all and strangely indifferent to her.

  25. blunt talker says:

    Her reverse discrimination statement rings hollow considering how she and the movie producers are treating Nina’s family as if they didn’t know who Nina was. Total disrespect towards this family. I guess she wants an Oscar so bad that she’s willing to make a movie based on a lie and hurt the Simone family in the process.

    • Aubra says:

      Its mostly due to the fact that she doesn’t even closely resemble Nina. And the fact that Zoe’s features compared to Nina’s unconventional features aren’t close. Plus Mary J Blige or India Airie could easily fit into the part, so that they would choose Zoe is a slap on the face to some and the fact that so many are up in arms over it shows there is indeed an issue. And now that she retweets such a misnomer (if that’s appropriate) really digs a deeper hole for her. I didn’t even know Zoe could song though.

    • Aubra says:

      Its mostly due to the fact that she doesn’t even closely resemble Nina. And the fact that Zoe’s features compared to Nina’s unconventional features aren’t close. Plus Mary J Blige or India Airie could easily fit into the part, so that they would choose Zoe is a slap on the face to some and the fact that so many are up in arms over it shows there is indeed an issue. And now that she retweets such a misnomer (if that’s appropriate) really digs a deeper hole for her. I didn’t even know Zoe could sing though.

  26. the original bellaluna says:

    They are both just so lukewarm to me. The movie I enjoyed her most in is Death at A Funeral, but that’s an ensemble piece. And she had the good fortune to be cast as James Marsden’s GF.

    He was absolutely HYSTERICAL in that movie. And gloriously naked! 😉

  27. A Fan says:

    I’d love to fully see her outfit – it looks cute.

  28. kosmos says:

    Well, they both look rather poorly put together, not at all the way they appear in films or on the red carpet. I’d say, if you’re a celeb and you’re going to be followed around, at least prepare to be papped at any time, right? She looks a bit dreadful here, hmmm.

  29. mmmmmmm........... says:

    meeeeehhhh……. Saldana good job …. we understand …. publicity?? you get it!! …… but after be the buzz of the day, you come back to reality. I mean, nobody have interested in you …….You do not deserve to be Nina Simone, and please comb your hair before leaving home.
    And Bradley ……. if you keep this “sex or PR” thing, oops!! you are going to lose more. *Warning: you’re losing “popularity” right now*. Take notes.

  30. Aubra says:

    yeah, you can dress down without looking bummy

  31. Sam x says:

    I maybe in the minority here, their body language during the premiere of their movie ‘The Words’ was straight up awkward, her forced smile and she looked like she couldn’t wait to get away from him…maybe this is a re-negotiation on whatever arrangement they have…As much as I like you Bradley I’m just not buying what your selling…xx

  32. Dreamtime Alice says:

    A man in love will announce it to the world and not be ashamed to be photographed with the woman he loves. Bradley acts like a man who is getting a great booty call but is ashamed to let the world know who is giving it to him. We can’t help who we fall in love with but Zoe is just snobbish and devoid of any class. She’s rude and disrepectful to people of her own race. Bradley is highly educated, intelligent, and seems down to earth. For those reasons, they are mismatched and thier relationship is either FWB or they are bearding for each other.

  33. Mg says:

    I just don’t get it… He could have anyone and he ends up with a star climber like her she is not particularly attractive and she needs to learn when to keep her mouth shut reverse racism whatever clueless .

    • Dreamtime Alice says:

      One cannot help who they fall in love with but I will say that Bradley and Zoe are mismatched. Zoe droppped out of school in the eighth grade.Zoe sticks her nose up at people of color on her movie sets and has recently called Brads friends underdogs. Brad, on the other hand is highly educated and intelligent. I guess at the end of the day, he wants a woman who is the complete opposite of his mother.

      What I find funny is that Bradley nor Zoe will admit that they are in a relationship. I’m all for celebrities keeping their private lives private, but to me, they are acting like high school kids the way they sneak around to see each other. This tells me that they are just friends with benefits. Bradley didn’t hesitate to state that he was dating Renee so why all the secrecy with Zoe?

      I truly feel that Zoe was cheating on her LTR boyfriend with Brad and therefore I have lost all respect for him. Zoe has said that anything can happen between her and her “white” male co stars which makes me think that she is a classess opportunist. I think Brad has let fame, especially being named the sexiest man alive go to his head. Someone needs to tell him to concentrate on his career and dump Zoe. according to IMDB, his popularity is steadly declining.

  34. TTR says:

    To be fair, he’s pretty hush hush on whomever he’s with. I think I read somewhere he said he doesn’t talk about his private life.

  35. chiara says:

    Now, what about this????? :

    I listened to that part of the interview, it is so weird when Stern says “.. you’re in a relationship with Zoe” and Bradley “mmmmmmmmhhhhhhmmm no no I’m not” and then Stern goes “… you fell in love with Zoe on the set of The Words…” and Bradley “NOOOO! NO!” I mean… if they really were in a relationship, and I was ZSaldana, I would kill him for that reaction. They ARE NOT TOGETHER, IT’S FUCKING PUBLICITY STUNT.
    sorry for my english, I’m Italian…..