Kim Kardashian wears a faux-skort with a peplum in Miami: OMG, WTF?

You have to look at this outfit Kim wore in Miami yesterday. WTF IS THIS? What hath Kat-face wrought? From the back, it’s a skirt and from the front it’s a really unflattering pair of shorts? WITH A PEPLUM. Dear God. Kanye looked at this and said, “Girl, I think we need to see other people. You are hopeless.”

I’m also including photos of Kim at the beach, wearing a white one-piece swimsuit (with gold metal accents?) and a white cover-up thing. She kept the cover-up on when she went into the ocean too. Please don’t yell about her thighs or anything. There is so much to criticize about Kim, and I just don’t think “she’s fat” should even make the top twenty criticisms. Although, I do have to say, I think she’s gained weight since she’s been with Kanye. I think he likes her “thicker” – he’s always taking her out for ice cream, you know?

Speaking of Kanye, I’ve been avoiding the stories about his sex tape (or tapes) for the past few days for lots of reasons. First of all, the rumors started at Radar. I like Radar and everything, but they sensationalize everything to a crazy degree. Radar “got their hands” on a tape of Kanye bangin’ some 18-year-old (at least that’s what she says) Kim Kardashian look-alike. The tape was filmed a few years ago, I guess, and someone is trying to sell it for $1 million. Following that story, there was another story of yet another, longer (!) video being shopped around. Kanye’s lawyers have gotten involved, and Kanye is claiming the videos were stolen off of his computer. Basically, I haven’t really discussed it because I think it’s a meh story. Am I surprised that Kanye has one or multiple sex tapes? Nope. Do I want to see it? Nope.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Agnes says:

    good god, that’s awful! especially from the front.

    • Mimi says:

      And what’s with the inner thigh area? Is that like some no-stick Teflon fabric I see there?

      • Lem says:

        Do you mean her skin in the swimsuit? I think that’s airbrush contouring to fool the eye

      • Elizabeth says:

        When I first looked at it, I thought of a snorking/ scuba diving outfit. Because it is grey with black piping. Not very flattering but then I don’t think she’s ever really known how to dress for her body type. Although the swimsuit seems to be very appropriate for someone with a curvier figure like hers – focus on the positive (boobs, butt) and cover up the negative (kinda thick waist).

      • Sassy says:

        I think she has the skort on backwards. If you don’t play a lot of golf, you might make this mistake. Both the white bathing suit and the peplum outfit are dreadful. Does she have a stylist? If so, fire the stylist!

      • Nina says:

        backward? definitely.

  2. says:

    Peplum is not meant to be worn by women with hips. And the “skirt at the back and short at the front” monstrosity… I have no words.

    That gold belt on her swimsuit is probably cutting all blood circulation to her lower body.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Correct. No one with any ass at all should ever go near a peplum skirt. Learn from the ’80’s, ladies. Peplum skirts are for girls without a butt. It takes the place of the butt, so to speak.

    • anotherrandom says:

      Thank you! I was just reading some style thing that said it was a good dress to wear in your 30’s and that it’s flattering on all types and especially hides your belly. All I could think about was how horrible that would look going over my already larger hips.

    • V4Real says:

      She looks ridicolous in that outfit and is it just me or does she looks like she has put on a few pounds. I guess trimspa really don’t work.

  3. lori says:

    Is that a “love” bruise on her thigh. Oh Gawd…..I think I threw up a little.

    • Stacey says:

      This is the first un phoshopped bathing suit pics I’ve seen of her. Note the inner upper thighs in the first picture.

    • LucyOriginal says:

      That’s the first thing I thought when I saw the photo. Kourtney has grown fond on me. Kim could learn with her sister how to dress for her frame.

  4. MsMileHigh says:

    I cannot believe that she ever tried to be a stylist. What idiots did she trick into hiring her?

    She has no taste at all. In anything. She has no frigging idea how to dress in a flattering way. She spend lots of money on clothes and ends up looking like trash (much like her mom).

    If she wants to look ok, she needs to hire a stylist – and not Kanye. But I actually like that she dresses like a fool since it reflects her inner foolishness.

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      Much like the quote, “Costs so much to look so cheap.”

      • TG says:

        I agree with both of you. I mean look at how super tacky her wedding was. And you just know she thought she was being elegant like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

        I think that grey peplum outfit would look fab on a tall thin person. Though I wish it were just shorts or a skirt and not both.

      • Elizabeth says:

        At the beginning of her concerts, Dolly Parton would thank the people there for buying tickets to see her show. She would tell them that she really needed the money because (drum roll please), it cost a lot of money to look that cheap. I love Dolly Parton – she owned the big boobs, cheap clothes look and made it her own. Plastic surgery be damned, she’s still my hero.

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        So are you trying to say JSimpson is the new Dolly? Lol that’s what I took from your comment 😉

    • chalky says:

      “What idiots did she trick into hiring her?”

      Paris Hilton. ’nuff said.

    • erika says:

      …that skirt reads: “gym teacher in the front and jenny craig member in the back”

  5. heatheradair says:

    OH — and BOOTIES with that atrociousness. Aw, Kimster…’ll never learn.

    HOWEVER — in the spirit of graciousness (because it’s early here and I haven’t had my day ruined by work YET): she looks better in a swimsuit than she ever does in real clothes.

    And that white suit is fairly awesome.

  6. LMB says:

    And again this proves that money cannot possibly buy you taste or class!.

  7. tia says:

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I don’t know, but when I see her from the back in that bathing suit, all I can hear is “Ass Like That” (Eminem).

  8. juju says:

    omg ugly bathing suit & now this ugly ass outfit ?????? stop letting Kanye dress u cause your style as gone from great to WTF !!

    • pinkg says:

      I really don’t think Kanye is dressing her. She always had tacky taste and her clothes were / still always 3 sizes too small. She’s the type where the label and price tag count more than style.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        It looks like someone took the blankets or quilts you wrap around furniture to move and made into this ugly outfit. But hey. If it’s got a fancy label and cost a lot it’s fashion!

  9. Christina says:

    That outfit is…I have no words. It is THAT bad. Not even just because it does not work on her body shape, it would look terrible on anyone because it is a ridiculous piece of clothing. The material looks like the seats in my Nissan Sentra. Aside from all the many reason why Kim K is an idiot or whatever, I do think she is a beautiful girl, with a real woman’s body, so there is no excuse for her to always dress so badly…except the obvious , which is she has horrific taste. Though I guess we all knew that already..LOL

    • The Original Tiffany says:

      Agreed with the first part of your comment, but there ain’t nothing real about that thing’s body. Fake face, fake bobs, fake ass. The only thing that is real is her ego, which is deluding her into thinking she looks good.

      Meow, Katface!

  10. tru tru says:


    you STILL can’t tell her she is not a HUGE celeb (no pun intended)

    She also thinks because something is expensive, it looks good on her, LOL

    dumb as hell!!

    We have a running joke that Ye got w/her to bring her down a peg or two by humilating her and if he chose this outfit, its working.

    Ye stayed on Amber about her weight but Kim can never be a fashion muse like Amber. Kim is not edgy, she is typical w/the hair extensions and those weave lashes and diaper bottomed look.

    she looks TRAGIC! heehee

  11. Alexandra Bananarama says:

    It’s not that kim is fat. It’s that she has fat as a curvy girl should, but she wears clothes several sizes too small, too unflattering and Photoshops herself to look even smaller in “candid” pictures.

    She crash diets and binges on unhealthy foods. She brings weight criticism on herself. If she dressed better, had a healthier diet, and viewed her body as it is as opposed to the funhouse mirrors that make fat people skinny the criticisms would stop imo.

  12. dorothy says:

    Her style has plummeted in the last couple of months. As for the swimsuit…she looks like she has a sausage casing on. Tacky.

  13. Jane says:

    Its like she has aged 20 years in 1 year. What has happened to her?!?!

  14. keats says:


  15. Eva (not Eve) says:

    Seeing the paps RIGHT THERE is kinda odd. Usually they’re some distance away with their long lenses. But obviously she chose herself a really public beach for a reason.

  16. shewolf says:

    Bitch is beautiful she can wear whatever she wants even if it looks fug.

    • Cleveland Girl says:

      I agree completely! She is so beautiful, and the camera adds 10 pounds! In person I bet she looks amazing!

      • autumndaze says:

        Maybe before all of that facial work, but not any more.

        And with all of those exclamation points you sound like you really, really, really like to work for the Kardashians! Cause if Kim is beautiful, the fact that she is unethical and immoral in her day-to-day existence shouldn’t matter. (!)

    • Emma says:

      She’s not beautiful. She WAS beautiful but ruined herself. And her body is awful so no, she can’t wear whatever she wants. Kate Moss, Bar Rafaelli, Mila Kunis these are the types who can wear whatever they want.

  17. Quinn Parker says:


  18. tru tru says:

    Let’s go easy, last time she was asked her size, she said a size 4…

  19. Happy21 says:

    Are you #$%&ing kidding me? WTF? This is hideous. And Kim K should never, ever, ever…ever wear booties (especially with bare legs)! She is far too stumpy for them! Awful, just plain awful!

  20. Chria says:

    She looks horrible in both photos. The first outfit is horrible and the swimsuit? No she’s not fat, but that suit is unflattering for her. She looks like a beach whale with a cat head.

    • Roxy says:

      Kim is just a big girl. She’s never going to be skinny, or even slim. Not gonna happen. Size 3? Size 4? Where? Her wrist? She’s at least a 14 in pants. When her trunk hits the floor in a few years, they will need a forklift to get her up. She fixed her face, why not her body? She’s big, all over. & short. Not working. Plastic face, fat body. I just hate that the world glorifies a home made porno “star”. She’s nasty.

  21. Evelyn says:

    For all the things you can say about Kim, I’ve always thought she had a nice body. But 90% of the time she dresses like she’s tiny, which she’s not and it really needs to stop.

  22. JMH says:

    Why is she hiding her butt, though? She’s obviously there to be photographed. She’s got all of her makeup on and her hair done and let’s face it, this is Kim we’re talking about. If she wanted privacy, she could’ve stayed at her own pool (I’m assuming she has one?)

    I don’t get it. It doesn’t even look like a particularly sunny day. It’s kinda like she is saying ‘I have something to hide..and you’ll find out soon!’ Like a reverse baby bump or something?

  23. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Ugh she is starting to look like Snooki more every day. Used to be a pretty girl. What a shame.

  24. fola says:

    The swimsuit is not good for your body kim k and you look small.

  25. Joanna says:

    I don’t get her. Does she not realize how bad she looks? My figure is similar to hers, except my butt is not as big and my boobs not as perky. I’m a size 8 or 10, depending on the label. I look great in pencil skirts and so would she. but instead, she wears stuff like this. She has a good figure but she makes it look bad. she doesn’t need to wear extra volume around her hips and no booties. she needs to wear classic outfits with a lean silhouette. no extra fabric or fluff.

    but in a way, i think she’s going for the opposite look i do. she WANTS to look thicker, imo. my goal is to look slim.

  26. Lem says:

    A. That grey outfit is far from the most unflattering thing she has ever worn
    B. How sad she has no friends. Sadder still she takes the paps to the beach
    C. She brings the weight comments on herself by claiming to be a surgery free size 2, hawking diet project, appearing in Shape and doing constant how I got my body tabloid covers . She makes alot of money on photoshopping her image while clearly lying about how happy she is with it.
    D. It’s extremely hypocritical to tell us we cannot call this trick out then attacking Posh, Keira, Miley etc. For being to thin. Obviously many of us have a very different view on healthy/unhealthy body standards. The fact that you preface any slightly larger girls post with a “don’t be calling her out’ tag while ripping into thinner girls is clearly your opinion which you are entitled to. As long as the other side gets the same chance.
    * it’s a shame Kardashian’s are Kardashian. If she weren’t Armenian Barbie would be an excellent next Mrs. CRUISE

    • TG says:

      Good points @Lem, especially about the weight issue. I don’t think she would ever be Mrs. Cruise because Kimmy answers to Mommy Dearest and I don’t think Mommy Dearest would let her favorite daughter out of her control. Though Kris does get star struck easily but I don’t see them falling for the Co$ BS since they already have their own BS scams going.

      • Lem says:

        Right, right. Without Pimp Mama- if there were no Kris.
        Kim is obviously a lamb. She, I think would have no problem re-programming, playing the part, giving Cruise exactly what he’s looking for in a docile, loyal, lying, schemeing, cult following, arm candied, photo op prop- Hollywood wife. Again if it weren’t for Kris; I think it’s a role Kim was born to play

    • Kimlee says:

      Yes to everything you said, especially D.

      I don’t get why it’s not ok to talk trash about larger girls body but its ok to trash talk thin girls.

      • TG says:

        This is in response to Lem – I agree completely. Kimmy would be perfect for Cruise because she is so good at being controlled. Kris would probably be down with her favorite daughter being the next stepford wife just so long as she doesn’t lose control. Can you see Kris and miscavige going at it? Each fighting for supreme control? Oh that would be epic.

      • Lem says:

        @ TG
        Pimp Mama vs Miscsvage I’d pay to see that cage match !

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I don’t get that either. Honestly, I think it’s worse to accuse skinny chicks of being anorexic or drug-addicted because they’re deemed “too skinny” but those comments always seem welcome around here.

      Kim might not be fat, but she could stand to lose a few. So could I, for that matter 😉

      • Apple says:

        Completely agree. Having been a skinny girl all my life, it’s a little annoying that if I even come close to making a comment about someone being on the heavier side, its all ‘she’s a real woman and real women have curves’ and what not. This does not mean that skinny girls are not real women in any way, or are unhealthy, or anorexic, or have some form of an eating disorder, or are crash dieting or whatever as is assumed by default. Saying that is insulting to both naturally thin, healthy women as well as those who are actually battling disorders and illnesses. If you are not blessed enough to have great metabolism and a genetic tendency to stay slim without sweating it out at the gym or watching every calorie you put in your mouth, do not insult those who do by saying that you MUST have curves and cellulite and chubby thighs in order to be deemed feminine enough. Women come in all shapes and sizes and all that matters is that you’re healthy and happy.

      • Veronica says:

        @Apple (it won’t let me respond to your post for some reason). I completely agree. I’m naturally small framed, and have always been jealous of girls with a little curve to their bodies(boobs and butt) but unfortunately I just am not built that way. If I gain weight I gain it only in my stomach and face, it is not evenly distributed so I just do my best to stay in shape to avoid that, and unfortunately to some people I might look too “thin.” It always pisses me off when I see people being bashed for being too thin and others automatically assuming they have an eating disorder, but then the “real women have curves” stuff is what everyone yells from the rooftops. Please realize everyone that it’s just as rude to comment on anyone’s weight whether it is they are too thin, or too fat, but if you’re going to do it regardless, understand that if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen, so-to-speak.

      • ShugAveryPee says:

        Well being a skinny girl all my life as well … I always tell overweight people if you clown or make fun of me being skinny … I will make fun of you being fat … I think the double standard exist because skinny in our society is equal to healthy and pretty …. I am a size 4 so there is NO WAY IN HELL Kim is… she needs to lose some weight in the hips and butt (or remove the pads) … The first outfit looks like some cheap car seat material… it looks tailor made … probably kanye’s stylist … The white bikini is a no no… White always makes you look bigger … hence her wearing the larger cover up… she doesn’t wear coverup when she wears 2 pieces so why wear one in a one piece…. And for God sake’s what is with all the black and white all the time…. goodness

  27. Brown says:

    SIZE 2! SIZE 2! SIZE 2!!!!!!!!!

  28. mek821 says:

    What’s wrong with her thighs?! She’s NOT FAT.

  29. Amy says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I first scrolled down, there was an ad on the last picture for a RIFLE SCOPE! Haha. That sounds about right.*

    *Just kidding. I support the disposal of trash but in less murder-y ways.

  30. bea says:

    Shorts are not her friend.

  31. Melanie says:

    That is one big ass!

  32. booboocita says:

    Every time I see pics of Kim, I have flashbacks to the wedding of one of my cousins. She wore a dress that she’d found in a consignment shop. It was three sizes too small and made her look like a giant white sausage, and by the time the reception was over, it had split at the seams (hip and upper back) — but hey, it was Vera Wang, so it was okay. To this day, I’m still hearing about the “beautiful” Vera Wang dress, and how she got married in Vera Wang, and she feels sorry for girls who don’t have the bucks to marry in couture.

    And here’s Kim, voluptuous and curvaceous, wearing skintight clothes that must have cost a mint and do her no favors, strutting her stuff in an iron corset. Hoo boy …

    • TG says:

      @booboocita – Thanks for the story. That is too funny. I guess you like your friend but it must be hard to hold your tongue when she is going off like that. That reminds me when I was growing up Guess Jeans were huge and of course I couldn’t afford them but girls would stuff themselves into them just because they were Guess. No matter how terrible it looked on them. Oh the memories. . . .

  33. gg says:

    Holy bruised Mudflaps!!!

    • The Original Tiffany says:

      Talk about mudflaps, my girls got ’em.
      Big bottoms drive me out of my mind
      How I leave that behind…

      Spinal Tap-thank you for writing that song,

  34. KellyinSeattle says:

    Kim K. as Tron.

  35. emmieapricot says:

    She tweeted a pic of a very small crowd surrounding her at the beach with the caption, ‘Not so relaxing day at the beach today’. Ok, she is being filmed for her show, which means cameramen are following her, in addition to her entourage. Of course that is going to create some sort of crowd, if only out of curiosity. If she really wanted a relaxing day at the beach, then go to the beach looking and acting like a normal person. She seeks out attention and then complains about it. That is the epitome of stupidity.

  36. Tanya says:

    her type of body just doesn’t look right in most outfits. She always looks sort of tacky. I think if she stuck to shift dresses perhaps…classy blazers that are longer… there are ways to dress to flatter but she always looks trashy. Feel kind of sorry for her because she isn’t going to fare well as she ages and it’s going to be hard on her. she is really going to have to continually work at staying slim…

    • gg says:

      Her own damn fault for getting those awful fat butt implants. She’s an idiot.

    • Nessa says:

      You mean her “size 2” frame? I laugh out loud every time I see her in these ridiculous outfits thinking of how she tries to convince people she is a 2. I’m a size 2 and I would look like a child next to her.

  37. Dani says:

    My only question is, how does she go to the bathroom in that ensemble? is it like a leotard where you have snaps in between your legs? or does she have to fully take it off? Confused.

    • MsMileHigh says:

      She just wades into the water and relieves herself there! She is super klassy. (Tip: Do not invite her to your pool parties.)

      I’m sure that her organs sustained damage from that stupid belt.

  38. the original bellaluna says:

    I had no idea they were recycling bike seats and turning them into bike short/skirt outfits! How incredibly ugly!

    That white suit would look MUCH better without the gold belt emphasizing the ribs she’s had removed.

  39. blonde on the dock says:

    She’s not fat but she’s overweight. Esp her ass.

    • gg says:

      But she paid good money for that ass. She’s not going to lose it anytime soon unless Kanye makes her have surgery.

  40. mln89 says:

    kanye did this to her. she never tried so hard to be high fashion and failed with so many unflattering looks until she stated taking fashion advice from him. she needs to start dressing herself again. yeah, the constant stream of spandex dresses and bandage dresses she used to wear were tired and one trick pony, but AT LEAST they used to compliment her shape. idk wtf this is but she needs to stop.

  41. Ruyana says:

    Oh I just can’t help it. I’ve strangled my better nature and it’s lying dead on the floor.

    White bathing suit makes her look like the freaking Stay-Puff marshmallow man! FAT!!

  42. Syko says:

    That outfit is seriously hideous. Of course it might look better if it were two or three sizes larger – you know, her actual dress size. It looks like it must hurt to walk in it.

  43. Emma says:

    I can’t believe at one time I thought this woman was gorgeous. She looks gross and getting worse every day. I can’t believe she wore that white swimsuit. Seems cruel to do to oneself.

  44. thatgirl says:

    I think wearing the bathing suit cover up even when she’s going into the water is a sign of insecurity and I think it’s really sad that a girl who is actually very naturally pretty (when she isn’t tweaking) and has nice curves and a healthy body is so insecure.

  45. coconut says:

    thick waist?? did you see the air between the her waist in the bathing suit and the cover up? she’s got a tee-nincy waist! looks like she’s wearing a corset!

  46. skuddles says:

    Well I for one appreciate KK keeping that thick ass of hers under wraps. Now if we could just persuade her to do the same with those thick boobs…

  47. Paloma says:

    I saw her wear hideous clothes before Kanye but wonder if this recent train wreck is due to him. Bad choices.

  48. TheEntrepreneursWife says:

    I think she wears this stuff so we’ll keep talking about her — even if its negative, it keeps the focus on her.

  49. The Original Mia says:

    Gurl… Just say no. Please say no. Just because your a$$ will fit in it, doesn’t mean it’s something you should buy.

  50. Flora Kitty says:

    That is all kinds of awful

  51. Aria says:

    the horror

  52. Morganism says:

    She is covering up her butt today but tomorrow she will tweet some rediculously photoshopped pic of herself in a bikini and claim its not airbrushed.

  53. Londerland says:

    I cannot wait for the peplum phase to be over. Why yes, I would like every item of clothing to add an illusory six inches to my hips! Why not throw in a ruched bandeau that flattens my tits out too? Perfect!!

    As for Kim – the outfits both did their job. They got people to look at her. Any attention is good attention for KK. Klearly.

  54. Hakura says:

    This is a good example of a picture that should be shown to women who are self conscious of their bodies because of what they see in (photoshopped) pictures of celebrities. Those perfect bodies we compare ourselves to just plain isnt real.

    Kim really does have thighs like a normal person, & it’s never been shown until this un-photoshopped picture.

    The outfit is heinous, & the bathing suit doesn’t look like it fits very well, too small in the midsection.

    • Ming Lee says:

      you said it. young girls need to know the truth about photoshop/airbrushing and that “perfection” does not exist.

  55. Amanda G says:

    I’m kind of surprised about all the “she’s not fat” comments. She is overweight and the clothes she wears are very unflattering. She has the same problem as Christina…still dressing for a smaller size.

    • Hakura says:

      Kim is overweight for her height/build, but she isn’t what *I’d* call ‘Fat’.

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        To me, fat means obese. Which she isn’t, but she’s overweight.
        Which is fine, except it is fake. All of it and I just can’t get with that. Or squeezing into clothes and constantly being photoshopped and putting your weight and “size” all over the tabs.

        I’m not about body shaming, its the lying and her putting herself out there for the criticism. Famewhore.

      • Hakura says:

        @TOTiffany – I agree with you, to me, ‘Obsese’ is ‘fat’… & Kim is nowhere near obese.

  56. GrandPoobah says:

    What fresh hell is that outfit?

    How does that skirt/shorts situation even work? And WHY?

    The top looks like a furniture pad folded up and tied to her body with string.

    This gal needs a new stylist, STAT.

    • anon33 says:

      Right?? Last time “skorts” were popular (shudder), didn’t the skirt part go in the front, not the back??? I do not understand this outfit one bit.

  57. Ol'Miss says:

    The outfit is simply awful…and THE BATHING SUIT!!!! What is that made of to pull her waist in sooooo tight! THAT makes me want to throw up…can she eat in that? Is she wearing a corset UNDER the suit?? WTF????

    • MsMileHigh says:

      Agree! I suspect that she accidentally confused a bracelet with a belt.

      • Ol'Miss says:

        OMG…hahahahaha… brilliant!!! (“now….where does this thingy go?…I’ll just squeeeeeeeze it…on…puff…here…pant,pant…wow…small belt…”)

  58. Lil says:

    I agree with comments that Kim does need to hire a stylist and tell Kayne to just focus on other things with her. She is too short to wear half the clothes she wears. They are too long, too tight and too all wrong for where she is at almost any given moment. In Hawaii in all black leather? Yep she did that. So wrong. She is overweight and looks like she is stuffed into most of her clothes. That bathing suit is laughable and the other outfit she has on would be good on someone tall without much of as ass. Like I said, she really needs a stylist she or her bf are not stylist even though they think they are. I just laugh at half of what she wears.

  59. G says:


    Wow! Kanye made her throw out almost ALL of her clothes and shoes so HIS stylest could dress her and THIS is what she gets in return?! LOL!! You know Amber is laughing! Kim’s finally getting punished. Kanye is not your friend girl if he’s dressing you like that…he’s not your friend!

  60. littlestar says:

    I find it very interesting that she’s covering up her body as much as possible at the beach. This isn’t a photo shoot where she’ll be able to photoshop the pictures afterwards – where she can magically make herself appear thinner and get rid of her cellulite – and make herself look fantastic to the public.

    And who is she kidding when she says she’s a size 2! I’m a size 6, sometimes a size 4 in pants, and I can bet I look smaller than she does. If I can’t squeeze myself into a size 2, no way in hell could she do it either.

  61. HotPockets says:

    It’s sort of depressing for kim that her sister has a better figure than she does, especially since Kourtney just had her second child and looks more toned.

    Kim looks supremely uncomfortable in these pictures, especially the bikini ones. It’s such a strange outfit to wear to the beach.

  62. Dawn says:

    Oh god, the first outfit is simply horrible and the beach wear looks like something a grandmother would wear for under clothes. Ugly does not cover it. When will this chick be over?

  63. Darth says:

    Can’t stand to look at this girl. I don’t care what anybody else says, she is so gross on so many levels. So are her sisters. Ugly mules.

  64. mar says:

    sorry, but she looks SLOPPY, and she is is not that great looking anymore.

    I do not think she is overweight by any means, but she wears clothes that are way too small. She needs to wear a 6 or an 8, not a size 2.

    Honestly, I can not wait until she is Paris Hilton, washed up and too useless to take her pictures anymore

  65. Chatcat says:

    I rarely comment on this family because I think they are as big of a fraud as Bernie Madoff, however, MichaelK over at Dlisted sums it up so well, I couldn’t not want to share: “Kim Kartrashian’s hips and crotch looking like a bag of marshmallows blowing up in a microwave set to high. 911 operators in Miami were flooded with calls yesterday from terrified citizens who spotted a giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Whore terrorizing the beaches.” God I loved the movie Ghostbusters!

    • skuddles says:

      Lol, thanks for sharing that Chatcat!! And I just watched Ghostbusters this past weekend – great movie! 😀

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Ha-ha, Ladies! I just bought the DVD this afternoon! 😀 (And the “I think it just ate a seagull with its ASS!” was equally hysterical.)

    • Ol'Miss says:

      LOL…I loved the marshmallow comments too!

  66. Alana Fajina says:

    EVERY. THING. about this is TERRIBLE. She is a full-figured woman, WHY/HOW on Earth does she STILL not know how to dress herself properly??? All the money and ALWAYS looking so tacky, it’s quite funny/sad really.

  67. Cathy says:

    OMG the grey outfit is just awful!! What I don’t get is if Kim is the “perfect bitch” why Kanye wants to change her? He’s choosing her clothing and asked her to tone down her makeup? Weird. It’s unfortunate as his clothing choices have been HORRIBLE. She needs a real stylist.

  68. hillbillyinthecorner says:

    She not fat….but she is wearing a complete NEW wardrobe that Kanye West picked out for her from his designers and frankily they are some of the ughliest cloths out there… She had a descent of style before she started dating him and her style is completely changed….her weight has climbed…her makeup is heavier, her clothes are plain awful… If he thinks that by having her wear his clothes is going sell more he made a big mistake …

  69. MediaMaven says:

    The only woman that can pull that skort mishegoss off is Judy Jetson.

  70. Ruyana says:

    I was so concentrating on the awful clothes I didn’t look at her face. But I finally did, and there isn’t one picture where she looks happy. At least in these particular photos she looks miserable and sad.

  71. jamie says:

    nothing she wears is ever flattering to her curvy body! Her clothes always look like she’s going to burst out of them ? is she to scared to wear a normal size ? sheshhhhhhh

  72. nhi says:

    a cow is a cow is a cow is a cow is a 🙂

  73. SamiHami says:

    Why is she wearing the skorts backwards? The skirt part goes in front.

    Poor girl. Bad enough she chooses such unflattering clothing. Even worse that she doesn’t know how to wear the bad clothing that she buys.

  74. dcypher1 says:

    I thought kanye was her stylist. If he is he sucks. I thought kanye was all high fashion and he was going to improve her style not make it worse. I remeber seeing that episode when he made her get ride of most of her clothes. I remember laughing and saying shes such a beard.

  75. rickjames says:

    looking at those pics remind me of the old trash talk classic: “if i had a dog that looked like that, i would shave its butt and teach it to walk backwards.”

  76. Atx says:

    I think it’s just a really ugly outfit , color , cut , and execution . She doesn’t have the edge to pull this off at all ( nor the body ) but then again amber rose could have with a similar body type ,

  77. trillian says:

    I can’t stand her or her worthless family, but I don’t necessarily think she’s fat. She has a body type and I’m glad I don’t have an ass like that, but man can she dress any worse???

  78. xxzeon says:

    All I can say…and OMG, I have to spell/say it in CAPS: effing HUGE!!!! They used to call it a caboose? Using “caboose” would be flattering.. let’s put her “rear” in a true 1:1 scale…(ya know, where 1 inch equals 1 inch) perspective. Perhaps a foot or a yard would be the more appropriate measure.Truthfully though,I prefer this comparison: “…her ass is bigger than a bank president’s desk!”…Can someone/anyone please tell me WHAT IS ATTRACTIVE about that gargantuan behind? There is NOT an article of clothing, including one-piece swimsuits than can make “that” appealing! Coke bottle thick beer goggles couldn’t do it because…”what if”…What if, in a drunken stupor, you woke up with that on your face???/ disgusting squish squish… I mean even on a normal persons chest? Your diaphragm runs the risk of fatal depression….asphyxiation being the fatal by product! Kim..follow Jessica Simpson right into weight watchers then onto Dr Chiu for some surgical “retraction?” of the rear….Just think!!!! The next Kardashian product just waiting to be harvested…Kim K’s Ass Fat!!!! Millions of dollars a pound!!! EASILY…there are so many KK emulators that KK’s Ass Fat is a bases loaded home run!!! now: Go start marketing Kris/mom!!!! lol (a lot)

  79. kitty-bye says:

    Ah! Bumpy itchy nightmare material & uniboob 😛

  80. Dinah says:

    You forgot to add the necessary “LOFL” to the OMG WTF.

  81. Sam x says:

    She couldn’t dress for her shape before Kanye took over and Kanye can’t even dress her shape either.