Lily Allen tells American rival Katie Perry to ‘shut up’

British songstress Lily Allen must not be happy with the amount of success relative newcomer Katie Perry has had. Allen, 23, ripped into the 24 year-old hit singer, calling her lyrics “crass” and telling her to shut up because she doesn’t write her own songs. Allen was responding to a dig from Allen in which she she she was like a fatter version of Winehouse but skinnier than Allen.

Loudmouth Lily Allen has sparked another celebrity feud, this time taking fire at US chart topper Katy Perry calling her ‘crass’ and telling her to ‘shut up!’

Allen hit out after claiming Perry has called her fat in the past and also moans the US chart topper has pinched her style.

The Smile singer, 23, told Capital Fm: ‘I happen to know for a fact that she was an American version of me.

‘She was signed by my label in America as, ‘We need to find something controversial and kooky like Lily Allen.’ And then they found her.

‘I think the lyrics and stuff are a bit crass.’

Allen says she’s angry with Perry after a string of supposed fat jibes made by the ‘Kissed A Girl’ singer.

Allen reveals: ‘When I met her I was bit frosty with her because someone asked her to describe herself. She’s like, ‘Aha, I’m like a fatter version of Amy Winehouse and a skinner version of Lily Allen!’

‘It’s like, you’re not English and you don’t write your own songs, shut up!’

[from via Popcrunch]

The last we heard from Allen she was defending the fact that she was drunk and sniping at Elton John at an awards ceremony. She blamed the “bitter journos” for reporting that she told Elton to “f off,” blogging that “i’m 23 it was an awards ceremony i drank the free champagne, how awful of me. Trying to create a feud on the other hand, and trying to make me out as being some rude little girl with a drink problem is just unfair.”

Poor Allen, it’s so unfair of people to report the stupid things she says. Let’s see how she responds to having this blurb about Perry get repeated again. It’s everyone else’s fault that she can’t drink and talk smack in public like other vastly overpaid 20-somethings. At least it gets her some attention. She’s just about played out that going out of the house in a see-through top without a bra trick.

Lily Allen is shown looking toasty at the Target Women in Film event on 12/5/08. Katie Perry is shown on 9/4/08 at a Nylon Magazine event. Credit: WENN

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  1. yadira says:

    Ah, they both have no talent and stink so what’s her point? It’s like Nicole Richie calling Lindsay Lohan a drug addicted whore.

  2. Amy says:

    Meh, Lily is a loudmouth, but I still like her more than the other. She seems real.

  3. Codzilla says:

    Yeah, Lilly definitely seems like a lout. But she does have some genuine talent, unlike that Perry chick who’s just another record company concoction.

  4. Alison says:

    Katy Perry is a thinner ‘US’ version of Lily Allen. It is the truth and Perry is real, she’s American. Hence, the crass……but I love them both! Both are interesting and talented. Allen reacts too quickly. She should slow down before telling people to shut up. Too much negativity will damage her, personally and professionally.

  5. bitme says:

    Jealousy makes you nasty !!! I’m in my thirties and my music tastes is still left behind at ABBA. BUT I really like Katie Perry’s music. Or at least the two hits she has. It’s catchy tunes.

  6. Kaiser says:

    Ugh, twenty-somethings with too much time on their hands. I like Lily, but I’m starting to think my girl’s a moron. 😯

  7. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    Lily Allen calling someone else crass is the pot calling the kettle black!! Lily is famous for being obnoxious (sp?) moreso than her music! Good for you that you have talent, Lily but you’re not the only one. I’m not totally loving Katy Perry but she does her thing and I find her to be relatively harmless. Lily, on the other hand, needs to get off her high horse and realize she herself is nothing more than mediocre!!

  8. dude says:

    Actually Codzilla: Katy has put out 2 other records before this one. Where she was writing her own lyrics & had more of a gospel sound. Sadly in this generation, nobody gave her a 2nd look. Not that she is different & risky shes a hit. You cant blame her for that. She does have talent, its just that she wasnt making money when she used it. 😯

  9. Hollz says:

    Wow, they both look horrid in the header!
    Personally, I think Lily’s lyrics are smarter and for the most part really funny- but Katy is better to dance to!

  10. Holly says:

    Honestly, Katy Perry’s trivializing of homosexuality and her blatant “I kissed a girl and I liked the attention” barsexual fake-bi-because-it-gets-my-boyfriend-off BS is as nauseating as it comes. And she doesn’t write her own songs and she dresses like some kind of trapeze artist. Screw her. Team Lily.

  11. geronimo says:

    I really like both, Lily particularly music-wise. She does mouth off a bit too much though and probably should learn to keep it shut as it’s beginning to bore and she’s lost a lot of credibility over it. Shut up and sing.

  12. elisha says:


    This sentence really threw me for a loop, LOL: “Allen was responding to a dig from Allen in which she she she was like a fatter version of Winehouse but skinnier than Allen.”

  13. Dani says:

    When I first read Lily’s comments, I thought, what a bitch (& I’ve thought that every other time she’s mouthed off too). But I realized, Katy Perry really is the American Lily Allen. Lily never actually hit it off in the US, especially not how Katy has skyrocketed into a one-hit-wonder money machine. And I don’t blame Lily for mouthing off because the music industry is mostly bullshit. It’s all about image and $$$$$$$$, and although everyone knows it, Lily’s the only one who points the shit right out, especially when it has to do with her.

  14. dr.grrl says:

    i haven’t listened to katy perry’s song because in my mind the first one to sing that was Jill Sobule!!

    and i love her supermodel song! 😆

    (ok, so i just youtubed KP’s song…meh not that great!)

  15. Sue D. Nimm says:

    Katy Perry is so fake. Lily Allen may be an annoying loudmouth, but at least she doesn’t some image that was just made up by a record company.

  16. anonymous says:

    Someone saw this quote by Perez Hilton, that Katy Perry was a thinner better version of Lily Allen, and now there using it to start a feud between the two, (It took 6 1/2 months to find it?? really?)This goes back to when Lily Allen went to L.A. and she had a fight with Hilton, over pictures in the lobby at capitol records,(look it up)and he ripped into her for loosing her baby. These articles all of them just take information, from someone that made it up. These are not Lily Allen’s words. They never are unless it’s on tape.Perez Hilton sucks dirt!

  17. Codzilla says:

    dude: Didn’t know that, but thanks for the details. I guess I just assumed she was like Britney or that Hannah Montana creature.

  18. jess says:

    ive always liked lily…not sure why but i do lol

  19. Kate says:

    Team Lily!
    The music that Katy has out now is just club trash. ‘Kissed a Girl’ is already old…Lily’s songs and lyrics will (hopefully) have some longevity to them.

  20. aleach says:

    katy perry sucks and her music is even worse. shes got no talent. that “kissed a girl” song makes me want to pull my hair out every time i hear it. its awful.
    lily allen is obnoxious but shes real, and shes got a good voice.

  21. anonymous says:

    Articles and blogs are being written about Lily Allen being too much of a cartoon character for the media. During an interview with Nylon Magazine Lily Allen said, one blog about her is written, and the rest follow and that’s what makes people believe that those words are true. She went on explain that her new album/c.d. is titled It’s not me it’s you because of negative press, and that she’s not that person you read about, Exaggerated antic would have people believe that.. these are her quote, and her actions but! they are not

  22. Erin says:

    i don’t care for either of these two really, but i can name two of katy perry’s songs and only one of lily allen. maybe she should stop running her mouth and work on her music.

  23. Anne says:

    Lily is talented Katy is a flash in the pan. Her song sucks! I say ‘song’ because it’s the only one I’ve heard get airplay, the kissed a girl piece of trash. Lily is real and I like her music, half a dozen songs of hers on my mp3 player (pda).

  24. MoJo says:

    I’m not a huge Allen fan and think that while, yes, the media tends to sensationalize everything, she needs to learn a few things about self-control.

    But to be fair, Katie Perry really does need to shut the hell up already.

    Why would you encourage people to compare you to someone else any way? It may be a cliche, but why not try to set yourself apart with your own damn identity? But I guess if they’re comparing you to other people, that at least means they’re paying attention.

  25. Melanie says:

    They both have pretty voices but all of their songs are absolutely obnoxious.

  26. vdantev says:

    Lilly is threatened by the one-hit wonder no one will remember in another year? That’s lame.

  27. Ally says:

    Lily Allen was around for 1-2 years before the big media blitz for Katy Perry. Perry had been a Christian singer who tried several styles none of which led to her career going anywhere.

    Then evidently someone hit on the American-Lily-Allen gambit and the Paris-Hilton-media set was shallow enough to fall for it. I don’t think Perry’s career will stick. Even TMZ mocks her.

    Lily Allen writes her own songs, developed a unique style on her own at a very young age, and has a strong identity. The fact that she occasionally says something dopey is only testament to the fact that everything she says gets reported. What if everything you said was broadcast? Her career isn’t her interviews; it’s her songs and her style, which are original and terrific.

    Go Lily!

  28. diniefofinie says:

    Lily Allen can say whatever she wants, she is just horribly jealous
    i only know one of Allen’s songs because she really isn’t that popular
    i know a lot more of Perry’s songs, and I like them a lot

    Allen is washed up

  29. lindsay says:

    Katy Perry sucks. She is a novelty item, one hit wonder. And she knows it, otherwise she wouldn’t dress in the way she does. Anyone see those pics of her in a dress made of cards? and then a headband with cards in it to go with the ugly dress?? She continually dresses like she’s going to a costume party, she is a novelty and her choices in fashion just make it all the more obvious.
    If she had half a brain, she would try to get on the best-dressed lists so that she can remain a style-icon. But Katy isn’t going to last in Hollywood, she doesn’t have the look, the vibe… she had a hit song that people are going to get over! But I think her song was disgusting, she (like every other celeb atm) are doing the pseudo gay thing because they think it will make them more popular and more rich, while, meanwhile in the real word any gay person who flaunts it ends up bashed in the head. Disgusting.

    I agree that Lily is a bit of a loudmouth, but I kinda like her. She is cynical but she doesn’t feed into the media crap, she doesn’t seem to manipulate the media for the sake of her career, she just tells it like it is. She may be a bit arrogant or whatever, but she seems to have morals. She isn’t pretending to be somebody she is not, like all the plastic little barbies in hollywood who get plastic surgery to be accepted.

  30. Ashley says:

    I love Lilly Allen and I’m so glad she said this.
    Katy Perry has awful music, a mediocre voice, and yes, she is definitely trying to copy Lilly Allen. She is not exceptionally attractive, and I’m surprised she had the audacity to even compare herself to Winehouse or Allen. This type of thing is so annoying…I hate I kissed a girl. awfulawfulawful.

  31. devilgirl says:

    Ahh, Lilly just needs a few drinks and she’ll feel all better about Katy and life in general.

  32. Billie_Mayte says:

    I don’t know the in’s and out’s of the story very well, and due to that I won’t defend Katy Perry, even though she’s my favourite of the two.

    Lily Allen however, annoys me to no end, she released a few songs and now she thinks she’s God’s gift to the music industry.

    This is exactly what I hate about Lily Allen she attacks other people in the music industry because in her head she’s the only one doing it right. Such as, Elton John, Radiohead, etc. She has delusions of grandeur, assuming everyone cares what her opinion is just because she’s famous.

    I’m not attacking Lily’s talents in anyway, I think she has a lovely voice. But unless she’s going to sing she should keep her mouth shut!

  33. Christina X says:

    Katy Perry’s a joke. I’m not sure if she’s caught onto it yet, but she’s a pawn.

    The Amy Winehouse analogy is so hilarious that it’s disgusting. Amy Winehouse has beautiful, soulful, sultry voice. Katy Perry has a condescending, obnoxious, raspy voice (not in a good way) that should belong to a used up 50 yr old streetwalker.

    Lily Allen has a temper and reacts too suddenly, but sadly I find myself agreeing with her more often than not. I truly think that Katy Perry was intentionally attacking Lily Allen’s weight problem, because she thinks that she’s provocative and funny.

    Katy Perry’s ego enters a room 10 minutes before she does. Let go, Perry. You’re not groundbreaking, witty, or controversial. You’re a public nuisance.

    Katy Perry would try just about anything that would grant her recognition. I don’t think any goody two shoes religious girl would shed her clothes and writhe around exerting her sexuality THAT suddenly…As a matter of fact, she’s only been under the radar for how long? No, seriously, I sort of live under a rock when it comes to MTV and the radio and all that garbage, but to my knowledge probably less than a year.

    Yet I’ve witnessed too many “themes”, too many identities in such a short period of time. About a year ago, she was 50s pinup girl, then the 80s era Madonna esque look, and now I guess judging by the black hair and makeup choices is trying to pull the fetish model look a la Dita von Teese. Girlfriend’s overcompensating with her “looks” because her trends are not in sync with her music, so she’s gotta maintain the “look at me” factor with a bunch of different recycled ones instead.

    It’s acceptable whenever eccentric artists pull eccentric wardrobe choices.

    Katy Perry is the nowhere near eccentric. As a matter of fact, she’s the personification of generic. She’s a breathing, pissing, walking cliche of the machine.

    Add everything you can possibly mass-manipulate to the formula minus talent, and Katy Perry is the final product. Contrived, vapid, and boring.

  34. anonymous says:

    It’s understandable that Lily Allen needs to do radio interviews, and that she can’t control the questions that she’s asked. She is also not the kind of girl to hide behind a fake persona (like Katy Perry)so she will give an honest answer, I have always made the point, that Lily Allen is provoked into not keeping her mouth shut(that goes back to the beginning) It would be a good idea, for her to sit down with a radio personality that will talk too her and not at her. I wish she could be interviewed by Russell Brand. Or perhaps her friend George Lamb. That would help. 🙄

  35. Mag says:

    Go Lily…
    Katy Perry just copies Lily’s style.
    I am so glad that Lily finally say this.Katy Perry cannot even sing, just see how awful her live performances are^^

  36. Caroline Morgan says:

    Katy Perry is a product, not a talent. Everything about her seems contrived, and her I’m-so-cutesie-but-oh-so-naughty personality is gag-inducing and embarrassing.

  37. Donna says:

    Lily Allen rocks. And she is way hotter than that stupid Yank Kate Perry. The nerve of her calling Lily “fat”. Lily Allen is absolutely stunning. Kate looks like trailer trash in my opinion. Stupid Yanks…urg

  38. EM says:


    *BARF!* Yeah right…

    Gotta laugh at the comments posted here from the “team Lily” crowd (and by “crowd” I mean the one or two idjut h8trz who are posting multiple comments under different usernames). Pathetic, really… almost as much as Lily herself. Calling KP a talentless one-hit wonder?? LOL!! Whatever.

    Don’t get me wrong, she’s somewhat OKAY-looking, and I won’t comment on her music since that’s not my cup of tea. But personality-wise? She makes warthogs look all cute and fuzzy. Truly disgusting. Lily’s crass and tactless shenanigans are well-documented. (Sorry hun, but it IS you!) Have any of you ever seen the interviews she gives?! Awkward doesn’t even come close to describing it. Girl isn’t just “eccentric,” she has major mental issues and needs to be put on some meds before she does something drastic (to herself or someone else).

  39. Robin says:

    Lily Allen has more talent and looks better than Katy Perry.