LeAnn Rimes steps out with her boys one week after leaving treatment facility

These are the first new photos we’ve had access to of LeAnn Rimes since just before her 30th birthday, which was also the same week that she went into rehab for Twitter. LeAnn was out and about with Eddie Cibrian and Eddie’s two sons, Jake and Mason, at the ‘Batman Live’ event last night in LA. LeAnn also tweeted this photo of herself, in which she’s showing off her “inner Catwoman”.

I’ve been enjoying the LeAnn-free gossip days, haven’t you? Not that she hasn’t been making news in smaller ways –LeAnn left her “treatment center” one week ago, and the tabloids declared her “post-rehab”. The whole “treatment center” thing seems especially sketchy to me, because even when she was supposedly seeking treatment, she got to leave whenever she wanted, like for weekend concerts. I’m not trying to start a pro- or anti-LeAnn flame war, but I’m seriously questioning whether or not LeAnn was truly in some kind of “mental health facility”. It just seems weird to me that she got to leave whenever she wanted, and that she was only “in treatment” for… what, two weeks? Which makes me think she’s probably just chilling out in a spa. It might have been a spa with on-site therapists, thus, “mental health facility”.

As for all of those stories about her alleged eating disorder… she looks the same to me in these photos. She might have even put on a couple of pounds?

Photos courtesy of WENN, LeAnn’s Twitter.

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    Oh, hello, Cray-Cray!
    All perfectly cured, I see, calling the paps and famewhoring one whole week after treatment!
    No, but seriously, improvement. One week is improvement.

    • brin says:

      One week, one month can’t cure this loon of her lifetime of crazy.

    • Theresa says:

      I wish I could ask her this one question, right now, to her face and see her try to give a legitimately honest answer;

      “Why, if after you complain about the damage living a public life has done to you, to the point you would seek treatment, you would pile your stepchildren onto a red carpet to see a movie during its premier event. Why would you not quietly attend a showing without cameras or publicity, instead you choose such a high profile setting so that the outing has less to do with a family spending time together and more to do with a PR event that brings no value to anyone except your Q rating? Why would you do this, knowing you look like a hypocritical superficial celebutwat, essentially confirming what everyone negatively feels about you? Honestly, why?”

      And see what litany of excuses she gives… She is such a piece of work, that words fail me.

    • julie says:

      They are NOT HER BOYS.Just the big bought and paid for douche. Poor Mason looks miserable and do you think Leann or Eddie care?

  2. Jayna says:

    Leann looks good here. She has that spa treatment facial glow, which is probably where she was. LOL Getting that dark tan off her face makes her look younger. I guess actually working instead of hanging out on the beach drinking all the time was good for her looks, at least.

    • Really? says:

      Girl, you SO totally nailed it! She was away getting extreme beauty treatments! Now THAT makes sense.

    • Itsa says:

      I think you’ve gone too far.;) Forgive me but she does NOT look good. Yes, I’m snarky but my first reaction to seeing the pictures was—-what does he see in her??? She’s just plain ugly, inside and out.

      • Lauren says:

        Her face looks tight..like a mask. Eddie looks amazing..i guess he had a good time cheating on LR when she was in so-called rehab. The older son looks upset..i feel sorry for the boys. Both their Mums are plastic surgery addicts, and their Dad is a legendary douche.

      • Daisy says:

        And I don’t appreciate being forced to see her boogers.

      • TG says:

        is this what being squint eyed means? I never knew what a squint-eyed person looked like until I saw this she-man.

  3. Elisabeth says:

    does she hear soo many funny jokes that she needs to laugh with her mouth wide open like a shark?

  4. Mary says:

    I hate to say that this but I can honestly say that she has had an impact on my life. Now I am terrified of marriage and having children because I’m afraid that if I get divorced, the kids will be around someone like LeAnn all the time. I do honestly hate the idea of some other woman having a say in the upbringing of MY children (okay nonexistent children at this point) just because my ex decided to shack up with her.

    • NerdMomma says:

      I agree with you Mary- she’s impacted me too! I actually am divorced with two kids, and Rimes makes me grateful for the fact that my ex has not found a new partner and it’s still just the two of us trying to navigate co-parenting. But I am worried about what will happen when he does find a new partner.

      She also gives me extra compassion for my divorced friends who are dealing with new wives raising their kids. That 50% custody arrangement where the new wife is doing the childrearing is pretty messed up for everyone, I swear.

      • SleepyJane says:

        I understand what you’re saying, but it’s not that bad. I get along great with my ex’s new wife. As long as BOTH of you want to get along, it will happen. The two of us even took my son to a fireworks show a couple of weeks ago.

        The Leann thing was a crazy cheating/stalker situation where both women were completely hurt by this man. This is a ticking time bomb.

      • beclove says:

        Agree with both of you. I pray my ex never marries a psycho with money. Of all the nightmare scenarios that went through my mind when we split this wasn’t one of them. But thanks to this crazy f**** I worry about it now.

      • Girlattorney says:

        It is absolutely horrific. My ex-husband’s wife tells people that she is my son’s mother.

    • eileen says:

      I 100% agree with you. I stayed with my controlling husband BECAUSE I saw what Leann was doing to Brandi. I thought-yes it could get much worse if I left!
      But after another year I bit the bullet and we are now in the middle of a divorce and I am seriously scared of what he’ll bring home.
      I managed to hit him in the pocketbook though by adding a clause that each parent MUST order and pay for a background check on any significant other they bring around the children.
      Everyone pray he has good judgement and won’t go after the first girl who will fill his bruised ego. :(

      • karley says:

        Sorry u r going through that. Did u add that he couldn’t bring a girl around unless they had been together for a certain amount of time? Like u I’m also scared of that scenario. Hope it all works out for u

      • KellyinSeattle says:

        Hope all works would well for you…hang in there!
        Also, I don’t think LeAnn has changed at all.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        eileen, that sucks and I’m sorry. But I am glad to hear that you both agreed that background checks must be done on SO’s who will be around the children.

        Hopefully, he will adhere to that.

        My ex had moved in his side-piece within two weeks of my moving out (with the kids). Guess who joined him at our son’s birthday party less than three weeks after we moved out? Yup, the bimbo! I had to lecture him to lecture HER about how chocolate ice cream wasn’t an acceptable breakfast food (she was a teenager when they started boffing – GROSS, I know!) and that unless the kids were with her, she should really avoid trying to buy them shoes (that NEVER fit) AND that a 7 year-old and a 4 year-old were NOT suitable child care providers for the child they had together less than a year after we’d moved out.

        Suffice to say they were both real LAZY pieces of work, and we have NEVER been “friends” after all that transpired. But we ARE civil, which is fine.

      • Elizabeth says:

        @ the original bellaluna
        Sorry to hear about all the icky-ness you have to deal with. Sometimes, sister, the fornt door is your best friend (i.e. when you walk out through it with the kids). Keep doing what you need to do for yourself and your kids.

    • Lilalis says:

      The last picture made me think the same. She looks so crazy here, I would hate her to be around my kids!

    • Ginger says:

      I’m also divorced and re-married while my ex is not. We co parent peacefully and my new husband is an awesome step dad! My ex is still bitter over our divorce and has no plans to re marry as of yet. He does date but my son only knows these women as his “friends”. I can only hope if he does fall in love again that the new woman in my son’s life is cool. But I too look at the story of Brandi/Le Ann as a cautionary tale. However, in my own life I see my divorced friends generally getting along with the new spouses.

      • Layale says:

        You all should give her a taste of her own medicine. She wants to sue for bullying; maybe you all should sue her for mental distress. Mind you, I’m not making fun of all of your troubles–not at all! But I am making fun of Leann. Just to be clear.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Layale (beautiful name, btw), I think that’s a GREAT idea. And I don’t (for one second) think you’re making light of our fellow CB’ers troubles. But I am totally on-board with making fun of ME!Ann.

    • UghInsomnia says:

      I promise it doesn’t always happen this way! My ex husband is living and serious with a new woman who I think is absolutely awesome, and we get along really, really well! She’s good to my son and good to me.
      This whole LeAnn debacle makes me feel soooo lucky!

    • Miss Bennett says:

      I’m sorry you have to deal with something like that. It makes me very angry when I see those two boys described as “her” children. They are not her children and she needs to STFU. Their mother must be furious with Leanne as she has no business foisting herself on those kids in a parental role. Leanne is their fathers wife, nothing more.

  5. Debra says:

    and there she is braying again with her mouth wide open…. ugh!!

    it’s amazing to me that these paps she says follow her everywhere, didn’t get any pics of her arriving at or leaving the spa..(oops, I mean rehab) but let her out with the kids and boom! there they are

  6. brin says:

    Um, you mean her “boy”…the big cheating one. The smaller ones aren’t hers.

    • Beclove says:


    • dahlianoir says:

      I was about to post that.

    • NerdMomma says:


    • kay says:

      I too wish a different header had been chosen.

      They are not her boys. She uses and abuses them, she can lay no claim.

    • Meg13 says:

      I think the older boy’s expression says it all.

      • brin says:

        If these two last another year I bet he won’t be in the pics at all…he looks so unhappy.

      • Hakura says:

        I was just waiting for someone to pick up on that. I was beginning to think I’d be the first one to say something about it…

        He looks downright miserable, doesn’t he? Or at least bored out of his mind.

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        First thing I thought. That poor miserable kid with his step-donkey braying like that.

        Little dude looks like he wants to put the donkey out of it’s misery.

      • Erinn says:

        Mmm, he’s probably getting to the age where he’s not just an adorable accessory anymore. The little guy looks like a real ham, and I don’t think it’d be a stretch to think Leann focuses on the younger still super adorable child.

        Not that the older child isn’t cute or anything… but I think he might be growing past his ‘I’m a cute little kid’ age for Leann.

      • Jezi says:

        According to Brandi Mason hates the papparazzi. He doesn’t like his picture being taken at all. So that’s why he always looks miserable. But he’s also old enough to pick up on his step mom’s cray crazy.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        First thought in my head. He looks disgusted, over it, and like he’d rather be home with his “real” mom.

        Who can blame him?

      • Hakura says:

        @Erinn – You hit the nail on the head with this one, as Leann only sees these boys as accessories, a means to an end & nothing more. The younger is still easier to ‘buy off‘ than the older one, who apparently has NO interest for what ‘mommy dearest’is up to.

        Youger children will love you if you give them candy or buy them a toy, not so with even a little more emotional maturity.

    • lucy2 says:

      Good point!

    • jessiesgirl says:

      Yup, the headline should be “her boys” in sarcasm quotes. None of them are hers, including Eddie.

  7. Dee Cee says:

    Call it a well deserved safe face time out from creating her own BS driven victimization situation .. I hope she learned something wise, other than don’t get caught from the public humiliation experience..

  8. aims says:

    out of fear of her finding my phone number, call me, yell at me, then try to sue me,ill say she looks good. the girl is as nutter then a fruit cake.

  9. Ella says:

    I feel sorry for little Batman.

  10. SleepyJane says:

    The oldest one looks so completely thrilled to be there.

    She is actually looking pretty good. Next step in the beauty treatment plan: deleting her twitter.

  11. Sway says:

    They are NOT hers.
    Mason looks like he’s so over her already. I bet he can’t stand her. Matter of time before the little one hates her too.

    • TherealMimi says:

      Amen! I thought the same thing! my daughter was pretty coorperative too with her dad’s girlfriends but after age eleven, NOT SO MUCH. They are mama boys as they should be. Leannn better hope they don’t catch on soon to what she has said on twitter about their mommy. It won’t be a happy era for them if they last that long even.

  12. Po says:

    Im more worried about these kids. Can you imagine what home must be like for them with all of this going on. There’s no way that these kids don’t know that this woman hates their mother. In a couple of years I can definitely see Leann trying to force them to choose her over their mother. You can see it in how she talks about them. It’s always my boys or she makes up names for herself that identify her as a mother to them. I know several stepmothers and they don’t behave as aggressively as her. It’s weird and she can’t blame her inappropriate behavior on twitter.

    • Miss Bennett says:

      “In a couple of years I can definitely see Leann trying to force them to choose her over their mother.”

      This is exactly what she is already starting to do. In a couple of years when they get tired of her trying to buy, control and manipulate them into betraying their mother they will hate her with such a hate. If she is still with their father when they become teenagers they are going to make her life hell to avenge their mother.

  13. Fudge you, I'm going to Guam! says:

    I would like to go undercover to one of those celebrity “rehabs” and see what is really going on behind closed doors.
    Something is not right and I’d like to find out the truth.

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      An undercover documentary of these celebrehabs would indeed be very interesting :)

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I’m certain it involves A LOT of coddling; pandering to their egos; ordering whatever they want to eat or drink; ensuring the sheets/towels meet or exceed the maximum thread count; more pandering to their egos; massages and aromatherapy; MORE pandering to their egos; ignoring their pesky little habits (like the ones that landed them in rehab in the first place); and reassuring them that yes, they are FINE(!!) and it is just EVERYONE ELSE that doesn’t understand them/is incapable of comprehending how HARD(!!!!) their lives are, or is out to get them because they are so. f*cking. famous and sought after.


      • kupkake says:

        you posted in a comment about the exs new bimbo.but you stated he moved out with the kids?why are you talking about her.your their mother.why being so young are they with dad anyway.you cant be mad at her,esp.if she obviously is there more for them than you,if you dont like that plan,dont be lasy yourelf,step up to the plate and raise them yourself.thats a real mom.some people have no right to talk about anyone,you seem like that.

      • Jezi says:

        What a gross thing to say. If you would’ve read more clearly before you assumed anything you would see that the poster said that SHE moved out with her kids. She didn’t leave her kids with her ex husband. It makes me wonder if perhaps you are the “other” woman in your situation and you’re feeling a wee bit insecure in your role? Don’t attack a poster that you don’t know.

  14. ojulia123 says:

    She looks…good.

    Now if she would just drop that stupid lawsuit…

  15. beclove says:

    Guess rehab didn’t cover exploiting Brandi’s kids. Eddie should know better by now even if Leelusion doesn’t.

  16. Celeste says:

    LeAnn is totally faking her smile. I feel for Mason. He doesn’t look like he’s enjoying LeAnn’s fame gamem

  17. whybenice says:

    She just reminds me of a Jack Russell terrier bouncing up and down. “Look at me!” “Look at me!” “Look at me!” “Look at me!”

  18. eileen says:

    I think this is hilarious. She can’t help herself, nor will she ever listen and learn.

    Sh!t will get very REAL for her once this lawsuit goes to court and her REAL behavior is exposed. Get ready for some serious dirt to fly!

    • brin says:

      I can’t believe she’s still going through with the lawsuit…can’t fix stupid.

    • charity says:

      She is going to be hack-hammered in court if it goes to trial. all her past ugliness will surface but bet she drops it at the last minute. so sorry eileen about your situation, been there and it hurts. as you said, Mason looks miserable, Jake is still a babe. time will take care of her with those kids, they will always be on their real MOTHER’s side.

    • i see you says:

      doesn’t matter how cray cray leann is. kim committed a felony when she recorded leann without her permission.
      she will lose and the court won’t allow any testimony that doesn’t relate specifically to the illegal recording.
      it’s not tv. it’s a california court room. kim is lucky she’s not been charged criminally.

      • eileen says:

        Leann has NO case. Period. Her attorney is doing her a major disservice by using her to make money.
        You do not know all the facts behind the case. I do. Kim isn’t “lucky” about anything. Leann has no idea about the law and her attorney clearly is going off the “facts” Leann provided which will fall like a deck of cards once the trial comes out.

      • claire says:

        Yeah, I don’t believe that. There are exceptions to that statute, as with ANY statute, and this situation has a very high probability of falling into that exception.

      • sapphire says:

        Wrong. Read the statute and the caselaw. And the prohibition on bringing a civil action based on an alledged violation of a statute.
        Edit: I forgot, do you know that she will have to prove damages? And what evidence do you think will be used to rebutt that claim?

      • Itsa says:

        I’m no lawyer so I may be completely wrong but my understanding is that because LeAnn was using speakerphone for her “fans” sitting at the table with her, the whole privacy issue thing is not a factor. She made the conversation public so it doesn’t matter if someone records a public conversation. Like I said, I may be wrong but that’s what I’ve read about this particular case.

      • eileen says:

        Yep-you are right. AND there are tons of other factors in place. One example: how does a woman harass Leann from a protectecd twitter account -that has been protected for almost a year? An account Leann blocked as well. How?? Oh well Leann gets friends to take screen shots of her tweets. Which is what Leann did-she was paranoid about Kim because Kim has started being nice with her #1 brandi harasser who decided she was wrong for harrassing on behalf of Leann-so Leann got scared that she would spill her secrets. So she started getting screenshots of Kim’s protected account. When she didn’t see anything she deicided to call her and try to get her to like her. She is crazy.
        Is THAT someone who makes a phonecall to “make peace?” How do you make peace with someone who wasn’t harrassing you? Leann stalked HER, that’s what. Called her with her friends that have harassed Kim in the past-she didn’t even answer the phone the first time they called her-she was freaked out. They had to text her to tell her to answer the phone and she had no idea it was Leann calling from the girls phone. And there is so much more-that I’m not going to divuldge. This lawsuit is a joke and I can bet it won’t go away IF she cancels it-I bet Smiley will countersue and rightfully so. She’s a fool of the highest degree.

      • Jessica says:

        Wrong. It’s a misdemeanor and a big waste of tax payer dollars to arrest her, which is why it hasn’t and won’t be done.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Ummm, no. Wrong. And generally speaking, those doing the harassing are not on the RECEIVING end of phone calls.

  19. Suz says:

    Does LeAnn still sing?

    • Relli says:

      Actually she does. Mostly county fairs and small towns….

      BUT, Radar had an article last weekend maybe or the weekend before (i cant remember) but it was about her performing at a save the music benefit in Napa. It was your usual fluff piece except at the very end it said “her husband Eddie did not attend, even though she was out of of rehab for the weekend performance.”

      I found it to be sort of odd wording and even stranger to point out.

      • bagladey says:

        Yes, I saw that article too, and I did find it noteworthy that Eddie was absent, which the article seemed intended to point out.

    • claire says:

      Yes. Badly.

    • Suz says:

      At least she’s still plying her trade, somewhere. I thought her current job title was “lunatic” and “famewhore”.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Only when she has to. Someone has to pay for Ediot’s bling and toys and their endless vacations, after all. ;)

  20. Quinn says:

    UGH. All I can hear in my head is Jack Nicholson a la “The Shining” saying..”she’s baaaccckkk!!!”

  21. Beatrice Sparkplug says:

    I love her dress, the whole ensemble actually, but not so fond of her persona. Her style looks so natural and easy and her smile looks like it was forced at gunpoint to perform. Terrifying.

  22. Steph says:

    Her face looks tweaked. It looks uglier than usual

    I dont think she got any better in rehab. She is back on twitter (which she claimed was so unhealthy for her that it gave her rehab worthy stress and anxiety). She has already taken several photos of herself on her phone and posted them to her twitter. Taking cell phone photos of yourself and posting them to social networking sites for attention is pathetic. She posts as much as a self absorbed clueless teenage girl. She has real mental issues.

  23. DEB says:

    Looking straight into the camera (it’s all about ME) and not “into” the situation at hand OR Eddies’ boys, just looking straight at the photographer. Look at MEEEeeeeee.

  24. Tiffany says:

    Am I crazy or is she starting to look like Chelsea Handler.

  25. sapphire says:

    Wai, wait, this is not making sense; supposedly she went in for a 30 day stay at a treatment facility with weekends off. It sure as hell hasn’t been 30 days. So she skipped out after 3 weeks? No change in behavior? And no pics of her at the facility?

    Something rotten in the state of Calabasas. And while her styling is better, this looks so forced….

    • Cam S says:

      Right? The fact that there was NOT ONE photo of her going to OR from the “treatment” facility speaks VOLUMES, especially where this famewhore is concerned. I call BULLSH!T

  26. Samigirl says:

    I was waiting for some LR stories!!! It looks like she got something done. Her face doesn’t look the same.

    • Masque says:

      I thought so, too! I can’t pinpoint what is different but she has done something to her face.

    • emmieapricot says:

      Yes! Her face seems stretched and her lips definitely look plumper. She must’ve gone to that mental health center that cures you with plastic surgery.

    • Andie says:

      Something is definitely different and not in a, “she looks rested” way either. Is she wearing brown contact lenses? It looks like it in some of the shots. Anyone so desperate to morph themselves into another person needs a lot more than three weeks of part-time rehab.

  27. Grace says:

    Eddie and Brandi need to be sitting at CPS right now for letting this nutjob around their kids.
    LeAnn is about to find real evidence of Eddie cheating on her. Brandi thinks i’s hilarious but LeAnn has physical access to her kids. LeAnn probably already has a PI checking on Eddie and when she knows for a fact that he’s been sleeping around there is going to be major, major drama. Expect a meltdown again before Halloween.

  28. Hakura says:

    I always felt the ‘treatment facility’ thing was BS. Just another ploy to temporarily hold onto the public’s attention while simultaneously trying to make herself out to be the ultimate victim.

    She’s a lot of things, but I think even SHE isn’t stupid enough to really let the court case go through. Probably just waiting until the last minute.

    • claire says:

      Yep. I don’t even remotely believe she was ever in rehab. She might have gone to a spa for a few days, but rehab? Yeah, right. Just a clever use of a word by her PR to get sympathy for her filing that lawsuit at the same time.

  29. Tina says:

    Look at the picture of her with the Cat ears and dark hair. Is she wearing brown contacts? Creeeeeepy.

  30. Jill says:

    Did anyone hear a horse braying??

  31. Tim Whatley says:

    I’ll bet it was a plastic surgery center she visited – I think I spy a brow lift? Looks like there is more space between her eyebrows and her eye…in other words, she is slightly less smashy-faced.

  32. Lisa says:

    Has it already been a month, or was that Hollywood Time?

  33. Jessica says:

    *Sigh* I am oh so surprised that “rehab” is over and she is immediately tweeting photos of herself and heading to the red carpet for more “I’m so happy I laugh like a donkey” pics. The only thing I see that looks any different is her face. It looks tighter and more squinty. The oldest boy almost always looks miserable in pics w/his dad and Leann. Everyone with an IQ of at least 50 doesn’t believe she was actually in a rehab facility.

  34. Rita says:

    The best thing she did and should continue to do is shut-up and go away.

    Her lawsuit against a school teacher who adopted 4 handicapped children illustrates there is no bottom in LeAnn’s lowlife soul.

    Just to make it clear: There never was any rehab, counselling, or treatment. It was all a hoax so LeAnn could hide out while her lawyers bullied that woman who also teaches handicapped children.

    @Kaiser: It really rakes a raw bone with me when the headline refers to “LeAnn’s Boys”. LeAnn steps out with Eddie and his children is correct and much less “bone raking”.

    • deehunny says:

      I totally thought the same thing Rita.

      I was thinking, “wow Leanne has said they are her boys so many times now she’s finally brainwashed Kaiser!!!”

  35. anneesezz says:

    They are not her boys. Sorry step-moms. Unless you are raising the kids because their bio mom is out of the picture, you don’t get to call yourself their mom. It’s not appropriate.

    • bcgirl says:

      Amen Sistah.

    • Girlattorney says:

      AMEN. Could you please let my son’s stepmother know?

    • Hakura says:

      Agreed… I call my step-father ‘dad’ because my dad passed when I was 2yrs old, so he’s the only ‘dad’ I’ve really known.

      He’s always seen me as his child, same as he sees my younger brother (half-brother, but I never think of or call him ‘half’).

      But I just consider myself blessed to have been given a second chance to have a father. Leann croses the line constantly, which is not only rude & innappropriate, but hurtful to the boys & causing them confusion & conflict with their relationship with their father & mother.

  36. G says:

    She looks a pill and a drink away from boiling a bunny in that third pic is all I’m saying.

  37. Memphis says:

    30 days of fake treatment and she is still Batsh*t crazy…what a surprise.

    I wonder how long before she is back to her twitter-crack habit?

  38. I Choose Me says:

    Cute boys. The oldest one looks like Brandi and the youngest looks like Eddie – seems like he’s got his dimples too.

    • Hakura says:

      I wish Eddie weren’t such a douche, because he has such a handsome face, & I find his dimples adorable. It’s rare to see a guy they work for.

  39. Rita says:

    I hope @Smiley isn’t too concerned because I’m sure LeAnn will drop the lawsuit. LeAnn is spitefull and vindictive as Sh_t but in the end she doesn’t want her vulgar and bullying conversation repeated over and over, nor does she want people to be reminded of how she backstabbed the mother of her step children. This too shall pass…and if it doesn’t, I’ll be sending @Smiley more support.

  40. Shelly says:

    She looks really good here. I like her hair. But am still LOLing at the “went to rehab for twitter”.

  41. natalina says:

    Inner catwoman—wasnt catwoman a jewel thief????

    • Hakura says:

      Cat woman was a sexy, very smart & nonchalant character. As you know, Leann doesn’t fit any of the criteria necessary to qualify. xD Not that that’s stopped her from doing things in the past.

  42. kari says:

    she looks like she had work done, I wish I could pinpoint what it was. I wish somebody would do one of those old and new picture side by sides with a plastic surgeon saying what was done.
    mainstream media picked up on the ‘rehab’ story, I wish they would follow it up.

    • claire says:

      Obviously just my opinion, but, I would guess, the things she’s had done in the last 3 years are: she rounded out her nose, which used to be more pointy on the end, her jaw used to be wide, now it is narrow and pointy, she appears to have new cheekbones, and then there is an overall roundedness to all her features, probably because of botox or fillers. She basically looks like she has a completely new face. She doesn’t look anything like the face of 3 years ago.

  43. Prinny says:

    You can see it in her eyes how much she missed being photographed. The daily mail’s article said she left rehab after two weeks, idk how true that is but why no press release about her leaving? She certainly gave enough of them going on.

  44. Dimebox says:

    If I had not read so much about her I would not consider her to be terribly unattractive. (except for that whole unhinged jaw smile) But I have read about her, and her targeting of Smiley. I’ve seen endless bikini pictures, pitied those poor boys, seen that crazed look in her eyes. So now when I see her picture instead of thinking she looks okay, I think there’s that insane, vicious woman again, may heaven protect the children. Instead of trying to convince the world how fabulous her marriage is, she should try living quietly and serenely. Happy people don’t target others. Content people don’t file lawsuits to hurt others. She needs to find the courage to really go away for awhile, stay off Twitter, quit calling the paps. She is her own worst enemy.

  45. Csollock says:

    What a freakin joke she has made of REAL people who need REAL rehab and help!!! She looks pathetic and her “treatment” did NOTHING to turn the tide of public opinion concerning her. It’s also soooo curious that these papparazzis that follow her and dog her every day of her life, did not camp out at the doorstep of their home and hound Eddie every.single.day….hmmmm curious….I guess they just have ESP where Leann is concerned and just magically, mysteriously just know where Leann will be!!

    • claire says:

      “What a freakin joke she has made of REAL people who need REAL rehab and help!!! ”

      Agreed. I find it very offensive that she exploited mental illness for public sympathy. My zero respect for her as a person went into the negatives after that.

      • Ming Lee says:

        this^ times a million. rehab is a real place with real people trying to honestly better their lives and truely change for the best.

        leann used rehab to fix her face, not her life.

        gauranteed she still blames everyone else for her issues and has not taken even the slightest bit of ownership in any of her actions. yes her skin looks clearer/smoother, but how much darker has her heart gotten in exchange for all the lies.

      • Hakura says:

        @Ming Lee – “Yes her skin looks clearer/smoother, but how much darker has her heart gotten in exchange for all the lies.

        Brilliant. Yes, she can ‘mold’ the outside easily enough, but the ‘darkness’ in her heart isn’t so simple to remove. Especially if she goes through life refusing to own up to how her actions have affected others, let alone her own life. I have a feeling she absolutely hates what she sees in the mirror everyday.

        You could be a supermodel & still be hideous inside.

      • claire says:

        Well, considering how she just gave an interview implying that she’s been classy and quite these last 4 years, her awareness of self and reality clearly hasn’t changed. Which, you know, makes sense, since she probably wasn’t really in a rehab.

  46. DreamyK says:

    Eddie’s a terrible actor. Fakest smile ever. LeAnn is going to regret tearing up that prenup. He dickmatized her and is going to live happily ever after with some other woman on LeAnn’s money.

    Which is as it should be. Karma and all that.

    • Itsa says:

      He never really looks happy anymore. He kind of looks tired and worn out.

      • Hakura says:

        I’m sure anyone would be exhausted having to deal with Leann so much. He looks resigned to his fate…

        He’s always looking down at the ground (submissive body language) with an unreadable expression. All While Leann is BIG smiles, posing for the press & using those litte boys to attract attention.(the paps would definitely take pictures of the kids, so it’s just one more way for her to get in more pics. She strikes me as the sort to nag & whine, pushing his buttons. She enjoys dragging them (Eddie & ‘the boys’) everywhere.

  47. Csollock says:

    And oh yeah…if she did “go to treatment” to have plastic surgery, as MANY r suggesting….while she is in suing mode, she needs to sue said plastic surgeons….she has all new apostrophe wrinkles on either side of her mouth that were not there before she went in!!! #oldhagandtiredlooking!!

  48. Itsa says:

    Look at the picture she took of herself in the cat ears. WTF is hanging from the ceiling on the left side??? Is it huge amounts of cobwebs and filth? Is the ceiling falling in from water damage? Whatever it is, it looks really gross and she may want to check over her pics before she posts them. Ick

    • claire says:

      As funny as that thought is, wasn’t she tweeting that they were Halloween decorating at the house? It’s probably related to that. Wonder what this year’s offensive costume will be? Last year she mocked domestic violence and put in a few jabs at Brandi. She’s a sick obsessed woman.

  49. TheTruthHurts says:

    It was so nice having her locked up for a while. Oh well, let the madness begin again…

  50. bagladey says:

    I get the vibe from Eddie in these pix that the honeymoon is over. Imo Eddie’s high-beam smile seems to have lowered a notch and he’s not looking quite so much like LeAnn’s pretty, little, kept man.

  51. natalina says:

    I feel so bad for the older son…he clearly doesnt want his picture taken and dad and “bonus” mom should respect that…

  52. Janessa says:

    The creepy reality is that you can bet she has read every single one of these posts.LR is proof positive that a crapload of money doesn’t make you a happy person. I’m convinced she is beyond help/full blown narcissist

  53. skuddles says:

    Oh boy, here comes the crazy train again, WOOO WOOO!!! Or in this case, HEE HAW HEE HAW!!

  54. Cam S says:

    Hold up ya’ll, I’ve rarely seen her with her eyes fully open, but I thought they were blue? In the twitter photos they look brown

    • Theskinny says:

      Well if your going to get plastic surgery to make your face more like Brandi, dye your hair the exact color of Brandi’s new avi, it only makes sense to also get brown contacts so you’ll have her eye color too. I mean, you’ve already stolen her family…why not take THE REST OF IT. She is seconds from changing her name legally from Leann to Brandi. Or Landi. 0-O

  55. Cass says:

    Does any one else find it strange how many times Leanne and Eddie poses for pic with his (and Brandis) children yet she wasn’t allowed to film with them on Bravo …. and saying that I don’t think I’ve ever seen pics of Brandi and the children execpt at football games where Leanne is also ….

    • Mich says:

      I know! It makes Ed the epitome of a hypocrite. Only he is allowed to make money off of them.

    • Ming Lee says:

      i think most people see it the way you do..a buttload of hypocrisy. leann is allowed to use the boys as living props to manipulate her public image yet brandi cannot show her real life with her two sons?

    • Cass says:

      I am not giving Leanne a pass here (she is definitely a few slices short of the full loaf) but I lay the blame for all of this mess at Eddies door. He didn’t respect Brandi and nor do I believe he respects Leanne, if she thinks for one minute that he won’t cheat on her she’s delusional once a cheater always a cheater. I do think though she’ll make his life a living hell if she catches him :)

  56. A Fan says:

    Well, well, the cat came back.

  57. Mich says:

    Poor Leann, she just gets more jacked up looking and Ed just keeps getting older and more smarmy. Can’t think of a more douchebag couple than these two.
    And will Ed’s mistresses please stand up? This crazy train needs to derail.

    • Sugar says:

      when his cheating is caught by LeAnn I’m gonna have to get cable again to catch an all new episode of Snapped

  58. dcypher1 says:

    I just hope that now that shes out of rehab for quote on quote twitter I pray that she cuts down the number of post and tmi she distributes. But only time can tell. I bet 5 bucks in a month she will be the same attention whore that leann truly is.

  59. kosmos says:

    Yesss, I’ve totally been enjoying the LeAnn-free gossip days omg, but are we back to it now?

  60. Ming Lee says:

    here is a pic of leann at the batman night with Taylor Armstrong.. very interesting knowing how leann works..


    • karley says:

      Leann actually makes shana Taylor Armstrong look pretty…..that’s sad. Leann looks like the curious George monkey now…she has really messed with her face in a bad way.

    • surfing2day says:


    • NinaS says:

      Just another Jr. High mentality moment for her; she knows there’s not love between Taylor and Brandi, and you can see the obvious delight on both their immature faces…like they’re looking right at Brandi to rub it in. She does the same thing with Brandi’s ex friend, Liz of the balloon lips. This woman is the ultimate manipulator of all time. I looked for a past photo to compare her new shiny botoxed face and all the photos I see show that for YEARS she has been trying to put out a sexy image. It must be really awful to be physically unappealing and want so badly to be pretty. In the photoshoots they always photoshop her eyes to look normal.

    • Jessica says:

      And if you haven’t yet you should venture on over to Brandi’s twitter because she made the funniest joke about that picture. This is one of the worst pictures I have seen of Leann EVER. She looks absolutely awful. Clearly this month in rehab was actually a month in recovery for plastic surgery. If someone can make Taylor Armstrong look natural then there’s a problem.

  61. Jennifer12 says:

    I am so sure that since Leann and Eddie know that Mason dislikes the paps, they will stop making him pose for photos and making money off his image. He doesn’t even stand near Leann anymore. Wonder what will happen when the boys are old enough to access all this information and all these comments about their mother?

  62. mln89 says:

    she dresses SO badly, good god. and you can tell that she tries to dress fashionably, but she always fails miserably. what is that shapeless, misshappen thing/dress she is wearing. it’s not the worst of her outfits, but none the less it still doesn’t look good.

  63. shannon says:

    Ugh … flashbacks! My oldest son’s stepmother started dating my (then) husband before we’d even talked about divorce, so it was a slap in the face that I didn’t see coming. Fine, we definitely weren’t a match made in heaven, but then she proceeded to try to be Oliver’s ‘mom.’ Volunteering at his school, telling him I didn’t feed him the right foods, even spanked him once (he was 10 years old!), got upset when she didn’t get visitation if his dad was out to sea. Finally had to school her on the fact that Oliver was my son, Dave’s son, not her son. And that if she laid a hand on him again, sh!t would get REAL.

    And I had to school Oliver that when he’s in their house, he follows their rules.

    He’s 17 now, and still can’t stand her. The biggest reason he’s excited about turning 18 is because he’ll never have to be forced to hang with her again. She really burnt a bridge with him. LeAnn should take note.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      shannon, NEITHER of my older kids really likes their step-mother (same sitch as you, minus the AD Military, it sounds like) and they are now 22 and 18.

      They have been consistently burning bridges with my two kids since they were 6 and 3, respectively; and just last night my son (22 – moved in with them about a year-and-half ago, after they painted a GLORIOUS picture of the job market where they live and WONDERFUL his life would be with them) was telling me more about the circumstances under which he “moved out” of their home and I was FLOORED by how they treated him, STILL, even at his age!

      Kids don’t forget the first (and every other) time a parent lets them down. And they hold onto that. It’s painful enough for them growing up and discovering that Mommy’s kiss can’t heal ALL their hurts and Daddy’s not really a superhero. They sure as hell don’t need to be let down any sooner than necessary.

      (I’m glad you schooled your kiddo’s step-mom. I had to do the same thing, because my kids’ step-mom was a teenager when she got involved with my then-husband, and she didn’t have a CLUE.)

  64. shannon says:

    On a lighter note, those boys are absolutely adorable! The little guy has the cutest smile in his batman costume and showing his cape :) And the bigger guy, with his IDGAF look, they’re killing me :)

    • Sugar says:

      they are cute kids! I read your flashback account which lead me to go down that painful memory lane this morning-not going to go into it all but I had to really work @ not completely alienating my kids dad from them. He wasn’t a monster just under the spell of “that woman” they are going thru their 2nd divorce as I type-YIPES!
      Anyhoo @ the age Brandon ( is that his name) is now I see my beautiful son all over again makes me want to cry. He is only going to get more wiser if not all ready to this mess.
      my kids are 26&28 now beautiful young people who’s dad is actually visiting them this week-end. he comes alone to see them has for years only way they would tolerate the situation.
      everyone has different stories but the well being of our children is what matters!

  65. mln89 says:

    and how huge is this woman’s mouth? she is so phony and try hard. okay leann, i know you desperately want to show off your horse sized VENEERS and give the impression you’re SO happy with your douchebag husband, but please, stop opening your mouth so wide that we can see your tonsils.

  66. the original bellaluna says:

    Rehab, my ass. She had more extensive plastic surgery and needed a convenient excuse to A) be out of the public eye that long (you know, because we’d all think she was dead if she didn’t tweet a million times a day) and B) attempt to garner public sympathy for herself while she attempts to destroy an innocent woman’s life.


    • Sugar says:

      I’m a die hard MST3k fan & in one movie mob GF’s escape from prison fastforward to campfire drinking scene drunk girl slurs “I’m gonna find me a doctor & have him change my whole face around…” Crow pipes in “to the back”. LOL everytime.
      I wonder if there is one of those morph videos (ala Lohan) on LeAnn? if not should be & frightening!

  67. hatekyle says:

    She’s out coz the boys need a WITCH for Halloween.

  68. Yasmine says:

    I dont know why but for me she looks a bit out of the reality.her eyes,make up,clothes,everything screams something bad is comming.

  69. J says:

    At least she looks healthier! But also, yeah, having been in a real, honest-to-G-d treatment center for a year, I can say that a)one month doesn’t do anything and b)one month where you are free to come and go as you please sounds more like a spa. Which, okay, she can totally go to a spa for a month. Just don’t frame it as “treatment” because people clearly get the wrong idea.

  70. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    oh my G*d that dumb hat he s wearing. Please, gimmie a break.

  71. Jane says:

    Is it just me or does it look like Leann has Pink Eye in that one picture with her hair in her face? On another subject, I feel so sorry for the eldest boy. He looks totally miserable. That poor thing shouldn’t be subjected to this nonsense!

  72. Sugar says:

    in rehab show up to sing- out of rehab cancel show. how does that work again?