Lindsay Lohan on her alleged assailant: “He isn’t going to get away with this”

Personally, I’m already “over” Lindsay Lohan’s alleged attack/choking incident, which apparently went down late Saturday/early Sunday. The story moved so fast, the crack shenanigans came so furiously, and everything fizzled out in a matter of hours. It’s not like the crack shenanigans of yore, when a Lohan cracktastrophe could last days and weeks. Nowadays, we’re so inured to her BS, we’ve all become jaded, I think. But Lindsay wants us to NEVER FORGET. She even spoke to Page Six in an effort to play her Victim Card even further:

Lindsay Lohan isn’t lying down on this one — the banged-up bombshell is vowing to get her revenge on the congressional aide she accused of choking her at the W Hotel on Park Avenue South in the early hours of Sunday morning.

“He isn’t going to get away with this,” she told us after cops opted not to prosecute Christian LaBella after the pair tussled over pictures he allegedly took of her on his cellphone during a night out on the town.

Lohan added of the incident, “I’m in shock and it was a really scary situation.”

Sources tell us Lohan is asking for witnesses to make statements to the police. Meanwhile, LaBella has been left fearing for his job as an aide to Republican Illinois Rep. John Shimkus.

His uncle Peter Jessop said, “He doesn’t deserve this. It’s amazing that her mom said, ‘Thank God he didn’t have a weapon’ — of course he didn’t have a weapon. He’s a good kid, he’s worked for two congressmen. He just went to New York for the weekend. Hopefully this doesn’t cost him his job. He is in shock about how the media has twisted this story.”

[From Page Six]

Many have noted that there was and is enough evidence for Lindsay to be charged with various crimes too, especially considering a main part of the story is that she stole LaBella’s phone in the first place. The Cracken’s justification still seems to be that he was taking photos of her, and that somehow means that she got to steal his phone. Radar reports that this isn’t the first time Lindsay has even done that:

Be careful using your phone around Lindsay Lohan! The troubled actress was involved in yet another altercation in the early hours of Sunday, alleging a man physically assaulted her after she snatched his phone from him, and has exclusively learned that this isn’t the first time LiLo has been involved in a cell phone scuffle!

Two separate sources have detailed their own encounters with the 26-year-old Liz & Dick star, and both tell an eerily similar story.

“I was hanging out Bootsy Bellows with my friends,” testifies one traumatized club goer. “And I was texting with my friend when all of a sudden Lindsay Lohan comes running up to me and rips the phone right out of my hand. She was like, ‘I know you’re trying to take pictures of me.’ She got security, and they went through my phone. When Lindsay saw there were no pictures of her, she didn’t even apologize.”

And, another young lady claims she suffered a similar fate at Sayer’s Club recently.

“Lindsay knew some of my friends so we invited her to sit with us,” she says. “My friends and I were taking pictures of each other just goofing around and Lindsay thought for sure we were trying to get pictures of her drinking. She jumped up and grabbed my phone out of my hands. I was so shocked, and before I could ever realize what happened, Linsday grabbed my friend’s phone too! She demanded to see the pictures and started digging around in our phones. After Lindsay saw there were no pictures of her she was like, ‘You guys aren’t supposed to be taking pictures in here anyway.’”

[From Radar]

God, if I saw a crackhead running at me in a club and trying to grab my possessions with her crack claws, I think I would defend myself and my property to the fullest extent of the law. Cough. Hint. Cough. Which begs the question… how is this the first time that Lindsay has been “assaulted” during one of her crack heists?

Oh, and LaBella’s uncle Peter Jessop also told Radar, “He doesn’t really understand why this is happening. It’s a shame when a celebrity like that can use her publicist to tar a kid who has done nothing wrong.” I am actually starting to feel bad for this kid. But I love the fact that he filed a harassment complaint against Lindsay.

And finally, I give you Steve Honig’s take on the situation: “We’re living in a time where everyone walks around with a camera and that creates issues for people who are famous.” For the love of God.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. marie says:

    I can hear it now “I’ll get you my pretty, and your little crack pipe too”..

    and “banged up bombshell”? really? I mean really? are we looking at the same person?

    • brin says:

      That first picture looks like she is a cackling hag.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        She is, brin. She is. (Good morning!)

      • Birdix says:

        and the last one! There’s something funny about that bobby pin in her hair, as if that tiny piece of metal is going to try to tame all the crazy within…

      • LeslieM says:

        I think it’s in part due to the bleached out hair. She was looking so much better with her hair darker last week. But in all of these pictures here she looks weird. Her make up is bad and whatever she has been smoking has left her teeth yellow!

      • Arla says:

        @Birdix: OMG you are totally right!!! As I scrolled past I saw the bobby pin and it just seemed so random and out-of-place and then I remembered watching “Intervention” or one of those shows and this woman kept bobby pins to use on her crack pipe (to scrape it for more drugs) and I guess that’s what that’s for…

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Well, they got the “banged” part right. And I suppose they could have meant the crater an exploded bomb leaves…

    • Amelia says:

      I completely agree with you about the Crackaganda, Marie.
      Bombshell? Only in the sense that it looks like one’s smacked her in her crack face.

    • Nanz says:

      Can we please stop referring to her as a “bombshell” FTLOG?! She’s more like a nuclear warhead.

  2. Molly says:

    Can there be a PSA? Something like, if you see LiLo coming, run away fast!

  3. Talie says:

    Gee, I wonder why none of her witnesses would come forward to talk to police…hmmm, it couldn’t be that they were all incredibly high, our of their minds, at the time of this incident, could it?

  4. Meg13 says:

    My take on the situation: “We’re living in a time where Lindsay walks around and that creates issues for people.”

  5. cmc says:

    Whatever, Lindsay. She could show a photo of him choking her and holding a gun up to her head and I’d STILL believe him over her. I think his only mistake was to be anywhere near her (huge mistake actually). Heres hoping he doesn’t lose his job. And if he does, here’s hoping he really DID take photos of her doing shady stuff, and he sells them and makes enough to make up for all this madness.

    • Macey says:

      same here. I dont even see how could choke her with all her damn chins in the way.
      Nope, dont believe it for a minute.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Actually, if I saw a pic like that, I’d think she was friends with that Uncle Terry photographer again.

      Yes, she’s actually gotten me THAT jaded about her.

    • Zvonk says:

      I’m hoping that the kid has a phone that automatically uploads pics to the cloud when taken. So even if the cracken deleted them, he should still have uploaded copies online. I know iPhone does this automatically, and other phones probably do too. Fingers crossed that this is the case, and he can use these pics to defend himself.

  6. Anne says:

    I would love love love to see this girl get thrown in jail for a long ass time. Not that a want a comeback or anything but it would be nice if she came out somewhat sober and looking somewhat normal.

    Not that I pity her or anything, i just feel no one deserves parents hers. Plus if she does die Dina will jump on it and try make her out to be some tragic starlet and come out with memoirs n sh-t. Its better if lindsay just stays alive.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      White Oprah, all the photogs who’ve “featured” her recently (Uncle Terry & that other guy), Lifetime…but only WO is the beneficiary on her life insurance.

  7. Riana says:

    I don’t pity the kid.

    What I’m wondering is when the real story will come out. Both of them seem to be playing the innocent role when there’s too much suggesting something else was happening.

  8. dorothy says:

    Why not? She’s gotten away with everything for years. Karma, don’t you just love it?

    • Jacq says:

      That is because, in her mind, LL is the ONLY person on the planet who should be able to get away with anything. Regardless of what “it” is.

  9. Naye in VA says:

    Moral of the story: Dont party anywhere near Lindsay Lohan. duh.

    • LucyOriginal says:

      Exactly! I am going to be in NYC soon and I hope I don’t see her double chin shadow anywhere near me…

    • Arla says:

      @ Lucy: I live and work in NYC and Long Island. Lindsay Lohan exists and creates havoc in NYC and on Long Island… Lindsay Lohan is on the same roads as me. Dear God everyone please pray for me. She will fit RIGHT in though as far as terrible and drunken driving goes.. also the overprivileged self-important bleach-blonde, tacky nails, stringy haired, too much makeup, rotten sour-puss attitude, and just overall essence will fit right in on Long Island lol.

      • Arla says:

        I used to support her and always just comment on here that I hope she gets better and she gets help and turns her life around but once she ended up on the same roads as my family and the people I love, NUH UH. BITCH NEEDS TO BE DEALT WITH.

      • LucyOriginal says:

        @Arla: praying for you!

  10. Macey says:

    oh for the love of the delusion that the Lohans live in.
    What about all her drink/glass throwing assaults on innocent people? she doesnt just grab/steal cell phones, she’s always throwing drinks at people. In addition to the many assaults she has caused on the road. Ive also seen posts from ppl that have had the misfortune of working on sets with her. They say she is also know for flicking her cigs at them when they tell her not to smoke in certain areas. I mean do we really need to break out the list of all the ppl SHE has assaulted in one form or another? All her past assaultees need to come forward just to show how much SHE has gotten away with. Im sure this guy is no dummy (aside from hanging out with LL), hopefully has a good team behind him that will blow her allegations away. I dont believe for one minute he did anything other than try to get his phone back, which anyone would do. How is it Russell Brand was arrested for trying to take someone’s phone but she just skates?

    • Veruca says:

      I’m with you, Macey. It’s so pathetic and unfair. Why this chick is so special is beyond me.

      Sometimes I think she’s got some really good dirt on somebody really big. Or Dina. Or Michael. Who knows?

      I think it’s just a matter of time before LL pisses off the wrong person. And it won’t be pretty.

    • seen says:

      because SOME people are capable to turning the other cheek, and are not constantly seeking drama. I’ve been “slighted” from time to time, but i don’t call the cops, and i don’t fling my drink. I think ol lindsay needs to fill her days/nights with something besides herself. it’s so easy to say to someone who offends you “What a jerk,” and then you move on, continue with your day, because you’ve got OTHER THINGS TO DO. this one, she’s got nothing on her plate. despite her assuring interviewers that she doesn’t read/listen to the tabloids, she sure does respond pretty quickly to any perceived slight she finds there.

  11. Evelyn says:

    She looks like the child of a caveman and a down-on-her-luck hooker in the last picture. I wish everyone on earth would collectively decide to ignore this chick. We did it to Spencer and Heidi, why LieLow?

  12. Chatcat says:

    It really is time to take Crackenstein down. I thought for sure she would have done herself in by now, but alas, almost daily we get a craken leak and now she is trying to ruin other people besides just herself. I can absolutely assure you that if bitch came up and grabbed anything out of my hands, bitch wouldn’t be able to do much partying for quite a while.

    • Izzy says:

      ITA Chatcat! I’m just so over her and her cracknanigans. I wish someone would just take that whole miserable family and ship them off to an uncharted deserted island somewhere.

      *passing cracktinis around*

      • Chatcat says:

        No kidding Izzy. I think one of the networks needs to do a reality show called “No Survior” and Crackenstein and family should be the first to appear to disappear! The second season can be all the Kartrashians! Now that would be one reality show I would watch! 🙂

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Morning! Agree with you both. Palmyra is a seriously uninhabited island closer to the equator than Hawaii. The US attempted to maintain a base there during WWII.

        It’s populated by giant crabs, seagulls, and bugs; the lagoon’s full of sharks; the only running water is rain; the only way on and off the island is by boat (which we will take with us when we leave).

        We could bill it as a COMPLIMENTARY “Destination Vacation” and dump them there, permanently. If the sharks & bugs don’t get them, they’ll do each other in. *grins evilly*

      • gretta says:

        OR, or, if we can’t lure them onto the boat, we could perhaps tempt them with an all expenses paid trip to Bermuda…just with an unmanned private plane….flying over the Triangle….in stormy weather….no radio…. or parachutes….

      • Chatcat says:

        O Bella…you are so brilliant! But we’ll do it as the Crackensteins vs Kartrashians all in one show. Screw a second season, that is why it’s call “No Survivor” and it will be an epic throwdown and guaranteed the highest ratings in reality TV history! Can you imagine the cat fight between pimp Kris and Dinah the drunk? Yeah baby, it would something to watch.

      • Amelia says:

        Oh my God, you guys are killing me!
        Have you considered a Hunger Games style arena, yet?
        But instead of weapons, the Cornucopia is filled with jewels fit for a Crack heist and plastic surgery vouchers instead. Now that’s a fight I’d pay money to see…

  13. Happymom says:

    The story may be getting twisted in that he didn’t hit her or “attack” her but just tried to get his phone back. However, “good kids” don’t party with Lindsay Lohan. C’mon-you know what’s going down: lots of drugs, drinking. skanky behavior and sex.

  14. Sirsnarksalot says:

    Bottom line when you are in public you have no reasonable expectation of privacy. Therefore you can be photographed against your will.

    And as for Lindsay grabbing a phone out of someone’s hands that qualifies in NY as “assault”. And if she doesn’t return it she’s wandering into theft territory. I wish someone with a brain would actually press charge against her. NY justice aint Cali justice, Crackie.

  15. Merrick says:

    My friend put it best…. If Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen were just regular people, they’d be those weird, sketchy characters of society that you see on the street crack heisting , getting sent to jail, and asking u for money.

  16. brin says:

    Her enablers are doing her no favors. This crackiness of blaming the victim (remember last week she blamed the guy when she backed her car into him?!) is pure linsanity!

    • the original bellaluna says:

      She ALWAYS blames her victims! ALWAYS!!!!!!!! It’s like a disease with her or something.

      She blames ALL the pedestrians she hits while driving; she blamed the truck driver SHE rear-ended on the 101 and then totally trashed his reputation with her unfounded claims (which she will do to this guy too); hell, she even blamed the jewelry store owners/employees from which she stole that necklace, remember?

      And what do you want bet she doesn’t understand how those guys she carjacked and took on a drunken/drugged-out high-speed chase aren’t FLATTERED that she chose their car to jack?!?

  17. Jennika says:

    Dumb skank! I really hope his job’s not in jeopardy. I also hope that those pictures got sent out lol. Any bets of when she will be getting arrested next in NY? Hopefully that one will stick

  18. d says:

    Her shock is that someone finally didn’t kiss her a** AND physically got their phone back before she was ready to give it back. She’s done this before. Lainey calls Paris Hilton the ebola virus and imo, Lindsay is the second iteration of it. Any time you’re around her, some kind of trouble will glom on to you. The mistake that kid made was hanging around her. For some one with his job, I’d expect a bit more common sense and smarts from him in terms of what hanging around her would do for his career.In that it would not be good.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      True, but full-fledged governors and congressmen pull stuff like this with “less than desirables” all the time, so…

  19. JM says:

    Boy, the trouble that arises when some random guy tries to take your picture doing lines off of a hotel room table. . .

    • Babette says:

      Exactly! As my mama used to say, “if youdon’t do something you know is wrong, you’ll never have any problems,”. Simple fix. If the dunce was sipping hot chocolate and watching a movie, since she’s such a homebody, why would she object to a picture? She’s beyond delusional.

  20. Tansey says:

    If I ever encounter this disgusting pile of waste, I’m going to pull out my iPhone and start playing DragonVale; if she runs at me trying to take my phone, I’ll start yelling at the top of my lungs and after she rips the phone from me, I’ll press charges. It seems every time someone is about to press charges, they drop them because they’re either paid off by her or threatened by her father. Neither will happen to me, I’ll do the world a favor and make sure I don’t drop the charges.

    *Sigh* A girl can dream, can’t she? I’m just so sick of this bitch getting away with everything she does.

  21. Sam says:

    This makes me laugh, really. Because only in Lindsay Lohan’s mind would she admit to committing a crime when she took his phone and then call the police to report being assaulted. So, unlike a normal person, who would count their lucky stars that they’re not being charged, she doesn’t even get that she could also get arrested.

    And now, the longer she keeps it going, the more attention it gets. Of course, the question now is what the hell is on that phone that she wanted to delete so badly?

  22. Mia 4S says:

    Empty threats. Her druggie friends are not going to talk to the police. If she files a civil suit she would have to give a deposition under oath. I would LOVE to read that transcript!

    So now that the Scary Movie 5 “role” is done she is unemployed with no prospects. That always goes so well with her….

  23. Miz Misanthrope says:

    I wonder how it is that Cracken thinks anyone is actually buying her crack lies…seriously. Just imagining the amount of coke/crack one would need to ingest to reach her level of delusion baffles me. And she has to be doing one or the other because every coke head I’ve ever known has that same paranoid streak that’s of their own making. Despite the sketchiness of a ‘good kid’ deciding to hang out with the Cracken he doesn’t really deserve the consequences coming.

    Truth be told…I’d love the Cracken to try something like this with me…the idea of teaching her a lesson she’d never forget fills me with a warm fuzzy.

    • Juliette says:

      ITA, would love this skank to try & grab my cell phone & go through it. She’d wake up the next morning with a few new bruises for sure. Maybe if she wasnt’ always being so bloody shady she wouldn’t have to worry about people taking her picture.

      If she were a “homebody” no one would bother her. Just OD already FFS.

  24. G says:

    Actually, Honig, people with cameras are almost entirely responsible for whatever is left of Blohan’ career.

    It’s pretty unusual for a guy in a fight to scratch. Just saying.

    Not a single one of her friends has backed up her story and they never will.

    It’s totally obvious that the Cracken has been on a bender for weeks. No one is fooled Cracken.

  25. the original bellaluna says:

    This isn’t the first time I’ve heard/read of her snatching people’s phones, and I don’t just mean those other two people who came forward.

    Crackenstein’s been phone-jacking people for YEARS, just like she’s been drinking and doing drugs and hitting people (both in cars and out) with her car and stealing stuff (from friends, sets, frenemies, photoshoots, and stores); and just being an entitled asshole in general.

    The time has long since passed that she should have been locked up, in either a state-funded year-long (at LEAST) rehab facility or jail or BOTH. And I’m not talking about Promises or The Lodges (or whatever the hell that one in Utah’s called – she’s been there twice already!) or one of those star-catering spas that makes itself out to look like a rehab. Nor am I talking about a trip to County, where it takes longer for her to be processed than she actually spends in a f*cking cell.

    (PWHEW! I am BITCHY this morning!)

    • Izzy says:

      No, OBella, you’re not being bitchy (though, if you were, this is certainly the place for it, no?). You’re just saying what most of us have been thinking…

    • gretta says:

      Bravo OBella!!!

      *claps hands in a much deserved round of applause*

  26. jen d. says:

    He may “get away with it” legally, but she’ll drag his name through the mud to the point where I’m sure he’ll wish he just got a little jail time.

    • lulu says:

      As if anyone would take the Crackie’s word over ANYONE ELSE’S. I’d believe OJ before her.

      • Melanie says:

        LMFAO! Meee toooo!

      • NeNe says:


      • jen d. says:

        Agreed. But can you imagine how much he’ll be hounded by photographers? Not to mention the fact that his name is now associated with Lindsay Lohan. Honestly, any time I hear someone’s name in the same sentence as her I assume it has something to do with drugs, stolen jewelry, or a high-speed car chase.

  27. madpoe says:

    and his little dog too!

  28. Flora Kitty says:

    I wonder if Steve Honing is just biding his time waiting for Crackie to go to the Crack House in the sky. So he can write a tell all about what a cracktastrophe she really was and how he was only her mouthpiece so long as the money that crackie’s paid him wasn’t counterfeit.

  29. gretta says:

    “He isn’t going to get away with this”

    Ah, but she isn’t saying HOW she’s going to STOP him ‘”getting away with this”‘ It’s just an idle threat.

    No way is anyone going to talk to the police in her defence.

  30. daisy says:

    this coming from the bitch who gets away with damn near anything

  31. lucy2 says:

    Yeah, Lindsay, isn’t it awful when people commit crimes and get away with no consequences?

    I’d pay $10 to give this mess some self awareness.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I’d pay $100 just to see her be on the receiving end of one-third of the grief she’s caused all those victims of hers.

    • DEB says:

      And about that fur coat she stole, and put a cigarette burn in, and was STUPID enough to be photographed wearing it??

  32. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Lindsay has absolutely no concept of the reality that we all live in, not even a glimmer.

    She is a monster and will continue to be so until either her untimely death or she is the cause of someone elses untimely death

    I think I’ve even passed the cracktini stage, doesn’t seem strong enough!

    • gretta says:

      Is it any wonder we’ve developed a tolerance to our cracktinis? With her constant shenanigans we’re drinking at a furious pace!!!

    • Lady D says:

      Same dismal feeling Ruby Red. Cracktinis just aren’t cutting it anymore. It is definitely time to start rimming the glasses with crack. Just think, we might even understand her.

  33. OXA says:

    It could save a life(hers or an innocent victim)if the girls would go ahead and press charges against her for stealing their phones. Judge would revoke her probation and get her off the streets and out of the clubs.

  34. Sam says:

    Heh maybe she’s never heard of the Cloud. Any picture I take is instantly saved to the iCloud. She could destroy my phone and I’d still have pictures.

    Wish this crackhead would drop dead already. I’m sick of hearing about her. She isn’t even interesting gossip anymore.

  35. DEB says:

    Not going to even open posts on her anymore. I think we’ve established that she’s an addicted, thieving, remorseless, mentally-ill asshole, haven’t we? PS, the cheek implants are hideous.

  36. Fleur says:

    I do not think highly of Lindsey, but I believe there is something more behind this story. This LaBella dude is a complete moron for deciding to mix his political career with partying. Now his family is trying to cover this incident and make it go away. They may even end up paying Lindsey to make sure she won’t follow up on this matter. Whatever happened in that room is between drugged up people, there is no way for us to know who did what. Lindsay has lost all her credibility a while ago, but Christian LaBella is no better; a bright kid with a promising political career won’t be wasting his time with a Hollywood crowd. I have no idea how he managed to get a job working for an Illinois Republican… probably, family connections.

    • G says:

      Get real. We’re going to tar a kid for a single incident, getting asked along on a celebrity party?

      It’s not like Lohan hasn’t had some advantages herself in life.

      As for following up on this matter, when Blohan wakes up a few hours from now, Shawn Holley will be filling her in on who has more to lose.

      • Fleur says:

        I’m real but you are apparently in a la-la land. “tar a kid for a single incident” Please stop, I’m about to cry. This guy is a moron, plain and simple. At this point I think everyone heard about Lindsay. She is not a celebrity you want to party with unless you do not care about your reputation. This guy deserved exactly what he asked for. We have enough sleazeballs in politics. Maybe, we will have one less after this incident.

  37. Melanie says:

    “He isn’t going to get away with this”? Really?! Why not?! You get away with everything, Lindsay! This spoiled bitch needs a reality check….

  38. Eleonor says:

    She is obsessed with people taking pictures of her…I think we can say she has entered the phase of “paranoia-drug related”.

  39. Quinn says:

    That’s RIGHT, biotches! Only LINDSEY is above the law! Get it straight!!

  40. PinkG says:

    I don’t understand why clubs still let this walking Cracktastrophe in. Maybe they get a cut of her prostitution dollars.

  41. hillbillyinthecorner says:

    The little dear trys to grab a phone from me would find herself looking up at me from the floor and begging be not to finish crushing her jugular vein though her spine….as I twist her arm out of its socket….and I can still do that to at 65….LOL ..the army taught us WACS well that year as two girls had gotten killed the month I reported to basic…I do so hate bullies…and Lindsay Lohan is a prime Bullie and a Mean one two…and she crazy as bat shyt too from having her brain fried out on drugs and alcohol…
    She going to try her bullying on the wrong person real soon and we will be reading accounts of her murder….if she doesn’t overdose first….!!!

  42. Katija says:

    There is no way that she is taking phones because there are pictures of her “drinking.”

    First of all, she probably drinks mixed drinks, and you can always claim that there was JUST tonic or Red Bull in the glass.

    These are OBVIOUSLY drug photos. She doesn’t even look like a drunk. Drunks are pudgy and bloated. She is such a cracky meth mouth.

    Is she 27 yet? Urgh.

  43. serena says:

    AHAHAHAH like we don’t know she still drink and do lines. Please. You don’t need to steal phones (I would have slapped the hell out of her if she even tried) because everyone already knows.

  44. G says:

    Poor guy probably worked his whole life to stay out of trouble and one night around this crackwhore and he might lose his job?! There has to be a crackie clause?!

  45. Boo says:

    Ewww, can you imagine if she put those gross, always-in-her-mouth-or-somewhere skanky fingers of hers on *your* phone? You’d have to throw it away–and into a hazmat bin. Blechh.

  46. Sara says:

    That first pic is super scary. That pic should be beside another of hers from two years before and be in all high schools across America to deter children from touching crack, meth, etc.

  47. Miz Misanthrope says:

    I thought of something that would be beyond fun…people should take up a collection that would allow the lucky winner of a draw to go meet the Cracken and smack some damned sense into her. Your donation to the fund would be your potential Golden Ticket to punching the Cracken in the throat. The big condition would be that it would need to be broadcast live and take place in international waters to avoid potential legal repercussions…I would seriously put in $50 just for the opportunity even if I didn’t get to be the lucky winner.

  48. Sam says:

    Who else sees another one of her famous civil lawsuits coming? Like the ones she filed against E-Trade and Pitbull? She seems to abuse the civil court system constantly.

    • Ruyana says:

      I believe out of court legal settlements are one of her major sources of income. You notice she never actually takes it to trial.

  49. Shelly says:

    I don’t think for one minute that this guy “choked” her. She’s a pathological liar. He probably did take pictures of her, but what does she expect, especially when some of them were when they were in a club, which is a public place. She has no right to grab people’s phones. If she doesn’t want pics taken of her when she’s out, then she should stay at home and be that “homebody” that she claims to be. *snort* I think she grabbed his phone and he tried to get it back, which probably involved him grabbing her by the arm or by her shoulders, and in crack logic that equates “choking”.

  50. eileen says:

    Question of the day is: how in the HELL do you get your teeth to look like the first pic? That’s a LOT of nonbrushing and drug use right there. :shudder:

  51. e.non says:

    somebody needs to smack that bitch upside the head. how dare she steal these phones; and who the hell is this security that’s going thru people’s personal property. oh hell, no. there are all kinds of crimes committed here — and it sure doesn’t include taking pictures of this whore. i hope one of these times she keeps the phone and the nypd tracks her down and throws her ass in rikers.

  52. Laura says:

    This is going to sound awful…but I think the only way for Lindsay’s never ending drama/bad behaviour to end will be if/when she dies.

    Not that I am wishing for her to die because I am not — she is still a human being and deserves at least the bare minimum respect of not having others wish her dead.

    It’s truly unfortunate that she is seemingly unable or unwilling to clean herself up and get on the right path in life. Not because she is “famous” or an “actress” but because she is a young woman with so many possibilities to better this world. She has had some tough times in life, just like the rest of us, but she could use her experiences for good actions instead of as an excuse to behave badly.

    But like I said, I think this is one story that will NOT have a happy ending…

  53. Nicolette says:

    I’m not buying her cracky-tale for a minute. At one time I felt bad for her, wishing she could get her life together. She’s so far over the edge it’s ridiculous. And I agree with the previous post from Laura……this will not have a happy ending. I think we all know that except her and her horrendous enabler, Dina.

  54. notafan says:

    on 9/ 21 this chick twitter account says
    my iphone broke and i need the iphone5 but they are sold out everywhere ! well well well miss crack head no one stepped up, and wtf why not try to steal this guys phone . i read she said her phone battery ran out and she just borrowed his phone .karma is a bitch huh crazy crackhead .

  55. Jennika says:

    Dailymail has a story ( I think radar might too) that she grabbed TWO more phones from two girl because she thought they were taking pictures of her. Hopefully this twat will grab the wrong phone soon

    • seen says:

      Why would security get involved? is it illegal to take pictures of people in public places? when did THAT law go into effect. i would never turn my phone over to “security” to peruse my messages and/or photos. wow. there simply is no expected right of privacy when you are in a public venue, and if you are an INVITED guest to someone’s hotel/house/party, you certainly are entitled to take pics. But in a nutshell, if you don’t want nasty pics of you out there, don’t do nasty stuff. seems to simple doesn’t it? would she seriously CARE if there were pics of her out there playing cards or trivial pursuit? could only BETTER her image, i would think.

  56. ViloDeMenus says:

    When a Republican Congressional aide doing is doing giant lines of coke with a known druggy failed actress and filming it on his Iphone, only bad things can happen.

    He obviously has no common sense and as a Congressional aide is privy to many sensitive and secure documents, I think this episode shows he’s not the right person for a job of that nature and he needs to be let go from that position of trust. I mean how stupid is this guy?

  57. seen says:

    Oh lord. She’s at it again, trying to be relevant. Now she’s claiming she was bullied, and THAT was why she left high school to be “home-schooled” (which by her definition means she stayed home when school as going on…as she never even bothered to get a GED). Read Katie Courie’s tweets, saw lindsay thanked her, and of course went on to detail her own experiences (cuz everything is about her), once again throwing her father under the bus (i guess they’re back to not speaking). True, he is a felon and went to jail, but he’s good enuf for her when she needs bail, and he sure is a handy standby when she wants to explain her (lack of) morals/manners. “My father was in jail. I was bulled.”


  58. Memphis says:

    I’m tired of waiting for Karma… This bitch needs prison time..real prison time. Stupid crackie bitch.

    God she puts me in a bad mood..

  59. Hakura says:

    You have to wonder if she goes online to read about herself. She wants attention, & obviously doesn’t care if it’s negative (all pubicity is good publicity? Perhaps she & Arnold think alike.)

    I wish we could watch her climb out of that crater of addiction instead of her downfall. (She’s somewhere just passed the center of the earth right now, but she’ll be in hell in no time, if she takes the next left…Good thing she already has the complexion for it…)

  60. savedbykittylitter says:

    She looks pretty in the second pic, in the others … my god

  61. mln89 says:

    if she invited him up to her room and he took pictures of her without her consent, then he is in the wrong.i don’t know what a woman is supposed to do in that situation, but i would have grabbed his phone too, especially if i was naked or in a compromising position and i DID NOT CONSENT to having pictures taken of myself. and the guy looks like he’s as big of a douche as lindsay is. i don’t feel sorry for him in the least..

    even so, i still think she needs to gather her last two working brain cells and last shred of dignity and get the eff out of the public eye. ellen degeneres told her to take a break from being in the spotlight years ago, and maybe if she had listened, she could have PRIVATELY gotten her personal demons under control and had a chance at a serious and respectable comeback (like one of my fave actresses and former addict, drew barrymore.) but she continiously wants to act like trash and even help spread trashy stories about herself. if no one was charged with a crime, why the f$$k is she making comments about this to page six? she should know by now, that the public does not even like her, so she’s not going to get sympathy or even the benefit of the doubt. if the police don’t think there was a crime, does she think anyone is going to take her crackhead word for it when she says there was? PLEASE. she should let it die down, so that maybe, just maybe, someone would talk about her “career” for once. all publicity is good publicity to this trashbag. as long as she gets to spout off her mouth to the press and gets attention, she doesn’t care what it’s about.

  62. DD says:

    I had the exact same thoughts when I saw the bobby pin. Exact. How odd.

  63. dcypher1 says:

    Sounds like lindsay is showing symptoms of a paranoid schizophrenic. She thinks she suffers from the everyones out to get her syndrome. Lindsay ur old news nobody cares anymore. And u dont have that much money ones wants sh!t from u no one wants to even be around u from fear of u terrorizing them u crazy bitch. U need to be commited for the sake of society. If lilo tried to take my phone I would kick her ass.

  64. crtb says:

    I guess I am the only person who is on Lindsey’s side on this story. When a person has gotten in as much trouble as she has, everyone expects that she is automactly guilty. I think this guy is a douch. He went to her hotel room for sex and drug. He had nobusiness taking pictures. Had she taken pictures of him hand he knew he would lose the sweet job of his, he would have fought her tooth and nail for the camera. What she has no rights because she is a celebrity?

    • SGlusker1 says:

      I guess everyones just tired of hearing about her. Plus shes known for getting involved with dirtbags so it was only a matter of time before this happened. Its hard to side with her whens shes gotten away with so many crimes!