Did Casper Smart give Jennifer Lopez a gigantic engagement ring in Paris?

Earlier this week, Jennifer Lopez, Casper Smart and Emme Anthony attended the Chanel show in Paris. It was all part of J.Lo and Casper’s whirlwind international extravaganza, much of it probably business-related. But I noted at the time that considering Jennifer and Casper had found themselves in Paris, “the most romantic city in the world,” perhaps they would at long last get engaged. That’s what a lot of people thought, apparently. And many sites began to play “Let’s Start An Engagement Rumor” when they saw J.Lo’s engagement-ring-finger bling at the Chanel show. Here’s a closeup:

Beautiful, right? Huge diamond, beautiful setting, ostentatious and glamorous and Totally J.Lo. So what’s wrong with this picture? If Jennifer and Casper had finally gotten engaged, do you think we’d really have to speculate about it days after she shows up somewhere with a ring? Please. When Jennifer orders Casper to propose, and when she gives him the ring which she would like to receive, he will follow through and then Jennifer’s first call will be to People Mag and BAM, we’ll all talk about it. For now, though, Jennifer is just wearing leased pieces, probably from Chanel’s jewelry line. Of course, there is a wrinkle to this theory: Jennifer wore this same huge ring on the same finger the next day, at the Valentino show. Very interesting.

Wonderwall got in touch with Jennifer’s rep, who said flat-out that Jennifer “is not engaged.” YET. So do we have to talk about it yet? I think we should just prepare ourselves for the eventual engagement. I’m predicting it will happen by the end of the year. Maybe around Thanksgiving?

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. gee says:

    She looks really pretty. I hope she’s not engaged. Why does she think she should marry everyone she dates?

  2. Rose says:

    Oh god, they’re totally engaged. Here we go again!

  3. Annie says:

    I can’t stand this loser wearing glasses inside a fashion show!!!! Take them off, douche you’re a nobody! Seriously, Jennifer wake up. You could have a young hot man with his own career like Shakira and her Soccer Star. Not some who needs you financially. Not someone who needs you to create him a fake job/career.

    I would never take a bf’s money and buy myself clothes and things, and I’m a girl! It’s just worse for a man to do that. Gifts, sure. But an entire new wardrobe, cars, etc? That’s just embarrassing.

    Don’t marry him and don’t have a single kid or you’re screwed.

    • ConnieNobody says:

      Annie, I was thinking the same thing! Why does he need to wear sunglasses?! Who does he think he is?! It’s so ridiculous. He’s being “kept” by an older woman while he does NOTHING other than spend Jennifer’s money and the occasional back-up dance, and suddenly he’s Somebody? He’s the King of the Tool People, and his sh*t-eating grin makes me physically ill. PLEASE don’t let this be her next baby daddy!

  4. marie says:

    haha, you mean did JLo buy a gigantic engagement ring? I don’t think Smart can afford a RingPop.

    She looks good in these pictures, I like the dress.

  5. daisydoodle says:

    maybe she can collect all the engagement rings and put them on a necklace or as a charm bracelet.

  6. Brown says:

    It looks like she’s wearing a dress made for a 12 year old. Too short and doesn’t fit right in the bust. I felt like her pink dress the other day had the same feeling…. something she owned a long time ago and was trying to fit back into now, too short and too tight.

    Maybe she’s trying to dress like a kid so that she feels more on par with Casper’s age?

    • Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

      I agree the dress is too short. I think it’s a pretty dress, but would look a lot better on her if it was a few inches longer.

      As for Casper and engagement rumours…I hope she does marry him. They deserve each other. He creeps me out and certainly is not MY type, but I don’t have to get into bed with him and he seems to be good with her kids.

      As for the ring…it looks like an engagement ring (one she’d buy for herself) and it’s on her ring finger. Doesn’t necessarily mean it is, but she knows exactly what the tabloids would think when she chose to wear it on that finger. I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear an announcement. Maybe she’s waiting to cut a deal with People magazine with pictures of an upcoming engagement party or something. Who knows?

  7. islandwalker says:

    I wonder how much she paid for it.

  8. effy says:

    Beautiful ring.
    Jlo looks good.

  9. dooliloo says:

    awwwww! He bought her a ring with the money allowance she gives him… How romantic..

  10. MAP says:

    Honestly, I just can’t stand her. Who cares if she’s engaged again? There’s food in my fridge that’s lasted longer than most of her marriages. Give me a break.

  11. judyjudy says:

    Isn’t the point of an engagement ring is that it’s a gift and a promise? Someone working hard saving up and proposing with a small diamond means so much more than a woman deciding to buy herself a giant ring. Maybe I’m old fashioned but I’d rather have my love give me a .25 carat than go out and get my own because what he can give isn’t good enough.

    • Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

      Me too JudyJudy, but clearly that’s only for the “little people”. Frankly, I wouldn’t want a big gaudy diamond ring like some of these stars get. I don’t think they are as pretty when they are such massive diamonds. To me they just look like costume jewelry. I did like Blake Lively’s pink diamond and tiny little wedding band. That at least strikes me as real, unlike this one (if it is an engagement ring). I’m with you…if you have to go buy your own ring and having something ultra-bling is so important (and yes, I’m looking at you KimK!), then maybe you should think about what is really important to you? The person you are marrying and marriage itself or just having a fancy wedding with all the trimmings you can impress everyone with.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      judyjudy – Hubs used to talk about how he wanted to “switch out” my diamond for a bigger one for our 10 year anniversary (back when things in our relationship were good) and I told him “No. This is the ring you proposed to me with, the one you asked me to spend the rest of our lives together with, and the one you put on my finger when I said ‘yes.’ If you want to get me an anniversary ring, that’s fine. But this diamond stays.”

      Too many people nowadays are more focuses on the size of the stone, the dress, the cake, the reception; and not the actual MARRIAGE.

      (I’ll add the obligatory “And stay off my lawn!!” myself, thanks.) ;)

    • shannon says:

      Completely agree … I’m completely in love with someone right now, and if he proposed with no ring at all, I’d say yes. Who cares about a ring? It’s icing on the cake, sure, but the biggest thing is finding someone you love who loves you back and wanting to spend your lives together as partners. It shouldn’t be a business deal, like you’re being “bought” by a big ring.

  12. MsGoblin says:

    She’s posing soooo hard to show that ring.

    And what’s with the squinty-eyes and pout? She does that all the time. I can just see her practising that in the mirror.

    Yeah, I’m tired of her.

  13. Courtney Johnson says:

    I’m not trying to nitpick, but isn’t her name Emmy Muñiz? I thought Marc’s middle name is Anthony. I could be wrong. I was just curious :)

  14. Courtney Johnson says:

    Sorry, I meant Emme – stupid autocorrect :)

  15. TheOriginalKitten says:

    You know, I get when celebs want to protect their kids and I’m not saying they should stage photo shoots on the playground every other day but there are some celebs that I totally forget even HAVE kids and J Lo is one of them. Xtina is another example.

    Not trying to sound judge-y because believe me, I am in AWE of women who raise children and work as well (you ladies are my heros!) but it seems J Lo spends more time with her 3rd kid Casper than with her little twins.

  16. mar says:

    I just saw her trailer for that Jason Statham(sp?) movie-

    let’s just say her acting has gotten even worse!!!!!

    I met her once, she is NOT A NICE PERSON!!

  17. KellyinSeattle says:

    I’m giving them a break. If they love each other, more power to them. She already acts like she’s in her 20′s, and she was married to an older man. Maybe she’s just one of those who does well with a younger man. Giving them the benefit of the doubt. I love the ring.

  18. snappyfish says:

    i think she’s one of those annoying women who can’t be without a man, ever. she’s a man hoarder.

    so sad.

  19. skuddles says:

    Best ring JLO’s money could buy.

  20. Grace says:

    Jen bought herself another engagement ring? Oh dear. This isn’t going to end well.

  21. Happy21 says:

    The real question should be “Did Jennifer Lopez buy herself a gigantic diamond for Casper to give her as an engagement ring in Paris?

    This boy really got lucky didn’t he? He got the golden ticket!

  22. Blue says:

    Why would you take a little child to a fashion show? Anyways isn’t she still married? I mean it obviously means nothing to her, being engaged while still married but damn.

  23. CityGirl says:

    I think she is too old to be wearing that dress….

  24. Nev says:

    she can work some clothes and a bag man….lovely.
    she may bring back the baby-doll.
    please don’t marry him.

  25. stephanie says:

    she looks gorgeous and i’m sorry I know everyone loved them but I think those shoes with the locks or whatever on them are tacky.

  26. Lerama says:

    I don’t get Jlo and her men, they’re getting stranger and stranger. And I also wonder why she took Emme dressed up like a doll to Chanel.

    The girl looked totally bored and was lying in Jlos lap all the time.

  27. Lerama says:

    I don’t get Jlo and her men, they’re getting stranger and stranger. And I also wonder why she took Emme dressed up like a doll to Chanel.

  28. Lerama says:

    I don’t get Jlo and her men, they’re getting stranger and stranger. And I also wonder why she took Emme looking like a doll to Chanel.