Lady Gaga dressed like a witch to visit Julian Assange: WTF or why not?

Okay, just know that I kind of hate myself for admitting it (again) at this point, but I still find Julian Assange bizarrely attractive. You don’t have to say it – I know I have major issues. The above photo was taken in the Ecudorian embassy in London. Julian Assange has been living there for months after he sought asylum from prosecution by the British government – the Brits were going to extradite him to Sweden so he could face his sexual-abuse charges, but the end-game for Assange is that he fears the Swedish government will simply turn him over to the Americans, and he’ll end up in some Guantanamo hole. Basically, the Assange “cause” is a complicated and (at this point) farcical issue involving claims of sexual abuse, war crimes, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, anti-Americanism, civil liberties, transparency, international law and the right for a government (any government) to keep secrets. Enter Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga visited Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London and the unlikely pair had dinner together last night, it has emerged. The singer, who had been promoting her new perfume at Harrods next door, was seen leaving the Knightsbridge embassy building dressed all in black and wearing a pointed witch’s hat.

The WikiLeaks founder, who is wanted in Sweden over alleged sex attacks on two women, has been holed up there since June and has claimed asylum.

Lady Gaga is said to have spent five hours with him, emerging at midnight after the two had shared a meal. Earlier, singer M.I.A. had tweeted a message to Lady Gaga saying: “If ur at harrods today, come visit Assange at the Ecuador embassy across the st. im there. Ill bring TEA and CAKE (sic).”

An embassy spokeswoman confirmed Lady Gaga had visited but said she did not know whether M.I.A. had been there.

She said: “People can visit him (Assange) but usually he has his own team set up the appointments.”

The visit from the Poker Face singer came as Assange’s high profile backers who had stood as sureties for him were ordered to pay a court £93,500 because the Australian has skipped bail to seek asylum.

The supporters, who include a Nobel prize-winner, an aristocrat and an academic, were warned they would face jail unless they found the cash within a month. Other supporters of the whistleblower have already lost £200,000 in security money.

Lady Gaga was booed by angry fans on Sunday night when she arrived over an hour late for the UK launch of her Fame perfume at the luxury department store. Many who turned out to see her were left disappointed, having failed to even catch a glimpse of her before she dashed indoors.

[From The Telegraph]

I can’t even imagine what Julian Assange and Lady Gaga have to say to each other for five hours. Is there a possibility that they had sex? Perhaps. They both seem like bizarre people, although in Assange’s case, I think he’s legitimately weird, like there’s something “off” about him. For Gaga, it’s just an affectation. So who knows? Maybe Gaga is going to fund Assange’s legal work for a while, until she gets bored with that cause and picks up a new one.

And no, I have no idea why she was dressed like a witch. *Kanye shrug*

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  1. virginia says:

    anyone noticed how she has gotten skinnier again.

    • Brown says:

      Body Revolution, baby! Be happy the way you are!! Love yourself! You were born this way, baby! Unless you’re even mildly “chubby”, in which case talk about how happy you are in your skin and then starve yourself back down to thinness when no one is watching. Body Revolution!

    • Tiffany says:

      How in the world can you say she has gotten “skinny again”? She is covered collar-bone to foot!

      Also…Gaga was speaking out because she was being called fat by numerous blogs, websites, etc. It wasn’t like she made up something just to champion. She was called fat, and probably wanted to address the fact that while she had gained weight, she wasn’t really “fat”.

  2. T.C. says:

    Lol this story is just way too funny. I can’t even.

  3. Eleonor says:

    I find him attractive too…and I think this could become “a thing” in Hollywood: random celebrities who go visit Assange.

  4. marie says:

    She is all about exposure eh? Like an annoying product placement.

  5. dooliloo says:

    A real WTF but I’m not surprised. She is truly the fame monster, jumping from one occasion to the other to stay relevant. Assange so called liberty of expression well wikileaks or not, if he had nothing to do with the rape allegations why won’t he go to Sweden and be interrogated then? Because as the US is a country condoning death penalty, he can’t be extradited anyway. That and getting the asylum from a country not exactly clean on human rights and other liberty of expression.. Hmmm right.

    • LizEJ says:

      Exactly. If Assange is not guilty of sexual abuse he should go back to Sweden instead of hiding out. Lady Gaga and Assange are both just trash.

      • Serenity now says:

        The Swedish police could easily travel abroad to the U.K to question him. Which they have done so freely in other cases. There is also video link which is used a lot in legal proceedings. But no, the prosecutor wants him back in Sweden to question him on charges he was previously dismissed from. The U.S wants him, they have been building a case about him for a while. I some what admire his cause. He is an anarchist and I believe Hilary Clinton called him a high-tech terrorist. I think there should be more transparency and accountability from governments.
        Maybe what he does is largely an ego trip and maybe he is a misogynist.
        I feel bad for the guy his own country of birth has abandoned him. As an Aussie my government has done a piss poor job giving him “consular assistance”. Also if I was him I would be paranoid too look what happened to Private Bradley Manning.

      • irishserra says:

        Serenity, I agree with you. This is the ONLY reason why he is a wanted man right now, because he exposed the U.S.

        People are forgetting that the “rape” he is accused of, the “brutal sex attack” for which he is being sought after is the fact that he did not use a condom, unbeknownst (allegedly) to the victims, which rightly is a crime in Sweden. However, while I am in agreement that unprotected casual sex can be considered criminal on some level, I don’t think that characterizing consensual sex without a condom as a “brutal attack” as the mainstream media keeps parroting, warrants all of this mob-like mentality. The guy is arrogant, for sure, but his biggest “crime” was exposing the U.S. for their actions and this is exactly what he is being sought after for.

      • Sam says:

        Have any of you actually been following the rape case? Conveniently he was accused of rape after the whole Wikileaks thing came about. First, it was rape. Then it was dropped to molestation. Then rape by “surprise”, then rape in that the condom broke (wtf?) then back to a more serious raped as in held down forcibly, and NOW the charges have been dropped completely. It was an obvious ploy to hold him for something other than being a whistleblower and when it backfired they dropped it. I don’t know what he did with those girls, and neither do you. But I do know that if he did rape them, I don’t think for one second they would have just dropped the charges. Now people who don’t bother to read the news will continue to label him a rapist, even though he’s been cleared of the charges. This isn’t a “the glove didn’t fit” scenario.

      • Tiffany says:

        It is such crap to pretend like Assange is doing anything noble. Yes, there should be more transparency…but to pretend like the US is the worst offender is just absurd!

        If he was really about transparency, why hasn’t he shown a spot light on Iran when they were shooting their citizens in the streets? Why hasn’t he exposed the abuses of the citizens of North Korea? Why hasn’t he helped any of the revolting citizens during the arab spring? Why isnt he showcasing abuses of the chinese government in regards to free speech?

        Yes, the United States isn’t a perfect nation. However there are FAR greater dangers to the citizens of the world. He seems to like celebrity more than actual just causes.

  6. Lila says:

    I so am picturing her performing songs from Wicked for him. Lol

  7. Ming says:

    If PETA is for unfathomable celeb trash, is Julian Assange for the fathomable trash ones ?

  8. iwannarock says:

    she looks like Peach Gildof. crossed eyes.

  9. andy says:

    can anyone tell me what she has done to her face? it looks different than a year ago. i noticed it specially in the terry richardson pics, which he is taking during her tour. her lips look bigger and her nose smaller. all in all she looks prettier than she did one or two years ago… anyone else noticed?

    • Riana says:

      THANK YOU.

      I find the content of most Gaga posts to be meaningless (as in much of what she does is meaningless) but I find myself staring endlessly at her face because…it is NOT the same one she had a year ago.

      Its so hard to tell what she did though…whatever it was it didn’t improve the landscaping that’s for sure.

    • Jayna says:

      She blew up her lips.

      • Gigi says:

        Her lips are different, that’s obvious… I’m not sure it’s all, but she looks like a duck now

    • Tiffany says:

      I think her lips are injected (supposedly she said so on her website). I dont think she has done anything to her nose. It always looks straight from the front (see her first cd The Fame cover). It is when she turns to the side that you can see the bump by her bridge, it is obvious in profile.

  10. lady_luck says:

    Kaiser, I just find it too hilarious that you find Assange attractive. He is a pale, sickly ghost of a man with a ludicrous idea of politics, warped sense of reality and even more warped sense of paranoia.

  11. tmbg says:

    Gaga’s trying to channel Stevie Nicks! Stay away from Stevie territory, Gaga! Only one woman can wear black like that.

  12. gg says:

    She’s taken ten years off, taking the 12 layers of MAC off.

    And him – damn, does he live on porridge and not move all day? He couldn’t be any more soft, scrawny and mooby if he tried. Even looks like he’s got a hormone issue. Go to the gym, Julian!

  13. FalconEddie says:

    She kinda looks like Whitley Port (chick from The Hills/The City, in some of those pics, if her hair was just a little lighter and her brows were thinned out, she would look even more like Port, IMO.

  14. Random Devotchka says:

    Get it? A WITCH HUNT!!!!!
    I think I figured out the outfit everyone!!!

  15. bej says:

    Just watched a show on Sunday night (here in Australia) about Assange when he was a teenage hacker, ‘Underground – The Julian Assange Story’. It was interesting, he had a pretty unstable upbringing. And I was surprised at how sympathetic it was toward him, seeing our Government has basically abandoned him, and condemned his actions with Wikileaks. But it infiltrated my dreams & I actually had a bizarre sex dream about him last night, though in reality I find him physically repugnant. But now you’ve admitted to finding him attractive I’m questioning whether on some deep, hidden, sicko level, I must too!!! Oh & his father just said Julian’s going to run for a seat in the Senate here, which I would have thought impossible seeing he has sought asylum with another country & can’t reallyy get home to Australia. But, obviously he’s feeling confident he’ll be a free man come election time. Maybe he thinks all the support from celebs like Gaga will convince our Goverrnment to finally assist him, and bring him home. I doubt it though. Can’t see Julia Gillard (Aust. Prime Minister) being swayed by Gaga & her body revolution!!

  16. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    All the politics aside, this is just famewhoring nothing more – anyone that would take political guidance from gaggles is an idiot – everyone on this site knows her real background, and it certainly wasn’t a cosmopolitan intellectual it was a rich privileged white girl that wanted to become rich and famous. Remember a few yrs ago re the arizona immigration law and how she made some noise about it mostly to play all sides and perform in arizona to get a fat check and then last yr. that rubber bracelet bs re helping the Japanese people. Haven’t heard much about those have we, and she would never support the Dream Act (assuming her management team has given her the Dick and Jane version), Big Bird has more interesting insights than this bozo.
    Celebrities are roped in by the media because they speak the simple language the media loves and it’s easy to market. Finally, since gaggles has numerous corporate sponsors and endorsements her faux “leftish” stance is a hypocritical joke. She’s a multi-millionaire capitalist popette nothing else, and playing at leftish politics doesn’t make you one – it’s how many assuage their guilt while still keeping the MONEY.
    A George Orwell quote: Advertising is rattling the swill bucket of capitalism. Isn’t that all she is?

  17. darth says:

    Didn’t you guys know? She’s like this really big and influential political figure, in addition to being the most important musician and artiste the world has ever seen. She, like, single-handedly started a body revolution that rid the world of fattiness, not to mention being the first person EVER to talk about gay rights, and we’ve all seen how much the lives of gay people have improved in this country ever since, right?
    Deluded f**king wench.

  18. Amy says:

    She looks like she did pre-Gaga when she had dark brown hair and still called herself Stefanie Germanotta. And much less make up!

  19. Missykitten says:

    She definitely changed her face — notice she is not wearing those ridiculous masks anymore. She was hiding her face to hide all the work being done to it. Definitely had a nose job and lip injections.

  20. alxandra says:

    Everything has been coordinated to extradite him to the US. The rape charges are bogus charges. Julian Assange only exposed the slaughter imposed by the American government. Unfortunately the American news are filtered just to keep people ignorant. The reality is that we send mercenaries to slaughter the Iraqi people over nothing but unadulterated greed from the Bush/Cheney oil thirsty tyrants.

  21. wendy says:

    She is probably wearing Saint Laurent’s Spring/Summer 2013.

    love it

  22. leena says:

    this is not a fat comment at all.. but her face looks just like mama cass in th top pic

  23. dcypher1 says:

    Assange is innocent he was set up. They really want to catch his ass and lock em up for what he did. He didnt fo anything wrong he just called the government for all the corrupt things they do all over the world foreign and domestic.