Claire Danes and Billy Crudup broke up for the holidays

Claire Danes and Billy Crudup both ditched their partners of seven years to shack up together after they met while filming the movie Stage Beauty in London. Most people disapproved of their relationship because Crudup’s longterm girlfriend, actress Mary Louise Parker, was seven months pregnant when he left her. Now the word is that these two cheaters have ended their three year relationship.

Acting couple Claire Danes and Billy Crudup have reportedly ended their three-year romance after splitting just before Christmas (06).

American publication In Touch reports the romance went sour when Danes started talking about marriage.

The couple hooked up in 2003 after Crudup left his heavily pregnant girlfriend Mary-Louise Parker to court the Shopgirl star.

What a shame. Billy Crudup plays an evil bastard in the super-boring Good Shepherd and has the movie Dedication coming out next year. Claire Danes has three films coming out in 2007 after a brief hiatus in 2006.

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  1. Roni says:

    I’m NOT really surprised that this “relationship” didn’t work! These two people are very talented actors…but my God! Did you really believe this was going to work? Billy Crudup had a seven month pregnant girlfriend when they first hooked up! Then he leaves her for Claire Danes! What kind of asshole does that besides K-Talentless??? I mean I’m sure that there are a couple of assholes out there that have left their wives and girlfriends. But very seldom do they have “good luck” in the relationship and that goes for the man and woman that he is leaving to be with. It’s called…KARMA! What makes Claire Danes “think” she is any different than Mary Louise Parker? If she was any kind of “real” woman she would have NEVER looked at Billy Crudup! She knew damn well he had a VERY pregnant girlfriend! Goody for her ass…she just received a taste of her own medicine! I’ll bet she’ll think twice before she destroys another relationship! These things just don’t last! It ALWAYS comes back to bite you in the ass!

    Prime Example: Britney Spears! She KNEW K-Asshole was hooked up with his PREGNANT girlfriend and she STILL pursued the asshole…now look at her dumb ass; 2 kids and she looks like shit! Sorry to ALL the “remaining” Britney Spears fans out there; but I speak the truth!

  2. Action says:

    Well said, Roni… Well said!

    I lost any respect for Claire that I used to have when she hooked up with him. I never had any respect for Billy anyway!

  3. just me says:

    What goes around comes around. She deserved it.

  4. kailie2 says:

    I agree. I will never understand how a man can leave his pregnant girlfriend for another woman. No decency whatsoever. He could have at least waited until after the birth if things were not going well for him and Mary-Louise. I have no sympathy for Claire Danes. BTW, I never heard MLP diss Billy in any way. I don’t know how she managed to do it–good example of how you can seemingly lose everything at your most vulnerable moment, hold your head up high AND win a bunch of awards. Oddly enough, Claire and Billy were never crucified by the public for what they did while public hatred directed at Brangelina (no baby involved) was off the charts. And last but not least, Claire Danes should never wear pants, ever. 😉

  5. Gigohead says:

    Mary Louise must be finally getting the last laugh. I don’t blame her. It’s quite a scary experience to be a single mother of a newborn– I know — I’m one with two kids. Unlike Mary Louise, I did have my ex’s with me during the first years of my kids lives before things went sour.

  6. singlebullet says:

    Well, it just goes to show— the public will put up with JUST ABOUT anything from its’ celebrities, but there is still a line to be drawn, and these two stepped way over it. Their careers never really picked up again after they coupled, and I would venture a guess that their careers will never be fully rehabilitated, either. Some actions are just so despicable that even the most tolerant of celebrity worshippers cannot look the other way.

  7. aneurysm says:

    was never a fan of clare danes. i think she was/is over-rated, however, mary louise is one of the more beautiful & talented & not surprisingly overlooked as most credible actors & actresses are.

  8. Randi says:

    Oddly enough, Claire and Billy were never crucified by the public for what they did while public hatred directed at Brangelina (no baby involved) was off the charts. And last but not least, Claire Danes should never wear pants, ever.
    kailie2 | 01.05.07 – 6:07 pm | #

    They just weren’t big enough to go after. On the rare occasions when one or the other of these two is mentioned, they never fail to mention the spurned pregnant girlfriend. Sadly, it’s not the scumminess of the act but the fame of the respective people involved.

  9. cathyb says:

    I wonder how credible the in touch aricle is , after all a few months ago it reported that the two were getting married by the end of the year, just wondering who is this source?

  10. Keri says:

    Just want to remind the people criticizing Claire Danes that while both she and Billy might have cheated on their previous partners, HE was the one who left the pregnant girlfriend. This makes a bad thing much, much worse. Also, he is older than she is and, for that reason also, should have displayed a bit more maturity and self-control. Seems to me he is the real Bad Seed in that scenario.

  11. frewtloop says:

    I agree kailie2 she’s really disproportionate – looong body and short widdle wegs.

    The scenes in ‘Shop Girl’ where she gets intimate with Steve Martin’s character made me vomit in my mouth a little bit.

  12. Action says:

    Keri, I agree that Billy is an @sshole for leaving his pregnant girlfriend. But siting maturity because he’s ‘older’ is bullcrap. Claire is woman, not a little girl, and deserves her fair share of the blame as well. It takes two to tango and they did. Both of them. They both deserve the blame.

    If EITHER one of them had any morals this wouldn’t have happened. Billy wouldn’t have let himself fall for Claire and Claire would realize dating a guy with a pregnant girlfriend is a horrible idea. But morals seem lacking for both of them.

  13. me says:

    God, he’s such a douchebag. I’d never see any of his movies. He makes me want to puke.