Mary-Kate Olsen and Kirsten Dunst get into a fight

Mary-Kate Olsen and Kirsten Dunst got into a fight last Wednesday in Miami, according to Page Six. Both were in town to attend the Art Basel convention, and were sitting together at a party. It’s not clear whether they were sitting by each other because they were friends or because someone sat them next to each other, but either way some sort of argument broke out between the two of them.

THE Art Basel convention in Miami has always been more about the parties than the art, but some revelers seem to be taking the concept to a whole new level.

Pint-sized Mary-Kate Olsen has cut a particularly wide swath through the town. On Wednesday night, Olsen and Kirsten Dunst got into a heated argument while sitting together at Audi’s party at the Delano in South Beach. “They just kind of stared at each other for a long time and then started exchanging nasty words,” says an onlooker. “Then Olsen just got up and left. She’s been going really late every night.” Olsen and her boyfriend, artist Nate Lowman, were also out until dawn with DJ Paul Sevigny at club Bella Rose the night before.

Says another partygoer at the Delano: “She looked like she had not brushed her hair in a week and she was chain-smoking the entire time and sitting like a sourpuss with her boyfriend. She was acting very oddly.”

[From Page Six]

I would really love to know what the nasty words were. I imagine Kirsten Dunst can throw out some low stuff. Just something about the look of her. These girls actually strike me as very similar. They both have odd fashion senses, look waifish, have gone to rehab, and are still known to really love their alcohol. The only significant difference is that Kirsten is about a foot taller.

In other Olsen news, Mary-Kate’s been fighting pregnancy rumors because she’s gained some much-needed weight recently. However it seems she put on a few pounds for some other reason, because she was seen downing quite a lot of alcohol during Art Basel.

TINY twin Mary-Kate Olsen is drowning the recent rumor that she is with child. The other night, Olsen and boyfriend Nate Lowman hit the Art Basel scene at the opening of The Station, an art exhibition in Miami that he helped curate. A spy told us Mary-Kate was smooching with her beau and smoking and drinking vodka cocktails all night, supporting her spokesperson’s recent announcement to Page Six that “there is absolutely no truth” to the rumor.

[From Page Six]

So I guess the epic Olsen/Dunst fight wasn’t because of raging pregnancy hormones or anything. Mary-Kate looks much better than she used to, though it sounds like she’s hitting the bar a little heavily. Just because she’s not quite as scary thin as she used to be doesn’t mean she’s a big girl by any means. I’m surprised she can hold as much liquor as she does. But now that the pint-sized twin has proven she’s not pregnant, it’s time to lay off the booze.

Here’s Mary-Kate out with boyfriend Nate Lowman and some friends in Miami on Thursday. Images thanks to Bauer-Griffin.

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22 Responses to “Mary-Kate Olsen and Kirsten Dunst get into a fight”

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  1. Gina says:

    How can you say the only difference between these two is thier heighth? There is a big difference between these two…. Kirsten needs a bath and a bottle of shampoo.

  2. ER says:

    They both need a make over…stat!

  3. Shelly Shellz says:

    They’re both dirty and disgusting.

  4. Frenchie says:

    At first I literally said ” a fight, oh, coool !”
    Then I had to choose my camp : I take Dunst over the troll
    Dunst is a natural blond, she played in several good movies including cult indies, and I think she never got surgery…

  5. Cletus says:

    I wish they would have had a straight-up brawl. That would have ben AWESOME, like seeing Skeletor and Mum-Ra duke it out. I think maybe the Olsen thing would be Mum-Ra, making the other one Skeletor. Or… I dunno… it could be the other way around. But that olsen thing looks all shriveled up, so Mum-Ra could work.But Mum-Ra has fangs, and doesn’t that other one have a funky grill? Who’s taller? Skeletor?

    Also, I don’t know who I would pull for. Mum-Ra and Skeletor both had really annoying voices, but Skeletor had all those cool henchmen. Mum-Ra’s henchmen were kind of lame. Okay, I got it- my money’s on Skeletor because he was down with Evil-Lynn, who would totally cut a bitch when nobody was looking. Whatever. Either way, it would have RULED!

  6. Cari says:

    @Gina… And MK doesn’t?? B/C MK is just a stunning beauty judging from these pics, eh? :wink:

  7. Ron says:

    Always take the side of the Olsen twin not only do they have razor nails and x-ray vision, they have giagantic body guards for the thown down. All Kirsten has is her purse!

  8. SeVen says:

    rofl Cletus. ” would totally cut a bitch” . Made my day.

  9. Gina says:

    @Cari – MK doesnt look good in these pics, but 98% of the time, she looks beautiful. KD look filthy 98% of the time. JMHO

  10. Codzilla says:

    Beautiful? They both looks like drowned rats on a regular basis.

  11. xiaoecho says:

    What is it with Mary Kate Olsen? She is constantly getting into slanging matches with other starlets. Perhaps she’s one of those nasty drunks. I can totally see her as a boozy bloated fifty year old in the future

  12. mollination says:

    They have more in common than their looks. They have both been around hollywood since they were little, with some serious credits under their belt. I can see how there would be some rivalry.

    I just can’t imagine MK involving herself in such pettiness…unless she was sh!tfaced (which clearly she was).

    MK FTW

  13. ff says:

    I dunno, I always thought Dunst had her nose tweaked surgically. It just went from having a bulbous tip to not all of a sudden.

    Her and Olson seem to be on the same annoying wavelength, for sure. If I was watching them fight I’d be more on the side of hoping they mutually anihilated each other rather than there being a winner.

  14. vdantev says:

    Wow, could you have picked a more unflattering picture of Kirsten to go beside that relatively nice pic of the Midget Kate?

  15. jaclyn says:

    MK can look good when she trys. Key words: When she trys!

  16. RAN says:

    I think we’re all too hard on Kirsten Dunst. She’s been a mess for a while, but c’mon… most of Hollywood has been at one time or another – Mary Kate included.

    For some reason I’ve always like KD, but she does have that ‘pigpen’ look about her lately. Hope she cleans it up.

    On a side note, was watching the original Bring It On (movie) the other day, with my daughter. KD was absolutely adorable in it, but she must have been wearing veneers – the snaggle tooth was missing. I have always thought the snaggle was kind of cute, but after noticing the veneers up close, they make a difference. Maybe she just needs to work on the appearance and some personal hygiene – could improve her appearance a LOT.

  17. Bodhi says:

    Drop Dead Gorgeous was funny as hell too!

  18. aleach says:

    in the top picture they both look like creepy grandmas.
    MK can be cute, sometimes i really dig her style, but dunst is usually always lookin like a mess!

  19. RaraAvis says:

    It’s so obvious: MK was out of ciggies and asked KD for one of hers. As if she would give up one of her precious fags! The nerve! I’m surprised they didn’t start bitch-slapping each other.

  20. Tina says:

    Eh, they both look like they’re nursing the premature stages of raging mental illness.

  21. Kat says:

    See what millions and millions of dollars did for the Olsen twins. A life full of boredom, drinking/drugging the nights away. The Olsen’s always look like they are cast members in a Dracula Movie and the only pleasure they get, is fighting with other people. What a miserable existance.

  22. Di says:

    Mary-Kate is half of a billionaire brand, but nobody considers her a talent. Kirsten is a talented actress. I think that’s the biggest difference.

    Mary-Kate always seems suicidal. Somebody needs to step in and take care of her. WHERE ARE THE PARENTS!!!! Those little girls were working when they were infants, and the parents have profited. Now their daughter needs them, and we’ve never even seen them. Look how well Britney is doing now that her family has finally stepped in.

  23. GhostBoi says:

    catfight :mrgreen: