Fergie on ‘rumors’ that husband Josh cheated: ‘Our love today is deeper’

Back in the fall of 2009, Josh Duhamel cheated on his wife of just nine months at the time, Fergie, with a stripper. The scandal took the covers of US Weekly and People Magazine. The stripper revealed her identity and gave several interviews complete with sordid details of the night in question. (They did it for hours and p0rn was playing in the background.) It was confirmed that Josh was filming in the town in Georgia where the woman worked on the night she said she was with him. Other people even confirmed that he was in that particular strip joint on that night. This wasn’t just a “rumor.” What’s more is that there were additional allegations of Josh cheating on Fergie with other women while he was away on set, as reported by US Weekly. So something went down, and it probably wasn’t just a one-time thing.

After that happened, we heard that Josh was in “the doghouse” with Fergie, but it’s clear she eventually forgave him since they’re still together. They even had a vow renewal ceremony a few months later, to coincide with their one year anniversary. Well I’ve wondered for some time what Fergie’s take on Josh’s cheating is, and she kind-of told Oprah about it. Fergie’s interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter will air October 21, and Access Hollywood had a juicy excerpt in which Fergie discusses Josh’s “rumored” cheating. A video of that segment is below. I see a sad look of acceptance and “what can you do?” in her eyes. Here’s a transcript:

Oprah:Nine months into your marriage, rumors began to swirl about him being with a stripper. How was that for your marriage?
Fergie: It was difficult

Oprah: Did that bring you closer together? Did it help you reevaluate your marriage?
Fergie: Definitely. When you go through difficult times it really makes you stronger as a unit, as a partnership. It does for us anyway. Our love today is a deeper love.

[Transcript from Oprah's Next Chapter via Access Hollywood]

Note that she didn’t deny anything at all, which I admire. A lot of women chose to forgive their cheating husbands, and to either look the other way or believe they’ve changed and won’t ever do it again. It seems like it’s usually the case that they “won’t ever do it again” because they’ve been thoroughly busted and can no longer deny it, which is what happened here.

I don’t get why women without kids and with the means to leave decide to stay and to put up with it, but Fergie obviously did. She may actually think Josh is different now and believe that their love is stronger because they confronted this together. I guess that can happen, and that people can change, but it must be so hard to rebuild that trust again. (I do believe the “once a cheater” adage, but there have to be exceptions. I doubt Josh is one.) Fergie looks kind of sad to me here, and I wonder why she greenlighted this question from Oprah. She doesn’t seem entirely convinced in what she’s saying. Maybe she’s reached some kind of understanding with Josh about his cheating and she knows what she’s saying is BS.

Here’s a segment from Fergie’s interview with Oprah:

Here are some vintage covers of this scandal:

Photos are from December, 2011 and earlier this year. Credit: WENN.com

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  1. Cam S says:

    I don’t remember this! I had no idea Josh cheated. I thought men just went to strip clubs to have a few drinks and hang….

    • brin says:

      Oh he hung alright…lol!

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      @cam, Not sure if sarcasm?

      But, for the right amount of money you can sleep with *most* strippers. This according to my SIL who worked at two very famous, upscale Philadelphia clubs.

      • Cam S says:

        Not sarcasm at all. I really didn’t think you could put your hands on strippers. They are always touting they are NOT call girls but exotic dancers… Maybe I’m naive.

        Here is a link to Nicole Forrester, the dancer Josh cheated with discussing the affair. She isn’t lying

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @cam, it won’t allow me to read the link from a mobile, but I remember reading her story a long time ago and thinking it was believable.

        As far as dancers go, girls at the high end clubs are more selective about who they are doing things with. My SIL slept with Bruce Willis for the experience, but the other men had to shell out big bucks (one paid her condo lease for a year, another paid for implants and lipo, another a $7,500 down payment on a car). At the lower end clubs (which are usually bottomless and don’t serve alcohol), I’ve know of guys who’ve payed $50 for oral. There used to be a poster here named Jazmin that was a dancer and she had similar stories. She told quite a few women here (whose husbands went to strip clubs) that they shouldn’t get too comfortable because their husbands could have whatever they wanted if they were willing to pay.

  2. Sadie says:

    I see Fergie as a young Demi Moore. I think she has incredibly low self esteem and will stick with him until he wants to leave.

    • Lucy says:

      I think your description is bang on, I think all the drugs and issues she’s had in the past really affected her and she never really grew self-confidence

    • Dana M says:

      I have a friend in the business who has chatted up with her at music award parties. She said Fergie is the sweetest lady and so very kind.

  3. dooliloo says:

    I always had that misconception of strippers being hot… Until I saw the pics of that one… Duuuuude Josh your taste is appalling! (she seems to have a nice body though)

    Anyway Fergie if by “our love is deeper” you mean he’s still cheating but more discreetly, not sorry for you!

  4. Victoria says:

    When I hear this kind of “deep words of wisdom” I’m sure that he is cheating her regularly. She is in denial because how can it be – she is “super sexy, famous, wealthy Fergie”.

  5. brin says:

    I don’t know why she’s still with him either. She must love him but does she trust him?

  6. CamColty says:

    None of us know how it happened and what has happened since. Therefore None of us can judge her decision to stay. I admire people (her not him) who take their vows seriously. Especially in Hollywood !

    • Layale says:

      Sorry, but I doubt this is her taking her vows seriously. I suspect it’s more her not wanting to be made to look like a fool. He cheated on her before their first anniversary. That is a low blow.

    • Hakura says:

      Maybe I’m taking this wrong, but your comment seems to suggest that a woman/man who ends their marriage because their partner cheated… Is somehow not honoring their vows.

      It’s the cheating party that dishonored said vows. There are some things that are just too painful to live with for the rest of your life.

      • karley says:

        I think some women find it easier to forgive a man who cheats with a stripper rather than having an affair that he is emotionally invested in

      • Hakura says:

        @Karly – You’re probably right on that, I hadn’t really thought about it.

        On the other hand, the fact that he hopped into bed with a complete stranger (without taking any time to get to know them), could also be disconcerting… Since it means he could do it again at any time, with any stranger that strikes his fancy.

        If that makes sense. May not have worded it as clearly as I intended.

    • thatgirl says:

      I fully agree with what you’ve said. My husband cheated on my around the same time frame (9 months after we got married). It was extremely difficult but I chose to forgive him because he confessed (I didn’t “catch him”) and because he seemed to be truly sorry.

      Trusting again is hard, but I get what she’s saying about learning a lot about love when you go through that. We’ve been married 4 years now and we’re doing really well. I still reserve the right to know where he is at all times and check his phone/email if I want (I usually don’t) and he understands that to be a consequence of his actions and accepts it because he wants to stay married too.

      I don’t take what you’ve said to mean that the person who divorces their cheating spouse doesn’t take their vows seriously. I think it’s an understandable response, but I hate it when people who choose to stay and work it out are criticized for being weak. It’s not weakness, it’s a different kind of strength, to forgive and move on.

      • skuddles says:

        I admire your strength and commitment to your marriage thatgirl. Your comment makes me think of something my Mom once told me that has stayed with me forever.

        If a man cheats and thinks hey, now that was FUN – no good – dump him immediately because he’ll def do it again. But if he cheats and feels like dogshit and confesses his sin, then not such a bad thing – remorse can be the most powerful deterrent of all.

  7. fabgrrl says:

    I honestly think celebrities, generally, have a different set of rules for each other than most of us. Cheating is okay when it is “on the road” and discrete. Josh, or Josh’s people, really should be doing a better job of covering up.

    • mln76 says:

      I agree with you that many celebrities have arrangements and look the other way. Still getting caught being so careless shows a lack of respect.

  8. marie says:

    I remember that, I even remember the chick being on local radio station-the situation did not look good for him.. Anyway, good for them if they were able to work through it and come out stronger-I don’t know that I could do it.

  9. Ming says:

    Anyone who has been cheated on, should wear a “Our love is deeper” shirt.

    The world would look like some anti-Utopia, where the government forces an uni-look on it’s citizens.

  10. Rhea says:

    My question would be…Why now???? After all this years passing by??? What’s the point in bringing up the past???

    IMO, building the trust again and completely forgiving your partner’s affair would be difficult…I see 2 different people reacted differently when they decided to stay together after one of their partner was caught cheating.

    One would seems like forgiving—that everything’s fine and peachy in front of everyone—but secretly being extra paranoid checking the partner’s messages, e-mails, etc while always have that doubt (would he/she cheating again??) whenever the partner going somewhere.
    And the other one—this couple have a children, though—–would be bitter, but often times finds a great pleasure in reminding their partner of their mistake in front of other people.

    I’m sure there would be some rare case out there where one would COMPLETELY trust and forgive their partner.

    I wonder which one Fergie would be?

    • Co says:

      Cause he never stopped cheating. There’s been buzz for years about his cheating. So yeah, it’s highly relevant.

  11. francesca1 says:

    I don’t know about their particular situation, but it certainly is possible to heal from infidelity and for that shared experience (difficult as it is) to strengthen the couple’s relationship.

  12. Jezi says:

    I forgave my husband for cheating and overcoming it made our relationship stronger. Why I stayed was because he promised to go to counseling and we had a child. Had we not had a child I would not have stayed. I’m glad I did now but the road to recovery is really not worth it sometimes.

    • lw says:

      I appreciate you sharing this. A lot of women act like they would just automatically leave a cheating husband no matter what. I think there are A LOT more women in similar situations who don’t want to admit that they stayed, whatever their reasons for doing so.

      • Aotearovian says:

        Agree. A lot of people have very strong views about infidelity and what a woman ‘should’ do if she is cheated on. Views which, in my opinion, count for nought if you haven’t been there, done that.

        I don’t think many people can say with certainty what they would do, only what they hope they would – and many who have been there don’t tell their stories because of the judgement of others.

        I’ve never been cheated on in a marriage, and I have no idea how I would react. I feel huge sympathy for anyone going through it, and that’s really about it. Leaving AND staying are both completely understandable choices as I see it.

    • Red Starburst says:

      we don’t have kids yet but that first year after finding out he slept with someone else and repeatedly lied about it after i confronted him after suspecting he did something while were engaged but in a big fight at the time over life plans.

      It was really rough especially since we didnt do any counseling and i couldn’t tell my friends/family because i didnt want the “i told you so” speeches so I went through it alone. It didn’t help that my husband’s behavior afterwards was very defiant as if daring me to leave because he hated feeling guilty and checked up on all the time. We definitely could have used counseling during that time. I honestly don’t know how we lasted through it other than we love each other.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Jezi-I respect your honesty and I also think you’re brave to talk about it.

      “A lot of women act like they would just automatically leave a cheating husband no matter what.”

      I completely agree and I think that’s kind of the problem-the general stigma and shame that women cast on women who choose to stay.

      I’ve never been cheated on (to my knowledge) and I have always maintained that I would leave but I also retain the right to change my mind, depending on the circumstances.

      I don’t know why women are so often judgmental and cruel to each other when an affair is already painful enough. Whether one chooses to stay or not is an entirely personal and private decision and no woman should be labeled “weak”, “naive” or “doormat” for deciding to work things out.

      Much respect to you ladies. Sometimes it takes more strength and fortitude to forgive and find a way to make things work.

  13. Jenna says:

    I never get the “our love is deeper now, because of this” or “we’re closer now because of it” ala David Boreanez. What douches.

    And sometimes even having a kid isn’t a good reason to stay.

  14. Jayna says:

    Let’s face it, they were apart a lot for extended periods of time with her touring and all her side projects and him off on movie sets all the time. It’s a wonder their marriage has survived cheating or not. Men get very horny and add alcohol and an easy woman at that moment and hadn’t seen wife in a while. He was thinking with his other brain.

    • Red Starburst says:

      I think a lot of men need to feel needed more than a woman does and when left on their own for too long, you’re right…the weak ones do think with their other brain. Nevermind that its not fair. Some men like feeling like the center of their partner’s universe and if that’s not happening and alcohol is involved, they may look elsewhere despite being in love.

      My mom used to tell me that as a warning when I got married since I was making the most money at the time and I definitely think its true. Not saying its fair, but some men need more attention/praise than others.

  15. Alexis says:

    I was honestly under the impression that they had an open marriage. Didn’t she say something to the effect of, “I’m bisexual and I realized that sleeping with other women IS cheating”? Anyway, I don’t feel bad for her. She probably willing puts up with a lot to keep him because he’s much better looking than she is.

    *cough*LeAnn Rimes*cough*

  16. carol says:

    he cheated. he got bored. fergie is boring

    • Veruca says:

      Her eyebrows aren’t. I find them seriously mesmerizing.

      They’re a cute couple. I hope they have worked out their crap.

      For me, once the trust is broken (in any kind of relationship) it’s really hard to re-establish it. I hope, for her sake, it’s not an esteem thing.

  17. lucy2 says:

    Personally I wouldn’t have stayed – that sort of behavior breaks all trust and shows such disrespect for the spouse, I don’t think I could ever fully get past it to have a healthy relationship again.
    She is determined to hang onto him though, so hopefully he’s truly a better husband to her now.

    • Linda says:

      Why should it be a case that she is trying to hang on to him? Couldn’t it be that maybe she is in love with him?

  18. hoya_chick says:

    Why is she bringing this up now? I think a lot of people have forgotten because neither of them are huge celebs and frankly kinda meh. Her eyebrows scare me. Shudders. What’s she promoting? Oprah could get anyone better than Fergie? Do people care? So many questions.

  19. HotPockets says:

    Didn’t he leave his other wife for Fergie or their relationship started when he was still married? Josh Duhamel seems to have a short attention span when it comes to the ladies. I just don’t understand why guys like this even marry when they cannot stay committed? I know Fergie constantly mentioned how Josh wanted children, but she wasn’t ready, so maybe a part of his cheating was him being resentful over that..who knows. How celebrities behave in their marriages does not apply to the rest of us.

    I do believe that part of Fergie’s forgiveness towards him is that she is very insecure because any woman who has self respect doesn’t allow a man to constantly cheat on her and so publicly at that. When he was filming Transformers in New Mexico there were several people that had called into a local radio station to talk about all of his discretion’s while on set there.

  20. bns says:

    They are such a random couple.

  21. Junegorilla says:

    Monogamy isn’t necessarily the most important thing in a relationship. He probably admitted that he was drunk and horny at a strip club. Which is why strip clubs exist here on the planet. And she let it go. I’m sure Fergie had more harrowing experiences in her meth days. People like to get some strange now and again.

  22. Dinah says:

    She’s been dickmatized.
    She needs more forehead. He needs less.

  23. LeeLoo says:

    I think this needs to be a personal choice each woman will have to make for herself if/when the situation comes up. I can’t knock Fergie for forgiving Josh and trying to move forward even though I would not make that choice myself. How a woman chooses to handle this deserves our support and not our judgment. Besides, Josh doesn’t have much of an acting career at this point anyways so I think he got punished, maybe just not by his wife.

  24. The Original Victoria says:

    I thought it was so cute how even when he was on All My Children he said his dream girl was Fergie (he was engaged then, I think) and then he went about persuing her.

    I think Gergie forgave him beccause she’s been through some tought times. I remember her on Kids Inc (remember that awesome duet she did with Rashad to Crowded House’s Don’t Dream It’s Over?) and then her career kind of went no where for a while. She was in that girl group Wild Orchid, butthat didn’t really go anywhere and she was hooked on the Meth. She’s probably done some things she’s not proud of and had people forgive her, and so maybe’s she was willing to forgive him as long as he was comitted to geetting better.

    God bless her.

    It couldn’t be me. Former methy or not.

  25. j.eyre says:

    I have met him because he is a friend of a friend. He is so pretty it makes my teeth hurt.

    The first time I met him, he came by my friends to pick something up. There were 4 of us moms all trying to corral our children aged 3 and under while they assembled their own strawberry shortcakes. It is very hard to look sexy while greeting a celebrity with whipped cream hanging off your eyebrow and you daughter launching strawberry slices at your cheek.

    Their marriage issues I know nothing about. I know that he and Fergie have always been very nice to my friends and their kids.

  26. jk says:

    My understand from antoher interview is that he wanted her to be home more with hi, She was gone all the time and when she wasa home she was out partying and boozing it up and drugs wre involved. He thought when they got married she would be with him more but it didnt happen. No excuse for cheating but maybe he was thinking about bailing out of the marriage since he also wanted to havb a family and you cannot do that when she is gone and when she is not gone touring she is out partying And boozing and drugging it up. maybe that is why she decided to write his cheating off?

  27. lisa2 says:

    I vaguely recall this. But I thought he said the woman was lying and that they were thinking of suing. I could be thinking of someone else.

    As someone said up thread, he was always talking about them starting a family. He kept saying how he wanted a big family. Fergie was saying she was not ready. Look I just think that when one person is talking family and the other work things are not going to end well. He seems to have stopped talking babies. She keeps saying it will happen when it s time. I never get that from women. Like you body is a switch and will turn on when you flip the switch and (HELLO).. baby.

    It doesn’t always work when you are ready and want it to. And yes I think they spend too much time apart or spent too much time apart.

  28. midnightmoon says:

    i have a close friend who is what they now call a ‘service provider’. looks have nothing to dowith the sex trade. trust me on that. yes there are men who prefer the beauties, but men have all kinds of preferences and looks do notnecessarily come into the equation. i have learned a whole lot about the biz and have far more respect for the women who do this-it is a service they perform. there are many men stuck inshitty marriages who long for touch, acceptance, and intimacy. it is easier to find acceptance from someone who does not live with a person’s bullcrap every day. i can understand this. i also have heard tales of older men whose wives are ill and in nursing homes. very touching stories, really. we have all been fed a bunch of mainstream h’wood moralistic crap about ‘prostitution’ and while some ofoi is true, not as much as you’d like to believe.

  29. giddy says:

    So…he wants babies and she wants to wait… That should work out well. She may be a very nice person, but she’s not very attractive and certainly doesn’t look like the “mother” type. May not be the best idea for a former meth addict to procreate. Perhaps she has better sense. He can always marry some young-un later to start a family. Neither of them look like “death do us part” kind of folks anyway…