Kristen Stewart walked out half-way through her live Balenciaga interview

Well, let’s talk about it. Sigh. GO HERE to see Pop Sugar’s exclusive photos of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. This is Robsten’s third (?) couple-y photo-op in a week, I think. First there was the grainy photo-op where Kristen and Rob were out at night, then there was the photo-op where Kristen’s armpits were front and center, and now this. Rob and Kristen were photographed at her new house in LA on Wednesday, I guess. Kristen was seen taking a swim, and then Rob greeted her as she got out of the pool, they kissed and then they walked arm-in-arm into the house. All on schedule, right? The photos should be labeled “See Breaking Dawn Part II in November, y’all.” You know what’s funny? Even CB has gotten disgusted with all of the sparkly BS, and she has a much higher tolerance for it than most.

Menawhile, Kristen did her much-hyped “live interview” on behalf of Balenciaga yesterday. Um, it did not go well. The idea was that people would submit questions to her and she would answer them in some kind of live forum which was supposed to go on for 30 minutes. Obviously, the questions were heavily vetted beforehand, and they were only supposed to be about her Balenciaga contract, I guess, and her personal style, maybe. Even then, Kristen had to cut the interview short. Because she’s a miserable c—t. The video is below, and I’m including some highlights:

Kristen Stewart is no stranger to the camera, but her spokeswoman skills could perhaps use a little work. As the face of Balenciaga fragrance Florabotanica, Stewart sat down with French fashion editor Virginie Mouzat in Los Angeles Thursday to answer fan-submitted questions for a live promotional interview. The inquiries ranged from the straightforward to the strange, and the visibly shy actress tried her best to talk about some rather abstract ideas surrounding the scent.

“I had to have a relationship with fashion from such a young age – you walk down the red carpet, and it matters. It’s strange,” Stewart said. “At first I just wanted to get it right, I wanted it to be smooth sailing and just to be able to do my job. Then I did a photo shoot with Nicolas and it was the first time that taking photos in high fashion felt like telling a story, that it was part of a concept – it wasn’t just about something on the surface, it really evoked a feeling.”

A loyal supporter of the brand, the 22-year-old was sat front row at Ghesquière’s last two shows in Paris and is often seen wearing her favourite Balenciaga leather jacket (“It might as well be permanently attached to me – it’s like a second skin.”) Stewart described working with the designer as a “really personal” and “natural” experience.

“He’s really one of the only guys I’ve ever met in [fashion] that makes me feel like I’m working for a director,” Stewart continued. “He’s really creatively impulsive. Fashion can be a very superficial, surface-level thing that is all about money and image, but he really creates a show. You can pull clothes out of a show and it’s like watching a movie.”

The Twilight star touched on her personal style during the chat, which saw her faced with questions submitted by fans.

“I’m from LA and unless the occasion calls for it, I’m a really simplistic, comfortable, straightforward dresser – I don’t really think about it,” she said. “I go anywhere outside of LA and I’m like, ‘Oh God. I forgot to put socks on. I probably look silly, it’s winter time.'”

She explained Balenciaga creative director Nicolas Ghesquière’s vision of the perfume, which she described as “Alice in Wonderland-y.”

“He imagines a girl sifting through a garden that is really gorgeous and intoxicating, but dangerous,” she said. “She’s picking flowers that could possibly kill her, and taking the beauty out of them.”

When the interview came to a standstill after less than half of the promised 30 minutes, Stewart tried to salvage the session by bringing the discussion back to Ghesquière, whom she praised highly for his artistic vision.

“He’s very conceptual in the way that he makes his stuff, and not to say that he’s the only one, but it’s really rare and it’s really special,” she said.

She signed off soon after, apologizing for not being able to fill the full half-hour. Considering this was her first major press event since news of her scandal surfaced, it’s hardly a surprise that her interview wasn’t overly smooth. When asked if she could say something French, Stewart said no, but that she wanted to learn. She admitted, “I’ve been a little preoccupied.”

[From Vogue and People]

Well, when I was reading the quotes, I thought she was probably high, but now that I’m watching a few minutes of the interview, I don’t think she was high. She’s just jittery and uncomfortable. What I kind of love is that the production value for the “live chat” looks so budget, and the topics at hand are so narrow and perfume-centered, it’s like Kristen is participating in a really cheap info-mercial. No wonder she left early. She’s TOO HARDCORE for this junk.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Mia 4S says:

    Very unprofessional, she can’t afford that right now.

    Those two have been photographed more in the past two weeks than in the past few years. It’s laughable, but then Twilight fans aren’t known for being bright!

    • Micki says:

      Indeed.For two over the top private stars.I think there’s a eastern saying:

      Tell it once and I’ll believe it, tell it twice and I’ll doubt, tell it three times and I’ll know it’s a lie.

      Too many photos, it’s completely out of line with their style so far.

      • Jane says:

        What a contrast…celebitchy when you want to read how bad Kristen is getting bashed and robsten dreams when you want to read how much she is still put upon a pedestal and tried with all her heart to save the interview. Damned if she does and damned if she don’t.

      • Apples says:

        @ Jane

        People agree she tried. Unfortunately, she (and interviewer) failed.

        *More research, longer answers, less self-indulgent twitches.

    • CTgirl says:

      Second hand embarrassment is the worst and that’s all I felt watching this mess. The production values were insanely bad and the girl needs to put a brace on that leg to stop the jimmy leg. If a splint worked for her favorite finger then a brace should calm that leg the f*ck down.

    • Jane says:

      What does Pap pictures of Rob and Kristen have to do with Twilight fans not being bright. I am a Twilight fan and also a college educated, very bright woman in her early thirties. Your comment was very asinine.

      • Lizi says:

        Jane,don’t take this the wrong way,but every person who has common sense knows that college education is not a certificate that proves a person is bright. I know many dumb and educated people.

      • chalkdustgirl says:

        Lizi, referring to oneself as college educated doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is asking to be seen as intelligent. Attending and ultimately completing a course of study at a university often represents a somewhat well rounded person with goals and a basic work ethic.

      • Mia 4S says:

        College educated and “book smart” does not mean bright ( believe me I know, I went to graduate school and have seen it all 😉 ). My point is that Summit targets Twilight and related PR in a manner that implies they believe the fans are very young, or at the very least unsophisticated. They made these (supposedly) “beloved” books, cheap (and they look it), with poor scripts, mediocre actors, and laughable special effects….yet the audience lapped it up, threw money at it and came back for more. Zero demand for their money’s worth and something that wouldn’t insult them. Hence those of us on the outside have to assume…not too bright. I would also include this label for those who believe Transformers to be extraordinary cinema (although they a least had good special effects).
        Bravo on the correct usage of “asinine” though, having only been able to stand half of the first Twilight book, I must assume the author could not have managed the same. 😉

      • tinypie says:

        twihard got her pannies in a bunch lol

      • Lizi says:

        chalkdustirl I completely disagree..During my college experience I have come across the most dumb,lazy people with no goals in life. Many people have a degree because it looks good on their resumee and it’s also a social issue,I believe. Too many people use the “college education” excuse as a certificate of intelligence.

    • eb says:

      I watched the whole interview on another site. I don’t think she did too badly. They had a set number of questions and she just answered them in 15 minutes. She even tried to talk about the creator for a few minutes at the end since she thought he should be mentioned.

      She looked jittery in places. Touching her hair. That kicking leg. Uncomfortable.

      • Vesper says:

        Yes, the chat was awkward, but more so because of the poor performance of the interviewer, as well as low level production elements.

        The interviewer was awful. There is much more to an interview than looking at ur ipod and posing questions – especially posing such poorly written, simplistic, stupid questions. “How do I get my parents to let me wear the perfume?” Surely she could have come up with better questions. Kristen didn’t walk out of the interview early, the interviewer ran out of things to say.

        As for Kristin’s obvious nervousness, the camera should have been aimed closer to adjust for figeting. It was just really poorly produced. Everything about it, including the backgroud, seemed low budget.

  2. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    I saw those pics of her and Rob getting cozy in her new mansion. To be honest, I was devastated. 🙁 Roooooob! Why did you take her back? *sob sob*

    • Me says:

      Devasted? LOL How can you believe in this PR circus?

    • Melymori says:

      I was “devastated” to see he accepted to do this stunt, somehow I really though he was beyond that, not like KStew who always seemed so full of sh*t… in 3-4 yrs of relationship they were photographed showing some PDA a handfull of times, and what a coincidence that just a day after news broke out of the house she purchased near his, there were photos of them being so lovely to each other and enjoying the pool…. all in time for the movie promotion, how lucky Summit is! hahaha

    • Jane says:

      If all of this was a PR stunt, why would Kristen buy a home. She could have moved back into Rob’s home unless he didn’t want her to. Now, that makes sense.

    • UniqJaz says:

      Is that a picture of Kareena Kapoor?

  3. Micki says:

    I’ve read …”the visibly shy actress tried her best to talk about some rather abstract ideas ”
    and decided not to watch the mess.Better after a helping drink tonight.
    I’m curious how her Lainey’s going to interpret it.

    • MW says:

      I watched a minute of this. Why do people think she is edgy, unique or shy? I think this girl lucked into becoming a huge star, hates it and all that it entails, is totally ungrateful and can’t be bothered to disguise it. The money is great while it lasts so she will continue doing the minimum required, and after it’s over, she will be relieved to just disappear. JMHO.

      • Micki says:

        Ok, now I finished about 5 min and GOD! it’s truly awkward…Bad chemistry and bad dynamics from both sides.
        I thought KStew took seriously her “strike back/comeback/reinvention/image polishing/ets.”
        I’d sort of expected somewhat elaborate answers and she delivered some sec.job with repetitions.
        That was a bad idea on several levels altogether.

        First: her image is not of a clean/well kept/groomed person.I think of old times when people instead of bath put parfumed sponges in their armpits…urh

        Second:She never stroked me as someone interested in fashion/beauty industry.

        Third: even her written interviews are bad but a live one and so long?! Utter disaster.And unforgettable one too!

  4. Janet says:

    I’ve been searching for a single word to describe her and I think I finally found it: gauche. She’s just gauche.

  5. Boo says:

    STOP shaking your stupid foot! It’s distracting and unprofessional. Had to stop watching only two minutes in.

    At least her hair looks somewhat clean.

    • Janet says:

      What’s the matter with her, has she got restless leg syndrome or what?

      Her hair appears to be reasonably clean for once but it looks like a rat’s nest.

  6. eileen says:

    May I have your attention please: Will a Robert Pattinson please report to the office and turn in his Man Card. That is all.

    • Mia 4S says:

      LOL! So mean…but lol!

    • Mia 4S says:

      LOL! So mean…but lol!

      Come on, how could Sparkles resist those tasty armpits!

    • FreeSpiritedGirl says:

      LOOOOOOOOOOL! I wish he would read this.

      • Anname says:

        I HATE comments like this, why on earth would you want him to read this? You have your opinion, fine, post away, discuss, be entertained. But I just bet that Rob knows a bit more about his life and relationship than you do. He doesn’t need your input or advice!

      • eileen says:

        Oh my. Anname: take a deep breathe and research “Sense of Humor.”

      • Anname says:

        Thanks for the sincere advice Eileen, I appreciate it as much as Rob would appreciate advice from this board. 🙂

    • Sara says:


    • Apples says:

      Funny but, I don’t think (hope) that he has to return his man card yet.

      I still think they are trying to salvage, via PR, her mini-coopering damage. Isn’t this movie about a love story that lasts for eternity?!

      • eileen says:

        ITA with ya Apples: but the guy makes millions of dollars and at some point you have to decide if you want even MORE money or to keep your dignity in tact. He’s still young and he will rebound from this, but in the mean time he should check his Man Card in. JMO

      • Apples says:

        You’re probably right.

        I now think this is more about rehabbing her image rather than the movie.

        He is switching “back” to Indie movie roles so doesn’t care about being perceived as Alpha. I think he wants to kill some of this passionate fan following and move toward people who pay to see his movies in theaters. (Too many saw Cosmopolis free online).

      • MW says:

        I am not so sure they are together, or the “reconciliation” is something they are strictly doing for PR. It could be more about being legally obligated to bite the bullet and to appear the eternal couple, no matter what, so they don’t breach their contracts.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I too think he has taken the “sensitive new age guy” thing too far. This is wimp-ish. He is sooooo going to get dropped from his bowling league for this.

    • Liv says:

      Ha! Good one.

    • clee says:

      He should turn in his Man Card – everyone knows that real men would never forgive a cheating partner.

      That kind of shameful weakness is only typical and thus excusable in the fairer sex, dontcha know, which is why no one ever suggests that women who do the same should turn in their “Woman Card’.

    • Co says:


    • Madison says:

      No not the man card, it’s all he has left. He’s aldready handed in his self respect card I think we should wait until BD2 has been and gone before we ask for the man card too.

  7. judyjudy says:

    She’s such a dirty brat. I love her! I think it’s because if I had become a celebrity at that age I would have been the exact same way….

    • Amanda says:

      +1000 I’d be just as jittery and uncomfortable, too

      • Mira says:

        Well she can definitely control the celebrity craze aspect by doing something about it. She’s very uncomfortable and it shows. If I were her I would have never accepted to do this gig and many others. Screw the money especially when she already has millions in her account. I hate any kind of attention in my non-celebrity life. I wouldn’t be in her place anyway so I don’t understand why she puts up with things that she’s really really uncomfortable with. Don’t do it. Simple. She need not take everything her PR team says as gospel. Use you own brain once in a while and tell the PR team to shut up.

    • Suzen says:

      Definitely. How uncomfortable was that interview?! I would have hung myself half-way through. Bleh. Poor girl.

    • Liv says:

      She earned millions with Twilight. She could just do indies for the rest of her life, but instead she chose to be the face of Balenciaga and does blockbuster films. All her choice. PR is part of the job nowadays.

    • giddy says:

      Exactly the point. Lots of girls could do what she does. Therefore, she’s totally replaceable. She can be substituted with thousands of other young wannabe’s. She’s NOT special. So now they’re trying to sell you on how “different” she is — unique — such a “talent”. She isn’t. She has no special gift or talent. Her acting skills are mediocre. She has no charm. She is boring. She parrots and spews ideas she’s read from others. When more people begin to see through the hype her salad days are numbered.

  8. T.C. says:

    What can I say Rob is weak when it comes to Kstew. Some people are smart about everything else in their life expect in picking the right person to date. Usually it’s women but Rob is showing that some men have that weakness too. They can take back cheaters. Just like Rihanna is showing that some take back a bf/gf that physically abuses them. Sad all around.

  9. Amelia says:

    She’s such a mully little brat.
    For goodness sake. Manners, girl, manners! Look the interviewer in the eye!
    I despair.

    • Danziger says:

      And for some of us awkward unfortunates, looking a person in the eye feels like someone’s trying to jam a stake through your skull while simultaneously choking you. It’s terrifying, indescribable.
      KStew shakes her foot. I start compulsively scratching my upper back and shoulder, kind of like Nina in the Black Swan. And never the eye contact. Ever.

      The chick’s a brat, and not (at least on the surface) very intelligent, but I can’t fault her for this.

      • gg says:

        Same here, and I make one eye go walleyed just to avoid staring into the eyes of the interviewer. And freak them out too. lol

      • RuddyZooKeeper says:

        I can’t look people in the eye, either. Part of a sensory processing disorder. I have trouble seeing you and hearing you or speaking my thoughts at the same time. One or the other of the senses will zone out if I force myself to “have good manners.”

      • gg says:

        @ ruddy – that’s exactly it! My husband has a real problem with this and he can’t help it. I can look into people’s eyes, but then my mind starts wandering and I’m thinking about their teeth, what I’m having for lunch, etc. If I look just past the speaker I can concentrate on what they’re saying much better. I just fake things until I get what I need info wise.

        At any rate, a talented interviewer could have kept the momentum going. This whole thing is a big fail.

      • april says:

        agree completely w danziger… that is how i feel. it is not a lack of manners or disrespect, some people just have that social awkwardness and discomfort, and it is really almost impossible to change it.

    • bej says:

      Yep, my 13 year old daughter with Aspergers behaves exactly like that when put under focus & forced eye contact. I’d be pretty pissed at the judgemental people who label her a brat with bad manners just because she has sensory issues.

  10. normades says:

    30 minutes… c’mon girl!

  11. deb says:

    She probably had to cut the interview short because (1) her handlers told her not to say “dude” or “f*ck” so her vocabulary was seriously limited & (2) she had to rush home for yet another staged photo op with pussywhip. But hey buy that stinky perfume AND your BD tix twitards !!

  12. MJsinAustin says:

    I sincerely hope Sparkles is playing the PR game, otherwise this is a really BAD decision. Nice digs tho.

    • Me says:

      Sparkles is a famewhore like her.

      • UNF Joan Jett! says:

        It´s their job to be famewhores 😉 What else is Hollywood about these days?

      • giddy says:

        Yep. It’s in his contract. And they are both being paid handsomely to fulfill the contract. They’re like robots going through the motion. Like two prostitutes being paid to simulate sex for a high paying john. Guess what gals — you’re the john.

  13. serena says:

    K-Stew thinks she’s a big hit when she really doesn’t even know to do her job.

  14. dcypher1 says:

    Hardcore or not she still has a job to do and promote the frangrance. she needs to learn how to bare and grin corny things like that cause thats what there paying her for. Thats what happens when u sellout kristen u cant be artistic or hardcore u have to be comercial.

    • gg says:

      I’d have put the the contract – no perfume interviews. This was going to look like a cheap infomercial no matter how great she was at the interview. I find Taylor Swift’s enthusiastic fan talk videos equally cringeworthy and cheap looking, and think they need to knock this practice off. People need to cultivate more mystery and less TMI, like the old days.

      And get a high fence so papps can’t shoot me getting out of my own damn pool. That is completely uncalled for.

  15. Ann says:

    This mess actually wasn’t Kristen’s fault, and she didn’t “walk off”. The interviewer was completely unprepared and didn’t even have enough questions to fill the time slot. That’s why the interview stopped. Kristen apparently tried to fill in some of the dead space by talking about Ghesquierre, and still the interviewer said nothing or did nothing to try to extend the time. Good Lord, anyone with half a brain could have come up with more (or better) questions than were asked here.

    I know it’s popular to paint Stewart as the cause of everything wrong these days, but honestly, that interviewer was a hot mess. I think Kristen tried her best, but she can’t do the host’s job for her. Balenciaga needed to choose an experienced (and competent) host. If the host stops asking questions and says “okay thank you” 15 minutes early, what is the interview subject supposed to do about it?

    • Me says:

      Poor Kristen… Guilt is always of others. She is unable to form a simple sentence. She ask for her opinion and K Slut talks about the opinion of Nicholas. She has no brain and only knows say “fuck”.

      • Chellez says:

        I get what ur saying about the interviewer, but her answers were horrible. Very short answers, stammering all the way through, even rolling her eyes and sighing at times when she had no idea how to answer. Maybe a better host would’ve helped, but she still sucked.

        However, I agree: she did not “walk out” as the title states. She didn’t even put down her stupid foot to walk anywhere.

        I never comment on KS, but this was seriously infuriating. An entitled stupid little bitch is all I thought watching this. Ugh, I’m done.

    • Michele says:

      The reason the interview ended early is because the woman asking the questions was not prepared. She ran out of questions to ask. Kristen even tried to help her out by starting to talk about Nicholai at the very end. Kristen did not cut the interview short. The video proves as much.

      • marie says:

        it’s never Kristen’s fault is it?

      • S_____ says:

        The celebrity isn’t responsible for the flow of the interview. That’s the interviewer’s job. Their job. So yeah, it’s not her fault.

      • gg says:

        Oh but didn’t you know, it’s ALWAYS Kristen’s fault isn’t it? Because I’m 17 and I’m jealous she has back my precious Rob and everybody knows we’re meant to be together … 🙄

      • ORLY says:

        A more verbally skilled and articulate person could have controlled the flow of the conversation, whether there were more questions or not. It’s a social skill that Kristen is lacking.
        I agree the interviewer was unprepared though.

      • JS says:

        @marie “it’s never Kristen’s fault is it”

        No, quite often it is very much Kristen’s fault! It just wasn’t her fault this time. She did her best with a set of absurd, banal, pointless questions. She is very obviously not a confident person when it comes to interviews, despite her characteristic bluster, and this one must have been torture. Yes she often talks drivel and swears inappropriately, but here she tried her best (she didn’t say “f%ck” once and quite honestly, I would have!) and, while I am not a fan of hers at all, I think this was not her fault.

      • Milla says:

        Semi agreed.
        The interviewer was awful, she didn’t find the right angle to approach to KS, who at the same time look nervous and out of place. KS should learn to do interviews, its about time.

        Overall, very awkward.

      • marie says:

        honestly, it’s a fail all the way around and it falls on all of them because not a single one of them were prepared.

      • Jane says:

        What happened to the 5,000 questions that came in for her. Surely to God, that many questions would fill a 30 minute interview. The interviewer acted like kristen was wasting her time.

    • Riana says:

      Kristen’s at a ‘burn the witch’ time in her career, so there’s going to be a lot of blaming her for everything.

      What’s really a shame is that it was so budget and that they couldn’t have enough questions or make the whole thing look better. Some luxury brand.

      The mistake is she’s never been good at interviewing and she’s got a very nervous demeanor, but she DID her job as best she could. Still…always been a terrible interview.

      • gg says:

        ^^^ this.

      • Ann says:

        “Burn the witch” – that made me laugh. Sad, but very true.

        You’re right, it did look very budget. I don’t get the point of it or how it would help sell perfume. Maybe it’s a European thing, but I don’t think it plays well here.

    • J says:

      I’m with you on this, but I think it’s also Kristen’s P/R team that failed her as well as the interviewer. Kristen’s job was to show up, look pretty, and say something nice about the product. It was someone else’s job to prepare her. She was clean and neat, for a change, but obviously no one gave her prepared comments to make. She should have had the questions before hand and some scripted answers. When she said that at least she liked the fragrance so she didn’t have to lie about that, I nearly fell on the floor. What a huge PR fail all the way around.

    • akku says:


    • Roo says:

      ITA. The interviewer was TERRIBLE. Kristen isn’t exactly articulate or interesting, but she had next to nothing to work with.

  16. Me says:

    Promo time! This circus is beyind pathetic. Kiss on the cheek and permission for paparazzis to enter on private property. Look at this photo It’s impossible not to see the paparazzi and is impossible accessed without permission. CIRCUS TO SELL BD.

    • Ann says:

      The paps that took these pictures were not on their property. If you have any experience with photography, it’s easy to see that these photos were taken from far away, with a zoom lens. Remember the Kate Middleton pictures? The power of camera zoom lenses these days is unreal.

      Her home is up on a hill (pictures on one of the websites from the RE listing show it). The property behind her is significantly downhill. Yet the shots are on the same level. It means they were taken from a multi story building or roof, some distance away.

      I’ll be interested to see if there is any fallout. It’s a clear privacy violation, possibly of the new paparazzi laws as well (which haven’t truly been tested yet).

      Think about it. If they were staging these pics, would they be walking around in their undewear? Rob is in boxer briefs in some of them, for goodness sake. If they needed kissing pics, they could have taken them anywhere.

      I don’t buy for a second that they had them come to their home. The Real Estate Stalker blog dropped the info about their house this week, that’s why the paps jumped on it.

      • JS says:

        You’re over-thinking it. If it’s Rob and Kristen, it was PR by definition. It is not possible to prove otherwise because no matter what obscure, clever objection you come up with, we know they thought of it first and did it that way to make it look more authentic. They are super-mercenary, hyper-diabolical ultra-masterminds with no morals whatsoever and only our total cynicism prevents us from being taken in by their fiendishly elaborate photo opportunities.

      • gg says:

        I agree with Ann and I think JS is overthinking. They look like they are in a private moment to me, and I can’t think of anyone who would wish to be papped in their own back yard wearing underwear. They can go anywhere public to get papped if they wanted to.

        In the Hollywood Hills, there are countless peninsulas overlooking canyons. Any adjacent streets on any of these steep fingers of land, which are completely peppered with very nice houses, could potentially have visual access with zoom lenses to other houses. There are also houses and streets above the canyon houses which could have a sort of aerial view.

        All one has to do is drive down streets in that area and see if the particular view is unimpeded, and snap away.

      • JS says:

        @gg. I actually agree with Ann too. I was trying to be ironic about the general sentiment on the board. Sorry it didn’t come across!

      • gg says:

        oh – ha! I stupidly didn’t read your entire post. My bad.

      • Sarah says:

        @JS. I thought it was pretty funny.

  17. Skipper says:

    She doesn’t strike me as the type that swims.

    • eileen says:

      Exactly; because swimming requires water…. which she seems to shirk from.

      • giddy says:

        Yes… bathing is not an option… nor is using parfum… Maybe someone should tell Balenciaga.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Perfume ads seem to be a perfect fit. She can just drown herself in it so it smells like she showered (what my husband refers to as a “dago shower” (which, I realize, is racist; but he feels entitled to use as an Italian).

  18. pretty says:

    Is this perfume supposed to be some kind of East-Asian ish thing?

    Those drawings with red, yellow, black things remind me of these korean card game thing.

    Aren’t they similar?

  19. Eleonor says:

    She’s too hardcore to be professional.

  20. Blue says:

    She seems to have a thing for directors. Every chance she gets she gushes on about which ever director she worked with last. I thought they would have told her to not to do that.
    I feel bad for these twilight fans, they just lap up everything put in front of them about this girl/movie. First they said K & R were back together and living together, yet she bought her own house. How exactly did paps get pictures of them by her pool. I mean it is all so staged and planned out. Yet these fans just buy right into it. You shouldn’t make strangers the center of your universe. Smh.

      • Blue says:

        I figured as much. So stupid. She better not complain about them again.

      • Ann says:

        Nope. The back of that property is way downhill from the house. If paps were shooting from where your red circles are, they would be shooting seriously uphill. Yet the pictures are on the same level as the deck outside the house. Photos had to have been taken from a building, upper floors, probably some distance away.

      • gg says:

        Wait – what is this photo link from – Google Maps? Because it has all the markings of a routine house picture taken at some other moment in time than exactly when the swimming shots were taken. So, Fail.

    • Robin says:

      ^this. She is just in love with anyone that gives her some attention isn’t she?

      • giddy says:

        She has SO MANY idiosyncrasies that its cruel to trot her out in public. As a child her parents pulled her out of school. Why? They didn’t really “home-school” her. Took her until she was 20 to finish her GED. They took her out because she couldn’t get along with her peers. So she’s always looking for adults — teachers — to mentor her.

        Part of the problem is that her extraordinary discomfort in this process makes anyone watching her uncomfortable. It makes an observer get that awful feeling that comes with watching an accident unfold. You want to stop it — you can’t stop it — so you or need to just look away. That’s NOT how you sell something. She’s a car wreck. And its cruel to watch.

      • gg says:

        Absolutely – I compare this feeling to watching the I Love Lucy show – an embarrassing trainwreck approacheth.

  21. Chellez says:

    Unintelligent. Inarticulate. Uninteresting.

    Why is she doing this crap when she’s so bad at it? I wanted to scream watching this. The umm-ing, the stammering, the complete loss for words and obvious lack of interest for the task. What a waste of time and money.

    • gg says:

      It’s called “a Balenciaga contract”. Don’t blame her for it – I feel sure she wouldn’t have picked it if she had a choice. Blame the parfum company for their bad decisions and ill-chosen interviewer.

  22. Nola says:

    For someone who is a gossip writer, you have a very narrow and skewed idea of how the public relations and paparazzi work.

    It seems pretty clear that the reason there are so many pics of rob and kristen suddenly is because

    a) they are involved in one of the biggest gossip stories this year

    b)now more than ever RK pics are more valuable than ever. Any pap that scores pictures of them together gets a huge payday.

    c) all week long Stewarts house has been featured all over the Internet. It’s not hard for someone to figure out a way to sneak in and snap some pics. If the Burglar Bunch can do it, so can a shady paparazzo.

    As for the interview it was poorly executed but I wouldn’t say Stewart pulled a DiVA move and shut it down. It seems that the interviewer had anticipated Stewart’s answers to run longer and in turn didn’t pull more than a handful of questions. As a journalism student, that really is one the worst things that could happen in a timed interview.

    • S says:

      Man. Finally, someone who has some sense. Thanks for this.

    • Mia 4S says:

      Oh come on! Whether the reunion is real or not, even Lainey talks about how over the past few years the two of them would dive into dumpsters rather than be photographed together. Websites would have loved these shots a few months ago too for the Twihard traffic. Either way, you are being played, they are as Hollywood as the rest, nothing special.

      • Nola says:

        Things change. People change.

        It’s safe to say that the affair probably change the perspective of the relationship. Maybe they don’t think hiding in dumpsters matter as much compared to what they’ve been through.

        Of course everyone plays the game in Hollywood but its about degrees. Stewart is 22 years old how she palys the game now now isn’t the same as how she played at 17 or how she’ll play at 30.

      • ORLY says:

        Nola – this reeks of setup, it’s similar to the week of photo blitzing last year (or 2010) when they were ‘caught’ 3 or 4 nights in one week, eating sushi etc.

        I’d research and link but I’m too lazy to find those pics.

        I agree with you on the interviewer expecting KS’s answers to run longer. I mentioned that in an earlier comment.

    • Apples says:

      Yup, kind of like advertising where they are going to be for the photo ops?!!

      Even the dumbest of Paps could have figured out a way to that location…

      Now the (relatively cheap) house purchase makes sense-it’s her team’s Promo 2012 Location. It will be for sale again soon, or rented out.

    • Riana says:

      Now now, when the masses want their pound of human flesh – you give them their pound of human flesh.

      Then you get a fan so you can make sure the scent of blood really gets into the air and catches their attention.

  23. SleepyJane says:

    She is insufferable.

    Leave the spotlight if it’s so beneath you. There are a million women who would take your place in a second; leaving us all muttering “Kristen who?” in your wake.

  24. Jocelyn says:

    I can’t believe how fast and easily he forgave her.

    She didn’t just cheat, she publicly humiliated him. That would be hard for anyone to get over.

    He must really really love this girl. But I figured he would take her back. It has always seemed like he was more into her than she was into him.

    As for as professionally speaking, she needs to be more respectful and not think she is above anyone else. She seems to carry around with her a bad attitude.

    She also seems to contradict a lot of things she says. I’ve always said it, she is the ultimate try-hard. She doesn’t have to be. Maybe she is just young and will grow up.

    • Me says:

      LOL He forgave her the week until promo stars. Yes, this is love hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha C’mon, open your eyes and see the circus!

      • Jocelyn says:

        I disagree. I think he has always had a thing for her. I don’t think these photos are for publicity.

        I’ll tell you another reason besides Rob’s weakness for her.

        Nothing involving Twilight would need fake photos or for them to get back together. Twilight sells itself.

        They know Twilight fans will go see anything and buy anything involving Twilight, whether Rob and Kristen are together or not.

        There really isn’t a good reason why they would fake these photos and I’m not even a Rob and Kristen fan. He is just okay IMO and she is just annoying.

        I do think it is odd that they got pics from her home when they have been very very careful about their pictures in the past.

      • SleepyJane says:

        The audience of 13-year-olds will be none the wiser. And that’s all they care about.

      • pretty says:

        “There really isn’t a good reason why they would fake these photos.”

        haha… are you serious?
        Let me tell you just one good reason.

        If rob takes her back, the general public’s view of this girl would calm down.

        If the victim forgives her, what can public say to that? And it looks like even if all those humiliations, he STILL takes her back so she probably isn’t that much of a bad person or she probably is very attractive to men. it makes her look GOOD. K skank NEEDS him.
        He is such a sweetheard, goddamnit. it hurts so much. ahhjjh

      • kingkayski says:

        “It hurt so much”
        Jeez!(why ????)

      • ORLY says:

        There are myriad reasons why the twi franchise needs R/k to be together. have you not read some of these tweets from the twihards? They look at pics of Edward and Bella and say things like “I see Rob and Kristen, not Edward and Bella”, “I KNOW this is how Rob and Kris are everyday”. “awww, when he said those vows, those were Rob’s words, not Edward’s”. They’re nuts. They need Rob and Kristen to be happy and in love in order to enjoy the movies.
        Twilight sells itself for the first showing, sure, but it’s the people who buy 10 tickets that drive the box office, they are the ones who need a happy couple or there would be no repeated visits.

  25. Dani says:

    Nice house. Photoshoot looks a little staged; at one point one of the girl friends there is looking directly into the camera. She actually looks cute in the interview. Sounds off (at work) but she needs to stop being so anxious all the time.

    • Anname says:

      The Will and Kate story, with the photographer a mile away?

    • Apples says:

      Yeah, it does look staged.

      He’s doing this thing I noticed with his eyebrows- when he gets uncomfortable, he starts to overact and his face starts to get overly animated. (See John Stewart interview for Cosmopolis).

      Sorry, I’m at work and can’t articulate well because person on phone won’t shut up. Rude! LOL.

    • Dani says:

      Not sure where Will and Kate come in?

      But yes! That’s exactly it he over animates his face in a way you don’t usually see him.

  26. Harpreet says:

    OMG those photos!! Boy is smitten! It is clear he is WAY MORE into her than she is into him. Maybe that is why she cheated? Who knows, what is RPatz is stage 5 clinger?

    • Danny says:

      He’s smitten with the procentage of the BD2 ticket sale that he will get.

      Her house is in a gated community, which means the pap was let in and only popsugar has the exclusive rights to the photos, it is staged.

      Even Lainey admitted they are staging these PDA photos.

      • Anname says:

        Or the pap was there illegally and they had no knowledge they were being photographed.

        I think they have decided to live their lives and stop “jumping in dumpsters” when photographers are around, if we are referencing Lainey.

    • kingkayski says:

      Rob is so into deep with Kristen.Just look at the way he looks at her while he hand her the coffee and the towel,he looks like he’s the luckiest guy in the world just being with Kristen,he never take his eyes off of her while she’s walking up with him,i hate to say this but ,Rob is strung up ,big time.

      • Get a clue says:

        Man, give me some of what this chick has because I have no idea how you can cheat on your boyfriend publicly, with a married man, give the finger on a regular basis and act like a spoiled brat, and still wind up with everything you want. Damn girl! And was she wearing boy’s underwear as a bathing suit bottom? And you can see right through it? After a cheating scandal when people called you a slut? Damn girl!

      • ORLY says:

        Yeah, it makes total sense that after being publicly humiliated, the default position is to serve the cheater. A towel and coffee after she gets out of the pool? HA. Riiiiiight.

  27. Anname says:

    The pictures are illegal since they were on her private property. There is twitter talk of their lawyers pursuing legal action, for what that is worth. I would say they had a reasonable expectation of privacy there!

    • Danny says:

      That bullshit is coming from their PR to save their faces. If they wanted then popsugar would have to take the photos down but they are still up.

      They called the paps, they need to pimp that last film.

      • Anname says:

        Well, I disagree with you, strongly. Legal action does not happen instantaneously, btw.

        And their last film needs no “pimping”, it’s a guaranteed blockbuster already, a fact many are completely ignoring.

      • Ann says:

        Danny, they don’t need to pimp the last film. Presales are way ahead of the last Twilight movie, which did just fine. Twilight movies sell themselves to a very devoted (fanatical?) fanbase.

        Honestly, there is no need of the kind of stunts people are talking about here to sell this movie. Think about it. Are people who weren’t interested before about to go buy a ticket now, because they saw a picture of their house? Because there was a picture of them kissing? No. People that don’t care about Twilight, don’t care and won’t go, regardless of media hype. Twilight fans will go regardless. It’s a pretty closed universe, at this point.

      • eileen says:

        So for weeks they were rumored to be back together and there were no photos of them. Then in one week they are almost daily photographed. How can you discredit that? When she looked at the house, Kristen and her team would have determined that if she can view the hills, the hills can view her. She purchased the house under her mothers name, which everyone knows of instead of a clearing house like most celebs do for anonymity. I doubt she lives there full time-probably just for photo-ops. Celebs have to be WAY more secretive than this, because its dangerous for them. There are wackos out there who are obsessed.
        Do the math!!
        I worked in PR for years, I know the tricks. There are PLENTY of homes that have private outdoor areas and not right down the street from Rob’s home that everyone knows of. Sorry girls, this is HUGE publicity stunt…which is more pathetic to me than if they were back together.

      • Anname says:

        So we are supposed to believe she bought a $2 million house just to take a few publicity photos, that btw would be illegal to take anyway? That’s a fairly pricey stunt! You think they could just stick to photos in public places for free, you know? Or maybe, I don’t know, take them in Rob’s backyard, save herself $2million? And you are suggesting WE do the math…

      • eileen says:

        All I gotta say is a couple of million dollars is chump-change to billion dollar franchise.
        I’m glad you are staying true to Rob. I really do think he’s a decent guy.
        Which is why I think he’s doing this-he has a lot of weight on his shoulders. An entire franchise of people and fans.
        If they stay together for 6 months, I will stand corrected.

    • Scarlett says:

      Of course the movie needs pimping. Every movie does. If the film ‘sold its self’ they wouldn’t need a month long promotional tour.

      Real media outlets like Forbes, The Washington Post, The LA Times predicted a fabricated reunion leading up to the premiere months ago because Twilight fans are morons and they were ready to jump off a fucking cliff after the cheating pics hit.

      Some people on this website are either really weird stans who think they know what Rob and Kristen would or wouldn’t do (they’re Hollywood actors for Christ’s sake, yes PR is part of their job, and no, you don’t know them personally) or just basically naive.

      • Anname says:

        Scarlett, movie actors are still people and can say no to “PR” if it crosses some line – it’s not the 50s anymore. Doing an interview or a magazine cover is certainly less of a request than faking a relationship, wouldn’t you agree??

      • eileen says:

        Exactly-its not the 50s anymore. Celebs’ lives are an open book. They rely on their PR Team now more than ever. In the 50s there was WAY more privacy for celebs. As long as they showed up for their premiers and interviews, their private lives were private and they could do what they wanted. Now when you sign up to be a celeb, you accept that you are going to be held under a microscope and you will most likely mess up. That’s what PR teams are for, to step in, set up a plan and fix the mess. And most celebs do exactly what they are told during these times because they want the publics adoration back- because with that comes movie roles and big money. Precious KStew is no different.

      • Anname says:

        Eileen, Rob is not exactly known for doing what he is told to do, per Summit/Wyck Godfrey, and he is yet to hire a PR team. So I will continue my “naive” (I say uncynical!) point of view.

    • marie says:

      so because it was talked about on twitter it must be true? really, that’s where we’re getting news from now?

      and how dare you call it a publicity stunt eileen, can’t you see you’ll break their hearts?!?

      • Anname says:

        You must have missed the part where I said, “for what it’s worth”…

        And no, I don’t believe it was a publicity stunt, I don’t think they invited the public into their backyard.

      • eileen says:

        Quick question: can you readily identify staged photo ops? Most of us can. If you got online and saw them in full color with photos of them looking at the camera from about 5 feet would you think they were just out and happened upon a photog? Of course not. Now, if you see photos that are grainy, and far away…but just “HAPPEN” to be of a good vantage point, you think they were caught and didn’t know they were being photographed, right? Don’t you think THEY know that too?
        They know that if there are photos of them that are poor quality and look like “private” moments, then it must be for real. And what’s the best way to make that happen? I don’t know, say buy a home on the hills with an open backyard?
        I’m not trying to come down on ya, I just want to educate a little. PR is all smoke and mirrors. All of it, all of the time. I learned that there is very rarely a moment that is caught that wasn’t planned. And when that happens, I can guaruntee you that it won’t happen again so soon.
        She got busted with those Mini-pics. Mostly likely by Liberty herself-which is why they were so out in the open. Celebs know where to go to have private moments. Now its Operation: Fix It. Nothing is accidental right now.
        Ok I’m off my soapbox! You can go back to !Robsten Unbroken!

      • Anname says:

        OK Eileen, you and I are clearly at odds with this issue, and I agree enough is enough.
        There is no question that celebrities play games with paps, and manipulate the public, I agree with that point. I don’t think this is what is happening with these particular photos. And my opinion is based NOT on Robsten, but on Rob. He has been true to his word thus far (from my interpretation), handling the aftermath of this with dignity/charm. Until he proves otherwise, I will believe he doesn’t play games with his personal life.

      • Ann says:

        Eileen, I’m very familiar with PR (I work in marketing) but you must know that a lot of PR is reactive – cleaning up a mess from pictures that were NOT planned or approved. Just because pictures are out there doesn’t mean the celebs knew about/okayed them. Exhibit A – Kate Middleton and the topless photos. It’s the same scenario as these pictures of Kristen’s house (no close access, but accessible from far away with a zoom lens). Exhibit B – the minicoop pictures.

        The paps finding Kristen’s house this week was easy, once the realestalker blog published her story the other day. Of course paps would stake it out. That’s what they do. It doesn’t mean they were invited.

      • eileen says:

        I absolutely agree with you. The Kate pics were not planned. But they were on private propety with acres of land and the paps illegally tresspassed on it to get them. Kristen has a small piece of property that is open to the hills.
        When we went scouting for Tiger Woods property in Florida years ago, we hired a team of people to check every avenue of privacy. Standing in a backyard and having a beautiful view of other homes and neighborhoods is a no-no because then you know they can see you too. Its a security and privacy issue. With all the backlash and insane fanatic support of Kristen, her team and the studio would make sure she is protected and safe and not open to get caught doing anything else stupid. They protect their investments. Just like Nike & PGA protected Tiger-until his girls went on strike that is. lol 😉

      • marie says:

        ha ha seriously, you’re comparing the KS/RP pictures to pictures taken of Duchess Kate? those are not even close to the same thing, gimme a break..

  28. Autumn says:

    I’m not a fan of Kristen, what with the bird flipping and crap acting and general unpleasantness, but I think this was an interviewer problem. The interviewer is supposed to keep the conversation going…that’s not the guest’s responsibility. Ugh. Don’t make me defend this lip-biting punk.

    • kingkayski says:

      Yup, i agree with you,right when the time that Kristen seems to be into talking mood for the first time that i’ve seen her,the freaking interviewer is an amateur ,she doesn’t know what to asked her,she seems like starstruck or something,by the way Kristen looks cute in this interview.

  29. Nev says:

    Not fashion.

    They should’ve given a model the contract. Joan Smalls, Sessilee Lopez….

  30. Ann says:

    Okay, found the house pictures. You can see from these that the house is high up on a hill. No way a pap could get level shots from behind the house, unless they were far away, likely near top of a building. House has a great view, but once people know where it is (thanks to the real estate stalker blog), it’s easy to spy. Bet she moves again soon.

    I don’t think they had a clue these pictures were being taken, in which case I feel really bad for them. I sure wouldn’t want pictures of me walking around the yard in my underwear to be blasted all over the internet.

    • Anname says:

      Not sure if anyone cares, but here is the statute re paps on private property, seems like a clear violation with these photos?

      A person is liable for constructive invasion of privacy when the
      defendant attempts to capture, in a manner that is offensive to a reasonable person, any type of visual image, sound recording, or other physical impression of the plaintiff engaging in a personal or familial activity under circumstances in which the plaintiff had a reasonable expectation of privacy, through the use of a visual or auditory enhancing device, regardless of whether there is a physical trespass, if this image, sound recording, or other physical impression could not have been achieved without a trespass unless the visual or auditory enhancing device was used

      • ORLY says:

        In this case, Anname – If Kristen’s and/or Rob’s team wanted to really do something about it, they could have had a C and D letter sent to pop sugar and have the pics removed. C and D (unlike a lawsuit) is pretty easy to obtain for a celeb.

      • Anname says:

        The fact they haven’t done that makes me think they aren’t going to do anything, so as not to draw more attention to it.

      • ORLY says:

        …that or it was all staged.

      • Anname says:

        Hey, you can’t use my own posting ways against me! 🙂

      • ORLY says:

        But I play fair, Anname. 😀

  31. tig says:

    First of all, I have enjoyed celebitchy for quite a while. I had to get off another Rob-friendly (or so I thought) website and came here. Thank goodness for rational thought.

    I have yet to figure out why all this is necessary- BD2 would sell itself. The only thing I can figure is that KStew need to be rehabbed. Its like- well, the first pap session didn’t work bec. he didn’t look into it at all- now the info about her house hits the web, and THEN- amazingly- more pap photos with him handing her coffee like he works at a Starbucks- and then throw in the DOG on top of that? Its like the “pap shoot” box is being tixed. And just in time for Rob to be leaving for “Down Under” for his first promos. And then just for good measure- Rupert gets new job, AND he and Liberty are photographed hugging.

    And the public is supposed to believe this is all real and coincedental?

    Anyway, glad some folks are happy to live on Unicorn Ranch. Me, not so much.

    • Miss Bennett says:

      Tig, you are right. It’s all for the sake of rehabbing Miss Stewart’s image to save her career. I believe she and Mr. Pattinson have an unconventional relationship where they are both allowed the freedom to do pretty much what they please with whomever they please. This type of arrangement doesn’t fly with the fans of Twilight and their “forever” fairytale beliefs. Both value their freedom too much to be tied down to one person. This obviously works for them. Getting caught with a married lover was just bad luck for Miss Stewart, it never affected her relationship with Mr. Pattinson.

      • A says:

        @missbennett. Exactly. For years, Ted Casablanca said these two had an open relationship. Plenty of other gossip sites said the same thing or that they were just bffs who played up a romance for PR. It would explain the weirdness of their relationship…for example, they were photographed at parties, bars, etc. ten times more then they were photographed together. Plus, the fact they hardly visited each other when filming, compared to Jennifer Lawerence spending a month with her bf. Sorry, I just don’t buy that a straight, wealthy good looking man would be happy going three weeks without sex and then just a few days of sex if he and or his gf had all the money in the world to arrange some booty call time and one of them wasn’t working. It’s not like they are dirt poor grad students in a long distance relationship. My guess is that he was furious with her for her lack of discretion. I think they repaired their “relationship” but they are pimping it out a bit because Summit has dirt on both of them and for her image. Dude is worth like a hundred million and it’s the last film, so Summit can’t do much to him unless they have some dirt….I just don’t buy the narrative that he’s some poor hapless soul getting manipulated by Kristen and Summit.

      • Miss Bennett says:

        ‘so Summit can’t do much to him unless they have some dirt’
        Bingo! Do you remember a blind story from months ago that said a certain actor/actress in a major movie franchise was punished for discussing their other projects during interviews for the latest installment of the franchise? The studio revealed dirt about them to the press. I don’t think this blind is about the Twilight franchise, however it does show that studios will do what ever is necessary to keep their stars in line. I do wonder if Kristin Stewart will have a career after BD2. If the public’s dislike of her keeps them away from her future movies, she’s done, whether she really hurt Robert Pattinson or not. All the studios care about is making money, if she can’t make them money they won’t hire her.

      • A says:

        @Miss Bennet. I remember that blind…I truly believe that all the studios that have franchises try to dig up some dirt on their stars in case something happens…or to control them when negotiating over paychecks. My guess is the dirt they have on him is something to do with his relationship and/or his lifestyle. Granted, I also feel like he truly cares for her, so that part of it is an attempt to help her image. Like I said, I think there is a close relationship (just not a traditional one) between the two of some sort, but that they are still pimping it out a little.

        If Sienna Miller can maintain a career after being caught with a married man who had a pregnant wife, and she STILL kept carrying on with him, I think KStew will be okay. Claire Danes is another example of fucking up majorly and managing to recover, although she’s far more talented then the previous two I’ve mentioned. The difference between KStew, Sienna, and Meg Ryan is that Meg was married with children and was a rom com star, and doing rom coms involves selling your personal life more (i.e. Reese, Jen Aniston). I don’t think KStew will ever be a major mainstream actress again because of the like ability factor, but I think she can build a pretty nice little career around indie films/HBO if she picks the right projects and not hard R films about underaged strippers like she did in the past.

        There was a pretty interesting article by a prominent film critic that stated for the most part, the idea of a “movie star” is dead. Basically, that most people just go see what movie is interesting…that very few stars (like Denzel, Will, Angelina) inspire people to see a movie just because they are in that particular film. Add in the fact that People Magazine is the most popular tabloid (if it can be called a tabloid), and sells about a 3 million copies a week…and not every reader is going to the movies…that’s a tiny percentage of America For the most part, I think a large percentage of people really wouldn’t let a celebrity’s personal life from keeping them from seeing a film they find interesting (I think the exception to this are rom com/chick flicks, which mostly caters to the mini van majority). So there’s that, too.

      • Miss Bennett says:

        You make some valid points. Both Angelina Jolie and Clair Danes were forgiven for their transgressions against the mini-vans. But Clair spent a number of years in exile. It’s only in the last couple of years that her career has recovered. These two also never gave awful interviews or bad attitude to the press. If her management, family and friends want to help Miss Stewart save her career, they will tell her to shut her mouth. Only time will tell if she’s able to move on from all this or if she’s the next Shannon Doherty. As for Mr. Pattinson, standing by her and helping to save her career shows an admirable loyalty. I think it also shows that he was neither surprised nor hurt by her affair. For two unconventional fauxhemians it’s simply not an issue. 😉

  32. mel says:

    I like them together…she screwed up and he took her back. Big deal. Happens all the time. I think its funny how many people say they “don’t care” but comment on every rob and kristen story. I also think it says a lot about Rob for trying to work it out and not just completely bailing. I also don’t think its all – jmo.

    As far as her interview…anyone should know better than to put her out there like that…how many times does she have to say she is shy?

    • Merman says:

      Thank you!Everyone says she’s so overrated and yet they comment again and again!C’mon some self-awareness.And all this necessity from (Rob?) fans to prove this is fake makes me think it is quite real.This whole thing made me defend people I didn’t really care about.And inarticulate and nervous doesn’t mean dumb.There I did it again. 😛

  33. la_maga says:

    You know as a celebrity, she did do a sh*t job on that talkshow. Despite the host’s clear ineptitude, she was unengaged, eager only to breeze through the questions, and repetitive in her mannerisms as well as her responses.

    HOWEVER I still want to hang out with her. Much much more than I want to hang out with a charming, bubbly PR sensation. I don’t actually get the vibe that she’s any more full of herself than anyone who has the daring to be part of a superficial blockbuster franchise. <—this include a LOT of Hollywood.

    Also, jesus, the way that interview was going along, even if you are the spokesperson, how many g*ddamn questions about a fragrance can you provide unique, enthralling answers to? I probably would have come across a lot more droll than she did. At least she tried, especially with the ending.

  34. Jocelyn says:

    There just isn’t any need to stage photos. Gawd I hate defending these two because I’m really not an actual fan of either of them.

    What exactly is in it for Rob? He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would put on a fake charade for publicity.

    Twilight will always sell itself.

    I think he is a moron to take her back. I think she will hurt him again.

    But the guy is madly in love with her. Women aren’t the only ones who get taken for a fool because they are in love.

    • Ann says:

      I’m with you. Rob has nothing to gain by all this, if anything he has more to lose. Even if he was still crazy about her, I think he’d have been better off to take a break, at least until BD2 promo is over and the circus dies down. But, his life, his choices I guess.

      • Anname says:

        Agree with you Ann. I always figured they would end up together at some point, but I am surprised it happened so quickly, and before the movie release. My guess is they just decided to live their lives and stop worrying about other people’s reactions.

      • Diana says:

        I agree with the three of you. If one follows Rob closely it’s pretty easy to know he isn’t into playing those kinds of games. I’m worried for the risk of her hurting him again, but ultimately it’s his life, his decision.

    • JS says:

      I’m totally with you on this. Everyone is calling PR but is anyone thinking what this would do to their images if it were revealed to be only PR (as it will be, if they split after the show is over). It isn’t f*&king worth it! The damage they will do to themselves will be irreparable. The PR advisers who suggested this course of action should be taken out the back and shot. Fans do not like being played and they do not like being conned in the name of naked greed by their erstwhile idols. Are R & K (and Summit) really so stupid that they would sacrifice their reputations for a little extra on a movie that will sell itself anyway? I can believe them exploiting a real reconciliation, where they actually intended to try and make a go of it anyway, but making one up would be completely insane!

    • Chelley says:

      They’re probably getting paid extra to pretend to be in a relationship.

  35. Louise says:

    What IS the fuss? A plain girl (not she’s not stunning or fascinating or anything other than bratty and dumb) talking gibberish while waving her foot like crazy (bad nerves) Throw her in a dumpster already, moving on.

  36. Saphana says:

    So not one picture of them together for months and suddenly right before the promo there is a wave of pictures? hmmmmmm…

    its sad to see Robert selling out. those pictures are staged. so much for not wanting his private life in the public.

    im wondering was their relationship always PR or was it real until she cheated and now he has to play the lapdog?
    funny if it was always fake and robert has to play hurt but doesnt really care at all.

    either way kristen screwed up big time when she got invovled in another family.

  37. rrose says:

    It seems Sumit see the situation of ticket sale not to be as good as the previous, although at first it’s good. They decided to add more deeply emotional to ensure the robstern sheeper touched by the reunion will see the movie 30 times instead of 20 times.
    If Kstew’s house not been announced before and these images be sell exclusively to Us Weekly, it’ll seems real. Perhaps they do not have enough time to plan and arrange everything perfectly smooth to convince people (except robstern sheeper )
    Ps: see how Hollywood can turn good people into bad people. You will have money and fame, but you have to sell your soul and your self-esteem.

    • Janet says:

      Well, why would they be as good? Everybody and his momma knows how the series ends; as bad as the first half of the book “Breaking Dawn” was, the second half was a bajillion times worse, so who wants to see the second half if the first half already sucked big time; and the trailers for the second half are so godawful they probably turned of a lot of people who might have wanted to spend money to watch it.

  38. Mmmmm says:

    what is the point , to buy a house like that and then look like homeless (did you see the bikini ? is just her undies and the trousers?) you don´t have to wear brands but clean clothes and not torn is the first step to self respect :
    Self-esteem is a term in psychology to reflect a person’s overall evaluation or appraisal of his or her own worth. Self-esteem encompasses beliefs (for example, “I am competent”, “I am worthy”) and emotions such as triumph, despair, pride and shame.[1] ‘The self-concept is what we think about the self; self-esteem, the positive or negative evaluation of the self, is how we feel about it’.[2] A person’s self-concept consists of the beliefs one has about oneself, one’s self-perception, or, as Hamlyn (1983: 241) expresses it, “the picture of oneself”. Baumeister (1997) described self-concept as total perception which people hold about him/ herself (p. 681). It is not the “facts” about one-self but rather what one believes to be true about one-self
    i think both of them should be working in their issues

    • Ann says:

      In fairness, she was in her own yard, not in public. I wouldn’t go out in public in some of the stuff I wear around my house.

      If she wore that in public, it’s fair game to slag her. But she gets a free pass on her own back deck, IMO.

      • Mmmmm says:

        it doesn´t matter that you are in your house is the attitude, and she is like that in public and in private .

      • Marty says:

        I have to agree with both of you, while I do think she has the right to wear what she wants in her own home, her trashy ensemble is not something new. Remeber a few days ago, she was out to lunch with her short shorts and the top unbuttoned? I said something similar then about self-esteem too.

  39. Cee says:

    What a whimp he is. And a faker. He said he believes in being faithful and bla blahhh blahhh then takes back a cheater who cheated with another womans Husband…not spending my money on this phony anymore! Go get a pair of balls Rob!

    • gg says:

      You’ve never been in love before have you to say that. Love makes people do stupid things. Or Rhihanna would’ve never taken back douchebag.

  40. Gia says:

    So, I’m grown a could care less about this girl, but what the hell was she supposed to talk about for 30 min?? Freaking PERFUME!?? Whose dumb idea was this?? “How do I get my parents to buy me this perfume?”. Most of the questions were so ridiculous. Actress or not, how do you act your way through half an hour of questions about perfume?? Especially when her talents are not that great to begin with…

    • Micki says:

      Agree-in Kristen’s case and disagree in general. I met only last week a girl in her 20’s at my GP practice.She talked 10 min about some mittens!! from H&M! Amazing! I mean the evening news lasts about 30 min and people cram as much as possible in it.
      But I guess if you’re really into fashion everything is possible.
      But Kristen is not convincing anyway.

    • original almond says:

      That’s where research and being prepared would have come in handy. Reading up on perfume in general, on Balenciaga Fashion House and on the specific product she’s representing would have helped her fill awkward silences and spared her the agony of stuttering through finding adequate answers. Wouldn’t most people be as prepared as possible for something they knew was meant for public consumption? But not beefstew, I guess. She’s too anti-establishment to conform to such norms.

  41. bns says:

    Not surprising. She’s unprofessional and immature.

    And LOL @ those paparazzi pics at her “private” residence. LOL @ this whole PR game that they’re playing. I guess it doesn’t matter to Summit that everyone else has figured them out since their fanbase will swallow any bullsh-t that they feed them. Pathetic.

    If I hear anything else from Rob or Kristen about not playing “the game” and being authentic and private, I’m going to scream.

    • kay says:

      Lets be honest. Some pr has to be involved. Otherwise why would Kristen hire a publicist for all those years. Rob and Kristen were involved in major scandal they have to do this corny crap to repair their image as a couple. Lots of couples do this when there is cheating. They come out and parade around like everything is okay. Look at John Travolta and his wife after that gay scandal.

      • bns says:

        I understand that, but I can’t get through a Kristen Stewart interview without her bashing other actors for playing the Hollywood game. It’s just like when she criticized actors for “selling themselves” for being the face of an ad campaign, and now she’s the face of Balenciaga? It makes me laugh that she thinks she’s so above Hollywood.

  42. Jaded says:

    Why is the media even trying to make this girl happen? She can’t act, she’s basically inarticulate, she’s rude, arrogant and has the social skills of a wood tick. Yawn.

  43. Get a clue says:

    Maybe there weren’t enough questions submitted to cover 30 minutes.

  44. Reece says:

    Nice photo-op…Dragging yourself through the mud to save somebody else is only noble when there’s actual mud involved.

    Am I the only one who thought “now we know how she cleans herself. She just jumps bra n all in the pool.” lol

  45. Robin says:

    Your title is incredibly misleading – the interviewer stated that they received over 5000 questions and then runs out of questions halfway through? That’s the interviewer at fault. Kristen tried to prolong it by talking about the designer and how inspiring he was.

    And now blaming her for the pap photos? SMH. For a girl who doesn’t have a criminal record or stumble out of a club drunk, the lot of you sure do hate her and use any excuse to gang up on her.

  46. Eman says:

    The fame, money and real genuine love doesn’t suit her.. She’s too hardcore for all this.. I was indifferent at first but now i hate her becoz of her dirty cheating and trying so hard to look hardcore >__> she doesn’t deserve what she has.. She is a very bad actress, why is she famous.. The Twilight movies are garbage too when it comes to her and Rob’s acting >_>

  47. KC says:

    OMG — bigger issue. Is the Balenciaga brand perfume so bad you don’t want to smell it? Is that why they photoshopped Kstew’s nose into oblivion in the ads? The two small alien slits look weird.

  48. MG says:

    It’s BS. Like others have said, how do the paps get photos of this very private couple at her HOME? It’s not like they were out in public somewhere. And the timing of it all?!?! Hollywood really is something else. It’s a world us regular folks can’t even fathom.

  49. Liz008 says:

    How obviously biased is this whole poor excuse of an article? You might as well call it Hollywood lies which checks no facts. Do you really believe the Rob and Kristen crap you write or is this your main goal to please those who don’t care about facts and just want a platform to freely express their Kristen hatred? She didn’t walk away from the interview, anyone with eyes and ears can clearly see that. The journalist was unprepared and missed the opportunity of asking several good fan questions. As for the pap pics, an ex pap on the Today show demonstrated how these kind of pics are taken using long lens from over half a mile away and the subject cannot see them unless they have binoculars. In my opinion suing would not be worth the small fine the pap agency has to pay.

  50. Cathy says:

    I ALMOST feel sorry for her. This was absolutely AWFUL and I can’t believe Balenciaga released it. Let’s face it, right now no one gives a damn about their perfume, they want to hear about her personal life. They couldn’t have picked a worse spokesperson. Wrong person – wrong time.

  51. pato says:

    she´s an actress, she has to be able to handle this kind of interviews, someone needs an acting coach quickly!
    and if you don´t like it don´t sign stupid girl!!

    • JS says:

      Yeah, but an actress usually works from a script and she was up the creek without one here. Seriously these were bullshit questions where all anybody, no matter how accomplished, could ever hope to do was spout bullshit convincingly in response. And while Kristen can spout bullshit with the best of them, she can’t do it convincingly. Is that a backhanded compliment? I think it might be!

      • Annie says:

        They were silly fluff questions – perfectly acceptable for a silly fluff product! What sort of questions would one expect about a freakin’ perfume? Someone else could have answered them waaaay better than Kirsten did, expecially if they genuinely liked the smell. Read some customer reviews of perfumes online, and you will see some people are actually very clever at describing a scent in words. K-Stew sounded like she hadn’t even worn it and was just giving generic answers. She’s no spokes-lady, that’s for sure.

      • JS says:

        Of course they were silly fluff (=bullshit) questions. The point is, what sort of airhead insomniac would listen to a 30 minute interview filled with such questions and some ace bull-shitter filling time with silly fluffy answers? 10 minutes perhaps, but 30? The interview only got an audience because it was Kristen Stewart who was on and people wanted to see how she was (nervous, awkward, healthier) and if the interviewer would dare ask her, even obliquely, about RP (a big “no”). They should never have scheduled 30 minutes if it was only going to be fluffy questions about a perfume.

        And you’re right, Kristen is entirely the wrong person for such a fluffy interview. She was miscast in a misconceived stunt and it was painful to watch her trying to be…fluffy? Yes she should have prepared, assuming they gave her advance notice of the questions they intended to use (which, given the incompetence, must be doubted). But shouldn’t her management/PR team have made sure she prepared, since they’re all such fearsomely effective accomplished manipulators of image? Lainey was wetting herself a week or two ago about this interview being such a brilliant “brand-enhancing” move. Well, it was a farce, despite all the super A-list PR advice (NOT) and despite Kristen doing her best, given her limitations. Which goes to show how much Lainey really understands about PR. People need to open their eyes. The PR people involved here are meh at best. Portraying them as some kind of fiendish but infallible demi-gods, capable of holding together the most intricate conspiracies is just absurd. They screw up at least as often as they succeed. Kristen was put in a horrible uncomfortable position here and yet she tried (hopelessly unsuccessfully) to make it work. Of everybody involved, she is the least to blame on this occasion.

  52. Adeli says:

    Sigh. These pics don’t look staged, unlike the pics outside the bar. Oh Rob, you look so dumb right now. Not only did she display an utter lack of respect for you by humiliating you so publically, she also displayed a lack of respect for another woman’s marriage. How on earth can you seek validation from a girl who acts on her impulses with no regard for the hurt it causes others? No matter how sorry she is or whatever pathetic excuses or promises she’s made you, those are the facts. And the fact that you’re able to overlook that with barely a pause, reflects badly on you too. What a sad spectacle.

    • Perplexed says:

      + 1 that these pics are real.
      ‘With barely a pause’ indeed. He obviously has more maturing to do.
      And he is still very much caught in her gravitational pull.

    • Linda says:

      I agree and she doesn’t love him, if she did she would not be able to hurt him in that way.

      • MissA says:

        I’m sure she doesn’t love him but she knows that she needs his forgiveness to save her career and image.If Rob forgives her,fans will do the same.

    • honeybee says:

      Yes, I am seeing him with new eyes!
      How can one get over this kind of humiliation so quickly?

      He could reconcile with a woman who had no respect for another woman’s marriage and a woman who has probably affected a couple of innocent kids’ life by her callous selfish act.

      He looks at her and acts around her the same way he did before the scandal! WTF?

      What more evidence does he need to prove she is not worth it?

      It is definitely affecting the way I look at him. A pussywhipped wimp.

      Sad. Hope he comes to his senses soon.

  53. Annie says:

    Sorry to break it to you guys, but BOTH of them have been playing you. Yes, even Saint Robert of Pattinson is playing with you. Oh, but he would never! He said he would never! Yeah, in interviews. And so did Kristen, and what is her word worth to you now? You don’t know either of them in real life despite feeling like you do, you don’t… and nobody who makes movies in Hollywood is above a little fame whoring, especially when their franchise is over and the attention will not be the same. Goodbye major magazine covers. They will not be Edward and Bella anymore, so will people still care about them a year from now? Heck, Taylor Lautner became irrelevant while Twilight is STILL going on. They’re worried. They’re about to be replaced by whomever plays Anastasia Steel~ and Christian Grey~. People are moving on to new fandoms and 50 Shats of Grape is the next Twilight because it’s the same thing: fetishizing of a fictional couple that is Twilight reloaded. More dramz, more sex, more adult. Whoever plays them will be the new Rob and Kristen. Twilight will be forgotten in less than a year.

    They need to keep the interest in them alive somehow. Kristen has nothing booked for the next year, studios have stopped giving Rob leads. That’s two supporting roles in a row because they know he can’t open a movie. That’s a step back. yes, there’s good co- stars involved but the Carey movie is yet another project struggling for distribution. you know what that means. 10 bucks in the box office, mediocre reviews AGAIN. Rob is no Shia Labeouf, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Ryan Gosling or Andrew Garfield. Kristen is no Carey Mulligan, Mia Wasikowska, Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Stone. What will happen if there’s no Twilight and no Robsten?

    These two are worth more together than appart. I’m afraid this has all been a circus to keep people talking about them well after Twilight. They don’t want to be Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher. They want to be Brad and Angelina of young Hollywood because together they’ve had attention and success. Apart? Nobody sees their movies.

    What do you think this whole are they aren’t they game was? All these years. They know what they’re doing.

    • eileen says:

      This!! ^^^

    • JS says:

      But you think you see through it and presumably they’ve lost your respect already, right? But they can’t keep this up, unless they’re happy to be bound together way beyond BD2 (in which case they might as well be a real couple)? So how do you think their fans are going to react when they realize they’ve been played? Just like you, only worse, because people are always angrier the longer it takes them to see through a scam! So tell me, in what PR universe, that is a good outcome?

      • Annie says:

        HELLO!!!! The entire charade was almost ruined, why else are they desperate to convince people everything is fine? They are trying to cover the obvious up because of the impending shtstorm they would catch if they don’t, but people ARE catching on, including fans. I WAS A FAN! i’m not the only one realizing this. You don’t think even the craziest robsten fan is not finding this a liitle odd, deep down? Why else were they trying to convince people the pictures were photoshopped? Everything is fishy! They don’t want to be wrong but deep down they are worried hence the denial.

        Dear Lord, when people are together they are together and don’t give a crap what people think. They don’t try to convince anybody either way. Why are Rob and K so desperate to convince people everything is fine? Why?? The reasons you just stated. A negative outcome can be very damaging. Twilight is over. But they would still have to deal with this Kardashian level of strategy.

    • giddy says:

      Oh brava Annie! Give this woman a gold star for the day. Spot on with every point. Almost never ponder these two anymore. Hardly ever did. But the first Twilight had a certain charm. Quirky. Not unappealing. Maybe these two actually had a crush on one another for a time. But the studio immediately picked-up on the fan interest and the rest, as they say, is history.

      At this point it doesn’t matter if it was ever true. Maybe, maybe not. But rest assured the fauxmance contract is (today) their only consistently lucrative contract. Even the most rabid fans see how contrived it’s become. No one, especially not fan-girls fanticising from basement locations, like to get played.

      By the way, was one of those “girlfriends” at K-Stews house Jennifer Lawrence? Now that’s a relationship I might actually believe…

    • Amy says:

      I mean, come on. The girl would do anything to not be seem with Robert because that’s her private life and bla bla bla. After the scandal broke, her statement ends with an ”I love him, I love him”. If she didn’t want to give room for people speculations, she wouldn’t have said anything.

    • original almond says:

      Spot on! A crazy success like Twilight is hard if not impossible to follow in terms of career and they both know that with it being on its last hundred meter dash they need to scramble and see how they can stay relevant. So far, neither of them has brought definite proof to the table that they are bankable separately.

    • Anname says:

      Wow Annie, couldn’t disagree any more with you.

      It is an ongoing thing with you, Rob isn’t doing what you want, so ergo he is failing. He is picking supporting roles with great directors because he wants those roles, not because it is all he is being offered. He isn’t going for high profile projects right now BY CHOICE, instead he wants to work with directors he admires. He is not “scrambling to stay relevant”, how is that true when he has 4 projects lined up, all with well-respected directors?
      Everyday you feel the need to tell us all how stupid Rob is, aren’t you tired of it yet? I actually like the guy, that’s why I am still interested.

      • giddy says:

        Methinks you’re on Robs payroll darlin… No worries. In this economy, its good to have a job. And these two need all the help they can get. Their future is not as rosy as their past…

      • Scarlett says:

        Well, she certainly defends them like it’s her job.

      • Anname says:

        Wow, so clever you two – you figured me out! Who pays you to spout ignorance? And Annie must get the biggest paycheck, right?

        And I’ll take your bet on Rob’s future. I think he will achieve the career he wants, although it’s not the one Annie or you think he should want.

    • Ann says:

      Wow. I get that you are obviously upset with them, but some of your theories don’t hold up in the real world.

      I think we’ll all just need to wait and see what Kristen’s career looks like in the future. But the fact is, casting directors, producers and directors consider her talented and offer her scripts. Often. She isn’t sitting home waiting for someone to send her a script to read, trust.

      And Robert is doing very, very well at the moment with some really smart choices under his belt. He has 4 strong roles booked, with excellent directors and costars – award winning in many cases. He is DELIBERATELY avoiding romantic lead type of roles, and big studio films. He is actually taking a similar approach to what DiCaprio did after Titanic. He wants out of the intense limelight, to not be the face of a franchise for awhile.

      It’s one thing to be frustrated with the circus that surrounds them at the moment. I get that. But it doesn’t mean their careers are over, not by a long shot. Hollywood people of power feel very differently.

      • eileen says:

        If by “talented” from the directors point of view, you mean “easily hops into the sack with her Higher-Ups” than yes, I agree with you.

      • Annie says:

        No darling, Robert is not doing well. How many back to back flops has he had in 3 years? He stopped being a leading man, his two new projects prove that he is not being seen as a leading man because HE CANNOT OPEN A MOVIE BY HIMSELF. He’s now been demoted to supporting roles because he can’t manage to draw interest outside out of Twilight. Do you think he’s really doing great? In a business that has a Ryan Gosling, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Andrew Garfield, James McAvoy, Channing Tatum, Jesse Eisenberg, Shia Labeouf tell me where exactly does Robert Pattinson fit? They have award nominations and good reviews overall for most of their work. He can’t even get decent distribuition for his movies. Nobody is taking him seriously, especially not after this!

        Being employes does not mean doing great. He’s been doing alright because the Twilight success is massive worldwide! But that is over. Just like Harry Potter is over and Rupert Grint disappeared and Daniel Radcliffe is back at hitting the bottle, peeing drunk in public, getting drunk with strangers. Do you think Rob wants that?

        His work is not speaking for him. Time to use the tabloid fodder angle like jennifer Aniston has because nobody would still be talking about her if it weren’t for Angelina and Brad. Friends ended ten years ago! Do you see her getting an Oscar nomination one day? Of course not. Stay relevant however you can.

        Remember Emile Hirsch? Sean Penn’s protege? Speed Racer leading man? He was the new It Boy for a brief time. Where is he now? It’s slippery in Hollywood. He flopped, he’s done. Still working, but who in Hollywood talks about him?

      • MissA says:

        “But the fact is, casting directors, producers and directors consider her talented and offer her scripts. Often. She isn’t sitting home waiting for someone to send her a script to read, trust.” – And you know that because..?

      • Adeli says:

        Annie, I think you’re missing the point. Rob doesn’t want that kind of career. He does not see himself as a Hollywood leading man. He’s more than happy to do supporting roles. He has stated this often enough. He wants to do projects that speak to him creatively, with respected and critically lauded directors. And he’s doing exactly that. He’s carving out an indie career for himself. And he IS being talked about, for precisely that reason, for making some interesting and intelligent choices. He is exactly where he wants to be. Will it parlay into a successful career? Only time will tell.

      • Scarlett says:

        Robert Pattinson, the next Orlando Bloom.

      • Janet says:

        @Scarlett: Or even worse, the next Mark Hamill.

      • Guest says:

        I think Rob bears the closest resemblance to Keanu Reeves, career-wise. He is a aesthete in much the same mould although I imagine Rob is a better musician than Keanu. Keanu’s film career is varied and interesting with some unevenness in his reception. Rob is bodacious too.

  54. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    1. If they are really back together & everything is “back to normal”, why did she move into her own house (where Rob dropped by apparently to deliver coffee) instead of moving back into Rob’s house where she was supposedly residing pre mini cooper ? At most, it looks like they are giving it a try but it’s not the same.

    2. The photos with Rob don’t look nearly as hot and she doesn’t seem nearly as into it as the momentary indiscretion photos.

    3. Her unbuttoned/ unzipped shorts flapping open in public the other day said it all. She is like a toddler or mentally disabled person who waddles out of the toilet needing adult help to “button up”.

    • Annie says:

      You know, I never wanted to believe it but maybe they really are all PR. See my comment above. These are all games. Nobody who values their privacy and personal life is caught up in a mess like this. Look at James McAvoy, Leonardo DiCaprio, heck even Johnny Depp. He’s going through a separation but you hear nothing but whispers and speculation. Who puts together photo ops? People like Tom Cruise and Jennifer Aniston who feel like they need to prove something to people.

      This is all a game to make sure that this couple continues to be talked about after Twilight, because without it they have no real success.

      Before Brangelina, Angelina was the strange sexy woman who made out with Billy Bob on red carpets, talking anout f-cking in the limo. Brad was married to good old boring Jennifer. Would they be Hollywood royalty if they were still those people? Nope. But put them together and add a little drama and scandal that sells and makes people very interested in them, and there you have it: a power couple. Strong when together. Weak when apart.

      • JS says:

        It’s a theory for sure, but you need to make it coherent for it to be convincing. You’re suggesting this is for the post-Twilight future but how are they going to keep it up if they split after the BD2 DVDs come out (as most cynics tend to assume)? I can see the crime you’re describing and the motive but I don’t get how you think they’re going to get away with it unless you think they’re happy to stay together and keep up the charade for PR indefinitely. Maybe that’s what you are saying. Is it?

      • Annie says:

        It’s coherent enough, JS. You just don’t want to see it because you worship them and you think they are perfect people. All of you keep forgetting this is a business. I don’t care how many hipster comments these two give to magazines, the truth is they are not struggling artists. They are celebrities. The only art here is effective media manipulation and strategy.

        They both benefit from attention and constant coverage.

      • JS says:

        Annie, that’s an ad hominem. You’re getting at me instead of my point. I have never been a fan of either of them and have never seen even one movie with either of them in it! Honestly! However I am really interested in what’s been going on with them since “Trampire-gate”. I would say that my impression is that , since then, Rob has conducted himself admirably as a human being and I have developed considerable respect for him. However that’s just my impression and if he’s just doing it for the money, I will take it all back. You say this is all PR and of course you might be right. But it’s not a radical theory. Every half-baked cynic out there is saying the same thing. My problem with the idea is that it doesn’t make sense unless you assume that Rob, Kristen, all their advisers (and possibly Summit) believe that conning their fans/customers in a crass way, that is inevitably going to be exposed in a few months, is a killer strategy. It’s not that I worship them or think they’re perfect. Far from it. It’s that I find the “it’s all PR” idea literally incredible as it stands. Now, if you can explain how you think they’re going to get away with it, then I’m ready to be persuaded.

      • Apples says:

        Ug, Annie. You are hurting my brain.

        I was assuming this amusing Folder’s Coffee commercial photo op was for the movie fans and the $$$$
        (No judgement from me with them playing people and giving them what they want).

        But, you’re saying that we’re going to be dealing with this couple even after DVD sales?!

        Yuck, now even I am annoyed with their PR crap.

      • Scarlett says:

        The break up will be easy. They’ve already written the script for it in the numerous tabloid articles that have come out in the past few weeks. They’ll issue some lame excuse to People that they “tried to make it work but the trust was just irrevocably damaged, they don’t have time for a relationship because of career commitments, they’ll remain friends, etc” and all the believers will just chalk it up to the fact that they gave it the old college try but ultimately couldn’t get over the cheating. The movies will be done, everybody will have moved on.

        And the cynics will laugh.

      • JS says:

        @Scarlet. Yes, I get that a breakup would be easy to engineer and that the explanations given would then be much as you suggest. People would then indeed move on, mostly I think in disgust. You’re right that the cynics will laugh but also the non-cynics will feel completely disillusioned, stupid and played. Even fans that might have stayed with them post-Twilight will desert them in droves. How is that good PR?

        But Annie was saying they are doing this as post-Twilight famewhoring and that isn’t consistent with PR meltdown and everybody moving on. The only way her idea makes sense is if they plan to stay together much longer than that. By playing up their relationship just now, whether PR or not, they are closing down their options and leaving themselves without a clean exit strategy. My dissatisfaction with the “all PR” cynicism is that this seems an unbelievably stupid thing to do, given that they have professional advisers.

  55. Jany says:

    Obvious pre-BD2 PR this week is obvious…Breaking up in 2013.

    Or as Seinfeld once said to George: ‘The first break-up never takes.’

  56. booboocita says:

    There was an article in the business press a couple of days ago (wish I could find it again; if I do, I’ll post the link) that says that the top brass at Summit Entertainment is frantic because the Twilight franchise is coming to an end, and it’s been a HUGE part of their profits for the past eight years or so. With the end of the series, Summit expects their worth to plummet big time. The article was mostly about projects in the pipeline at Summit, but the writer commented that everything at Summit is now vetted with an eye to creating the next Twilight.

    I wasn’t sure whether all of the hoohah was real or just PR. I now believe that Summit is behind this. Young love and betrayal are one thing, Twilight and sparkly vampires are another, but the bottom line is the bottom line. I’d be surprised if Pattinson and Stewart hadn’t been told in no uncertain terms, “You WILL be lovey-dovey until January, or Summit will do its level best to ruin your careers.”

    • Ann says:

      That’s BS. Summit has known for years that Twilight was coming to an end and has planned accordingly, there’s no reason for them to panic. That’s why they’re diversifying their film base, and why they merged with Lionsgate. The Lionsgate/Summit group is doing just fine.

  57. Liz008 says:

    But Summit was bought by Lionsgate which has THG and other successful projects.

  58. original almond says:

    God, those photos gave me the worst case of second-hand embarrassment and the video only topped it off. Couldn’t even finish watching.

    And really, Sparkles, waiting for her with a towel and cup of coffee? Really?

    • Anname says:

      Yes, I too hate it when my husband does something nice for me. I admire him much more when he tells me to get it myself.

      • original almond says:

        Does he, too, do it after you’ve cheated on and humiliated him before the world?

      • Anname says:

        Is he supposed to be horrible to her and demanding instead? If they are actually trying to re-establish their relationship, it’s a nice thing imo.

        How on earth anyone thinks this is a staged photo-op is beyond me – it has received nothing but negative responses from all sides. Not exactly the goal of PR?

      • marie says:

        Anname I hate to burst your bubble but it is staged. she is trying to rehabilite her career and the more people that see her and Rob in their “sweet moments” the better. Please don’t be so gulliable, even Kristen’s precious mouthpiece Lainey agrees it’s staged. The same “paps” that take MeAnn’s pictures took these “illegal” pictures. Both of them are playing the game, it’s what actors do-that’s their job..

      • Anname says:

        Marie, no bubble to burst. The paps were hired, no doubt, but they were not hired by K or R, imo. Popsugar has the exclusive, who is to say they didn’t hire that pap to stake out her new house?
        There are plenty of ways to interpret what we see/hear, my interpretation is different than yours. You may call me gullible, but I think you are overly suspicious.
        Kristen is a messed up person, but I don’t think she is inviting paps into her backyard.

        And again, Rob has shown so far he will not play this game of yours, he isn’t selling his private life. He had plenty of opportunity to do so during Cosmopolis promo!

      • gg says:

        Not for nothin but my husband of 12 years makes and brings me coffee every. single. day. Even when I’m in the shower he hands it in to me. Just sayin.

    • MissA says:

      Rob always came across as a super passive guy so I am not surprised at all.

  59. Get a clue says:

    It’s hard to deny that KS has been PR’ed up lately. No more finger flipping the paps when that was her MO for years. So, someone has been talking to her about her public image and how to redeem it after the scandal. To what extent that goes, I have no idea. But she is def more aware of how she comes across to the public now. As for him…bringing her coffee? Really Rob?

    • MissA says:

      Doormat alert!

    • AAS says:

      And as further proof to me that all this stuff is aimed toward rehabbing KStew’s image- along with the fact that her middle finger has been behaving quite nicely: has anyone else noticed that in the past week during all of these ‘spontaneous’ moments captured by cameras that nobody is smoking at all? Even at her own house, on her own ‘private’ patio? I heard that Rob had maybe quit and had moved to using electronic cigs- and who knows? But by all accounts KStew and the rest of their crew are notorious for smoking like chimneys. And she has been papped smoking a million times. She is so, you know, real and gritty and, um, real, she didn’t bother to hide it before. But now, when she needs to clean up her image… she just happens to not be smoking at all out in public just in case somebody just happens to be taking pictures, um, just by chance? So, all these outdoor(!) moments hanging out for shits and giggles with friends, all unplanned and organic and real- nobody in the group is smoking. During any of the outings. But how dare we think that anyone knew they were being filmed?! Blasphemy! I personally don’t give a flying fig whether any of them smoke or not- I just think it is hilarious how completely full of shite this girl seems to be about not selling out or changing herself for the cameras.

  60. Alison says:

    Sparkels aside (with no prejudice about her because of him) – she’s just a young actress, having to squeeze blood out of a turnip for a stupid fragrance. I’d be frustrated, too.

  61. j.eyre says:

    I am going to need to politely excuse myself from any more Rob and Kristen posts. I have had two dreams featuring Rob in the past week – quite platonic, I assure you. Although I am sure he is a lovely young man, I have no attraction to him and I have never seen a movie he has been in and now he is making cameos in my dreams.

    Tom is starting to get upset.

    Tom is starting to get upset.

  62. giddy says:

    Question. Are most young actors gay? If so, are they ALL trying to play the fangirls into thinking that their attraction and sex appeal is genuine with the opposite sex? Maybe its because HW shills to a predominantly hetero population — and therefore believes every gay actor needs a beard. Why? Homosexuality is accepted as normal behavior isn’t it? Particularly with the 20-something and younger crowd? Isn’t this the demographic for Twilight and other recent movies? So why all the bearding? (B-T-W, totally convinced that K-Stew and R-Patz started as a bearding relationship.) Seems pointless for all these actors to be tied-up in fake relationships doesn’t it? Like Emma and Andrew or Jennifer and Hoult. Does it really sell more tickets?

  63. boredsuburbanhousewife says:


    Sounds like a probiotic supplement you buy in the health food section to repopulate your intestines with microbes.

    “Less gas! Enjoy better bowel movements!
    Try FLORABOTANICA today!”

  64. Janet says:

    Sweet Jesus, what is Balenciaga thinking of? I have NEVER seen a worse photo for an advertisement. They put her in an ugly dress that looks like it was designed for an eight-year-old and then they pair that with shoes that look like hiking boots? I wouldn’t wear that mess to a Halloween party. Balenciaga is an upscale designer house that sells haute couture to a very rich clientele. They have totally misjudged their client base if they think they are going to want to buy anything KStew is selling, especially in that fugly, ill-designed, amateurish photo shoot.

  65. giddy says:

    There are lots of paid-shills on this thread. No problem. Just jealous that some folks are actually getting paid here! To those posting for a client maybe pay close attention to the real sentiments rather than push opinion.

    Here’s some truth. No charge. In a rapidly declining economy — like the one we are currently experiencing — consumers become “choosy” where they spend dwindling income. The movie business in general is suffering. Particularly movies which don’t deliver value entertainment. People become less forgiving of mediocrity. Part of the problem is shoving no-talent idiots down the throats of an increasingly disgusted public and pretend like they’re real actors. Who to believe… the shills or my lying eyes? Please stop forcing this lip-biter down our throats. Don’t care who her beard is. And while he’s marginally less annoying — he’s not much better in the talent dept.

    They had their day in the sun. Be grateful. Move on.

    • original almond says:

      But it must be so difficult to let go when the cash cow’s been flowing for so long.

    • Anname says:

      If you honestly think I am paid by anyone to express my opinion on here or anywhere else, you are a complete loon. I can’t tell if this is an attempt at humor or just plain nonsense.

      • ORLY says:

        You may not be, but PR people have been known to troll blog posts about their clients and try to sway or opinions.
        I don’t know how long you’ve been around here, but this site had an influx of Scientogists (PR) during the Travolta fiasco, and stories about Tommy boy. Either Kaiser, CB or Bedhead confirmed it.

        So, it’s not entirely crazy for longtime posters to become suspicious.

      • Anname says:

        No doubt there are some planted posters re scientology etc, but if you think Rob is paying for this, the guy who claims he is too cheap to hire a PR rep…. seriously. It’s beyond ridiculous.

      • giddy says:

        If you’re not, then you should be. Paid I mean… Otherwise it doesn’t make much sense to be so blind or so cavalier to gin-up this undeserved worship. If they were truly talented, I’d be the first to give them some slack — maybe. But they’re not. And adding the pretense of this ridiculous “relationship” to her laughable attempt to sell a rather high-end product — in between flipping-off photogs and the rest of humanity — is beyond the pale. HW shills need to understand that by pushing this crap you POISON the well for other more worthy actors. There isn’t a bottomless money pit anymore.

        Most people here don’t wish her any harm. Just make her go away. And we’ll call it even.

      • Anname says:

        Well Giddy, you know what they say, to each his own. I think Rob is quite talented, and interesting to watch. I will enjoy following his career. You don’t like him, and won’t actively seek out his movies, I am not telling you to suddenly become a fan. I am expressing my opinion/intepretation of events. I am not terribly interested in Kristen, just hope they are happy together at this point.

      • ORLY says:

        Anname – I wasn’t saying that I believe Rob is paying people to post on sites. I’m saying it’s plausible that such a thing could happen from either team, per Giddy’s comment.
        correction on previous post, it should have read ” sway or change opinions.”

  66. Chrissy says:

    I don’t think she “walked out” so much as they decided to end early because they didn’t like her answers, which didn’t make a whole lot of sense. She was trying, but she’s just not smart enough to answer these questions well.

  67. GreenTurtle says:

    OMG, that’s hard to watch. She has terrible stage fright/ fear of public speaking. No wonder she acts like a dumbass on the red carpet. She’s prob trying to overcompensate for being scared sh*tless. Maybe she has an anxiety disorder, who knows. She should prob do something other than acting, especially as she can’t, you know, act and such.

  68. olga says:

    lol that annie poster. what a joke. They were saying the same thing when Rob went to Paris with Kstew. ”He’s MR stewart now, His career is over, he is a joke” etc. And boom. He got great reviews for Cosmopolis. He’s doing movie with great directors/actors. Cronenberg, Michod, Herzog and now James Marsh. so many interesting projects with great directors but of course the haters know better than these experienced directors. lol
    I don’t like Kstew either but the only joke here is your comment.

    • Freya Magritt says:

      Agreed! People are so keen on picturing him as a loser, but Robert always finds his own way through the criticism. It is much more smarter for him now to come into the orbit of the most respectable professionals in the industry, even if it means getting supporting roles (which are mainly big enough for Oscar nominations, btw) than to try the leading role in some dumb stuff a la Abduction with the other Twilight guy. Cinema sources call him smart for his movie choices, and this year is the first he has been praised for his acting skills, so he’s moving forward in the right direction.

  69. VV says:

    Lainey had a different explanation as to why the interview sucked. And the moderator sucks so there is that! Hard to make up shit to talk about when the questions stop coming and the moderator is a racist wingnut.

    Talk about awkward all around lol

    • giddy says:

      One more time… Lainey is a paid shill for K-Stew and her entourage. Ultimately Lainey’s revenue depends on backstopping these morons and their antics. Whenever these two burp, Lainey gets website hits and dollars with wings fly into her bank account.

      Look, today I’m just as guilty as everyone else on this thread. They ALL get paid by the word. No more. Next thread response will be about actors I’d actually care to see get MORE work — not less. That’s the way it works.

  70. Madpoe says:

    She upsets me. I’m walking out of this thread! lol 😉

  71. Phil E Stein says:

    Say what you will but she’s laughing or biting her lip all the way to the bank.

  72. Dhalia1947 says:

    Lies! She didn’t walk out! The interviewer ran out of questions to ask. People really need to relax about this girl. How old is she? 21, 22? Not all girls that age are super composed and articulate! RELAX!

  73. Scarlett says:

    If even Lainey, who never misses an opportunity to praise Stewart, says the pics were staged, I’m going to go ahead and say the pics were staged.

    • oivey says:

      Woah…she did?! I’m surprised. She’s like the no.1 stan.

      What I don’t get is that if this is all for her benefit and her image, why would ANYONE be willing to help out someone who humiliated them on such a massive scale? I kinda want to lean towards he’d too nice to tell her to get fucked but I’m also leaning towards completely cuckolded (it’s my new favourite word. lol).

      I mean it’s entirely possible that he’s as big a fraud as she is, but her shadiness wasn’t hidden very well and he’s just not that good an actor to be able to hide THAT much of his personality. And before anyone gets on me about how he’s getting roles with this director and that director…every actor starts somewhere and usually they’re pretty shitty in their first few roles. Some get better, some think they’re better than they are and others just…no.

      • ray says:

        He is not a saint. What does he see in her? Sure both of them have spent time together shading other people. I once saw an interview of his where he was asked some question about fans and he made such a gesture with his hand as if slaying them with a sword. Anyways you are the company you keep. So…

        P. S. I recently read an article how Robbie williams was accepting gifts from his fans through hotel window. He was very gracious.

      • A says:

        @ray. Agree. I used to like both of them (now I like him a little and I am just meh on her, although I don’t care for the level of vitriol towards KStew…I’m just not down with calling anyone certain slurs), but I also used to acknowledge (along with Crystal) that he was capable of being almost as obnoxious as she could be. Rob Pattinson seems like a decent guy, but he’s not a saint. He gets away with it because he is far more articulate, has a certain charm, and is a man. He openly criticized Twilight, mocked Stephanie Meyer by saying Twilight was basically a sex dream of hers, called most actors a bunch of vain morons in an interview once, and gave some really awful interviews last summer where he basically made pretentious remarks on superhero films and blamed the director of Twilight when the journalist brought up that his acting in the movies was not well received. I’m sure there are other incidents. He shares a lot of personality traits with her…and if she had said any of the things he has, she would be crucified even more.

        Look, all actors stick their foot in their mouth on occasion…and I even like some actors and actresses despite their obnoxious behavior (for example, Joaquin Phoenix). Like I said, he seems like a decent guy but I don’t get why he’s being categorized as some nice, pushover, saintly guy.

      • oivey says:

        Definitely not a saint, but again if you were humiliated like that wouldn’t you tell someone to get f***ed if they asked for help? Like I said he’s either too nice or cuckolded. What does he get out of it? If he ever wants to take the leading roles no one will ever believe him as any type of lead, because all they’ll see is the guy who went back to the cheating, miserable c@#$ partner.

        That’s why I don’t support him any longer actually, he basically took on her personality like a sponge. It’d be hypocritical to dislike her for it but squee over him doing it. I whole heartedly agree with him about the sex dream stuff though…but then again it’s not my meal ticket.

        I vaguely remember an interview where he mentioned taking a guys phone off him because he thought the guy was tweeting about him? He thought it was funny. But I don’t remember where I read that, so I can’t say for certain if I’m correct.

        Dude needs to head back to London and stay for a while.

        I have no idea if I’m making any sense, it’s 4am, I’m full of a cold and I can’t sleep. 🙁 lol.

      • UNF Joan Jett! says:

        “If he ever wants to take the leading roles no one will ever believe him as any type of lead, because all they’ll see is the guy who went back to the cheating, miserable c@#$ partner.”

        Nope. What they see is a guy who is willing to do e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g to sell a movie. I think, Hollywood likes this kind of poeple with great work ethic but no real integrity 😉

        Also: You can´t take somebody back, when your “relationship” was a PR stunt to begin with. And I´m sure the Hollywood people are aware of that.

  74. Adeli says:

    Well, well, well, things just got interesting, or confusing. One of those. Lainey went heavy on the staged photo op angle in her blog post today. Her writing usually gives me a headache, but some of her points today were rather illuminating. If what she is saying is true, that they did in fact arrange with the paps to get these “candids”, then… I don’t even know. WTF Rob?

    • Ann says:

      The plot continues to thicken in this never ending saga. Popsugar has now taken down the photos, due to ‘concerns over how they were taken and it not meeting their editorial standards’. And concern for the celebrities privacy. HA! Right! They had no concern for privacy yesterday. Sounds like they got served. If KStew lawyered up, it blows the staged pics theory.

  75. doubtingthomas says:

    I can’t believe I just watched that. Only celebs with personalities and a sense of humor should do live interviews like that.
    What a waste.
    can’t wait for the last Twilight movie to come and go.

  76. LucyOriginal says:

    Dear KStew,

    If you have problems speaking in public, try this: practice and/or take courses.

    Also, if you are going to endorse a product, be ready to talk about it. Why you like the product, what characteristics you can associate with it, etc. Most people know smells trigger memories, so if you are talking about a perfume you should have an idea what it reminds you when you smell it.
    GAWD, you are so unprepared that was actually painful to watch!

    What else? when giving an interview look to the interviewer like you are having a chat (no foot moving,no looking down, etc)

    Take care,
    Someone who cannot wait to see you go away.

    ps: being rude to the interviewer is not a synonym of being smart.

    • Get a clue says:

      Yes, she could have said she likes to apply it to her armpits and how RPatz loves to lick the fragrance there. Come on girl, sell it!

  77. Jessica says:

    Why is it so painful to watch KStew in interviews?! When The Hunger Games was released, my friend and I found ourselves *searching* youtube for JLaw interviews because she’s so chill, bright, and funny. I feel bad for Kristen–I know some people would say not to–but I do. I feel bad for her. I want her to just chill out, be cool. Imbue her with freaking Jay-Z-essence or the essence of some other similarly more chill, self-actualized person. I just don’t know. Aghh.

  78. Jessica says:

    I just often get the sense that KStew, even more than most people, makes life difficult for herself.

  79. S says:

    That was the most boring, long and meaningless interview ever. Why did they make her to do it? It should have last no more then 5 minutes.

    It was interview about nothing. And the reporter was asking one meaningless question after another. And poor Stewart had to answer something. And it was going and going. I don’t understand why it had to be so long.

    I hate Stewart but here she really tried. Like really. Because they pay her money for it. And she was all smiley and was answering to those idiotic questions.

  80. SimKin says:

    Well Popsugar has taken down the pictures. This is the statement from Popsugar’s website: “Update: After learning more about the circumstances surrounding the images previously posted in this story, we have decided they are not up to our editorial standards. We have removed them out of respect for the privacy of celebrities.”

    So I guess Lainey was wrong and this was not a set-up by Kristen/Robert. Which never made too much sense because why would Rob/Kristen set up a photo-op where Popsugar would have the exclusive. Whatever you think of their star power they at least warrant a People Mag cover of their reunion.

    • lucky7 says:

      Popsugar planned from the beginning to only post these pictures on their site for 2 days before taking it down. Lainey wasn’t wrong about a damn thing, a deal was made and popsugar delivered as promised. NOw it doesn’t matter if they removed the pictures b/c they were kept up long enough (conveniently) so that its all over the internet reaching the minds and hearts of twihards so they continue to shell out money over and over.

      • Anname says:

        You sound like a kid trying to cover up one lie with another.

      • Scarlett says:

        Popsugar got the exclusive rights when Stewart first emerged from whatever rock she hid under after the Rupsten pics leaked. So there was obviously a relationship in the past.

        Smoke and mirrors. None of this has even a shred of credibility at this point. Popsugar got their hits, Twihards can claim Robsten is Unbroken, and Pattinson and Stewart can still (try) to claim that they are sooooooo private and not a bunch of famewhores.

        At this point they just need to go away.

      • lucky7 says:

        Anneme, coming from the likes of you thats a compliment. I don’t even think children are as delusional or guillable as you are.

      • Scarlett says:

        Anname takes her stanning VERY seriously. My god, how many times has she posted in this thread? Just because you’ve read some interviews with Robert Pattinson doesn’t mean you know him or what he would or wouldn’t do, PR or otherwise. What a strange thing, to think you are so familiar with a complete stranger.

      • SimKin says:

        You’re going to believe whatever you want to believe. So I’m going to bow out of the conversation now.

    • A says:

      @SimKin. Pretty much agree with you. I think her publicist has leaked minor stuff to PopSugar in the past, but they save the major stuff/photos (kissing photos) for People magazine because People is so much more PR friendly. While I think some of the photos earlier this week were staged, I don’t think these were because they are just so random….Like, why bring out coffee? It’s also illegal for the paps to photograph a backyard if there is a fence of any sort, even if they can see over the fence by climbing up a hill, etc. Expectation of privacy in relation to private property and all… There was a famous case back in the 90s were Jennifer Aniston sued the paps who took photos of her sunbathing topless in her backyard and kept the photos from being published. I think Brad Pitt also sued once because the paps took photos of him the house when his blinds were open… Plus there was some case involving Reese Witherspoon once…There’s a legal reason why you don’t see more photos of celebs at their houses. The problem is, the paps think breaking the law is worth it for the money because the punishment is so light.

      • MissA says:

        Those photos were 99.99% staged imo.They were up on Popsugar for one whole day before they were taken down,long enough for everyone to see.As far as coffee thing goes,that was done to make these pics look more candid.I believe that R/K and Summit set this up to help Kristen’s image which will ultimately have an impact on BD 2 box office. I also believe that Rob has taken her back for real and that’s why he willingly participated in this photo op.The photos being taken down after one day was a part of the plan, it was like “OMG! Robsten were caught showing PDA at Kristen’s OWN house which means that its real!!! Robsten is UNBROKEN…just like Edward and Bella!!!” So of course they had to take these “privacy intruding” pics after their purpose was served.Robsteners are now making gifs out of these pics and writing twitlongers on power of love *snort*

    • Janet says:

      LOL! No, honey, it doesn’t mean Lainey was wrong. It means too many people recognized the photos were staged. “Editorial standards” my hind foot; Popsugar has no editorial standards. They took the photos down because they were left with egg all over their face after being called out on fake photos.

      • Anname says:

        I realize you all find my viewpoint ridiculous, but I guess I just want to throw out some counter points to these theories you guys are throwing out as fact. I find your arguments just as nutty as you find mine to be. Time will tell, I guess.

      • SimKin says:

        Why would they care Janet?

        Honestly, stars stage pics ALL the time and they are called out on it all the time. The pics of them earlier in the week were roundly trounced as being fake and staged and yet those pics weren’t taken down.

        Everyone laughed at the photo-op pics of Megan Fox showing off her belly. No one took those pics down.

        I guess I don’t understand why people think that Kristen and/or Rob need to actually do business with Popsugar. Despite the desire to knock them, they both warrant way more coverage than Popsugar can provide.

  81. cc says:

    Wow,she is so inarticulate, uncomfortable and unprofessional. Interviewer was shockingly bad too.
    I will never buy this fragrance.

  82. honeybee says:

    I have no stomach to watch that insipid fool talk or try to talk in interviews.

    Regarding their pic – WTF Rob?!
    What lies did she feed you?

    Why so pussywhipped?

    • Perplexed says:

      I also have no stomach to watch any more of their ‘togetherness’ either papped or at future official events.
      RP acting as her cabana boy this week was the last straw. All that was missing was a foot massage.
      I will try my darndest to limit my interaction with this story to reading esteemed colleagues’ take on this venerable site, otherwise I fear I will be overdosing on Zantac.

  83. Jayna says:

    I don’t get why she was ever picked. She mostly looks silly in high fashion photo layouts in mags. More like she’s playing dressup.

  84. femmebelle says:

    Does anyone else notice the “click” sounds she uses to emphasize her statements?

  85. emu says:

    From what little I saw of it, it just looks like they ran out of questions. It certainly wasn’t Kristin’s fault for that. And it’s pretty hard to bullshit about perfume for a whole half hour.
    At the beginning of the clip she did look rude by just looking at her hands and nails and frantically swinging her foot while saying ‘oh thanks for havin me great to be here blah blah’.
    At first I thought, if you don’t like this you shouldn’t have agreed to be their spokesperson. After seeing the clip, I have to say it was a dumb idea and the producers or whoever didn’t have enough filling material for it.

  86. Brittney says:

    Oh my, every time I check this site for surprise weekend updates (it happens!) there are like 50 new comments on this post.

    I will never understand the vitriol directed toward this woman. She is absolutely harmless; despite the fact that she was a child star with two parents in the industry (and that she was part of a puzzlingly world-famous franchise — both popular stepping stones to complete breakdowns), she’s never been caught driving drunk, doing hard drugs, stealing, fighting, or putting anyone’s safety in danger in any way.

    Yes, cheating is wrong, but she cheated on ONE person, not millions of fans. All the hate towards her was bubbling for years, and it just took this “scandal” for the pot to boil over. If anything, the girl is far more entertaining on red carpets (and on the other end of the paparazzi’s lens) than any of the cookie-cutter, studio-puppet famewhores, and she’s downright polite in comparison with the crackheads and train wrecks on the other side of that spectrum.

    Basically, I don’t get it. Literally can’t imagine having strong opinions in either direction about this woman (except to wonder why she gets so much hate). She’s one of the most harmless people her age in Hollywood. If anything she’s boring.

    • Janet says:

      I’m surprised that after all this time, you still don’t get it. Cheating aside, she’s a spoiled, vacuous, whiny, entitled, ungrateful, obnoxious brat with a lousy attitude. That’s why people can’t stand her. She’s just a crappy person overall.

  87. geekychick says:

    “After learning more about the circumstances in which those pictures were obtained we decided to remove the pictures out of respect for the celebrities”-Popsugar
    So, she set up the pictures, and then sent “cease and desist”. Yes, I can totally see the logic (puts tin foil hat on): So…Evil Maneater (who looks like a boy/butch/blabla-but still, by her evil powers seduces men into stupidity, poor men!) sets pap pictures in her home, of her in a pretty non-flattering bikini with her bf, kissing, bringing cofee, talking (I mean, if it was PR, I’d put my best bikini, and at least grope session or something totally fluffy like Cannes pap shots)…
    In the all of this shady bussiness, her 4 or 5 years older bf has no idea, NO IDEA-he doesn’t have a publicist (but he has a manager, agent, whole team that’s always with him, ask the fans, they know their names and everything), he’s an innocent fairy that stumbled into HW. Then, after all is done, the Evil (ugly, boyish, butch, jittery-main signs of a mass murderer) Maneater gets the site that published the photos (and the traffic was so high that the site crashed) to remove them (obviously she slept with every single member of the staff on popsugar) because..hmmm, let me get this, I’ll think of it in a moment…hmmm…because she’s an evil, cut-off jeans wearing Maneater!!Yes, that’s it. It cerainly can’t be that it wasn’t set up, that paps got in, site bought the pictures, and then got a word from her lawyers. I can’t wait to see if Celebitchy will comment on this in the next Stewart post (so, monday, I suppose?)I mean, this whole-she set it up, it’s her evil plan, as everything else certainly sheds some new light on “vilification into Jolie”.

    • geekychick says:

      Uh, and now I sound crazed. The whole story was intended to be a parody of the conspiracy theories phenomenon. 😉 It isn’t directed at this blog *per se*, but the media in general. If Stewart is showed down our throat with this whole scandal that’s dragging for much too long (seriously: she wears his hat! she’s staying at producer-friend house, she’s boning him, no matter he’s gay), cat least don’t be selective. The discussion the other day made me google some about all of this, and vow, most of the petty information (the hat, the mom house, the other house, the dogs..)…For God sakes the subject is overdone and really a tabloid fodder. I mean, I found an article how they were fighting about plants from the basement.
      Come on! Really??? It’s getting ridiculous.
      *stepping down from my soapbox* 🙂

      • A says:

        @geekychick. Ha…I agree. The speculation gets way over the top…I mean, come one, the tabloids trying to insinuate that she hooked up with Taylor Lautner and that producer (who is either gay, or the most metrosexual man ever…more so then Ryan Seacrest) just made me laugh. Also, the Justin Theroux thing…the tabloids really are trying to turn her into the next villainess in the vein of Angelina Jolie, who used to be the subject of numerous drug and cheating bs stories…still is, to an extent. Some other poster said something similar to this, which I agree with…the narrative of Rob Pattinson being some pretty little princess trapped in a tower with KStew and the studio being the evil witches circling below is just dumb. He’s a grown ass man with a management team of his own that does engage in PR…Gossip Cop used to deny personal, not just professional stories, about him fairly often. It might die down after Breaking Dawn comes out, it might not…

  88. Marylyn62 says:

    That perfume smells like cold cream. Threw out the sample in my Vanity Fair mag. It was gross.

    • A says:

      Balenciaga’s perfumes have always been terrible…and their fashion has been going down hill for the past several years, too…Balmain FTW, in my opinion, when it comes to less classic, more avant garde style. Plus, they stuck KStew in a five year old dress and a similar pose from a previous ad. It’s like they didn’t even try with her….and it’s not like she’s a good model in the first place .