O.J.’s girlfriend left him because he was jealous and paranoid

Ever-trustworthy National Enquirer has the story that O.J. Simpson’s longterm girlfriend got fed up with his jealous ways and dumped his ass, moving out of his house in Miami. He seemed to be pulling the same creepy stuff he did before he murdered Nicole. He was paranoid about her, thought she was cheating on him, and called up her friends to see where she was going whenever she left the house. He also thought he was being super cool by going out with another woman to make her jealous, even though he had no evidence that she was seeing anyone else:

Christie Prody, 31, O.J. Simpson’s lover for the past 10 years, walked out the day after Christmas, fed up with his suspicions that she was seeing other men.

“O.J. hasn’t been happy with anything lately,” an insider said. “Even though he got $2 million up front in his book deal, he lost $1.5 million when it was dropped.”

Sitting at home – fuming about his publisher pulling the plug on his tell-all book, “If I Did It” – O.J. turned on Christie. “If she left the house, he thought she was seeing another man. He was calling frinds asking if they’d seen Christie,” the insider said. “One of O.J.’s pals gave him the idea to make her jealous – go on a blind date.”

The buddy set up O.J. with a blonde and he took her to a Miami club. The plan backfired. “Christie didn’t care that he dated another woman, and she couldn’t take constant questioning on who she’s with,” said an insider.

After a furious fight, O.J. flew to Vail, Colorado, on Dec. 26 with his kids, and Christie moved out of his Miami home.

[From The National Enquirer print edition, January 15, 2007]

There was a story just a couple of weeks ago that O.J. was addicted to Oxycontin, which was making him paranoid and jealous.

What surprised me is that this chick has been with O.J. for ten years, which would mean that she was 21 when she started dating him. According to a report that came out 5 years after O.J.’s circus of a trial, she was a cocktail waitress when she met him and believed that O.J. was framed by police.

Prody doesn’t seem so innocent herself and O.J. just might have met his match in the ten years they dated on and off. In July, 2005 Police were called to a domestic disturbance incident at O.J.’s place where Prody was said to have attacked O.J. and a neighbor who was trying to jump start her car. About five years ago, she also apparently left her pet cat to die unfed in an apartment she failed to visit for a month. There are numerous other incidents involving Prody, O.J. and the police that don’t warrant retelling, but leave her looking abusive and unstable.

Prody’s mother said after one of their alleged fights that her daughter’s relationship with the old football star aquitted for murder “Seems more and more like a Nicole and O.J. relationship all the time.”

Not so much now that this one got away.

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  1. G.P. says:

    What sort of sick bitch would go anywhere near this guy? I ‘spose the sort that would leave a cat to die like that.

  2. CJ says:

    What do women see in this man? He’s not good looking, don’t have money, been acused of double murder, and from what I read is a real A-hole!

    And if he didn’t kill his wife (yeah, right) then he most certinally beat her on a regular basis, I just don’t understand women like that. She’s a pretty girl and could get a decent man!

  3. Fleegle says:

    Chronic Abusers and Abusees will always do what they are addicted to – abuse. She’s obviously a career Abusee, after living with that psycho monster for ten years. Same as Nicole. They enable Abusers and it will always go on until women WISE UP AND LEAVE THE ABUSER.

    Better late than never, anyway.

  4. Skintime says:

    What kind of sick, demented chick would go out with OJ? Are you kidding me? Maybe now that they broke up she can hook up with Charles Manson

  5. Roni says:

    Any woman that would go out with O.J. Simpson is “UNSTABLE!” First of all, why in the hell would you go out with a man that was put on trial for killing his wife and another INNOCENT man?!” There are RED FLAGS all around O.J. Simpson! Leave his ass alone…women of the world, so he won’t have the chance to abuse your ass! Let him live out the remaining time he has on this earth…ALONE so that when he goes to meet his maker he can/will find out what the meaning of the word “abuse” is all about! NUFF SAID!

  6. Domidroid says:

    I absolutely deplore this individual.
    Is a small, ignorant, putz.
    I really hate to be the one to come out and say it, but doesn’t his obsession with Blondes point to his obvious psychological issues? The self-hate, insecurity, and possessiveness should come as no surprises. As for his Barbie-du-jour, who cares? Yes, domestic violence is repulsive, but unfortunately, there’s a percentage of voluntary-abusive relationships as well.
    Some people actually get off on it. I’ve seen couples go round and round in emotional S&M for years. So I don’t
    automatically want to go running to the rescue.

  7. Fabiola says:

    “Birds of a feather flock together,”
    “Water seeks its own level”; that’s what my Gammy always said.

  8. MaiGirl says:

    Yes, Domindroid, I agree that it’s pathological at this point. I remember reading that OJ says that he is attracted to blonde, blue-eyed “Nazi types.” Yeah, thaaaaaaaat’s healthy.

    Also, why always so young? He dated Denise when she was in college, started with Nicole when she was in high school, and now this girl was 21? Grow the fuck up, sicko.

  9. MaiGirl says:

    Oh, and the cat thing….there are just no words. My cat is such a member of my family that my mother calls her “the grandcat.” Too bad animal cruelty doen’t usually come with jail time.

  10. lyric says:

    Any news about OJ’s kids, you know, the little ones who had to grow up without a mother because their father is such a paranoid & jealous killing machine?

  11. Domidroid says:

    Mai Girl,
    Younger women usually don’t have the tools (life experience)to realize they’re being sized up by a predator. It doesn’t dawn on them till about their 30′s, when they start evaluating Life.
    If you want to know all you need to about a man, check out the ex’s. What kind of creature has to bring home Hitler-Youth to flatter him?

  12. Domidroid says:

    PS, Lord only knows what sick little dress-up games these two used to play…

  13. Jenna says:

    Where in the world does this man find such a stupid woman? Oh, yeah, in a bar.

    As a side note: I don’t think OJ dating blonde haired, blue eyeed white women is a black hated thing, its more of a status symbol thing (as in I’m so rich/famous that I can bag white women). If you ever noticed amoungst wealthy/famous black men its a pretty common occurance for them to be dating white women.

  14. Domidroid says:

    I’ve “bagged” White women, I was no different afterwards. Before you tacitly accuse someone of racism, check your own premise. Also, my husband is White, and I had status before I met him.

  15. Anonymous says:

    A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots. Did we expect anything different from O.J.?

    Maybe this chick can go for someone a little safer now like – Scott Peterson or one of the Mendez brothers. At least they are locked up and can’t hurt you.

    The cat thing really ticks me off. My pets are a part of my family and I can’t imagine neglecting them for some psycho boyfriend.

  16. julie says:

    Wow, Fleegle. I think I hate you. How can you possibly go blaming Nicole for her death? She fell in love with him when she was too young to know better. Then she probably feared that if she left him, his money and status would get him the kids, then who knows what would happen to them? Oh, right, and in the end, who did the legal system support? It certainly wasn’t her.

    Have you ever spoken to an abused woman? Heard an interview? It’s a lot more complicated than you make out. You are callous, indeed.