Angelina says she has trouble loving boring Shiloh, calls her a blob

Maybe we know now why Shiloh is rarely seen out in public with Angelina and Brad, Angie thinks she’s a blob:

“I think I feel so much more for Madd and Zee because they’re survivors, they came through so much,” Jolie says in the new issue of U.K. Elle.

“Shiloh seemed so privileged from the moment she was born. I have less inclination to feel for her…I met my other kids when they were 6 months old, they came with a personality. A newborn really is this…Yes, a blob! But now she’s starting to have a personality…I’m conscious that I have to make sure I don’t ignore her needs, just because I think the others are more vulnerable.”

All babies are vulnerable, and to try to compensate for the fact that one of your children is biologically yours while the others are adopted seems wrong to me. Maybe Angelina should hire someone to help her talk to the press. I mean, if she feels this way it seems like she should hide it. She hasn’t talked to her father in years and this statement makes it seem like she has trouble with family relationships to say the least.

Shiloh certainly shouldn’t be more valued than her other children, but she shouldn’t be snubbed in favor of the others, either. Am I misinterpreting what she’s saying here? I mean, she said “I feel so much more for Mad and Zee… I have less inclination to feel for [Shiloh]” because she didn’t have a personality when she was born. That kind of sends off alarm bells for me. Is Angelina saying Shiloh’s less valuable because she didn’t save her from a life of hardship? Who doesn’t love their own kid to pieces?

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  1. AC says:

    Although i understand what Angelina is saying, she’s been protective of these babies she’s saved and she’ll always have a special place in her heart for them and maybe be more protective of them, i do think its odd. Just because her baby didn’t go through hardships doesn’t mean she’s any less special. I could see how she’d be more anxious over the others but having trouble meeting Shilohs NEEDS? thats a bit much. And I don’t think she should be saying it to the press either. She’s got some issues. I wonder how brad feels.

  2. Jenna says:

    If that’s really how she feels, maybe her and Brad should stick to adpoting. Those biological babies sure don’t help you feed that sense of martyrdom the way an adopted third world baby does.

  3. jen says:

    There’s no mistaking what she’s saying. Everyone keeps speculating whether she’s pregnant or not. I doubt she ever has another child of her own womb. Her strangeness that she’s been keeping pretty well hidden probably stems from self-loathing and now she gets to take that out on her child as well as her father.

  4. Pallas says:

    Though I do find what Angelina said about Shiloh to be a bit cold and wonder how the girl will feel one day when she’s old enough to read her mother’s old press, I do see in part where Angelina is coming from. I don’t really like children that much until they are around age five or so, when they have gone past most of the very needy stages and have developed a very concrete personality. But knowing that about myself, that is also why I know I’ll never have my own children and why adoption is still only a slight maybe in my future.

    I think Angelina is being too honest to a wide audience. This is something you might whisper to your mum or closest friend in confidance, but not to the world. Not a lot of people will understand the reasoning behind the statement.

  5. Bex says:

    I would say it’s not as ugly as it comes across. She seems to be saying that she knows Shiolh is priveledged, has been from the get go, so she has an awareness that her other 2 had difficult lives early on. She is also saying that she has to be careful not favor them over Shiloh. At least to me. I would say though, that she should take a course or something is speaking on your feet, bc while she’s being honest.. there’s a time and place for everything and a woman in her position can have what she says very easily exploited. And relationship counseling never hurt anyone..

  6. xiaoecho says:

    I think Pallas is right. As soon as I read these comments I could see editors taking her out of context to give the story an angle. I don’t think she mean’t that Shilo was less to her, just different.

    God that Maddox has got presence! That kid was born with the cool gene.

  7. cheri says:

    Actually, I think her statement is very telling, she gets no sense of validation from Shiloh, no country to tour or charities to start, no third world conditions to clutch your hands over your chest for. A child is a gift. One that is perfect and beautiful, that she just doesn’t deserve. She valdiates herself by what she does, and Shiloh doesn’t “need” a whole lot and the love they do need Angelina just doesn’t seem capable of. Shiloh is a newborn, they don’t come with an entertainment factor. It’s a shame, hopefully Brad will make up for Angelinas’ shortcomings.

  8. Diva says:

    She was speaking empathy, not love… there’s a difference. I seriously doubt Shiloh is lacking love in her life!

    Also, it would have been nice for you to note that the interviewer interjected the word “blob” when Angelina was talking, that’s why she said “yes, a blob”. It likely wouldn’t have been her word of choice! She was trying to say that a newborn isn’t as interactive as older kids.

  9. julie says:

    Personally, I’ve enjoyed my own two children SOOOOOO much more after they were finished the baby thing. I loved them, but now I really enjoy them. She just needs to wait until Shiloh starts running around and really expressing herself, and then she’ll feel the same. In six months time it won’t matter so much that the other two were underpriveleged.

  10. Sorceressss says:

    I wish I could agree with everyone’s comments, but as a mother of two, I really think what AJ said is pretty disgusting. Shiloh is an innocent baby that Angelina CHOSE to bring into the world. She didn’t have to get pregnant, lord knows there are enough forms of contraception out there. She should stick to adoption, obviously she feels those children are much more deserving of her love.

  11. jenn says:

    I’d like to adopt Shiloh from Angelina! That is the most adorable baby I’ve seen in quite awhile.

  12. sam says:

    Honestly I believe that Angie never wanted her own children but had one to tie Brad.

  13. UrbanDK says:

    I don’t even pay child support for my biologicals … they don’t own me … Sink or swim kids … that’s my philosophy … just get busy as much as you can and let Darwin sort them out.


  14. FF says:

    I actually think jen and Pallas have valid points. I personally agree she has self loathing issues (a lot of her behaviour plays into that) and that she is going to start – if she already hasn’t – projecting those issues onto her daughter, the one who most externally actualises her own internal vulnerabilities.

    I think she has a history of being way too honest in public, the honesty is good but it needs to be properly communicated in a way people are familiar with or it’s taken at it’s worst implication. Frankly I don’t see how she doesn’t know this by now.

    That said, parents do have different ages when they feel they can relate better to or empathise with their children. It’s so rare in this culture that mothers are allowed to be anything other than perfect givers of love and affection, such that feeling anything outside of that is immediately villified.

    That said, she has issues, and needs to accept that she does and get some therapy to stop herself from mentally scarring not just Shiloh but the Madox and Zee. The amount of control she exhibited over her change of shape during pregnancy (I mean hell, even Kate Moss gained weight when she was pregnant but Angie gained *nothing* more than the baby) did kind of suggest that she wasn’t going to let the kid change her and she might want to loosen up on that attitude.

    I can just see her projecting her self-issues onto her kid and thats unfair for anyone to have to deal with. Hopefully, though if Shiloh’s relationship with her mother is impaired then she’ll have someone else who is nurturing and empathic towards her.

    Maybe some of the tabs will run Angie’s comments through a panel of psychiatrists and she’ll be forced to take note of what she’s actually implying. I also really think she shouldn’t extend her family any further until those kids are at least 6 or 8.

  15. julie says:

    I don’t know about this whole “self-issue” argument. Commentors are making it look like her family relationships are completely dysfunctional. While that’s true with her father (and let’s not even get started with that whole brother weirdness) I always got the impression that she was super-tight with her mom. And don’t most moms end up mirroring their relationship with their mother? (Not all I know, so please don’t jump down my throat).

  16. FF says:

    I don’t see her family relationships as anymore dysfunctional as anyone else – even Aniston, for example, who had issues with both of her parents. I see her relationship with herself somewhat differently however.

    She has some personal demons and I’m not sure they’re all at rest yet (and to be fair, who can claim they’ve dealt with all of their issues?)

    Motherhood brings up most of your previously dormant issues. I still reckon her talking with someone about them wouldn’t hurt but that’ll be hard for her given that by her own admission she doesn’t trust anyone.

  17. Okay, I give up. You guys are right. Angelina is a complete idiot. I have two kids and I have to say that the newborn stage was not my favorite stage. But for the love of god, don’t broadcast this to a reporter!!!

  18. kailie2 says:

    Jesus, people, get a grip. If you read the whole thing, not just the sample given here, you see that in context she explains how much empathy she feels for her adopted kids BEACAUSE of the hardship they went though. Then she says she “feels less” (of that empathy, I suppose) for Shiloh because she was born to privilege and didn’t have to fight to survive. I’m not a native speaker of English, but “feeling for someone” usually means empathy not love. I think Angelina is overly sensitive about the fact that people may see her biological child as somewhat better or more loved. She overcompensates for it and, predictably, a bunch of haters jumps over a statement taken out of context as an ultimate proof that she’s an unfit mother. Remember when she said that she was afraid she’d love Shiloh more but after she was born she was relieved to feel the same love for all of them? “there is no difference” I believe was her statement. AS to “blob”– in the article she has a moment of hesitation after “a newborn is …” and the interviewer suggests “blob”–she says, “right, blob”– meaning no personality yet. I’ve heard many parents say they felt the same about their newborns. She also explains the difference — when she adopted kids they came with personalities already, whereas Shiloh is just starting to develop one. I always get an impression that she defends her older kids in interviews as if to say “they’re important and our biological child is no more important”–given the frenzy around Shiloh, one can see where she’s coming from. I just wish she didn’t speak so candidly to the press. Anglina should come with a Miranda warning: whatever you say, Angie, may and WILL be used against you in the court of public opinion.

  19. MizLiz says:

    Newborn babies are like little sponges…if the only care they get is just the basics with no love attached, they’ll know it, believe me. I really feel sorry for Shiloh, because for some reason Angelina is going to glorify them for going through “hardships” and tolerate her.

    She shows her stupidity clearly by saying a newborn has no personality…I had two babies, each one was different and 40 years later, their personalities are just the same.

  20. ER says:

    Angelina….open mouth, insert foot!

  21. me says:

    I agree with you Celebitchy 100%.
    She has major issues with family.

  22. countrybabe says:

    Jen , that lst sentence. I didn’t think of it that way. She’s just confirming what other people think, she didn’t want to have a baby. She just did it to keep Brad. Knowing he wanted children. She didn’t think the adopted children would be enough. He will move on to another younger woman it’s just a matter of when. She knows that. It also seems strange in a way. That she had a mom and dad and brother and yet she had no family. Maybe it was the divorce that did it. She said they didn’t have a home, yet Brad said they are in LA now. I don’t think Brad is on board for more kids. He’s just saying that. Why haven’t they adopted again already?

  23. countrybabe says:

    Kallie, please. You know children react and can react back at a very young age. They have personality in three months. Maybe she isn’y paying enough attention to Shiloh to realize this.

  24. NYSailorScout says:

    “I don’t even pay child support for my biologicals … they don’t own me … Sink or swim kids … that’s my philosophy … just get busy as much as you can and let Darwin sort them out.


    What a monster you are, UrbanDK! THIS is why people should wait until marriage to have sex. Morals help out a lot 🙂

  25. Iva says:

    It’s a shame that Brad and Angelina chose to donate Shiloh’s $5Mil to Charity – yes it was Shiloh’s pictures that were sold and her money – believe me that poor baby will need it for future therapy.

  26. jess says:

    this shocked me too…but i disagree with angie on mad and zee…..does ANYONE here remember being less than 6 months old?

    point in case…

    those kids are only gonna remember their priviliged life and are just gonna look at their home countries through priviliged eyes…

  27. suki says:

    The better question here is why does she feel the need to share all of this very personal information with the press? I’m beginning to think it’s compulsive and self-destructive and not a very smart thing to do.

  28. Gigohead says:

    Poor Angelina…she caught a very contagious diease and she needs a cure for her condition called foot in mouth disease.

    What a stupid statement to make. All her children are privilaged. They will never suffer or go hungry. She’s so Damn stupid. What turned into an opportunity to shed some light on the plight of hungry children, instead she turned it on to herself which only validated what I said all along…she’s vain and this whole “humanitarian” mission she’s on is self-serving.

    Jennifer Aniston, you are looking so angelic in my eyes. Girl..what did Brad do to you.

  29. celebitchy says:

    UrbanDK! haha! I believe the term is booyakasha, but I could be mistaken. Michelle, I thought the newborn stage was hard but this two year old thing is kicking my ass.

  30. Lauren REighard says:

    Oh. My. God. Now I’m no way NEAR being an A. Jolie fan. I have some pretty not so nice things to say about her. Most of those things, however, are based on my opinion of her flouncing around. HOWEVER, to say that you feel for one of your kids more than the other is really assanine. It’s obvious that she has no right even adopting a lizard from the humane society let alone a human being. What an ahole.

  31. mimosa says:

    Angie, I’ll take Shiloh! My goodness, that baby is the most adorable thing I’ve seen in a long time.

  32. Maryade says:

    Why on earth would she need to have a baby to keep Brad? She was well able to compartmentalise her life into “family” and “sex” before him. She could have pretty much any man in Hollywood.

    It does seem a strange thing to say I guess (I’ve no kids so what the hell do I know?) .. BUT there is such a thing as Post-Natal Depression – which could explain it.

  33. Jeannified says:

    Personally, I think this whole thing is being taken out of context. It’s obvious she loves ALL of her kids. I think she’s simply saying that she is such an empathetic person, that naturally she feels more toward children who’ve had to struggle more and somewhat make their own way. I’ve no doubt that she loves Shiloh equally as much.

  34. BR Girl says:

    Ok people, take a good look at the photo of Maddox, he always looks so mad, never a smile on his face and he has a lot to smile about. Zee seems like a sweet child now and Brad does seem to give her a lot of attention. When was the last time we saw either of them really holding Shiloh and looking at her like that even had any love for her. Every photo we see of them they have the older adopted kids with them and don’t say it’s because she is just a baby. When the other two were babies they went everywhere with “Brad Pittiful” and the Bitch.

  35. Domidroid says:

    What does everyone think of their collective Goddess of Love now?
    I think she’s a poseur, and an idiot.
    Her preoccupation with the “less fortunate (who have no distinction outside their misfortune)” was a clue for Me, but this pretty much cinches it.

  36. MizLiz says:

    BR girl, you have a good point. I’d be willing to bet that “Mad” is a spoiled little brat, always being catered to and carried around by Mommy Dearest. Surely Brad loves his little girl…he’s not likely to get another biological child from the Queen of The Suffering. And given a choice, 99% of the men out there would much rather have their own biological child.

    Let’s hope Shiloh has a loving, caring nanny. She’s going to need her.

  37. t&l says:

    she loves Shiloh and has said many times…people read what they want to read. All their children are loved equally.

  38. MaiGirl says:

    Okay, what about the fact that Shiloh has been treated like the heir apparent to all that is beautiful and glamorous about her parents? Let’s not forget the provenance of her name. Pretentious much?

    The ballyhoo over her birth was very, very different than the way either Maddox and Zahara were welcomed by the media. They were featured like fashion accessories from the United Colors of Benneton Family Collection, like earmuffs or mittens. All anyone could ever talk about was Shiloh. I am not a fan of either of them, but I do think that A was simply talking about the sympathy and concern she feels about her other two and what they have been through. Even though they are very privileged and will be in the future, they will never be white or bilogical, which will always matter to some people.

  39. C says:

    I agree with an earlier comment…who can remember hardship prior to age 6 months????

  40. frewtloop says:

    Ange’s only crimes are that she’s too beautiful and too candid. People will always hate and slate her for both.

  41. Randi says:

    What a terrifying comment. I seriously hope it was somehow taken out of context, but I think the psycho that was so evident when she was with Billy Bob is peeking out from the carefully crafted PR image. Don’t get me wrong, I think her humanitarian efforts are sincere, but I also think she is a bonafide wingnut. Even if the kid doesn’t remember the remarks a) they are captured in print for her to see later and b) this type of attitude won’t magically disappear in 6 months.

  42. DesertCat says:

    To those who commented on not remembering anything before 6 months: I work in the field of infant-toddler mental health. Infants don’t remember specifics of events, but there is plenty of research to prove that they experience and internalize trauma, and can even suffer from depression and anxiety. I have always had a strong feeling from the photos of Maddox that all is not well with that child emotionally. Time will tell. Having also worked with the children of people in the entertainment industry, I have seen parenting practices that would curl your hair. Many of these people are living in a fantasy world, especially when it comes to giving their children appropriate guidance.

  43. christy says:


    before you all go crazy, read the WHOLE article. the way a bunch of online bloggers have been “quoting” it have been completely out of context, and you will find out she was talking about empathy, not love.

    and i’m sure the moment she gloats about shiloh, everyone will turn on her and say, What about the other two?

  44. rachel karen green says:

    Here is a mother who has openly said that she is feeling “less” for her own kid than her adopted, and the Angie worshippers just keep seeing a Mama Mary (no offense to the real Mama Mary.)

    i think it is Angeline Jolie who is having trouble getting over the “adopted ones” and “biological kid” demarcation lines. SHE SHOULD NOT EVEN BE HAVING THIS FEELINGS because Maddox and Zahara are HER kids already! damn. what a phony!

    Hey Angie, give me your Blob if you are being “less inclined to feel for her”.

  45. humpy101 says:

    This is a disgusting comment. She needs to feel ashamed that she ever made it. Her statement is like political correctness gone crazy.
    Singling out any one (or more) of your children for special treatment is just PLAIN WRONG!
    I wonder what the comments would have been like if she had said that she favoured the birth child to the adopted ones?
    Having said all that, really, I mean who GAF what she says. She is not exactly normal…

  46. Toubrouk says:

    I just read the entry and I find it scary. Do this is just a phrase taken out of context or AJ is really thinking that way?

    This is once again a situation where I really wish the poor kid never read what their parents told to the press about them. This is a call for therapy waiting to happend.

  47. mary says:

    I strongly believe and i knew it from the start that she would never love her biological kids.She was telling us from the beggining that she is not interested on having her own kids.I am favour of adopting,it’s tha nicest thing anyone can do but she should love equaly all of her kids,adopted and biological!Many women crave for a child,and she is ungrateful for not thanking the god for giving her such a beautiful and nice baby!I had seen her view from the first pictures of shiloh that she wasn’t so warm to her.I wish she would love her child as the other!And i believe also that if brad had stayed with jennifer,he would enjoy his kids more and jen would be very good mother!

  48. Haney says:

    Whenever she opens that pouty Donald Duck mouth of hers, something idiotic comes out.
    Let’s hope those kids won’t be wearing vials of blood around their necks by age 6.
    She’s unreal, and I don’t mean that in a nice way.
    Guess who’s gonna need a psychologist for babies or toddlers soon.
    As always, Saint Angelina.

  49. ewatparis says:


  50. ewatparis says:

    Sounds like she needs to put SHILOH up for adoption, and someone in another country can have her. Then she’ll be “appreciated”.

  51. how dare Angelina call her own CUTE child a blob ???!?!!! HOW DARE SHE !! she’s her mother she should be happy and proud about her children no matter what !!!! she shouldn’t be mean ! thats how good parents would do !!

  52. Veronica says:

    Angelina adopted her children when they were around 6 months, so while they came from horrible conditions they did not completely live a disastrous life. Reality Check, they too live a life of privilege.

    Her comment is who she is. She is not revered as Shiloh’s savior, in the way she can be with Zahara and Maddox. It is easy to give to those who have nothing, but to be good to those who are your equal is a different story. (example: Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wife/Husband). She may think Zahara and Maddox survived so much but Shiloh will have to survive her and some much needed therapy.

    To boot, while her charity work is a wonderful thing, it is more exotic to travel the world than to help a much needed city from boring USA. Where was she when Katrina hit??

  53. carolyn says:

    thats just wrong. poor shiloh. when she grows up, and read this, she’ll know angelina likes the others more than her! angelina chose to have shiloh, and now calling her a BLOB!! shes very cute, and i think jennifer aniston wouldnt have this problem

  54. bitcherella says:

    Oh for Goodness’s sake, would all you get real? So she doesn’t feel as empathetic to Shiloh, big freaking woop! Everyone just seems to be overly sensitive about the emotional effect it will have on a BABY. The answer to that is none, it will be a miracle if she remembers her life before two. With the fawning public she’s lucky to have parents who will keep her perspective grounded.

  55. kailie2 says:

    christi said:

    before you all go crazy, read the WHOLE article. the way a bunch of online bloggers have been “quoting” it have been completely out of context, and you will find out she was talking about empathy, not love”

    christi.. PLEASE, don’t expect too much…if there is a way to make her look bad and blow things out of proportion and out of context, you know it’s going to happen. As you said, if AJ said how much she loves Shiloh, you’d read accusations that she doesn’t love her adopted kids and people would say “we knew from the start she wouldn’t love them once she had a bio kid”. Nobody points out the interview (Vogue, I believe) where she said that she was afraid she’d love her biological child more and she was preparing to “defend” her adopted kids.. then, she says, she found out there is no difference, except when she looks at Shiloh, she sees Brad, “which is sweet”. I think she’s still “defending” her adopted kids by pointing out the empathy factor. But hey, if someone believes the woman hates her biological child then let them be, what does it matter anyway?

  56. ASDj says:

    I used to like AJ, but not anymore. Doesn’t she realize that it is devastating to a child to be less favorably compared to other siblings? Beautiful Shiloh is bound to be stuck with self-esteem issues for the rest of her life. If AJ feels a lot less for Shiloh at 6 months, what will it be at 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50?

    When the children are old enough to play and fight, guess what sides mommy dearest will take?

    Sorry AJ, but you don’t deserve to bring anymore children into this world. Brad should dump you and get full custody of Shiloh. Get fixed right away so you can focus on what you think you can do best: collect colored children. And one more thing: charity begins at home.