David Gandy shows off his newish girlfriend in London: attractive couple?

These are some photos of last night’s Harper’s Bazaar (UK) Women of the Year event held in London. This was one of the first formal outings that my boyfriend David Gandy did with his newish girlfriend Sarah Ann Macklin. She’s a model. They’ve been dating for a few months, and they’ve been photographed together before, so it’s not like this is major news or anything. I just thought it was interesting and you know I always love some Gandy photos. Both David and Sarah Ann wore Dolce & Gabbana, because Gandy has long been the face of D&G. I get some famewhore vibes off Macklin, but they’re not as strong as the vibes I got off Mollie King when she was dating Gandy.

More photos from the same event…

Here’s Gillian Anderson in Nicholas Oakwell Fall 2012 Couture collection. I don’t know… it kind of works, right? I was going to complain about her hair or the sleeves on the dress, but looking at everything together… it works.

Here’s Idris Elba with a new beard. Can’t say I’m a fan of the beard, or of his nearly shaved head. All of a sudden, he looks closer to his age! Still hot, of course. But now he’s more likely to ask you for some hot tea as opposed to banging you senseless.

Rosamund Pike is so pretty, it hurts. She’s just a really beautiful woman. This dress looks great on her – with her coloring, I think most stylists would put her in paler, more delicate colors, but I like that she went with a bold red. I can’t find the ID, but I think it might be Temperley? Also: I could totally see Duchess Kate in this dress. Right?

Emily Blunt in Alexander McQueen. God, I HATE this. I hate the orange. I hate how skinny she’s gotten. I hate her slicked-back hair style. I hate that I think she’s been tweaking her face.

And let’s leave it on a sad/funny note – here’s Stella McCartney in one of her own awful, unflattering, bunchy designs. Lord, she’s a horrible representative for her own horrible clothes.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. gloaming says:

    Stella’s smugness rubs me up the wrong way.

    Gillian Anderson improves with age.

    That is all.

  2. Abby says:

    Lots of good looks in this post. Sad for Emily Blunt though, she doesn’t look like herself. And I always love David Gandy. :-)

  3. Chatcat says:

    Gandy’s bug eyes bug me. She looks like she is 13 or 14 y/o. Emily Blunt is looking way rough. YIKES!

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Objectively, I recognize he’s a good-looking dude but all I see when I look at him is DOUCHE.

      Not attracted to him at all.

      • keats says:

        Oh man, same! I couldnt figure out why someone so handsome does nothing for me. I think its like that one friends episode, its all just too obvious.

    • lori says:

      She looks like a very young Rachel Bilson. Which is saying something….because Rachel Bilson always looks like a teenager.

    • The Original Genevieve says:

      I think Gillian Anderson looks other-wordly, flat out freaking GORGEOUS. I would virtually kill for that dress.

      Rosamund Pike is truly one of the prettiest women i have ever seen. She’s just…perfect.

      WHY does David Gandy look so much like Clive Owen in these pictures, is it just me?

      Emily Blunt really is looking WAY skinny these days. I have no problems with the orange based on her coloring, although I would look like ass in it. I truly believe she’s had a chin implant.

  4. emmie_a says:

    What is going on with Emily Blunt? She looks like she is headed for Real Housewives territory with her weight loss and plastic surgery.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      WAY too skinny! But I love her dress. Much like her notorious bangs-aversion, Kaiser’s orange-hatred is equally transparent.

      The dress is awesome and I LOVE orange. So there. Agree that the hair is bad though.

      Gillian Anderson looks AMAZING imo. It takes a really beautiful woman to pull off that look.

      • marie says:

        totally agree, I’m a huge fan of orange when done right-and I think it’s a good color on Emily. I don’t understand the weight loss though. She’s always gotten good roles I thought?? Maybe stress?

        Gillian Anderson does look amazing, no complaints..

        And I’m digging the beard on Elba, looks great. But I prefer facial hair, so maybe that’s just me..

      • Amelia says:

        +1 on everything.
        I heard that Emily is actually dropping the weight and building muscle for a role opposite Tiny Tom.

      • emmie_a says:

        Gillian does look amazing. She’s gorgeous. I’m waiting for her and David Duchovny to get together! Wasn’t that the rumor?

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Oh me too, Marie-I would do Elba with beard, without beard, anytime any day.

        @Amelia-Oh, I hadn’t heard that. Maybe she’s trying to get *thissmall* so Tom will look like a full-sized man in comparison? ;)

        @Emmie-that was one of my most favorite (fake?) celeb couple pairings ever. Gah! The sexual tension between the two of them was really what kept me so hooked on X-Files. That, and the fact that the show was amazing :)

  5. LadyMTL says:

    At first I was all like “Oooh, Gandy and Elba in the same post, my ovaries are celebrating!” but then you had to go and ruin it with Stella McCartney’s awful awful AWFUL lamé monstrosity. How is this woman making money with her designs? Blech.

  6. ladybert62 says:

    Gandy and his girlfriend look great and I love her dress.

    The rest of the people and their outfits are horrid.

  7. LAK says:

    That Rosemund Pike dress looks like Roksanda Ilincic. That ribbon tied at the side on an evening dress is her signature.

    Temperley is all about lace this season.

    Either way Kate wears both labels.

  8. Melissa says:

    From what I’ve read Emily got that thin for a role she’s doing.

  9. keats says:

    This is a post about extremely gorgeous people…and Stella McCartney.

  10. Janet says:

    The problem with Blunt’s dress isn’t the color, it’s the cut. It doesn’t hang right on her.

  11. angie says:

    Maybe Emily Blunt lost a lot of weight for her new action movie with Tom Cruise like Scarjo did for the avengers (or for the fact that she has to hang out with single Tom Cruise…XD).

    David Gandy’s girlfriend reminds me of an older Hailee steinfeld, she looks very young. I also get douche vibe from Gandy, he seems a bit narcissistic.

    I like Rosamund Pike a lot, she is so beautiful and an underrated actress. I loved her in movies like an education, made in dagenham and pride & prejudices.

    • David does seem to have changed since becoming the world’s only male supermodel. I wouldn’t call him names but I just wonder how I would be as a person if I were #1 in the world at anything? Perhaps he is a little over-impressed with himself but wouldn’t you be? He’s worked very hard to get where he is. Does it take not accomplishing anything for people to be cruel and judgmental about other’s success.

  12. KellyinSeattle says:

    Stella looks worse than MC Hammer…at least he has a personality. C3PO in Stella McCartney.

  13. Sweet Dee says:

    Cut to Sarah Ann Macklin teaching everyone that you really can re-use your old bridesmaid dress from 2003! And also that if you make the same face over and over, it really does stay that way.

    Who did Emily Blunt’s eyeliner? Fail.

  14. Elceibeno08 says:

    Gandy should consider a wrinkle cream, other than that he looks great. How old is he?

    • LAK says:

      You are telling one of the highest paid male models what they can do for their skin???!!!

      As someone who is photographed for a living, i think he is way ahead of you with regards what’s required.

      • Dear Lak;

        True, David knows a lot about skin care, but he’s looking for longevity in the industry I think and he is aging beautifully. He’s getting close to mid-thirties and he knows where to go and what to do if he needs to freshen up. Personally, I’d hate to see him trying to keep up with the young guys coming up. He has a magnetism that they will never be able to get. He’s not the most handsome, but he’s got something that just makes you pay attention.

  15. Suze says:

    You nailed it about Rosamund Pike. She just glows! Look at the way the dudes in the background are just full on checking her out.

    And yes, Emily Blunt has become a twig. :/

  16. Harpreet says:

    It looks like David’s leaving with a lot of swag, lol.

    Also, is it me or does Rosamund Pike look like a blonde Lady Mary from downtown (Michelle Dockery)?

  17. Jenna says:

    Gandy and his girlfriend look good! As does Gillian. Rosamund is a pretty girl, but “so pretty it hurts”? Come on now. Emily looks so uncomfrtable; but I like the dress. I think I can see Goop in something like that. Don’t even get me started on Stella…

  18. Jae says:

    Yup, sure, David Gandy is always TOTALLY OK and it’s his GIRLFRIENDS who are always famewhores.

    I wonder whether this guy is ever going to date someone his age. Or, you know, at least someone over the age of 25.

  19. DeE says:

    Idris actually served me tea after our senseless bang…yes, I’m kissing and telling.

  20. j.eyre says:

    In that third picture it looks like he is using her as a human shield – I wonder what is being lobbed at him?

  21. I believe you are completely wrong about DAVARAH they are a beautiful couple but Sarah is not a fame whore as Mollie King was. You never hear her talking about David in a bragging manner, she is attentive, they keep their business to themselves and I think they are perfect for each other. Personally, I hope this time David has found true love.

  22. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Rosamund should have been cast as Grace Kelly, not Nicole Kidman.

    Idris is still hot.

    Gillian looks great.

  23. rlh says:

    No matter what he does with hair or beard….Idris Elba: sexiest man alive. Lordy, he is just yummy!!!

  24. Ally8 says:

    Yikes, what’s with Emily Blunt? I love her onscreen & hope she’s A-OK.

    Perhaps she went into a tailspin after being forced to kiss that hideous Mark Duplass in the godawful Your Sister’s Sister (which Emily’s and Rosemarie DeWitt’s presence conned me into seeing).

    You know those terrible drawings all the hipsters do… the ones who draw faces like they’re still in 4th grade. That’s what that creep looks like. Emily pulled several muscles trying to act attracted to him.

  25. A Fan says:

    I was going to say that everyone looks great and is dressed well…until I got to the last picture.

  26. Miranda Scobar says:

    I’m so lost right now… What the f* happened with Saturday’s girl?

  27. Miranda Scobar says:

    I’m so lost right now… What the happened with Saturday’s girl?