Is Paul McCartney actually the mean mofo that Heather claims?

Heather Mills brought all sorts of ridiculous claims against beloved rocker Paul McCartney in their divorce proceedings. She claims he choked her, cut her with a wine glass, and pushed her on top of a coffee table during their four year marriage. Mills is known to be a serial liar, is said to have invented colorful stories from her past, and was even found to be impersonating a journalist also named Heather Mills. Everyone from her father to the guy who introduced her to Sir Paul has discredited her, and most people think that her claims against Paul are ridiculous and unfounded.

Heather even said that Paul was abusive to his first wife, Linda. One piece of evidence in Heather’s favor may have been the hours of audiotaped conversations between Paul’s wife Linda and her friend Peter Cox, with whom she collaborated on a vegetarian cookbook published in 1989. McCartney paid Cox an amazing $380,000 for the tapes, and people assumed he was doing it to ensure that none of the intimate details of his first marriage would be released to the public during his divorce proceedings.

Now The National Enquirer reports that a Beatles biographer has hours of audiotape from Paul McCartney’s stepmother and stepsister in which they claim that he was cruel to his ailing father and has always treated them with contempt. If you read what they’re saying, it sounds like they didn’t get along with him and are bitter and pissed off that he didn’t support them:

[Beatles biographer] Giuliano says Heather’s claims of abuse by McCartney are very similar to allegations made by Ruth and Angie. [Paul's stepmother and stepsister]

“For decades there has been a code of silence around Paul. Now Heather has blown the lid on it,” Guiliano told The Enquirer.

“There is clearly more than the kernel of truth in what Heather has said – I’d say more like the whole cob.”

Angie married Paul’s father Jim in 1964 when Ruth – Angie’s daughter from a prior marriage – was just 4 years old. Paul stayed for extended periods with the trio in a five-bedroom house that he had bought for Jim.

“It seemed like a kind thing to do, but Paul ruled the house like a tyrant when he was there, and would remind Angie and his father they should be grateful for his genorosity,” revealed Guiliano.

On the tapes, Angie said that when Paul was upset, he would shriek: “Don’t forget I put every crumb of food in your mouth!”

“I never forgot that,” said Angie.

Angie also told Giuliano that Jim had bitter arguments with Paul for smoking marijuana in the house.

“Jim knew that he smoked pot and didn’t like it,” said Angie.

“My dad would say to Paul, ‘Don’t be doing that here,’” recalled Ruth. “And then it would break down into the ‘Whose house is this?’ argument.

“this is my bloody house – I’ll do what I want,” Paul allegedly told them.

[from The National Enquirer print edition, January 15, 2007]

That all sounds like pretty tame, normal family arguments to me, like stuff that could be blown out of proportion. If this is true maybe the sister was snotty to him or something and he shot back at her, and maybe he did get pissed at his dad for telling him not to smoke pot in the house. That doesn’t sound so damning to me.

The article goes on to give what must be the two worst incidents the stepmother and mother told this author. Paul was said to have once yelled at his arthritic father to get up and walk and to have told him that his illness was in his mind. He also supposedly patted his stepsister on the butt while she was passing him in the hall after taking a shower. She was only 13 at the time, had filled out early and was embarrased to run into Paul when she was just in a towel. He said “My, my, my… Look at you, you’re getting to be a big girl. You’re growing up, aren’t you?”

Everyone says that Paul is an exemplary, peaceful man except for Heather Mills and his stepmother and stepsister. Their book was never published because it’s clear they don’t have much dirt on him. From their statements about Paul, it sounds like they didn’t get along with him, wanted to get money from him and failed. If Paul has an abusive personality the news would have come out sooner than this. As it is, there are only these two claims that are motivated by greed.

Update: I am not implying that it is ok to grab a 13 year-old’s butt and make sexual comments about her, that’s deplorable if it happened. I’m not sure how much of it is true and that’s what I was trying to say here.

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  1. G.P. says:

    [quote]As it is, there are only these two claims that are motivated by greed.[/quote]

    This girl knows what she married and knows what she’ll get now she is divorcing him especially now she has Paul’s child for alimony.

    I know we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, but I smell a hungry grabbing nasty Heather.

  2. Jessica says:

    No idea if he did or didn’t, but hey, how long was Tina Turner beaten by her husband before it came out? You better believe people knew about it, and it still didn’t make the press. Plenty of crazy stuff happens and gets kept quiet. That’s what makes domestic violence so evil…usually the victims are too afraid to say anything.

    People are in love with the idea of him being a Beatle and have no idea who he is…just because I’ve listened to his songs doesn’t mean I know squat about his character.

    And I’m sorry, but it’s NOT ok to grab a 13 year old girl’s ass and make sexual comment about her body.

  3. GeorgiaCajun says:

    I agree with you Jessica!!!! Abuse is a nasty secret kept by a lot of people. I don’t know Paul so I’m not going to say he’s a great guy, at the same time I don’t know Heather, but I do know my sister was abused for YEARS and none of us had a clue until she decided to divorce him. His family knew, the kids knew, but none of us did, they kept it a sick secret. So no one has the right to call this woman a liar until it has been proven she’s lying. Then to have two more people come out verify that Paul can be a POS only to have people try and discredit them is just plain STUPID! Where there is smoke, there’s fire! How can people defend someone they don’t even know – IDIOTS!

  4. celebitchy says:

    Jessica, I’m really sorry for giving the impression that it’s ok to grab a 13 year-old’s butt, and I have updated the post.

  5. Fabiola says:

    Regardless of what Macca may have done or nor done, it doesn’t change the fact that Heather is a gold-digging one legged-whore.

  6. Domidroid says:

    Oh come on! Can you really imagine Paul McCartney (The Walrus, himself) hitting anyone? He’s a teddy-bear, you could fend him off with a good tickle-attack.
    I felt sorry for Heather at first, I figured she thinks she has to be a total bitch in this thing, because she hasn’t got Paul’s clout, but to smear a poor woman who died of Cancer…(sigh), Let her head roll!

  7. kailie2 says:

    Yes, I agree that a lot of domestic abuse is often hidden but Paul and Heather are not exactly a typical couple. Heather is a very outspoken person to say the least, she was never dependent on him for money and they had staff in the house — if there was any abuse, sooner or later someone would have said something. It would have been leaked to someone– a friend, a housekeeper or a family member if not to the press. The point is she’s only making it after HE filed for divorce (which she didn’t expect) and cut her off. Not only that, but she’s made thinly veiled allegations that he sexually abused their child. She didn’t have the guts to allege it officially but made sure to leak the crap to the press. I’ve seen women who do this kind of thing, with no basis whatsoever, only to destroy a man in a divorce. Anything goes, even the well-being of their children. Just how do you expect Paul to prove he DID NOT abuse her? The burden is on her to show there was abuse and the only thing those tapes prove is that he didn’t have a great relationship with his step-family (who sound like they relied on him for money but it was never enough). I think that Heather is an unbalanced egomaniac with serious mental issues. As far as tapping a 13 year-old on the ass–crass and inappropriate but not necessarily abuse. It all depends on a) what really happened (we have her side of the story) and b) the context in which it happened. They sound bitter and disappointed they didn’t get more out of Paul and are willing to smear him for a fee the tabloid no doubt paid them for the story.

  8. Matt says:

    I like how calm and reasonable you are with these sorts of things. Good post.

  9. Other Karen says:

    Not sure about the rest, but the stories of him emphasizing that the house is his is consistent with a lot of Heather’s earliest complaints, revealed by her friend. Paul always had someone to carry his bags, while one-legged Heather would have to carry her own. And Paul would shuffle his appointment schedule around like crazy when they traveled, and expected Heather shuffle her own appointments around to accomodate that.

  10. GeorgiaCajun says:

    kailie2 – Get a grip. I never said Paul abused her. Why can’t you read what I said. I think it is pathetic that people are automatically calling this woman a liar, you don’t know her and you don’t know Paul. Get some education on domestic violence. You acting like you know them b/c you read an article or saw something in the news is pathetic. You obviously need a life.

  11. amyhalo says:

    When was this? 1964? Thankfully, no one did anything pompous or stupid in their twenties. What a lout!

  12. Domidroid says:

    The fact that she’s married to a Knight, and still dumb enough to carry her own bags, is not a point of sympathy. I stand by all posts that characterize her as cheap baggage that Sir Paul is better off without. Should have left her where he found her, strictly one-night-stand material.

  13. Britney ain't all that says:

    Look I don’t think Paul is a saint, in fact he’s only a man but I do think it’s very suspicious that Paul paid $380,000.00 for old tapes of Linda talking about her problems with Paul.

    I do think Paul is a bully and the treatment to his family is proof of that…to remind his family that because he brought them the house he didn’t have to respect their rules, tell me he is selfish and would override anyone opinions to get his ways.

    I also don’t see Heather as Mother Teresa either but Paul did married her and they’re divorcing so issues will come up.

    Feeling up his step-sister was not right and shouldn’t be condone, you can tell she never got over that.

  14. xiaoecho says:

    I believe her and have from the start..the press were labelling her a goldigger from the day their relationship was made public.

    They (the Beatles) might be quasi saints to the public but dont forget they started out as working class lads bought up with working class mores

  15. JoDee says:

    Guiliano is a piece of garbage. He’s written dozens of worthless Beatles books that are all completely inaccurate and rumour-ridden only to make a buck. Mills, too, is a worthless gold digger with a lifetime of lies and deception. Anyone who really believes her accusations should shoot themselves. Dishing ”dirt” for dough? Birds of a feather. So what if McCartney is an asshole sometimes? He’s written most of the world’s greatest songs ever and that’s all anyone should give a hell about. Let it go.

  16. Pookie says:

    Has anyone read anything about Sir Paul…..I have, years before Heather was in the picture, and the impression I get is that his “image” of the “good” Beatle is just that,an image.
    I read that Linda McCartney was rather mean and nasty to HER daughter Heather, and actually left her with friends or relatives whilst she went to hook up with “Sir” Paul. Gee, nice mother.
    Both Linda and Paul were heavy drug addicts, and yes (duh) that affects both your judgment and personality.

    Paul is not the modern, progressive guy his silly, deluded groupies wish him to be. Quite the backwards misogynist as a matter of fact.

    I consider myself blessed to be smart and bright enough not to fall for all the “Good” Beatle garbage.