Ashley Greene wants to be with ‘someone who isn’t afraid to call me on my sh-t’

Ashley Greene covers the new issue of Manhattan Magazine – and I think it’s a joint venture/publication with Miami Magazine too, but I’m not going to analyze too hard. Can I just say? This is a terrible pictorial for Ashley. Maybe another girl would have been able to pull it off, but these angles for Ashley and her face are particularly harsh and unforgiving. I liked the way she was photographed for GQ UK last week – she looked pretty and sexy in that photo shoot. Not so much in this one. As for the interview… we all know that this girl is very full of herself. In her mind, she is definitely as famous as Kristen Stewart. In Ashley’s mind, she’s the real star of the Twilight franchise. In Ashley’s mind, all of the Twihards want HER, they want to know about HER life. So… just get into that mindset when you read the interview. Here are some excerpts:

On one of her favorite actresses: “I love Cate Blanchett. She’s extremely classy and has this knack for taking on roles and being very, very strong, but also embedding vulnerability. She has this relatable quality. I like the path she chose.”

Greene didn’t have much of a modeling career: “I am clearly not tall enough,” says the 5-foot-5 Greene of her attempt at modeling at 17, although her mother encouraged her to build her confidence by taking modeling/etiquette classes. Eventually that led to a commercial class, and then an acting class, where her teacher’s fervor for the craft ignited her own. “I fell in love with it and my teacher was so passionate about acting and teaching, I saw how in love he was with the whole world.”

She loves Audrey Hepburn: “I mean, I’ve seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s a million times and I never get tired of it!”

Her dream role: “Marie Antoinette. I love period pieces,” she says. “Or an action film that’s female-driven.” And the resolute Greene means James Bond, not a Bond girl!

Dealing with Twihards: “We hadn’t done anything yet and the fans were so invested [in the books].” The attention has been the only thing that has scared her during the past four years. “I was in Sweden touring with Rob [Pattinson] last year, and we literally had to be ushered out the back because fans got so excited it became a safety hazard. They were pushing on barriers and literally they grabbed us and yanked us. It was a little frightening.”

She’s so super-famous now: “Two days before I left to start filming, me and one of my best friends, Katie, were sitting at our place and she gave me a card and I started crying because I thought, this is going to change the rest of my life.”

Playing Jennifer Garner’s daughter in Butter: “When I got there I was intimidated, but Jennifer came right up to me and was so sweet and really welcoming, so thank God for her.”

Ashley thinks she’s very courageous: “Courage isn’t the lack of fear, it’s acting in spite of it,” she says. “As human beings we’re a work in progress and you learn things about yourself every day. You have to constantly keep working towards a better version of you. You have to look at the positives, because it’s a hard industry.” Her love affair with New York City inspires her positivity and challenges her to take on more: “I like the energy—it’s so contagious and I feel like you just have to be productive here. It’s very artistic and inspiring.”

Being grounded: “The greatest thing about my parents is that they love me and support me. You need someone who is going to help you make that better version of yourself. I need someone who is strong but supportive and who loves me—someone who isn’t afraid to call me on my sh*t.”

Dating: “I would love to date someone outside the industry,” says Greene. But, she points out, “It’s hard to relate to someone who hasn’t gone through the same thing as you.”

[From Manhattan Magazine]

Cate Blanchett? Audrey Hepburn? Marie Antoinette? Girl, please. Right now she’s praying that Michael Bay casts her as “the T&A” of one his dumb action films. THAT is where her career is. I mean, I’m sure she can find the odd ensemble where she’s the sixth lead down and maybe she can get a few more “screaming girl with no bra” parts in some slasher movies, but really – her career is now at “Did Michael Bay call back?” level. Let’s be real, Ashley.

Photos courtesy of Manhattan Magazine.

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  1. Victoria says:

    Aye, girl please. Just stop talking and look pretty. I’ll say something nice, I love her hair.

  2. Kathryn says:

    Her nose — where is it?? Why do they do they all insist on having non-existent noses? Their original faces made them stand out, now they all look the same. To me, it’s very sad :(

  3. Eleonor says:

    One of the worst nosejob, ever.

  4. Anna says:

    She looks horrible on the cover. Kind of like Michael Jackson. Same bad nose job.

  5. Just Me says:

    All these magazine covers. Looks like Summit really is pushing Ashley instead of KStew for Breaking Dawn promotions. Usually it’s KStew all over the magazines during the Promotional tour.

  6. Micki says:

    She forgot to namedrop Katrin Hepburn for the famale driven films and recently of course Angelina. I am thankful she doesn’t admire Meril Streep’s path. I may come to US just to punch her.

  7. V4Real says:

    Christi Turlington called; she wants her nose back.

  8. OhDear says:

    They ALL say that they want to be with someone who isn’t afraid to call them out on shit. But usually what they say and who they surround themselves with are two different things altogether.

    • megs283 says:

      hah. My husband dated a total creampuff before he married me, and said one thing he liked about me was that I “challenge him.” This is a fact I love to remind him of when we’re disagreeing about something!

    • Meaghan says:

      My man doesn’t put up with any of my shit, and its one of the reasons I love him so much. My ex-husband was a push-over and always gave in to me, so its nice being challenged, it kind of forces you to be a better person.

  9. Tulip says:

    I think she’s alright. Pretty and harmless, she could be worse.

  10. Sisi says:

    wow they used really ugly fonts on the cover

  11. mercy says:

    She looks like an alien … I’ll be kind and say a pretty alien.

  12. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    Please V4real never compare this poser to Christy Turlington one of the great 90s supermodels (although Yasmeen Ghauri was my fav); marketing has gone over the top – this chick is just hogging jobs from real models, and she’s rather vapid to boot.

  13. deehunny says:

    Her face looks really long and angular, like SJP. The chin down pictorial doesn’t do her justice.

  14. Miss Bennett says:

    At the risk of being attacked by Ashley Greene haters I am going to state that I like her and think she’s very pretty. She does need to lay off the surgery, fillers and heavy makeup. Lighten up! You’re young! Wear less makeup! Honestly, she looks her best with less crap on her face.

  15. anonymous says:

    Girl, those fans were yanking on you because you were blocking their view of Rob Pattinson. They WEREN’T INTERESTED IN YOU.

  16. thepastyousayyouneverknew says:

    I feel sorry for Ashley, she tries SO hard, so very hard and she’s always at the same level of fame, not that talented, mediocre good looks – she’s average all the way through but she’s trying her hardest, I’ll give her that.