Lindsay Lohan was too cracked-out to do her ’20/20′ interview, of course

Last month the news came down – Lindsay Lohan’s Career Comeback Tour (also known as “Crackie Compares Herself to Elizabeth Taylor Endlessly”) was going to make a pit stop on Barbara Walters’ couch. It was confirmed that Lindsay would do a substantial interview with Walters to promote Liz & Dick, which will be airing in the next few weeks. While I was somewhat pissed off at the news – I don’t think Walters is a very good interviewer at this point – I thought it was probably a pretty smart move with a cracked-out attention-starved crackhead. Walters wouldn’t go after Lindsay, and LL would get to promote her cracked out movie. Not anymore! Deadline reports that Lindsay pulled out of the interview at the last minute:

Few in Hollywood pull out of Barbara Walter’s interviews, especially when they have an upcoming project. But Lindsay Lohan’s new PR representatives Rogers & Cowan confirmed tonight that the actress will not be appearing on ABC’s 20/20. Lohan was scheduled to be on the show November 16 for an interview with Walters.

A source tells Deadline that Lohan’s new flackery was dissatisfied with the direction ABC wanted to take the interview. The 20/20 stint was to promote Lohan’s upcoming Lifetime movie Liz & Dick in which she portrays Elizabeth Taylor and her stormy romance to two-time husband and co-star Richard Burton, played by Grant Bowler. Liz & Dick premieres November 25th.

Meanwhile, what a Herculean task it must be to flack Lindsay Lohan.

[From Deadline]

Fascinating. There was also a rumor shortly after the interview was announced that Lindsay had basically crack-blackmailed Lifetime into paying her bills by threatening to NOT do any press in support of Liz & Dick. Lifetime paid her Marmont bill and magically Lindsay agreed to the Walters interview. I wonder if Lifetime knows they got hoodwinked by a master crackmailer? Meanwhile, TMZ reports that Lindsay pulled out of the interview because Lindsay’s “new PR team” (?) didn’t want Walters to ask any questions about the soon-to-be charges against Lindsay, and about the June car crash. According to TMZ:

Sources close to the actress tell us … in the past week, producers made it clear to Lohan that Barbara wanted to talk about her personal life as well … including allegations that she lied to police about the June car crash on Pacific Coast Highway.

We’re told Lindsay’s new PR team, Rogers & Cowan, felt it would be a mistake to put Lindsay in the hot seat … where she could possibly say something that could screw up her case … so they pulled the plug.

Sources tell us Lindsay feels terrible for canceling on Barbara, especially since she considers Walters a family friend, and wants to reschedule as soon as her team feels the time is right.

We reached out to “20/20″ — so far, no response.

[From TMZ]

Yeah, let’s all pretend that Lindsay had a meeting with her team and they soberly discussed the pros and cons of speaking to Walters. Let’s pretend that Lindsay didn’t get insanely coked up and then “forget” about the interview and she forced her new “team” to come up with an excuse.

As for the car accident and the soon-to-be-filed charges (hopefully) of “lying to the police,” TMZ also had a hilarious and sad story about how Lindsay’s assistant Gavin didn’t MEAN to tell the truth to the police, he only told the truth because he was TRICKED! Gavin tells friends, “cops questioned him at the hospital where Lindsay was being treated post-accident — but he neither confirmed nor denied whether Lindsay was driving the car. Gavin’s saying cops confronted him, saying they already knew Lindsay was driving because of the seat belt marks on her left shoulder — indicating she was in the driver’s seat — and Gavin simply replied with a noncommittal ‘Okay.’” OMG, you guys! IT WAS A SETUP!!!!

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Lem says:

    Smart on her flacks part. Flackers? Flackies? Flackerists?
    Waa Waa.
    Now wherever will we get our crackie fodder?

  2. Bluedog says:

    There’s no way with the way she’s ruined her face through drugs and plastic surgery that she’ll ever have a careere again. She’s Tara Reid.

    Sad, because I do think she possesses a smaller talent.

    • si says:

      I think she used to have some talent, maybe 03/04. not anymore.

    • Lady D says:

      Pretty sure it is her self-entitled crackhead actions that cost her any career she might have had. Not to mention her criminal activities. I sooo badly want this trick in jail.

    • LG says:

      I agree, even with her cracktastic adventires, she still had enough fans out there to make a “comeback”. But she really killed when she f*cked all her face up. She was adored mainly for her looks and redhair, natural redhair, something she no longer has.

  3. Riana says:

    The luckiest bitch in the world, seriously…she must have been rescuing babies from burning buildings left and right in a past life to have karma this good.

    I suspect Lifetime paid, and if Lifetime says boo now Lindseys got something else just waiting if they try to reprimand her. The first pic says it all, Lindsey is laughing at us all in her cracked out den.

  4. Talie says:

    I’m sure she could’ve talked her way around these on-going issues. The only way that wouldn’t have worked is if Diane Sawyer was doing the interview.

  5. Holden says:

    LOL, Gavin, have you ever seen any tv police drama, ever? That’s what they do, play you off each other and pretend they already know something!

    I’m still wondering what Lindsay Lohan has over the people at Lifetime so that they keep giving her work?

    • wild flower says:

      Lifetime has absolutely zero new programming. Their audience will absolutely watch Lohan in this Liz movie. I even plan to watch it. If you think about it, this sure-to-be-crappy movie will be a ratings giant. They must be clapping each other on their respective backs that Lindsey didn’t implode during the filming.

  6. Green is Good says:

    How does the Cracken look at her photos and thinks “I look pretty good!”? Damn.

  7. Chatcat says:

    There are now three things certain in life…death, taxes, and a LiLo fiasco daily. Great.

  8. Bowers says:

    Many artistically talented people have no class.

  9. logan says:

    If an interviewer can’t ask the Cracken about her past legal woes, just what are they going to talk about. How one time, a long, long time ago she made two half decent movies? Or how about her lying druggy parents? Or ……. that’s pretty much it. Oh yea, the time she took her clothes off and got paid for it. Please, Baaaaaaa Baaaaaaaa got off lucky. Just Dr. Phil about interviewing the Lohans.

    • Trashaddict says:

      The interviewer doesn’t have to ask anything. Just offer her a cracktini and get the party started!

  10. Cathy says:

    Crackenmoster, I’m starting to gain weight from all these cracktinis I drink because of your shenanigans. But oh well, guess I’ll just have to muddle through. She’s a freaking mess. Cracktini time….

  11. alc says:

    I must say I’m relieved the whole thing has been canned. I can’t stand either of them. LL just lies everytime she opens her mouth and BW kisses a** in all of her so-called interviews. The movie looks horrendous I’m not sure what audience it would appeal to, certainly not fans of Taylor and Burton. I think it is time for Baba Wawa to retire because she really isn’t a journalist anymore. Oh, and I am the only person who think she owes Rosie O an apology. Seems Rosie had Donald Trump right on the money!

    • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

      YES. Babs is so irritating–difficult to watch because of her obvious dementia. I am actually giddy that the cracken shafted her! And Babs does owe an apology to Rosie O’Donnell and so does everyone else on that crapfest of a show.

    • Lizzie K says:

      “Sources tell us Lindsay feels terrible for canceling on Barbara, especially since she considers Walters a family friend….”

      Lawd, a “family friend!” Who in this family could Barbara Walters possibly be friends with?

  12. Anna-fo-Fanna says:

    So, I saw a preview for her upcoming cracktastrophe on Lifetime, and I had a thought. What if she’s AMAZING in it? I’m not saying that I think she’s going to be, but what if? I’d kinda like to see that.

    • hillbillyinthecorner says:

      Look sweetie,
      Lindsay has never been amazing in any acting role in her lifetime…even as a child…I’ve seen kiddies on Nicolodean who would and could act rings around her…and out “cute ” her anyday……she was mediocure at best…..This movie is a disaster and I wouldn’t be surprised if Lifetime doesn’t pull the plug on it any day now….because it is going to bomb bigtime…Hell I’ve even seen Don’t watch Liz and Dick Parties being Touted all over the Facebook and internet…people hate it so much…..really ! …LOL

  13. hillbillyinthecorner says:

    You need to ask yourself……Where in the world is Lindsay Lohan Now !….she tweeted a photo of herself getting her hair fix in a airplane batheroon Tuesday….same day Daddy was spotted in NYC…and no ones seen her seen and the answer sources meaning Micheal announces the new PR firm Yesterday….Now the first thing I would do is I was dumb enough to take on Lindsay was scoop her ass up off the bar floor and drag her kicking and screaming into rehab which I really don’t think happen ….More like she knows she screwed so she doing the old Running to rehab before she is arrested like shes done 3 times at least before…..or if not she found herself a hidey hole somewhere the cops can’t touch her…….Don’t know what they think they can save …She killed whatever career she ever had and cancelling this interview just finished nailing the coffin shut and lowered it into the ground…..She makes Tara Reed look good…

  14. HappyJoyJoy says:

    I think the system just gave up on her and they keep pushing her under the rug until she hangs herself (no pun intended) No one is willing to even begin to deal with this hot mess. There is no hope for her.

  15. dorothy says:

    Lohan canceled the interview? Did anybody expect anything less? She can’t even do publicity right, much less act or be a decent human being.

    • Sapphire says:

      Betcha she endosed the check correctly. I have never believed the Baba Wawa “we don’t pay for interviews” line.
      Help-I think I’m in mod jail!

  16. Sam says:

    I’m not seeing how the cops set up the assistant. They already knew she was the driver because all the other witnesses said so.

    Sounds like the assistant is currently on the outs. LL probably attracts people who get the residial pickings. The assistant is probably jonesing to back on the crackie train and thinks that he can get back in her good graces.

  17. aims says:

    She’s comparable to Keith Richards. She’s on her ninth life, and she keeps going. I wanna know how does she get work, and how can she afford her lifestyle? The legal problems alone would make her broke. I’m to the point now, that I honestly think she’s mentally sick. Some sort of mental health issues are going on.

    • Zoid says:

      Except Keith has, you know, talent. :/
      And he’s been on his 9th life since this chicks been born. I think Courtney Love is more easily comparable. Pointless, talentless, cracked out and gross to look at.

    • MJsAustin says:

      Im thinking the Cracken turns tricks – she’s frequently seen with ridiculously wealthy older men. Otherwise, what could the cracken possibly have in common with an older, successful businessman?

  18. Katija says:

    I thought Gaga paid the Marmont bill.

    • Ducky La Rue says:

      I think that might have been another Marmont bill that Gaga covered. Lindsay doesn’t pay for anything.

  19. lizzi says:

    This bitch will never go away, and she’ll never ever be called out on her shit. It’s ridiculous.

  20. Murphy says:

    So does this mean Lifetime will make her pay back the 46K for the Chateau Marmont bill?

    pfft no

  21. littlestar says:

    Who is this Gavin guy? Seriously! Besides being a leech, does he have an actual job or anything???

  22. Byte Me says:

    Does anyone know why at this point in Lindsay’s career would any new PR firm touch her?

    • LAK says:

      I am truly shocked that Rogers & Cowan are representing her. These guys are serious. Mind you they have Robert Downey Jr and Mel Gibson on their books so problem clients aren’t a problem for them BUT i wouldn’t put Lilo in the same room as those two so i am still shocked….

  23. Boo says:

    Every single one of those pictures makes me want to punch her square in the head.

  24. Izzy says:

    Excellent. We should get Diane Sawyer to do the interview. Talk about a clusterf*ck.

  25. KCO says:

    She looks like a begging fish in that second photo. In other words, she looks just like Dina ala her Dr. Phil interview in that second photo. I’d change my face. Again.

  26. lucy2 says:

    If she doesn’t do press as contracted, Lifetime should sue her. There’s nothing to get, but they should at least try.

    The best things her reps could do is lock her in a basement somewhere, so she can’t continue to damage her pathetic image. Or crash her car more.

  27. Madisyn says:

    Fist, Matt Lauer flies 3000 miles to interview her to only get turned away at Venice ‘CRACK’lair door. Can’t be bothered to tear herself away from her coke binge to hop a plane from Hawaii to do her one and only interview promoting Playboy on Ellen. Now, after ‘CRACK’blackmailing Lifetime to pay off her squatting bill at the CM, she again ‘blows off’ her only promotional gig with good ole Babs. She’s three for three. Can you say UNRELIABLE?

  28. TQB says:

    Re: “The cops set him up.” Yes, it’s called interrogation. They ask you stuff and try and get you to tell the truth when they have reason to suspect you are LYING.

    If you don’t like it, shut up and don’t take the bait. Idiot.

    I’m sad about 20/20 – was really looking forward to this poopstorm.

  29. Nicolette says:

    What the hell would this idiot talk about anyway? How many times she’s broken the law and gotten away with it, the best way to light a crack pipe, or more pearls of wisdom about Hurricane “Sally” (f-ing moron) and what all the people who were devastated by it should do.

  30. nerdkitty says:

    You’re all so funny. Need a glossary sometimes though. Flack? Flacktini? Is that like Cracken?

  31. marie says:

    how does this waste of space keep getting someone to rep her? you’d think she’d be stapled to a bulletin board of “actors” not worth the waste of breath..

  32. Bess says:

    Does Lifetime have any recourse to force Lohan to promote this crap movie???

  33. jwoolman says:

    Her “people” aren’t worried about Barbara asking about the police encounter. They’re worried Lindsay will forget her one simple line that everybody else learns for such situations: “Sorry, since it’s an ongoing case, my lawyer says I can’t talk about it yet.” Plus the uncertainties about her state of intoxication and generally fried brain cells, of course. She doesn’t do well in interviews. I doubt she ever intended to do this one.

    Lifetime really should be using the guy who played Richard Burton, anyway. He’s sober, not on probation, not facing any new charges, and considerably more interesting.

  34. Summer says:

    This is so sad. She ruined her life. She was my fav actress in 03.

  35. Rll says:

    I’m watching mean girls right now. She was never a great actress, and even at that age she still looked rough around the eyes.

  36. Byte Me says:

    Lindsay might not want to sit with Barbara Walters but instead she’s decided to go on Jay Leno’s show 11/20.

  37. the original bellaluna says:

    Crackerazzi stalkin’ the Cracken!

  38. TheTruthHurts says:

    I think it’s hilarious that BWalters & Lifetime got screwed. Anyone at this point who puts their trust in Lohan, gives her a job or a chance is an idiot and deserves the screwover they get from her. It’s not like there were not years and years of warnings. Hahahahahaha!!!

  39. Nina W says:

    I think Lifetime will do okay in all this. Her not talking to BW is getting plenty of PR for them. Honestly I have heard more about this made for tv movie then most of the theatrical movies out now. If I were the betting type, I would put money on this movie getting good viewership because people want to see Lilo channel Liz badly. And yes I mean both people want to this very much and they want to see Lohan do a horrible job. It’s that whole train wreck effect, you just can’t help looking.

  40. ViloDeMenus says:

    The reason they cancelled is because she not bright enough to navigate a tough interview without incriminating herself, she’s looking at some time if she’s convicted of lying to the police and I don’t think the judge is going to let her off with a booking and release, she may do 6 months to a year with her lovely record and inability to stop criming and lying about it. It’s interesting she still is unable to take any responsibility for her actions and falls back to blaming the cops, or anyone else for what she herself has done. She’s very broken. Permanently very broken.