Joe Manganiello’s mountain man beard, greasy hair: would you still hit it?

Here’s Joe Manganiello at an event in Florida over the weekend. I first saw these photos over at Buzzfeed, where they ask if it’s too “beardy.” Unlike Kaiser, beards don’t really do it for me, although I live in the same area as she does and there are tons of guys with beards in this neck of the woods, with some of them of course being hot regardless. I’m always wondering what’s under the beard, like I don’t find a beard attractive for its own sake. I like goatees and cultivated scruff, not full beards and especially not really overgrown beards. I know they’re rising in popularity, but to me they just make a guy look depressed. An unkempt beard gives the impression that a guy can’t be bothered or lives so far away from civilization he doesn’t need to adhere to its standards.

Joe personally has never done it for me. His acting on True Blood is lousy and his personality leaves a lot to be desired, but some of you find him hot and I respect that. He’s certainly got a smoking body. For those of you who have the hots for Joe – is is still doing it for you here? Like even with the messy beard and the greasy-looking hair? I don’t mean to sound conceited, but if he wasn’t famous I wouldn’t give him a second look. He just looks like a tired dude who needs to go to the barber.

That said, he kind of looks like Keanu Reeves here right? Except Keanu has it way over Joe, in every way I can imagine. Even acting. Woah.

In June with a shorter beard and fluffier hair. Still not doing it for me.

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  1. Happy21 says:

    Sure would.

    Not much into beards either but I am into him 😉

  2. victoria says:

    YES I WOULD!!!!

    I wish we had that type of man up here in the NYC vicinity. Where y’all living? I need to take a trip stat.

    • Celebitchy says:

      We live down in Virginia, plenty of scruffy beards here and they all hold the door open for ya! Most of the guys are married though, and they’re definitely not this hot on average.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Like a house on fire!!! With protection, though. 😉

    • Dani says:

      Victoria, we DO have them in NYC (hubs is one of them). Hurry down to Murray Hill, that’s where I found mine.

      • victoria says:

        Only Murray Hill? Damn I’ll be on the hunt this weekend. I never see these men out, just hipsters or gangsters

      • Dani says:

        Mostly Murray Hill – lived there after college, my whole building was swarming with them, mostly lawyers. Also meatpacking has some..been a while since I checked my hot guy map.

      • Jenna says:

        @Vicotria Wow. Only hipsters or gangsters? lol What section of NYC do you hang out in?

      • Victoria says:

        @ Jenna

        Haha after I wrote that I’m like damn I hang out in the worst spots. I’m in Queens and super lazy to trek it to Manhattan, but @ Dani gave me good reason to move my ass

      • Jenna says:

        @Victoria Oh yeah. I work/play in Manhattan. It’s lovely. If not, I’d be surrounded by hipsters too. But they’re not bad. At least mine aren’t. 😀

      • Dani says:

        Jenna – playing in Manhattan is probably the best way to put it

    • Gm says:

      I would too!!!

  3. India says:

    YOU BETCHA!!!!!!!! And I love everything about him especially the beard.

  4. anne says:

    Don’t care much for the beard, but heck yes! Physically he’s everything for me!

  5. nareeman says:

    for half a second i thought “Keanuuuuuuu”, even though i know he is in China right now, clean shaved 🙁

  6. Annie says:

    Never. Remember when he thought he could be Superman? LOL.

  7. Miss Kiki says:

    He looks dirty but I probably still would. I don’t seem to be that picky anymore.

    Bite your tongue, Man-Jelly looks nothing like beautiful Sad Keanu, I’m hereby offended by this comment.

  8. giddy says:

    No… cause anyone with a vag wouldn’t get to first base… next…

    • The Original Tiffany says:

      I think you are wrong on that point. I met him a couple weeks ago, spent an hour with the guy and his date, took pics with him backstage at my husband’s gig.

      So, Joe. He is huge at least 6’5″ and he is an arrogant douche in person. He wasn’t THAT hot, but he sure thought he was. Too beardy for me, but if that foats your boat. However, arrogance in a man is a huge turnoff to me. I would not hit it, unless I had a razor and a mouthgag. As a chick that has seen him very up close and personal in the last couple weeks, nothing special IRL. Other than the sheer size of the guy.

      • Isa says:

        Ooh insider info!!! Love it!

      • Jen34 says:

        Thanks for sharing. You can trust us.

      • Izzy says:

        Tiff, I couldn’t agree more. When he first started on True Blood I thought he was hot, for maybe five minutes. Then he opened his mouth and started talking. Totally killed my ladyboner.

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        BTW, sorry for the incoherent sentence in the midst of my comment. I threw a big party last night and I’m a wee bit slow this morning.

  9. Jenna says:

    Hells to the NO! Then again, like you, I’ve never found to him to be attractive. He’s lousy on TB and apparently he turned into a douche once he got some fame for TB. No thanks!

  10. lucy2 says:

    I feel the same way about him CB.

    Don’t mind a beard, but not a shaggy, unkempt one like that.

  11. ms. heart says:

    hell yeah, like a runaway freight train.

  12. Lem says:

    It’s no shave November. You get what they can grow.

  13. Chatcat says:

    No I would not…not since he started dating a stripper…I mean burlesque dancer (is there really a difference?) Nope, I have standards…they may not be much, but I have em, and they don’t include fornicating with somebody whose body sculpted perfection, all 6’5″ of it, idea of an arm piece resonates to

    I would not be just a nuffin’
    My head all full of stuffin’
    If I only had a brain

    If I can’t have enough self-respect myself then I expect my “hit” to have respect for me! Hah…I don’t think that is that asking too much really.

  14. lori says:

    I don’t care for the overgrown beard much but he’s likeable. In interviews he seems very ambitious, but that doesn’t bother me, as it seems like honesty. I’m tired of the “oh I just show up and sh!t happens” attitude that actors had 5-10 years ago.

  15. Sara says:

    He’s gross and a big Ayn Rand fan. Wouldn’t even touch him.

  16. vixo says:

    I really thought it was Keanu!

  17. Lexi says:

    No no no no no i wouldnt hit it, i thought he was cute when he had short hair and no facial hair

  18. izzy4ya says:

    Wouldn’t hit is with 5 gloves and a baseball bat. He’s a butterface and has a douchey “I think I’m brilliant” smile.

  19. essexdoll says:

    I think the man rocks! I’m not a “beard” person, but man, beard or no beard, for me he is absolutely stunning inside & out!

  20. Jen34 says:

    I wouldn’t date it, but hit it? You betcha.

    Love the grey in the beard.

  21. VicSin13 says:

    I don’t think he is douchey at all! That “I think I’m brilliant” smile you speak of is because he really is pretty damn smart. You think his acting is lousy because he hasn’t had the chance to be in anything of real substance yet (Not True Blood is not something of “substance”) , and to say the Keanu is above him in everything is proposterous! Let’s wait till 10 with Arnold comes out and see what he can do. Then we can pass judgement on his acting skill. In the mean time I wouldn’t kick him out of bed greasy hair, beard or bald!

    • Sara says:

      Lol stop trying to defend him. He was in the Behind Enemy Lines sequel on Netflix and omg it was horrid!

    • The Original Tiffany says:

      Well, in person he is the personification of douchey. Arrogant, smug, in love with himself and had a date that was the prototypical stripper arm candy. Fake everything on her in 8 inch heels wobbling around on the gymnastics mats.

      Oh, I was not the only one who noticed his attitude. Many people asked me who he was and commented on how self important and in love with himself the guy was. His body is far surpassed by the artists I hang with everyday, only they are smart, interesting and humble.

      Neither seemed very smart frankly.

    • Chele says:

      The man is a human being. He is not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside. Just because he had dated a dancer doesn’t make him a creeper! Seriously grow the hell up! Btw he isn’t dating the dancer any more get your ignorance straight! To each his own is right but just being bluntly mean and nasty is plain ignorant!

      • Darkangel says:

        No one is being intentionally malicious or rude with their comments about Joe. He’s always had a rep for being a conceited jerk. If you had the chance to talk to people that knew him when he lived in Pittsburgh (some of whom, he still sees when he comes back home) you’d get an earful.

  22. NeNe says:

    I would definitely still hit it!!!

  23. Shannon says:

    Hell yes I’d hit it. All day and all night. HARD. Once he takes his shirt off, his grizzle beard won’t matter one bit. Dude’s body is amazing.

  24. VicSin13 says:

    LOL Oh well to each their own! Just means more for me! 🙂 p.s The hair (though always long ish) and the mountain man beard are both for his role in Ten with Arnold Schwarzenegger. That would be why it is out of control for now.

  25. Maria_Spain says:

    I want him as werewolve 😀

  26. Deb says:

    I would hit it so hard he would end up in another time zone, then I would catch my breath, and hit it again. He is mancrack and I am an addict.

  27. DB says:

    HE should have been the man cast as Jack Reacher. He fits the physical profile very closely, and can pull off bad-arse without effort.

    • Tazina says:

      I totally agree, so much better to play the 6’5″ Jack Reacher than the GMD twerp in his lifts that has taken over the role.

  28. anita says:

    Yes I would cause I don’t care about his head.

  29. Aud says:

    When men (or anyone) look that bedraggled, they’re usually going through some type of personal crap, e.g. relationship troubles, career stasis…etc.

  30. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    Absolutely. Part of the fun would be to bathe him first before molesting him. Then I’d get the joy of bathing him again. 🙂

  31. Darkangel says:

    No, definitely would not hit it. Narcissists make the absolute worst lovers and boyfriends. Those kind of guys are best left alone – pine away from a (considerable) distance.

  32. redd says:

    Hell to the yes! Who cares if his acting stinks, he wouldn’t need to act for what I would have in mind. Joe is damn fine!

  33. bigt says:

    Don’t care you don’t like him and he’s not a great actor. He looks like a real man. He can shower and shave in my guest bedroom, will meet him there.

  34. axis2cluster_b says:

    I would HIT IT, just as long as he promised not to talk and would put his pants on and leave just as soon as it was over (the third round, I mean.)

  35. Annie says:

    I usually hate messy beards (like brad’s, Jon Hamm’s ugh YUCK) but Joe actually suits the scruff! I think I actually prefer him this way to clean cut.

  36. mojoman says:

    He should be called Joe MANGYhairo

  37. Nottsgrrl says:

    I would climb that man like a frickin’ tree.

    His hair is a mess in this pic, granted, but he does look tired so who knows what has been happening the several hours before it was taken. The guys is kinda busy. Long flight maybe?

    The longer beard is for a part, so – get over it.

    Have to say I am a bit freaked by all the comments about hitting him with a spade, or slashing him. What kinda farking freaks are you? Get back under your bridges, trolls.

    I shoulda figured by the title of the website y’all would be bitches.

    As for his acting skills – he doesn’t really get much scope to work in on TB, so give the guy a break. Try watching something else he has been in before commenting and you will see that he is no worse than half of Hollywood. That show is moronic anyway – the bad scripts are hardly his fault.

    I sincerely hope someone is there to capture you on the (many) days where you leave the house looking like crap, so that people who don’t know you can rip you apart but … you plain just aren’t interesting enough.

    Outta here.

    • Sara says:

      What else has he even been in? That crap behind enemy lines movie? Him being a charisma vacuum in magic mike? His lame but parts in white collar and himym? You should find an actor to defend who’s actually worth it and not a giant douchenozzle.

  38. winelover21 says:

    Yes, I’d still hit it to answer your question. I guess not everyone has to think he’s hot, but seriously, I hardly think your assessment of Joe Manganiello is inaccurate, especially if you think that universal monotonic voice of Keanu Reeves in any role he plays is better than Joe’s acting. His beard is like that for a movie he’s currently filming with Schwarzenegger. I’ve seen his interviews and read articles when he’s been interviewed as well. He doesn’t seem like a douche bag at all; more like someone who’s intelligent, grounded and private with his personal life. So he rebounded with a younger blonde cabaret dancer after his engagement ended. Not his best decision, but who are we to judge like we’re perfect. But haters gonna hate, and it sure seems like there are Joe haters on this thread. To each their own.

    • The Original Tiffany says:

      So who was the girl with him In Atlanta. Very cosy and not blonde, super tall brunette-need to try and remember her name.

  39. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I would so hit it on True Blood. Elsewhere, no. Ugh, I hate the beard. Some facial hair can look ok but few can pull off the bear without looking like a crazy prospector from the 1920s. I do get a bit of the douche vibe from him but I’m ignoring it for my fantasy. I’ll be marrying Askars anyway so he’d just be a one night fling …

  40. Narak says:

    He is delicious- we don’t have to talk!