Will Kristen Stewart cheat on Sparkles when she works with Ben Affleck? Probably.

During last week’s Twihardapalooza coverage, some of the Twihards began a rumor that Kristen Stewart was looking pregnant. It was hilarious. Mostly because I think Kristen had to be dragged kicking and screaming to play nice with Robert Pattinson during the publicity tour, so it’s not like she was feeling especially lovey-dovey when it came to making babies. Of course, there’s always the possibility that Kristen let Rob get her armpit pregnant. But OK! Magazine is really trying to get those Twihard dollars (they’re like real dollars, only sparkly!), so OK! Mag is running a “maybe she’s knocked up” story:

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are going to be parents! According to a new report in Ok! magazine, Kristen has been begging Rob to start a family ever since they got back together.

Although Rob was really hurt by her affair with Rupert Sanders, he’s finally given in and the two are in the midst of baby making!

“Rob finally caved this week,” a source says. “They were talking about their future and Rob told her that as long as she stays true to him, he’s willing to have a baby with her.”

“She’s been on cloud nine ever since and can’t stop talking to her friends about it,” the insider says. “She feels like she’s getting a second chance at life. Now that they’re back in a good place and planning their family, she feels alive again. She says she started crying when Rob told her.”

Rob and Kristen play parents in Breaking Dawn Part 2, and it’s clear that being onscreen parents helped them realize that they want a family even more. But now that they’ve decided they want a child, the question remains: where will they raise their half-Brit baby?

“They’ve both agreed that they want to raise their baby in England,” the source adds. “Rob is very patriotic and he feels like an English childhood is the be-all and end-all. Kristen loves it there too and she feels her baby would have a better shot at a normal upbringing in Europe.”

[From Hollywood Life]

I just feel like… no, none of this is going to happen. But I’ve been wrong before, so God knows. Meanwhile, there are literally 20 million tabloid stories about Rob and Kristen this week, so let’s just do some highlights:

*In Touch Weekly’s cover story this week is all about how Kristen is going to cheat on Rob again, this time with Ben Affleck. Ben wants Kristen for a movie about an older grifter (Ben) who takes a young grifter (K-Stew) under his wing. Then things get sexy. Basically, ITW says that because there are sex scenes in the script, Ben and Kristen will obviously be boning off the set (which is a fair assumption, to my mind). I kind of love that the story is so Twihard-focused, though – it’s like no one cares if Ben screws around on Jennifer Garner?

*Us Weekly’s sources say that Rob and Kristen’s “issues aren’t fixed” and Rob still doesn’t completely trust Kristen. A source says, “Rob is at a point where he sometimes ignores her. He’ll go out and won’t respond to her calls or texts right away. Things will be strained for a while.” But, Kristen “is working hard at the relationship.” And just like I said, in the past Rob was often too clingy and dependent on Kristen, and she considered that “the least attractive thing about Rob.” So now that he’s acting like a bastard towards her, I’m sure she’s really into that.

*Kristen’s stylist Tara Swennen has a new interview about Kristen. Some highlights: Kristen is “a tomboy at heart (both of us are), but she understands that fashion is an arena, that she can be a chameleon and not dress the way she does every single day. She’ll always change into her Converses by halfway through a carpet, which is to be expected at this point, but she puts on the heels for me for the photos, God bless her… I clearly prefer a heel. I just think it photographs better. Regardless of it being any type of heel, I think it elongates the silhouette, which obviously you always wanna do, make them look taller and have that longer look. But it’s part of her personality; I think it’s fun when she does it. There are definitely times when I have to say, ‘Please, please, please put the heel on just for me.’” When asked about that hideous lace Murad gown at the LA premiere, Swennen said, “It took a lot of balls for her to wear that dress, so I’m super-proud of her.” Yeah. Swennen is definitely part of Kristen’s overall problem. And I hate that Kristen changes her shoes always and forever.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. DandyBrandy says:

    What’s up with the shoes?

    • T.C. says:

      So she wears these mile high 6 inch heels because her stylist wants the pictures to look good. That is so silly. She could put her client in 2 or 3 inch comfy shoes. I would change out of those 6 inch suckers right away too but to nice looking clean flats. Kstew changes into dirty nasty shoes after. In rebellion I guess.

      Will she cheat with Ben? He is a director and will be her costar. Every relationship she’s had has been with a costar. She has a big thing about connecting with directors. So if he is interested yes she will jump all over that.

    • Bitca says:

      If your daily ‘uniform’ consists of sneakers, even 3″ heels can be murder after a few hours, & take daily wear before your sneaker-loving feet can be broken in. And the designed-for-discomfort & bunions Hollywood 5-6″ Glamour Heels? Forget it.

      A stylist with a little imagination could find flattering lower heels that work & don’t kill, but Kristen’s problem is her ‘tude. Like some early A-list ‘Rebel’ trashing hotel rooms–or plenty of kids her age–she thinks she’s oh-so-cool & Different…. & has a ton of growing up to do.

      It IS unprofessional to willingly pose in sneakers when you’re a focal point at a dressy event. Even if someone told her that straight-out, tho’, she wouldn’t listen, & seems to lack any full-time handlers. Plus, the idea of this silly, immature kid–in a Hollywood career, no less–trying to play house & have a grown-up relationship is ridiculous.

      Also: water is wet, bears do cr*p in the woods, & Lindsay Lohan has had plastic surgery ;-) .

  2. Genie says:

    Dressing like a Las Vegas showgirl after being involved in a cheating scandal with a married man isn’t ballsy, it’s simply tasteless behaviour of a wannabee badass who doesn’t understand what badass means.

    • Liv says:

      I think it’s stupid to underestimate the message they were sending with her “tacky” dresses. Especially for people who do PR for a living.

    • Clarifying says:

      Now’s the time I remind everyone, that there are a LOT of assumptions and characterizations being made about those pictures and what they mean – almost all of them may be wrong. All Stewart did that we know of for certain, is get captured in a picture kissing and being embraced by her director — she then apologized for embarrassing her boyfriend and family/friends with that ‘momentary indiscretion.’ You don’t know know anything else beyond that. She did not say she cheated, she denied an affair/sex of any kind with the director when the tabloids started to run wild with it. That’s all you know. Everything else is crafted by tabloid media. Now it might give you a thrill and satisfy that inner jealous rancid bitch, to fantasize that Stewart is a cheating wh*re who will leave Pattinson, leaving him free for you to marry, lmao – but the truth is…you know dck-squat, and everything else could most likely be a fabricated back story by the tabloids.

      • T.C. says:

        If you think all Kstew and a 41 year old man did was kiss you must be one of those silly teenage Twihards. Those two people in the pics look very intimately comfortable with each other. Men and women with that intimate pose have had sex. A 41 year old father of two has sex he doesn’t have Edward and Bella ‘kiss only’ rules. The pictures in the car, he is going down on her. Us adults call it oral sex. Lol. Grow up Twihards.

      • AJ says:

        She didn’t need to admit that she cheated. The pictures did that for her.

        Also, you KStew fans really need to come up with better insults: Rob has proven that he has no pride and no backbone. Who wants a man like that? Kristen doesn’t even want him, or she wouldn’t have cheated in the first place. Problem is, she’s stuck with him cuz he’s the only thing remotely helping her image right now.

        Your emo, nasty-attitude-having princess was dumb enough to cheat outdoors in broad daylight in pap central (Los Angeles). Now she’s dealing with the consequences. Those are the facts, not assumptions.

      • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

        Clarifying: Tsk, tsk, you know that you can’t try to bring any logic into these posts, right? We are supposed to HATE this girl, remember!

        Now run fast out of the thread before you get a flaming torch bearing mod after you lol. Oops, too late lol.

      • Lulu says:

        Oh now you had to go and be all sensible. They run you out of town for those kind of comments you know. Mobs and flaming torches indeed. LOL!

      • Liv says:

        Clarifying, Camille+Lulu, are you serious? Her publicist announced an official statement where she admitted that she cheated. SHE CONFIRMED IT HERSELF!

      • MissA says:

        Kristen never denied having an affair or sex with Rupert. ‘Momentary indiscretion’ was smart choice of words.They used one of the oldest PR tricks – admit only what’s already out there.Since we only had one picture set it was a momentary indiscretion tomorrow if we get a sex tape then it will become a drunken ONS but it will never be a full fledged affair.The no sex thing was started by Kristen’s producer friend on his twitter and then picked up by media.Only Robsten & hardcore Kristen stans believe the no sex thing LOL I guess they do it for the sake of their sanity.And no I’m not jealous of a sk*nky try hard cause I actually prefer men with their balls intact :D

      • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

        MissA: Yes, very clever choice of words. Her PR was still pretty crap about the whole fiasco however.

        It’s very interesting however how people project so much onto this story. In reality the truth is that no one except the people that were actually involved know what went on. Whether it was a full on love affair or whatever, who knows (I am NOT saying that they didn’t have s*x).
        People getting their panties in a bunch over this story has become hilarious. It’s more fun (although some commenters go over board- on either side) to read these threads than the ‘Unholy Triangle’ ones now.
        And for the record I am no ‘twihard’ or twihard hater, I’m pretty indifferent to the people involved in this stupid story, don’t hate them, don’t love them either.

        Well I’m outta here, you all have a fun weekend :) .

    • AJ says:

      Celebitchy is one of the few sites that dares call the KSTew PR machine out on their antics, and I applaud Kaiser for that.

      I know that the KStew fans and peeps want everyone to believe she’s the wee bitty wittle victim of all of this, but that’s some kool aid I ain’t drinking.

      Sorry, but Kristen, by her own actions, has shown the world who and what she truly is: a liar and a cheat.

  3. marie says:

    that’s a rhetorical question right? ha, kidding.. not a fan of the gold dress..

  4. cynicalsmirk says:

    Did she actually wreck Rupert Sanders marriage? I think he and his wife are still together. Even if they weren’t, I would say he should have a bigger investment in his marriage than she should, so it really does annoy me that she takes all the heat. So, now she’s like some femme fatale that no married man can ever resist, and when he can’t, he’s just the innocent victim? Wow, she’s suddenly the most powerful woman in the world!!

    • Genie says:

      You’re kidding right or are you one of her stans?
      They seriously use that as an excuse for her.
      So because Sanders and his wife were seen together with their children it means their marriage is alright, just two months after the affair, with pictures all over the media?

      I guess this is the lesson to all the future cheaters, be sure the wife won’t leave your married lover if she catches you.

    • Melissa says:

      I agree with this, first of all I seriously doubt Kristen is stupid enough to cheat with Ben after what happened with Rupert. Honestly, Bens not even that attractive? I doubt she’ll have a hard time resisting his ‘charms’

      Secondly, where’s Rupert’s backlash? He cared so little about his wife or children he was caught grinding on a girl half his age. Disgusting. Why is it, its almost always the ‘homewreaking slut’ that takes the fall? It takes two to tango.

      • stellalovejoydiver says:

        I agree with the second part of your comment, she didn´t wreck his marriage, he is the homewrecker, however she enabled him. Both of them are to blame, he prob more than her, it was really fucked up esp considering that she hang out with his wive and their children, like treated them to ice cream etc. I couldn´t do that, my bad conscience would kill me.

        But saying that Ben is not sttractive is absolute bonkers, have you seen Rupert? It is not just about the looks, but that he is the mature, experienced, intellectual director.

      • MissA says:

        Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Rupert Sanders is fugly imo but Kristen still banged him because she was attracted to him.But attraction is not always about looks.If you read Kristen’s comments about Rupert you can tell that she obviously thought that he was some sort of genius.Ben is actually considered as a good director,at least 100 times better than Rupert.If I were Jennifer Garner I would keep an eye on both of them.

    • StormsMama says:

      I agree with you cynicalsmirk

      Men are never to blame in cheating scandals- least of all men who are in positions of power.

      Not saying she was right – of course not- but she’s also 22.

    • Nina W says:

      I don’t understand why so many people seem to think more blame needs to be placed on one side or the other. They both suck. Even if their liason was relatively innocent, it was completely self-serving and inappropriate and reflects a total disregard for the people they supposedly care about the most.

  5. lori says:

    I cannot see her being Ben’s type.

  6. Emma says:

    I love changing out of high shoes into comfy ones. I maybe wouldn’t choose such scuzzy ones, but whatever. I normally switch into glittery black flats haha

    Heels are absolutely horrendous for your feet… not just from a pain perspective but from an actual ‘doing serious damage’ perspective.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Ben is a player and Kristen is a slut so yes I think they will definitely hook up for a while.

  8. erika says:

    Uhhh….hi Kristen.

    F**K to YOU too!!!

    (I’m inconspicuously raising my middle finger slightly higher than my other fingers as to subtly give you the F off message too…)

    i’m sooooo sneaky.

  9. aims says:

    I call BS. I don’t think Rob would be that stupid.

  10. donna says:

    What bothers me about the shoes isn’t that she wears the Converse, but that she wears the heels for pictures. If you’re going to be a rebel, be a rebel. Wearing the pretty shoes so that all the press pics make you look like a princess is the very OPPOSITE of showing that you dgaf. It’s showing that you’re so obsessed with how people view you that you’ll put on a total charade for the cameras, then go to the “real” you when they’re gone. Fine and dandy, but then don’t act like you’re being rebellious and cutting edge.

    • Fancyamazon says:

      Or she should just suck it up and wear the heels for the whole event because it gives her outfit a cohesive look, and because it is understood that dressing up and being a bit glamorous on the red carpets is part of her job and she should be a professional about it. Then she can go home and soak her feet if she wants.

      Or she could choose glamorous flats/smaller heels to start with.

      She just looks like she doesn’t care about her job changing into sneakers in the middle of an event.

  11. Nikki says:

    She’s an awful actress – at least we know why people keep casting her! I would hope that Ben has seriously better taste than that. Here’s to hoping that after Twicrap she will fade away when directors realize that an affair with her will end up on the front page so she can be all “badass and whatever” ugh!

  12. BooBooLaRue says:

    I love how she is giving the finger in the first photo. Such class.

  13. Adrien says:

    She can date anyone, the press tour for Twilight is almost over.

  14. vixo says:

    Is she really giving the finger, what a bitch !
    I think Sparkles doesn’t really care anymore, he’s probably counting days to end this boring PR romance, however, I would be concerned if I were Jennifer Garner .

  15. rachel says:

    Eh-I am not a fan of the dress aesthetically but I understand what she is communicating with her clothing. Its her only good option considering her recent history. We will never again buy her as the emo, shy, stilted little girl who can’t deal with fame and only does this for the ‘art’. Our reductionist view of our stars can’t reconcile that image with the girl who cheated on the guy who is obviously nuts about her with her fug married director- just because he was there and she was bored. She HAS to go full Jolie at this point– the ‘I am a Monster and I Don’t Care’ defense, leading with ‘I am so sexy and unapologetic, just look at this LEG’ strategy. Putting aside completely what we think about her or the legitimacy of her primary romance, I think this just makes sense from a perspective of a PR move and the evolution of her brand.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      She can´t pull of the la Jolie tactic, because
      a)Jolie has already won an Oscar, built a career pre-scandal, because she is talented and not just relevant because of a franchise which would be successful with any lead actress(Emily Brwoning would have been so much better)
      b) she already RELEASED A PUBLIC APOLOGY via People´s magazine

      I didn´t bought into that “emo, shy, stilted little girl who can’t deal with fame and only does this for the ‘art’” shtick a lot earlier than the scandal, so it all made perfect sense to me. She has always been a ungrateful, egoistical brat, she just showed her true colours. Even though she is trying so hard to pretend she does not care what people think about her, she is trying to sell us this attitude too much to be geniune, she does care and she wants everyone to think of her as the edgy, cool, different, only real actress in HW ,which is also the reason she released that apology, besides out of fear of her career.

    • MissA says:

      I really want Kristen’s PR team to sell her as new Angelina Jolie because I know that will fail miserably and cement her status as a pathetic joke LOL

    • Nina W says:

      LOL “look at this LEG strategy”, Kstew wishes she had the limb for that!

  16. La Calabaza says:

    There’s something so anticlimactic about this girl. Not only the mini cooper affair but also her attitude. Can we make her go away?

  17. CTgiirl says:

    Do I think that Ben Affleck will leave his wife and three children for the little precious snowflake with a yen for sparkle, a crotch burn, questionable hygiene, and a huge set of hairy balls? No. Ben wants to be the one with balls in his relationship. However, it will so amusing if this movie gets made to read about how Affleck can’t beat a decent performance out of her with her scummy Converse and then read the indignation of the Twihards as they defend the artistic honesty of their rebel princess. Yummy.

  18. MissA says:

    There have been some infidelity rumors about Ben in past so I wouldn’t be surprised if he decides to screw Kristen.I guess Kristen has a thing for older men.I remember she was once asked about her first crush and she said it was Harrison Ford…..so yeah maybe that’s the case idk.And even if she has an affair with Ben she will do everything in power to keep it under wraps so that her doormat doesn’t cry.

  19. MonicaQ says:

    I can’t blame her on the heels thing (a bit)–at my company’s holiday party, I wore heels for pictures and changed into flats of the same color. And my husband and I did the matching Converses for our wedding so I can’t smack her for it.

    …but at least get some clean ones, dayum!

  20. serena says:

    She better leave alone Ben Affleck, if she get in his pants.. well, too bad for her, I wouldn’t want to have Jennifer Garner as an enemy. With her daily dimple parade and all, she’d make K-Stew worldwide hated. LOL

    • Lily says:

      Newsflash. K-stew is already hated world wide….for her bad acting her bad attitude, & especially after cheating on sparkles lol

      • Michele says:

        You forgot the big one…being Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend. Nobody gave a shit about her before Robert started blabbing to the media how much in love he was with her during the first Twilight movie. I love how everyone brands her “the cheater” but conveniently forgets that Robert chased after her when he knew she had a serious boyfriend. Wouldn’t that make Robert a cheater too? Kristen was 17 when she met Rob. Catherine Hardwicke even admitted in an interview that she warned Robert to not pursue underaged Kristen. I never hear anyone expressing anger at Robert for pursuing Kristen and basically busting up her relationship with her long
        term boyfriend.

        Kristen has had only 2 boyfriends since age 14 or 15. She made a huge mistake this past summer at age 22. But she recognized her mistake and was fortunate to have an extremely understanding boyfriend who decided his love for her was greater than the hurt she caused him. They are now taking a much needed holiday in the English countryside following the grueling promo they both did for BD Pt2.

        As we saw at the LA premiere, the parents of Robert and Kristen are still close. His one sister was seen talking to Kristen at the UK premiere. The same goes for Robert’s long time friends who still hang out with Kristen and even when Robert isn’t around. Everyone in their close circle seems to have moved on and have accepted Kristen back into the fold. The only ones dwelling on it are the media for hits and sales of their magazines and the people who never liked her.

      • Sam says:

        @Michele you seriously need to calm down. WOW ROBS GF WOW omg! Thats world breaking news!! Omg! didn’t she cheat on him?…yeah no one cares about Rpatz not everyone Is infatuated with him like you are twi hard. Seriously twi hards like you need to calm down you make yourself look desperate and ridiculous

      • MissA says:

        @Michele Boo hoo poor Kristen everybody forces her to cheat ;( Ummm cheating is not a mistake its a choice.Kristen didn’t recognize her “mistake” she was forced to come clean because there were 50 clears pics that showed her being dry humped by Rupert and maybe there was some titty action going on in minicooper.Nobody knows about R/K’s current whereabouts right now,yes we got few sighting and the grocery shopping pic few days ago but twitter has been silent about their current location since then. Btw is ‘extremely understanding boyfriend’ a codeword for doormat? LOL.Rob can forgive her but that doesn’t change the fact that she has played a part in damaging a family.

      • Michele says:

        I like Kristen, Robert and I’m a fan of the Twilight movies. If you insist on labeling me a “Twihard”, knock your socks off. People certainly love their labels around here. pmsl

      • MissA says:

        Oh god I’m really bored today but I had to this..so here we go

        -None of Rob’s friends have been pap’d with Kristen after the scandal broke.All the recent pap pics show R/K hanging out with Kristen’s famewhorey friends who used to post pics taken inside Rob’s house on their twitter/instagram .Only Marcus Foster was pictured with her at Katy Perry’s party.

        -Grazia editor posted a pic of Rob’s sis talking to Kristen & her people and added that she didn’t look happy and then got a lot of shizz from Robsten fans LOL

        I’m not saying that Rob has not taken her back because I think he has,there’s no doubt about it in my mind.But let’s not pretend that everything is absolutely fine in Robsten land now.Cheating and public humiliation is a big deal and there are some people out there who condemn cheating,ya know?

      • Sweet Dee says:


        They hate each other and this whole thing since the salty biscuit ch-eating is PR. He liked her, then he loved her, now he hates her. The end.

      • pastyousayyouneverknew says:

        @Michele you sure seem to know an awful lot, “everyone in their close circles has accepted her” – how do you know that? how do you know they’re in England in the countryside? how do you know any of that?

        I hope I don’t come across as defensive but you sure seem to know an awful lot about a couple that has pretty much disappeared off the face of the earth.

      • Lulu says:

        Yet another sensible post shat on by jealous b*tches. Seriously, you girls need to focus on getting your GEDs instead KStew’s lady bits.

        Riddle me this? If RPatz ‘hates’ her so much, how come he is always leaning into her, looking at her and/or speaking to her in almost every single photo? He clearly dotes on her, it’s written all over him. So get over it.

        As to Ben, eh. I doubt he’s her type and I also think she’s learned her lesson. JMO.

    • jan says:

      kstew is aleady worldwide hated. Think about it..would you want to be her right now?

  21. Saphana says:

    i doubt it. Kristen is a known cheater and Ben always had those rumours. But no one could be that stupid, they will be under close watch by the gossip people and Jen Garner.

    As long as Ben doesnt have another Oscar he will keep his willy in his pants, im sure. that means more to him than anything else, family included.

  22. Dawning Red says:

    I looked up “Focus”, no word on who the director is, so we don’t know exactly who K-Screw will be cheating with next.

  23. kimcheee says:

    After Kristen’s remark about feeling pressured to screw anyone who is a director/producer or in a position of authority over her…..I am betting she’s seen more naked men than I have. Is Ben in “a position of authority” over her?

    Her biggest mistake was addressing the accusation publicly. She’s stupid on top of being a slut.

  24. Get a clue says:

    The In Touch cover makes me snicker. Nothing like reminding RPatz of the white elephant in his relationship! Lol

  25. KellyinSeattle says:

    Hope not; I like Jennifer Garner and their family too much for that to happen..
    Please, no more Kristen Stewart!

  26. Stefani says:

    This magazine is trash and you have to be a moron to believe anything written in it. These tabloids have to make there money in a struggling economy.

  27. Paige says:

    Yes, kristen stewart is a horrible person for what she did but who has the right to judge anyone? No one is perfect and our business isn’t put out there because we aren’t famous. Some of you act as if she stole your spouse. What she did does not effect your life in any shape or form. How is she putting up her middle finger? People are just making up things to spew hate. So she cheated with a married man once you just know she will cheat with every married director? So she can seduce every man and they don’t have any say so in their marriage. Oh the way we judge women in society. How do you know that? Or common sense doesn’t exist.

    • pastyousayyouneverknew says:

      I agree with you on a lot of what you say because it definitely feels like people are way too happy to villainise Kristen, yes she’s made some very poor decisions, yes, she does often appear to be someone who is ungrateful for the good fortune that she’s been blessed, I’ll even give you the fact that she is a below average actress but saying that you “hate” her is a little too much. Disliking her is one thing (I dislike her), but going as far as to say that you hate her is you taking it way too personally.

      As for the other things you said, she DOES look like she’s putting up her middle finger at the camera and she has done that a lot in the past – http://krisbian-heart.tumblr.com/post/24890931190/kristen-stewart-giving-middle-finger-to-paparazzi

      And as for cheating with a married man, well obviously the media’s trying to stir up shit, it’s what they do best, Rob and Kristen have not been seen since they went bowling in Berlin so they’re just trying to create drama and lol, funny as it is, this gossip is beneficial to Kristen because it keeps her RELEVANT. And she needs that right now because her involvement in both Focus and SWATH 2 are still rumours right now, her future in acting is not looking bright -

      And I agree with you that it does seem a little like Kristen is the ONLY one that would be involved in the cheating when in fact Ben has been rumoured to have cheated before.

  28. Sweet Dee says:

    I think Rob and Kristin HATE each other since the mini-coopering (okay, she hated him before that) and can’t wait until their PR tour is over. And she wishes she could be with Dakota. *sigh*

    • Deidra says:

      Exactly! I’m fed up with the sappy stories about manipulative Kristen and lovesick Robert. I’m sure the reality is the opposite of what the gossip mags give us. And Sparkles – he NEVER made the impression that he’s sad, heartbroken or devastated since the cheating scandal broke, I’d say he was in high spirits and looking extremely good during that Cosmo promo in August. Something just doesn’t add up with the whole love story between the two.

      • georgie says:

        I want to believe this!

        I also have this feeling that he is over her and very much ready to move on! Cosmopolis promo Rob was the best! Single, I-don’t-give-a-fck Rob was so sexy!
        He was going to all those events in LA/NY all by himself till it was time to promote BD2. Then all of a sudden their pics together started coming out. How convenient!

        This will be all over by mid 2013.

        She is gagging to get jobs lined up and is not going to take a back seat while Rob is busy filming his movies. If truly her career takes a huge hit, do these Robsten shippers think she will be happy to be his shadow doing nothing for herself? Her ego wont stand for it.
        There will be resentment from her towards him and I believe she has always been jealous of him and it will only get worse. Her focus now is her image rehabilitation/career. Rob is being used. Or maybe he is helping her out of loyalty. There is no epic true unselfish love going on here!

  29. Lexi says:

    I hope she doesnt cheat on him again, poor sparkles, he really has to move on

  30. mimi (a different one) says:

    Wasn’t Ben messing with Rebecca Hall (when he was also very “impressed with Blake Lively) who also broke up Kate Winslet’s marriage?

    To be honset, I think that is the only time that “cheating” is fair.

    Jen Garner forced marriage on him by getting preganant without his consent in order to get him committed to her, which is cheating and breaking his trust and so he can do the equivalent.

  31. Grace says:

    Ben is too boring for her and Jennifer will destroy Kristen if she goes after Ben anyway.
    But Kristen sleeping with a grip or lesser actor or random guy is assured. Rob will always be too boring for her so she’ll always step out on him and tell him it was just a fling. Then he’ll keep forgiving her.

  32. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    And so I guess we have a new Jolie 2.0. It didn’t stick when the tabloids tried it with Amber Heard, but oh boy they found the right polarizing character with KStew didn’t they lol. This should be fun to watch.

  33. pastyousayyouneverknew says:

    Not even going to go believing this article at this point, Kristen is not confirmed to be in either Focus or Snow White and the Huntsman 2 at this point so not gonna say too much about that.

    Will she cheat on Rob with Ben? I hope that she will not be dumb enough to tarnish her name any further but then again, Kristen isn’t exactly known for making choices that improve people’s opinion of her so it’s not an impossibility.

  34. Stefani says:

    @ Michelle “. The only ones dwelling on it are the media for hits and sales of their magazines and the people who never liked her” Is this common sense? Oh no that is not allowed on a gossip site Rob and kristen have disappeared off the face of the earth. There aren’t any new sightings together or not so tabloids make up lies becuz they know they can get sad people to read it and believe it. Twilight is over we have no idea what’s going on with their lives personal or business. People on the internet act as if they say something it makes it the truth, it’s an opinion not a FACT.They never even confirmed Ben and kristen were doing a movie together it is just a new way to add fuel to fire that hasn’t even been lit. A new way to spew hate on a person that doesn’t affect you personally. Gossip sites need hits and tabloids need to sell.

  35. Stefani says:

    @ Michelle “. The only ones dwelling on it are the media for hits and sales of their magazines and the people who never liked her” Is this common sense? Oh no that is not allowed on a gossip site Rob and kristen have disappeared off the face of the earth. There aren’t any new sightings together or not so tabloids make up lies becuz they know they can get sad people to read it and believe it. Twilight is over we have no idea what’s going on with their lives personal or business. People on the internet act as if they say something it makes it the truth, it’s an opinion not a FACT.They never even confirmed Ben and kristen were doing a movie together it is just a new way to add fuel to fire that hasn’t even been lit. A new way to spew hate on a person that doesn’t affect you personally

  36. megsie says:

    Ben doesn’t seem her type. On the other hand, he’s an old pro so we’ll never know. He won’t be caught.

    The shock wasn’t that Rupert and Kristen had a fling, the shock was that they all but hailed down the paps to photograph them. There are studio/production company owned safe houses for this sort of thing. Why they met by the side of the road is the real mystery.

  37. Source says:

    So, let me get this straight. The only people “talking sense” and “being logical” are the Kristen fans? And that the rest of us are “jealous b*tches?” Do I have that right?

    These are the same people who look at 50 pictures, draw red circles on them, and declare Rupert forced himself on the delicate snowflake. The same people who still insist a 41 YO man would risk his marriage and kids on a few stolen kisses. The same people who stalk Kristen’s every move and declare her finger-flipping and general unprofessional attitude “Real.” The same people who feel the need to defend her as if she was their sister. The same people who break up their friendships because their friend dares to disagree with them. The same people who throw fits and tantrums if you say anything remotely negative about her. Who see nothing wrong with actually bullying a friend while accusing them of “bullying” an actress by not liking her.

    These are the “logical” people? If that’s the case, I’ll stay over here with the “illogicals.” The ones who look at pictures and declare them what they are. Who call a pissy attitude a pissy attitude. Who call a wooden actress a wooden actress.

    This is the same argument they all have. That if you don’t like her, you’re jealous. The fact that many of us like beautiful, talented actresses who have smoking-hot awesome boyfriends, doesn’t mean anything, right? Because if the “jealous b*tch” theory is dis-proven, then what? We’re left with people calling it as they see it.

    Or, as the KS fans call the actual logical ones, “Haters.”

  38. another nina says:

    Oh, I feel desperate!!! I’m gonna miss all the twi-stans :( You are the bestest delusional stans in the Universe – please keep coming here…
    Now, let’s not lose focus – why are you all calling Stew slut and implying she is the one?? The girl finally got lucky, even though it was with a sub-par 41 y.o. Plus her stan above insists that Stew had only 2 bf by the ripe age of 22…So, let’s remember it’s our old awkward Stew in dirty Converses. Otherwise, y’all make it seem like we are taking about some sexy vamp here…

  39. Amy C says:

    LOL why would she? Just because she did at one time, doesn’t mean she want everything and every 40 year old.
    Let hope though this won’t inflate the already starting to inflate more ego of benn now.

  40. Angie says:

    That cover is disgusting and repugnant on so many levels. Poor Kristen. Poor Jen. Poor womankind.

  41. Mi says:

    If they are a couple again(IMO they are)the tabloids will always bring the rumors albout potential Kristen’s cheating with directors or her future co-stars.She gave them the reason,that other young actresses with her position never did.I’m amuse that Robert(or his manager team)doesn’t see it as a damage of his image.

  42. Christine says:

    The InTouch story offends me so much. It takes two people to wreck a marriage, and I think that there’s a greater onus on the married man to not cheat than there is for the unmarried woman to prevent a married man from stepping out on his wife. Why does the woman always get the blame when, in Kristen Stewart’s case, she wasn’t the one with a marriage and children to consider?

    • JS says:

      This has very little to do with a woman getting the blame because she’s a woman. It’s the famous person getting the scrutiny (and the invented rumors) because that’s what sells and gets hits. Nobody really cares about Rupert, although he is every bit as guilty as Kristen, because he has no celebrity status. Rob has taken far more shade than Rupert despite being a victim in this affair, innocent of any wrongdoing other than, supposedly, being too easy on the hated “trampire”! If you’re looking for real unfairness, I suggest you start with his treatment! You may also want to note that almost all the shit, whether targeted at Kristen, Rob or Rupert, is being dished by women.

  43. Aubra says:

    “Scotty” (as in Scott Peterson who he compared himself to lmao) aint goin’ for that!

  44. rose says:

    Well if Blake Lively didnt ruin it..

  45. G says:

    Right. Hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake and it’s her JOB to do PR and show up suitably styled.

    Juvenile sneering and ratty sneakers do not an indie philosopher make. It’s truly laughable.

    I’m sure her tweener fans will be linng up for Balenciaga leather jackets.

    She’s not smart enough to realize that she’s under the vast protective of wing of her franchise and when that is done her attitude won’t make her even remotely employable at the level she’s been very lucky to enjoy.

  46. johncarter says:

    Ben and Jen Both Cheated in the past.
    Don’t forget Jen cheated on Scott Foley with Michael Vartan….then she cheated on Vartan with Affleck

  47. florencia says:

    ohh such a rebel. so hardcore i could die

  48. Morgan says:

    Do you think Ben will go from JLo to KStew? I don’t think so. JLo >KStew

  49. AAS says:

    Well, unfortunately it appears, according to photos, that Sparkles and Stewy are still keeping each other company this weekend. Pictures at Heathrow of the 2 getting ready to board a flight to the U.S. don’t surprise me but do disappoint me. I have no illusions of anyone in Hollywood being some shining image of perfection and intelligence- but I was hoping Sparkles was just playing a game by appearing with Stewy during the BD2 promotion extravaganza. I knew better but for his sake was still hoping it was studio bullshit and would be over after the promotion tour. But, no. I don’t care what the hell happened behind closed doors. In public he has been completely emasculated and his potential as a lead male in a film has been greatly diminished. Outside of the Twi-Hards and KStew worshippers it will be hard to see Robert Pattinson as anything other than a guy with depressingly low self-esteem and and no balls whatsoever. He had a good stretch starting during the break-up aftermath while promoting Cosmopolis. He appeared to be in control of his life and seemed to just be taking the high road by being classy and not throwing his ex under the bus. But he’s publicly thrown away all the credibility and mature followers he may have gained during that time. He may have fulfilled the KStew/Sparkles love-story dreams held by some teenage girl Twi-hards during the BD2 lead-up, but he has really shot himself in the foot with everyone else in the paying movie-going public. I wonder what the directors like Cronenberg and the others he has such respect for would say to him now if he asked for advice? As long as he is with Stewy his image and career will be defined by her and her actions, regardless of his own potential or aspirations as an actor in his own right. His girlfriend’s indiscretions and his public acceptance of her behavior have set his course as a guy who ‘could have been’ a major player but sabotaged himself to the point of being completely irrelevant to the audience he claims to strive to impress. Oh well. It’s too bad that he’s thrown all this away when there are so many talented people out there that would kill for chances like Sparkles has had.

    • Jenny says:

      I agree with you about Pattinson, it’s a shame because I actually think he’s a very talented actor from seeing him in a few of his earlier films (pre-twilight). But he does look completely emasculated now and that could cost him in his career. But maybe the guy really is in love with her and feels that that love is more important to him than his career? Stranger things have happened.

      • Jenny says:

        Having said that I do feel the one who should really be worried about her career is Kristen Stewart. There are so many very talented actresses in her age-group that she has to compete with for parts that handle themselves so much better than her in public. Her acting skills are not good enough to afford the kind of reputation and image she’s made for herself. It’s a shame really because she was amazing in some of her earlier work, like Speak and Into the wild. But she comes across as emotionally stunted now, like she’s still as immature as a fourteen-year-old. It’s not a winning vibe to be putting out there if you want to be taken seriously in your profession.

    • honeybee says:

      Yeah it is very disappointing to see him with her like this. Its ridiculous how quickly he took her back.

      Rob has to step up his acting in his upcoming movies and he better pray hard that those movies get received well critically.
      Only that can eclipse the fact that he is a loser who has no problems taking back a cheater.

    • Source says:

      Sadly, it’s not just tweeners who are hardcore Stewy fans. Grown women with families act like tweeners when it comes to this girl. They are a small group, but they’re annoying and vocal. They stalk the internet for negative comments and, to use their word, “bully” anyone who dares to say anything remotely negative about their beloved goddess. As a matter of fact, I talk to a lot of people who say they wouldn’t dislike KS so much if it wasn’t for her “fans.”

      A hundred percent agree Rob has emasculated himself to the point of ridiculousness. To take her back so fast and act as if nothing happened, just shows him to be a lovesick puppy who gets kicked and comes back for more. And I don’t care if he doesn’t care how I feel. I’m just stating a fact. And no, I don’t want him for myself. I just want to see him with someone he smiles with like he does when he’s with his friends.

      Him doing it to promote the film was much more preferable than doing it because he gave up his backbone and his b*lls.

      He did have an amazing run right after it happened. He seemed like a strong, classy guy. Now he looks like Mr. “Yes, dear. May I grovel at your feet?”

      • lindyuk says:

        Her ‘fans’ old or young have infested his fan-sites like Robsessed that used to be all about Rob…not any more. If you so much as dare to post a negative ‘take’ on their relationship the ‘defenders’ are out in force of course wearing the mantle that it’s his life and his decision etc etc…all the time squeeling with pleasure and delight at seeing the happy couple together thus re-inforcing the legitimacy of their relationship.

        He’s a deluded fool.

    • Perplexed says:

      Prepare yourself for many of these same shots in months to come as they go thru airports.
      That’s probably the only time they will be seen, plus hiding in the back of vans going to concerts, restaurants.
      And on location, in Rob’s case.
      Re: what Cronenberg and others would say? It’s his private life, he’s 26, not a teenager, he should have a general sense of where he’s going, how he wants to lead his life, professional and private. His choice, his belief that noone else can understand him like she can.
      I was watching videos of him from 2008-2009 and wondering where that Rob went. In these interviews (and photo shoots) he appears and sounds more mature, self-assured, bubbly, flirty, alive.*
      What happened to that guy?
      No, wait, don’t tell me, I think I know.
      * Only other time he was this enthused was in promos for Cosmopolis, but prior to July 25.

  50. ben says:

    She can’t cheat on him. They’re not together. It’s all fake.

  51. molly says:

    Hey everybody, I have a great idea!!! Let’s pick the shit of this chick now, and lay off Lindsay L. since we have nothing better to do. Let’s talk about the way she tries to dress, (awful) and the way she nervously twitches and moves during late night t.v. interviews,(drugs?) and she’s a cheating ugly skank.

  52. Biffco says:

    Newsflash: Kristen Stewart is not hated the world over as was clearly seen on the press tour.

    She wears some great clothes and some not so great clothes and she doesn’t like standing around in heels.


    She’s a f*****g human being, just in case some of you bitches forgot.

    • Biffco says:


      So Kristen f****d up with Sanders. It doesn’t have to define her, nor should it.

      She and Robert are clearly in a genuine relationship, and what they do or don’t do is no-one’s business but theirs.

      This idea that Rob has f****d his career by taking K back is ridiculous. It’s also not how people in Hollywood think.

      To many, Rob’s behavior has been exemplary and sets him apart from other men who would have capitalized on the July drama.

      To sum up: The majority of chronically green-eyed morons posting here need to get a life.


      • honeybee says:

        “The majority of chronically green-eyed morons posting here need to get a life. ”

        Who is green-eyed over an inarticulate, talentless, lying, cheating bitch? :lol:

        People that don’t like her are in fact capable admiring a talented, intelligent actress who can carry herself with dignity.
        Kskank is not it.
        I know truth hurts plenty for her butt-hurt fans.

      • MissA says:

        “This idea that Rob has f****d his career by taking K back is ridiculous. It’s also not how people in Hollywood think.” —Spoken like a true Robsten fan.Few months ago when cheating scandal first broke I told a Robsten fan that taking Kristen back will def negatively affect Rob’s image and make him look like a joke in front of world.I was declared as a hater of true love and waste of space and guess who was proven right at the end….ME! Words like doormat,wimp,loser,chaperon,cabana boy,etc are commonly used for him today by almost everyone except Robsten & Kristen fans.

        “To many, Rob’s behavior has been exemplary and sets him apart from other men who would have capitalized on the July drama.” — Hollywood is a superficial place and therefore having a good image is absolutely necessary.A man who is perceived to be a doormat will never be taken seriously.This Robsten circus will ALWAYS overshadow his career achievements ( if he has any) in future.

        “To sum up: The majority of chronically green-eyed morons posting here need to get a life.” — You are right who wouldn’t be jealous of a married man’s mistress *eyeroll*

      • Freya Magritt says:

        Kristen is a lowdown cheater and hypocrite. No fans’ adoration can erase the fact for the general public. Her days with Rob are numbered, no matter they are fake or real.

  53. Amelia says:

    Kristen is rich and young. I blame the older married man who cheated on a committed sacred relationship.

  54. Biffco says:

    So let me see if I got this straight.

    Pointing out the obvious, i.e that what Robert and Kristen do or don’t do in their relationship is no-one’s business but theirs – means I’m a Robsten fan?

    Excuse me while I laugh uncontrollably.

    Here’s another fact: None of you are producers, writers, directors yet people who are have no problem signing Robert.

    What does that tell you?

    The truth is, Robert doesn’t care what any of you think or he would have altered his behavior to please you.

    He’s well aware of the views littering the web – e.g he needs to ‘man up,’ that K is a ‘ho’, that their relationship is ‘fake’ and that he is ruining his life being with her.

    And I can tell you that he treats those views, and the people who share them, with the respect they deserve.


    And that’s what kills you harpies.

    • Source says:

      The thing is, Robsten fans only say their relationship is nobody’s business but theirs, when other people are agreeing it’s the truest love in the universe.

      When the couple separated, the Robstens made it their business. They wrote odes to Robsten’s true love and insisted they were “unbroken.” Anybody who said the contrary was called every name in the book. Just in the comments here, “b*tch” and “harpies” has been used.

      We’re the harpies? Anyone who has a differing opinion from “Robsten is unbroken” is called jealous, a b*tch, a c*nt. Robstens gang up on them en-masse to tell them their opinion is WRONG. They scour the web to call people names who dare disagree with them.

      That doesn’t sound very “live and let live” and “it’s nobody’s business but their own.”

      If that were true, the Robstens could just sit back with a self-satisfied smile. They wouldn’t unfollow their friends but not before cursing at them and telling them what an idiot they are.

      I’ve never said Rob cared what I thought, one way or the other. It’s obvious when he took K back five minutes after she was grinding her behind into another man’s crotch and having oral sex w/him in her car. She must have the elixir of life in her hoo-ha.

      Directors may still hire him, but I personally know a lot of die-hard fans who are no longer his fans because they’ve lost respect for him. Will that transfer to the box office? Only time will tell.

  55. Biffco says:

    On the contrary, if they split, they split. So what? The world will still turn.

    The point is, it’s none of YOUR business – or mine – what either of them do and any belief that it is, is madness.

    As for fans who know longer wish to be ‘Rob’ fans because they don’t like his choices. I’d be very surprised if Pattinson is pining the loss.

    On a side note: I am not a Robstener nor do I have any intention of becoming one. I was, however, accused of being one simply for saying Robert and Kristen’s relationship was their business.

    Gotta love the logic of harpies.

    • Source says:

      Try selling the “if they split, they split, so what?” to the Robstens who were rending garments and wailing and crying and generally thought their life was over when Robsten split.

      Let’s talk sanity. They went into denial. Even after Kristen admitted she had the *laughs* “momentary indiscretion” *falls on the floor, laughing* they drew red circles over a few select pictures they chose from the 50 available, and tried to prove they were photoshopped. They insisted Rupert R*PED her. Yes, they would rather the girl have been attacked than that she made the decision all on her own.

      The use of name-calling is proof that Robsten fans aren’t “breezy” about this. Again, if they were, they’d just sit back, safe in the knowledge that their favorite couple is together.

      Instead they run all over the internet looking for people who dare to have a differing opinion, call them names, then say everyone else is crazy. Riiiiiiiiiiight.

      Again, whether Rob is “pining the loss” is irrelevant. The point is, in this business, image means a lot. Whether he cares or not, if people no longer see him the same way, they may not go to his movies any more. Again, I know people who say they won’t.

      That doesn’t mean those people are “wrong” or “bad” or “were never his fans” or that he cares whether we still like him or not.

      Nobody is saying Rob cares what we think. We’re stating an opinion. We’re allowed to have them. This is America. And if having an opinion gets you called a “harpy” by people who clearly have become over-invested in this relationship to the point they have to troll message boards to call people names, well then, there’s no use talking sense to them because clearly “sanity’s off the table.”

    • MissA says:

      @Source Don’t you know that only Robsten fans are allowed to comment on their epic lurve?

  56. Biffco says:

    I am not interested in selling the ‘if they split, they split so what?’ to Robsteners, any more than I am interested in buying a ‘it’s all fake’ worldview.

    And you’re right, this is America.

    You’re free to express your opinion, and so am I.

    I don’t see how anyone can deny that Pattinson and Stewart are free to live their life as they choose.

    Having said that, I agree, some of the ways Robsten fans carry on online is ridiculous.

    • Source says:

      MissA, that’s been my point all along.

      Biffco, I haven’t expressed one “unbalanced” opinion. You sought this board out, called people names, and like every single Kristen/Robsten fan, deemed it wrong because we don’t happen to agree with the Robsten “eternal love” idiocy.

      Because people who don’t agree with the Robsten/Kristen people are unbalanced. Okie dokie! Righty-o! Got it! The Robsten/Kristen people are sane! The red circle people are sane! Who knew that was the picture of sanity. I guess I have to change my entire world view.

      “Mindless hectoring?” Oh, you’re talking about the Robsten/Kristen people who come here and call us names, right? Because surely you’re not talking about us stating opinions about celebrities who will never see it? Right?

      And again, we’ll see how breezy all the Robsten/Kristen fans are, how they respect their freedom to choose, when they break up.

      Because the first time, there was no such respect. The only time they stated it was “nobody’s business” was after months of insisting they get back together and crucifying anyone who said different. Not once did I hear, “If they want to stay apart, that’s their business. They don’t care what we say about them getting back together!” Not from one Robsten.

      • Biffco says:


        Frankly, you seem obsessed with Robsteners.

        Both sides of the debate need to re-evaluate the time they are allowing a focus on Rob and Kristen to dominate their lives.

        I also find it odd that you’re quoting me on words that do not appear in my comments.

        What I find hilarious about Robert and Kristen’s detractors, is that even in the face of their obvious reconciliation, you guys can’t admit it’s happening.

        Why is it so painful for you? I am genuinely interested. Why do you need to imagine Robert’s career is suffering as a result when it’s clearly not?

        If you can answer these questions logically, I’d be surprised.

        The truth is this: Robsteners aren’t alone in their skewed vision and need for a specific picture — you guys also share that malaise, it’s just a different picture.

  57. Source says:

    I don’t know why my posts seem to disappear. I’ll try to make this brief.

    I saw the word “unbalanced” in the original post you made. The part about being entitled to my beliefs was followed by “no matter how unbalanced they may be.” That’s what I was responding to.

    As for me being “pained” by anything or “needing to imagine” anything, all I said was that I knew people who stopped being fans due to his decision to go back to Kristen, and time would tell if it affected he box office.

    I also believe he has gone back with Kristen. It’s the reason I’ve lost respect for him. While others see it as “brave” I see it as going back on the very principles he’s espoused.

    I hope that seems logical enough.

    • Biffco says:


      Yes, and I changed the word “unbalanced” as I thought it was mean.

      In retrospect, I’m not sure it is.

      Surely you can admit that there is really no difference in the level of (for want of a better word) devotion Robsteners display in supporting their world view, compared to those who oppose it.

      They are both fixed positions.

      As for not respecting Pattinson because he made a choice that was his to make – and is undoubtedly in possession of the facts about what happened with Sanders than you, or me – that is not logical.

      It is an emotional response. Own it.

    • MissA says:


      “I also believe he has gone back with Kristen. It’s the reason I’ve lost respect for him. While others see it as “brave” I see it as going back on the very principles he’s espoused.”—You are not the only one who feels that way.I’ve seen a lot of his fans on twitter implying the same thing but they still like him or at least try to like him

      Biffco’s posts didn’t surprise me at all.She is extremely bothered by the possibility of Rob’s career taking a hit due to reconciliation and that’s why she is hell bent on proving that anybody who has lost respect for Rob is a bitter harpie & blah blah blah.

      Just cause he has 5-6 movies lined up doesn’t mean that he is destined to be a successful movie star.An actor needs to have some sort of appeal to draw audience in theaters. I don’t think taking a cheater/married man’s mistress back after 2 months is appealing and frankly speaking, I’ve never seen a single Rob ONLY fan that is happy with his decision.So yeah I do think our “imagination” of Rob’s career being negatively affected by this will soon transformed into reality.Let’s wait till his next movie hits the theaters.

  58. Val5 says:

    I think it’s just a waste of time to discuss with robsteners. the only logical they accept is their own, whatever happens with Rob and Stew is interpretedin a way to adjust with their fantasy. They are all over the web, bullyng all those who do not think like them, insulting , harassing , and then they have the nerve to command everybody to respect robsten’s “privacy”, that their life is the nobody’s business. As long as they continue to feed their fantasies, of course.
    And it is a fact that Rob lost a lot of fans since the “reunion”, i t’s just logic, people generally see him now as a weak man without confidence , without a backbone, how people would want go see a movie where he plays an investigator of the CIA, for example? A guy who must appear tough and manipulative? The image outside the screen is obviously essential. any respectability he had obtained with Cosmopolis no longer exists. I do not know if he realizes now that he is just another useless millionaire, enjoying a fortune that he won by playing a ridiculous character in films he despises.

  59. Biffco says:

    Only delusional fans arrogantly imagine that withdrawing their support from two movie stars they’ll never know personally, actually matters.

    To anyone.

    As for your comments about Pattinson’s career Miss A, you have literally no idea what you’re talking about.

    Pattinson and Stewart are moving on with their highly successful careers and living their lives.

    I suggest all of you attempt to do the same.

  60. Source says:

    “Or is the trick to dismiss anyone that disagrees with you as a Robstener?”

    Biffco has resorted to name-calling while calling others emotional. She’s defending the R/K relationship like it’s her job while saying others are obsessed.

    The Robstens call anyone who disagrees with them “hater” or “delusional” (see Biffco comment above) or “unbalanced,” (which she also admitted to after pretending she never said it) then orders people to “admit” to whatever she tells us we should be feeling/thinking.

    And since when is it delusional to wonder if waning fan support will affect box office? Why is that such a bone of contention? Why are we not allowed to speculate? Why do Robsten fans or people who are on the “live and let live” train so agonized over some people wondering if this will affect Rob’s career that they feel they must order people not to even utter the words?

  61. Biffco says:

    The idea of taking an extreme position about Pattinson and Stewart – or anyone – is ridiculous.

    There is no difference between Robstener adoration and those on the other side.

    It’s all fandom. All madness.

    Oh, and @Source Rob and Kristen’s careers are doing great. But feel free to believe otherwise.

  62. Val5 says:

    hum, Rob’s career is pretty uncertain and Kristen has any confirmed project until now(what’s is odd) only rumors spread by celebs sites, “doing great” really?

  63. Source says:

    Wow, Biffco. You seem really upset. Using exclamation points, even. It’s a good thing you’re not getting emotional about this. You know, because you don’t care.

    I’m so glad calmer heads can prevail while we delusional people are sounding “ridiculous.” Whew! We need someone to keep us in line.

    We will “feel free to believe otherwise” without being ordered not to. I guess my “time will tell” statement was a little too OTT for some people. I know my madness can just come out at any moment!

    I will say one thing for Rob. At least she hasn’t totally taken over his personality and made him an unprofessional jerk. The guy remains classy no matter what.

  64. Biffco says:

    All creative careers are uncertain.

    Take it from me, they’re doing fine. But, like I said, if you need to believe Pattinson and Stewart are on the brink of hasbeen-dom, believe away.

    Lets face it, it doesn’t change a thing in the real world does it?

    P.S Note to @Source I find your meangirl-lite bitchiness amusing, that’s all. Probably something to do with being a parent.

  65. Val5 says:

    oh, not “doing great” anymore, but uncertain? hum…at least we agree about this point.