Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz & Evangeline Lilly

Drew, J.Lo, and Evangeline all looked lovely at the Golden Globes. I’m impressed with J.Lo’s makeup, which has looked mismatched recently but seems just right and not overdone here. Drew is a vision in white. She’s appearing in the upcoming film Music and Lyrics By with Hugh Grant, and judging from the way they’re posing kind of far from each other I would say this appearance is for professional reasons, but I would like to be wrong.

Evangeline Lilly’s dress is a gorgeous swirl of muted pastels and I love her loose curly hair.

Cameron Diaz is a haughty mess. She tried to pull off upswept carefree hair, but her hair is too straight and it just looks messy. Those bright red glossy lips look clownish, and I can’t stand her frilly white dress. She’s taking too many risks here at once, and falls flat. Am I being too harsh on her?

Pictures from Gossip Rocks.

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  1. CJ says:

    Why does J. Lo always pose with her mouth open like that?

  2. Bex says:

    Cameron’s mouth is too wide or somethng for the bright red. It doesn’t look great. The dress.. not my cup of tea, but I love the way she just throws it out there and rocks it anyway. Overall, I agree, but I respect her for taking the risks.

    And Evangeline looks LOVELY.

  3. FF says:

    Kate Winslet’s white gown beat out Drew Barrymore’s in my opinion.

    Drew’s looked fine from some angles but straight on looked kind of wonky, the gatherings were just weird and it had a toilet paper effect.

    I keep thinking I haven’t seen Jennifer Lopez’s one properly because it doesn’t seem that stunning to me. My first thought was ‘curtain’. I think it has a cut out back though and maybe it looks better all around.

    Naomi Watt’s dress was nice but I didn’t care for her accessories. Jennifer Garner’s was nice but then her make up was so colourless.

    I liked Angelina’s and it looks fine on her – grey’s and interesting choice and accessorising it with gold brought back some colour, so I don’t think it was as bad as she probably thought it was. But then, would she have wanted it in red?

    Rachel Weisz’ was another good but it would have been better with eye-catching detail on it.

    Oh, and Felicity Huffman’s was a good one too. Wow, I’m surprised I remember them that clearly.

    America Ferrerra’s wasn’t a disaster either.

  4. AC says:

    You’re not being too hard on Cameron.. it just doesn’t look good.

    JLo as much as i don’t LOVE her… looked AMAZING and i loved her dress… especially the back.

  5. Sorceressss says:

    I’m not digging Drew’s spray on tan, her skin looks off. She has such nice skin, she should have left it. J. Lo looks pretty good, but I don’t like the dress too much. Cameron is a total mess!

  6. Solitaire says:

    Where has JLo gone?????

  7. neelyo says:

    J. Lo is turning into Jacqueline Susann.

  8. Me Want Baby says:

    Cameron Diaz looks like crap…it is no wonder Justin broke things off with her. She is going downhill fast

  9. Poor Boopie says:

    Diaz is too fair skinned to pull off this outfit. She’s needs to go back to being a blonde. The dark hair does not fit her skin tone. Reminds me of Morticia on the Adams family.

  10. FF says:

    To be fair to Cameron, she only started going downhill fast in the looks department when she started dating Timberlake.

    Give her a year or so to get her fashion equilibrium back, or at least get a decent stylist – and listen to them.

  11. Jenna says:

    I think Drew’s dress looks a bit like a wedding dress, but she’s so cute she can pull anything off.

    JLo is looking very…um…surgically changed, shall we say? She’s another one who is barely noticable anymore.

    I’m lovin’ Evangeline Lilly’s drress, it reminds me of an Indian sari. Plus it looks super comfy 🙂

    Its nice to see that Cameron made it out of her first Communion in time to get to the Golden Globes. I could forgive the lipstick (even though it is too bright for her), but the dress, I can’t let that go.

  12. lyric says:

    I was impressed with Drew Barrymore’s look, thought she looked great. Cameron’s dress was pretty ugh, too much going on. I do like her hair dark but maybe not quite so dark. The back of JLo’s dress was more interesting than the front…odd but true I guess.

  13. just me says:

    I think Drew should of picked a better dress to flater the weight she’s gained. Look at those arms, way to big for that dress. She should tone up and not starve ur her self. We all know that she has no muscle tone it’s all just flab.

    Jlo looked like a goddess in my opinion. Ben eat ur heart out. I just wish she would get rid of Marc the bag of bones.

    Cameron looks like crap!

    Evangeline Lilly look gorgeous. Love the hair and the color of the dress. she looks hot all around.

  14. frewtloop says:

    Hmm J-Lo is immaculate as always and I think the winner in this bunch. Cam looks like the joker with that red lippy and the dress is confused. Evangeline needs to lay of the arm weights and the dress looks like a Dali-esque nightmare, putrid colour combo.

  15. zongkhoro says:

    whats w JLo … she looks kinda thin to me … hope its nothng to do w Posh influencing her w her anorexic diet…. and for her drsss… looks like she drapes one of her curtains at the last mo .
    Drew… boring , a little bed-sheet-esque!!!
    Cameron baby , dont u knw Christmas’ over ?
    (she also kinda remind me of Bjork in the silly dress few years ago ..)

    Evangeline : like the hair , but the dress is just Blah!

  16. Caz says:

    Cameron looks like she’s going to a fancy dress party in that get up. It’s nothing short of ridiculous. I agree with earlier comparisons to Morticia and Bjork but I’d like to get my two cents worth and throw in Olive Oyl.. Where’s Popeye Cameron?!

    Agree that all the other girls in this section look fantastic. Not sure about those earlier shots of Angelina tho. I didnt like that colour grey on her, it washes her out too much and didnt match the gold jewellery. Unlike FF, I think she would have looked ten times better in a red dress and red would have matched the jewellery perfectly plus it’s a much more bold colour and would have suited Angie’s personality. Is it just me or do her and Brad not really look that good together in photographs? Maybe its too much of a good thing ie too much beauty in one shot?!? They just dont compliment each other bizarrely. And Brad’s starting to look more and more like Robert Redford every day. Anyway, they’re both stunning people and I wish I was half as good looking.

  17. FF says:

    Caz, I only suggested Angelina wouldn’t have wanted to wear red on the carpet with Brad because she’s already been branded in some sections of the media and public as the ‘scarlett lady’, no need to take it there literally for the Golden Globes.

    Same thing goes for wearing black and it’s ‘black widow’ connotations.

    That was the reasoning behind the comment. In terms of aesthetics, red would have looked great on Angie, though I don’t think it’s a colour she wears a lot, on the red carpet or off.