Angelina Jolie ‘refusing’ to spend Christmas in Missouri with Brad’s parents

Here are some photos from the past year of Angelina Jolie looking lovey-dovey and super-friendly with Brad Pitt’s mother Jane Pitt. Jane, as we found out earlier this year, is a bit of a hyper-conservative wingnut. Which is fine. To each their own, etc. While Jane’s son Brad is a self-described liberal who believes in gay marriage and all of that jazz, we still don’t really know where Angelina stands on many issues. She sees herself as a diplomatic figure, so she really doesn’t come out for or against many polarizing issues, and I’ve long suspected that Angelina is closeted neoconservative. So what’s the big deal? Star Magazine is trying to make Angelina and Jane’s “polar-opposite political views” a wedge issue that will tear the Pitt family apart! Jane is going to start calling her “Angelina Hussein Jolie”!!!

If you’re facing family drama this holiday season, you’re not alone. Angelina Jolie is squaring off against Brad Pitt’s mom – again – this time, over where the Brangelina brood will spend Christmas.

“As usual, Angie has no desire to spend her holidays in the Midwest, something Brad’s mom, Jane, finds rude and insulting. But Angie couldn’t care less,” reveals a source close to the famous couple, adding that Angie and Jane’s polar-opposite political views are the root of the discord.

“They have such different opinions on everything,” the friend explains. “Brad’s parents are extremely right-wing and religious. Angie has to bite her tongue to keep the peace.”

Predictably, Jane blames Angie for not seeing her grandchildren more often. “It’s been a sore point for Brad’s mom for years,” the insider says. “She loves to have all her grandkids together, but that rarely happens – and she says it’s Angie’s doing.”

Brad, 48, seems determined to sell his fiancée on the idea of a Missouri Christmas and even dragged her and the kids to Springfield last week. But Angelina won’t budge.

“Visits to the Pitt home have been awkward for Angelina,” our spy continues. “She says that not wanting to spend the holidays there isn’t personal, but anyone would see it as a snub.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Maybe Angelina doesn’t want to go to Missouri because she’d rather be in Kenya or Cambodia or Libya or something. It’s not like Brad’s parents NEVER get to see Angelina and Brad and their kids. The Pitts fly out to LA or London or wherever, and it seems like Angie and Brad make an effort to go to Missouri a few times a year too. I seriously doubt this is a thing. I also doubt that Jane and Angelina talk that much about political stuff.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. Rhea says:

    How many times more would the media publish this story??? Every holiday season for every year??? Same old story. I thought they would at least make some story about them not coming back to Missouri for Thanksgiving before. Something to do with the evil leg, Brad running out from the room crying, secret phone call to the ex, or something like that. ;)

    • minime says:

      ahah you know that this will become a “christmas classic” at a point.

      • Leigh_S says:

        The Christmas Classics
        “Silver Bells”

        “O Come All Ye Faithful”

        “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” says Brad, but Angelina will be elsewhere

        “The Little Drummer (Tom)Boy” Is there something we don’t know about Shiloh?”

        “I Saw Angie Kissing Santa Claus” (Is Brangelina headed for Splitsville?)

        And the ever popular…

        “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” (Was that bitch Angelina driving the sleigh? Were their political differences to blame?)

      • roxy750 says:

        HA! Christmas Classic! That’s about it. I mean c’mon, where do they get these stories?

    • Tasha says:

      Lol your so right.

      But that’s what tabs do recycle thier old stories because they’re too lazy to make up new BS strories, must be a slow news week for them.

    • Bad Irene says:

      Cannot wait for the Shamrocks ‘n’ Shillelaghs Smack Down on St Patricks Day.

      Ladies are you ready to rumble!!!!!!!!

  2. tonina says:

    Obviously, Malefijolie is systematically trying to estrange the kids from both sides of grandparents.
    -rolls eyes-

    “… even dragged the kids to Springfield last week”
    Wasn’t it last week that Jolie took the 4 eldest to Cambodia to check out their charity org.
    And around the time, Pitt was feeding the twins food in London during the People’s interview?
    Nevermind that he was spotted shooting WWZ during last week.

    I see that fact-checking is of zero interest to rags.

  3. Eve says:

    Jane is going to start calling her “Angelina Hussein Jolie”!!!


  4. kdlaf says:

    Hmm I see no mention of Brad being in tears in this story so doubt its legitimacy…

    • Fallon says:


      No tears, no truth!

    • spinner says:


      ha ha ha!!!

    • lucy2 says:

      LOL! True.
      Every time the tabs print that I picture him running out the front door and doing those wailing sobs that kids do when they have a melt down. Too funny.

    • Liv says:

      Ha! :-D

      It’s star, so it’s probably not true. But I could totally understand if she wouldn’t want to spend christmas with this woman. Mrs. Pitt seems like a shallow and narrow-minded woman – I definitely wouldn’t spend christmas with her!

  5. anneesezz says:

    Seeing Brad Pitts parents I have to ask where he got his good looks.

    • HulaHoop says:

      If his mom lost a few and got a tan and a stylist, you would see the resemblance. Also, I’m pretty sure that Brad has at least had his nose done.

  6. ugh says:

    I love how now that the bloom is off the previously perfect mom in law Jane and she’s a certified wingnut (something Pitt has said for the last 20 yrs btw, why u think he left?? lol), we suddenly get ‘Angelina Snubs Jane,’ stories, and not the previous rag stories that have run for the last 8 years about Jane Pitt snubbing Jolie for Rachel Green. Funny stuff.

    • Cerulean Skygirl says:

      Hahahaaa…. ugh is SO right! Perfect little smoking, boozing Rachel Green who hasn’t done anything philanthropic without the press being fully aware of it, who swills vodka with Chelsea Lately and is estranged from most of her own family. I’ve gotta stick with “Team Angelina” on this one.

  7. Beccalou says:

    The pic with Brad’s dad cracks me up, I am guessing he doesn’t care too much about glamour and photo ops… Typical ole’ dad.

    • alc says:

      Ha Ha! I thought the same thing. I was looking for the thought bubble above his head saying “This better be the last damned picture ’cause the bar is open now and I hate this suit and tie shit! why couldn’t the kid just be an accountant!”

  8. MsGoblin says:

    Have you BEEN to Springfield, MO? My experience there was spent interacting with narrow-minded people, most of whom hid behind their bibles. If you were the least bit different, they were not welcoming at all.

    I don’t blame her for not wanting to spend time there.

    • Green_Eyes says:

      As someone living in KS, totally get why she wouldn’t want to go to MO. If hubby’s job hadn’t of been so good would have moved a long time ago. (KS isn’t different than Mo, maybe even worse.. we have Gov. Brown back -spell check won’t cooperate but you get the idea…very conservative state). Let’s just say I live in the same county as our families & we don’t do much together on holidays… Hmm nor really any other time. Think Angelina sees Jane more than I do my own family. Cuz everything always does turn to politics … and we all know how that flies when your not a conservative or not conservative enough;).

    • M says:

      I live in KCMO but grew up in KS. There are a lot of conservative people in this part of the country including my family BUT its not like we sit around and talk about politics all the time, esp when we know we have different viewpoints. However, if she didnt want to visit b/c there is nothing to do in Springfield, I would totally understand!

    • kityafey says:

      I live in Springfield. I am not narrow-minded, hide behind a Bible & I am welcoming. I understand what your saying. I don’t feel very welcome in this town. The Evangelical’s around here are called Bible Thumpers. If your not one of them then your an outsider even though I have lived here for twenty years. My husband & I are considered good people. Trust me if I could celebrate Christmas anywhere it would not be here. The Thumpers in this town are practically on holy acid this time of year. I don’t blame Angie for not wanting to hang out here. Plus, it’s boring too.

      All that said I actually know the Pitt’s. I have not met Angie or her sweet children. I do know the rest of the family. Jane is Evangelical and that’s how they act around here with wing nut type attitudes. She’s always been sweet to me. Jane’s editorial in the paper was out there but it’s the norm around here. Since she is Brad’s Mom the Springfield NewsLeader picked it up like it’s the Time Article of the Year.

      I know the article is false because the whole family travels a lot. The way the articles are written Brad is here practically every week. Everyone around here knows the Pitt’s travel constantly.

    • orange says:

      Those intolerant bigoted Bible thumpers probably know exactly what you “tolerant, open minded” people think of them and say about them behind their backs. I wouldn’t want anything to do with you either, and it wouldn’t have a thing to do with religion. Face it, nobody likes a hypocrite, and nobody likes their beliefs to be ridiculed and insulted. Why would anyone want to subject themselves to that? How are those people horrible for wanting to congregate with like minded people, especially when you come right out and say you wouldn’t want to be around them anyways? But of course none of this will make any difference or get you to maybe think of it from their perspective, it’s much cooler to mock them and hate on them for refusing to be the butt of your jokes.

  9. LucyS says:

    I seriously doubt Jane Pitt’s political views were a mystery to Angelina Jolie all this time. Yet they seem to tolerate each other well enough before now – they even look like they might like each other (I know, it’s weird, people who like their in-laws). Plus it’s Star.

  10. bettyrose says:

    Not wanting to drag a brood of children to a frozen tundra in December . . . just scratching my head over this one.

  11. cycler says:

    As someone who went to high school in Springfield MO, and whose parents are still there, I’ll say that it’s not a fantastic place to spend Christmas. They don’t generally get snow until January, but it’s dreary and cold and grey. And unless you want to go hang out at the mall there’s not much else to do.
    It is also very conservative and religious, which doesn’t make me more anxious to visit. My family even tries to spend the holidays other places when we can. I’m sure that they’re willing to fly Brad’s parents wherever they want to go to spend the holiday somewhere more interesting and pleasant.

    • spinner says:

      but that’s not the spirit of the Holiday Season. It’s not where you’re at…it’s whom you’re with. Brad’s parents are there & would love a visit. It’s not about — but what would we do…it’s boring there. It’s about making your parents happy & letting them spend time with the Grand-kids.

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        They aren’t Angelina’s parents. And what about what their kids want? Christmas is about children, anyway – it means far less to the adults. The kids might well prefer to celebrate it somewhere they like being, too.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Spinner, who wrote: “It’s not where you’re at…it’s whom you’re with. Brad’s parents are there & would love a visit. It’s not about — but what would we do…it’s boring there. It’s about making your parents happy & letting them spend time with the Grand-kids.”

        How do you know they’d love a visit? It’s not like Brad is their only child and his kids are their only grandchildren. They’ve visited the Jolie-Pitts two or three times this year already, so it’s not like this would be the only time in a whole year they’d be able to see them.

        How come there’s never this much concern over the fact that Jen-Jen spends every Holiday with friends or in another country? She has parents and two half-brothers, don’t you think ‘they’ would love a visit as well?

  12. Theresa says:

    Methinks Jane Pitt likes the spotlight. She’s smiling at the cameras like a pro!

    Considering the logistics of handling all those kids, the security issues, consideration of the “brand”, Springfield is not the most advantageous location for the Jolie-Pitt brood to roost for the holidays.

    I like the fact that they are often found in very exotic locations, not necessarily glamourous ones, but parts of the world that enhance the multi-national aspects of their family. Those kids are so lucky to get to experience so much of the world.

    I can see the MIL pouting a little that she can’t have all her family around her table for the holidays, but damn, if Brad Pitt were my brother, I wouldn’t expect him to stay at the local Motel 6 with 10-15 peoples worth of family and staff in Nowheresville, US of A for one stinking day of the year.

    I’d expect him to spring for plane tickets for all of us to go to some place warm and sunny and exciting! ;-p

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      Good post :) I also wonder if Jane and Angelina butt heads over the ‘traditions’ – and could be a Christmasdictator (my Pa is like this – he has to rui..I mean run Christmas like it is his personal play.)

    • Mira says:

      @Theresa – Exactly why it would be awesome if JP adopted me. I’m 29, but, hey, I can make for a very good older sister!! Those kids are indeed lucky to be able to travel to so many interesting places in the world.

      And I don’t think Jane Pitt is a wingnut just because her political views are conservative. Many won’t share her views but that doesn’t make her a wingnut.

  13. Gia says:

    Forget politics, how would they have the time to talk about anything with that many kids running around?!?

  14. KellyinSeattle says:

    The twins have the cutest jackets ever!!!
    I think that it would be nice to let them have their grandkids at their house for a couple days. Brad has other family there, too, and I don’t think the issue is where the kids want to go. Sometimes parents, in my opinion, have to make the call and sometimes suck it in and defer to the grandparents. (Going to my in-laws were like the movie, Christmas Vacation, but we went; it’s a sign of respect, even if you don’t respect them, and teaches the kids about family, even if they drive you crazy. And if they want to read their Bibles, there is nothing wrong with that or with where they live…if a bunch of conservative people choose to live in one place, it’s no different than a bunch of liberal people choosing one area.
    The dad; I agree…hee hee…..he looks like my dad did at my wedding! (he didn’t like the groom)

  15. KellyinSeattle says:

    p.s. Angie, love her, but she needs a hem on the pants. I don’t like the long, unhemmed look…look at me as I trip over myself…

  16. Amy C says:

    This kind of non existant stories are repeated for full 8 years that they so boring. Tabolids needs a little creativity.

  17. LurkeeLee says:

    Just voicing my opinion on how tasteless it is for the writer of this blog to continually refer to anyone who does not have politically left views as a “wingnut” and I am not just talking about Jane Pitt here. I don’t agree with all of Jane’s views, but the pro life and pro traditional marriage views are shared by many in the US. Jane is more right wing than most, but I have seen this blog refer to other less extreme right or center folks as “wingnuts” or other derogatory terms. This blog apparently wants to alienate some of their readers. It is clear, the writers of this blog are left wing thinkers and are not tolerant of other views. I wish they would just stick with the crazy celeb stuff and lay off politics. As for this story, total BS made up by Star. If anything, I think it would be Pitt clashing with his mom over politics, not Jolie, but I am sure all parties get that they have different political opinions and at least tolerate each others beliefs and seem to get along well.

    • Kasey says:

      ^THIS. I’ve long thought BP is the one who is most liberal in this coupling and that as far as clashing goes, he probably does with his conservative mum moreso (if at all) than AJ. He is liberal and quite demonstrative about it, AJ not so much (if at all). Haven’t there also been stories of how BP and AJ clash over politics? I’ve always thought it was did that it was due to her conservativism.

  18. yup, me says:

    If the issue is only about everyone getting together for the holidays, I think Brad and Angie could host one year. If they save up (and stick to their budget for the next six months) they might just be able to afford a chartered plane for everyone. At the house, they might have to pile up, (and someone would have bunk with a few nannies) but it would be a nice cozy traditional family holiday!

  19. Chad says:

    Am I the only one that thinks Angelina is fugly?

  20. Gal says:

    No Chad, you are not. I don’t get it.

  21. Lucky Charm says:

    I don’t get why Angelina is the only celebrity with “she doesn’t get along with the MIL” stories. It’s apparent that she does get along with them, and they seem to like her. As for where they spend Christmas, I’m pretty sure that Star doesn’t have an inside source to any of them. I can guess, speculate and imagine where they “might” be, but that doesn’t mean some un-named source told me. Then again, I’m not trying to sell a tabloid…

    I wouldn’t be shocked if they actually got married in MO, since Brad’s family is there, and it wouldn’t be too difficult for her brother and father to fly in. Brad said they want a small, quiet wedding with just family, and that’s easier to do in Springfield than L.A. But I would love to see pictures…

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      But it would be easiest to fly everyone to France, where they can at least have it in private without the locals in Springfield trying to make a quick buck buy spilling the beans to the press.

  22. taxi says:

    I wouldn’t want to spend a MO holiday with a mil who so actively pitched for my son’s ex to rejoin to rejoin the family. Jane’s too slow on the uptake.

    • Kim says:

      Put the tabloid down.There is no evidence that Aniston has seen the Pitts in years.As for Aniston I have never heard of her spending holidays w her family.I wonder. why the tabloids never make up this BS about her family and her inlaws to be

  23. Jaxx says:

    I doubt very seriously they ever talk politics. When families disagree it’s pointless to argue about it. No one is going to change their mind so why bring it up?

  24. lisa2 says:

    Maybe the tabloids should actually do a tiny bit of research. I think Brad/Angie and family spent Christmas last year in LA.. then they flew to see Brad’s family just before New Years. I recall tweets of Brad and the kids shopping.

    they were in LA last year for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And according to them they like to rotate. Brad said in several interviews that they have not thought about it yet. Will decide when his reshoots are over next week. On the GMA interview the lady that did it said that Brad told her they may stay in France.

    so why all the they are not going to MO. They do have their own homes. Maybe they want to spend the Christmas Holiday with just each other and their children. It’s not like they don’t travel to see his parents or his parents travel to see them. Heck they have flown all over the world.

    I really think the tabloids need to find new fish. First it was the stupid Thanks giving story now they move on to Christmas. I guess it will be New Years next.

    When asked about the wedding Brad did say it would be simple and family. So let it go. Leave the people alone until they do something that warrants all the silly stories.

  25. mk yarwood says:

    I think it’s just a case of her children being multicultural, and not really having any personal connection to Christmas. If they didn’t put in time at Thanksgiving this year tho, I bet they’ll at least fly them to a rented castle in Romania.

    • ugh says:

      Take a deep breath and put down the tabloids. 1) It’s not true, kay? 2) Their kids are multicultural, but since when does that mean you don’t celebrate Christmas? Their kids are Americans, with American parents – D’OH. If you’re an Italian Irish person you’re ‘multicultural,’ too – does that mean you don’t celebrate X-Mas? Brad and Angelina have both talked about X-Mas in the past, getting trees, and their kids getting presents. A quick Google search shows their kids shopping for trees, X-Mas gifts and carrying Easter baskets – so yeah, your theory as it pertains to a lying tabloid – equals FAIL.

  26. Katherine says:

    Oh for heavens sake. They’ve gone to Missouri plenty of times since Brad and Angie have been together. They first went not long after Zahara joined the family in 2005.

    Plus the grandparents have gone to see them all over the world. These grandparents see these kids more than I ever saw my grandparents.

    It’s just another made up tabloid story. Can’t you find some real news about them. How about Jolie’s trip to Cambodia? Now that would be interesting and we could comment on something that’s real.

  27. AddisonDeWitt says:

    I call Bullsh!+ on the STAR story. I doubt if much politics is brought up at family gatherings.

  28. Joyce says:

    Angie is just jealous of Brad’s mom since Brad’s mom is more attractive.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      Than what? (I’m not on anyone’s ‘team’ and come to think of it, I’ve never paid to see any of their (of the ‘Just Shutup About The Triangle, Already) films. I don’t know, it just hasn’t happened.

      I’m not about ageism but that post was amusingly strange.

  29. Izzy says:

    And of course, the fact that Jane doesn’t see her grandkids as much as she likes has nothing at all to do with the fact that both Brad and Angelina have pretty busy production schedules. No. Of course not.


  30. Josh says:

    I certainly wouldn’t want to spend the holidays with a bigoted hag like Brad’s Mother either.

  31. JennBee says:

    The kids have only so many Grandparents and for only so many years. Brad’s mom seems like a sweetheart, politics aside. This is what you do for your husband or SO. Angelina who has always led a life far removed from Brad’s middle class upbringing needs to suck it up and bring the kids to the Grandparents house.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      And just how to you think their ‘other’ grandchildren would feel about the fact that SO much is made over the Jolie-Pitt kids being the special grand kids without whom Brad’s parents couldn’t possibly have a wonderful Christmas?

      Does everyone simply forget that Brad’s brother ‘and’ sister have kids too?

  32. GreenTurtle says:

    I don’t get all of the “Angie is evil and can’t be around people who disagree with her” thing. She’s extremely well-traveled, and frequently meets with world leaders and refugees alike. I would imagine she’s empathetic and kind. The causes to which she’s devoted her life would suggest it. But what the hell do I know?

  33. floretta50 says:

    Let’s be logical about this. Brad and Angie would not want their children to spend too much time around his parents, because of his mother,s personal beliefs and value system, which is completely opposite to theirs. After reading the article she wrote in her local newspaper,against gay marraige, moslems, President Obama and people who she considers different than herself. I don’t blame Brad and Angie his mother would poison the minds of his small chidren,she has no one to blame but herself,for being so hateful.