Jack Black To Guest Star On “The Office”

This weekend I rented Tropic Thunder, and I am now completely in love with both Robert Downey Jr. and Jack Black. I loved them so much I even listened to the actors’ commentary which, FYI, is just as funny as the movie.

So it’s good news for all of us who enjoy anything and everything involving Jack Black. According to “sources,” Black will be guest-starring on the post-Super Bowl episode of “The Office”.

The Office’s post-Super Bowl episode just scored the equivalent of a touchdown with a two-point conversion: Jack Black has signed on to guest star in the hour-long episode, sources confirm to me exclusively.
The hitcom’s producers are keeping the specifics of Black’s stint under lock and key, so the only detail I’ve been able to uncover is that the funny man won’t be playing himself.

As previously reported by TV Week, the Feb. 1 episode, which will air immediately following NBC’s Super Bowl telecast, will revolve around the staff of Dunder Mifflin roasting Michael (Steve Carell).

[From EW’s Ausiello Files via IYDK]

People talk smack about how “The Office” isn’t any good now that Jim and Pam are together, but I enjoy the show more now than in it’s first two seasons. The writers are really fleshing out more of the characters and giving everybody more to do. Chances are good that Black will be funny as hell in this brilliant stunt-casting.

Jack Black is shown at the Kennedy Center honors brunch on 12/7/08 with Dave Grohl. Credit: WENN

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  1. Kelly says:

    I have seen Ten D , POD many, many times. I love Jack Black he #2 (after Johnny Depp) in my top hot celeb list and I wish he was my husband. I also enjoy The Office very much, probably because I’ve never worked in one. So… you can imagine how exciting this news is to me. Side note If you are a funny Jack Blackish type person in the sf area we should get together. oh, and Im not as crazy as I sound right now.
    office writers:throw in some KG

  2. Little Hutt says:

    I would see anything with Jack Black in it, and lucky me I actually like “The Office”, so great news here.

  3. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    I ADORE the office, but I’ll reserve judgment on him until after I see the epi. He always has crazy eyes.

  4. vdantev says:

    So I guess the Office is doing badly in the ratings if they have to keep pulling this stunt ?

  5. Gena says:

    It took some reassuring my British husband that the Office does go off onto its own thing, and good thing I did – because he LOVES it now. He gets so giggly watching it. That is a good compliment from someone who initially thought nothing could top the UK original. But he said that the US has struck a perfect balance with it and have fleshed out the characters more then the UK version, so you grow to know them far more.
    As for this news – should be great fun.

  6. Lizzy says:

    The Office doesn’t pull this kind of stunt casting all the time (I can’t even think of them doing it ever). However, after the Superbowl’s a great time to do it, especially since it’ll be an hour long show.