Harvey Weinstein, 60, and Georgina Chapman, 36, are expecting their second child

Harvey Weinstein, mega-producer and awards season heavyweight, is 60 years old. His wife, Georgina Chapman, is 36 (cough). They are expecting their second baby together. Sketchy? Or should we merely congratulate them and shuffle away slowly, muttering something about “fug ice-skater-looking baby onesies”? As you probably know, Chapman is the co-founder and designer for Marchesa. In the grand scheme of things, Marchesa is pretty terrible, and I doubt the label would be considered anywhere close to A-list unless Harvey used all of his Hollywood contacts to “encourage” actresses to wear the ice-skater fugness. Anyway, they are expecting another baby – Georgina gave birth to their first child together two years ago, a daughter they named India Pearl.

Congrats to Georgina Chapman and Harvey Weinstein, who are expecting a baby in early spring. They confirmed to Page Six that Marchesa co-founder Chapman is pregnant.

She told us, “We are both over the moon.”

The couple last night headed to the White House holiday party. Georgina added, “I am not sure what to wear, I do have a bump.”

Weinstein has four daughters — including India Pearl , with Chapman. He said, “We don’t know the sex, it could be Harvey and five daughters. I’d be happy either way.”

[From Page Six]

Yeah, Harvey was married before Georgina, his first marriage ended about a decade ago. There’s a lot of sketchiness surrounding Harvey, of course, but it’s probably best not to discuss any of it. I can’t help but visualize it, though. Imagine what has to happen for Georgina to get pregnant. Really think about it!! Would you do that for a starring role in one of his movies? Would you do that over and over so that you could have a fancy life, living in Harvey’s mansions and having your own little fashion line and having him make it all possible? Ugh. Maybe they’re a match made it heaven. Cough. Congrats to Harvey and Georgina!

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  1. only1shmoo says:

    The most thoughtful and diplomatic answer I have for this announcement is, ‘Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!’ Actually, a few ‘Gah’s could be thrown in there too.

  2. LAK says:

    She’s the only person who looks good in those fugly Marchesa designs. It’s really odd how fugly and ice-skater it’s become. The first seasons were really good.

    These days, I sincerely doubt that Marchesa stands up on it’s own without the Harvey. And I always side eye any actress dressed in it.

    ….But I hear they also do a roaring trade in wedding dresses so maybe that division is holding up the rest of the label.

  3. Tiffany27 says:

    No. Money is not that important to me to let that thing sweat and grunt on top me.

  4. crtb says:

    When you are rich, powerful and influential, the world is your oyster. There is a long line of women who would love to be his wife and having his babies.

  5. Zigggy says:

    He is so gross- I would NEVER! I’d sooner live in a tent.

  6. stellalovejoydiver says:

    They look like The Beauty and the Beast together.
    If I was an actress DESPERATE to get famous, yeah maybe I would after a couple of vodkas. Being his wife and having to do the duty all the time, HELL NO, just looking at him day after day would kill me.
    She looks like she is on pills in almost every picture. Can´t blame her.

  7. PHD in Gossip says:

    Whore. Plain and simple. Like one of Hef’s “girlfriends”.

  8. chloe says:

    I think the same thing when I see actresses wearing Marchesca, you know we will be seeing the actresses from Silver Lining Playbook and Django Unchained wearing this crap during awards season.

  9. tracking says:

    Most celebrities sell their souls to get where they are (at some point), but she takes it to a whole new level. He is repulsive.

  10. Boo says:

    She’s very pretty, but in that top picture, she has the posture of a question mark.

    He is just disgusting beyond any stretch of the imagination. Physically and otherwise.

  11. Ms Kay says:

    Nothing like gargling on a douche dick and bump parts with him to have your future settled… *barf*

  12. victoria1 says:

    She is very pretty. The dress however… I’m convinced fashion designers hate women that’s why Stella McCartney and Marchesa are allowed to continue to keep designing.

  13. TG says:

    Didn’t Blake Lively wear a Marchesa wedding dress? My personal favorite is that craptacular black lace monstrosity KStew wore promoting SWATH. I agree every time I see a celeb in Marchesa I think Harvey is getting a laugh out of making celebs look foolish. It shows they are his b*tch.

  14. Miss M says:

    “…Really think about it!! Would you do that for a starring role in one of his movies? Would you do that over and over so that you could have a fancy life, living in Harvey’s mansions and having your own little fashion line and having him make it all possible?”

    No and No and No and No and No, all over again.

    The thought of what you have to do with him almost made me regurgitate my breakfast.

  15. smiley says:

    true love(4 $$$$) nvr dies!!

  16. Maddie says:

    You have to wonder what these old fat RICH men are feeling when they know the only reason these young pretty things are with them for the money and power they have.

    How can they look at themselves in the mirror knowing that they basically married a prostitute, so what if she came money, that money is her parents money not hers.

    So her parents are rich not her, so yeah she married for it.

  17. epiphany says:

    The thought of these two in the act of conceiving a child puts a visual in my mind I’ll need bleach and a brillo pad to remove.

  18. bluhare says:

    Maybe he has a great personality.

    I know . . . . .

  19. RN says:

    Kaiser, you wrote that they’re expecting their second child together, yet the Page Six article states that, “Weinstein has four daughters – including India Pearl – with Chapman.” I’m confused. Are they including children from a previous relationship? If so, that’s poorly written.

  20. Vic says:

    Never mind that he’s an ogre reproducing, the fact that he’s 60 is highly irresponsible.

    I come from a family with an older father that I love to death, but it’s not fun spending your childhood, teens and early 20s thinking your dad is old and going to die soon. It’s hindered me from doing a lot of things like live and study abroad because it feels like I will miss out on his last years. Not to mention the pressure you feel every big holiday when his wish to have grandkids comes forward.

  21. Cody says:

    It seems the norm in Hollywood, rich powerful old guys with young pretty thangs. Harvey really needs to loose some weight or he might not even be around to watch his children grow up.

  22. bns says:

    After reading that blind item, which was so obviously about him, I feel like throwing up every time I see him.

  23. KJ says:

    What is with these gossip sites tip-toeing around Harvey Weinstein’s reputation? Don’t you think a lot of this undercover grossness and sexual exploitation might, I dunno, be reduced if the media called it out more? It’s not like you don’t know, probably WAY more than the layman. Put that shit on front street! Don’t insinuate. Don’t talk around it. Does Harvey own celebitchy? I’ve noticed Lainey doing this, too. How her coverage of Blake Lively mysteriously became more and more positive, and now she talks about Weinstein’s grossness in a much more roundabout, vague way.

    • valleymiss says:

      Do a search of Gretchen Mol/Vanity Fair cover/Harvey Weinstein.

      He’s a pig. Oink.

      • Jegede says:

        Poor Blake she’s targeted as Affleck’s mistress even though the word in Boston was that it was actually Rebecca Hall who was his boo – who incidentally was a player in the Sam Mendes and Kate Winslet split – and prior to her Olga Kulychenko, and now this!
        I remember that Gretchen Moll blind. It also said the younger starlet he was gunning for was rejecting his advances, and he was waiting and hoping for her to fail. Its followed her like a stench since.
        Blake has never been in a Weinstein film/production. She is not the only 20stgh to wear Marchesa on the red carpet (along with Chanel, Versace, Stella McCartney)
        Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Leighton Meester and other starlets have all been wearing quite a lot of Marchesa at recent events (amongst other designers of course!)no nefarious BS attached to them for some reason.
        Lainey is not a God. She knows Jack about Blake. From saying Leo was not interested in her to saying Ryan was blowing her off completley, to claiming she had no 2010 film in the work just before she signed off on shooting Hick with the darling Chloe Moretz.
        She has been wrong on her on so often that she now attaches a conspiracy to EVERY Blake action to pretend she’s in the know. Almost all her pics on Blake are from the GG set but there was always some BS non- story to write on her.
        Blake brings the hits to her site.
        Its as simple as the benjammins.
        The girl has practically disappeared from view and according to Lainey “its a strategy” a show of her “Macchivelean brilliance” as opposed to her simply now focusing on family and nothing else. Probably worried she’ll now lose her gossip golden goose and has to attach a conspiracy to everything the girl does to keep writing on her, and getting the hits for her site.

        I wish the girl well. With her marriage and cutback, her millions of haters will need a new dartboard target.

      • stellalovejoydiver says:

        I don´t think Blake is that evil, manipulating ambitious famewhore Lainey is trying to portay her as. She might be not the most intellectual and deepest person in the world, but she seems nice and charming, also a lot of other starlets are playing the Hollywood game (Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence) and they don´t get called out for it.
        I heard the rumor about Affleck and Rebecca Hall before and I have no problem believing it, most people are assuming it was Blake because of the nudies which surfaced on the Internet from the time she was shooting the Town, but it´s more logical that those were supposed to be for her then boyfriend Penn Badgley.
        I do think she was Weinstein´s new target, even though I am not sure whether she did give in, considering how career evolved. Plus dating diCaprio gave her more exposure than Weinstein could give her anyway.
        But maybe I am just being naive.

  24. KellyinSeattle says:

    Well, it’s their second child, so maybe it’s more than a passing , user friendly thing. She is really pretty. But personally, I’d hate to have sex w/ him, or coitus, from the Big Bang Theory. I think that title was based on Harvey.

  25. Mel says:

    This man makes me sick. It is well known how he treats and uses women in Hollywood, what I didn’t know was that he has four daughters, you would think that because of that reason alone he would be a little more respectful toward women.

  26. Garvels says:

    Ugh! This man has to be one of the ugliest men who has walked the earth. The fact that this guy has the reputation of being a iruthless,conceited,womanizing pig and looks like shriek tells you this woman has major psychological issues……especially since she has money and didn’t have to marry the troll.

  27. Anna says:

    I will never for the life of me understand marrying ugly fat men for the money. To do what–buy clothes and purses to wear…for him? To look good in order to arouse a beast such as this one here? Ladies: Make your own money and marry for love/sex/passion/chemistry and shared values and intellectual goals. That’s what it is about

  28. Jayna says:

    Compare him at 60 to Liam Neeson at 60. Wow.

    She is a driven woman and beautiful. There are many women who are married to men like him that they marry for other things. I am not talking just wealth, but a certain social status, love of that powerful lifestyle, networking, throwing gorgeous dinner parties with the who’s who of business and celebrities. It doesn’t mean she’s not happy in her marriage and respects him. I highly doubt any passion. She probably is a great partner to him and enjoys that he adores her in his way. I just think this marriage is about other needs that seem to work for them. Each to his or her own.

    • Justyna says:

      I believe in a true love and passion between couples with age difference even this huge, but not when man looks like an ogre and has even uglier personality. Liam Neeson is dating a 36-year old woman and most people believe their relationship is real. He is such an attractive and charming man, that it’s easy to believe she truly loves and desires him. Last time he was mentioned on CB, most of the comments were about how sexy he is. Harvey Weinstein is the opposite of sexy and the opposite of charming. And instead of enjoying that a woman this young and pretty married him, he cheats on her with everything that moves.

      You (as in CB readers) probably don’t know that and I think it was reported only on the Polish blogs, but few years ago he had an affair with a 25-year old Polish C-list actress. She later played some minor role in one of his movies. It was highly publicized in the local celebrity blogs and it’s not just some rumour without an evidence. There were photos of them strolling around Warsaw hand in hand and hugging more than friendly in front of people. It was shortly after he married Georgina. Repulsive.

      I only found this one but there were more:
      And the proof it’s him:

      • bettyrose says:

        Good point. Given the chance, I would get with Liam with no hesitation and I think my man would understand. Those pics of Weinstein aren’t rocking my world, but I just googled him and his films include some greats and his social/political causes are impressive, but that doesn’t necessarily make him a good husband.

  29. HotPockets says:

    His wife is really pretty, but she reminds me of Ryan Philippe’s baby mama. She looks a lot younger than 36.

    He looks like a sewer rat on the other hand. I hope for his wife’s sake her pregnancy was done through artificial insemination.

  30. paranormalgirl says:

    Maybe she’s madly in love with him….

    yeah, no. I couldn’t keep a straight face when I typed that.

  31. Nubiahbella says:

    So according to people commenting on this site, the so called “gorgeous” people should only pair themselves up with other gorgeous people???/

    Younger women have been marrying older men for centuries, heck all of them were not even rich lol!

    Finally he doesn’t look 60 an she looks older than her age.

  32. Amy C says:

    um who are they I must notice now that he didn’t promote the KTS movie well. He looks old pig ( sorry old age not beauty look wise but still) who is she again? she looks some bittch. and 30 years yonger. barff.

  33. another nina says:

    I suspect that she got impregnated in the doctor’s office, so things might be less ugly.

  34. Saphana says:

    Weinstein is certainly not even in the decent looks league. but i’d rather do him than wear one of those dresses.

  35. Issa says:

    Guess you can buy your ‘love’ in Hollywood. Harvey is a smart man he knows she is probably with him because of his status and wealth. Guess if he’s OK with it. Maybe its why these ‘arranged’ marriages last a little longer because there are no smoke and mirrors.

  36. blenheim says:

    C’m on guys, he’s got nice eyes!!! (laughs) Hey, maybe he lets her bang hot studs on the side, if she’s letting him too. You never know.

  37. Sam x says:

    The fact he is known to conduct himself in a very vile, aggressive and misogynistic manner alone would make anyone wonder why she would be married to him. The email confirms what a horrible human being he truly is. What makes it so bizarre is inspite of being a father to four daughters he supported someone like Roman Polanski and had it been any other dad out there, they wouldn’t never support someone like him. He takes care of Georgina & their daughters financially, gives them the lifestyle and was able to get Georgina’s fashion line off the ground with his power & influence. However that shouldn’t excuse the way he carries himself as a person. Forget him or the ugly Marchesa dresses, I’d take Liam Neeson in a heartbeat!

  38. Aud says:

    If the children look like him, at least he has enough money to pay for the cosmetic surgeries.

  39. aurelia says:

    That polish c list actress looks pretty. Albeit about 13 years old. Probably why he digs polanksi

  40. Mrs. Ari Gold says:

    Hilarious written post!

  41. Good_as_Gold says:

    Ugh gross.

    Does she have “daddy” issues or what ??

    yeah, she must be with him for his (cough) personality…