Kevin Federline partying with weed and hookers

This story is from Star Magazine, so whether it’s true or not is iffy, but according to Star Kevin Federline isn’t quite the reformed dad that he tries to portray in the media. They quote an insider who says he still heads to Vegas to party for days and that he loves to hire hookers and smoke weed.

K-Fed went public to paint himself as a straight-arrow, devoted single dad to their two sons, whose biggest concern is to “show them what it’s like to have normal, stable lives.” What he left unsaid, sources tell Star, is that his definition of a “normal” life includes partying with hookers, smoking pot and spending wild, booze-filled nights in Las Vegas!

“Kevin loves his sons dearly, but he isn’t always the model dad that he wants to appear to be,” says a family source. Another insider takes it a big step further: “Kevin’s been trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes! He acts like he’s the father of the year, but he’s far from it. Behind the scenes, he’s a pot-smoking slacker who doesn’t have a job but still goes out of town to party for days and leaves his boys in the care of their nanny, Jenny. She’s amazing, but sometimes it’s a lot for her to handle…

“Kevin loves smoking weed and spends hours getting high and playing video games with his buddies,” the insider tells Star. The family source adds that Kevin is careful never to smoke it when he’s around [his sons]…

“He loves sexy hookers and regularly parties with them at his home in L.A.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, December 22, 2008]

I would bet this is true and that K-Fed does still party. He didn’t morph into a saint overnight. He does care for his sons and is there for them but he’s probably still smoking up and heading to Vegas occasionally. In his interview with Hello!, which is probably the same as his interview with People, he said that there wasn’t anyone new in his life and that “I don’t really feel like bringing that around the kids.” If he was dating a stable girlfriend, or even looking for one, he might not have phrased it that way.

As for K-Fed’s future, he said he’s “going into a fashion line” and is “building my own brand, Otzi,” which will focus on clothing for boys. He also is “working on a TV show with a production company” which could mean that the long-rumored reality show starring K-Fed is in the works. The guy used to make $35,000 a month on child and spousal support from Britney and has a gorgeous home complete with a pool and spa area. (I say used to make $35k because I can’t verify that he still receives that amount.) He doesn’t need to do much work and he’s going to party when he can. His sons are still better off with him and it sounds like he tries to shield them from the half-dressed hookers he supposedly hires with Britney’s money.

Kevin Federline is shown on 9/13/08 at the opening of Lavo Restaurant and Nightclub at the Palazzo in Las Vegas. Credit: WENN

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  1. kitty says:

    This just in!
    Water is wet!
    news at 10

    take care of your kids and just fade away from the spotlight, dbag. pls.

  2. LeoLo says:

    I cant imagine a young lady with very good vision would hop on K-Duh without having been paid in advance….. and sedated by the green genie in some way….lots of vodka shots too….yuck!

  3. Susan says:

    I think she’s paying him $40,000/month now.

  4. cara says:

    Clothing line!!!!!!

  5. I like how the source says he “loves sexy hookers.” B/c he strikes me as the type to go for the conservatively dressed, dowdy, prude prostitute. Hookers sell sex. They should at least try to be sexy, no?

  6. Disturbed says:

    I have to say, as an adult looking back, if I had the choice between my dad smoking weed and playing with prostitutes when I wasn’t around, or watching my mom strapped to a gurney after locking herself in the bathroom with me, I think I much rather be with Dad.

  7. LeoLo says:

    he loves sex workers.
    that sounds like the internet dating spam LOL!

  8. Phat girl says:

    Throw in a few spa days and that’s exactly what I’d be doing if someone were giving me 35,000 dollars a month!! (Hell $3,500 a month would almost do it for me.) I mean his life is forever changed whether he likes it or not. Him and his sons will be watched and judged by every “star” reading gimp and internet browsing yahoo from now on. For no other reason than he was married to Brittany and she is the boys mother. Why shouldn’t he be allowed to live the way he want’s.

  9. Phat girl says:

    …and when I say “star” reading gimp and internet browsing yahoo I am, of course, referring to myself.

  10. MsTriste says:

    He has to spend Britney’s hard-earned money somehow.

  11. Lizbeth says:

    I am shocked….SHOCKED…that this fine, upstanding father would be stoned and partying with hookers.

    Wasn’t he just posing on the cover of People in a cardigan?

    As for the which is worse debate, let’s see…..Daddy’s smoking weed, hanging with hookers and pimping the boys out for a reality series….Mommy’s mentally unstable, pimping herself out for a career she doesn’t really seem to want or need and trying for another child….

    I vote for Jamie Lynn….seriously. These kids need an option C.

  12. In response to the title – So what? That’s my Tuesday night.

  13. montana mike says:

    my god, if it came from the star, then it must be true. nobody wants to give him any credit, and he’s the only one who has been there for those boys this whole time. he may party but so far i haven’t seen anyone wheel his ass out on a gurney

  14. Syko says:

    At least he’s doing it without the boys around, unlike Britney who had meltdowns with the kids present and spent hours driving them aimlessly around the city.

    As for hookers – chances are he’s not really enthusiastic about a permanent relationship at the moment, better to hire a hooker than to keep some girl hanging on forever.

    Who cares what he does when he’s not with the kids? As for the two of them being too much for the nanny alone – please. Many of us who are not professionally trained nannies manage more than two at a time. Those kids are better off than they ever were before. Don’t jinx it.

  15. LeoLo says:

    yeah as long as he doesnt trade his kids for a sacky of tobaccy and a hooker he is alright i guess LOL

  16. Kim says:

    The only one who has been there for his boys-hahaha! Please with the amount of money he is getting – Ill bring the boys them and raise them! If he was a real man he wouldnt accept any $ from her. I raise my sons with ZERO money from their father and they live a happy, fulfilled life.

  17. Kim says:

    For all of you who say who cares what he does without kids around. Pot affects the brain and the smoke lingers so Im sure the kids have been “around” it even if not in same room when he is doing it. It impairs your senses so even if he is in another room, what if there was emergency and his thinking was slowed down by being stoned? Its also illegal so if he gets busted then who is raising these kids? And when is he going to stop? when the kids are old enough to know what it is? Hello dont we all know the facts of parents who smoke, drink, etc – that thier kids are highly more likely to repeat the behavior. When you chose to become a parent you should leave your own childish ways behind you. Im not saying you cant have any fun but coping out by saying you dont do dangerous behaviors right in front of your children is a lame excuse.

  18. aleach says:

    @ juandicemac—LOL! here, here!

    he still sounds a hell of a lot more stable than brit brit.
    let him have some fun too!

  19. me says:

    As long as he is private and no where near his kids then what he does on his time is his business.

    And no, smoking doesn’t affect your judgment days later. It really pisses me off that cannabis gets such a bad rap. If you don’t like it, don’t smoke it. I smoke medicinal everyday and I have a job that requires a lot of attention. I do not have a problem. When I took legally prescribed pain medication, it had me so cloudy I almost lost my job. So there ya go.

    Only God is allowed to pass judgement. Leave the damn man and his kids alone.

  20. izzy says:

    Pot doesn’t ‘linger.’ Especially if you’re used to smoking it, the buzz hardly lasts.

    It doesn’t mess up your judgment unless you’re a complete dumb ass.

    I’m sure he’s not hitting it up when his kids are around and I’m sure this story is bullshit because these kids are probably under watch by child services and shit after Britney going crazy on them and if he f’s up they would be taken away.

  21. Codzilla says:

    So, Kim, by your logic, if I have a couple of beers with dinner while my kids are around, I’m potentially dooming them to a life of addiction and poor decision making? That’s ridiculous.

    izzy: I agree with everything you said.

  22. Trashaddict says:

    Izzy and Syko, the pot-smoking has hazed your brains. My normally very intelligent partner somehow magically thinks no one, including other parents at my daughter’s school concert, AND my midwife I went to when I was pregnant (and no, I was NOT smoking mySELF), can smell the odor of weed emanating from him after he indulges. That little shenanigan resulted in a drug screen for ME.
    I am not necessarily anti-pot. But I have personally witness some stupid shit, including one of my relatives being stoned for years and finally waking up at 50 and realizing he should actually try relating to other people.
    And remember a post long ago when Britney was pissed at Kevin because he was meeting his DEALER in the driveway. Give me a freaking break.

  23. sara says:

    and they say britney is a bad mother at least she loves her sons and would do anything for them he just takes costudy of the kid and then leave them for the nanny to look after what and asshole

  24. this is a classic example of crappy americans. is this guy really what the media should be talking about?? when foreigners hear storys about our country…does k fed really matter? what a loser. smoke it up kfed. we all know you suck at life

  25. Head Shops says:

    What a tool. but whatever probably should leave him alone.