Is Tori Spelling drinking while pregnant?

Lainey’s gossip has a blind item that sounds just like Tori Spelling. Lainey says that a wife-stealer in her second trimester of pregnancy has been drinking up a storm and that her husband doesn’t care:

I’ve never had a baby, nor do I intend to, and therefore don’t consider myself an expert, but even I know that it’s wrong to over-imbibe when you’re expecting. Then again, it’s also wrong to steal another woman’s husband so why hold our mother-to-be to such lofty standards of propriety? Besides, going by what I hear, she’s probably not smart enough to figure out that alcohol can actually harm your fetus – relief therefore that her empire of origin has been left in more reliable, if manipulative, hands.

Still… it’s really not the kind of gamble you want to f&ck around with. But as I said before, sound judgment is not her strong suit and well into her 2nd trimester, she was openly throwing back glass after glass of red wine. Over a 5 hour period, eyewitnesses report that it was refilled more times that would be considered “medically, socially, morally” acceptable. Even more interesting though: the person doing the replenishing was none other than the proud father and reigning junior master.

Word is he keeps her already vacuous mind as stimulated, or as de-stimulated, as possible, which may account for the common phrase heard among those who’ve met her and describe her behaviour: “She is always OUT OF IT”…so much so that he often has to accompany her to do her business.

After all, opportunistic love also extends to the loo.

Commentors on Oh No They Didn’t, where we found this story, note that it’s probably not Angelina because she doesn’t seem to be pregnant again and Lainey generally adores her and wouldn’t write something this nasty about her. It also sounds like Tori because she uses the term “opportunist love” to describe the husband.

Gwyneth Paltrow was seen out drinking twice in the late stages of her pregnancy with Moses, and Rachel Weisz said it was ok to drink while you’re pregnant as long as it’s in moderation. (She was directly questioned about it, and did not bring up the subject herself.) I was kind of shocked at these statements as I had my pregnancy in the states, where it’s a strict taboo to drink while pregnant and any kind of alcohol is considered a risk to the baby. Some of our European readers said that their obstetricians said it was ok in small doses.

If this is true there’s no way that it’s healthy to drink more than a glass of wine occasionally while pregnant, and Tori should be ashamed. Hopefully her baby will turn out ok anyway.

Tori is shown at the Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour. I’m Not Obsessed says she’s on a pregnancy pass, which can excuse bad fashion but certainly not drinking.

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11 Responses to “Is Tori Spelling drinking while pregnant?”

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  1. Clarimonde says:

    Could it be Julia Roberts? Not sure if she’s in her 2nd Trimester yet.

  2. Nicole says:


  3. Angelika says:

    I really doubt Tori would do that. She’s over the moon with being pregnant, and certainly wouldn’t do anything that harmed her baby. I personally think that’s complete bullshit..

  4. FF says:

    I remember the first time I saw Beverly Hills 90210 and saw Tori, how I immediately wondered how the hell such an ugly girl got cast.

    Once I realised who made the show it all fell into place.

    I think I’ve gotten used to her face over time, or she’s gotten slightly easier on the eye.

  5. malamala says:

    Sounds more like Anna Nicole Smith of you ask me..

  6. Kristin says:

    I had all my babies right here in the states, and my OB told me an OCCASIONAL glass of red wine is fine. The key is OCCASIONAL!!! Of course my ob was really old school…….

  7. ang says:

    tori stopped drinking when she found out she was preg. i think this is bull.if it was her, she was drinking something else baby-friendly.

  8. HollaBolla says:

    I’ve heard that also, that occasional wine or champagne is allowed. Isn’t it that on your third trimester alcohol (in moderation, of course!) can’t harm the baby any more ’cause all vital organs are fully developed. Still, for me personally, “in moderation” means a sip.

  9. Knitster says:

    Lainey is meticulous about checking her sources. I believe her over any other gossip blog.
    Other clues that it’s Tori:
    - the reference to husband-stealing: Dean McDermott was married with two kids when they hooked-up (he and his wife had just adopted their second baby)
    - Lainey always refers to McDermott as KFed Junior… which she’s recently shortened to just “Junior”
    - she refers to her “empire of origin” being in better hands – Tori famously didn’t get much $$$ when her daddy passed away.
    It’s Tory.

  10. Essie says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that it’s Tori Spelling!!! That bitch is stupid enough to drink throughout her pregnancy, not just the 2nd trimester. She’s an idiot and so ugly, it’s pathetic. And WHAT the hell is she wearing in that pic???

  11. melissa says:

    def was her..i saw her drink some wine on her new show while very preggers and she went to the ob after her and dean engaged in some “rough sex” as they put it…gross!