Stevie Nicks defends Kristen Stewart’s wandering biscuit: “Things happen”

You know what’s so funny to me? That people are still talking about Kristen Stewart and The Great Mini-Coopering of 2012. It’s been months, Sparkles forgave her, they successfully sold Breaking Dawn Part 2 and Rupert Sanders is off licking his wounds somewhere. But people are still bringing it up because that’s the way Hollywood gossip works. So Stevie Nicks has some thoughts about the K-Stew situation, and her over-identification with Kristen kind of surprised and amused me. Obviously, Stevie Nicks has a torrid sexual history, especially during her Fleetwood Mac years. So it seems like she’s giving Kristen a pass!

Stevie Nicks thinks it’s time for people to lay off Kristen Stewart. Fleetwood Mac’s frontwoman (the band hits the road for their 2013 tour in Columbus, Ohio April 4; tickets go on sale Dec. 14) opened up to Us Weekly recently about the 22-year-old actress and her boyfriend Robert Pattinson’s rocky summer.

Twi-hard Nicks, who has struck up a friendship with the duo over the last few years (she even wrote a Twilight-inspired tune for In Your Dreams), said she thinks people need to give Stewart — who cheated on Pattinson in July with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders — a break.

“I was her age once, and exactly what happened to her happened to me two or three times, and whoever it was that I was with forgave me all two or three times,”,” the rock icon, 64, explained.

“The fact is that when you’re young and you’ve been in a relationship for a long time and something comes along that is a little bit overwhelming and magical, and you’re kind of in another situation with someone else . . . Things happen.”

Added Nicks of the criticism that’s been lobbed Stewart’s way, “I really always want to say to people, ‘People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.’ It’s not anything the rest of us haven’t done.”

If Pattinson is willing to forgive her, everyone should let them be together in peace, according to Nicks. Says the star, “If what they have is that special they can overcome it, then good for [them].”

[From Us Weekly]

“Exactly what happened to her happened to me two or three times, and whoever it was that I was with forgave me all two or three times…” Basically, Stevie cheated on her boyfriend multiple times and he forgave her multiple times (probably because it was the 1960s and 70s and if you were in rock n’ roll, you were boning EVERYBODY), and so Stevie Nicks is now the self-appointed patron saint of Girls Who Cheat And Get Away With It. And is it just me or is Stevie basically saying that Kristen is going to fool around again now that she knows Robert Pattinson will forgive her?

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  1. CTgirl says:

    I think someone should ask LIndsey Buckingham how he felt about it at the time . . .

  2. marie says:

    well, since Stevie says I suppose I could let it go… really?!? yeah, cause I totally live my life the way stars/singers say I should-pardon me while I go vomit.. I thought this mini-coopering was over and done with but I like how she brought it up to get her name in the headlines, sneaky, sneaky..

    • Jean says:

      How proud Stevie seems to be of her sexual excapades…the morals of a tomcat.

    • Guest says:

      @ marie The only thing you need to let go of is your weird attachment to this situation. This did not inolve you and you don’t know these people. You don’t need Stevie Nicks or anyone to tell you to let it go because it didn’t happen to you.

      • Miss Bennett says:

        Marie is giving her opinion, something we are all allowed to do on this site. I see no evidence for accusing her of having a weird attachment to the situation. Mind your manners.

      • marie says:

        I honestly don’t care about it anymore, the point I was making is..why would Stevie Nicks need to bring it up? It’s over, it’s done folks have moved on and while I love Stevie, she’s just trying to get some attention.. But thank you for your two cents

        And thanks Miss Bennettt

      • Lin says:

        I actually think marie is being sarcastic

  3. GossipG says:

    Dont you like it being in the spotlight again?Would make me act the fool TWICE!

  4. Deidra says:

    What does she mean? She used to be a whore, Kristen Stewart is a whore, everything is OK as long as there are forgiving boyfriends? What about wrecked marriages and children hurt in the mess? Something wrong with the world these days.

  5. Saphana says:

    People like that are always the most hurt and bitter when someone cheats on them.

  6. Amelia says:

    That’s such a crap argument and a ridiculous generalisation based on a misrepresentative sample;
    “When I was younger and in a rock band, I cheated multiple times and was forgiven each time. Therefore, you should forgive this girl as she only did it once”.
    Firstly, once a cheater, always a cheater. It’s in your nature and the ‘young and stupid’ argument is an insult to any/all of us who are included in Kristen’s age bracket.
    Secondly, “It’s not anything the rest of us haven’t done”.
    Uh . . . hate to break it to you, Stevie, but I’ve never cheated. And certainly not with a married man. The two of them (Sanders and Kristen) are just as bad as each other.

    • Miss Bennett says:

      Preach it Amelia! As for Miss Nicks, no, most of us haven’t had affairs with married men. Why?, because we don’t do things that harm other people. Miss Stewart hurt Liberty Ross and her 2 children. Saying that “things happen” is ridiculous. A bird pooping on you happens, getting hit by lightening happens, carrying on an affair is a conscious decision made by the people involved. Honestly, I’m shocked by the lack of conscience in some of humanity. No wonder civilization is deteriorating. If, in the future, Miss Stewart conducts herself like a caring, considerate human being, people will see this as a lapse in judgment that has taught her a lesson and made her a better person. The proof will be in her future conduct.

    • lem says:

      I’m sorry but this bullshit of “once a cheater, always a cheater” has got to stop. I get that there are seriel cheaters out there, but just b/c you make one mistake at some point in your life does NOT mean that you are bound to repeat it again and again. I cheated a few times in college, and I learned that it is absolutely the WORST thing that you can do in a relationship, regardless of if the other party ever finds out. I’ve sworn that I would never ever ever do it again, and I haven’t and I won’t (and yes, I can say that I won’t do it again just as you can say that you’ll never cheat b/c you never have). This belief that I’ll do it again inevitably b/c I for some reason could never learn to control myself is so f*cking insulting.

      • Tracy says:

        Yes!!!! +1000 agree.

      • Amelia says:

        I apologise that I offended you Lem, in my experience the cheaters that I have come across have never learnt from their mistakes at and they simply continued to go about their bed-hopping ways. But I suppose that is a pretty big generalisation to say that all cheaters never learn.
        It’s nice to know that there are people out there who do, I think I’ve become a bit too cynical of late :)

      • Jub-Jub says:

        This!!! I agree with everything you said. I cheated on an ex partner and all the guilt and self-loathing I felt afterwards is just not worth it. Never again.

  7. Summer says:


  8. faun says:

    Stevie is aging terribly. She should take a page out of the Emmylou Harris book of aging gracefully.

    • tmbg says:

      Huh? She looks terrific! Take a look at your average 60-something year old on the street. The only thing I’d change (and have always wanted to change) is her makeup, because it’s dated.

      But her skin looks great, except for a few normal signs of aging, like looser skin around the jaw/neck.

      Not many 60-somethings can carry off long hair like that.

      • mimifarrow says:

        I agree, she looks pretty damn good. Especially since she snorted most of Colombia up her nose.

      • tmbg says:

        I have to say you’re right, mimifarrow. When you look at Kate Moss and see that little collapse in her nose and how much her face has weathered, it’s amazing that Stevie looks so good after all of the drugs.

        She probably has had some surgery or peels, but she doesn’t look Joker-like.

      • Apples says:

        Her Plastic Surgeon thanks you!

    • Bree says:

      Are you blind? Stevie looks beautiful…always has…always will.

    • KellyinSeattle says:

      I think she looks really good, except for her hands.
      I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Kristen, please stop wearing your (greasy) hair to the same side all the time. Puleeez.

      • Skesis says:

        She looks good “except for her hands”? The palms of her hands look worn? Wrinkled? They’re palms of hands! They ARE worn and wrinkled in most people, and at most ages. This is not a terribly important point, but this delusional eternal youth shit makes me crazy.

        Anyway, I love Stevie, and I love that she says just about anything and doesn’t care much about the reaction. And KStew and Sparkles got back together, so I guess they agree with Old Stevie, She of the Worn and Wrinkled Hands.

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      Mostly she just needs to lay off the smoky eye.

  9. bea says:

    I totally agree with her. When you’re young, you make mistakes. Doesn’t make you an evil mastermind, just makes you a human being.

    • lamamu says:

      I’m with you, Bea. Life is messy when you’re in your early 20′s. As it should be. Otherwise, how can you learn how to be a proper adult?

      • Paige says:

        Where do you live?
        In what enviorment were you raised to think it’s your right to cheat and have affairs with married man who have children and that is supposed to be a lesson in becoming an adult?

        Where I live you become an adult when you’re 18, when you start working, or going to college and don’t have mommy and daddy coming to rescue when you screw up.

    • Genie says:

      Ruining a marriage and wrecking a family isn’t a mistake.

      Is there an age limit at how old you have to be to be held accountable for fucking a married man?

      Enough of excuses.

    • Jenna says:

      Stop using age as an excuse for cheating. Willingly having an affair/encounter is a little more than a ‘mistake’ in a lot of people’s eyes.

      @lamamu You can be a perfectly well adjusted adult without cheating.

    • lamamu says:

      Whoa…I really pushed a button there. All I’m saying is that a person’s adult brain isn’t fully formed at 18 or even 21 or 22, making young adults vulnerable to poor decision making. (Look it up in any psychology book.) Which, of course, doesn’t mean people should go through life cheating and breaking up marriages. But I would think at this point Stewart has thoroughly learned that lesson. Public humiliation has a way of making one think seriously about one’s life choices…

      • Mauibound says:

        Doesn’t matter, I was raised to respect other people’s feelings and cheating on your boyfriend is something you don’t do. If you want to move on fine, but end things first. I’m sorry but in my book there’s no excuse for that kind of selfish behavior.

    • lamamu says:

      And, btw, Sanders is a 30-something-year-old man to Stewart’s 22-year-old woman. He was in a position of power and influence in her life. (He was her boss, after all.) AND he is married with children. So why is Stewart’s sin greater than his? Have none of you ever been in this position with a man or a boss? Ladies, why so quick to call her a slut and willfully ignore the greater impact of the situation? It makes no sense to me that we do this to each other.

      • Annie says:

        I totally agree. Sure, that incident was a bit sordid, but I think the level of vitriol she’s attracted for it is totally disproportionate. People make mistakes. I know I did some stupid things in my early 20s. I also don’t think that sleeping with someone is automatically immoral. It’s not like she killed anybody. I’m sure it will have consequences for their respective relationships, but that’s their business.

      • Jenna says:

        @lamamu Age shouldn’t be an excuse for cheating. Like you said, just because your brain may not be fully formed at the age of 22 doesn’t mean you should go around cheating. That’s where I think most people took fault at your statement. And the types of ‘mistakes’ that a person can go through to be well adjusted. Has she learned her lesson? Maybe; one can only hope.

        @Annie Sure, cheating isn’t on par with homicide as the worse thing you can do, but cheating is still generally deemed ‘immoral’ by society for a reason. Both parties are at fault.

    • asdfg says:

      I can somewhat agree but KS hooked up in a parked car in broad daylight knowing she is photographed 24/7! That’s no mistake.. Either she didn’t care or it was a publicity stunt! We’ll never know…

  10. Erinn says:

    And you look like a crazy old grandma. Things happen.

    • mimifarrow says:

      Bahaha bitchy but good. :D .
      In other news, just seeing Stevie’s name makes me want to do a bump. Just sayin.

      • Erinn says:

        I am in a particularly bitchy mood this morning ;)
        Got stuck doing things at work that I don’t enjoy doing, while other people who are worse at the things I DO enjoy doing get to continue on doing them. Bleck.

  11. kate says:

    Rob is not the first person she cheated on. Her boyfriend during the first Twilight was Michael A (something). She cheated on him with Rob. Rob should have seen the writing on the wall. Poor dumb Rob.
    When these rumors started happening, Summit set up all these pap shots of Kristin and Michael around the city (Vancouver?). So Kristen has been in this situation before: contractually obligated to be papped (is that a word?) to save the movie. She’s a scumbag. As momma always said. “once a cheater, always a cheater.” Thanks, Kristen, for making my mom right!

    • GossipG says:

      Rob always looked so stupid.i dont get the hype with him.I just dont.And now with the whole thing and him taking her back as if he isnt hard broken?Looked dumb,acts dumb.

  12. tmbg says:

    I may not agree with her on this, but I still love Stevie. Young people do make stupid mistakes, but since Kristen is constantly in the spotlight, hers will be exposed every time.

    I hope to see FM in concert next year. When I went to their show in 2004, it was fabulous.

  13. D.M. says:

    Hey Stevie Im 22 and I have never cheated, had an affair with someones husband, or even thought about cheating…so NO it’s not something we all do..some of us have common sense and morals.

    • LittleDeadGirl says:

      Well according to some you just haven’t lived! That’s like saying I need to break my leg to know it hurts … or you know … I could figure it out before that happens. I’m sorry I can never understand cheating with a married man and I’ve been propositioned by a married man and he told me all the usual “my wife doesn’t get me I love you blah blah”. Only thing I felt was disgust … and I was 22 at the time. I’m so sorry now I wasted those years not boning him … damn I could have truly lived!

  14. G says:

    What Nicks is saying is that she still doesn’t feel bad about her own cheating, learned nothing from it, and neither, she thinks, should Kristen.

  15. jenny piccolo says:

    I took Stevie’s comment to mean that she cheated on 2 or 3 different guys & those 2 or 3 different guys forgave her for it. She did NOT say that she cheated on the same guy multiple times. Try reading her quote more comprehensively and listen what she actually says. She said that “exactly” what happened to Kristen Stewart happened to her. Did Stewart cheat on Rob with more than one guy? NO, probably not. This article is beat.

    • Annie says:

      She forgets that she was a rockstar in the 60′s and 70′s. If she was cheating, then so was he. That’s why he forgave her. It was really no big deal for them.
      I tend to respect a lot what older people have to say, but these situations are very completely different. But she did kinda say “once a cheater…” And that things between them were not going so well if she decided to cheat. So she’s basically dropping big truths too.

      I just don’t get people who minimize cheating to the point where they say crap like “things happen, she’s young, if your love is strong it will survive, monogamy is a myth.” Um, no. That’s just excuses for bad behavior, really. I went to a Natural History museum recently and mostly all civilizations encourage marriage and monogamy, and some of them even have their little voodoo dolls to keep the spouses faithful. This an ancient mindset: stay faithful. It’s better if you do.

  16. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I love Stevie Nicks.

    Yeah, people are still upset about what K-Stew did, still acting like it happened to them. Meanwhile, everyone that was ACTUALLY involved has moved on. Funny shit right there.

    • Rachel says:

      I love Stevie too. As she ages her comments to the press have gotten wackier: she doesn’t give a rat anymore. I kind of look forward to being old and not giving a rat what comes out of my mouth. Also, I dress as her for Halloween every year. :)

    • Chatcat says:

      I love Stevie…she has always been hippy ‘whatever’. I mean, she has an opinion just like the rest of us, I think she is wrong mind you, biscuit brunch with a married man is NEVER acceptable…not even under the “things happen” but Stevie is a great and legendary songstress!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Well, when Stevie is talking about it, I just think that’s rock and roll, ya know? Sex, drugs, and likely lots of cheating.

        I mean, does EVERYTHING have to be so holy, pure and sanctimonious? Hell, lust, dipravity and a healthy dose of self-indulgence has always been a core part of rock and roll culture.

        ..and THAT is why I would never marry a rock star. Kitten ain’t no fool.

      • Chatcat says:

        I agree with you…muscians are at the top of the bottom of moral code of conduct so as long as you know that going in, or avoid it, then your good! Kitten is wise, smart, and witty!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Add athletes to the “No Date-y” list too, Chat. ;)

    • megsie says:

      How do we know everyone involved has moved on? And what exactly does moved on mean? According to reports, one couple is in counseling. That doesn’t scream ‘moved on’ to me. Looking at promo pics, the other couple appear decidely uncertain about the state of their relationship, and media reports confirm this. Again, not quite ‘moved on.’

      I’m fortunate to have not experienced infidelity but I’ve witnessed it up close several times. I can’t imagine anyone being over it in 5 months time. And I believe this addresses the current argument. ie Some maintain that cheating isn’t a big deal. It’s life experience, it happens, nothing to be too ashamed of. Maybe Kristen and Rupert had a momentary lack of common sense. Maybe they felt an irrestible “overwhelming magic” and followed their hearts, devil take the hindmost. And some of us think that’s crap. :)
      Point is, this story has become a cultural talking point above and beyond an otherwise inconsequential extra marital affair.

    • Chordy says:

      +1 billion. Never underestimate the public’s desire for a good witch burning.

    • Annie says:

      I don’t know dude… I really doubt Rob and Kristen don’t have their rocky moments when we don’t see them. And Liberty and Rupert. They’re trying to stay together but for the ones who got cheated on, trust me, moving on is never this swift. There’s definitely bad days and bad arguments. I doubt Rob has completely moved on.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Let me be clear—when I say “moved on” I mean it in the public sense. They’re not commenting on it, the people involved are going forward with their careers/lives. The world has not ground to a halt.

        Whether or not they’ve “moved on” (i.e. emotionally etc) behind closed doors, NONE of us know.

        My point was that everyone involved seems to be eager to put this in the past and not let their lives be defined by it, yet the public is clinging to this scandal for dear life.

        Where is Charlie Sheen?
        We REALLY need something else to talk about, guys.

  17. junegorilla says:

    Monogamy is a myth.

    • LittleDeadGirl says:

      If that’s what you believe be upfront. I got no problem with people that don’t want to be in a monogomous relationship but don’t lie about it. That’s problem people have with it and why it hurts.

      • Annie says:

        Yeah, people who believe monogamy is a myth should stay away from relationships with monogamists. And they should be upfront about it. Not let US discover it through an ~indiscretion and lots of pain.

  18. Jenna says:

    So since she cheated on people while she was in her 20′s that makes it okay for Kristen to cheat on someone because she’s also in her 20′s? Yeah, flawless logic right there. *sarcasm noted* -_-

  19. deb says:

    Stevie has a concert tour to promote. Spews’s PR team has some $ to spread around. Famewhore/whore #1 meets famewhore/ whore #2. Just another day in the rehabilitation of kslut. Keep trying. No one is buying except doormatPatz & kslut’s Wannabe girlfriends

  20. Evelyn says:

    Calling cheating a mistake drives me crazy! Or saying “things happen” it’s like saying it’s not something you actively decide to do, or something that just happens to you. “sorry, I went out dancing and there was a cheating vortex and I just got caught in it! It wasn’t me!” Ugh.

  21. Dhavynia says:

    Is Stevie Nicks single? If she is I wonder if she ponders on her mistakes

    I get what she says but it’s the rich and famous way of living for the most part. We all know KS is a little slut but the bigger idiot is the boyfriend that forgave her knowing her history

  22. Dani says:

    Well I guess since Stevie Nicks said it’s okay than it really is. Lady, you are as delusional as they come. Have a seat.

    • Bree says:

      Maybe someone asked her what she thought about the whole mess and she just gave her opinion. Stevie was talking about her own experiences as a young girl in the 70′s when FM became huge….similar to Twilight nowadays. When you’re young and famous, things are bound to get carried away…things happen. Get over it.

      • megsie says:

        Did all of Stevie’s questionable romantic affairs happen in her 20s or in the 70s? Sure about that? Joe Walsh comes to mind. And didn’t Stevie have her own Rupert sometime in the 80s?

    • Dani says:

      Yeah true, I guess it’s forgivable that she aided in ruining a family. Silly me.

  23. pastyousayyouneverknew says:

    Ugh, people need to move on from the Robsten drama already, Robert and Kristen are two of the most overrated actors in the industry, I actually like that I’m hearing less stuff about their personal lives these days, it’s really refreshing to not have to see stuff about their shady relationship everywhere.

  24. Bree says:

    Oh all you people dissing Stevie can just kiss my a$$. She gave her honest opinion…so get over yourselves.

    • pastyousayyouneverknew says:

      Lol the same way Stevie gave her opinion, they are giving theirs, they didn’t agree with her opinion of Kristen the same way you don’t agree with their opinion of Stevie, people can say whatever they want regardless of how it makes you feel. That’s life, deal with it.

      • G says:

        I love Stevie! Unlike Stewart she’s magically talented.

        Actions have consequences. That’s life,deal with THAT.

    • tmbg says:

      I’m glad there’s a fellow Stevie fan on here, Bree. I was beginning to think I was the only one.

      She’s always said what’s on her mind, whether it’s popular or not, and she’s incredibly honest.

      I wish she hadn’t brought Kristen up, because I hate seeing people tear her down, make fun of her looks and call her grandma.

      • Just Me says:

        Stevie Knicks is a legend. My Mom is her age & probably her biggest fan. Ever. Naturally, that love passed over to me. ADORE her. However, I never realized she’s a Twihard…. OMG, Stevie, what are you thinking?

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      Right on :) Women are very quick to pick at one another, which is why working with them in groups is like being in a hen house. Stevie Rocks!

      • Evelyn says:

        I love love love Stevie, I just hate cheating. I think she looks great though, especially for the way she undoubtedly spent FM years

  25. jenny piccolo says:

    stevie basically lives in a cave (probably a bat cave) and as soon as she has a new project or album or whatever to promote she !POPS! outta nowhere. That’s my girl! – just like a white winged dove, (or a bat).

  26. Jess says:

    Notice, Stevie isn’t actually with any of the guys she cheated on anymore. The relationships didn’t survive.

    And it’s not the cheating, it’s the fact that Kristen slept with a married man and she knew his wife and kids. That’s so skeezy and low. She couldn’t find someone not married to scratch the itch?

    • megsie says:

      It is sad that after all the many affairs, Stevie would end up alone and childless. I wonder how she feels about this. She’s experienced more than most, that’s for sure. She’s followed her heart in a reckless, fearless, perhaps inconsiderate way so few do. She certainly has a novel’s worth of stories to tell. Was it worth it?

      After reading her On The Road promo interviews, I’ve come to suspect this is the sort of life Kristen wishes to live but she hasn’t quite comes to terms with it yet.

      • Jess says:

        That’s how I think Rupert got her to go along with it so easily. He tapped into her reckless romanticized view of youth and sex and freedom. “Just go with it, Kristen. I know you want to.” Blah, blah, blah…

        Problem? She’s such a private person, and so real, and so honest, and I love him I love him!


        She was horny for Rupert and she acted on it, and instead of owning it and being rock and roll about it, she went crawling back to Rob with her tail between her legs and is selling their dogs and domesticity and loooove. She’s faker than fake. She could be the rebel, but she’s too afraid. She’s not actually authentic, she just wants people to think she is.

      • megsie says:

        I don’t think Rupert had to do any convincing. Other than that yes, Kristen wants to live like “the mad ones” but steps back at the last minute.

      • JS says:

        Maybe she was selfish enough to want to be alone and childless. If not, well, we reap what we sow, however bitter the harvest!

      • B says:

        @ megsie

        I have no idea how Stevie feels about her single staus or not having had children, but to call her “sad” because of it (and imply that it’s punishment due to previous moral trangression) is highly insulting.

        @ JS

        “selfish enough to want to be alone and childless”

        Because wanting these things automatically makes one selfish? And let me guess-being in a relationship and reproducing automatically makes a person unselfish-is that right?

      • megsie says:

        @B I did not say Stevie was sad. I said the situation was sad. So many love affairs (some w/ married men, it can’t be denied) and not a one worked out long term. Lindsay, Mick Fleetwood, Joe Walsh, Rupert Hine, Don Henley, Dave Stewart, Jimmy Iovine etc. Yet no marriage, no children. These men eventually settled down but Stevie remains alone and I wonder how that sits with her. This is a genuine question, not a rhetorical slut slamming.

        No, I don’t believe in divine moral retribution. Certainly not like you’re implying. I do believe that actions have inescapable consequences and the decisions we make form our fate.

  27. Annie says:

    People do need to move on but the impression she made on people will definitely stay at least for a while. As a former fan I’m still disappointed and I really can’t stand her anymore. Analyzing her actions and everything she says and does basically made me get over her for good. So while I think the slut shaming should stop and Rob really forgave her (stupidly) I’m just not at a point where I think I could ever be a fan again or respect her. What she did made me look back at everything she said before about being honest, true, real and I see nothing but the opposite, so that to me is the biggest disappointment. Then she comes back all smug and smelling like roses, it’s basically a no consequence zone, a la Lohan. That’s never good. I truly think the only regret she has, maybe, is hurting Rob. Not even messing around with a married dude and getting caught. She’s a totally different person to me now, and this situation just helped me see it. I’ve talked about it here before how I caught her rolling her eyes at me and other fans at a meet and greet for SWATH when we turned our backs? Even then I was like “oh maybe she’s tired”. You know, maybe she’s just not a nice person.

    So good luck to both, especially Rob, but this former fan is moving on for good. I hope next time they have problems they keep them private, like that promo time when they were completely separate and didm’t have to deal with each other, with Ashley taking Kristen’s place. Hmmm… Wondering what happened then and all the times there’s been stuff and we didn’t know!

    • pastyousayyouneverknew says:

      Gurl, this has a +1 written all over it.

      I definitely feel that people should move on from it because I think that everything about Kristen is overrated but I really see where you’re coming from, I was a sort-of-fan before the cheating thing and I could not believe that she did what she did and although I will never feel strongly about her to hate her, I see everything that she says or stands for as bullshit, I don’t believe that she has a genuine bone in her body and she is just downright unpleasant so I feel the same as you, good luck to her with her fake life and image but I don’t want to be a part of it.

      • G says:

        The cheating was personal and none of my business.

        It’s the show-boating People mag apology and the public “See, allforgiven,no harm done, make your own story, I’m a fake conter culture badass” posing that’s contemptable.

        You too, Stevie. BTW, she looks great for 64.

    • mia girl says:

      Annie – I remember reading your story about the meet and greet and feeling so bad for you. It sucks to be a big fan of someone and finally get that moment in person… and then the person sucks.

    • Kate says:

      I’ve talked about it here before how I caught her rolling her eyes at me and other fans at a meet and greet for SWATH when we turned our backs? Even then I was like “oh maybe she’s tired”. You know, maybe she’s just not a nice person.

      That’s genuinely unpleasant, treating people that way. I’m really sorry that happened to you, it must have hurt – it would me, anyway, if someone I really admired did that. I don’t like the slut-shaming either, because her personal life isn’t really our business, and it can verge on really sexist at times. And if she’d done that to fans – the eyerolling after backs were turned – after being approached in the street or something, I would understand more. Not ideal, but she’s human and deserves a life outside her job. But at a fan meet & greet, when you’d actually been good enough to show up for her? Shame she isn’t appreciating her success while she still has it, frankly. Because in future, she may have meet and greets for projects, and be playing to an empty room.

      I remember a comment Shia Labouef once made on how he was filming a scene with Keanu Reeves on a public street, and suddenly the building opposite realised who was there (it was during Matrix mania, I think) and a huge crowd gathered within minutes. And Keanu asked if they could shut the set down for lunch early, so he could make sure he met everyone waiting, and sign for them. Labouef made some comment about how he really understood why Keanu had the career he has, because he has great respect for his fans. And thing is, as Labouef was hinting, we all know Keanu’s just not an acting great, yet has had a strong career over decades, just the same. Great in some roles, but not huge range, to put it nicely. Yet everyone seems to love the guy. And Kristen Stewart has the same level of talent, I think. So she needs to be likable, and appreciative, and easy to work with, as Keanu has apparently always had the reputation of being, because she can’t fall back on being mindblowingly talented either. She hasn’t even got his looks on her side. Treating fans with contempt and those in the industry around her with the same – it’s not helpful, is it?

    • Kate (newer one) says:

      “Let’s be nice”? When you’re telling someone that they have no life because you disagree with their perspective? Does being nice only apply to celebrities, then?

      Annie went to a fan meet & greet, which is the least intrusive way imaginable to meet someone she admired. She was met with attitude and discourtesy by the person she went there to meet. That is not okay. Nobody forced Kristen Stewart there at gunpoint. Sure, it’s part of her job and not one she appears to enjoy, but we all have to make nice with people we might prefer not to in a professional context. It’s called being a grownup. Being courteous to fans at a fan-invited event doesn’t equate to their having a right to info on personal lives. It’s supposed to be part of a modern actor’s job description.

      You know nothing about Annie, or her life, and if you’re affected enough to comment as you just have, then you are either personally involved or overly invested yourself. I agree a lot of the comments on Kristen Stewart have been ugly. I’ve defended her against some myself. It’s gone totally over the top at times. But this poster expressly condemned that slut-shaming, so really, what you seem to resent is that she no longer has time for KS. And belittling her as you just have is pretty ugly in its own right.

      I may add that I have no problem with KS. Was never a fan and don’t think what happened with Sanders is any of my business, and I also agree that believing we can know a celebrity because of a few interviews done in a totally artificial setting, when they are also managed by publicists, is naive. Half the time, we don’t know what the people we see every day are capable of, or really like. But your comments here aren’t pretty.

  28. snappyfish says:

    stevie is filled with twirly goodness.

  29. Grace says:

    Of course Stevie would say this. She’s never stopped acting like a 22-year-old. She thinks being an “artist” gives her a right to be cruel and selfish.
    She’s 64 and was only married for one year out of her whole life.
    The only commitment Stevie knows is her commitment to going after other women’s men.

    • megsie says:

      I remember that marriage. Lasted just a few months though I thought? She called it “a mistake” funnily enough. Her recently deceased best friend Robin’s husband.

      Stevie really needs to write a memoir. Long overdue.

  30. lucy2 says:

    If everyone involved were a couple of 20 somethings who weren’t serious about a commitment, that would be one thing. But when it involves a married person with children, I don’t think it should be waived off so easily as saying “things happen”.

  31. Izzy says:

    I agree with Stevie that the Kristen-bashing needs to ease up. Having said that, I still think Kristen is kind of an immature twit. But then, I thought that of her before Mini-Cooper-Gate.

    I adore Stevie as a musician. As a human being, she has her good points and flaws – one of the biggest being that she has not learned from her mistakes. She just admitted it too.

  32. taxi says:

    Stevie was 22 in the ’60s & it was a different world. Pre-AIDS, highly politicized VietNam War, no cell phones or digital cameras, different drugs. Musicians had a different lifestyle than most actors, doing live concerts at night & traveling more than most actors do now. Comparing her younger self to KS isn’t relevant imo.

  33. LeslieM says:

    Stevie is my mother’s age. I feel certain my mother never cheated, but if she did she wouldn’t tell the world it was an okay thing to do, more than one time no less. I hate these older actors and singers who glorify the ills of their youth.

  34. fabgrrl says:

    I’m just disappointed that the One and Only Stevie Nicks actually cares enough about these twits to voice an opinion.

  35. Katija says:

    Um, I love Fleetwood Mac, and learning that Stevie Nicks was a Twihard was such an effing let down. I saw an interview with her at the premiere talking about how this was “this generation’s great love story.” I wanted to reach through the screen and shake her, and scream, “YOU ARE ‘EDGE OF SEVENTEEN!’ YOU ARE ‘LANDSLIDE!’ KNOW BETTER!!!”

  36. Imln76 says:

    I love Stevie Nicks and quite honestly the Fleetwood Mac story was so crazy…basically everyone cheated on eachother and screwed eachother and some of the best movies of the 70 s came out of it.
    I actually think the slut shaming aspect of some of the comments take away from the fact that some of us really don’t care about her relationship (real or fake) but find her awful because unlike Stevie she has no talent and no personal insight.

  37. Alarmjaguar says:

    Guys, Stevie Nicks rocks! (note, that is not sarcasm, she does rock) She gets a pass from me.

  38. aquarius64 says:

    Sleeping around these days can be a death sentence, thanks to HIV-AIDS and other deadly STDs. Messing around like in SWATH-gate can be deadly too; for the wronged parties can react in a way that law enforcement needs to be involved. Kristen and Rupert got lucky here.

    For celebs to STILL have to come out and defend Kristen (family friend?) means, I think, her team knows its client’s image is still damaged. Rob taking her back is not going to be enough to salvage her reputation, especially with Twilight being over.

    • AJ says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with your second paragraph.

      Kristen’s PR team is so desperate and transparent. They thought sending her out fake-smiling all over the place in see-through clothes would somehow erase the past. Oops, not working.

      I’m fully expecting an “OMG: Rob caught cheating” story sometime in the next few months. Because then the story would be ‘See, little Krissie was trying to be real and honest again, but Rob betrayed her.’

      At this point, nothing would surprise me. KStew has not shown one ounce of remorse post-mini-Coop-gate and Rob continues to look dumb as hell. Perfect match, really.

  39. Ranunculus says:

    I agree – Things happen, and if you believe the story of KStew and Sparkles are not more than a business relationship to promote their crappy franchise you are pretty naive anyway. Give the girl a break she is young and entitled to have some fun apart from her forced showmance – may it be the right fun or the wrong fun.

  40. Carolyn says:

    I’m pretending Stevie didn’t proclaim herself a Twihard and just remember her and FM for the legendary music they created. Stevie has more cred and cool in her big toe than Kristen could ever hope to attain.

    Please…make this Twilight nonsense go away. BD2 is done & dusted. Who cares what they do now? Hasn’t Robsten fulfilled their contractual requirements?

  41. Iamnoone says:

    You all seem to have forgotten that Stevie made MILLIONS from her affairs/love life. Listen to the song Sara VERY carefully.