Has Nas been paying child support to ex-wife Kelis for a child that isn’t even his?


This story is a bizarre but somewhat believable one and revolves around a rumor that Nas isn’t really the father of his presumed son, Knight, with ex-wife Kelis. Apparently, there is a new a blind item on Rhymes with Snitch that bears a startling resemblance to a recent tip — which alleges that Knight’s true father is NFL football player (and current free agent) Wale Ogunleye — received by Bossip. Naturally, Bossip has posted a photo of Ogunleye (whom Kelis did indeed date at one time) and expresses extreme skepticism on the rumors that Nas isn’t really the father of Kelis’ baby. Here’s the story:


[H]ere is the info we were sent:

Kelis is keeping a secret. The father of her son is former football player Wale Ogunleye not Nasir Jones. After adult freaky tape allegations leaked featuring Kelis and a man other than her husband she decided to become pregnant to save her failing marriage. She though it would take a few months for her to conceive but she was pregnant within a month. She and Ogunleye were having an affair and things happened so quick she was uncertain of the child’s paternity. That’s why she refused to allow Nas into the delivery room and refuses to allow him to visit her son without her or the nanny. Her son has striking features he inherited from his biological father who is of Nigerian decent. She just recently purchased a foreclosure in Glendale California, and is desperately seeking a sponsor. She fears losing another property she has had two foreclosures and two evictions since her divorce. Ogunleye has since upgraded and is now dating Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child.

Sorry but we’re calling bullsh-t on this one right out the gate. There is NO WAY in hell after all the legal hoops these two have jumped through that Nas didn’t have that baby DNA tested. Whoever is spreading these rumors needs to get a life.

[From Bossip]

One would think that Nas would have gotten a paternity test before he agreed to pay child support to Kelis, but if they were married and in love and he had no reason to suspect an affair, perhaps he trusted her enough that the question of his paternity never crossed his mind. Still, any dude would be really dumb not to ask for a DNA test when a very huge amount of child support (especially from a rap-star standpoint) is involved. After all, this is the Maury Povitch generation.



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  1. marie says:

    wow, really hope that’s not true, cause that would be all kinds of f’ed up..

  2. Jessica says:

    Didn’t she file for divorce while she was pregnant?

  3. mimifarrow says:

    I’m calling bullish-t. No way in hell Nas didn’t get a pat test on this one.

  4. GossipG says:

    With all the MULLA NASIR has been paying, I KNOW HE DID A DNA test, right NASIR?pls dont tell me you didnt..GOD NO!

  5. Iggles says:

    Stranger things have happened, but Im calling BS!

    The reason she didn’t let Nas in the delivery room and subsequently divorced him was because he CHEATED on her with groupies with she was pregnant. If she was cheating on him prior, then why the strong reaction to him creeping out on her?

    While it’s possible she could be a huge hypocrite, it’s MORE LIKELY she is against cheating. I don’t think she would do this. Commit paternity fraud is a much bigger offense!

  6. acp says:

    Please – even in the general population of people, 1 in every 10 men are raising a child that they believe is biologically their own, who actually is not. It is very difficult for people not to cheat, especially if they believe they will not get caught. Totally disgusting, and a big generalization, but I have been hit on by enough gross married men and know a fair number of people who have cheated on their spouses. “Right or wrong”, it seems to be human nature :-(

  7. The Original Mia says:

    As nasty as their divorce was, there’s no way in hell Nas would be paying for another man’s child.

  8. lady X says:

    First of all it matters not whether he had a DNA test or not… any child born to a married couple is legally the fathers … whether the mother cheated or not.. and he will be paying child support until he is 18… not matter what a DNA test says … that is the law .. and I personally know 2 men who had this issue …It is also the same with the Royal Family in UK … That is why when the jokes about Prince Harry came about people said it does not matter because they were married when he was born …
    I always said that Knight looks nothing like Nas … never has… and the only way Kelis would do a DNA test is if the court ordered it … and the y only order it if the parents are unmarried …
    And@ACP … Please do not put all people in my box… we all do not cheat or sleep around … I am not sure where you are getting your generalizations from … maybe the folks you know.. but alot of us have morals and care about our bodies and do not allow just anyone IN ..

    • Dhavynia says:

      Not so much…my co worker had a child with another man while married and now she cant collect child support from the father because she got pregnant by another man while being married. the ex husband doesn’t have to pay for this one just the other 2 children they had together. The whole thing is bad since the ex wanted to adopt the child but the biological father refused and he won’t and can’t be forced to pay

      • thinkaboutit says:

        Sounds like someone needs a better lawyer. One of these men has been declared the legal father of the child, and there is no circumstance where the father isn’t legally obligated to pay child support. More than likely there’s a third reason no one is paying support — it’s neither of the two mentioned and your friend doesn’t know who the father is!

    • jc126 says:

      I believe some of the laws in some states have changed regarding a child born in marriage automatically being presumed to be the husband’s. I think in some places (sorry, no cites, I’m lazy) if the husband disputes paternity IMMEDIATELY, there can be a DNA test and he won’t be on the hook as the dad if he’s not.

  9. Jenna says:

    LOL. Loved the ‘Maury’ reference because that’s what I was thinking. Man, I love that show!

  10. truthful says:

    I truly beleive it, stranger things have happened.

    They were married, so he has to pay anyway.

    Kelis cheated quite a bit, it is a huge possibility this is true.

    I saw her “cheating tape” and she had no shame and seemed to be truly enjoying herself w/that guy.

    that child does not look like him at all to me. Many people claim they look just alike, LOL

    they claim the cheeks look alike, he is a baby and he looks nothing like his supposed dad.

  11. epiphany says:

    A story on Blind Gossip points to JayZ as the real father.

  12. KellyinSeattle says:

    Time to go on Maury…..
    What’s with her foil silver dress?
    I like Nas.

  13. Asiyah says:

    Many are saying this isn’t about Kelis and Knight, but about his first wifey and daughter destiny. Carmen (I think her name is) admitted that she had slept with Jay-Z back in the day.

  14. busy ramone says:

    It’s not true. Nas and Kelis fought each other dirty in court, there’s no way in hell Nas wouldn’t have gotten a paternity test. A lot of people hate on Kelis and I think this is a bullshit rumour someone’s starting to get them at each others throats again when they’re finally in a good place. Leave them alone!

  15. Michael says:

    The baby looks exactly like Nas.

  16. MollyB says:

    I don’t think they were “married and in love” when Knight was born. Weren’t they already split up (but not divorced) by the time he was born. Didn’t they split when she was pregnant? No way he wouldn’t have gotten a test done.